Saturday, June 30, 2012

difference between man and woman

there is a big difference in behavior between man and woman when using using a public restroom.
because most of women think that public toilets are not hygienic. hence they don't want to sit on the toilet cover.
then what to do ?
install hygienic plastic film cover on the toilet cover. and make it rotate automatically without touching the toilet cover.
when designing toilet and restroom, it should be considered. this video was made by a korean t.v.


That's wrong real gentlemen never use toilet, they go to nearby tree

YakuPhantomhive 29 minutes ago

i'm 10 time faster than the guy in the video

cdjet 58 minutes ago

woman always make simple things become more complicated :D

kejoryob 2 hours ago

Real man doesn't wash hands.

MyNameIsCodeLogic 2 hours ago

Comment removed

MyNameIsCodeLogic 2 hours ago

I am a gentleman. I urinate properly. I wash my hands with soap and water for a good minute or so. If I should take a dump, I most certainly clean up the seat with tissue and afterwards, I make sure it is clean for the next gentleman. It's not rocket science and it will only take you a few extra minutes so please, guys, let's all be gents to each other.

13hbbh 2 hours ago

Im all about cleanliness so this is totally not true for me

derekbegins 3 hours ago

ahhhh stressssss

the girl's the same as the boy

cereminty 6 hours ago

I'm more towards the girl because I don't touch the seat and clean it with tissue before sitting down, place the tissue on the toilet seat, but I still don't fully sit on it. I wash my hands and apply lotion but not make-up :P

CrazyForNYCLights 7 hours ago

dont forget that lots of you idiots dont even use normal grammatical sentience structure.

thats way worse that the way ppl use the toilet.

williamkendrick 7 hours ago

maybe some man like but not every man, my self always clean my hand with soap if there is any soap in toilet. The bad thing is not every toilet have soap. -Donny HS-

korankuilang 7 hours ago

50 ppl dislike! those are the clean guys unlike the nasty dude in the video :D

flowersflame 12 hours ago

the girl not already give the bag to the guy?? y she still have one bag to take the tissue??

nicolecassiopeia 15 hours ago

@nicolecassiopeia that the purse. one big bag with a lot of things and one small bag with smaller things. i do that.

melodysoup 5 hours ago

What if a person is not like the girl or the guy? Im in between? o.O Im not so nasty like the dude and not so neat with all the make up and perfume like the girl? o.O

Becky22tseng 16 hours ago

i feel this is more like a worst common case scenario. I'm confident most guys don't do such things.

ssw1989 17 hours ago

not all guys like that i use the gel wash more than that girl there:S

CoofeeBin 17 hours ago


i000iLoveMusic000i 18 hours ago

not EVERY men is like that AND NOT EVERY WOMEN do 'that'

horasnasution 18 hours ago

Its funny how the girl do all that just to get the germs from the guy in the end xD

JxBlank 18 hours ago

Omg, the girl. That's exactly like me at the public restrooms :3

Accuracy, 101% lolol.

samiarenessish 18 hours ago

@samiarenessish same here! except the flushing with the foot part. I usually use a hand wrapped in toilet paper for that and thank god for autosensor flushes

solangesand 18 hours ago

Not every men is like that...

spore637 18 hours ago

the girl is really fuckable

kkthegreat88 18 hours ago

The girl is really hot

Bloodarch 19 hours ago

tht dirty prick!, his hands all dirty and then he started touching her bags and face and food! disgusting!

adzlanbandiccotman 19 hours ago

hey..not all men do that..i don't do that in the toilet..

antonxski 20 hours ago

I'm a guy, I don't visit the toliet like those doucebags in the video. That's stereotyping, ruggart guys doesn't mean they are barbaric in toliet. It only means we handle more shit than women, like catching cockcroaches, doing outfield stuff that can get us dirty easily etc.....

MrMadMcMad 20 hours ago

Jung Hyungdon!

rapha24mt 20 hours ago

wtf?? that girl just stepped on the flush handle??? and u call that womanly???

filletofish2008 20 hours ago

woman part was true...... i'll always make sure that the toilet seat was clean then use tissue wipe again, must!!!

but i won't use toilet paper and put on the seat==

Coelle13 21 hours ago

Am i the only one that thinks the women there is really hot???

BopZ61191 21 hours ago 3

@BopZ61191 im with ya dude, she is quite a cutie!

adzlanbandiccotman 19 hours ago

i seriously do this. xD

shirynnn 21 hours ago

lol, not all guys are like that. i wash my hands thoroughly, and not just the fingers. and if i accidently pissed my hand, i wouldnt wipe it on my shirt because thatll be stupid. i'll just wash it

Zeemas 21 hours ago 2

I've seen guys washing their penises at the sink on more than a couple of occasions...

visa 22 hours ago

is true! i did that too when i used public toilet.. making sure its clean for me to sit on the toilet seat i'll put extra layer of tissue

MogooA 22 hours ago

this explain all those queues near women's public toilet.

rimidalvetarak 23 hours ago 2


rimidalvetarak 23 hours ago

Why are the girls not in the kitchen instead ?

dunnoleh 23 hours ago

lol so true on the womans part =))) 

kimmytotpot 1 day ago

@switkissez skyrim is an onine game...go internet and check it out, it is downright awesome:D

liltaful 1 day ago

god.. guys r disgusting..

ellalwin 1 day ago 5

@ellalwin Nice, now go tell that to your dad ;)

MaxDisguise 22 hours ago

@MaxDisguise lol.. i knew those comments were coming.. haha.. i mean if tat applies to all.. haha

ellalwin 21 hours ago

Fuck it,im using toilet with hygenie,not all boys really do that,i usually go wash after using it.

gyarados54 1 day ago 5

@gyarados54 i wanted to thumbs up but i have something to add , i always wash up after using it not "usually" :P

ExyHero 22 hours ago

You forgot that girls also use their camera to take a self-portrait in the mirror.

lifecrysis1307 1 day ago 33

burp....this is really awkward....

ngyaukeat 1 day ago

I found this easy to masterbed at girls part *fapfapfap*

MrPrinceSanta 1 day ago

I always wipe the toilet seat before using it too. I can't understand how those women get their urine all over the toilet seat. So gross.

Jintard 1 day ago 6

i actually wash my hands with soap........ sometimes..... :P

ChriSX13 1 day ago

The guy behave make me puke... Anyway, my dad also... Lol..

hsoen 1 day ago

I'm at that weird part of youtube.

zimsen88 1 day ago 2

hahah OMG!! Guilty as charged! I carried a hand sanitizer or Antibacterial wet wipes with me just in case, will not touch the door knob, or if i have to i make sure i wiped it or use my elbow to push.. And yes I did all those 'acrobatic' moves hahahahaha.. but NO i dont have OCD...

veroneecaJ 1 day ago

@veroneecaJ what is OCD? o.O

AsianHarryPotter 1 day ago

@AsianHarryPotter OCD = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. There are diff type and 1 of them are obsession of being clean. Example, the need to clean hands or shower for longer period because the thought of once is not clean enuf.. well something like that.. Google it if you want more info. :-)

veroneecaJ 5 hours ago

i use the toilet like the girl.. im a

lifeisnotabutton 1 day ago 30

Notice that the video is 4.32 mins ? The girl part took up about 3 mins of the video....and we have been wondering why women took so long for their toilet break

orochinowa 1 day ago 2

lolz ! damn true !

m2rit2 1 day ago

great now girls are going to do a crosscheck when we get out from the damn toilets fck these vids

gscklang03 1 day ago 2

I dont do that, I'll just wash my hands and run straight out from the toilet. Can't stand the overwhelming odor if you ask me

biutify 1 day ago


So differances....

wasu311 1 day ago

Wait...... why does the woman reminds me of taylor swift O.o

NotProNotNub 1 day ago 4

@NotProNotNub just the hair style

lan600000 1 day ago

that is just wrong, not all guys are like that, lol, i, on the other hand admit that i use a lot of tissues when i am in a public bathroom so that i do not touch directly with everything inside

TweFoji 1 day ago

asdjdjgkhgaksdhkasfjshdgajdgaj­shdgasdads......... Oh My God

Josenbo 1 day ago

Do not date Korean guys cause unhygienic, do not date Korean girls if you cannot wait.

DragynRaken 1 day ago 4

women will take forever...!

projeckt1948 1 day ago

at the end.. she still get dirty by her boyfriend.. haha!

yellowcorner69 1 day ago

I use to have a korean roomie, and she is crazy over hygiene... I didn't need to clean the toilet cos she would spring into action the moment there is a weird smell or spot.

maiachryseis 1 day ago

Now I know why girls spend so many time in washroom! damn it

kakashi5217 1 day ago

only korean man are like that... record a video of man's toilet at the basin.... u bet u...most people wash their hands with soap and dry them with tissues...

adrianqcs 1 day ago

im a man and i do the same as the woman when i take a dump in a public toilet!!

DarthBalle 1 day ago

when a lady needs the toilet urgently, please lahh. where got time to slowly open the WC and wipe it nicely? LOL

ZariQAzron 1 day ago

the woman looks like taylor swift :O

destandinglastman 1 day ago

shit.... my roommate is a korean

4ourTimber 1 day ago

who cares. men are greener! low waste. and time efficient.

herianto1989 1 day ago

Pretty funny but not exactly realistic towards both genders.'s a comedy show.

cgkitti 1 day ago

One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel

such a disgrace to the male population !

TkYsince1991 1 day ago

No wonder I have to wait so long for my girl.

MrRtek84 1 day ago

Comment removed

TkYsince1991 1 day ago

Lol not all man are like dat. Even if they dont use soap....

blegys 1 day ago

korean man, man... i'm pretty sure i don't do that D:

jaskknd 1 day ago

seeing the guy touching the lady all over with his filthy hands gave me the creeps...

ccmk 1 day ago

whats the girl's name ?

night1218 1 day ago

@night1218 her name is Jeong Ga-eun.

manteckc 1 day ago

i am a guy, i will fucking hell wash my hand fucking clean, and use the hand dryer, after that jus tidy up the fucking hair up there

arsenallengzai 1 day ago 5

LOL that guy is Hyun Dong, Taeyeon see what did ur husband do lol

FarEastBabylon 1 day ago

@FarEastBabylon I mean Hyung Don* lol

FarEastBabylon 1 day ago

2:30 nice tits

alevakarya 1 day ago

why not just change a body after going 1 time toilet?

iamotaru 1 day ago

and that's why woman queue? D:

TheGeebonThing 1 day ago

no girls dare to touch the toilet wall nor using their heels to open the toilet cover.ohhh the calamity!!

fishyfieable 1 day ago

Fking shitty korean ? not all guys does that . Fuck the stupid korean woman too . waste so much tissue, how much trees are you all killing man . so afraid of germs than just dont go out ? Oh sorry, everywhere is bacteria, might as well u all just die now .

gyongs93 1 day ago

This has been flagged as spam show

switkissez 1 day ago

I ADMIT! I came here because of the girl.

jacklmx 1 day ago 3

Comment removed

switkissez 1 day ago

@switkissez haha scary but ... me doing this too :D

sandmond 1 day ago

only in Korea

josephwjm 1 day ago

and whos the one who always complain about the long queue in the ladies?

junhao8776 1 day ago

this is kinda true.. @@

sagiting 1 day ago

I'm more disturbed by the fact that the chubby got the beauty.

supasorneek 1 day ago 115

@supasorneek UTTERLY DISTURBED!!!

speedboiz78 1 day ago

if everyone uses their leg to open the toilet seats and flush, wouldn't the toilet be more dirty? lols

iamagirl1993 1 day ago

i find the girls part to be mostly true, about how we use the leg the amount of tissue and how we wash the guys are like that?!?!?!

wynelee 1 day ago

@wynelee hahahas partly ;)

MrZykea 1 day ago

Pudding! hahaha.

ajailnaix 1 day ago

The amount of time she took is enough to complete Skyrim.

bolosantosi19 1 day ago 36

@bolosantosi19 what is skryrim?

switkissez 1 day ago

This is so Fox News, which is also why it's funny.

azuredrak 1 day ago

wow. who's the lady? she's beautiful!

Amirshearer 1 day ago 2

@Amirshearer if not mistaken, she is Jung Ga Eun (정가은) acts as Jang Hye Bin in Thounsand Kisses, sister of the character Jang Woo Bin.

diva124 1 day ago

................. baka jia nega

llDarkWolf 1 day ago

y is she covering up? how did she know there is a camera?


lonelycat100 1 day ago

@lonelycat100 of cos she knows there's a camera.. this is not a candid camera.. the girl n guy are filming on how woman & man behave in toilets..

Jayniel88 1 day ago

understands no shit...

enrongsuck 1 day ago

she is so beautiful

LindalovesRyan 1 day ago 4

Strong demand to change the title! NOT all MAN will be such disgusting like KOREAN man!

8288ahsim 1 day ago

Not true. The only areas where a man has residual piss, are his shoes and his pants near the ankles. Like if you know what I mean.

boonmonkeysheep 1 day ago

nobody recognizes Jeong Hyeong-don?

jdiamond9494 1 day ago 2

@jdiamond9494 i only know pudding

thetarget 1 day ago

ok for women is quite true but for men fking bullshit

DarkH0lic 1 day ago

What these girls don't realize is that most of the time, these toilets are much cleaner overall compared to their own rooms.

fatimmortal 1 day ago

so this is why fucking girls take so long in the toilet when i'm at clubs lol

joewizard100 1 day ago 4

this doesnt mean that guys doesnt wash hands with soap.

benbenwhy20 1 day ago

I think the point is that after all the precautions that the woman took to be hygenic, she ends up getting "dirtied" by her boyfriend who barely washed his hands, lol

rr1208 1 day ago 6

so man takes about 1 min and woman takes about 3 min and thats when they not even gossiping in the toliet!! =0 oh wells

MrGalloon 1 day ago

her poor boyfriend, he has to wait so long for her. >.<

blue080818 1 day ago 2

Translated from a chinese saying, If we see it it's dirty, If we can't see it it's clean =)

nosxpress 1 day ago

Not every guys are like those korean men lol wtf? This is bs

Atomiserztom 2 days ago

she should also not have touched the toilet walls with her hands. Nor, dirty her heels by opening the toilet cover. Everything should have toilet papers as a cover.

zescapevelocity 2 days ago 62

Comment removed

keyboard881221 1 day ago

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keyboard881221 1 day ago

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rockingking92 2 days ago

isnt the guy taeyeon's husband from we got married?!

93hellome 2 days ago

Man, i'm a guy. I'm not that disgusting.

MarcoPolo908 2 days ago 5

Wow women and man toilet habits, Eeek the guy no wash hands Turn-off.

missyhui21 2 days ago in playlist Funny!


SSUstufRudel 2 days ago

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RavenNeo 2 days ago

Sorry I'm a guy but the way I use the public restroom is exactly what the lady did minus the makeup.

RavenNeo 2 days ago

@RavenNeo So you are telling us that you are gay?

Zetsubou12345 2 days ago

flaggin this video as insulting!

MarkExodia 2 days ago

@MarkExodia Insulting for guy or gal? =)

TonoGam 2 days ago

@TonoGam Girls be bitching.

Zetsubou12345 2 days ago

@TonoGam guy of course.. i don't mind what we do in the toilet.. its just they saying we our dirty hands touch our GF stuff, i mean WTH? i don't do that!

MarkExodia 1 day ago 2

Korean Men, WTF?

Korean Women, i WantTF.

SuperChinese89 2 days ago 5

@SuperChinese89 You are a genius.

Zetsubou12345 2 days ago


sh3lv1 2 days ago

Difference between KOREAN woman and KOREAN man.

killer00630 2 days ago 168

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Asian guy tests taser on himself



trixykix310 2 hours ago


Oggyx 14 hours ago

:O is he dead?

masktchigotchi 19 hours ago

such people stil exist in the world?

JonjonVeloce 23 hours ago dumbbbbbbbbb

quiksilver0000 1 day ago

This shit is so fake! lol.

JonnySoAsian 1 day ago

difficulty level : asians chuck norris

yurasune 1 day ago


That was a stupid, bitch-ass move.

boom303bq 1 day ago

The king of sohai

BaoziPork 1 day ago

did he died?

Mobin92 1 day ago

Why does he fall backward? He is not being hit by any force. He should simply collapse under the force of gravity. The whole thing is a fake.

CloeBuckingham 1 day ago

@CloeBuckingham Tasers induce a huge electrical shock into the nervous system of a human being. As the nervous system uses electric signals to tell a muscle what to do, being tasered is like someone shrieking into a megaphone straight in your ear.

jigglybits 1 day ago

He died? Wow. Okay.

missy7600 1 day ago

what an idiot. a disgrace to the Chinese race

boobdusk 1 day ago

LOL talk talk talk *zap 1 second* instantly unconscious.

Choon56 1 day ago

Level : Asian

dillonvesan 1 day ago

that, my friend, is a true man

AuroraXZ 1 day ago


TheMrJaven 1 day ago

he sounds malaysian.

elijah1024 1 day ago

bitch please

MobT33V33 1 day ago

He is not an Asian. He is a B-sian

humpingbird 1 day ago 6


AbzeRd 1 day ago

Stupidity level : Asian.

GhostMadden17 1 day ago

He can't be asian. Fuck man. I've never seen a dumbass asian. He's gotta be endangered or something.

ShizzlinJizzlin 1 day ago 12


jbsho1 1 day ago

and he never woke up........

TEO7944 1 day ago

; Taser doesn't kill.. 

SHINeex3x3 2 days ago

Did he die? =x

raymondwei21 2 days ago

csb. nuff said.

raymondkillu 2 days ago

dont grief over him, china...overpopulated anyway..

marrrkyyy1 2 days ago 17

@marrrkyyy1 I wouldn't grief over your death either, this world doesn't need racist lowlife cunts like you. You think you're funny but I would not hesitate to slit your throat.

mzrealm 1 day ago 5

was it sadistic to laugh ?!?! LOL

JunXi123 2 days ago


magnezhitecture 2 days ago


cafeorange 2 days ago

I should try this the next time I have insomnia.

ooooters 2 days ago 8

Hey guys For Your Info, NO ONE SWITCHED OFF THE CAM. This video is being cut, it is being edited, because whoever posted this video (in the first place) doesn't want to get dislikes bar for being another idiot to upload a full video, cause i'm sure it'll be hours before whoever finds this kid D-E-A-D.

TheOndrayTV 2 days ago

who switched off the cam for him?

hellomissingbox 2 days ago

@lefonceur26 ok is not funny no need to be a dick :(

tadpolejovian 2 days ago

@tadpolejovian agreed :D

lefonceur26 2 days ago

By the end of the video they should put In the Memory of this guy haha

tadpolejovian 2 days ago 6

@tadpolejovian Dude, I have a cold. You had me coughing like crazy on the freaking train.

lefonceur26 2 days ago

@lefonceur26 watch?v=DfBF0tSO53A , paper spray on himself, whn he realize that he actually look like a pervert

o0o74 2 days ago

I got a shock when the thing went off :0

dgirlish8 2 days ago

obviously fake. Too bad for you racist trolls who hoped he died

FYI, just by his accent, any asian will know this guy is not from China. He's from malaysia you idiots

spdsboiboi86 2 days ago

@spdsboiboi86 And anyone on the internet would know you're a teeny weeny kid from the way you typed out your comment. Obviously a lil' troll's kid.

SkyeEdition 2 days ago

Chinese man: "i will not get electrocuted ever, Impossibru" BZZZZZ

Hunderworld 2 days ago


741741741 2 days ago

Who stopped the camera?

ChewytanTV 2 days ago 52

@ChewytanTV I was goign to say the same thing O_o

MrBFDD 2 days ago

@ChewytanTV it was cut short.

xen0genesis 2 days ago

@ChewytanTV himself after waking up from 6 hours of unconsciousness

o0o74 2 days ago

@ChewytanTV Dumb question, the original goes for another 3 hours until the camera runs out of memory. His housemate found him and called the paramedics later on.

mzrealm 1 day ago

that shit was gay

MultiKevdogg 3 days ago

ray sent me

509Gothicgirl 6 days ago

ahahah dis isnt fake noob

Mrlianvideos 1 week ago

shit didnt even reach

bayarbat 2 weeks ago

OUCH!! I don't think it is fake.. I think that was definitely a reflex reaction to the Electrical Buzzzzzzzzzzz.. lol

redyoshi1985 2 weeks ago


rippen100 3 weeks ago

how funny and dum

saMiir669 4 weeks ago

Well at least we know the dang thing works. I'll buy one just to test it on him too.

JRock0085 1 month ago


XempireX18 1 month ago

i do that all the time lmfao

bigdog22596 1 month ago

Rapidly tap 2 to find out what he wants to do

WoWTips2Help 1 month ago

rofl hilariousity

chazmany11 2 months ago

fake hand.... look at the moves -.-

NlkOlVy 2 months ago

what dumbass LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

solajegs 2 months ago


thanis555 5 months ago


thanabts555 5 months ago


iKenziexDD 5 months ago



cadeded 6 months ago

Fake and gay

jusorik 6 months ago

I hope the gook died

ttamsiemanym033 6 months ago

omg did he like get up ??


snuffles888 7 months ago

Any asians care to translate?

krazykrumper108 8 months ago

@krazykrumper108 he says: watch me taze myself because im an idiot

theunkownviolinist 8 months ago 2


JasonDracen 9 months ago


XiaraLvsAlex 10 months ago


Dude, it's TRUE. D:

And why don't you go tell it to the guy who called him a chink? Yeesh...

BLACKIESBOY 10 months ago

I would love to see the uncut version.

ZeroLiche 11 months ago

Not enough muscle on the edge of his hand to cause that. Totally fake.

tlsmith1138 11 months ago

He's just too free. =.="

JOYCEluhh 11 months ago

He's dumbass stupid...

zaigal87 11 months ago

this cracks me up every time...

Ollie1949 11 months ago

i love the tags at the bottom: make me sandwich

Lycerate 11 months ago

why does he lie back so nicely... looks fake...

takotot2t 11 months ago

WTF. BO LIAO is only what I can say.

dearestdrusilla 11 months ago

Is he ok?

MrFlame121 11 months ago

@MrFlame121 I think he died lol

lefonceur26 11 months ago 53

@lefonceur26 Yeah.. he isnt breathing LOL.

MrFlame121 11 months ago

@lefonceur26 Why would you laugh if someone died!?

PivotBloodArrow 3 weeks ago

@lefonceur26 if only that were true.

trekkiesg 2 days ago

he's malaysian

catfaerie2002 11 months ago

err.... lame

hahabigbully123 11 months ago


vasifka 11 months ago

welcome to my country, where it has become as idiotic as america.

Larientus 11 months ago

@Larientus if you are an idiot in your idiotic country, it does not mean that everyone elses country is idiodic.

vasifka 11 months ago 2

He's tea bagging himself in his dreams. =p

djdrool91 11 months ago

Lol.stupid chinks

rasboi 11 months ago


nauxiak133 11 months ago


armorforshit 11 months ago

wth -.- how smart can someone get

bluezlight 11 months ago

HAHHAA self pwn

HavenSpawn 11 months ago

He's Asian; he probably built it

customtechnology 11 months ago

Don't feel bad for him. China's overpopulated anyway.

BLACKIESBOY 11 months ago 124

@BLACKIESBOY is that a perception of yours that anybody who has that kinda face / skin etc would be chinese or from china ? if not why suggest that. the chinese themselves have a child policy whereby a family can have only 1 child.

DesapeMiseryFans 11 months ago


It's a joke. But nice try.

BLACKIESBOY 11 months ago

i see :)

DesapeMiseryFans 11 months ago

@DesapeMiseryFans thats pretty messed up what if they have more than 1? adoption?

HesDaryl 7 months ago


Z31oftuner 11 months ago

@BLACKIESBOY Its malaysia, not china .

willysoh93 11 months ago


gatman250 1 month ago

@BLACKIESBOY He sound malaysian. -.-

VeryFiona 1 month ago

@BLACKIESBOY  dude what the faack?

dondanyi 2 days ago


Calm down, Nonsensical Name #341702. It's a joke.

BLACKIESBOY 2 days ago

I wish i was the Taser and doing it a 1000 times on THIS guy lols xD

HolySerenade 11 months ago

the chinese population needs more of this

hyrul91 11 months ago

ha i hate asians

SOUNDWAVE643 1 year ago

@SOUNDWAVE643 and i hate u

walkthroughspro 1 year ago


TheHengKong 1 year ago

Is he alive?

shanilynmanson 1 year ago

wtf happend

RappareHezzy 1 year ago

Rwj quote: fake and gay

Laprocasi 1 year ago 33

@Laprocasi he didnt quote that.... he said he didnt care or know if it was or wasnt.

sony827 1 week ago

@Laprocasi Fuck RWJ!

ThErOck232 2 days ago

there are to many people in china eney way.

ComplexChao 1 year ago

@ComplexChao u totaly got that from tosh.0 but anyway lol

Leegan9 1 year ago

@Leegan9 lol my stupid cousin was on my account... I wouldn't take somthing from tosh.0 nor would i spell "any" wrong

ComplexChao 1 year ago

@ComplexChao wait r u sayin tht i spelled any wrong?

Leegan9 1 year ago

@Leegan9 No my cousin was on my account and spelled any "eney". You spelled it right.

ComplexChao 1 year ago

they see me trollin...

nemmeh 1 year ago

i feel better knowing that somewere, somehow, a asian kid is tasing himself.

oromaaka3 1 year ago


JuanMadison16 1 year ago

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jaehoon Lim -2011 Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde


black magic of thailand what is so great about it 

victorvtwl 10 hours ago

ואו זה פשוט מדהים איזה פעלולים ואחיזת עיניים עם יונים אהבתי מאוד


attaragal1 2 days ago

מדהים  מדהים מדהים

yitzhakben 2 days ago

what sorcery is this :o

PersianinSweden 3 days ago

You can clearly see during the balloon part him reach into his overly poofy coat and pull out a dove, There is a secret liner in the coat, you see him almost never stop moving so the restless birds wont make the coat move. also the tv cuts are well done, cut to someones face you dont see a bird grab

tom2step 1 week ago

@tom2step what and you thought he could magically pull a bird out of nowhere?

7showler7 6 days ago

what song is he using?? can someone tell me??

MentalVicent 1 week ago

animal abuse. flag

SmokeEm122 1 week ago

@SmokeEm122 I have pet doves I do tricks with and I would like to say that magic being abusive to doves and rabbits is a stereotype. If you use the old painful methods of dove magic (which are easier) You are labeled a 'Yanker' and are basically shunned from the magic community. Your aren't allowed to preform at the Magic Castle or most places in LA. I will not disclose the methods used, but the dove will NEVER get hurt using them. Please know thee facts before expressing you random opinions.

xmbomagic 4 days ago

@SmokeEm122 Also I realize the cage they are put in after being produced is far too small, but I'm talking over all.

xmbomagic 4 days ago

il est incroyable, bravo !!!

3lindt 1 week ago

מ ד ה י ם

yitzhakben 2 days ago


lordofthenoobs 1 week ago

Fantastic performance....

WWJD1010A 1 week ago

Amazing !!!!!!!!!

hirmizzz 1 week ago


danis2403 1 week ago

nice performance !!!

LILLYLEE0825 1 week ago

Çocuk sapıttınmı ne...Bu ne menem illizyondur. Nasıl oluyor bunlar şaştım kaldım.Osman Nuri GÖZÜODLU

1968ONG 1 week ago


Ruaayengin 1 week ago

trop fort!!!!!!!!!!!!

100aimen 1 week ago

omigod that guy is soooo hot

carolynporter333 1 week ago

And thus everyone in the audiance was rendered impressed. But can he do it without sleeves?

001php 1 week ago


Can you do it with sleeves?!

Ganamoza 1 week ago

@Ganamoza With practice, sure. He's had practice, I haven't.

001php 1 week ago

@001php ya maybe, but seriously, how many birds can you fit up your sleeves without having lumps all over you

rmotlagh9 1 week ago

@rmotlagh9 Are you sure they were all in his sleeves before the show? He did contsantly go back to the cage. Though I don't care to watch it again to further analyze and see if my theory is incredibly impossible, but there could be something behind or under the cage with more birds for his slight-of-hand trickery.

It's fun to watch, most certainly! But not the most amazing I've seen. XD

001php 1 week ago

Unbelievable ....

mk181818 2 weeks ago

cool, what is the name of the songs?

malgoul 2 weeks ago

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gilbar19 2 weeks ago

Как называется 3й трек?

TrickSoul 2 weeks ago

it's cheap what you sold your soul to the devil for my friend...

kimiig84 2 weeks ago

Nice music and bird tricks. What's the name of that last song? Sound Hound app couldn't detect it. TIA.

beowulf7email 3 weeks ago

представьте, какая там вонь!

feldmandaniel 3 weeks ago

where the hell was he gettin all those birds from?

CrashBandikoot7 3 weeks ago


Minute 0:32 you see really clear dove out of his sleeve with his left hand

Cobebi 3 weeks ago


You're right and I spotted that immediately. However, I have no f'ing idea how he does the rest of the show.

LinusVanPelt111 3 weeks ago

great dove magic

MyZatanna 3 weeks ago

Ну вообще удивило) Вопрос , как , возник ))

progerntn 3 weeks ago

бедные птички, леска всюду.

Jan0Moro 3 weeks ago 2

Удивительно, сколько голубей может поместится на таком маленьком человечке. Надеюсь, в конце они не превращаются в кровавый фарш, как в фильме "Престиж"

MrPeterBlood 3 weeks ago 13


Голуби худющие, а рукава у него ой какие здоровые.

vadim375 3 weeks ago

Прикольно че

ImFocusNICK 3 weeks ago in playlist Фокусы

@ImFocusNICK Но голубей перекрашивать..... это злостно.

ImFocusNICK 3 weeks ago in playlist Фокусы 7

@ImFocusNICK Так, может, там пищевой какой?

AlenaSchatzi 3 weeks ago

@AlenaSchatzi Ну все равно вот прикинь идешь ты по городу голубем а тут ловит тебя Jaehoon Lim усыпляет просыпаешься уже в рукаве у него и розовый весь... как тебе такой расклад?!

ImFocusNICK 2 weeks ago

Russian magician Churov can do much more than that!

UTubeMe1001 3 weeks ago

What was that?? 2:36

denismajor 3 weeks ago

как? О_О

MrKsooo 3 weeks ago

Судя по фильму "Престиж" птичек жалко.

ppti1000 3 weeks ago 2


memprus 3 weeks ago

Fameux  ce video "le plus grand cabaret du monde"

cletardi 3 weeks ago


AnyOne795 3 weeks ago

Jaehoon Lim thou art an idol how old are you

Brunomelo69f 3 weeks ago

I hope those birds aren't being mistreated

tommysteal 3 weeks ago

How not?

spottedturtledove 3 weeks ago

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howshue 4 weeks ago

Amazing! Bravo!

sikoraptashka 1 month ago

Удивительное мастерство! Браво!!!!!!!!!

SuperSun2525 1 month ago

flippin heck!!!!!!

georgia3rd 1 month ago


magicmarvin711 1 month ago

Brilliant! Fabulous, I loved it!!

MandECross 1 month ago

did the doves like the show I wonder

natalia32300 1 month ago

trop fore le mec ^^

HKM1312 1 month ago

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tmmagic1 1 month ago


zabrra09 1 month ago


Wwedman1PS3 1 month ago in playlist Liked videos

although his performance is perfect,so reckless of him to treat his doves

robert501128 1 month ago

вай вай шайтан

sniperelite011 1 month ago

@sniperelite011 Ahujet mozna da :D

Wwedman1PS3 1 month ago in playlist Liked videos

This kid is terrific if you overlook the snappy head-turns, darting eye movements, and incessant coo-and-kiss-the-birdie antics before he cages them. The combination of being so young and so dexterous is impressive despite the fact that he looks like the love-child of Lucy Lui and "Dexter." The crowd loved him. So did I.

MrJoncards 1 month ago

@MrJoncards fag

lordofthenoobs 1 week ago

What is the music back, please ?

Camilledu9898 1 month ago

S'il vous plaît c'est quoi la chanson derrière ? (la première)

Camilledu9898 1 month ago

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ludiwwwine 1 month ago

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ludiwwwine 1 month ago


borndekdee 1 month ago

The Asian sensation! wicked!

dinoodlez3 1 month ago

He's good .

MikeXoman 1 month ago

Wow! He is good

anhryan1 1 month ago

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MagicanHaiDuy023 1 month ago

What's the Name of This Song ? ( at 2:46 )

tmmagic1 1 month ago

hello u r upgrade ur performance & new instrument

MrJaesarang 2 months ago

Comment arrive-t-il a faire tout ca?? C'est magnifique..

pmmanasak 3 months ago

nice move...grrrrrrrrrrrrr.........­........

mhonjayson 3 months ago

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comedyvideo 3 months ago

Beautiful! Congratulations! : )

comedyvideo 3 months ago

Excellent dove act !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

robertinomagician 3 months ago

bravo!! trés bonne manipulation de colombes!! :)

tmmagic1 3 months ago

Excellentes performances et incroyable!

kingmagicsales 3 months ago


mrgame286 3 months ago