Monday, April 30, 2012

Shark Fin Frontier

A shocking look at the frontier of shark finning in SE Asia


The petition below is on the

MistressSindi 3 days ago

For those of you with a conscience,please visit my petition:Montreal City Hall:Ban the sale of products and restaurant meals containing shark fins which can be found in Unsustainable Foods.

MistressSindi 3 days ago

I absolutely LOVE shark's fin soup, my pals and I go to Chinatown once a while to enjoy this delicious cuisine. I will highly recommend it to anyone.

pakheng 1 week ago

fuck white racist imperialist bastards

MrEthekyaa 2 weeks ago

Big deal its shark....we kill millions upon millions of cows,pig and chicken every years I dont see people complaining about that! It's the same shit

AciddReign 3 weeks ago

isn't shark fin meat?pork and beef are meat too?u are killing animals too for meat

maxlol0 3 weeks ago

@kevinBusomjack seems like everyone else except chinese is vegetarian.u people are disgusting.

maxlol0 3 weeks ago

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2011seals 3 weeks ago

there is a simple answer to asian people. EAT SOMETHING ELSE!! there are cows, pigs, sheep, chickens all can be easily farm grown and raised. you are killing one of the most amazing, powerful and essential species on the face of the planet. if the stupid asians keep this up they will destroy the whole eco system of the ocean so eat goddam cow!!

basharblows 2 months ago

@basharblows Last I checked, it isn't just Asian people killing the sharks. THe top catchers of sharks are SPAIN, Taiwan, India and Malaysia. Are the Spanish asians you dumb fuck? Are they?

what77777 3 weeks ago

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2011seals 3 weeks ago

The unfortunate thing is that it is darn near impossible to enforce a quota on fishing or hunting in general. So we are forced to choose between two options: either ban finning entirely and lose a bit of traditional culture, or preserve the culture and devastate the environment... The first choice is much better but it in itself is not complete righteousness. I don't think we should blame the Chinese people as critically as the people in the humongous and very corrupt finning industry.

andrew33323 2 months ago


TheMostHayted 2 months ago

Que desilusión del ser humano, con delirio de ser superior e inteligente y ni los animales con su comportamiento salvaje tortura de esta manera...

Astromesa 2 months ago

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2011seals 3 weeks ago

dumbest trade ever. all it does is add a rubber, chewy texture to the soup. dumbass chinese people and their infatuation for only appearing to be wealthy.

reedux 2 months ago

i just hope all of you realize that this doesnt happen in the u.s it all done in asia so why dont you guys quit supporting the overseas fishing industry in general and look at where your seafood comes from before you buy it support U.s commercial fisherman

420hilljack 2 months ago

dude china is so big only south chinese eat shark fin,we north chinese didnt even seen them.

zqdz123 3 months ago

such a beautiful sea and this is what's in its waters?? :(

MsSrisky 3 months ago

Put and end to all shark finning!

JDivinorumVideo 3 months ago

animal cruelty in china is a national pastime 

hogo1 3 months ago 3

19 who watched this are arrogant pricks who does not give a limey fuck about our ocean. 

chzehong 3 months ago

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2011seals 3 weeks ago

If you're not vegan, don't say anything about "Don't eat shark fins!", because I'm sure eating beef is horrific to certain cultures, especially at the rate Americans eat beef.

I do agree that the sharks are being over-fished, but there are other ways to saving the shark population besides banning shark fin soup, like setting size and weight limitations.

And please stop using racial slurs (:

s2hirley 3 months ago 2

@s2hirley I'm pretty sure cutting off a fish's fins and throwing it back into the water while its still alive isn't the same as tradional farming.

JDivinorumVideo 3 months ago

@JDivinorumVideo I'm sure keeping pigs, chickens, cows, sheep, etc. in slaughterhouses is just as bad. (:

s2hirley 3 months ago

@s2hirley It's not the same. They don't cut off their limbs and let them bleed out. I eat vegetarian food and I tell people who eat meat to only eat meat from free range farms. I don't support factory farming in any way.

JDivinorumVideo 3 months ago

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2011seals 3 weeks ago

When I was in China, I enjoyed eating shark fin soup, dog meat, and monkey brains. They were all super delicious and I don't give a damn what a bunch of ignorant self righteous animal lovers think. White ppl has no freaking right to tell us Asians what to eat and what not.

nguyenkd 3 months ago

sick fucks. shame on the people who eat shark fin soup. you know where it's coming from

chuckydog 4 months ago


123tackys 4 months ago

@123tackys fukin right we do! At least us asians kill and then eat. i've seen next videos from the US were people torture animal in farms for no absolute no reason and amongst other crazy non asian as u say. im presuming ur an american.

georgesmelies111 4 months ago in playlist Shark Finning - Bloody Chinese and Japs! ( f*ck)

@georgesmelies111 and plus the shark is on the top of the foodchain in all the seas i don't think that will deacrease the fish population it would obviously increase as less sharks eating other fish. common

georgesmelies111 4 months ago in playlist Shark Finning - Bloody Chinese and Japs! ( f*ck)

@georgesmelies111 not.... uh not true im an aussie and the only reason we kill native animals like kangaroos r becuase they r pests. As a matter of fact, we also eat kangaroos so shutup u whale killing shark finning tiger killing dog slaughtering cow.

123tackys 4 months ago

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Thegus0 4 months ago

yes man are the most cruel in the world

jaysonlee1982 4 months ago

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deeya 4 months ago

And we wonder why sharks attack us...

DoubleRainbowMe 4 months ago

@DoubleRainbowMe yes i agree

jaysonlee1982 4 months ago

@DoubleRainbowMe Sharks attack around 14 people a year and cause 1-3 fatalities, falling coconuts kill around 14 people a year and numerous injuries. Please don't use shark attacks as a statistic unless you actually read the facts.

ConfusedHipHop 4 months ago 2

Gosh, we humans are the most greedy bastards I know..

akjadestar 4 months ago

I'm only 16 yet I already want to contribute something to stop this sick, cruel fuck.

10rosegarden14 4 months ago

And people fear sharks, thinking they're monsters. I say who's the monster now? Fucking bastards! When will these shitheads stop!? When all the sharks are gone!?

10rosegarden14 4 months ago

What they do is cut off the fins then throw the live shark back in the water, human equivalent would be someone cutting our legs and arms off and left to die. What makes you think its okay to kill so many sharks? They don't even use the whole entire shark. What a fucking waste. If the sharks go, majority of the oxygen goes. now what. you can't breathe. That sucks.

TheDin0mite 4 months ago

This reminds me of the video for the song King Rat by Modest Mouse.

VitaminSierra 4 months ago


Effing Cantonese country bumpkins with more money than ethics. Despite being China's wealthiest province, none of China's top-10 universities is found in Guangdong. The net result: crass noveau rich with no education, culture, and ethics that love to flaunt their wealth in the most offensice ways imaginable.

milvipes 5 months ago

Raising awareness through this vid and my project so far I've got 500k signatures need 500k to get approval

skylinenerd2007 5 months ago


Xxcalicondor 6 months ago

Scheiß Schlitzaugen!!

Fucking Chinese people!!

Hornyspeed 6 months ago

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annaDANCEDx 6 months ago

ok enough with the I hate humans if it botherd you that much you would acctualy do something about it. This is something that bothers me SO MUCH thats why im goiing door to door starting a petition to make this ILLEAGAL.

ChantalMNW 6 months ago

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zoey8936 6 months ago

Problem is that Chinese people believe in stupid shit like about how eating rhino horn, bear penis, or shark fin cures cancer and all other sorts of nonsense. The stupidity of the chinese people is threatening the biodiversity of the planet.

KevinBusomjack 6 months ago 10

@KevinBusomjack Its only nonsense when its proven over and over, time and time again, to be false. Im not defending shark finning, but, im just sayin'. Maybe it does cure SOME peoples cancers. Just like Marijuana cures SOME peoples cancers. but not all the peoples. You know what im sayin?

Mustyrat 6 months ago

@Mustyrat youre an idiot

DirtyBeatzMusic 5 months ago

@DirtyBeatzMusic Youre a troll. Lets play the Internet game, yayyy. You next, you next!

Mustyrat 5 months ago

@KevinBusomjack Exactly!

prphotography 6 months ago

@KevinBusomjack Uh shark finning is eaten at weddings not because of any superstition. What a moron.

what77777 3 weeks ago

@KevinBusomjack , Look, go to Google search "shark fishing", and you will see it's the white people who fish and kill the sharks, and sell the shark fin to Chinese people for money, instead of dumping to garbage. In this way, who killed the sharks? Chinese just buy the unwanted parts from the white fish men, just like buying the unwanted chicken feet from butcher. White fish men kill a lot of sharks.

2011seals 3 weeks ago

@KevinBusomjack Not all are like that and im sorry :(

Sou1zify 3 weeks ago

@KevinBusomjack the stupidity of people like you who blindly follows the society prejudice threatens humanity itself.

xyzzjp 1 week ago

i blame china and japan

AungTH1 7 months ago

We just deserve death because we're ruining everything...

Gallimimus4Lunch 7 months ago

Why not put beef flanks or chicken or something else in the damn broth for that soup. IMO it's the broth that makes the soup not the shark. It's pretty sad to see this using only like 5% of this animal and tossing 95% out. Nothing makes sense nowadays.

DeFlipside 8 months ago 2

the people that hate sharks my the force not be with you. and did you no that when you kill sharks thats killing your self because 80% air comes from land.

faith1666 8 months ago

This only exists because consumers buy into it. As long as there are customers, there is industry.

Its schizophrenic point the finger at another cultures 'menu' while you fill your own faces with sentient beings. Veganism is the minimum standard of decency. Put your morality where your mouth is! Go Vegan!

DetractMedia 8 months ago

I wish i could chop off these motherfuckers' arms and legs and throw them in the ocean to drown and have their lungs explode while I happily celebrate on dry land.

fmekhitarian 8 months ago

Just stay safe with the normal fish! Wenever attended weddings or functions shark fin soup always been served when the 1st time I looked into tt bowl of soup my imagination ran wild I c sharks screaming for help! -.- Wen I c human slurping it with delight I felt like vomiting... & the smell of the soup is OMG it's sooooo unpleasant how can they slurp it with delight ...?? -.-

medussalfia 8 months ago

FUCK ASIANS:@:@:@:@:@

13DatsyukPavel 8 months ago

we are the smarter generation of humans, and we wont be as ignorant as our parents. most adults just follow their old traditions and cant give them up- they just will never understand shame.

we, the next generation, knew that eating shark fin has completely no benefits. just that it taste good and that it is rare. that's why we can give up our old beliefs and accept the new one- base on science

AimBotBoy 8 months ago 2



kentaro154 7 months ago



kentaro154 7 months ago

F@#K us

funscubadiver101 8 months ago


ilovehorses5554eva 9 months ago

@ilovehorses5554eva First of all, stop typing in fucking caps. I hate how people make fun of Chinese or Japanese people everyday because they do this. I happen to be Chinese, do you see me finning sharks left and right? No. So keep your damn mouth shut because I see at least one of these comments everyday whenever I see a video

MineThatCraft 8 months ago

Sharks are beutiful and magnificent this makes me want to cry. People need to stop being so selfish!!

UrENDINGtheWorld 9 months ago

If you happen to reside in one of these countries:

1) China

2) Hong Kong/Macau

3) Singapore

4) Taiwan

5) Malaysia

& If you really wish to stop/minimize such cruel activities of sharksfinning.

You may consider going to the local ROM office (Registry of Marriage) giving

out phamplets/flyers to the chinese bride/groom-to-be educating/advising them not to serve shark's fin soup on their official wedding day (nowadays I also refrain from eating it)

THUMBS UP for others to see this message please.

nayanaran 9 months ago 34

@nayanaran You can add Vietnam to that list (or at least overseas Vietnamese).

eier 9 months ago

@nayanaran Great advice. I photographed a wedding last year in Toronto however that served that vile dish so it is everywhere that "culture" is...

prphotography 6 months ago

@nayanaran the problem is from earning money and the social organisation of our modern society

nycoshouse 3 months ago

@nayanaran China man help to protect swimmers from shark. Ensure all shark are disappear by eating shark fin

CornTheChampion 2 months ago

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2011seals 3 weeks ago

can someone please go cut off they're arms and throw them into the water so they know what its like

thecrazyfirekid 9 months ago

i no Im a shark fanatic and the shark fin soup is illegal so if you go fishing for sharks then you could go to jail.

faith1666 9 months ago

I wish someone would cut off one arm of each of these hunters and then dump every one of them into the ocean.

dryan22 9 months ago

my group is doing a thing about this were going to make a change

1AlienWorkshop1 9 months ago

let us put our power together and make our earth become healtheir

0513Bernard 9 months ago

Shark Hunters, what if somebody kills you and leave you there only for your ears ???

thechickkapub 9 months ago

Fuckin Human's. I hate myself! >:(

SALmetalseven 9 months ago

have you herd the sane from star wars let the force be with you well if u have gone swimming with a shark then u should no that the force is with the shark

faith1666 9 months ago

@faith1666 they only attack because they think your a fish

1AlienWorkshop1 9 months ago

i love that video its like no won sees what people do to shark and there are about 3 places that don't have illegal finning, it seems like all my school believes thoughts lieing videos about how shark are the peretedter and we are the pray it more like they are the pray and we are the peretedtor

faith1666 9 months ago

Would like to blow up everybody who eats shark fins...

JetLag611 9 months ago

Thanks for promoting awareness for this ecological disaster, happening everyday right before my eyes. I myself, being in South East Asia, have Shark Fin Soup presented upon my dinning table during Weddings, Company Functions and many other occasions. And im proud to say i've abstained from Shark Fin Soup since young, and have strongly urged my family and friends to follow me. I make it a point to explain my reasons for my abstainment to them. Keep up the good work, shawkvanray!

otakboi 10 months ago

Hey Guys!

Check out Guam's movement to stop this madness by visiting Shark Tsunami on facebook, tumblr, or twitter.

Please support us.

Thank you! :)

xdproduction123 10 months ago

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oppenjack 10 months ago

i am 14, scuba dive, and the last time i was diving, i saw a baby whale shark, finned and alive floating on the surface. Other divers quickly brought the shark to shore and then shot it. I was really scared and couldnt imagen what type of people did this. i hope shark finning ends. Thumbs up the VIDEO and SAVE the shark!

ALEXCCD1 11 months ago

This makes me physically sick

beakyhope 11 months ago

you go in hell for this.

cedX59 11 months ago

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yankeefanshw15 11 months ago

I disagree, we can blame Asia for all of this specifically everyone who has/does drink shark fin soup. First of all the shark fin does absolutely nothing to make the soup taste better they just think it "heals" them...dumbest thing I have ever heard. Get out of your ancient stupid ways the world doesn't work like that anymore. They do this with everything...tuna, sharks, whales the list goes on and on. Without them willing to pay so much for these foods there would be no market at all.

yankeefanshw15 11 months ago

I don't know about anyone else but these videos are very disturbing to me...the problem with shark finning is that the people doing it don't have any other way of making money we nee to spend money to educate them on these issues rather then spending money on stupid issues like war and such...we also need to tell those stupid asians(sorryfor the racism)to stop being so stupid and realize that they areruining oceanfirst with Tuna and now with Sharks when are theygoing to stop?it needs to end now

yankeefanshw15 11 months ago

Mohammeddisatroll if you think this 'practice' is ok then there something seriously wrong with you. Yes they are over killing but they are being killed for such a small portion of their body. Maybe someone should chop your arms and legs off and throw you in the sea !ALIVE! There is nothing ok about this is there?

mrbenjaminization 11 months ago

It's freaking wasteful. Why can't you eat the meat too. They used to sell shark meat at a fast food restaurant called "Burger Chef" where I grew up. They had the best fish filet sandwich's and it was all shark meat.

The thing is, when you go fishing for anything, it has to be a certain size to keep it- even crabs. But apparently you can wipe out baby sharks, when they only have a baby a year, and that's ok.

Can't just blame the Chinese here. Heard of Chondroiton? We are at fault too.

dankeschone 11 months ago

The people who do this should be wiped off the earth by the ocean they plunder

janicky2007 11 months ago

.Greed and greed before long we wont have a ocean eco system left.

foppo100 11 months ago

Nothing wrong with it, just over killing.

Muhammadisatroll 11 months ago

@Muhammadisatroll I guess your on a different planet than all of us normal people then.

petermines 11 months ago

@petermines what is normal? huh?

Muhammadisatroll 11 months ago 2

nasty. can another person catch HIV if a shark ate some one with HIV

TheIlove2sing 1 year ago

Here - would you like a bowl of sick, mindless torture?  It is very tasty.

So much for a 'delicacy'.

I am disgusted. There is no need.

sailhobiecat 1 year ago

ah the shark, for 400 million years its been at the top of the food chain in the world's oceans. For 400 millions years there has been no predator on earth that could match its intelligence, grace and agility... that is until a small percentage of the Chinese population started becoming wealthy.


TheDayBeautyWasBorn 1 year ago 57

@TheDayBeautyWasBorn you're a dumbass. SE Asia. You ugly dickshit.

isometricJ 11 months ago

@TheDayBeautyWasBorn - Truth! And this is what happens when peoples income far outstrips their mental capacity or morality.

Tekvicious 10 months ago

@TheDayBeautyWasBorn fkn whales pwn sharks

Akito700 9 months ago

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tamithomas 4 months ago

@TheDayBeautyWasBorn just because some people just fin the sharks it does not mean all sharks are finned. Top 9 Countries that catch Shark in the world in order:

1) Indonesia 2) India 3) Spain 4) Taiwan 5) Argentina 6) Mexico 7) Pakistan 8) USA 9) Japan.

Thegus0 4 months ago

why not woman ???

what people would work ??

there is no jobs for people, find a job for them and talk about animals

medceltic 1 year ago

why not woman ???

medceltic 1 year ago

Sharks are one of the most beatiful creatures on earth and more sophisticated then humans. I dont know how people can do this. it would be like taking the planets history of life and lighting it on fire.

crazking 1 year ago

What's ironic is that the people eating shark fin soup are basically poisoning themselves.

Shark fin soup has more mercury in it than any other kind of fish product. Mercury poisoning causes birth defects, sterility, kidney damage, and even nerve and brain damage.

LizzybotXD 1 year ago 2

@LizzybotXD im glad they deserve it

yankeefanshw15 11 months ago

wie wär es wen man euch mal was abschneidet zb die füße oder arme das würdet ihr doch auch nicht so toll finden ihr arschlöcher

pleomax194 1 year ago

lol the shark body can make oil fuel for us in the future

this is still bad

killing shark

shupei12 1 year ago

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shupei12 1 year ago

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shupei12 1 year ago

the more i see this kind of videos, the more i want to conserve them and help them to stop all this cruel act.):

LonerGal96 1 year ago

This pisses me off soo much

sharks99whales 1 year ago

Those asians, as usual even a bit worse than the rest.

Trollkungen 1 year ago

i hate the human being everyday more and more.....

roger82it 1 year ago 45

@roger82it And the human being hates you back.

gothkid287 11 months ago

@roger82it You  mean you hate the camera man for showing it? Or the fishermen that feed their families? Or the anxient Chinese culture for making this perversion some kind of ridiculous tradition??? Pls be more specific.

northernstudio 10 months ago

@roger82it why? we're so awesome! I love shark fin by the way! delish!

unprofessionalvids 4 months ago

Such beautiful creatures, how could anybody do this...

Nawchoe 1 year ago

this sucks man eat a fucking vegetable this is so ignorant,

ijdow 1 year ago

5 people die from sharks each year.

50, 000 people die from car accidents (only in the US).

Driving on the road is FAR more dangerous than swimming with a shark.

Wings0fLife 1 year ago 2

Comment removed

Wings0fLife 1 year ago

nein nein

Schamse25 1 year ago

I guess if that's the argument that we should consider sharks as food, then it should be equally fair that they consider us as an appetizing meal. Anyone agree?

blacktamale 1 year ago

And then history repeats itself yet again. People don't learn, our species is the #1 cause of the decimation of animal species, plant species, habitats. Pretty soon there won' be much left. Then we'll have to resort to cannibalism because smartass never learned that shark mature at a much slower rate than humans and smaller animals, not to mention they only have a small number of surviving pups, it'll be lucky if there's more than one. And for those pups it takes about 25-30 years to mature?

blacktamale 1 year ago

the same culture that believes in the medicinal value of rhino horn. as the east gets richer it will only be a matter of time before rhinos and sharks disappear, prepare yourselves.

mesixpence 1 year ago

they do also have cheaper. about $2o is also posible to find. taste really good. But here they do also eat the meat not throwing away. they are food.

TheAnnysweet 1 year ago

Sharks are not chicken.chickens arent amazing animals like sharks are.sharks are a good species ,wondrous complex sensitive species,chickens can have millions of chickens,but only one shark!

sovietamerican2 1 year ago

"How to f--- the planet earth , Volume 151215 , Chapter 365114" ..

halfmumi 1 year ago

the best punishment for this barbarians is simple:

1: Tie them feet and hands

2: (just for ur sport) kick them as hard as u possibly can whit metal tip shoes in their nuts

3: give them a oxygen tank whit 1 hour of oxygen

4 kick them in sea between the sharks he just tortured.

Don`t forget to pick up ur oxygen-tank cause there are load of this type of skumbags!

Ivory1975 1 year ago

If u havent taste a godly Fin Soup shut the fuck up its extremly amazing.

My uncle takes me every weekend to Maurics Restaurant.

STERENR 1 year ago

This is not only happening in SE Asia, it is happening is many other places as well. New Zealand even has a policy that allows people to kill sharks for there fins....

pakitruthseeker 1 year ago

If sharks fins are wanted; farm the sharks, and use ALL of the meat. Otherwise this is truely, truely, and horribly wrong.

the666thmessiah 1 year ago 2

'by one of the most ruthless predators on earth'

Yes, yes, yes.

But are we still doing it? Yes.

Zryuu 1 year ago

Comment removed

DeutscheGesinnung 1 year ago

@DeutscheGesinnung do you have any idea what sharks play in the ecosystem? and plenty of sharks in the sea???? sharks' population went down by 90% in the past few years!!! keep that up and they'll be none left. Oh and as a matter of fact, less than 10 % of the sharks that are thrown overboard, after finned are only eaten by sea creatures, the rest just rottens. PLEASE please please do some research on sharks and their declining population, because it seems you have no idea whats going on.

rutherd313 1 year ago

Comment removed

DeutscheGesinnung 1 year ago

@DeutscheGesinnung well if the environment is fucked up as you said, then there wont be a following generation in the future,is that what you want? if everything thing that man has consumed and used in able to live, not controlled, and abused...then NOTHING will be same! your belief that the ocean belongs to man is true, but if abused, not a single creature will be living in any ocean. Their's this thing called balance, fuck that balance up, and everything that is affected by it, will be gone.

rutherd313 1 year ago

@DeutscheGesinnung Stupid white man...

Daywalker682 1 year ago

@DeutscheGesinnung you ignorant piece off discusting shit. FUck you and your whore momma. Hope one day you get your fucking arms cut off and see how you like it. You deserve to be lit on fire for dump comments like that idiot.

mindelo23 1 year ago

@mindelo23 lol act maturely chicken get their wings ripped off for your KFC and you dont give a shit anyways 

Michaelasds 1 year ago

@DeutscheGesinnung Dude, you don't get it. Do you know how stupid your comment is?

Daywalker682 1 year ago

Comment removed

DeutscheGesinnung 1 year ago

It's nothing special. We as humans have done far worse to our own kind, so a shark doesn't phase me a bit. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't know the true value of human life, If you cry for the death of a turtle I won't weep for you,and if you cry for the death of any animal that would gladly eat you then I sure as hell feel no anguish. Go ahead, leap into the ocean and feed them. See if they leave any of your arms and legs. Only people feel guilt, thats why we are considered inferior.

homeboyje 1 year ago

i really hate people

Brian79camino 1 year ago

Define an animal, so I may tell who the animal is, the finner or the finned.

shoaibalig 1 year ago

This pisses me the fuck off. How the hell can this happen?

rgibnz320 1 year ago

Comment removed

millertime2010sabres 1 year ago

This is absolutely brutal! It's basically like cutting off the arms and legs of a actual person and letting them drown in the water. Additionally, the SE Asians should watch out. There are many organizations preparing for this and they will pay. This is barbarous and should be stopped immediately.

hellaaesther 1 year ago

@hellaaesther Actually, the Asians have nothing to worry about. They have been doing this for years and it is widely accepted. Nothing will stop it. I travel to Asia all the time and I assure you it will never stop because of a couple eco hippies crying about the poor little sharkies. Life goes on. Well, maybe not for the sharks.Enjoy the fin soup. Bon Apetit

DeutscheGesinnung 1 year ago

@DeutscheGesinnung Yeah, let's keep living like stupid barbarians with down syndrome! derp! derp!

MattBaumann777 1 year ago

Lets cut off they're arms and legs and throw them in the water!

RedsBucksSteelers 1 year ago

Just terribull :(

Vegetarians ftw !

xlkaii 1 year ago

I think I'll stick to steak.

sastath 1 year ago

It's happening because it's often the only source of income to poor coastal villages. Yeah, that's unfortunate, but there will always be a rich man throwing money away on some overpriced triviality, but if there aren't any other ways to make money for these impoverished people, then too bad, sharks. That's darwinism.

withasixgun 1 year ago

@withasixgun If they are so poor and inpoverished then why not kill the and eat the whole shark so that they have meat to eat. I beat you never thought of that because your to focused on putting your head up your ass!!!!

grizzleface23 1 year ago

You "beat" I never though of that? Did you ever think that they might? Or that they DO? Also, they're not the ones consuming the shark. They're selling them. I beat you never thought of that, as you were probably too busy destroying the English language.

withasixgun 1 year ago

the asians do pay a price for eating shark fins.

God has gifted all of them with tiny penises...... our Lord DOES work in mysterious ways...

porty500 1 year ago

You know, the same problem you see here, is true with all meat. The animals are very poorly mistreated.

Don't believe me? watch this:­c&feature=related

It shows just how horrible and inhuman meat companies are.

It may be a bit childish, but it's designed so that all ages can understand.

virgildog1950 1 year ago

@virgildog1950 (you have to put the 3 'w's in)

virgildog1950 1 year ago

What is wrong with this world?!?? Killing a fabtastic animal for money?!?! Fucking murder

MrMickeyd1112 1 year ago

Why? Why? Why?!!!! ???? Just because of one thing!! One most powerful thing that most ppl misused it.. Money!!! Yes money n materialistic attitude. Sad.. But it's u who eat to understand ur cruelty n selfishness.

ktlingt 1 year ago

lets see how one of those bastards would fare without their arms and legs

chokolate999 1 year ago

shark water Look for this on youtube!

BloodKid13 1 year ago


it's not fare

starshine123451 1 year ago

I watched this, and my blood was absolutely boiling, I was so angry. How could they do this to such a beautiful creature? We need to stop shark finning as soon as possible. Those people in China who love shark fin soup will get over it. Because this is wrong, evil, and cruel. We must stop shark finning once and for all.

SpaceTimeRift 1 year ago

Lets just put this in a human perspective. Imagine you get kidnapped from your home. You then get all of your limbs cut off. Then you get dropped off in the desert and left to die and suffer for the rest of your life. Seems really disturbing RIGHT?. Well that is happening to the sharks every single DAY! we all need to take action and stop this crap. But what am i saying?? what the hell is a youtube comment going to do to save the sharks?? nothing. Our species is one big huge ass mistake

hgfhdfhfyhud 1 year ago

(double u x3) dot project aware dot org / give sharks a chance

I beg of you all, sign the petition to save the sharks

The fins are cut off and the shark is thrown back into the water to die a slow death by asphyxiation and bleeding out. Sharks have been on this planet way longer than we have and are a very important link in the food chain. We as humans are a virus that is destroying this planet. Please help stop the slaughter before it's too late =(

EvanTheBlue 1 year ago


I beg of you all, sign the petition to save the sharks

The fins are cut off and the shark is thrown back into the water to die a slow death by asphyxiation and bleeding out. Sharks have been on this planet way longer than we have and are a very important link in the food chain. We as humans are a virus that is destroying this planet. Please help stop the slaughter before it's too late =(

EvanTheBlue 1 year ago


Benyk1986 1 year ago

WHO THE FUCK WANTS SHARK FINS! This is the most cruel and inhumane thing I have ever seen. Anyone who supports or fins sharks deserves to have their arms and legs chopped off as is what happens to these poor creatures.

MsEmkat 1 year ago

cruel bastards !!!

buddybuck8 1 year ago

So many pointless murders every day and yet these men are allowed to live. What is wrong with the world we live in.

chiefthriller 1 year ago

the people who do this should be fed to sharks.

outspwq28 1 year ago

Again, I say, finning is stupid and a waste. Eat the whole shark, not just the fin. If tuna is the chicken of the sea, then shark is the pork chop of the sea (lipsmacking sounds!...)

soulcheck4all 1 year ago 2

This is pretty fucked up.

hippocampuszosterae 1 year ago

The shark fins are only used for the texture of the soup. Not for flavor. So let's try to prevent this kind of animal cruelty.

Maaikiey 1 year ago

Boycott Restaurants serving Shark Fin Soup:




NoSharkFinSoup 1 year ago 3

Sharks are NOT mindless killing monsters. They are misunderstood animals.

The fin of the shark has no taste in it. The chicken broth is what adds in the flavoring to shark's fin.

calvin09232009t 1 year ago 26

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ScienceGal222 1 year ago

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TheIxtlan 1 year ago

@TheIxtlan can you please explain to me IN DETAIL how does it taste. B'cos as far as I know and remember, shark fins are TASTELESS! The sharks fin soup contains other ingredients such as crab meat etc.. shark's fins provide the TEXTURE for the soup as well as absorbing other flavours. Also, if consumed too much it can sterile a guy bcos of it's high mercury content. I wish you get your ears cut and thrown in the water like those poor sharks.

live604 1 year ago 2

Don't you know that there are lots of american from USA tried shark fin dish. I heared they like it very much but they are said to be very expensive. Don't believe about the high mercury content. All this high mercury content on fishes you hear from media is nothing but hogwash. A fairy tale just to scare you. Unfortunately only in USA this shark fins are banned. Americans in USA are missing out on health benefits shark fins offers.

TheIxtlan 1 year ago

@TheIxtlan Shark fins should be banned everywhere. Period.

micvrom 1 year ago 10

@micvrom Do you think asians will ban shark finning? They could even ban whale hunting.

TheIxtlan 1 year ago

@TheIxtlan I don't think they will. I think they should.

micvrom 1 year ago

@micvrom Yeah, especially when they are attached to the shark.

gothkid287 11 months ago

@TheIxtlan what the heck, are u saying its ok to kill 100 million sharks just for our health, that we can get from other things?

eec0998 1 year ago

@eec0998 it is believe shark fins are beneficial to health held by asians. So they eat it so to keep young. The asians are rich and have the money to buy this expensive dish. I heared it cost about $200 dollars a plate of shark fin soup. The asians got the money to spend because they have the money to burn.

TheIxtlan 1 year ago

@TheIxtlan ok what are u saying, thats its ok to kill the shark, ONLY for the fin, and throw the live shark back into the water to die a painful death?!?!u are clueless and stupid

Duskpelt1 1 year ago

@TheIxtlan But sharks are necessary for good ecosystem balance. Without sharks, it would upset the ocean's ecosystem. So sharks must NOT be extinct or else there are consequences.

Most species of sharks are harmless to man. Sharks are intelligent.

It's nice to have more people get educated about sharks and their behavior.

calvin09232009t 1 year ago

they eat sharks finns because theyt think they prvent cancer when sharks sometimes get cancer just as humans due but.. no they dont care they still eat it,

toothferryofvideos 1 year ago

OMG !! ;/

AnimalsPlanetChannel 1 year ago

you know what, fuck asians, why dont they be normal and eat chicken? meat. and so on. but these wankers have to eat dog, cat and sharks and evrything!

armadyl2go 1 year ago

@armadyl2go just because YOU caucasians think eating this is right you expect the world to believe it's also right? what about veal? and who gave you guys the right to judge how asians eat or what they eat? if you hate asians so much we'd better not see you all in DIM SIM restaurants filling up our tables while we have to queue up because of you guys!

jiyefuuu 1 year ago


iVuDang 1 year ago

iam so ashamed to be part of mankind!! stop the world im getting off!!

tabulaerasae82 1 year ago

@tabulaerasae82 yeah sign me up to please

judoisoww 1 year ago

@judoisoww ....i will pick you up on the way to "better lands of love"....take care brother/sister!!

tabulaerasae82 1 year ago

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jupiterben 1 year ago

i hope u all know that we kill our mankind more than sharks kill us!

hanna456 1 year ago 2

Sick...just sick... brutally killing our oceans apex predator for a bowl of soup to which it adds no flavor. Future generations will look back on us as barbarians unless we put a stop to this and the other horrific things that we are doing to our oceans and planet.

acksailor93 1 year ago 42

@acksailor93 They already have. Just remember Mother Nature will always find a way. I'm personally hoping fro the reemergence of Megalodon.

sastath 1 year ago

this brought tears to my eyes, how can you watch this video and luagh? thats sick

mtthomas22 1 year ago 2

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URmothersLOVER1 1 year ago

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URmothersLOVER1 1 year ago

the answer is education and a synthetic substitute, bear bile can cheaply be made from pre-existing slaughtered cows and has a 100 times potency over actual bear bile. (bears will one day no longer suffer in tiny cages and milked for their bile)

MotherOfAllBombs1 2 years ago

U should see how the trawlers bring up shrimp, completely rapes the sea floor and everything living in it. No one race is to blame, we are all jerks in terms of raping the environment

MotherOfAllBombs1 2 years ago

Help stop this madness, 90% of world shark population is gone, just so some stuipids can eat their shark-soup! Mad world! Mad people. Act!

HGPitea 2 years ago

I love shark fin yummy in my tummy........hahahaha you should she how Americans catch their fish......they are just as funny thing is.........I'm an american

ldatstarl 2 years ago

sharks are being killed everyday for their fins and left hopeless to die in the water and yet u still laugh. wow.

Ssope10 2 years ago

east and se asian countries think they own the seas... whaling, sharking, complete disregard for international law

thelastjedi3 2 years ago

Und der Haifisch der hat Tränen und die laufen vom Gesicht ,

doch der Haifisch lebt im Wasser, so die Tränen sieht man nicht.


Und so kommt es, dass das Wasser in den Meeren salzig ist.

~Rammstein, Haifisch~

Sorry for German ;)

8brighteyes8 2 years ago

Sorry, I don't think Rammstein gives a shit about the decimation of shark populations in SE Asia. I once saw the singer ass-fuck the keyboardist on stage sometime around 1998.

harr7959 2 years ago

Yes yu're righ. But I think the words fit in the situation... Nothing else ;)

8brighteyes8 2 years ago

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8brighteyes8 2 years ago

This is indeed terrible. Sharks without fins are nothing different from birds without wings and humans without limbs. Shark fins itself is tasteless, and much flavouring has to be added to make the shark fin soup delicious. Why bother to take away animals' lives only for a sign of status symbol? This can be stopped, by letting the globe know the consequence of consumption of shark fin-------sharks may become extinct, and they will.

shineeefx 2 years ago 2

i couldnt agree more :) these beautiful creatutes are dying at the hands of these stupid delinquants, this needs to be stopped soon

CheezyKnockers 2 years ago

This is terrible. Sharks are misunderstood creatures, most only attack humans because they are curious or because they think we are fish or seals. They have been around hundreds of millions of years before apes even existed, who gives us the right to exterminate them? Instead they need to limit the number of sharks finned, or make farms for sharks. Dry land is our place, the ocean is theirs.

cnix313 2 years ago 3

this is sick i saw real footage of them doing this on the movie shark water its wong but its a cultural thing the should at least give the bodys to science for cancer studys but really they should try to farm them if they really want them that bad

shocksafe 2 years ago

i agree that it is wrong to leave them to die like that but on the other hand god put anamiles on this earth for a reason for food but yeah this is cruil

tiffany018 2 years ago

Yes and god put them on earth for cutting of the fins and left the other 90% of the body in the sea, right? oô

Animals are NOT only to feed HUMANS!

And if we have to kill we should do it quickly and as painless as possible.

Humans are creatures, too. Maybe we were put on earth to feed lions, wo knows?

8brighteyes8 2 years ago

We were blessed with high intelligence, we should use it sometimes. High intelligence is a bless and a responsibility as well, so we should act responsible because we KNOW what we do and we know the consequences of it.

8brighteyes8 2 years ago

So, it is acceptable for the USA to completely decimate fish populations in the bearing sea and off the coast of Washington? We have destroyed the Chesapeake bay, we kill thousands of whales dolphins and manatees every year in our waters, does that make the USA irresponsible? Seriously, this is NOT a nationalistic debate!! EVERY country is to blame!

harr7959 2 years ago

w3e should cut there homs off see how they like that

17chrisk1 2 years ago

Wow i cant believe people are doing this.. Fucking dumb asses

King0FN0thing 2 years ago 2

everytime the human is first problem in the earthe

Sharko201 2 years ago 2

Who the fuck would pay 150 dollars to eat shark fins? do you know how much mouths you could feed for $150

mnmtwinz 2 years ago 28

@mnmtwinz why would they just leave those sharkx?

well they shoulfd take every part of the shark..not just fins

and the governmet must band over fishing...politicaly its difficult, only thing you can tell them is the benifit of preserving them dfor feuture

goodbyelonglive44 1 year ago

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withasixgun 1 year ago

i cant believe they do this, if your going to cut there fins off eat there body aswell dont waste and throw them where they will drown that is horrible i cant believe the people who do this.

tenkeychy 2 years ago

Shark fin soup is tasteless. They actually mix it with 1/4 shark fin soup and 3/4 chicken broth just for flavor. Apparently the only reason people eat it is because

1. it shows class

2. It prevents cancer? WTF? more like causes cancer. have you seen the mercury count for sharks?

3. it's an afrodesiac or something.

lardtaziumwadmaster 2 years ago 2

I agree that some people eat shark fin soup is because it's considered a status symbol (in Asian countries). But there are consequences if sharks are critically endangered or extinct. The shark's fin is made of cartilage.

I think more people should get educated about sharks. Sharks are NOT mindless killing machines. In fact, whale sharks just feed on plankton as their diet.

calvin09232009t 2 years ago 2

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kevny2005 2 years ago

It's so sad, I will say I am scared shitless of sharks but I know this is flat out wrong! How can people be so heartless! Save the sharks, whales, and seals!

Cryalluwant 2 years ago 2

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itti1977 2 years ago

WHAT the fuck are you saying? are you stupid? its a beautiful animal that keeps the economy up. get informed fucker. i really do hate you for that comment. are you fucking stupid? why do i even ask. of course you are. u only can be stupid after that comment.. seriously. any1 put A BIG SHIT into your brain? seems so. wow.

Finn6789 2 years ago

are you fuckin gay?

u say "just a die fish"

there you can see MORE THAN ONE FISH

u can see maaaany poor killed shars omfg.

every year 1million or 2 million of this great creatures are killed by humans. thats not funny guy!


great vid.. 5 stars + fav..

x7c3b 2 years ago

YES, Awesome vid 5*..

....requires the international prohibition now,

pedroanimb 2 years ago

Shark Fin Soup isPathetic

People have to cook it chicken broth for flavour!! because its tastless!!

It is just stupid and i hopee every person that does it and supports the massacre dies with their own hands chopped off!!!

MrAddict100 2 years ago

iacsadintly put thumbs down sry

thekingodzilla 2 years ago

i hope there evolves a species that wud invade the human society and sever the limbs of these bastards and put them next to naked women

shravanj85 2 years ago

WdarkOredW your a fricken idiot. If you shoot someone with a shotgun in the chest they wont bleed to death they will die instantly you dumb ass.

tclarke17 2 years ago

793 people are killed by faulty toasters in water a year while only 4 are killed by shark attacks. It's no use getting all hyped up just because you think sharks are cruel. On the contrary, it is the humans are cruel. Name calling and insults are totally uncalled for so please try to be more civil around here. I respect your opinion and I expect you to respect ours too.

StormThrush 2 years ago

This shit makes me want to get a shotgun and go to each and every person on Earth doing this kinda shit and blow a hole in there chest and let em bleed to death. Why? For some damn soup? Stupid humans, if we are the smartest species on this planet, we need to start acting like it.

WDarkOredW 2 years ago

You may think all you want about sharks but cutting off the fins and tail and dump the rest is a waste of resources.

The results of overfishing are already visible. We get more and more jellyfish around!

mszs 2 years ago

Who cares if its mistaken identity. They still do it right? yes they do. kill them.

tclarke17 2 years ago

Most shark attack victims and their families do not have any kind of hard feelings towards the animals, and they usually get back into the water as soon as possible. if that is not enough for you, let me ask you, off all the hundreds and thousands of people in the entire northern hemisphere that went into the ocean today, how many shark attacks, or encounters have you heard of?

CathyinPhx 2 years ago

Let me ask "tclarke17" and all the people that think it is okay to fin sharks for soup.

You do not think it is inhumane to slaughter an animal, by, slicing off their arms and legs, and then tie a 20 pound weight around your neck, and toss you into the ocean? It has been proven many, many, many times that when an encounter happens it is usually by mistaken identity and the shark just made a mistake.

CathyinPhx 2 years ago


tclarke17 2 years ago

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tclarke17 2 years ago

SOMEBODY tell me why the hell we should save these mindless killers. These sharks attack humans. I DONT CARE IF THERE ARE VERY FEW SHARK ATTACKS YEARLY SO STFU! You guys don't seem to care when INNOCENT HUMANS ENJOYING THEIR SURF SESSIONS get attack by these beasts. KILL THEM BEFORE THEY KILL US!

tclarke17 2 years ago

this just makes me want to puke! its sooooo mean! and terrible! i im so disgusted and heartbroken! :(

bubphat23 2 years ago

This is one of the most barbaric and tragic abuses of animals in the wild I have EVER seen!!! I can honestly say very little shocks me anymore...I first saw this story on AC360 and I was horrified! And I FISH too...but this?! This is the ultimate in human savagery towards wild animals!

matthewme23 2 years ago

hmm.... I actually did have sharks fin soup in Taiwan. I don't normally eat fish, but I ate it because I knew I wouldn't get another chance in a loooong time. It wasn't that good anyways.

Fullperson 2 years ago

the hunter are just crap they hunt only for soup they will go to hell

7fweplavb 2 years ago

Sharks are more endangered than whales but whales seem to get more attention, why? Because whales are gentle creatures and sharks attack people, it all comes down to judging a book by it's cover. Humans are unethical creatures, yet it's ironic how I'm a human as well...

Snowyjoe66 2 years ago

sharks actually eating people isn't exactly "judging a book by it's cover" as it's more than just "sharks aren't cute like whales" it's "sharks kill humans"...but I see your point.

jonnybryce 2 years ago

I gotta try the soup.

rttjenk8 2 years ago

This is sick.

tahncol86 2 years ago

this is like cutting off a persons arms and legs the throwing them out on the street, this is a sick practice all for a bowl of soup?

NickC1973 2 years ago 2

any and all people involved in this "trade" should be fucking killed. there is no need to destroy such a gorgeous creature just some rich piece of shit can have a bowl of fucking soup. no person is that fucking important

amygow23 2 years ago

those people should be hanged from their balls!!!!

narcoticzax 2 years ago 3

I hope humans get what comming to them.....

TheProphiting1 2 years ago

"what comming" to us?

MagnusRulerHardt 2 years ago

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Tonsilloliths 2 years ago

Stop!!! dont kill Sharks!

wiwbib 2 years ago

The fins are not used for taste... its used for texture!!

It is so pointless how sharks are killed!!

We kill chicken, pigs, and cows hummainly... why cant this be the same!!!

Am not aganste killing animals.. just killing them for no reason or harshly or giving them a horrible way of life

People like this make me sick.....

punkychick91 2 years ago

oohh omg so sad...yea as if humans ONLY act brutally like this towards sharks. That KFC chicken you're having is probably from a chicken with its beak cut off alive and its legs broken before its neck was cut.

jojopooo 2 years ago

Shark finning is a disgusting practice no matter how you look at it.

This is no different than hacking off the limbs of a human and abandoning it to die. These sharks can't survive such a brutal attack.

So, millions of sharks are being slaughtered in horrible ways so that human beings can enjoy some soup? Christ, no wonder the world is falling apart, with this wretched species overpopulating it.

nusarikaya 2 years ago 2

Couldnt agree more.....

TheProphiting1 2 years ago

i was telling my friend about how cruel shark finning is and she said she knew about it, and this is what else she had to say:

"but the soup is tasty"

i was horrified, but then i guess thats why there is so much demand for shark fin cause its simply "tasty".

Placydica 2 years ago

ppl dont understand anything on this planet i personally think shark finners

are stupid apes

zoehero2 2 years ago

heres another short PSA on the horrible effects we have upon sharks watch?v=19diA6CKAP8&feature=ch­annel_page

808NEON 2 years ago

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helpsaveoursharks 2 years ago

human are most terrible thing on earth !

FckinLuvlyGirl 2 years ago 4

Sharks are one of the most misunderstood animals on the planet. If I have to choose between support the growth of Chinese culture and saving the natural habitat of sharks, I would prefer saving the sharks and its conservation.

Shark's fin is made of cartilage. It's tasteless and the booth adds in the flavor. It doesn't have much nutrients in it. Yet, sharks are finned for the soup. How sad. And what a waste!

calvin09232009t 2 years ago 2

I'd love to see the same kind of sympathy from a shark to a person. Last time I checked sharks didn't comment in youtube about how they were destroying the world by attacking humans. I'd love to see how your attitudes would change if you were stuck inside shark infested water. Go hug a tree or something.

Bdk989 2 years ago

Very few shark attacks ever happen. It seems like a lot because the news ALWAYS reports it. Why? Because it's a very rare event. It's nearly always completely preventable too; most of the time it's due to the humans' mistakes, such as swimming when not enough others are around, or with a cut.

Or often in the case of surfers, the shark mistakes the silhouette of the surf board for a seal.

Besides, humans are overpopulated, sharks are fading away. Do the math. We could USE more predators!

xZaCloudx 2 years ago

Except that a population boom in sharks is bad news for the rest of aquatic life.

Besides, how many sharks are actually "fading away"? There are hundreds of species of sharks, and I can't think of any off the top of my head that are endangered. It's true that its pointless to fin a shark, but who the hell are we to call these people evil because of the way they like their soup?

Would we be so understanding if they were calling us wicked for boiling our lobsters, or somesuch?

Omboth 2 years ago

Comment removed

foxielocks 2 years ago

I can' t believe how ignorant you are.

Sharks are an apex predator in the oceans, and as such they are essential for regulation and maintenance of biodiversity and balance in their marine ecosystems. If a top predator is removed, the system will be thrown out of balance and suffer devastating consequences. Sharks take 15 years to reach sexual maturity and really don't have any chance to recover from these brutal, disgusting massacre practices.

foxielocks 2 years ago

The sharks are hauled onto the boats, the fins are savagely hacked off with a machete, and the shark is then kicked back into the ocean, still alive.

>110 species are on the International Red List and are threatened with extinction.

In the past 20 years, some species have declined by as much as 90%.

100 million sharks killed every year is 32867 every day, 13698 every hour, 4 every second. Enjoy your soup.

foxielocks 2 years ago

the population would only boom to get back to its original state, and then mother nature will find a way of working things out to get the population back to normal.

what we do to lobster's is no where near as bad as this. we actually utilize all the food in the lobster, and for sharks all they do is hack off its fins to add a bit of texture to their soup. and we kill lobster's alot more humanely than we do sharks, we dont chop off the lobsters claws and throw its half alive body into the water.

Bollockbasslines 2 years ago

Once again human greed for money takes over. What gluttonous vermin we are! It will get the better of us in the end.

nicolematthews 2 years ago

Honestly, I don't like the thought of sharks since i surf daily but this is just wrong! At least if they kill the shark they should eat it all!

destroyedu 2 years ago

Just another example of how we are destroying the world. Humans are viruses. We are living on borrowed time. Each step we take is one more step towards the inevitable destruction of the world. Unless we realize this, and start to live sustainably, I think were probably doomed : \. Sucks huh !

vidfreak56 2 years ago

Yeah I agree, by the time the goverments decide to step in it will be too little too late.This falls under crimes againts nature and sooner or later will be held accountable for our actions.Its already happening with global warming.

Gambler07 2 years ago

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Hummel315 2 years ago

I am a recreational fisherman and that is by far the biggest waste and senseless thing I have ever seen. Take what you can eat and release the rest. I think that if there is a specie that we want to eat we should farm raise it like cattle. Can you imagine the implications this will have on the environment. At least replenish what you consume.

Islandrx23 2 years ago

Problem with sharks islandrx23 is that they don't reach sexual maturity till they are 20-30. We are killing 100 million sharks a year... and scientists say despite laws to protect them they are declining in numbers fast. Few years time and we'll be without sharks... then the ecosystem will fall.. :/

Varda87 2 years ago 2

Yes i know it is cruel that what they did to sharks for their fins. I do not see why anyone should say anything bad on anyone who consume shark's fin. Many animals suffered the same fate (killed & consumed by humans)

tzwu 2 years ago

Watch the movie "Sharkwater"

There is one scene in the movie where a guy is talking about the "magical" properties sharks have and that shark fins will help protect against cancer. How uneduacted is that? Shark fins are simply cartilage, which is comprised of protein. You would be better off eating an egg, since they are the only known perfect protein possessing all essential amino acids.

This movie needs to be released in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Tonsilloliths 2 years ago

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GVids5 2 years ago

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Savagex95810 2 years ago

:s that's horrible

Saarkia 2 years ago

imkokio ur fucked up man thats so stupid what they put sharks throu

juliane2727 2 years ago

you should watch the video the shark put us thru thats why i dont scubba one vid a lady so pro about saving sharks guest what she got attack what are the odds now she lost her limbs soo much for sharks save the world when your world already end you or them

seksykhmaigirl 2 years ago

Comment removed

BruceOrrock 2 years ago

lol i love shark fin and im still gonna eat it

imkokio 2 years ago


It's your choice to be an arsehole, By your actions you condone this barbaric slaughter.


ausIanderraus 2 years ago

Yeah that is cos you're a cunt!!!!

dj17q 2 years ago

thanks for bringing about the failure of the ecosystem you piece of shit waste of flesh.

fight141 2 years ago

i fucking hate sharks. but i think this is fucked up.

libtech158 2 years ago

Malaysia is in South East Asia and the islands there are full of sharks I tell you all... And I'm a Malaysian and I thank God the Malays don't target sharks...

vaderLP 2 years ago

ummmmm sharfin soup makes me hungry right now i want some god create these animals for us to eat so enjoy it k stop arguing

seksykhmaigirl 2 years ago

wow man i dont know what morals youv been tought in your life

tarik567 2 years ago

so you must be a vegetarian??

ALEE775 2 years ago

hey sharks eat humans either you eat them or they will eat you sharks are dangerous thats why i'm so afraid of the ocean ok this world without shark is fine

seksykhmaigirl 2 years ago

It is fine people are making a fuss over it, but you have to understand that in order for some people to make money they sometimes have to go through mass killing of animals and sell the meat.

Everyone has their own opinions and ways to survive, you can't just suddenly stop someone from doing what they do.

And racism is not going to solve anything. By saying 'Fucking Chinese' it isn't going to benefit anyone but cause a fight.

Samuel569 2 years ago

Survive? Are you retarded? There is plenty of people around and sharks and many other fish are disappering due to over fishing and now this crap from ignorant assholes believing they can rip the wings of flies and not being judged for it. They can do farming or whatever - no need to be cruel in their trade. Thats just it, I'm afraid - some chinese seem to think if it's not done in a cruel way, it's not worth doing.

impalaSS65 2 years ago

yeh ok killing a mass amount of animals and destroying the whole eco system and food chain yeh smart work man

tarik567 2 years ago

Shark finning is a multi billion dollar industry. 15,000 sharks die every hour and a half. soon they will be extinct and all ocean life will die without the balance of sharks. Shark finning should never be allowed, they cut the fins off and discard the shark while it is still alive. The fins add no flavor just texture in in a bowl of shark fin soup. This is inhumane and should never be allowed. I suggest watching the movie "Shark waters" and everyone will feel sorry for sharks its a guarantee.

Lukinbing 2 years ago

very well said. funny cause I just watched shark waters at school today and now me and my friend are trying to find a way to stop shark finning and seal hunting. I felt so bad after watching it. its an amazing documentary on shark finning and I 1,000,000% recomend it.

Italiansoccerkid13 2 years ago

White people like to play god and criticize other people's cultural practices. What about your fois gras or caviar?

jafaru 2 years ago

You are wrong to compare shark finning to duck or sturgeon conservation. There are many things done in China that we can bring into this - if you want. Just say so and you can be on the defence for many months. Maybe you like seahorse or napoleon wrasse as an opener??? Lets go on and on and on.....

bacaca88 2 years ago

Remember what white people did to black people in the past, remember the tortures and killings. And now you defend fish in the sea, its nonsense

diricari 2 years ago 2

You are a total moron and have your head stuck in the sand. Good news is that Charles Darwin says people like you will soon be extinct through natural selection. Bad news is morons like you are supporting the extinction of other species in the meantime. Go get an education in life.

bacaca88 2 years ago

Every person in the (rich) United States has over the past 10 years or so borrowed about $4,000 from someone in the (poor) Peoples Republic of China. So your talking about Darwin? Remember who won the last Olympic games, and who is the fittest of the fittest, stupid cunt. Go get a life instead of talking rubbish and mind your own business.

diricari 2 years ago

WTF are you on about?? Think you are at least 15 years behind the rest of humanity.

You link shark finning to debt and the Olympics?? Are you on shabu or crack???

Fact is that Chinese and Taiwanese are eating shit to cause the extinction of endangered species. That makes you scumbags of the World.

bacaca88 2 years ago

survival of the fittest my ass were destroying the world and its as simple as that

tarik567 2 years ago

Were not destroying the world idiot. The world is fine. Survival of the fittest and natural selection is part of nature.

ikuj28 2 years ago

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salibabe 2 years ago

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salibabe 2 years ago

i think that is true but the way they fin the sharks are stupid

might as well as kill the shark then fin it !!! =(

foxyjake 2 years ago

why dont they just not fin it at all or at least fin dead ones??

Italiansoccerkid13 2 years ago

wut about chickens or cows? they are killed and eaten,but ppl dont make a fus about it...wut makes them different from sharks then?

kazuya47 2 years ago

Chickens and cows aren't going extinct. Sharks also keep a balance in the ecosystem which has an effect on global warming.

And people do make a fuss over chickens and cows.

intricate08 2 years ago 2

Every problem in human society is the result of stupidity. This is no different. I cannot bring myself to "respect" other cultures' traditions when they are so outrageously stupid.

deathicuss 2 years ago

its so bad to know thAT million of sharks were killed because of human want to satisfy their stomach..

didnt they know that we are the protectors of the animals and not predators???

nancyrio13 2 years ago

the difference between pacific islanders is we eat whatever we can before taking a life of an innocent shark they just torture the sharks they can eat other things

swimmer1098 3 years ago

The 'Pacific Islanders' shark thing is a smokescreen. They have planty snapper, scad, tuna, marlin, etc - they just hunt shark for Taiwan and China for US Dollar. Before 'rise of China' shark had a chance as they taste like shit. Only the fins count for anything - Pacific Islanders know this very well.

bacaca88 2 years ago

This might be cruel.

But how are pacific islanders suppose to EAT?

Americans, etc, have their cow to eat.

Shark, fishes, and other sea animals are their only meat source.

anotherasian95 3 years ago

by that logic, there is a lot more meat to eat on the finless torsos that get thrown back in the ocean

dankman104 3 years ago

um instead of just eating their fins eat the rest of their body instead of wasting the rest.Or just move into civilization

GreatWhite0227 3 years ago

i don't like sharks but i know they don't deserve to die that way it would be like your arms and legs being cut off and then they just throw you into the street

marrylegs28 3 years ago

I heard shark fin soup is delecious, but shark don't deserve this kind of treatment...

they are GOD's creation they need to be protected as well...

the only way we can help is not to buy any product coming from shark's fin. in that way there will be a low in demands for shark's fin and there will be a minimal needs for shak's fins.....

ngerude 3 years ago

your right they don't deserve to be butchered like this but stopping it is hard when a race of people (chinese) also think eating a tigers penis will improve there sex life.

btw sharks just like all animals evolved over millions of years, no GOD created them.

suckminipple 3 years ago 3

well everything on earth are created by GOD.

ngerude 3 years ago

yeah, they were one of the 1st creatures, even before dinosaurs. they helped craft this world to be the way it is, so why should they die?

Italiansoccerkid13 2 years ago

People in West support finning by buying food from restaurants (Chinese, etc) selling shark fin products. Best thing is to sto buying Taiwan and Chinese food/products and say why - these people kill endangered species without a fucking care. If you care, then vote with your cash and hurt them in their pocket.

bacaca88 3 years ago

Don't lump all the Chinese and Taiwanese in this; it's very offending.

SilentXTMR 2 years ago

I would love to find the people that do this. Get them out in the ocean, cut off their hands and feet, throw them in the water and tell them to "start swimming". Fuck those fucking idiots!

theonlytruepunk 3 years ago 2

Yeah, got nothing to add.

greenflag88 2 years ago

seriously they should show this on tv in Asia often.. i'm sure lots of ppl will stop eating..

jessicalau78 3 years ago

ea and get knock out for sayin some dumb retort shit like that.this "shark fin soup" is just another way for the western to bash on China! China set laws on this "shark fin" thing yrs ago..and just to let you chinese;from CHina. and most of these shark fin that comes here are fake like tofu.

therefore most seller/restaurant will not tell you that they are fake "shark fin" otherwise they will lose money..this is all about money and for western..just jealous!!!

pushdaButt0n 3 years ago

Shark fin doesn't taste like anything. There are imitation shark fin and I hope the Chinese start selling the immitation more...since they're so good at it.

aznballer04 3 years ago

They won't, because the real thing is how these idiots make a lot of money.

theonlytruepunk 3 years ago

I was in Hong Kong a few days back and visited a shark fin wholesaler. He had nineteen sacks full of fins. My guess about four hundred small fins a sack. There's just NO WAY that the industry is sustainable.

dairyflat 3 years ago

these Asians come up with some whacked up ideas for food...

haterallday 3 years ago

im not for, or against shark finning. but why does the producer of this video (who was probably white) have to emphasise so much on asians apparently 'torturing' sharks. its unfair...

nathanyyyy 3 years ago

Uh... because shark fin soup is mostly consumer in ASIA.

amityvilleafo 3 years ago

yes well, white people aso torture animals by kepping farm animals in confined paces and sometimes killing them inhumanely. so, why should this video be complaining about shark finning when they cant even fix a problem in their own culture??

nathanyyyy 3 years ago

Sometimes I'm ashamed to be a human.

TheLizzard0 3 years ago 5

we're so stupids. i dont know why we do this. who really needs shark fin.

RitvarLegend 3 years ago

they use it for shark fin soup , that cost like 150$ a bowl. And the only reason they eat it cuz its in the culture.

Longmachao 3 years ago

This makes me really angry, especially b/c I know how harmless sharks are yet they have a bad rep. I have lost a lot of repect for the cultures who continue to fin sharks and 'f' with the most important ecosystem on earth; the ecosystem providing humans with oxygen. This is cruel, please stop this. Thanks for your posting. Sharkwater's my fave film.

guyrish29 3 years ago

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NicolXIX 3 years ago

sharks should be protected, please, join organizations to help stop shark finning.

i am doing a senior project on shark finning. i would love for people to help me find out how to post videos on powerpoints. i might be able to show this in front of my high school

free2swim01 3 years ago

I haven't used powerpoint in years but there should be an option to put a video in here: Edit > Insert

If it's not there type insert video in Help.


Ra3nMaN 3 years ago

I highly reccomend to those who are interested in becoming more aware of what murder is taking place out in our seas to watch the film SHARKWATER if you already haven't. It is an amazing documentary about what is actually happening to these magnificent creatures. It's an internationally award winning documentary by Rob Stewart. Please check it out you won't be sorry you didn't. If you go to my channel there is an entire playlist of the movie. Thankyou.

rockerchic013 3 years ago

it is time for people, especially the hong kong chinese, to eat responsibly.

echoicq 3 years ago

sharks fins eaters....

now you know where the hell those fins came from and how it is done.

to the people behind this inhumanity to animals or whatever you call it. BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES! theres more honorable jobs out there aside from this. dont take advantage to this job since some of countries dont have laws against killing sharks only whale sharks. anywho, be ashamed.

t0pyang 3 years ago

oh and some lines from a song..

Animals and children tell the truth they never lie

which one is more human theres a thought now you decide..

i dont think this is something to do with the video but it sounds good. lol

t0pyang 3 years ago

man thats a lot sharks fin

sutae 3 years ago

sharks used to be the "kings" of the oceans which means there were no predators to hunt them...until they met the humans

trick1416 3 years ago

these creatures will soon be gone as soon as they dont stop finning now... many sharks are killed jst for their fins f'd

grecoski 3 years ago

my goodness !! when this practices continue , our ecosystem can be determined as "NOT BALANCE" ! so plss.. stop this kind of practices ! 'da heLL ?

teron0000 3 years ago

......if this things dont stop soon sharks will be indangered or worst there will be no sharks living on the planet,and it's just because of humans,not to be rude but i think chinese fishermen do that to sharks,and they only get the fins of the shark and after that they will only throw the sharks body back to the sea bcoz they dont cost high on the market unlik the sharks fin.....

polengsantiago 3 years ago

My gosh! This is not right! They should be punished, seriously! Live was taken, live should also be the payment. Not us but the Lord will punish them.

friedkamote231 3 years ago

Omg Sharks are 1 of the endangered animals!!!

marnhelm 3 years ago

this is insanity!

fartboogerpoop 3 years ago

An excellent video.

danieltcalder 3 years ago

Number of humans killed by sharks in 2007: 1

Number of sharks killed by humans in 2007:


Who's the monsters here?

The people who eat the soup as well as the bastards who kill them all shame themselves. Soon there will be none left for them to kill. That's the only way their greed will end. I hope I'm around see what they do then.

journeyman47 3 years ago 8

Shark fining is so cruel,they don't deserve to die just for fins!I simply walk out of any restaurant if i see shark fin soup on the menu,no animal should die just for entertainment or for money!I don't care if some guy says he needs it for his business,i'll just beat him up and make him shut it down.

Moonblossum 3 years ago 5

honestly, I think it's difficult to decide whether this is considered "unethical" or not. Of course obviously it may seem to be, but it is a form of tradition and it does play a role economically. If you think this is bad, well slaughter houses for chickens aren't any better. I think it is more, the fact that they are finned extensively and that they are released without their fins that is the problem. Im not saying it's right. But it isn't outright bad either, it just has major faults.

piicloo 3 years ago

piicloo... how can you call such downright horrific slaughter a tradition and not outright bad? The treatment of chickens and other animals is just as bad too. Man is the cruellest killer on earth.

GUMMERUP 3 years ago 2

You cant compare chickens and sharks. Chickens are farmed to be killed. Sharks are taken from their natural habitat, while their killers give back nothing. Its the fact that they are not being repopulated that is the issue.

asargent26 3 years ago 2

With growing populations and a dramatic incline in the demand for seafood, fish numbers are also declining at an immense rate. The sharks purpose was to keep the number of fish in check - well humans have taken over that role.

scrfce123 3 years ago

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fanatiXone87 3 years ago

No, I think I'll pass. I don't need to wear a fur coat to understand the cruelty behind that either. Seriously, dude, think a little before you spout inanities.

journeyman47 3 years ago

such a stupid comment from such an ignorant person.

orcinus74 2 years ago


worldinflames1234 3 years ago

I so wish that Asian culture felt that cannablism is okay too...and then they could eat themselves...bastards!

GypseyGuy 3 years ago

Asian culture actually eats everything from an animal compared to Westerners...have you ever eating pig stomach or ox tail?

seto19 3 years ago

Actually, being South African...I have eaten ox tail but not to crazy bout the beans they use. Pig stomach, tried it, but as long as I can afford rest of the pig I'll skip, thankyou.

GypseyGuy 3 years ago

YOU COULD NOT AFFORD TO BUY SHARK FIN SOUP MY FRIEND, With a comment like that its very unlikely that you have a brain in ur head.

STURNWULFEN 3 years ago

somebody hijacked my you tube account, it actually disgusts me

04woodwardt 3 years ago

your crazy

as a shark fisherman i can tell you that many sharks get killed for stupid reasons like for a soup.

sharks actully keep our ecosystem in balance and without them more specics of fish would die

titans300229 3 years ago 2

Shark Fin is my fav food:(

wiseguy1989xx 3 years ago

*When they buying does the killing*

Chastrie 3 years ago 2

cut off there arms and legs and see how those people like that

freexbirdx23 3 years ago 3

I have hopes of some day catching a Shark. But I strictly catch-and-release. What bothers me even MORE than killing Sharks is that they bypass leather, meat, oil, and cartillidge for the fins. The Shark SHOULD be released, but if it's gonna be kept, at least USE it. Better yet, release it with all its fins.

Tigerpuffer 3 years ago 2

i caut a shark in Ocean City but i let it go . a little baby sand shark.

horses529 3 years ago 2

Es kotzt mich richtig an, dass viele Menschen dazu in der Lage sind ökologisch wichtige Lebewesen auszurotten, damit ein paar Bonzen in Japan usw. ihre beschissene Suppe löffeln können. Diese Leute verdienen die Freiheit nicht die sie genießen wärend sie täglich wehrlose Tiere zu Tode voltern. Solche Menschen gehören hinter gitter.

To me this is a crime against humanity and those bastards should be imprisoned for several decades or better get shot!

BugMagnet 3 years ago

as a chinese i feel utterly embarrassed for what the chinese have done. so like when i go to chinese restaurants i refuse to eat the sharks fin soup and proclaim loudly about the extinction of sharks :)

itsasmallworld 3 years ago 5

If all people would act like you the world would be a much better place!

BugMagnet 3 years ago

yeah, if only. sadly many people would rather keep their reputation than not have sharks fin soup.

itsasmallworld 3 years ago

I cant understand why some people think its cool to eat that stuff

The dark mid-age is over! I mean we Europeans managed to stop burning witches or starting crusades... why cant those people stop to eat that stuff (it would even be better for their health since this soup can be poisonous)

And I would rather respect someone who says that even its a tradition its wrong etc than someone that just continues his mistakes because many other did before him

(sry for my english)

BugMagnet 3 years ago

This is awful.

purplexsmarties 3 years ago

Yeah hello this is Sharkretriver calling on Shark991 not 911 so yeah we have a fckup on shark finning please report the ppl to Uhh Hell yeah.

SharkRetriver 3 years ago

This is so sick!!!!!!!!!!!!thats why earth is getting its revenge: earthquakes, tsunamies, stronger hurricanes, etc. not long till 50% of the human population will be erased...


I thought you were going to say sharkk was destorying peace i would have had to give you a piece off my mind!!!

flagracer11 3 years ago

Yet another way China will be directly implicated in the degradation of the world's environment (after having severely damaged its own). The list is long : massive declines in shark populations so ignorant fools can have their shark-fin soup, trade in endangered species for Chinese medicines, poisoning of the land and sea by mining (cf, new Chinese run nickel mine in Papua New Guinea) and , of course, the contribution to global warming from coal-fired power stations.

iamrobusto 3 years ago 5

good comment

999greengiant999 3 years ago 2

Yet another way China will be directly implicated in the degradation of the world's environment (after having severely damaged its own). The list is long : massive declines in shark populations so ignorant fools can have their shark-fin soup, trade in endangered species for Chinese medicines, poisoning of the land and sea by mining (cf, new Chinese run nickel mine in Papua New Guinea) and , of course, the contribution to global warming from coal-fired power stations.

iamrobusto 3 years ago

Yet another way China will be directly implicated in the degradation of the world's environment (after having severely damaged its own). The list is long : massive declines in shark populations so ignorant fools can have their shark-fin soup, trade in endangered species for Chinese medicines, poisoning of the land and sea by mining (cf, new Chinese run nickel mine in Papua New Guinea) and , of course, the contribution to global warming from coal-fired power stations.

iamrobusto 3 years ago

Well, when they're are dead, at least they are in peace. But also, people shouldn't be doing this. Think of you being the one tortured and tossed around like a baseball. -.- Shame.

FruitCup56 3 years ago

When they're all dead, it won't take long before we die as well. Plankton produces massive quantities of oxygen, even more than the forests due to a larger surface. If the top predator (the shark) is extinct, the smaller species will overpopulate the ocean, causing the plankton to rarify and possibly disappear, which in result will stop the production of about 2/3rd of our oxygen.

Lioyd1rving 2 years ago

I tried for many years not to place blame upon "one" race for the sheer senseless destruction of animal life, but now I'm not affraid to say that asians are reckless! They must have been quite desensitized so long ago that nothing in the oceans is safe from them, seahorses(for infertility) eels, sea urchins(what?) etc. And now they have plans to "borrow" the lands by the "Sea of Cortes" in Baja California. After the whales,right? Stay on your depleted oceans you unsympathetic people!!!

Demeterloves42 3 years ago

wow that was such a overgeneralization that asians are reckless, you know china only handles the market, spain by far is the largest supplier of 5000 metric tons of shark fin along with britain, france, portugual, and italy, plus you being subjective makes your argument weak to stigmatize one race base on one commodity, because look at japan and korea they are trying ban that stuff,

mentawais1 3 years ago

i agree somewhat but its not just Asians its coastaricans and guatamalins too but they do send them to asia

ryanoctfeb 3 years ago

800,000 sharks a year are killed in the harvesting of shark fins, sometimes illegally on long lines. Man failed to realize that destruction of the top ocean predatory species (the shark) means the distruction of the balence in the oceans. The shamefull waist and zealous demand for shark fin soup in the world is sickining. Sharks keep oceans healthy and productive.

fathomless26 3 years ago

I do not and will not understand why my fellow Asians eat shark fin. There are no particular benefits to it and it's just lame to sacrifice animals for their enjoyment. It doesn't even taste good!

SeoulDriver 3 years ago 2


manlike148 3 years ago 3

its such a shame seeing humans being so cruel to the animals. why cant these people just put themselves in the sharks' shoes? the species is endangered for crying out loud. the amount of catches per day and the high prices for shark fins just wouldnt give them a wake up call.

nependeath 3 years ago

The funny thing is, that shark fins are regarded as an aprodisiac, but the mercury in them can make you impotent and cause other damage.

Concerning the baby seals: Yes, it is tragic, but there are many other people to take care of them. You can get many people to be sorry for baby seals, because they look cute. Killing sharks is often justified by "we just kill them back". Which is complete bogus, by the way. Les people are bitten by sharks than by New York citizens.

guitarsquiddy 3 years ago

these sharks should just swim away from that place and into another place were there is no human.

esmarly5 3 years ago

unfortunately, humans have got pretty much the entire worlds oceans covered - sharks can't get away. Longline fishing covers hundreds of miles (per boat, of which there are about 1000 in operation) and every day 1.8 million baited hooks are set, which catch just about every large predatory fish (including millions of sharks)as well as endangered turtles and sea birds. Sharks just can't escape.

robbielab 3 years ago

R U INSANE did u even watch this

name one place in the world were over mmmm billions of sharks can stay? use ur common sense

oh and thank u to robbielab and ppaul for standing up for it great vid

koalalover0 3 years ago

Have read through comments here. Want to put something to bed: sharks, unlike chickens/cattle, are part of an ecosystem: a keystone species. They keep numbers of other animals in check and keep reefs alive. If cattle were removed from some places the system would improve, not fall apart. As for the Chinese I don't give a damn what they eat...but I do give a damn if they could eat me out of house and home someday.

shadowkitty56 3 years ago 3

Stop Sales and Stop finning Sharks! If we do not the sea is still emty and the reefs are dead in nearest future... Shark fins are poisonously, too... So think about our next generation if you want to buy fin soup and Shark Products. Sad greetings

SharkProtect 3 years ago

hopefully one day you will be eaten by a shark to know what they really are. I wish not to die before I witness the day were these predators are history as dinasors... stupid tree huger

goldeneagle26 3 years ago

Goldeneagle, you are obviously not very bright. Unfortunately, you may well get your wish. And "Huger" has got two G's in it.

robbielab 3 years ago 2

no problem, tree huggger (three Gs to satisfy you). and thanks for assuring me about the future of these monsters...

goldeneagle26 3 years ago

No, that's still wrong. I won't be satisfied until you manage to do it with two G's. It's for your own good. Next lesson we will move on to the correct spelling of "Dinosaur".

robbielab 3 years ago 2

what about "cock"? is it spelled right?? I think so... so grab a COCK and jerk it off on your face man or suck it till u start specking Greek...

goldeneagle26 3 years ago

you really are an asshole,just shut the f**k up you twat!

pppaul1973 3 years ago

you only say they're monsters because that's how you were taught to view them.

have you ever actually been around sharks? or been attacked by one?

orcinus74 2 years ago

Stupid comment.

yyj125 2 years ago

This is a brilliant video - well done, with a powerful impact...thank you.

ret25 3 years ago

What about shark fin?

play150 3 years ago

If we are talking about environmental is not just the chinese we should be targetting? I mean it all came with industrialization...and who came up with industrialization? It is hypocracy therefore for developed countries to question those in development about environmental impact. We all shouldnt treat this as a blame game...because in the end we all pay

WornBlack 4 years ago

I blame the Chinese. They have no respect for the environment and destroy eco systems and species. Detroyers of the planet.

vorkutaman 4 years ago

LOL, I see you're from the UK, didn't you guys start to heavily screw the Earth first?

play150 3 years ago 2

Is u guys start burning fossil fuel and messy up the earth first !!!!!

polarbear1989 3 years ago

No shit Sherlock! we all know that we started it all in the 1700's,it was called the industrial revolution. but times have moved on and people should be more aware and compassionate in 2008 then our forefathers were 300 years ago. your argument is that of a child who says "you started it first",please!

vorkutaman 3 years ago

people seem to be very anti "racist" conmments from people like vorkutaman, but theres a bit of a trend when it comes to asian races and mistreatment of animals and the environment. japanese and whales, indians and bears, chinese and sharks. slight pattern. dont see many western countries with this kind of blatant environmental abuse.

waca12345 3 years ago

nah we have a pretty fucked up system to. Like, cows are a sacred animal in india, but we slaughter them ruthlessly here. Chickens are sacred in mongolia, but we slaughtered in the U.S, you gotta put things in perspective before you say that.

seoulbeatz 3 years ago

You are in part correct about India; there is a state in India where they do slaughter cows for meat & leather industry. What waca12345 is trying to say is that the US has some environmental & animal protection laws that are non-existent in South-west asia & south-east asia.

lights4vr 3 years ago

the thing is cows aren't going extinct in the U.S. You drive through the country you see thousands of sharks along the way. Asian's kill animals for food until there aren't those animals anymore (they go extinct). A lot of them don't realize what they're doing.

Smartass11111 3 years ago

animal cruelty is world-wide & tends to be more visible in some cultures than in others & a pattern could be suggested. Culture, religion, & tradition are no excuses for animal cruelty.

lights4vr 3 years ago 2

...Asian abuse till they kill the last animals...we do the same thing but we are able to say hey they gonna disappear if we dont act...I can give you a 100 more example of asian animal abuse...tiger,gorilla,rhino etc but we have killed a lot of animals too polar bear,whales,atlas lion etc

They need to mentionned this for they olympics game stop shark finning will be a good start

charlieperrault 3 years ago 2

poor sharks!! they shouldnt just leave them like that!! take the whole body or something!! they make them suffer!! SHESSH!

iliruzannablogspot 4 years ago

Shark fins are usually known as a symbol for wealth. What i find difficult to understand is, there is not taste in them, the only thing that makes the soup good is the beef or chicked sauce made with it. People only eat it simply because it is hard to find and it is expensive. Hence, the fact that it symbolizes wealth and properity.

MmMuhreeyah 4 years ago

same as the chicken butchering from KFC.

livius2x 4 years ago

the most horrible and disgusting animal is human

Europasteinchen 4 years ago 4

But omgimsmexy... The thing you're not looking at is Shark take a LONG, LONG time to sexually mature... And they're on the decline as far as numbers go... America BREEDS cows, pigs and chickens... You think we just find them all over the place ? No way, they would be extinct if we did that... As sharks may be one day, because we cannot breed them successfully very easily.

You cannot in any way compare a chicken and a shark...

Rakie 4 years ago

yes you can? in terms of environmental impact...intensive farming creates a lot of unnecessary greenhouse emissions?

WornBlack 4 years ago

And please watch New Foundland Seal Clubbing for all u canadians. Its a true shocker >.>

omgimsmexy 4 years ago

Don't be rascist just because of a video on Youtube. If you guys really want to bitch about this why don't you actually try to do something about it rather than sitting on your ass just complaining.

omgimsmexy 4 years ago

Wow. People get ur minds together . Is it only Asian countries that do this? Think about Americans. Cattle and chicken and pigs; all livestock that we base our diet around, are hacked and slaughtered just like this.

omgimsmexy 4 years ago

crazy chinese people eating shark fins

SpeakingMyMind7 4 years ago

If you like sharks check out adoptashark(dot)com where you can adopt a shark that has a satellite tag and then you know where your shark went in the ocean, very cool

paulinbaja 4 years ago

How horrific to hack off their fins then dump them into the ocean to drown in agony.

All sharks must be brought to docks whole, with fins intact, to slow down this massacre.

The oceans ecological balance is held in OUR hands.

No animal should suffer for our gluttony.

BTW: Yahoo has a one-billion-dollar stake in Alibaba, the biggest shark fin broker in the world.

Protest and call Yahoo @ 1-408-349-3300

Fyrewench 4 years ago 3

assians have no soals sorry thats way i look look at fur in chinna dog in korrea terroist attacks on people and how they looked after POWs they dont have that aww whn they see an animal they see yummm

sambridge 4 years ago

they should cut the hunters hands and feet off and let him die a slow painfull death!!!!

jecsone 4 years ago 2

And they say Costa Rica is at the to for Shark Conservation...ALL finners should be shot and dumped for sharks to feed on! And their families should be forced to watch!!!

BHOLT08 4 years ago

I would never understand the waste of so much meat ! If they kill them they should use the meat wich is edible.

eox555 4 years ago

its uneconomical eox, as always it comes down to money and greed,

toamaori 4 years ago

yo tubefan, cows' horns dont have nerves in them. its about as painful as cutting your hair or trimming your finger nails. oh and humans did climb to the top of the food chain for nothing. we are at the top so we can live in what ever way we want and we can eat what ever we want. shark fin soup is a very good dish tbh.

gcore18 4 years ago

bull shit gcore i grew up on a farm cutting a cows orn off is like cutting YOUR finger off, try it and see if it hurts, as for us being at the top like u say, how long is that going to last if we continue being irresponsible caretakers. humans have denied their connection to the rest of this planet and think they are better than everything else.... not true

toamaori 4 years ago

i agree the rate we are going the life expectancy going up deseases being vacinated way i see it second cacer is cured the world is doomed as what 70% die of cancer 1 cure and by by animals by by world

sambridge 4 years ago

Jodida sopa de aleta de tiburon y jodidos clientes que la consumen.

Biologocabron 4 years ago

Add youtube in front of this link to see what our beef industry does. Is equally as bad if not worst.


tubefan1234 4 years ago

This is so one sided. Have you seen chicken abuse in KFC farms? You ever wonder how cows gets slaughtered for steak. All animal slaughtering should stop. I LOL at people who think this is exclusive to sharks.

tubefan1234 4 years ago

I have lots of vegan friends who are active in protecting sharks. this is not really an issue of just animal cruelity but rather the extermination of an entire species. It is good sometimes to focuse on one issue at a time rather than tackle them all at once.

shawkvanray 4 years ago

Like I said, check out

youtube(dot)com watch?v=wtH5X38nyr4

Our cattle industry kills at a frantic pace 1000x greater than the shark industry. We are cutting cow's horns and nuts off with no painkillers of any sort. Which is worse, cutting the fin off or the testicle?

And we are murdering cows on a scale far larger than any international shark industry. But everyone is being politically retarded since sharks are not part of our diet and point fingers at some other countries.

tubefan1234 4 years ago

This video is shocking and sad! It send cold shivers up my spine! Sharks are one of my favorite animals! They deserve so much better than this kind of brutal treatment! What are we? Barbarians?

peepchick101 4 years ago

Unfortunately yes. Human history has shown we are not only barbaric and suicidal, but that we completely disregard others too. Despite the environmental impact it causes.

BASEnutter 4 years ago

Hey if you like sharks check out adoptashark on line its a dotcom where you can adopt a shark that has a satellite tag and they tell you where it went and how deep etc, very cool

paulinbaja 4 years ago

nature sure made a mistake evolving us

RENNAG 4 years ago

this makes me want to puke. this is AWFUL!

swingersgq 4 years ago

This video made me so sick!!! I just cant believe that this is really happening!!!! Sharks are beautiful creatures!!!and we are intruding in their territory!

ladysan9 4 years ago

jack asses. poor fishermen? thats not an excuse. fucking murderers. these guys need to have their arms cut off. god damnit

nickwootwoot 4 years ago

What a shame sharks are such amazing creatures. We owe them one.

quxzyt 4 years ago

Can't really fault the dirt poor people who are harvesting the fins, the blame rests with the selfish people who just can't live without their shark fin soup.

What a shame.

govern0r 4 years ago

Agree. They actaully make no money on this and destroy there basis for future earnings. The traders and merchants make all the money.

shawkvanray 4 years ago

Responsible shrimp english this video..i awsomw and it also shows the irresponsable fishing

darauz21 4 years ago


darauz21 4 years ago

Thank you for bringing attention to this cruel and wasteful practice that threatens the survival of sharks and the health of our oceans.

Emily2531 4 years ago

Excellent clip. I produced Shark Stewrads of the Reef and wish I had some of your footage when we were making it. If you want to collaborate on a 30 second spot to be shown at CITES to help ban shark finning, please write me.


Sharksaver 4 years ago

I would love to help me when you are ready to move foreward.

shawkvanray 4 years ago

Sharks are a very important part of the ecosystem, everybody should be aware of this fact and end this violence. They shouldn't keep having shark fin soup just because it has become a trend.

angelbuffy4 5 years ago

Shark finning is out f control. Thanks for sharing this informative clip.

WillyVolk 5 years ago