Friday, December 30, 2011

Creepy Japanese McDonalds Commercial


    The fuck?
    SuperMusicRabbit 1 day ago

    Buy Mc Donalds

    Or get raped by Ronald Mc. Donald
    HappyTheDog100 1 day ago

    Your reaction?

    Scared for life.
    tehwinnamon 1 day ago 2


    insomnia695 1 day ago

    i will be sleeping with a gun tonight...
    mapooisawesome 1 day ago 5

    WeariedFire 2 days ago 5

    Live in Japan

    Watch some commercials

    Scarred for life.
    xXmitsubishimanXx 2 days ago

    So who made this video and why are they claiming that McDonald's did it?
    getNRaged 2 days ago

    Can anyone translate what the fucked voice at the end of all of them is saying???

    ThePolowolf 2 days ago

    Big gay boy
    L0v3ToHaT3M3 2 days ago

    Why is he running away in the end? D:
    HaNnAhRoCkZ2k8 2 days ago

    RisteskiA 3 days ago

    Wth is with the audio. "Little girls something McDonalds."

    Calling her from outside is the scariest one D;
    yopeo 3 days ago
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    soljahBOOM 4 days ago

    holy shit dude
    funnykid201 4 days ago

    omg on her bed lies pedo bear 1:42 she's getting raped twice that nite!!!
    Flebbet 4 days ago

    ronald mcgrudge
    pr0ph3t5 4 days ago

    This gave me a large amount of RayWilliamJohnson
    legostarwarsroaster 5 days ago

    Never going to McDonalds again... D:

    xSweetAngel12 5 days ago

    @xSweetAngel12 ikr D: im scared to even be alone in my house and if the phone rings and i will just run and hide >.< PEDO
    SlashGashTerrorCrew4 3 days ago

    WTF this is freaky shit
    MagnificantLights 5 days ago

    Yeah...cuz that's gonna make me want to go to McDonald's...
    123wickedsweet 5 days ago 5
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    TheWanniza 5 days ago 3
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    TheWanniza 5 days ago

    Scary shit
    Sarinolasg 5 days ago

    FamousAnthem 5 days ago
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    Rollonthefield 6 days ago

    this reminded me of the japanese grudge
    pr0ph3t5 6 days ago 2

    Ps rape whistles how much are they sold for and FML was supposed to be I hate my life
    CFeltzy97 1 week ago

    Three abbreviated words. W. T. F. Ok seriously I'm so frigging scared I'm probally gonna check Under my bed outside my door and outside my window like 500 times now and I will never and I mean never go to mcdonalds again but then again if I don't this freaking certified creeper will come find me and say eatthemakoli macudonalis tonight i will not be sleeping O-O FML....:)
    CFeltzy97 1 week ago

    Itsasumakokoti macadonaldoy
    earthrose93 1 week ago

    the commercials creepy but the theme musics actully pretty funny.
    earthrose93 1 week ago

    and they say that american commercials are creepy D:
    earthrose93 1 week ago

    earthrose93 1 week ago

    ok this vid is so creepy 0_0
    sjbrigoleandpsalm2 1 week ago

    I think I need a rape alarm.
    toastaman1995 1 week ago

    2008kissarmy 1 week ago

    I feel like I've just been cursed..
    haahayeawhatever 1 week ago

    Js fucking christ Dx
    IntoxicateTheQueen 1 week ago

    rlak96 1 week ago

    thanky you RWJ
    MaxariusTheSinister 1 week ago
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    ryanderekdalos 1 week ago
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    ryanderekdalos 1 week ago

    Yes, because these advertisments make me want to go to McDonalds now
    ChelseiLogannee 1 week ago

    now i wanna be ronald mcdonald for halloween
    MrUnholySlayer 1 week ago

    I sent my friend this video and wrote happy halloween
    FantabulousPinecone1 1 week ago

    god id kill for a big mac lol i know its not healthy but fuck he makes me hungry creepy or not
    subsaibot4512 1 week ago

    nightmareees toonighhtt , :L
    lazzsmazzy 1 week ago

    What is he saying when he sounds like a weird robot?? Haha
    CheesyMacaroni97 1 week ago 3

    did anyone else notice PedoBear at 1:44
    JJmann225 1 week ago 13

    this is why i hate clowns even more
    DGibbs30 1 week ago

    Yep,now I want McDonalds.
    Dmi7248 1 week ago

    mungface36 1 week ago

    i wish i knew what he was saying but when he is under the bed it was sutch i fright and scared me so much. i have to show my friend this she hates clouns
    fr0z1234567 1 week ago


    quise1023 1 week ago

    This is not official is it? It looks like a home made parody of McDonald's commercial from Japan.
    anikid0392 1 week ago

    I am scared!!! This is just a commercial This is just a comme- OMG HE'S IN MY ROOM!!!
    AustinMillerGames 1 week ago 10

    @omgjoshhh Not just for tonight, A WHOLE WEEK!
    AustinMillerGames 1 week ago

    what are they trying to turn Ronald into slenderman? lol
    mywingsareyours 1 week ago

    Don't worry guys, he's jus- OMG HES RAPING HER!!!!!
    AustinMillerGames 1 week ago

    This isnt creepy or weird it is perfectly normal in japan
    Halallamu 1 week ago

    240p we meet again.
    bradleyrimbleus 1 week ago

    PieBombTV 1 week ago

    what is pedobear doing there @ 1:48
    mart1nLP 1 week ago 2

    butterflyzero0 1 week ago

    I just noticed that this does not advertise McDonalds in any way, other than, of course, the clown and the /\/\ symbol.

    faizsaleem118 1 week ago
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    exit22121 1 week ago
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    supernoob1028 1 week ago

    AH! He`s Saying: "itsu demo koko ni, mcdonald"

    it means, "I`m always here, Mcdonald"
    supernoob1028 1 week ago

    @supernoob1028 i knew it! its like he represents a craving for mcdonalds food
    IZZEGOD 1 week ago

    It ca,t vara a commercial
    timoak1 1 week ago

    he's saying "I'm gonna put my Mc nuggets in yo mouth"

    ( i stole that from =3)
    TirelesslyOdd 1 week ago

    First commercial - He tries to get in her room.

    Second commercial - He calls her from outside her window.

    Third commercial - She calls the police but ZOMG! He's under the bed!

    Fourth commercial - He's dismembered her and gets the fuck out before the cops arrive.
    donniedarkodevotte 1 week ago 51

    @donniedarkodevotte thanks for spoiling the whole video ahole

    TheTotalRyan 6 days ago


    Calm down there, guy. It's a commercial, for fuck's sake. You act like I just spoiled the ending of The Sixth Sense.
    donniedarkodevotte 6 days ago

    In Japan, "McDonald's" is actually "MacudoDonudo's"
    8AxelTheDesolator8 1 week ago 2

    "BUY A BURGER OR I RAPE YOU!" <<<~~~ i think that's what he's trying to say.
    mas6o0ol100 1 week ago 4

    Ever since I've seen this I haven't slept
    cabooserocks17 1 week ago

    it means mg nuggets im loven it
    cod71996 1 week ago

    What does he say??

    i dont get it .__.

    MrsCookiemonsta123 1 week ago

    any translations on what it says befor macdonalds :) would be nice to know
    TheOndemandzHd 2 weeks ago

    Wat the hell does that means?
    maxrafhoofd 2 weeks ago

    hahahahahahahahaha!! rofl @1:55.. i didnt know japan had a mcdonalds.... :l
    MiihzPotter 2 weeks ago

    Lmao the bit when he's under the bed he's about to rape her and at the end he runs away because he just raped her
    iRenegades1 2 weeks ago

    es una mierda, si no saben que mierda significa tradúzcanlo, japoneses putos...!!!
    nikulias200 2 weeks ago

    Thank You for watching Rating and Commenting ~ I enjoy reading all of your Creative and Funny Comments <3
    CoolScene14 2 weeks ago 2

    I must build turrets in our house
    scorpioassasin 2 weeks ago 3

    I didnt plan on sleeping tonight anyways..
    omgjoshhh 2 weeks ago 61

    @omgjoshhh goin to my friends house so i dont have to ;D
    MrBANANAHEAD68 1 week ago

    Better call McDonalds Security
    tahbomb1 2 weeks ago

    Weirdest Commercial Ever!
    bkawiseone 2 weeks ago

    well... now we know who's climbing in those windows and snatching those people up.
    EthalaRide 2 weeks ago 5

    @TheiGxNation idk its f*ckin scary, especially the 3rd one! :{
    Registrate4help 2 weeks ago

    haha.... why am I laughing? this shit is fuckin weirdass and this happens to be a robot saying MACUDONAAAAAAALDDDSOSS! then galdalf the grey and gandalf the white and monty python and the holy grails black night and buenito mussolini and the blue meany and cowboy curtis and jambi the geni. the robocop terminator captain kirk darthvader lopan superman every single power ranger Bill s. Preston and Theodore Logan spock the rock doc oc and hulk hogan
    100Mrfireman 2 weeks ago

    haha.... why am I laughing? this shit is fuckin weirdass
    100Mrfireman 2 weeks ago

    why do i think a rape went on in the last 2 comircials lol
    tratersniper 2 weeks ago

    if i seen him i would be like " Can i have a Happy meal?" i only came here becuase of Ray william Johnson
    TheBlondeBruns 2 weeks ago

    this has to be real, its from japan
    martialartsconnect 2 weeks ago

    Macodonaldo :D

    DerKoolja 2 weeks ago


    oh yeah
    bero69 2 weeks ago

    How does this make you want McDonalds?
    TheiGxNation 2 weeks ago

    its obviously not real
    eazypeazylq 2 weeks ago

    what the hell is this actually real oh well guess im not visiting japan anymore if this is their adverts i just feel sorry for the little kids who watch cartoon then this advert comes on why did it have to be an anorexic clown they are freaky

    diamondhunni 2 weeks ago

    what the hell is this actually real oh well guess im not visiting japan anymore if this is their adverts i just feel sorry for the little kids who watch cartoon then this advert comes on
    diamondhunni 2 weeks ago

    I couldn't sleep last night...thanks
    deathjudge2006 2 weeks ago

    So much for sleeping tonight...

    thestrikinghawk 2 weeks ago

    Zslayer95 2 weeks ago
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    kimrio1998 2 weeks ago

    ronald mcdonald sounds like a japanese darth vader...
    SuperWonderlander 2 weeks ago

    and that mah boi is why i go to BK
    Callofdutyguy06 2 weeks ago

    Im gona start sleeping with a loaded shotgun from now on
    mscooman 2 weeks ago 2

    Holy fuck and I thought our country was weird
    NeonFistPump 2 weeks ago

    After you hear him sing the little Jingle to you... you die in 7 days.
    PhantomLord 2 weeks ago

    @PhantomLord Back to troll camp XD
    XxPuR3xUlTrAxX 2 weeks ago

    @XxPuR3xUlTrAxX lol come on man. I'm just riffing ;) 
    PhantomLord 2 weeks ago

    This is why there are no fat Japanese people. They're all too scared to go to Macdonald's (Makudonaldo)

    PhantomLord 2 weeks ago

    @PhantomLord ...and on that note about there being no fat Japanese people... those huge sumo wrestlers are not actually wearing fat suits, y'know...
    pike666db 3 days ago

    @pike666db lol I'm only joking with that comment. But Sumo Wrestlers are actually in really good shape, they are very strong and agile for their size. Hence why they are the pro football players of Japan. They are national heroes.
    PhantomLord 2 days ago

    this is gonna give me nightmares for months and I'm not exaggerating
    Thebadtomato115 2 weeks ago
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    IEatedYourMuffin 2 weeks ago

    Lol the first part with the door and the last part where hes running is the best 
    loyzy 2 weeks ago

    smilezim 2 weeks ago

    ChaoticBun 2 weeks ago

    TheMegaHarrybo 2 weeks ago

    he must of been running from chris hansen
    000TeamJacob000 2 weeks ago

    coolkid999ize 2 weeks ago

    Well thats what u get for buyin burger king
    invadergold333 2 weeks ago

    I disliked only cause I am goin to seriously have nightmares now
    flufychickens 2 weeks ago

    whats he saying i hear i hear erwfdjh conny mcdonalls
    MsSimwatcher 2 weeks ago

    Damn Ronald McDonald they don`t like your McNuggets
    TheJoshBush1999 2 weeks ago 2

    is this video supposed to scare thu crap out of us or make us bye food
    1leejam 2 weeks ago

    MrsRyanna01 2 weeks ago

    dude... could u come over and make sure that ronald mcrapist isnt waiting to get me upstairs?
    SuperWonderlander 2 weeks ago

    AAAAAAAAAA I will never go to a japanese macdonalds
    ceci488ify 2 weeks ago

    So basically this is sending the message to japanses kids that if you don't go to mcdonalds, ronald mcdonald will appear under your bed at night

    Kinda like those chain email messages :l
    elijahhandley 2 weeks ago

    I'm kinda scared to eat McDonalds again after seeing this commercial for the first time on RWJ. I mean....just wow.....

    Fuck this, I'm going back to my noodle and rice diet.
    ChibiFoxy92 2 weeks ago

    Fuck this, I'm going to Dairy Queen.
    WTLover81 2 weeks ago

    actually "itsu demo soko ni...MAKa donaldOOOO' hahaha. they can seem to end at the "d" sound. haha. japanese is creepy, so innovative even with tentacled porn. an important invention.
    alphaewan 2 weeks ago

    If you weren't afraid of clowns you might be now.
    Blondieo 2 weeks ago

    evey time you don't eat at mcdonalds ronald mcdonald is going to creep up on you
    shygirl1041 2 weeks ago

    someone should edit in cop car noises when hes runin down the ally
    hollywoodunded98 2 weeks ago

    creepy ronald mcdonald be creepin
    TheCullen513 2 weeks ago

    I like turtles
    DETBW 2 weeks ago

    are you sure this isn't from PETA?
    hup2thepenguin 2 weeks ago 8

    @hup2thepenguin lol no haha
    CoolScene14 2 weeks ago

    @CoolScene14 my little bro saw this and i came 3 days later as ronald hiding under his bed XD
    kenaruto3 2 weeks ago in playlist kenaruto3's favorites
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    Kellan624 2 weeks ago

    screw that! im going KFC
    misscool4eva 2 weeks ago

    Hell Yeah That's Why I Love The Japanese Advertisers. They are Here To make Life Happier + Creepier. . !!!!!!1!
    NikolaidisJohn 2 weeks ago

    this shit is scarier than the horror game i was watching!!!
    magicsymblin 2 weeks ago

    and this is the reason asians just sit home and eat rice...
    papaya774 2 weeks ago

    alloutbraw 2 weeks ago 4

    Better hide my buns.
    TheAikaInfinity 2 weeks ago
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    mehe1232 2 weeks ago
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    mehe1232 2 weeks ago

    ronald mcrapist is on the loose
    GOONbb0471 2 weeks ago

    Ronald McDonald wants your mcnuggets
    chevys10guy1998 2 weeks ago 8

    Is this real life?
    MaMaxxEx 2 weeks ago

    where her leg?
    skillzofatree 2 weeks ago

    what.....the ....fuck ? .....well im glad i have insomnia :) i love you japan but god you create some freaky shit
    subsaibot4512 2 weeks ago

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww­wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww­wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww­w joteeeeeetz!!!
    bonito008 2 weeks ago

    2:11 OMG ROFL
    coolwihp 2 weeks ago

    i want a big mac now
    JohnMurderMan626 2 weeks ago

    anyone one know what hes saying? (hitsamekana kodee . . . . . . macadonaldo?)

    UmbongoTime 2 weeks ago

    @UmbongoTime i no i cant hear its bullcrap
    JohnMurderMan626 2 weeks ago

    @UmbongoTime i no i cant hear its bullcrap..............o wait there sayin it in japenese
    JohnMurderMan626 2 weeks ago

    what is ronald mcdonald saying?
    morganhodder 3 weeks ago

    1st one cut his hand off 2nd one sniper him 3rd one stomp on his face
    danielalvaradojjjddd 3 weeks ago

    Hey its Michael Jackson...
    r341f4d3 3 weeks ago

    You know all those random phone calls u get everyday that u dont answer? Now i know whos callin me...
    00StrikePanda 3 weeks ago

    That one fag sent me here.
    daawesomeness34 3 weeks ago

    @daawesomeness34 rwj?
    morganhodder 3 weeks ago

    @morganhodder Yep!
    daawesomeness34 2 weeks ago
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    funnycarlos99 3 weeks ago

    i'm going to be him for Halloween i
    funnycarlos99 3 weeks ago

    Dude this is actually scary.
    zachrulesandiscool 3 weeks ago

    carplnr 3 weeks ago

    I could hang with Japanese Ronald McDonald. He's got some sweet deadbolt picking skills..
    Nilani 3 weeks ago

    wtf is wrong with japan
    TheSnackem 3 weeks ago

    whollly crap im never eatn a frickin big ma c again i swear steven king mustve wrote that
    TheSnackem 3 weeks ago

    @TheSnackem coppied from fuckin ray he said "steven king mustve wrote tht"
    invadergold333 2 weeks ago

    hu else shit there pants when that pedo starts talking
    riccitxbox 3 weeks ago

    Does anyone know what he is saying ?
    demonfox13 3 weeks ago

    WOW. Not sleeping tonight, nope.
    raidensreturn 3 weeks ago

    These commercials are not even remotely real. They are parodies.

    The voice is an extremely slowed down sound bite from McDonald's commercials in the 90s, when their slogan was: "Itsu demo soko ni -- McDonald's" which essentially means "Always there for you, McDonald's" These parodies just twist that to a sinister bent.
    bluedonkis 3 weeks ago

    olivasar2119 3 weeks ago

    what the he is the voice saying?

    duncandoughnuts21 3 weeks ago

    pedobear on bed
    guitar4690 3 weeks ago

    ronald mcstalker is a jack ass
    theirving4 3 weeks ago

    Well fuck that, I'm going to Burger King!
    ThePizzaBread 3 weeks ago 47

    @ThePizzaBread Hell Yeah! :D
    CoolScene14 3 weeks ago 6

    @ThePizzaBread LOL!

    moonprincess007 2 weeks ago

    awww eww what?! Wtf? O.O is this a real commercial
    vdkagomi3 3 weeks ago

    Seems Legit.
    HybridHeavenZ 3 weeks ago 4

    This is why I go to Burger King instead...
    EmoKidRH 3 weeks ago 17

    @EmoKidRH why not wendy's?
    CoolScene14 3 weeks ago 8

    @CoolScene14 Because there isn't a wendy's in the UK :P
    EmoKidRH 3 weeks ago

    @EmoKidRH remember sneak king it was just as creepy
    lukie117 2 weeks ago

    lol how cant she see him under her
    386javier 3 weeks ago

    what is he saying ?!

    subtitles please .
    theekaybee991 3 weeks ago

    Lol When I have children I'm going to show them this so they don't eat mcdonalds
    jiffinbigles 3 weeks ago 2

    Wow. I hope this isn't a real commercial. . .

    concretedoll107 3 weeks ago

    @concretedoll107 im sorry it is

    TheMightyDuckNation 3 weeks ago

    1:15 - 1:25
    TheDachman 3 weeks ago

    That's Japan alright :)...... With their creepy, asian stalkers. Haha
    NYChloe8 3 weeks ago

    thats for not buying a happy meal

    fishstudiosTV 3 weeks ago

    So that's what was under my bed.
    Boboabby 3 weeks ago

    What is he even saying, creepy bastard...
    MusicalMichello 3 weeks ago

    wat the

    AIMBcBcHoPPeRXZ 3 weeks ago

    I was home alone when I watched this and now I am super creeped
    mariodude57 3 weeks ago

    this is an epic success
    MsToiletpaperman 3 weeks ago

    LMAO @ mrLyons77
    olecness 3 weeks ago

    How the fuck did she not see him sticking out under her bed!?! and how does it advertise mcdonalds
    ironderby 3 weeks ago 2

    silviorusmigo 3 weeks ago

    can i haz thumbs for:

    "im gonna put my McNuggets in your mouth?"
    monkeyboy857 3 weeks ago

    three words. What The FUCK!
    mikemilks 3 weeks ago

    no its all good.. wasn't planning on sleeping tonight
    ikbentim12 3 weeks ago

    what the fuck is he saying? is he threatening to kill her if she don't buy a happy meal? what the fuck!!!
    jorgen965 3 weeks ago

    We all float
    chochephil 3 weeks ago 27

    @chochephil what?
    CoolScene14 3 weeks ago 2

    @CoolScene14 its a stephen king reference. Can you guess the movie?
    MEATWADFTW 3 weeks ago in playlist MEATWADFTW's favorites

    @CoolScene14 IT.
    rezaching 3 weeks ago

    @chochephil  lol IT!

    ACoolBeanProduction 3 weeks ago

    @chochephil You're awesome/
    rezaching 3 weeks ago

    @chochephil penny wise lol stephen king it
    marcos18herrera 3 weeks ago

    god damn! I only took three ketchup packets
    AAAAPATRICKAAAA 3 weeks ago 2

    those atomic bombs do some fucked up shit
    roastbeast79 3 weeks ago 23

    @roastbeast79 lol
    CoolScene14 3 weeks ago

    god damn japenese and there fucked up ad verts
    MrFredfredburgerguy 3 weeks ago

    Cheers Japan, I didnt want to sleep tonight anyway
    TheKr1sC0Kr1ng13 3 weeks ago

    wat da hell was dat? directed by Stephen King?!
    niko30845 3 weeks ago

    japanese: ite noso kolony. mcedonal shonom...

    English: you better eat at mcdonals or els...
    thePasty100 3 weeks ago

    @1:57 there is pedobear in her bed :D
    SydneyWaynee 3 weeks ago

    I want his burgers. Now.
    laithinator3000 3 weeks ago

    dude that song scares the living fuck out of me.
    tipology 3 weeks ago 2

    Hakavidplz23 3 weeks ago

    definately not in the mood for mcdonalds
    wtrad 3 weeks ago

    erunion2 3 weeks ago

    Way to go Japan, u fucked up my childhood restaurant
    ViciousDeliciousIV 3 weeks ago
    Comment removed
    daisysega 3 weeks ago

    Does anyone know where I can get an extra big ass bar of mind soap? I have a bad ear infucktion!
    DQMpokemon 3 weeks ago

    askingalexandria1ify 3 weeks ago

    SnooksiDee 3 weeks ago

    I'm sure that " IT " made this commercial =D
    Gravitatic 3 weeks ago

    at that a pedobear???
    pOpCoRnZ21 3 weeks ago

    I hope that happy meal comes with a rape whistle
    MrLyons77 3 weeks ago 48

    @MrLyons77 only in America
    CoolScene14 3 weeks ago 8

    @MrLyons77 lol i like that comment lol
    LIVANDLETTROLL 3 weeks ago

    @MrLyons77 hey way to take the joke from ray
    386javier 3 weeks ago
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    mikemyers25 2 weeks ago

    @MrLyons77 stop fuckin copeing ray god damn make up ur own jokes dumb ass
    invadergold333 2 weeks ago

    At the end it's like someone blows a whistle for Ronald McDonald to come rape that person... He comes running to rape her!
    BuilingtacoTV 3 weeks ago

    im so scared.NEVER going to mcdonalds again.EVER
    lukstarful 3 weeks ago

    so fake,the mcdolands logo its stupid.
    Daarkuun 3 weeks ago

    thumbs up if ur never going to mcdonalds anymore

    MrHollywoodundead247 3 weeks ago

    earthbound13 3 weeks ago 2

    This is their brainwashing technique O_O
    Jamgirlsweet 3 weeks ago

    what....the...fuck O-O. *never eating mcdonalds again*
    summerofluuv1 3 weeks ago

    ping03101996 3 weeks ago

    never going back to mcdonalds
    Beast778877 3 weeks ago

    Creepy Shit Im Scared Now
    j05e10 3 weeks ago
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    parkour901 3 weeks ago

    @parkour901 sort of yes
    CoolScene14 3 weeks ago

    PeeOnManyFrogs 3 weeks ago

    I'm fucking scared to leave my room at night now. I keep thinking Ronald McRapist is gonna be standing at the bottom of the stairs with a happy meal.
    MrPyromaniac17 3 weeks ago 46

    @MrPyromaniac17 If I could thumbs up this more than once, I would. +1000000000000000000 thumbs up. Made me laugh.
    sonnyXmoore 3 weeks ago

    @MrPyromaniac17 ROFL!
    Jamgirlsweet 3 weeks ago


    u got ur joke from rwj
    mikemyers25 2 weeks ago

    un1v3rsaI 3 weeks ago

    wtf ill never eat mcdonalds again
    naicyj 3 weeks ago

    that is so stupit

    loveyoupup123 3 weeks ago

    This would make me buy McDonalds...
    Simkilla61 3 weeks ago 2
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    bruningen 3 weeks ago

    what's that creep saying?
    YugiOW 4 weeks ago

    why are ALL japenese commerials fucked up. whats wrong u japs/
    parkour901 4 weeks ago

    WTF to the max
    TheDatok90 4 weeks ago
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    UNDERANKER 4 weeks ago

    This makes me wanna get home security!
    PYRAMUSandTHISBElps 4 weeks ago

    dam i need a rape whistle
    isupermario99 4 weeks ago 2

    nptigerscheerleader 4 weeks ago

    HOLY SHIT. Never sleep again.
    ausauspatpat 4 weeks ago

    ray j bought me here
    Celestica72 4 weeks ago

    when hes under the grirl's bed hes thinking''Imma put my chiken nuggets in yo sweet mouth'' =3
    lolhaha85 4 weeks ago 2

    This is the most creepiest ass commercial I've ever seen!!!
    11cokacola 4 weeks ago

    it's a demonstration of what happens when u eat there food... it rapes your insides

    MaplestoryMr 4 weeks ago

    Can anyone translate what he says exactly.
    Realloko13 4 weeks ago

    Yeah I didn't wanna sleep tonight anyway...
    raycol555 4 weeks ago

    @raycol555 i was thinking the exact thing
    LillProwler 4 weeks ago

    Is this a real advert?

    That would be so f****d up!
    Eth1994 4 weeks ago

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo­oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo­o wtf first the creepy japanese broke ass chewbaca now this no i cant sleep thnx O_O
    shinjieva83L 4 weeks ago

    omg that dude was juicein it!!!

    justplayinaround1 4 weeks ago

    Wtf idk how to feel..:\
    82jfloyd 4 weeks ago

    never going to mcdonalds again.....
    HeatherHours 4 weeks ago

    What just happened
    YeaaaaH11 4 weeks ago

    chelseaiscool401 4 weeks ago

    ok.....i m gonna buy a hamburger at mcdonals whit the special..... be rape by the fucking roland`s mcdonals
    TheBertoletti 4 weeks ago

    Star: Spritzo

    TheFunkyBones 4 weeks ago

    Ok everyone let me tell you what happened, First off Ronald tried breaking in to her room directly but was stopped by the complex lock thus preventing him from proceeding further. He had the girls number so he called her up to politley ask her to open the door but since he has a vocal disorder it sounded like creepy gargling. The girl became very disturbed and proceeded to call the police but Ronald got into the house through the air vents and hid under her bed until she fell asleep.....
    thecircusorganizer 4 weeks ago 33
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    xxBigxxBossxx8 4 weeks ago
    Comment removed
    xxBigxxBossxx8 4 weeks ago

    How is he onder bed WITHOUT being seen?
    AgentFlipit 4 weeks ago

    the last one is funny!
    TheSmellyLump 4 weeks ago

    the most wanted man in jappen is ronald mcrapist
    Mrdragqueenful 4 weeks ago

    what oes the "icomaduuuummiiii aca mushaaaa" mean?
    aqwdoomchild 4 weeks ago

    Japan is obviously trying to fight fat......and winning
    MangoBastard 1 month ago

    fuck it, im sleeping with a gun tonight.
    RaGeQuiTixRePuBlicaN 1 month ago

    Translation: "Itsude mo sokoni, Mcdonarudo." Which means "Always there for you, Mcdonalds." Btw my Japanese spelling is not that accurate, but I'm sure of the translation.
    mailmanownz 1 month ago 5

    @mailmanownz always there for you? wtf?
    jindo5 4 weeks ago


    Yea, I'm not sure if " Always there for you." is the best add quote for... what ever the hell this is.

    But a win for sure, if you're trying to promote eating healthy.
    FTS57 3 weeks ago

    It's me as a clown
    1997boxman1997 1 month ago

    I think this is brilliant and McDonald's should buy the rights to this commercial so they can make it into a real international ad =D

    Does anyone know what Ronald McRapist is saying in that creepy voice?
    CSINYFREAKnumba1 1 month ago

    RakkoonAndFriends 1 month ago 2

    This is freakin creepy
    bffsforeve1 1 month ago

    TheEpicCommentator 1 month ago 3

    amyoperry2boys 1 month ago

    it'ssssss Ronald McRpaist. Little kiddies he's worse than mj
    HyPzZtOxIxzZ 1 month ago

    I feel like im gonna die in 7 days...
    natedoggydogg247 1 month ago

    He's climbin' in yo windows, snatchin y'all people up.....
    rjean131 1 month ago

    How about
    mfchimichanga 1 month ago

    is that a REAL japanese comercial?
    kelcat2010 1 month ago

    @kelcat2010 YES

    TheAwawrestling 3 weeks ago

    u now wen ur in hell insted of saiten ull see ths pedofile
    TheSeaparksurfer1 1 month ago

    don't worry kids! ronald McRapist will rape u, but he won't kill u :D
    TheHottopicgurl 1 month ago

    He really should knock
    funnygirl1512 1 month ago

    I think Ronald rapist loves us all!!!!
    funnygirl1512 1 month ago

    Ronald McRapist want's to stick his McNuggets in your pretty little mouth...
    adog12398 1 month ago
    Comment removed
    javi20123 1 month ago

    thumbs up if you saw him blink after all...
    undergroundrokr 1 month ago
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    red2222222222a1 1 month ago

    Is this forreal?
    treedala 1 month ago

    Damn, Ronald... YOU SCARY!!!
    seanobi777 1 month ago
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    joucker25 1 month ago

    They say if you sing the song 3 times in front o a mirror at night and turn of the lights mcdonoradu appears in front of you and shows you his pack of nuggets...
    joucker25 1 month ago

    That ad made stopped me getting up at night
    roseaman22 1 month ago

    The funny thing is that they have a calandar in there room with english on it.....

    TankBurger87 1 month ago

    hu else noticed that pedo bear pillow
    riccitxbox 1 month ago

    I am gunna put my mcnugggets in your mouth
    m1cha3l1235 1 month ago

    I couldn't watch it. It's 3 in the morning, I'm in a dark room.
    MikaylaIsaZombie 1 month ago

    This is terrifying, Jew fro clown rappists.
    MrMovieOpinions 1 month ago

    rhoude747 1 month ago

    Seriously, what is that clown saying?
    InvaderAvP66 1 month ago

    @InvaderAvP66 He's saying "Always here, McDonald's"

    ripoll91 1 month ago

    No wonder all the people in japan are skiny, it's because they're too creeped out to go into a mcdonalds.
    zng56 1 month ago 2

    GREENWRIST 1 month ago

    @GREENWRIST some people copy the the top comments comment so they can be at the top.
    CoolScene14 1 month ago 14
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    jaked744 1 month ago

    K thats FUCKED UP......
    SelenaSarena12 1 month ago

    That is fake
    slurpie98 1 month ago

    @slurpie98 does it really matter?
    CoolScene14 1 month ago 20

    @CoolScene14 What is the mcdonalds saying in the video translated?
    QualityKills98 4 weeks ago

    @CoolScene14 WTF this is creepy
    MrPs2masters 3 weeks ago

    Fuck that....
    mfchimichanga 1 month ago

    It says always here for you mcdonalds
    brandyface 1 month ago

    What is the creepy clown saying?
    InvaderAvP66 1 month ago

    rockkid935 1 month ago

    Did anybody else notice that the girl talking on the phone while he is under the bed has 1 leg?

    ShotuTeeheeM16 1 month ago

    @ShotuTeeheeM16 No...she has her foot up on the bed. Look closer.

    kenzgurl11 1 month ago

    @kenzgurl11 OH HAHA I had the quality so low it blended in.
    ShotuTeeheeM16 1 month ago

    @ShotuTeeheeM16 ur kidding right? lol
    dom3age 1 month ago

    o_O i think i just shat myself up until the part he was under the bed.. that was just funny :L .. i think it just comes to show.. after he was under the bed he had sex with that woman and ran for his life :L
    russellbrandfreak 1 month ago


    mr2cool11 1 month ago


    superspinnerstony 1 month ago

    alexis51u117 1 month ago

    fuck me
    TheBugugly 1 month ago

    Steven king!
    CupcakeCosplayers 1 month ago

    translatoin-please come and visit,we have some pretty tasty nuggets,and if you dont,i will eat your first born child
    halo3bot 1 month ago

    thats creepy!!
    9JcAntraxx4 1 month ago

    dude whats he sayin gotta record that shit and go a vent harassing
    Grottomacy 1 month ago

    comment removed
    Enitoni2 1 month ago

    From now on the prize iWant n my kid's meal is a RAPE WHISTLE!!!
    wierdo12377 1 month ago

    is this real?

    TheVipersniper8 1 month ago

    what do they say

    bottlenacan 1 month ago

    why do they make these what are they trying to do lol... they literally scare me a little bit lol
    ciroe45 1 month ago

    this is the creepiest thing ive ever seen this fucking clown is fucking creepie
    BiBaLuR 1 month ago

    AllaboutPink123 1 month ago

    Never eating mcdonalds again ...
    sassyafrassy 1 month ago

    ...0.0 was that a tear coming from my eye? 0.o Well, I love you Japan, but your horror movies scare me shitless and it just so happens so does your fast food...
    ShortStackClemmensen 1 month ago

    what the fck is it saying?!
    jesse2497 1 month ago

    @jesse2497 Why dont you eat at McDonalds #.# hopefully....
    FrillsAndFur 1 month ago

    @FrillsAndFur thanks!!!
    jesse2497 1 month ago

    hes coming to reap ur mcnuggets!!!
    freakguy47 1 month ago

    F**KING CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TeamScrEaMSniping 1 month ago

    scary ass shit!
    KGMKirstin 1 month ago

    what the fuck
    gamefreak38701 1 month ago

    Oh my god.

    I feel violated just from watching this.
    siennaguiliana 1 month ago

    I did
    monkyrule21 1 month ago

    Did any one els notice the girl was missing a leg
    nkw997 1 month ago

    @nkw997 are you retarded?
    Effluence520 1 month ago

    @nkw997 look closely 
    4pointoniner 1 month ago

    Well... I was planning on sleeping tonight!
    moonwalkfan1 1 month ago 36

    I think Ronald probably took some speed on that last one.. He was running hella fast.

    dPSolidsnake 1 month ago 2

    Damn this is just creepy..
    nadz4eva89 1 month ago

    F**kin creaper micdonald
    AliciaRocks103 1 month ago

    i kno' there's more of these videos, but where can i get them?
    danibok26 1 month ago

    this even makes ME not want mcdonalds!
    KataraZuko 1 month ago

    how the hell does this advertise McDonalds?

    Haven't got some lately?

    Well Come to McDonalds so we can molest you with our famous long and crispy fries
    MrRuneball 1 month ago 3

    @MrRuneball HAHA FUNNY :)

    lovelydrayboo 1 month ago

    MMMMMMM.... ima put my mcchicken nuggets in ur purdy mouth!!!! lol!

    guess ronald mcdonald has a taste 4 kung pow chicken!!!! hahahahahhahaha (bad joke)
    rjean131 1 month ago

    He says: "Itsude mo sokou ni...makudonarudo..." Which means: Lets go mcdonalds...
    MinoruIV 1 month ago

    so ronald is white i knew it or is he asain

    renfrowm 1 month ago

    If we had those commercials (in the US) there would be no child obesity.
    KuGinh 1 month ago 107

    @KuGinh True DAT
    MadaraXIII 1 month ago in playlist MadaraXIII's favorites

    @KuGinh Obviously. The little fuckers would be too scared to go.

    Blondieo 1 month ago

    What on gods name does Ronald says!
    Maker0frock 1 month ago

    He ran because she called the cops
    TheBrandynChannel345 1 month ago

    wanna S*** your pants? keep pressing 6 and 8
    MrHumanHacker 1 month ago

    translation please!!
    lilwayne2671 1 month ago

    Every meal comes with a rape whistle
    thegermexican935 1 month ago

    The voice made it worse.
    5pirited 1 month ago

    Oh my god... Um scariest thing ever!!??

    @james5943 burger king? This is a McDonalds commercial....
    purpleacornsdosing 1 month ago

    So he basically broke in forced his ''mcnuggets'' down her throat and ran?
    MrUkcarnage 1 month ago

    He tries to get in, but he can't manage. He calls her to freak her out. He finds a way in and hides under her bed. He did illegal things so had to run.
    ErebusFX 1 month ago

    seems legit...
    ImForGames 1 month ago

    he ran because the girl had a gun and a bible

    GlamAriannax 1 month ago

    translates to: "I'm Lovin' it"
    Kassspah 1 month ago

    .i. fake!
    L23Ro 1 month ago


    JPVeigaaaa 1 month ago

    @james5943 its mcdonalds.
    halochief980 1 month ago

    Thanks lol
    cfgjhyfsfhjbn 1 month ago

    What the hell is he saying
    cfgjhyfsfhjbn 1 month ago

    @cfgjhyfsfhjbn something with Makudonarudo.
    AnimatorRm 1 month ago

    This is so messed up, what a pedo-creeper-stalker-rapist
    FrillsAndFur 1 month ago

    man that is some creepy shit :L thanks mcdonalds 4 fucking up my childhood!
    TheKkandcc 1 month ago 5

    Ok, last time I ever went to McDonalds.
    MsLilyLunaPotter 1 month ago

    2:05 deformed foot?
    Ujimaflipy 1 month ago

    fck ! now i watch under my bed every night this shit is so creepy
    SergeiHassanov 1 month ago

    I want a rape whistle instead of a damn toy.
    MrRandomguy83 1 month ago

    @MrRandomguy83 that jokes from =3
    TheKkandcc 1 month ago

    ohhh i wish i was that clown -_- dont ask me why? 
    theanimegamer6 1 month ago

    @theanimegamer6 why?
    RawrGoCookies 1 month ago

    @RawrGoCookies cuz i know where you live
    theanimegamer6 1 month ago

    @theanimegamer6 where?
    RawrGoCookies 1 month ago

    @RawrGoCookies at a house
    theanimegamer6 1 month ago

    @theanimegamer6 which number and what city
    RawrGoCookies 3 weeks ago

    @RawrGoCookies thaats what she said
    theanimegamer6 3 weeks ago

    @theanimegamer6 Shuddup ;P
    RawrGoCookies 3 weeks ago

    @RawrGoCookies thatz what she keeps saying to me
    theanimegamer6 3 weeks ago

    creepy nigga
    javidgt8 1 month ago

    Androidify287 1 month ago

    This is why I don't go to burger King!
    james5943 1 month ago

    If they aired this in America obesity wouldn't be a problem anymore!
    bananaphoneman12 1 month ago 33

    ok wth was that seriously. if this ad was created to prevent ppl from eating macdonalds, then it sure is working on me. creepy.
    mimprincesa 1 month ago

    I am sure I see PedoBear at 1:44 xD
    TheKibs99 1 month ago
    Comment removed
    Yipo1013 1 month ago

    @TheKibs99 No that is a Character call Rilakuma
    Yipo1013 1 month ago


    ronald mcdonald makes pedobear look like a teddy bear
    kilkolio 1 month ago
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    tastefulnudity 1 month ago

    redranger1989 1 month ago

    meimeisellspanties 1 month ago

    Hide yo kids hide yo wife and hide yo husband cause Ronald McDonald be raping everybody out here
    Dalton945 1 month ago

    kokikobribon 1 month ago

    lmao the bed parts fukn creepy as hell
    UtoobRulz 1 month ago

    would of 360 no scope head shot torqued him..
    Snitchers8 1 month ago

    mcrapist lol
    dwayna32 1 month ago

    he looks through your window and watches you sleep

    he infects your maccas with nicotine

    he is the boogie moster.
    iglyboop 1 month ago

    this is really messed up, creepy and a waste of time
    kuwait85 1 month ago

    i just shart
    roccoSH5 1 month ago

    This is making me huuuungry!
    Vitally14 1 month ago

    Shit should have listened to this before going to sleep
    ando759 1 month ago

    i find this hard to masturbate to 
    bogeys2 1 month ago 3

    lmao wtf kind of commercial is this?
    ch1nn 1 month ago

    I.. uhh.. It.. I am too afraid to watch the rest.
    MinecraftAndStuff1 1 month ago

    haha thats funny OH SHIT HES BEHIND ME!!!!!!!
    TheJrconservative 1 month ago

    Well. looks like i wont be sleeping tonight...
    Timetomoshify 1 month ago 2

    Creeeeeeepy asss hell O.o
    buritto5 1 month ago

    I love Japan for five reasons sushi,cheap labour,hot school girls,tech ,and this commercial
    koolAIDS911 1 month ago

    how can i sleep knowing that ronald is waiting under my bed to molest me
    Emin3m2341 1 month ago

    this was so written by STEPHEN KING.
    thinkgreenyo 1 month ago

    @thinkgreenyo you dumb ray williaam johnson fan
    alnglefishes 1 month ago

    Well i think I would just shit on myself if I saw his ass outside my window!
    mjlover12345 1 month ago

    Hide your kids, hide your wife.
    ribak103 1 month ago 3

    no matter how fast you run or where you hide, you can't out run him
    RecWind97 1 month ago

    I always thought there was something creepy about that guy, but I always thought he went for the kiddies.
    MrAmalsam 1 month ago

    This is not a commercial. It's a home made skit.
    Nannirk 1 month ago

    holyshit im gunna have nightmares.

    link2730 1 month ago

    Ronald is saying "Itsudemo Sokoni, Mcdonald", or Always There For You, Mcdonalds.
    gandalfthewhite 1 month ago 4

    Its like he's going to malest you - and cmon now why at night? It makes me feel like locking myself in my closet!
    SkaTerBoiI256 1 month ago

    @SkaTerBoiI256 I wouldn't if I were you. He's probably already in your closet.
    MrAmalsam 1 month ago

    armourslave 1 month ago

    THI4F 1 month ago

    this looks fan made
    animeparad0x 1 month ago

    Sleep is overrated anyways...
    madichelp0 1 month ago

    GisforGorillaz 1 month ago

    Japanese commercials are fucking creepy!!!
    eagle16ish 1 month ago

    Wat the fuckity fuck fuck were these ppl thinking? (lol nothing they on cocaine)
    SuperSpudLover 1 month ago

    What the fuck... that really makes me want to eat there
    JennaBugLOVESSmosh 1 month ago

    Fml why did I watch this? am I supposed to be scared or confused?
    cspower12 1 month ago

    Wtf did I just watch?

    MrNOOBSPOWN 1 month ago

    what the fuck,
    123123blahblahblah 1 month ago
    This has been flagged as spam   show
    Vulture808 1 month ago

    WHAT THE FUCK. thats scary.
    Desyyninety 1 month ago

    Does anyone know the words? I wanna go along singing this!
    Skoshtwo 1 month ago

    @CoolScene14 and gay? oh no
    YoJoeHowItGo 1 month ago

    thumbs up if your here from rwj =3
    ninjablade305 1 month ago

    @CoolScene14 OFC its fake OMG..
    SwedishHelper 1 month ago

    Does anyone know what the translation is? :(
    discountbacon 1 month ago

    @discountbacon should be something like: eat at McDonalds, or...
    ELIOxC 1 month ago

    so at the end he runs away from police? o.e
    pieishgewd678 1 month ago 23

    @pieishgewd678 sort of i guess
    CoolScene14 1 month ago

    @pieishgewd678 Nooooo he's running away because he raped her, and doesn't wanna get caught!
    angienangie14 1 month ago 30

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Real North Korea they don't want you to see


Where aren't any homelesses? There is south-eastern asia, do you know? Similar movie I can take in most of countries.

chatnickcz 2 hours ago

cant belive thats hapenning.

777enfuego777 2 hours ago

Meanwhile our U.S. politicians vote themselves raises and do nothing to combat these human rights violations in North Korea!!! Vote em all out in 2012!!!

Taxed Enough Already!!!

nightring 4 hours ago

people there have just been completely brainwashed through propaganda, and fear, but goes to show how grateful we should be to live under a functional democratic government

jpelligra1 7 hours ago

Another Kim is now in hell.

als510 9 hours ago

I'm waiting for N.Korea's nuclear program to cause SOUTH Korea to become an ISLAND....

TheClampettmobile 11 hours ago

looks like detroit with korean poeple

kelgs13 13 hours ago

America will ave you. Just wait if you can.

MyAccount4TrollingU 17 hours ago

With Kim dead I can only hope for the quick demise of the regime

cbohar84 17 hours ago

Out of severe oppression comes the totally unexpected. Get ready for the unexpected. It will happen sooner than you think.

psychicstalker2 17 hours ago

0:24 Wtf was he doing?

Hellofriend332 21 hours ago

This has been flagged as spam show

Evilfisher 1 day ago

pretty clear the clowns don't even know theres 1000 times better world other then there crap country

Jaymans111 1 day ago

does anyone actually really give a hoot seriously it's obvious there morons lol

Jaymans111 1 day ago


TheSjpatrik 1 day ago

its all the fault of the chinks, they support the oppresion of the people of north korea, they know if they get freedom than chinese people will demand the same, fucking chinks i hope u all die of disease and ur children too

ishitonthekoran 1 day ago

@ishitonthekoran Shut your fucking mouth, you stupid piece of shit. You don't know anything about this, so stop acting like you do, you moron.

stormcorrosion 1 day ago

Comment removed

thejakeyl88 2 days ago

That's right, keep them hungry and deprived so they don't have the energy to protest and fight. "Songun"- all they feed and protect are their soldiers so they remain loyal butchers of the regime.

GateKeeperXL 2 days ago

I feel bad I live in Britain I have a free voice and I can do what ever the hell I want.

g67kj 2 days ago

i bet there's no cat or dog alive in street....even rat

azwe17 2 days ago 6

@azwe17 Click this 1:23 on the roof of the house. black rat

borodungal 1 day ago

@azwe17 The rats are all in the capital


ElZappata 14 hours ago

@azwe17 yup the people eat rats, theyre probably extinct in north korea by now.

MrGriefTime 10 hours ago

it's so easy... watch this...

"Real USA/UK/France they don;t want you to see" [show footage of sleeping drunks under a bridge]

clearsunnysky 3 days ago

@clearsunnysky well, this is widespread with an exceptional amount of children.

homeless children in western countries are generally in orphanages, not the streets.

IAmSuchANerdLol 2 days ago

After first world war people said: " No more!" After second one they said: " If we knew for shore that there are concentration camps and what really happened in there they wont admit it and that they won't do it again. Well, we know for shore that there are people dieing in N.Korea, that there are work camps (another name for concentration camps)but do nothing. Why? There is nothing valuable in that country. No petrol.No gold. Only the people,but the are casualties...

anareprintev 3 days ago

its like post apocalypse there.

Getthefuckoffmylawn 3 days ago


KamiliaKpopNo1 3 days ago

was that guy jackin off in the middle of the street? wtf?

99miningpro 3 days ago

The death of our great leader is a tragedy for all mankind

DEC0RAX0 3 days ago

Kim's death is my best Christmas present ever

genehoang 3 days ago 40

@genehoang yea but his son is takin over and hes a crazy like him

hellotherelmfao 1 day ago

@genehoang 1 die another dictator taking over north korea remain poor n korean people still suffering nothing change!

teriyo2 11 hours ago

This has been flagged as spam show

YohanCn 5 hours ago

Maybe the "Occupy Wallstreet" nutts should watch this video. If Obama had his way, this is what America would turn into. People completely at the governments mercy. Go talk to a North Korean escapee and ask them about how close communism and socialism are. America is the greatest country on earth, regardless on what Obama wants you to think.

frenchfries4life1 3 days ago

@frenchfries4life1 Oh stfu you ignorant Teabagger.

TBird4490 3 days ago

@TBird4490 What did you say? Pull your dad's cock out of your mouth so we can understand you.

frknnutz 3 days ago

Comment removed

TBird4490 3 days ago

This has been flagged as spam show

TBird4490 3 days ago

Dont any of you people realise that China is one of N.Korea's big supporters? With America in the South this is a sensitive matter. The South hate the fucking American dick wads who dug their nose into a war that wasn't theirs, they also dont want to anger China. Korea becomes a torn country between two super powers while the two have their petty dick fight on who's got more say regarding an ideaology which is now redundant: Communism vs Capitalism? Or a safe haven called Chimerica?

smellokitty 3 days ago

@smellokitty So you speak for S Koreans? I lived in S Korea for over five years and can tell you are full of shit. STFU crusty cunt.

frknnutz 3 days ago

@frknnutz HAHAHA sorry did I hurt your feelings

smellokitty 1 day ago

I think we can all agree that a true communist country has ever existed and will never exist with assholes like Kom Jong IL it just won't work

tadman105 3 days ago

After i heard kim jong il was dead i told my parents "fuck it i already got my christmas and birthday present for the year"

Jeght450 3 days ago

I wish an eternal agonizing hell existed for Kim Jong Il. He more than deserves it.

jonathanaconway 3 days ago

Comunist will always a comunist. Shitty systems

sharada3548 3 days ago

lol stupid people these are just slums. u have these everywhere in the world especially gypsies!

DeSPoTNemanjaS 3 days ago

I don't know why the C&*(ck America doesn't one time invade this shitbox country. Damn, Saddam they did it. Take North Korea out America, establish a huge base there, protect the south china sea for the indo, malays, koreans, japanese from the Chinese are are a real threat to the world economy and safety. North Korea could be taken out in less than a week dudes.

mecheung 4 days ago

@mecheung a sound plan

l3quack 3 days ago

KIM died> best Christmas gift ever

lagunabad 4 days ago

Isn't it pitiful that nations like the US refuse to let North Korea trade simply because they don't approve of their government?

ComradeMiller 4 days ago

@ComradeMiller No, it's pitiful that the US continues to treat the North Koreans as a threat. Their obsolete military is a joke and would be brushed aside within days.

fuelfreak108 4 days ago

@ComradeMiller No. Its not. Who would approve of North Korea? Their government is evil. And by the way, get educated.They choose to be isolated.

ralvarez15 4 days ago

This has been flagged as spam show

SunGokuMusic 4 days ago

@21boxhead I also would like to add that NK has self-imposed the poverty. Kim Il Sung's policy of Juche is the reason why NK's economy is at a standstill. When the USSR collapsed, NK had no customers for their heavy industry. Heavy industry is expensive, and the NK government has no customers to take their exports, as they are not attempting to trade with other countries.(where light industry is in demand) With NK constantly throwing money to defense,they are unable to support their own people.

apple3164 4 days ago

@apple3164 there is trade embargo on NK choking there economy and also attempting to destabilize the country and turn civilians against them 

21boxhead 4 days ago

@21boxhead And by the way, asshole Kim and his government choose to be isolated which is why people have suffered. There is no embargo. That is communist propaganda. Admit it, communism failed. You should be ashamed of yourself. And get a brain please.

ralvarez15 4 days ago


21boxhead 4 days ago

@21boxhead China uses a reformed method of communism which incorporates elements of the western free market economy, they needed to do so because China's economy was going downhill. Regardless of economic views, you can not deny the atrocities in North Korea, as there are extreme human injustices. I do not receive information about these injustices from America or even the government. These come from Chinese non-profit groups who have looked into the issue. Please be respectful.

apple3164 4 days ago

@apple3164 yes it has a mixed economy im not denying nothing bad is going on there but not believing its worst place on earth either, the biggest atrocities title holder goes to America the biggest human rights violator on the planet CIA blacksites are totally against Geneva conventions overthrows of democratically elected governments some dictators and media lies to cover up violator and make attempts to distract you from it.

21boxhead 4 days ago

@21boxhead Ok brainiac, if N. Korea is not the worse place on earth regarding oppressive governments and threat, what is?

We have sworn enemies that I have personally confronted on the battlefield in derka-derkastan AND Iraq. Tell me again what you know and what proof do you have that the US is the biggest human rights abuser?

Have you ever heard of Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin, etc? Are you comparing the US to them?

frknnutz 3 days ago


21boxhead 3 days ago

@21boxhead If N Korea is so great, why do you not move out of your momma's basement and live their? If the United States is so bad, why live here? I would not live in the DPRK but it looks like you believe it to be paradise. Go gargle with buckshot you inbred turd.


frknnutz 3 days ago

@21boxhead You stated that the US is the worst human rights abuser. Answer my initial question: Support your supposed statement of fact with evidence. Have you ever been in combat in Afghanistan or Iraq? Didn't think so. You have Kim Jong Il's dead cock buried in your throat. No wonder you make no sense.

frknnutz 3 days ago

@frknnutz what does combat experience have to do anything with it where no one is watching just evidence in videos and effects of what happen this happen in places no one is watching.

21boxhead 3 days ago


glower125 4 days ago

@glower125 U.S.A. people have the freedom to attempt making their life better - North Koreans have the "freedom" to worship a fucked up system and it's leaders...

sleeptyper 3 days ago

Join the Marines and you can go there for a two-year vacation for the cheap-as-dirt price of only one life!

RebelSoldat1 4 days ago

The North will fall very soon. There are no successors to run the nation. No son of his with the leader ship nor capacity. There cannot be an 'heir' to the throne. There is no political party with a voting system either. Should a power struggle ensue, it simply cannot happen since the entire nation has become dependant on a central figure. IT's all over. Kim Jong Il is dead. I can only predict that the North will become disbanded and South Korea will move in and unify the country as one.

smellokitty 4 days ago

@smellokitty i hope thats true. but he did trained his own son Kim Jong-Un to be his successor.

giggle2154 4 days ago

I feel so sorry for these people

SuperReversedMusic 4 days ago

FUCK russia and North Korea !!

atrium185 5 days ago

@atrium185 You forgot China too.... they're America's biggest threat right now.

ColeFried81 4 days ago

@ColeFried81 :)

atrium185 1 day ago

I bet taking a shower in n. korea is a fucking commodity!

jmorris6758 5 days ago

When I was in India I saw people with leprosy. I saw kids sleeping in the gutter and begging at street corners. At the subway station parents leaned their kids over the rails to go to the bathroom. In India there is still slavery. Democracy doesn't solve hunger.

Zooni2 5 days ago

It is one thing, to rightfully shun Kim for what he's orchestrated to his people.

It is yet another, to absolve ourselves of any responsibility. The rest of the world has been sitting back, jerking off to online porn, watching MTV, and following American Idol, while modern day concentration camps are used to exterminate people.

We all hear and see their cries for help, but do little in response. We're no different than a group of friends, who walk by a woman being raped, and- keep walking.

TokyoMetal777 5 days ago

@TokyoMetal777 I agree. There is this link called linkglobal that helps north korean refugees. check it out. We can help.

ralvarez15 5 days ago

man, i take my life for granted too much

Sandiegochargers85 5 days ago 31

@Sandiegochargers85 yep thats y u going to hell later lol

aslan924 4 days ago

i cant watch this, i was thought not to speak ill of the dead but Kim Jong Ill i hope you rot in hell day after day after day and than some more, you sick fuck

551s 5 days ago

it's like pirates of the carribean but with poverty instead of pirates.

AdamPacitti 5 days ago is more important than those crappy life matters...¬¬

TsubakiRan 5 days ago

Yeah, this is horrible, but N. Korea is not the only country with government neglect issues. Also N. Korea is not a Socialist Paradise, nor is any other country with any other type of political regime...The world is a mess...and we are lucky to even have a little peace of body and mind everytime we have a chance and feel free to actually LIVE! Living is awesome, and doing so is most enjoyable when you are free to do it...Why is power so important? Money? Meat? Political Issues? Living a happy...

TsubakiRan 5 days ago

wow a kid smoking...I know its not unusual nowadays to see such things, they still startle me though...

TsubakiRan 5 days ago

KIM JONG IL is a Cock Sucker, SOB, finally He'd rested in HELL, hahahahahaahahaha. Mery Christmas to Everyone

jimmyhuynh98 5 days ago 25

@jimmyhuynh98 Why does that matter? His son will take the throne, the cycle will continue.

500019579 4 days ago

@500019579 His son went to school in Switzerland. I'm sure he's at least somewhat more sympathetic to capitalism than his father was. Although, the future of North Korea is ultimately in the hands of China.

InfiniteUniverse88 3 days ago

look like Russia

lithuanian14 5 days ago

and now kim jong hell die i saw most of people or robot crying for him and sad why didn't try to watch this video before they cry a lot and histerical hey north korean people be open your mind, eyes and hearth. Don't cry for him and makes a look like a best actor and actress in movie

jerny0216 5 days ago

I hope fat boy Un realises that this wrong. I hope that he realises that by bettering his people, he can better himself too.



21boxhead 6 days ago

@21boxhead Go to China, it isn't nearly as bad as this.

v0ngolavsky 6 days ago



21boxhead 6 days ago

@21boxhead You're basing the whole of China on a YouTube video? Honestly, take a trip to China, I've been there, it isn't so bad. Just like every other country in the world, each has a place with "bad toilets".

v0ngolavsky 6 days ago


21boxhead 6 days ago 2

@21boxhead You just pretty much admitted to being a troll with this comment. 1/10 for effort, nice try, though.

v0ngolavsky 5 days ago


21boxhead 5 days ago 2

@21boxhead because dear leader is evil.

ralvarez15 5 days ago

@ralvarez15 just because right? slums are everywhere in every country no matter what system is used you will always find disadvantaged people around the world this video is for purpose is for propaganda

21boxhead 5 days ago

@21boxhead Propaganda? You can't be serious!? People in this country are suffering and when they get caught in even the littlest most stupid thing they are sent to a concentration camp to die. Nobody here is saying there is no poverty in other countries. Please don't try and defend this terrible murderous regime that does not care one bit about its people. You can tell it doesn't. Look at the N. Korean famine. Thats proof. Now please, have a heart.

ralvarez15 4 days ago

@ralvarez15 yes propaganda how many countries have run down slums? but this to point the finger on jong-il the whole concentration camps are unproven just what the these american cock suckers say on the news and plaster images like that to make to be sympathy and to make it true but really there no evidence on camps. Now please have a brain. 

21boxhead 4 days ago

@21boxhead Honey, I do have a brain and its obviously bigger then yours. People like you who deny the concentration camps and the few who escaped and were there are EVIL. The "american cocksuckers" are pointing the finger at him cause it IS his fault. Trying to use the "other countries have slums too" excuse is stupid. Admit that communism does not work and have a heart for the people who died under his regime because apparantly you do not care. I am thankful that I am an "american cocksucker."

ralvarez15 4 days ago

@ralvarez15 OK american cocksucker apparently you no brain believe everything you hear from America when there is no evidence of it concentration camps and slums everywhere as an excuse for what? because there using these images to make the judgement of NK is evil if you have there have trade blockade on there country by US and there diplomatic tool the U.N. to them cut off to cause instability and do you see china there communist dont see them failing any time soon.

21boxhead 4 days ago

@21boxhead See. You are an idiot. Anyone who denies the camps like you is a monster and an idiot. I will not explain about China because apple3164 already has. And by the way, there is proof. There are a few escapees from that evil place that have told about the camps. So please, before you judge get educated. You are so pro-communist you don't want to see that communism does NOT work. I would rather be an "American cocksucker" then live in that monster's tyranny. He is no better than Hitler.

ralvarez15 4 days ago

@ralvarez15 China yes it has mixed economy still there communists and does silents its critics and has censorship yet american news focuses on NK instead because they have weak outdated army. no american calling China evil or Vietnam evil because there not on the news but when the news says there is evil all americans yeah there evil like stupid zombies, this is just propaganda every country has its slums. Communism and Socialism is on rise again because Capitalism has failed

21boxhead 4 days ago

@21boxhead See. You are an idiot. People are saying vietnam and chinese govs. are evil. Sorry but socialist and communist governments do not work. And you are saying terrible things are not happening. You just denied the concentration camps. That shows how you lack judgement. Capitalism can ONLY work. I would rather be dead then live in North Korea or vietnam. Communism is what fails. And I hope Kim is burning in hell because denying the abuses and misery there is the true propapaganda. PEACE!

ralvarez15 4 days ago

@21boxhead People said that the Nazi camps did'nt exist but we have found footage of many of these executions and concentration camps even many north koreans have said that these camps exist in North Korea just watch the Korean killing field video and see for yourself saying that there is no evidence just shows how full of yourself you are.

superkalle3333 3 days ago

@21boxhead BS motherlover. You see Kim-il-Song's picture a couple of times

Mies78 6 days ago

@Mies78 FAKE

21boxhead 5 days ago

if I could, I would scoop up everyone of those children, and take care of them... ::cries::

wickedlady4180 6 days ago

This is just a fucked up world where it's more important to rescue banks or fight for a country full of oil... If you haven't got either, the big powers of this world don't give a flying fuck. Time for a world wide revolution??? Power to the people!

GuillaumeMaze 6 days ago 2

shame on USA. They only worry about the homos' rights in Iran. Fuck u Dumbama, fuck u Bush! And fuck u Clinton too!

tiborvivi 6 days ago

@tiborvivi Would you rather us be fighting your battle as well?

eyesack9 6 days ago

@eyesack9 Iran will be harder than NK.

tiborvivi 6 days ago

@tiborvivi clinton was a cool dude he fucked a secretary he is a fucking awesome dude but if you were talking about his wife she is a bitch. As for obama he has done more useful things in this year then bush did in his entire presidency. I close with fuck bush Fuck and fuck off russia

john95713 6 days ago


Skybolter 6 days ago

What the hell are you guys talking about? This place is SOOO BEAUTIFUL! :)

wishmewell5 6 days ago

i pretty sure that fucker kim jong il is in hell!!!

glori231 6 days ago

@glori231 did u so him?

aliwq 6 days ago

can't wait for the next war with them. I'll be there in a heartbeat

beersniper400 6 days ago

North Korea is best Korea. Everybody just spends all day sunbathing.

TheRealBoroNut 6 days ago

@dyeon1 Maybe you're an idiot.

IndianaJones167 6 days ago

north korea = the planets anchor. just dragging down the natural progress of everything with their BIZARRE isolated conservatism. cut it out DPRK.

a2r1v1i2s 6 days ago

Who says this is even the truth about north korea maybe this is western-Propaganda

Dyeon1 6 days ago


Atomikenrtia 6 days ago

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2010rawtruth 6 days ago

I'm still hoping this video is fake. Sad.

rezaputra25 6 days ago

Are you sure this isn't Brazil? Oh wait guess I didn't see any glue huffers. NVM.

zynthesis 1 week ago

Heatbreaking! just Heartbreaking, I can't even begin to imagine living in that abyss of shear hell, I know we have alot of problems in the UK and we moan and groan about it, but hey I sure appreciate living somewhere like here as appose to that hell hole, God I feel so sorry for those people. Humans really do have alot to answer for.

rugbydazz 1 week ago

@rugbydazz and people dont live like that in the UK? you may appreciate your way of living, but there are 'hell holes' , ie. places the government ignores and cares not to provide social welfare, all throughout the UK. People live on the streets and are crippled, even children, in every city in our country, God i feel sorry for those people.

Voyley94 6 days ago

@rugbydazz God i feel sorry for your country, claiming knowledge and propaganda, and then shoving it's ass on EU, what if Satan tricked you?

UggianoEdgar 6 days ago

@UggianoEdgar Don't feel sorry for the UK , feel sorry for your own country Italy as it's gone to shit and is bringing down the Eurozone with it, so don't go calling my country, your government is so corrupt and got you into so much debt that you are totaly fucked, and my mate is a manager in a restaurant in London and in the last 2 months he has had 300 applications from italians looking for work, So don't you dare tell me country is shit, look at yours first!!

rugbydazz 6 days ago

88 people are north korean....

evilisback7 1 week ago

It doesn't take a translater to see the poverty and disparity in that exists in this country. You either fall in lockstep or live like a peasant, really sad to see these children living in the streets.

DHarri9977 1 week ago

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maikamara 1 week ago


454ffv 1 week ago

0:22 to 0:31 is absolutely AWFUL

krhprodctionz 1 week ago

I do not see why some of my fellow people are celebrating Kim Jong Il's death. No one should celebrate it. And I wish I could take all my money and help those poor people over there. Terrible, the life they are living.

KatelinsLife 1 week ago

Looks almost like downtown Detroit.

Dorrusos 1 week ago

@Dorrusos downtown detroit is a paradise compared to this dont say shit like that

454ffv 1 week ago 14

@454ffv There are plenty of capitalist third world countries with much worse conditions for lots more people.

InfiniteUniverse88 5 days ago

@Dorrusos Almost? Shoot, even not even remotely one percent. Downtown Detroit has its crap buildings and the like but that's about it. Brightmoor (Detroit neighborhood that looks like a warzone) looks better than what's in this video. Unlike NK, people can leave the D if they want without much scrutiny.

Zen53GT 4 days ago

My God! Things look so run down..... it's almost as bad as Detroit!

MashiahBenYosef 1 week ago

This is a USA sponsored video. Even Indian metro cities have these scenery as common sights which never makes it a abhorred nation. All the Piggy American son calls these NK scenes a hell without thinking to help these poor souls.

baboosahab 1 week ago

hehe Kim Jong is dead now :D

Spartan7735 1 week ago


darkinbmx 1 week ago

Hey Kim Jong Ill! How is the weather in hell? May your son join you very soon...

frknnutz 1 week ago 87

@frknnutz - You know Kim Jong has 72 whores waiting for him hell. He made a deal with the devil.

MrTim1890 6 days ago

@frknnutz hey just saying this his son may turn out to be a much better person than his father according to many sources the sons and daughters of kim jong lll are more influenced by western society for instance his son that will take over is said to like michael jordan and as such may be an indicator that he may be able to change korea to something good

john95713 6 days ago

@john95713 HA! I don't think so.

oxELLISxo 6 days ago

@frknnutz hey u guy i like you greeting to the dead man! hahaha...

TheRayondark 6 days ago

@frknnutz He sure does deserve Hell.

anderdorm 5 days ago


May Barrack Obama join him soon!

GoringSS 5 days ago

@GoringSS May you join kim choking on a schlong il in hell soon you commie bastard!

jmorris6758 5 days ago


Don't call me a commie you brainless shit!

GoringSS 4 days ago

@GoringSS Shut up commie piece of shit!

jmorris6758 4 days ago


Get a brain you worthless piece of scum! I am no commie, but only a looser like you can appreciate that lying buffoon Obama.

GoringSS 4 days ago

@GoringSS U nazi commie!

jmorris6758 4 days ago

these people seem very happy with theyre lives.

TheWorkslave 1 week ago

Anyone who liked this Pig is a Monster also.I hope he is burning in the Hottest Part Of Hell!

nancyhoralia 1 week ago

just like the gaza strip !

kevrs2 1 week ago 2

I can not tell from this video alone what it represents of North Korea. It just seems like counter-propaganda.

There needs to be a video that explains things better, telling of what areas are effected by problems, how it fits in to the overall picture, and what areas are ok, and so on...

BlueBerryWizard 1 week ago


MrJconnolly1916 1 week ago

Free health care at its finest.

epsilon881 1 week ago


radicalezra 1 week ago

@radicalezra shut the fuck up you troll.. if NK is so good then why do they have their own fucking people dying and starving?? at least freaking south korea don't treat their people like shit! stupid people like you shut be put to death so earth can be rid of one more dumb evil fuck..

jennifer171 1 week ago

@radicalezra are you from the north? if so, i would like to know your you guys like get taught that North korea is the best when you're small and then it carries over or are you just scared or what? i just want an honest opinion...

shikamarusgenius 1 week ago

I dont know why something is done about this.Maybe its because NK has got anything the west or anybody else for the matter, wants.

magonia80 1 week ago

@magonia80 North Korea is an Illuminati experiment in eugenics.

sparkloweb 1 week ago

fuck north , i'm gonna do war , for freedom

sayhellototheyoutful 1 week ago

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BRRUUUAAHHable 1 week ago

@BRRUUUAAHHable Russia did nothing to you!

xDvsking666x 1 week ago

@BRRUUUAAHHable communism was created in germany by karl marx

mariuszs3 1 week ago

Huang do dak do dang! Eechi yong doe do tok. OOOHHHH! Godzirra!!!!!!!!!!

kdavidmcd 1 week ago

N. Korea the greatest jail in the world lol

KomesPOL 1 week ago

this video could be better if the korean was translated

CrypticWatcher 1 week ago 37

If you want to see how bad N. Korea was (and still is) you need only look at Kim Il Sung's funeral procession. The people there have been so beaten down by totalitarianism that the procession is filled with mourning so over the top fake that it is obvious the individuals were scared to death they would be punished if they were not fervent enough in their sadness at the death of such a tyrant. Even displays of emotion are rigidly controlled and monitored.

masanf 2 weeks ago 2

@masanf I don't think that the emotions are fake, it's probably because the cult of personality of kim il sung was so prevalent that the people simply didn't know any better.

CrypticWatcher 1 week ago

Ugh, atheism.

emekonen 3 weeks ago


Communism does this, im atheist, and im strongly against the communist and socialists systems, they seek to control and subjugate the people.

TheDuvalMilitia 2 weeks ago

@TheDuvalMilitia I agree that it is not the atheism of the country that's the cause of this. It's totalitarianism. People are completely worthless there and live only to worship Kim Il-Sung. It's slavery, not socialism. Look more into socialism.

AeolisticFury 2 weeks ago


True, i did get that mixed up a bit, This is totalitarianism. Its a personality cult Kim Jong Il has, and his dad Kim il Sung made, he makes his people worship him and his deceased father, There is a national Dress code etc, not to mention the food shortages.

TheDuvalMilitia 2 weeks ago

@TheDuvalMilitia It's like 1984!

AeolisticFury 2 weeks ago 4



TheDuvalMilitia 2 weeks ago

fuck the communist, North Korea has to be free.

shirsoltan1 3 weeks ago

And next time in the aftermath of America's onslaught we have a Vietnamese village forced to eat their own dead

RogerabbitGosu 3 weeks ago

They don't want us to see ANY of N Korea.

gab10hp 3 weeks ago

Quit showing footage that is over 15 years old. It is like me showing picturs of the depression and saying: "See, the US is going down the tubes!" These pictures are from the period of the arduous march and no one denies that times were horrible, but it is time to stop rehashing th same films with newer and stranger comments.

gemcitykid 3 weeks ago

@gemcitykid That's quite true - the footage is over 15 years old, however 15 years ago the propoganda from North Korea was exactly the same as it is today. During the Depression, American government didn't pretend that the very real poverty and dispair the country was experiencing was simply anti-American propoganda spun by its enemies. The Depression is well-documented and largely public information. Can the same be said of the tragedies here?

"pretend" the very realy poverty and dispair were

dtr0005 3 weeks ago

Oh, we know how the communist rules. Yes, you know what. Love others as you love your body. Love is in the first place, to show your love. In God We Trust.

hey3184 4 weeks ago

the communist don't care a bout people they just care the weapon

yakuza2013 1 month ago


Communism is the exact opposite of democracy. you are right

ForTruthandPeace 1 month ago

@yakuza2013 North Korea is Communist? HA!

North Korea is pure Dictatorship..

True Communism(Soviet Union,East Germany,Romanian) is dead

AccessDenied55 4 weeks ago

@AccessDenied55 In facts, is dictatorship of the proletariat. And that's good, because so must be. USSR, DDR and Romania weren't communists, but revisionist countries. If not, they wouldn't have fallen.

ultrasgrupposigna19 4 weeks ago

@ultrasgrupposigna19 They fell because of uprisings...

AccessDenied55 3 weeks ago

@AccessDenied55 In fact. If they were really Communists, the people didn't rise against them, don't you think?

ultrasgrupposigna19 3 weeks ago

@yakuza2013 That's quite false.

ultrasgrupposigna19 3 weeks ago

i can't belive when i see this i ask my self why the leader of the DPRK don't care them i don't ever belive in the communist any more

yakuza2013 1 month ago

@yakuza2013 Look, this is South Korea, they are taking you (and we) the piss.

ultrasgrupposigna19 1 month ago

aman ot amerikanska propaganda shto ne si pokazat klosharite kade mizerstvat po amerikanskite gradove ina4e istinata za severna korea e savsem druga pitayte nyakoy obiknoven balgarin koyto e hodil tam a ne platenite zurnalisti ot kazionnite medii.

naskovelinov 1 month ago

Why do I get the feeling this is a South Korean film, made in South Korea...

rollosnook 1 month ago

how where they possible to get this video?

CaptainSkaj 1 month ago

This is SOUTH Korea bastard capitalists

ultrasgrupposigna19 1 month ago

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katelyndn 1 month ago

@ultrasgrupposigna19 Are you joking?

TheTomatoHater 1 month ago

@TheTomatoHater No.

ultrasgrupposigna19 1 month ago


No its not you retard

ForTruthandPeace 1 month ago

@ForTruthandPeace Yes it is you brainwashed.

ultrasgrupposigna19 1 month ago


Im not brainwashed. This was filmed by some japanese and they allowed us to use it.

ForTruthandPeace 1 month ago

@ForTruthandPeace Maybe you don't know that Japan is a capitalist country and an enemy of North Korea. So the movie is not trustworthy. Why do not they start filming the misery in their country, which is much more serious and "longeval"? And do not think the North Koreans would kill them and the movie would have been destroyed (if it were true that there is North Korea and not a falsehood or mounting)?

ultrasgrupposigna19 1 month ago


Misery in Japan is greater than north korea? I don't think so. At least thousands of people in Japan doesn't starve to death. This was SECRETLY filmed by hidden camera. The original film should have been about 90 minutes but they shortened it.

ForTruthandPeace 1 month ago

@ForTruthandPeace I think you believe in a capitalist system there aren't hungry and there aren't poor people. Capitalism is not only bright lights, and illuminated showcases with expensive goods, with women in fur coats that spend hours looking at. That's just a facade. We must consider the workers who don't manage to arrive at the end of the month, the evicted families and the homeless who sleep for the street. And the mafia, the criminality, the prostitution naturally. [To be continued]

ultrasgrupposigna19 1 month ago


Did i ever said there aren't any hungry or poor people in the capitalist world? I don't think so. If you are smart, u become rich and live good life. If you don't, too bad. That's how is like in nature. I don't see equality in communism, especially when i see countries like north korea. Government officials in communist nations enjoy living in luxury, while people live like cockroaches.

ForTruthandPeace 1 month ago

@ForTruthandPeace What other communist countries, other than North Korea, have you visited? Or is all your intel the propaganda you get from your own country?

migas27 1 month ago


First of all, I have no reason to visit countries like north korea for the sake of my life. I've been to china, which is known as a communist nation (but follows capitalism in economy).

"Propaganda you get from your own country."

Lol, you gotta see our country's news broadcasts. They often talk about north korea's problems (especially ecnonomic/poverty) but they also talk about ours too (like how prices go up and people end up jobless).

ForTruthandPeace 1 month ago


So tell me, what makes nk so right and perfect?

ForTruthandPeace 1 month ago

@ForTruthandPeace Well, I didn't say NK was perfect, right or even good. But looking at your name, I guess you're not american...

migas27 1 month ago


Yeah... im not american :)

ForTruthandPeace 1 month ago

@ForTruthandPeace All things that in DPRK are unknown.

So I repeat: that in the video is South Korea, in DPRK there are many famous universities that everyone can acceed. children grow up healthy and well educated with a very good culture, which prevents unemployment (more things you know, more work you have). The boys study and come out graduates from universities, and workers manage the factories, which prevents the injustices of the masters.

ultrasgrupposigna19 1 month ago


which city in south korea?

ForTruthandPeace 1 month ago

@ForTruthandPeace What the f*** I can be Seoul as Busan, Daegu, Incheon, Gwangju, Daejeon, Ulsan etc.

Watch this:­M

so you have the confirm I'm not saying bullshits.

ultrasgrupposigna19 1 month ago


This is chongjin

ForTruthandPeace 1 month ago

@ForTruthandPeace USA and Japan said to you that's Chongjin. That's look like the suburbs of Seoul or Daegu.

Then, you must calculate that there is an embargo by US, Japan and other capitalists country. You're right: communism is the exact opposite of BURGEOIS democracy. And so must be. Burgeois democracy is democracy for a clique of bastards riches. Proletarian democracy is democracy for the great masses of proletariat.

ultrasgrupposigna19 1 month ago


Fine... you can believe whatever you want. Lol, communism failed btw :p

ForTruthandPeace 4 weeks ago

@ForTruthandPeace No really! Are revisionism and capitalism which have failed. The uprising in 87 countries of the world (USA, Japan and South Korea included) prove this.

ultrasgrupposigna19 4 weeks ago


There are errors in capitalism too but not as much as communism. If there was uprising in communist countries, uprisers will be jailed immediately and in worst scenario, will be tortured to death. You can keep your ideology and i have no problem with that.

ForTruthandPeace 4 weeks ago

@ForTruthandPeace I would say "There are errors in communism but not as much as capitalism". There weren't any uprising in communist (socialist) countries. After 1956, USSR and his satellite country began revisionist and capitalist. The Prague Spring was a good thing, as the fall of Berlin Wall and the execution of Ceausescu, because they weren't true communist. Anyway, thank you for your tolerance. Not all anti-communists say or think this. My congratulations.

ultrasgrupposigna19 4 weeks ago


Thanks for your tolerance of my ideology too :D

ForTruthandPeace 4 weeks ago

@ForTruthandPeace And excuse me for the insults at the beginning of our discussion :)

ultrasgrupposigna19 3 weeks ago


And sorry that i called u a 'retard'. u are not obviously.

ForTruthandPeace 3 weeks ago

This video is like showing the homeless living in cardboard boxes and eating in soup kitchens in the US, and police pepper-spraying old ladies of the OWS, and then claiming that's all there is to life in America. In other words, it's a cherry-picked propaganda device...even if we accept that everything depicted in it is true and actually happened in North Korea. I don't know if that can be proved, but on balance I doubt it.

dockbillin 1 month ago

North Korea has black people?

VeloxStang 1 month ago

Em-m... What did you want to say with this? You wanted to cry to all of world: "Look, how they live bad, not like we, americans, gaining money for free"? It is normal country, that tries to live without the USA, like Libya. But they has no oil, so they are not rich as Qaddafi's Libya _was_. They live for not themselves, they live for the hope that their children will live better.

dragun97yu 1 month ago

That North Korea exists is proof that god doesn't......

16apples 1 month ago

@16apples no

TheAlexlee67 1 month ago

homeless doesnt mean this poor... im america you can easily get food, with money or without.... but here...

MrGeneraaltje 1 month ago

next thing you know these kids become strippers at the ge of 5

robloxpwnmaster3 1 month ago

Gladiators... I SALUTE YOU.. Now die in honor!

UncleT0ny 1 month ago

children smoking and drinking? the world is not what "they" show you in popular media channels like CNN, NBC, FOX, and others. that's just sad right there.

uneekking85 1 month ago

And no, that was not a typ just for clarification. Conservative estimates for US are 500,000. And while I haven't done the research myself, at a public meeting I attended, the mayor himself of LA said their homeless population was estimated at a devistating 50,000 people.

SamualTLedbetter 1 month ago

homeless people in LA own have iphones

izzybluegoose 1 month ago

Aw poor kids. They should be killed so we don't have to look at them and feel bad.

ratzhit 1 month ago

so sad ....why the children's ? they did not ask ask for this

smileson2go 1 month ago

is so terrifing !

TheAbderaman 1 month ago

is the famine of 1998 

TheAbderaman 1 month ago

this is how shanty towns in all countries look like.

lennachdna 1 month ago

The music is... amusing... i guess. Am I watching Pirates of the DPRK?

Loststory08 1 month ago 6

@Loststory08 l o l

aaeellxx6 1 month ago

What is North Korea? Is it the people of this country or the Dear Leader Kim Jong Il? Why the people in this country can't talk what they want, why they can't leave the country if they don't like to be there? Why they are punished to death if they try? Why there it is not allowed to watch the TV channels from other countrie's? Why teacher's must say "you are so lucky that you live in North Korea" to their dying from starvation students? Can someone who stand on Kim's side answer to that?

ANDRIUSGECYS 1 month ago

NK is not a communist country. In fact, communism was never achieved in the world. NOT EVEN CLOSE. In order to achieve communism, you need the following: 1) achieve capitalism, 2) have democracy, 3) communism revolution around the world. This is what it was written in Communist Manifesto. (Although I doubt it will ever be achieved in human society)

ireneismad 1 month ago

We should free the shit out of them.

ih8suvz 2 months ago 32

@ih8suvz we should free the shit out of LA

MrDonneiDarko 1 month ago

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ih8suvz 1 month ago

@ih8suvz are they constipated?

Scyeth 1 month ago

@ih8suvz lol

kellyandpealee 1 month ago

@ih8suvz yes some napalm and nuclear bombs totally free them

EPICCCP 1 month ago

im a pakistani

and fuk u usa kunts

we support north korea s right to exist and its right to defend with nuclear capability

fuk u usa

uuuoii123 2 months ago

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BeepimajeepBeep 2 months ago

Real n. Korea, US Government WANTS us to see

PolsheVik 2 months ago

north least were not detroit!

ManPawn17 2 months ago


How many people in Detroit have died of starvation? Do hospitals and schools in Detroit go without heat and electricity? Does the mayor of Detroit publicly execute people? Do the Detroit police shoot people for trying to leave Michigan? No? Then to compare a run-down industrial town (Detroit) to a brutal dictatorship (North Korea) is absurd!

TheTollundWoman 1 month ago

@TheTollundWoman its just a joke from the hastily made cleveland tourism video

ManPawn17 1 month ago


sorry for the mistake, i thought you were serious. there are lots of communists on youtube who say stuff like that in complete seriousness.

TheTollundWoman 1 month ago

Oh my god poor people! I guess they don't exist in the US, right? I mean LA alone has 50,000 homeless people, probably more than the entire nation of DPRK.

SamualTLedbetter 2 months ago 5

@SamualTLedbetter And on average, they eat better than the people of DPRK, too.

It's hard to say what the homeless population of North Korea is. Asking embarrassing questions can be very dangerous over there.

Hikikomori013 2 months ago

@SamualTLedbetter Well if you look at La Id say many of those homless people are mentaly ill. The rest are worthless or drug addicts. I do feel sorry for poor people in the states however the situation in North korea is not a good one. In the 90's due to poor government planning Thousands of people died from a mass famine. Thing is I never hear of famine in the USA. There is oppertunity in the states. May not be the greatest but if you rise up you have a chance. In North korea you dont.

ps3tony1 1 month ago

@SamualTLedbetter I dont think so, LA has never suffered a ravenous hunger

aphokster 1 month ago

@SamualTLedbetter in LA theres homeless people cause there crackheads who choose to not get help. in other countries theres REAL homeless people because they cant find shit for a job and cant eat. people who have never touched a drug before live on the streets.

nycolombian91 1 month ago 12

@nycolombian91 So 500,000 US citizens are crackheads? 2/3 of all homeless people here don't have drug addictions. Most can't find a job or have a disability. Is it so hard to believe that the DPRK isn't the hell that the West describes it as? Have any of you seen any REAL proof that QOL in DPRK is much less than the US? And considering 70% of their productive capabilities were destroyed in the war, and since then they have been faced with constant trade barriers, I'd say they're doing decent.

SamualTLedbetter 1 month ago

@SamualTLedbetter what the fuck world do you live in? you sound like a little pussy. ill talk you to my parents home country in colombia where theres REAL homeless people who live on the streets cause they cant get 1 dollar. real poverty in the slums real children who beg for money. these people live on the streets and never have tried a drug. what america do u live in?? all the homeless people are crackheads and drug addicts. LMAO LA!?!?!

nycolombian91 1 month ago

@SamualTLedbetter lmaooo LA!?!? have u ever been to downtown LA and seen the faces on the streets. you dont see why there homeless!?!? lmfao omg what america do u live in really what city r u from? you sound like some white pussy lmao u think america got problems and real homeless people come to asia, latin america, and africa. the ignorance on youtube man..

nycolombian91 1 month ago

@SamualTLedbetter 2/3 of the homeless people here dont have addictions?!?!? HAHAHAH whats your source? lmao omgg i was just learning about this sociology my professor would laugh at you an

nycolombian91 1 month ago

@nycolombian91 You are a big backwards retard. No one said anything about Colombia. No fucking fuck fuck Colombia has worse and MORE legitimate poverty than what goes on here in the US. I work directly with the homeless in Texas. The vast majority don't have drug addictions. And you would be shocked to see how many of them are women with children or people who can't get a job because of a disability. This is about N. Korea and the fact that poverty exist all around the world.

SamualTLedbetter 1 month ago

@SamualTLedbetter you dumb mother fucker im making a simple point and its sad your brain cant see that. colombia isnt even a 3rd world country but north korea is. how the fuck r u going to compare homeless and poverty with a 3rd world country and 1st world like america. shut the fuck up vast majority dont have addictions lmaooo. dumbass. im surprised you even commented back. lmaoooo this kid said 2/3 of homeless people in america dont have addictions LOL.

nycolombian91 1 month ago

@nycolombian91 ummm everysingle nation on this earth has homeless people and poverty.

sartte 1 month ago

@sartte your going to compare 1st world poverty to 3rd world poverty? go smack yourself.

nycolombian91 1 month ago

@nycolombian91 Poverty is still poverty. Go ram your head into a steel door asshole.

sartte 1 month ago

@sartte yeaa...thats what i thought dumb mother fucker. lmao spoiled little crackheads in downtown LA who could better themselves are comparable to starvin children in africa. right lol. i think you should be ramming your head into a steel door. your parents would probably laugh at u.

nycolombian91 1 month ago

@SamualTLedbetter First off, you CANNOT get rid of poverty. Second. Comparing the United states in terms of poverty to north korea is just fucking futile.

tehatemachine 1 month ago

And the fact that this video showing N. Korean people in poverty and trying to make political propoganda points out of it is a disgrace to ALL poor people in every country. And did you really just say you would take me to Colombia? Good, I've always wanted to go.

SamualTLedbetter 1 month ago

@nycolombian91 choose not to get help? what help? exorbitantly expensive rehab? jail and prison? and get help for what? to live in a violent swamp of unemployment and despair without the crutch of drugs? to get a job with a criminal record and "a dumpster" written in the "address" line of a job application?

PLEASE have some sympathy.

iamthejake2000 4 weeks ago

@SamualTLedbetter Yeah, but (speaking from experience - I was homeless for a long time) most of our poor people have shoes.

intricatic 1 month ago

@SamualTLedbetter you cant compare the US to north korea you fucking idiot

smokeymcpot268 1 month ago

@SamualTLedbetter People became homeless in the US because that is what they wanted to be. The welfare system have been good enough for them to have shelter, food and then find a job to make a living as long as they are healthy. I came to the US with nothing in hand (aka refugee). However, I have worked hard many years and now have a decent life. I have a home and a decent job. Why those homeless people can't do like what I have done?

virusSOS 1 month ago

@virusSOS Because you live in a Free society that allows YOU to venture and do what YOU want to! A society is not free if people within do not have a choice of their own.

tehatemachine 1 month ago

@tehatemachine That is why we need to eliminate Communism. This Commie is a type of dictatorship as it was created to control human as a collective of cattle.

virusSOS 1 month ago

@SamualTLedbetter you must be seriously retarded to compare ppl in NK to the poor in the US...

PelaoyFamoso 1 month ago

0:01 OMG They have no shoes! that is the worst part

Vuvenz 2 months ago

Leave those people alone! Is their country and is regime they choose so if they are ok with it i dont see why should you not bee.If they live in tirany and dont raise a revolution and pull down their ruler they dont deserve better

Andonovmil 2 months ago

0:25 is that guy lying there spanking it??

KevUrbie 2 months ago

FUCK U KIM JONG-IL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ruring09 2 months ago


xeno210 2 months ago

Wow they have fucking necrosis on their fucking legs,I can't imagine the fucking hell this guy have been through.

pocketshit 2 months ago

Hell , it's like that in some parts of the United States.......Poverty is all over the world.

bdb818888 2 months ago

@bdb818888 But North Korea have fucking lots of them.

pocketshit 2 months ago

this is communism

TMWTSB 2 months ago

@TMWTSB No this EU and US sanctions. This is capatalism.

xeno210 2 months ago

one of those women that were lined up was selling her body to those soldiers for about $2.50 to feed herself.

summerrblues 2 months ago

@YOUFUCKINGCOMMIE Calm down son, USA, a capitalistic country, is far more in debt. The only country cosnidered out of debt its china, a Communist country. To whom the capitalistic countries owe plenty of money to, it's fact. Learn it.

failtolawl 2 months ago 2

@failtolawl Actually, the U.S. owes most of its debt to itself. It owes under 10% of the debt to China.

Zeus0Moose 2 months ago

@Zeus0Moose 10 percent of 14 trillion is 1.4 trillion, I never said it owed most, just plenty.

failtolawl 2 months ago

@failtolawl Last I checked the number was actually in the 800 billions. Which is still a lot, but they owe hundreds of billions to others, too, including capitalist countries.

Zeus0Moose 2 months ago

 Fuck all of you Comunist bastards USA will always win!!

Kyledm1011 2 months ago

great actors ;) and north korea is NOT COMUNIST !!!! the real, the true comunist theory is the solution for the future !!!

davidscp76 2 months ago

@davidscp76 your an Idot!!

Kyledm1011 2 months ago

@Kyledm1011 your argument is incredible ahahahahahaahahahah Stupid !!! give me real argument not stupids sentence ;) thanks. can you do it ?

davidscp76 2 months ago

and theyre forced to watch the propaganda 24/7 listening to how perfect Kim Jong ll is?? NOBODY is perfect ya know, and i feel really bad for them i just want to go to North Korea and give them food!

SpazzerificBee 2 months ago

North Korea is not Communist.

knowthetruth1492 2 months ago

@knowthetruth1492 they are Disneyland then? XD!

thehulk3010 2 months ago

if i was to be the next north korean leader, i would announce breaking news to the entire world, that i want to unite north korea and south korea together

IICCCRISII 2 months ago

@IICCCRISII and South Korea would promptly freak out.

kikiteka 2 months ago

what was that kid doing at :26?!

motomex79 2 months ago

@guitarhamster102 Well, in South Korea, a lot of kids choose to smoke anyway. Half of South Korean males smoke.

gamerneek 2 months ago

@The15thDalaiLama I was gonna respond, then saw your channel and realized you're a joke.

Cainus44 2 months ago


cuwnrdlwkrlawjddlf 2 months ago

For evidence, look at the satellite images of light readings from both Koreas. You can see the South being lit by pe4rpetual bright spots while the North is dark except for some lights near PyongYang and miscellaneous other areas.If it weren't for the landmass detection, they probsbly would have been mistaken for a patch of sea.

Machdude 2 months ago

Looks like US southern states... This is actually the poor area of the DPRK if you guys didn't know.

madjimms 2 months ago

@madjimms the poor area? So everywhere other than Pyongyang. Seen NK from space at night? Google that shit. Now google the south. Your clearly retarded. See a doctor.

sailorg44 2 months ago

@madjimms Yours is one of the more stupid comments I've seen in awhile. I've lived in Michigan, now South Carolina, drive through many southern states, and guess what? Nothing like what you state, you ignorant f-ck. BTW where are you from?

soco13466 2 months ago

@madjimms, you expect anyone to believe that?

hinodecho69 2 months ago

@hinodecho69 Sorry, I don't expect a US citizen to believe anything other than what the government & its "news" stations tell its citizens.

madjimms 2 months ago

@madjimms No, you are in fact a total dipshit. There is no one in the US South living like that, save for maybe the dirt poor, undocumented mountain men in the Appalachians and Smokey Mountains. Meanwhile, North Korea is a third world nation that makes Romania look good in comparison and this video proves it. Unless you can provide solid evidence to the contrary, myself and all others are forced to assume you're merely talking out your ass about a subject you don't understand.

Cainus44 2 months ago

@Cainus44 watch?v=-9L74NSUEew&feature=ch­annel_video_title

Is just one video. I can see living conditions like this in ANY US city that has a downtown area or ghetto. Been to Los Angeles? Detroit? Portland? Seattle? how about the deep south? how about MUCH of Kentucky? NK is actually a 2nd world country. Many citizens have internet, heating/AC & there is a GREAT health care system. But many do fall through the cracks, because no system is perfect. Think before you make crude generalizations.

madjimms 2 months ago

@madjimms Yes, I have been to all of those places numerous times. Far more than you have apparently. North Korea is a shit hole and you've yet to actually provide any evidence of your claims. I recommend you do so before you start singing praises of dear leader.

Cainus44 2 months ago

@madjimms Your source is a man named "Maoist Rebel" who speaks without providing any real sources outside of what he most likely read on the DPRK website. First off, anyone who calls themself a Maoist Rebel is by default a complete and total idiot who cannot be trusted. Secondly, North Korea is incapable of even funding most of what the man was talking about, since not even China gives them any fiscal aid.

You've yet to provide proof of your claims. Video proof of ours is in front of you.

Cainus44 2 months ago

@madjimms And yes, I've been to all those cities numerous times, and I live in a Memphis ghetto, and I have never seen conditions even similar to that in any of those cities. Obviously you have never left the safety of your home make ridiculous generalizations about places you're most likely too afraid to go to.

Cainus44 2 months ago

@madjimms I have taken trips all around the United States, i live here and i've spent a great deal of time traveling to the different sections of it. I've been in slums and ghettos as well as the 'deep south'. Yes, even Kentucky. And in all of my travels, i have never found shoeless, sick children sleeping in the streets, not once. Kids in crappy apartments, sure, homeless shelters, yeah. But this is beyond anything i or anyone that i know has ever seen in the U.S.

RacoonJones 2 months ago

@madjimms Furthermore, how do you explain something like the yodok prison camps? The treatment in those facilities are comparable to that of Nazi concentration camps. Torture, horrid living conditions, and brutal executions.... How do you explain that? How can you defend a government that sanctions something like that?

RacoonJones 2 months ago

@RacoonJones Guantanamo Bay.... We do it worse...

madjimms 2 months ago

@madjimms HA! Guantanamo bay is a child's daycare center compared to these places. Our people give terrorists, prisoners of war mind you, Korans while wearing plastic gloves so as not to taint their 'holy scripture'. The worst thing we do to them is waterboarding, which would be a terrible experience don't get me wrong, but it's something we put our own soldiers through for training. The prisoners in Guantanamo bay are living the high life compared to these people.

RacoonJones 2 months ago

@madjimms As if that wasn't enough, i'll reiterate. The people in Guatanimo Bay are prisoners of WAR, people who willingly attacked our nation and killed our people. A great portion of the Yodok camps are civilians, their own people who did nothing more than say they didn't like the food ration that week. They're treated worse than animals. And we treat our prisoners of war better than the North Koreans treat these civilians.

RacoonJones 2 months ago


A large amount of the people in Guantanamo Bay are not the people who supposedly attacked the states. They are also civilians getting picked up by the over excited American army purely for where they come from and what they believe in. Being a Muslim does not make you a terrorist by the way, despite what you may have been lead to believe .

restaurantmaden 2 months ago

lets kill the king

leastad19 2 months ago

I feel exasperated thinking how these people bear the onslaught of famine coupled with the most repressive and inhumane regime on the planet; and yet the end is nowhere in sight. The communist party is still strong, and the successor to the throne is already lined up. I wish I could contribute in some manner to help these people, I feel helpless.

thephilosopherkartik 2 months ago 23

@thephilosopherkartik After stalin died in the USSR, daily life became a true paradice. Who knows maybe the same will happen in north korea. 70% of the russians say they want the USSR back over the Federation of Russia. Maybe north korea will follow their predicessors success?

DJYC21215 2 months ago

@thephilosopherkartik North korea isn't communist. Im a communist and I know this. Communism wont work. Because people are to greedy. Russia was never communist. They called themselves communist but they weren't really communist.

JuliusIsMe 2 months ago

@JuliusIsMe How fortunate for you that you can freely call yourself a communist in a free country. Try freedom to say what you want in China, Cuba or North Korea.

Redskin1040 2 months ago

@Redskin1040 The idea of communism came from lenin. Communism doesn't mean dictatorship. You've been brainwashed by the government darling.

JuliusIsMe 2 months ago

@JuliusIsMe Communist means no free will and Gov. control everything

have fun with that

thehulk3010 2 months ago

@thehulk3010 Communism does not mean control everything. That's just another myth. The idea of communism came from homer, in ancient greece. The ideology of sharing and working together. Karl marx was german and stole the idea of communism. Capatalism means being greedy, and you have to fuck everyone over to get money. I live in america and I know what im talking about. But your right acutally, communism wont work because people are all greedy assholes. But socialism works. Canada is socialist.

JuliusIsMe 2 months ago

@JuliusIsMe Communist works?????!!!

show me ONE country who succeeded with Communist...just 1

ill show you 10 countries still in existence with Capitalism and democracy that are doing just fine, and Canada is a Monarchy with a parliamentary system

thehulk3010 2 months ago

@JuliusIsMe You're off the mark my dear. Plato preached it without dictatorship. My point is that a dictatorship, which also happens to be present in all communist countries as well, wouldn't permit you to be free to live your life as you want. I don't trust the government. They can't brainwash me.

Redskin1040 2 months ago

@Redskin1040 I shouldn't even waste my time on youtube arguing. Im actually a protester in wall street. Viva la revolution! And yes. Fuck the government. The capatalist government. I really only agree with socialism because it works. Canada is socalist, and EU.

JuliusIsMe 2 months ago

@JuliusIsMe Have fun at Wall Street.

Redskin1040 2 months ago

@JuliusIsMe Canada is not socialist. We are capitalist but have larger spending on social programs, like our health care, than the US does. I'd appreciate if you could quit misrepresenting us.

MsColdCanada 2 months ago

@MsColdCanada Lol America doesn't need better Healthcare,if they do have it then the Anti-Christ will claim their soul.

pocketshit 2 months ago

@thephilosopherkartik I'd join you on that. I too want to help somehow someway. I know there just has to be something I could do to help them. Even if it is just one person.

nijikazegirl 2 months ago

@thephilosopherkartik This footage is fake. This is what the imperialist west want you to see, DPRK is not evil they are good and only defending themselves from US imperialists.

xeno210 2 months ago

@xeno210 All communist dictatorships are nothing but shit, governed by unscrupulous liars. Communism does not work, never had never will. Development & standard in communist countries is very low. Cuba is shit too. NK is just showing a stupid facade to the outside world oh Kim jungs crazy buildings in the capital & hides the rest. If north koreans had any spine & weren`t brainswashed they`d revolt against this insane regime & oust the a-hole Kim Jung.

ValHallaOdinsCourt 2 months ago

Comment removed

moonlapse8 2 months ago

@xeno210 xeno, Kim Jong Il looks like an old lady in his sunglasses. Oh yeah, the DPRK is always "defending itself" against invaders - as if anyone would want to go there in the first place - not. Yes, the imperialist west always picks on North Korea. Paradise - where a bowl of white rice is considered a gourmet meal - heaven on earth!

moonlapse8 2 months ago 2

@perther3 This isn't presented by my government, this is just video evidance of the poverty that is rampent in North Korea, its sad how brainwashed you are, either that or you're in denile that this is how your country is. It doesn't have to be that way though, but your false pride blinds you to the truth, or maybe you're being pressured to say these things, either way, I feel sorry for you

brokenglass12 2 months ago

Perther3 OBVIOUSLY a north korean

AGuitarNinja 2 months ago

tjis is ridiculous... totally exaggerated

junpunk 3 months ago

No wonder the South isn't pushing for reunification.

mookins45 3 months ago

71 people are North Korean Elites.

drreedindeed 3 months ago

come to Ferentari, in the capital of Romania and you'll see something similar

NRaduC 3 months ago

the 1996 1997 1998 to 1999 famine !!

TheAbderaman 3 months ago

Comment removed

zhaoxmmusic 3 months ago

Whoever filmed this is a fucking james bond. They pop you just for taking pictures of a badly painted building. Oh, just for watching this i wont be able to get in north korea for a few decades

urloldude 3 months ago


That's what makes me so suspicious about this video. That, and I've seen a lot of this footage used to represent other socialist countries.

amrevatel 3 months ago

looks like some parts of chicago. even south koreans are moving to chicago in droves! wonder why

inachu 3 months ago

I saw this same video for China and Vietnam. :/

amrevatel 3 months ago

@amrevatel If you think that's China or Vietnam you're seriously an idiot...

anoobys 3 months ago


He says, easily lead by the text superimposed on the screen with spliced shots of person-less Korean signs.

Good detective work.

amrevatel 3 months ago

and when u think that south korea is so prosperous

TheDevilz0 3 months ago

0:26 is that guy masturbating? look at his arm movement

YouSeeTheseRocks 3 months ago

@YouSeeTheseRocks ye he does i think

TheDevilz0 3 months ago

This is amazing that this is actually taking place. We are so fortunate. Every time I think about the bs here in the US, I will just watch this. It really helps me to be thankful for being born in the USA. I'd rather be called n****r everyday than live there. Only if there was oil in North Korea. Any, America does not want any part of that. That would be way too expensive of an endeavor. Obama probably would want to stay out of this.

phatboytrex1976 3 months ago

The whole idea behind this video is not about just showing North Koreas poor.. It is about North Korea trying to cover up its poverty. The North Korean government only wants you to see the best side of the country. They deny having drug problems or issues with extreme poverty. As where countries such as South Korea, the USA, and countries in Europe and other free world countries allows anyone to come in and photograph poor areas or for that matter any area.

Okatieboy 3 months ago

This was filmed in Venice Beach.

reymatt76 3 months ago

not surprised

gameboy595 3 months ago

In economic aspect, Just to think logically, no commercial activities, subsidence economy. How people get enough stuffs to live.

Look at the street and think. All people know the answer, just only N.Korean people don't know. Good for them because with them , This is paradise!

kimoanh01 3 months ago

Fuck this shit,ive never been to North Korea,but id bet my last bread,that some extremely beautiful places r their,im yet to c a video showing that side of korea,nothing or no one is all bad,show both sides,,,,

sraight1 3 months ago

@sraight1 lol fail

MrMeineNamen 3 months ago

@sraight1 Have u seen the NK? Like been their? Go there on a trip and see for youself. This is all that your gonna see.

woopa2121 3 months ago

@woopa2121 Thts Bullshit,i just saw a video of North Korea showing something totally different,and its just as i thought,their is beauty in North Korea,

sraight1 3 months ago

@sraight1 There are some nice areas, but those are usually kept nice only for tourist to see. The government controls what visitors can and can not see.Free travel inside of the county is restricted, tourist are watched closely and can only travel with a government escort. You can be detained, searched and/or imprisoned for going outside of the allowed areas. As well, saying anything that can be perceived as an insult towards the gov't, its people or leader can land you in jail. Happy Travels!!

Okatieboy 3 months ago


That is hardly true. The DPRK conducts foreign business all the time. Their cities are quite prosperous.

amrevatel 3 months ago

@sraight1 There are plenty of good sides to NK...just watch their bright colourful propaganda videos.

nick4uuk 3 months ago

@nick4uuk It would appear then,that propaganda is coming from the persons who choose to show only the negatives and also from the N.Ks who shows their goodside

sraight1 3 months ago

@sraight1 That's a fair assessment so the real question is, does the good outweigh the bad and I think most would argue that it doesn't.

nick4uuk 3 months ago

@nick4uuk I agree,that's the question.

sraight1 3 months ago

looks my old neighborhood

mario51man 3 months ago

you used the score from "gladiator"........real fucking creative

shankbone01 3 months ago

why somebody will be sleeping in the train lines? this video looks like a fake. If you want to make videos of poor people, you don´t need to build scenarios, you have it everywhere in NY, detroit, Philadelphia, etc. Also you say that they don´t have any freedom and they have lot of control, but there are kids taking drugs and alcohol in the streets????

profetablue 3 months ago

why somebody will be sleeping in the train lines? this video looks like a fake. If you want to make videos of poor people, you don´t need to build scenarios, you have it everywhere in NY, detroit, Philadelphia, etc.

profetablue 3 months ago

North Korea has a lot of potential in my opinion. It is just too bad that kim Johng treats it as if it is just one big toilet.

BorisProskov 3 months ago

Only the 'Non-aggression Principe' can save them and us.

yinzjagoffs 3 months ago

yep they lie, course.but it's the same here in bulgaria in some villages.GYPSIES

Jtiger987 3 months ago

0:25  angry korean kid wanking

Dlxxx159 3 months ago

I wonder where in North Korea this is, plus Songun even though it is NOT true Communism, (better to have stuck with Juche), because of the Army first policy, is only part of the reason why North Korea has seen better days.

slimv29 3 months ago

No different from watching the homeless people sleeping in the stations, hungry, hopeless, in capitalist countries. It's all relative. Critical of North Korea because it is a country with a different policy but also with a different culture, we are not able to see that many of their mistakes will we do every day.

titopuenteee 3 months ago

The reason why this is happening in North Korea is that the capitalist world order isa isolating them because they don't obey their stupid system, by this the cause social suffering in roder to overtrow the goverment and that is defending himself by making manners worse.

Norbert66676667 3 months ago



Why then it doesn't happen in South Korea?

Why they are no starving kids in South Korea?

akchicago21 3 months ago

@akchicago21 Because televisions don't want to show the truth. It is easier to demonize North Korea than in other capitalist countries.

titopuenteee 3 months ago

@akchicago21 There are some poor kids in South Korea on the streets.

SuperSkarmDG 3 months ago

@akchicago21 Of course, North Korea is all about starving kids, whereas in South, there are very few.

SuperSkarmDG 3 months ago

baer feet are healthy than shoes

urantiruslan 3 months ago

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19Truth53 3 months ago

Nigger stole my shoes

moomoo1337 3 months ago

Kim Jong Il is very proud that this happen in his country.

Erik32222222 3 months ago

Why is that music so epic?

TheTranceCartel 3 months ago

USA want to win this war a lot.

Hope China&N.Korea rule S.Korea and nuke USA disappear from the world map.

jariworld 3 months ago

@jariworld to bad you'll go down with us :) oh and the rest of the world of corse

lavamanbearpig 3 months ago

@lavamanbearpig USA try to talk everyone but No one want talk to you. Congrat for USA business.I hope Hispanic American protest your racism country. Hope you enjoy.

jariworld 3 months ago

there is worse slums in jamaica that are very violent this place is just poor and going through famon. and the world superpowers wont help because they are aginst communist.

chipseinfeld8 3 months ago

@chipseinfeld8 This is basically what North Korea is. the cities are just used as a front and they are not going through anything, their government don't care about them as they only look after them selves and this is no way near communism, this is a very bad dictatorship and the Western powers cannot help these people because the N Korea government dont want them to help.

RUSSTYrussian 3 months ago

And what? North Korea is poor. What the fuck can they do about it? Not their fault, blame on Kim fakker Il. He is gay boy, he must be killed and they need a better dictator! One that got brain enough to upgrade their army and maybe fix their economy...

SMGJohn 3 months ago

That's what Regan called Empire of evil, and the Marxist in US laughed

Mishkafofer 3 months ago 4

@Mishkafofer That was about the Soviet Union.

FishTheCommunist 3 months ago

@Mishkafofer Why did they laugh? 

HumanRights4Everyone 2 months ago

@HumanRights4Everyone Total denial of situation in North Korea. Marxist today are a fringe group but in the 1960-1970 they had their share of popularity. Easily grouped to protest Vietnam war but awfully silent when USSR invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968, if occupation is evil why occupation by USSR is OK?

Mishkafofer 2 months ago

It is south (USA ass) korea ,propaganda video.

kulachi2011 4 months ago

Authoritarianism. They have fake elections just to get the peoples hopes up but nobody else can run. Then they brainwash all of the people to make them conform and if they dont they get sent to nowhere land and starve even in pyongyang they starve. ITs horrible. This is not socialism or communism. You know what happens. They go to CHINA to get a better life. How sad is that. China in all its flaws is still miles better then NK. Think about that when eating your 3 meals a day.

fireice2037 4 months ago

initiate plan Valkyrie.

LordKaisen 4 months ago

he lives in luxury..while children die in the street......he should be blowed away...

bigd69er 4 months ago

So someone decides to film the poorest street in pyongyang, it says very little when you see the video below.


spuddy83 4 months ago

looks better than detroit

CINTERPOL 4 months ago 100

@CINTERPOL Ooo. Burned.

FSMNoodlyAppendage 3 months ago

@CINTERPOL detroit? don't you mean...waffles?

danmatt7193 3 months ago

@CINTERPOL  Go visit North Korea! You'll just love Detroit forever after!!!

frbjoernLA 3 months ago 17

Some translation would be great.

playon51 4 months ago

I give North Korea 10 more years before the military and more importantly, the soliders within, take down the regime. The soliders are already starving, the officers have to steal everything in order to carry out commands...The people can't work because they are starving en masse, disease is widespread, little to no modern medicine....It's sad to see people suffer on this large of a scale.

pillowbugg 4 months ago

@dlxowns322. The reason why North Korea is poor is that they have dictatorship and their dictator sucks, with good dictator it wouldn't be so poor but most humans come crazy when they have too much power. Dictatorship was sometimes working in middle ages but now it's impossible. Kim Jong-ill has nothing to do with communism or capitalism, he's just some retard with too much power, given by his father.

isokessu 4 months ago 52

@isokessu True. Dictatorship is actualy the best way of running a country. The only problem is that most leaders are assholes or crazy people looking for power and not interested in others opinion. I feel like superman when I save a cat, making a whole nation happy would make me feel like god. True Human pride died ages ago sadly, there are only people who are full of love who turn out to be pussys and insecure, and people who are full of hate who turn out to be the scums of the earth like Kim.

ravenhousegaming 4 months ago 2

@ravenhousegaming I think that people go into it thinking like you are but by the time they have the power to actually make a difference, they've already given their humanity to the devil.

Rankik 4 months ago

@Rankik there... human greed

ravenhousegaming 4 months ago

@isokessu I think the idea of a dictatorship wouldn't be so bad if they didn't get so power hungry

MyMyMyTelephone 3 months ago

Dictatorships "worked" back then because organizing them was still better than living in squalor (good luck managing a farm by yourself). There was no lower depths to sink at that point. Dictatorships also work far better on a small scale (Communism too by extension) because it is easier to manage so there was some semblance of maintaining the people. This here is an example of how glaring the problems of dictatorships are when compared to other countries.

Machdude 3 months ago

@isokessu neo communist shit.

tubbyboy1985 3 months ago

@isokessu Kim Jong-ill is not a retard!  Actually he is a clever cruel Criminal who lives in comfort. A Sadistic who lives in comfort cleverly knows how to pull the "strings" to keep his evil heartless cruelty in power over his poverty stricken people . Most bizarre Dictators show some compassion to their people but this wicked sadist seems to hate his people. If his country wakes up, he'll be swinging by the neck at the end of a rope, gasping for breath, in which case justice will be served!

frbjoernLA 3 months ago

@frbjoernLA he's not a retard but he's not a genious, the template has already been made. Hitler, Saddaam,Kim-ill Sung. 1.Control media (books tv radio internet phones).2. Unite the country through propaganda (in overwhelming fashion) 3. use extremely brutal force to anyone who opposes

AGuitarNinja 2 months ago

@isokessu you dont know what youre talking about.

Youve never heard of UN sanctions?

NK was fine when they were allowed to trade with the world, but now, they dont have enough farmland to grow their own food

SirHungryHippo 2 months ago

Isnt this SK propaganda?

Chrunchstick 4 months ago

@dlxowns322 You must be insane - Capitalism and communism is equally bad. If everyone in this world were capitalists it'd be one huge chaos. Capitalism wants to give everyone there spot in the hierarchy and will give us a lot more homelessness. I guess you're one of those egoistic americans who live in his/her ranch and don't pay any kind of taxes so you can drive your BMW while watching TV at the same time on a 50" plasma.

Anser me truthfully - Do you even care about poor people?

BassmrDK 4 months ago

How interesting it is the The Us Navy Seals, Most elite team in the world, Went in and executed a man supposedly sitting on a toilet( Osama Bin Laden) in a small dingy apartment and the US media trumps it and praises parades the event. However, how come they're not doing anything in this case?? Got to love the US Propaganda Machine!

OQUENDO1968 4 months ago

@OQUENDO1968 Well what can they do? North Korea hates the US and North Korea and South Korea are still at war.

TATERxSALAD44 4 months ago


yoyager6567 4 months ago

The kid's are most likely smoking and drinking because they are hungry.

sassuhfrass93 4 months ago

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loveazzurrii 4 months ago

Kids smoke and drinking is not the issue just there..that is world wide..

The real problem in N Korea is starvation, control, freedom of speech, favortism, and prison camps(one member of the family is convicted of a simple crime they arrest 3 generations and send all to prison camps. Which is why the younger dont escape. They know their family will pay. Google books on N Korea. I have read serveral from Amazons site.

xandimars 4 months ago

This is so sad. Kids smoke and drink. D:

kevinmap 4 months ago

Why is the woman going on about Ice Cream at 1:40 ?

08750876 4 months ago

Most countries if sanctioned and isolated from the rest of the world, their economy will shrink due to lack of raw materials for the production processes, lack of wider market to trade with, and therefore this will lead to a country bankruptcy, as a result increased rate of unemployment, poverty and famine. This is what UN or the world didto these innocent kids to prove that their system is wrong and bad and capitalism is much better. Everything is not what you think they are. th world is unfair

dagaalyahaanzz 4 months ago

I am hundred percent pro free trade and real pro capitalist unlike the form of protectionist retarded form of capitalism in many countries today. I am sure also that the world is responsible for the suffering of North Koreans ordinay citizens, we sanctioned them with the main objective to criple the economy of a communist, but the leaders like KIM are enjoying while the ordinary people are paying the price. I am sure if we could let them trade with us they would be far better. UN is responsible.

dagaalyahaanzz 4 months ago

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KillJungIll 4 months ago

@MrMaxTruth I believe you are talking about yourself in a meantime.

jjjjjly 4 months ago

@jjjjjly A 7 seven year old child would understasnd what is written here . If you , a grown adult do not understand then i pity you.

MrMaxTruth 4 months ago

It's very contrast to K-pop culture of South Korea

DKITNG 4 months ago


justplainly 4 months ago

that SOB kim jong is busy with nukes and showing the world how good NK is while his people are starving. what a shame!!! NK people should know their dear leader Kim il sung is rotting in hell!!!!

anuragsharma08 4 months ago

@MrMaxTruth Wow, did you make that up or get it off something?

BlueGama600 4 months ago

@BlueGama600 I think its actualy a Chinese story which i heard when i was very young. I cant exactly remember the whole story. The irony here is that it was originaly intended as a pro revolutionary piece of litriture explaining the exploitation of the peasant farmer. Now it seems as with most communist revolutions the victors have become the tyrants. As George Orwell once said when referring to comminism, "Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others."

MrMaxTruth 4 months ago

@MrMaxTruth Wow, you really do know a lot about all these stories, quotes etc lol.

BlueGama600 4 months ago

looks like Detroit 

Sheenious 4 months ago

@Sheenious Ever been to Detroit?

Mountaineer3615 4 months ago

@Mountaineer3615 yea, more chaotic with tons of blacks. still looks like Detroit though

Sheenious 4 months ago

WTF is that dude doing on a train track?

michaelw352 4 months ago

You got nukes? No one fucks with you. Reality of the world.

marsneedstowels 4 months ago

@marsneedstowels Even though the US gets fucked with all the time and we fucking invented the nuke.

dragonbreathstinks 4 months ago

Must suck to grow up into being brainwashed by bs propaganda. 

iSmokeLikeBobMarley 4 months ago

@Idrumtocod North Korea Best Korea

Alex15Shinra 4 months ago

@Idrumtocod North Korea Best Korea!.

Alex15Shinra 4 months ago

You mean to tell me there's not ONE guy in that country who has the guts to kill  'Dear Leader" and ultimatley, himself?

ChicagoProdigy 4 months ago

@ChicagoProdigy It's NOT that simple friend. It's easy for us as outsiders to say things like this but you have to try and see it from their point of view.

They know nothing and their heads are full of propaganda. If a few DO know they fear not just for themselves but their entire families.

94981745 4 months ago

@ChicagoProdigy How can he be killed? He is sorrounded by people who could kill a man with their bare hands. He gives his body guards a good life. They are well fed and have to kill people to become one of his guards. If they have a good life and a bowl of rice they are not gonna make an attemp on his life. If this guy get taken out its gonna have to be by somebody else. Maybe the US. But we do nothing because they have no OIL.

BigMrJuarez 4 months ago

@BigMrJuarez Im sure if Presidents, prime ministers dictators etc. can be killed so can this fool. Either by a renegade in his nation or an outsider. I doubt every American invasion is about oil. Last time I checked, Americans buy the oil from gas stations who buy oil for foreign corporations, and it's not exactly free.

ChicagoProdigy 4 months ago

win, kids could get high at age 4, wish i grow up there.

Alex15Shinra 4 months ago

@Harrysound the world dont care,and it makes me can we have so much money and have everything...but countries like this and others,have NOTHING...dosent make sence at all....a revolution will begin....just like the middle east woke up and said fuck u!!! ppl of north korea will also,like they have in the past,and the world will be behind you every step of the way....cheers to north korea,from toronto canada...and also to Harrysound!! ...peace

shakysyxx 4 months ago

@shakysyxx To be fair, the countries that donate food to north korea, all that food goes to the military, and fed soliders terriorize the starving populace. If we never gave them aid in the first place the starving soilders might have done something..... Im just saying.

DJYC21215 4 months ago


Army is also starving

fwine19 4 months ago

@fwine19 Yes but many of the army is still well fed. As long as it remains that way the people who are starving even more will continue to be repressed in fear. A guy leaked a video out from a far nothern city in north korea, and while the cows were super skinny, and the people short dirty and malnourished, you see a soilder carring bags with a fresh haircut, and looks like he was pretty strong. If we stop giving them food the army will start to famine then they will revolt.

DJYC21215 4 months ago

@fwine19 continuing from last comment. Also this video shows it as well. Eventhough everyone in this video is skinny and malnourished, the soilders look healty by comparison.

DJYC21215 4 months ago


MetaIhead89 4 months ago

Imagine the contrast where a south korean kid killing everyone in the call of duty MW2 and north korean kid is dying of hunger!!!

All our govts are to be blamed!! US can wage war against a week country like iraq but cant muster up the courage to fight the real villain.

reens79 4 months ago


Lol enjoy your stay

And may Allah protect you, they be crazy there

Skinnyoompalumpa 4 months ago


wiseguyprdx 4 months ago

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ehypersonic 4 months ago

In the end, everything goes back to the fruit and vegetables, & herbs of the earth, and livestock. We just need to calculate the requirements of land usage and resources to grow enough to feed the current population, then, have all governments agree to alot an equal share of the required land equal to total number of inhabitants of each nation. Then have governments provide free education on self-sustainable living.  This will solve the poverty problem of the world.

EasternMerchant 4 months ago

@MrMaxTruth "The bird turned to the frog and told him about the mountains, rivers, flowers and a million other wonders beyond the well. In anger the frog now realised he had spent his entire life not in paradise but in prison."

except for N Korea. There is not shade from the sun, or abundant water, or real protection of any kind......

EasternMerchant 4 months ago

this seems normal if u compare with Somalia

HangZhien 4 months ago

Shame on us

Doomed from the start

May god have mercy

On our dirty little hearts

Shame on us

For all we have done

And all we ever were

Just zeros and ones

darkkramer666 4 months ago

@Harrysound China makes lots of propaganda to slow it down. China knows that If N Korea dosen't stay communist like China then China will have less power and their communist system will fade quickly

MrObservingGuy 5 months ago

@MrObservingGuy cough* bullshit cough* First of all china is gonna be the next super power in the world. The states are fading away, everyone knows that. China does not need North Korea at all. Second Whats left of China's communism? China is pretty oppressing and stuff, but they got rich and powerful because of all the international companies, and thus by capitalism.

Agunforxmas 5 months ago

@Agunforxmas @Agunforxmas China wants North Korea to stay communist because it keeps them blocked off from the non communist countries; it stops China getting easier access to the truth. Plus it helps keep them safer.

China wants to make the world communist so they can rule it, just like they were trying to force it over South Korea before.

MrObservingGuy 5 months ago

@MrObservingGuy Dude, you are just a stupid fat ass american who is brainwashed by american anti communism propaganda. Altough i like communism, it's dead. There is no future for communism anymore. Not saying that democracy is. China knows this, they aren't stupid.

Agunforxmas 4 months ago

@Agunforxmas 1. I'm not American, 2. Check the history, it has never worked. 3. Communism is fine, but you need perfect peopel to run a system like that. people are are not selfish or greedy in anyway what so ever but you wont find anyone that is without those traits completely therefore it wont work. Most people think Communism is bad but, its not the communism that is bad it's just that communism dosen't work.

MrObservingGuy 4 months ago

leave them to it. thats what i say.

MrRagingbovine 5 months ago

@MrRagingbovine Really? Leave them to it? Back in the the early 1940's when the holocaust was going on, do you think the Allied nations should have just left Germany to it? Do you know how fucking stupid and ignorant your comment was?

A2thedouble 4 months ago

It's a tragedy that we are so willing to invade Libya and Iraq but turn a relatively blind eye to the treatment of the North Korean people and many others who are tyrannized around the world. I wish we were at least consistent in our reaction to human rights abuses. It must seem like hypocrisy to those who are suffering without our help.

JoshLikesMusic 5 months ago

@JoshLikesMusic dude there's no oil in North Korea

Agunforxmas 5 months ago

@JoshLikesMusic any intervention would mean massive death. forget nukes, the initial artillery bombardment by the north would kills thousands in Seol day 1 alone. that's why.

BillKiernan 4 months ago

@nigelbulls23 actually it´s not so much propoganda when it´s shot by North Korean civilians , who risk there freedom and lives for even owning a camera , let alone shooting these images and smuggeling the videos outside of that country for the world to view . Just look at the contrast of people starving on the streets eating mud and even the bark from trees while goverment officials are have macdonalds flown in with Koryo air from China .

Neyosan 5 months ago

North Korea has never been communist. It is more like Fachism now

wowpockopaalt 5 months ago

The reason you never see this is because 99% of footage comes from Pyongyang. Pyongyang is the showcase city that is kept nice and peaceful to show that outside world how "amazing" the DPRK is. This footage is filmed elsewhere in the country.

Headcheezonium 5 months ago

@OtakuPraetorius North Korea is neither a paradise neither communist state. It's juche, perverted system of corporatism exploitation and monarchy under cover of communism. Any which communist youth says that NK is red paradise? You probably made that up. But yeah, NK is shit and Kim jong ill must be overthrown for the good of his people.

SoRAnubis 5 months ago