Saturday, December 29, 2012

Singapore - New year fireworks 2012


The first few minutes of the fireworks were nice, but the later part were quite messy imo.

myfyp2 3 days ago

Happy New year from Marsiling Rise, Woodlands.:D

19792403 3 days ago

woooooooowwwww so nice

janda445 6 days ago

wow...i still dun believe that the whole fireworks event was 9:26 long...

HaqimTV 6 days ago

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artulos19999 1 week ago

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artulos19999 1 week ago

Damn, should have been there

orgminyak 1 week ago

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limtzeseng 1 week ago

i did hear someone shouting our tax is up there ....:)

reyeshung 1 week ago

/watch?feature=player_embedded­&v=D8xKs4lyxpo better view!

UnknownLZY 1 week ago

nice video

SexCyberGuideCom 1 week ago

beautifull fireworks, happy newyears all :D

dennisalbihad 1 week ago

taxpayer's money going boom boom boom. lol

iamabove18youknow 1 week ago

wwwooowwwww singapore firework amazing 

shal2180 1 week ago

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MTM1920 1 week ago

*fireworks* wooooooooww!!!

milmao897 1 week ago

haha london was much better? now what fire work competition? dude get a life. i'm from Brazil i love Singapore one of the best place in the world.

LyteFunkieOnez 1 week ago 14

2012 start loving stop hating, start living stop worrying. Happy new year everyone :-)

NewKidOnTheBlog555 1 week ago 5

Thanks for your nice words on my YT page. We wish you all have a very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2012. If you like Gospel Songs please visit us at youtube dot com/ indogospel. Thanx again.

AATerbika 1 week ago

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ininin86 1 week ago

im from malaysia anyway nice vids but  want you to put a bit higher

wongcalvin73 1 week ago

Medzilaborce lepšie bolo ... :D

minhtiensk 1 week ago

LOL. Don't compare which country has the BEST fireworks. All are still beautiful fireworks display! And I saw this i live in Singapore. :)

casrinacookies 1 week ago

I am in Singapore and I saw it it was beatifull

emaanfaiz 1 week ago

So much more clearer and better than mediacorp live broadcast.

kohkeng 1 week ago

my income tax....T^T

h8me123 1 week ago

@h8me123 come on, just enjoy it. Not your first time seeing your income tax on air right? =D

bobeichow 1 week ago 10

Happy New Year! Watching from Seattle, missing Singapore!

soysaucegirl 1 week ago

thanks for posting! i'm living in canada and i miss singapore. the "happy new year" at the end is a very nice touch. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too!

onepeachsoda 1 week ago

k lol. kana exorcism ar?

T3chNoBoii 1 week ago

London was much much much better

jonathandcpham 1 week ago

@jonathandcpham Great Britain is also a bigger country ;)

randomgal 1 week ago

@randomgal GBR isnt a country, group of countries :P

roryt8 1 week ago

@jonathandcpham london certainly had a bigger budget compared to singapore. you can't be comparing london to singapore.

atiqahhhhh 1 week ago

@atiqahhhhh You sort of can, Singapore is very advanced with technology, and maybe not the citizens, but their government is quite rich from what i know.

roryt8 1 week ago

@jonathandcpham You're right, how else would they justify the tons of income tax they take. "Yay, we had better fireworks than Singapore!!!"

ishanbhanu 1 week ago

One of my cousin saw this from her house lol

Fletcherismine 1 week ago

Watch mine. And LOL at my reactions.

allstarsnorks2 1 week ago

nice ganda!!!!!

kell052978 1 week ago

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SuperUmer25 1 week ago

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SuperUmer25 1 week ago

good job man :)...

josephsujith 1 week ago

Saw this from my house :)

janeongjj 1 week ago


3msccorleone 1 week ago

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

Behind the scenes at a McDonald's photo shoot

An exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of a McDonald's Canada photo shoot!!

Isabel M from Toronto asked "Why does your food look different in the advertising than what is in the store?"

Friday, November 30, 2012

Crazy woman throws and kicks rubbish bins onto the road and at vehicles

Crazy woman throws and kicks rubbish bins onto the road and at vehicles

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Genesis - Jesus knows me (Official HQ Video + Lyrics)

It was on a divine visitation, that the Lord told me that I was to go on the television. I was laying on the bed and the bed began to go around and I had this sensation like I was on a merry-go round- Then the furniture joined in and I was in the stars. There were stars everywhere, above me, below me, to the left of me, to the right of me. Millions and millions of stars and the Lord said these stars are the souls that you'll win for me. The Lord actually talks to me, you know. I hear what's.....


Jesus told me to listen to this song ; )

Awaken2Infinite2 4 days ago

Great song! With those glasses Phil looks like he belongs on some of those Pray TV shows. Wonderfully over the top and sadly much truth in what they presented in this video. Exactly one big reason many of the younger generation are turned off of religion. 

L2766W 1 week ago

Buy your place in heaven!

ker4600 2 weeks ago

Jim Baker,Jerry Fallwell,David Koresh,the list goes in and on.

soxfan801 2 weeks ago

Wonderful job of editign and posting the lyrics; one of my very favorite Genesis tunes.

MrMarv1985 3 weeks ago

thank you for making this with the lyrics.

great job.

it is one of the most brilliant rock songs ever.

oh yes, there are songs with a deeper message

but not one that will sneak into peoples ears

with that toe tappin beat and catchy lyrics.

Ive even heard Bible thumpers singin along.

Raptorifik 4 weeks ago

I remember tricking my younger brother to touch the tv when when this music video played :) (when collins says "Toch the screen") :)

axxis30 4 weeks ago

how can you not like this?

Ann-Marie Eriksson 1 month ago in playlist Favorite videos

Jesus Christ ! Thank you -Resigned .

MIKISAGAX 1 month ago

phil collins looks like porno dan in this video.

trentlell 1 month ago

Do I say it now.. or later... that G font is the one used by the Freemasons.... yet another reference.

RugbyPeter 1 month ago

Thank you.

I don't think God wants you to send your money to a TV Evilangelist.

God wants you to love one another and believe Jesus came to the earth and died for you.

If there is someone who says you need them to get a relationship with God, that person is a stumbling block and nothing more.

No living person is closer to God than you can be if you believe.

Those that do the will of God are the brothers and sisters of Christ.

God wants a personal relationship with you.

One on one.


WilliamLaSalle 2 months ago 3

One question: How do you have a personal relationship with a non-corporeal being?

LyubaAllenovna in reply to WilliamLaSalle (Show the comment) 1 month ago I should believe in the invisible omnipotent guy in the sky.....

Why am I not surprised....This is the guy who, if you mess up once, he will send you to a special place he designed for you to roast and burn and suffer, BUT HE LOVES YOU.....


Why am I not surprised......???

TheARWolf in reply to WilliamLaSalle (Show the comment) 3 weeks ago

yes , youre a moron and there are more. You dont even understand whats this song about

tomczyk691 in reply to TheARWolf (Show the comment) 2 weeks ago

yeah i do....this song is about how a preacher used to do this in real life...asked for a certain amount of money by a certain date, otherwise "God" would take him home.....this song is also about how rich people don't give a damn about you so long as they're rich and famous....Moron?....I think not...but thank you for kind distribution to the idiot fund...I'm sure that "God" is proud of you....

TheARWolf in reply to tomczyk691 (Show the comment) 5 days ago

there's a story behind this song.Oral Roberts was on the t.v and he needed so much money or the Lord was gonna take him home.i don't believe in televangelist.

curvy71 2 months ago

...'the Hell?

RC15O5 2 months ago

one person don"t know Jesus lol

terry3001x 3 months ago 3

great son and amazing subtitles!! keep on like that!! :D

yackyalisio2009 3 months ago

The best part of this music video is how awkward and uncomfortable Tony Banks looks the entire time. I mean that in the best possible way; I love this song, and this video was one of my favorites when I was younger. ;)

EvaporateCompletely 4 months ago

So, we know Phil's been doing at least 2 things all his life:

1. Talking to Jesus

2. Waiting for this moment.

DistressSignal 4 months ago

Oh goodness i lol'd so hard. I approve

jpapca in reply to DistressSignal (Show the comment) 2 months ago


yaya4ify 5 months ago

Love it, thanx for making this version :)

FBronke 5 months ago

Fantastic song and great job on the subtitles

poolguy88 7 months ago 7

¡Good job!

QuangNokonoko 7 months ago

Since Abacab LP this is the only Genesis song I can dance oops sorry I can stand. This band is for a long time in a total commercial trip and this is sad.

MrMajoreable 8 months ago

If Genesis isn't your cup of tea, why don't you just piss off then?

JSHuiting in reply to MrMajoreable (Show the comment) 7 months ago

......being said. And he said to me get me 18 million dollars by the weekend! And the angel of the Lord stands by my side and speaks into my ear - it's a beautiful thing. And I hear what's being said. It's a marvelous, marvelous experience - I never thought that such a thing could happen. In the name of Jesus *makes weird face expression* :D

that's pretty much all I understand in the first part ;D

xRahmx 11 months ago

It was on a divine visitation, that the Lord told me that I was to go on the television. I was laying on the bed and the bed began to go around and I had this sensation like I was on a merry-go round- Then the furniture joined in and I was in the stars. There were stars everywhere, above me, below me, to the left of me, to the right of me. Millions and millions of stars and the Lord said these stars are the souls that you'll win for me. The Lord actually talks to me, you know. I hear what's.....

xRahmx 11 months ago 12

Thanks for subs with prayer words.

Serowy in reply to xRahmx (Show the comment) 1 month ago

Saturday, November 10, 2012

DSLR vs Mirrorless - which is better?

Very interesting video done to compare DSLR and Mirrorless camera.


6:16 lmao even the text has Engrish for Lok.

Cujucuyo 1 day ago 2

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jun ling 2 days ago

"because these cameras are comparable"?

I guess you mean in image quality and focus sped etc, because for the price of an E-P3+14-42mm lens + viewfinder, you can buy a D7000+18-55mm lens.

IMHO that would be a better comparison.

EricElsewhere 2 days ago


ch44yuan 3 days ago

i love u guys

lyzellsimon 5 days ago

dude, ure funny but your friend's english is killer.

Spy0nu 6 days ago


SyrupPiratesdotcom 1 week ago

What i don't get and i hope someone can explain this to me is, whats the point of SLRs today. Seeing what the sensors sees with fast processors and digital cameras should be possible without mirros directly through the sensor. Why is there a need for a mirror setup if you can see the picture beforehand anyways because the sensor can give it to you directly ? What am i missing here ?

MarNieCo 1 week ago

Excelent question.

ptlofts in reply to MarNieCo (Show the comment) 1 week ago


SebastianSundback 1 week ago


sentinel363 1 week ago

i like this channel

mimstyle 1 week ago

hehehe "lonley wang ke"

ironway101 1 week ago

8:54 found Waldo.

dimmddr1 1 week ago

lol kinky

wdsa8d 1 week ago


Akmalaguero17 1 week ago

You can tell Lok made the old fashioned captions :P

keios666 1 week ago 2

I know right. Lok is hilarious. They make a good review team. Different personalities/preferences.

Modioman69 in reply to keios666 (Show the comment) 1 week ago

Fapping 12:27

hamsterpoop 1 week ago

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gacutcut24111991 1 week ago

Does the d3100 have quick enough auto focus to get good shots of people running and jogging, And moving cars

MattzDude 1 week ago

I'll show her my focal length and blur her background with my bokeh :)

jmflip7 2 weeks ago

Loc's fingers are very long!

martinholde 2 weeks ago

i like lok's english

greyhoundz7898 2 weeks ago


I just love how Kai pronounces it.

maausii 2 weeks ago in playlist Uploaded videos


ryky808 2 weeks ago

can you give me a cam as present?

kleinkindchen 2 weeks ago

OH! hello kaaiiiiiiiii :3

franscartoons 2 weeks ago

Kai talking about style wankers :P Glass houses?

SpeedFreakNO 2 weeks ago

i didn't know u guys were so old, i enjoyed the slr education, its funny to me how the original SLR was small and then it ended up like the D4, cameras went from big to small to big again, and now with the mirrorless cameras, back to small again, I think in another couple years the traditional SLR camera is going to seem like a giant antique, I think we are rite around the corner from having a mirrorless that is as good as a D4, and the fugi x pro is close to heading that way, except the focus

photographerjonathan 2 weeks ago

What kind of camera is this video shot with?

james737 2 weeks ago

5d mark 2 with 2-105mm f4 l.


pigchaser123 in reply to james737 (Show the comment) 2 weeks ago

Dude Sachin Thapa ! you from Nepal?

rapkabi 2 weeks ago

i love your videos but why do you guys screw up on the grammar so much on the written material.

donnamunshi 2 weeks ago

Perfect example of why DigRev has a strong following. Carefree and good fun humour mixed in with the knowledge. I don't get how people can't learn and laugh at the same time. Well done!

GreenObil 2 weeks ago 69

and well done comment

biozastron in reply to GreenObil (Show the comment) 1 week ago

Thankyou most kindly sir! ^_^

GreenObil in reply to biozastron (Show the comment) 1 week ago

I really hate your funny comments. Don't u think that it's too much. I want to learn something new not to watch a comedy show

ahreg2002 3 weeks ago

Watch a tutorial then.

iJordonn in reply to ahreg2002 (Show the comment) 2 weeks ago

That so education!

Snazzgasm 3 weeks ago

when kai is sitting down starting at 1:30, he seems to have a boner

yappenheimer 3 weeks ago

I still feel like if you used a Sony E mount it would have been a better comparison. Same size sensors

RyanSomelofske 3 weeks ago

"That's so education!" :))

BladeDark93 3 weeks ago

which one?? i still can't decide

androidisbest 3 weeks ago


SpecialUkulele 3 weeks ago

"there's another good thing with DSLRs." "Wheeeeeleeey!"

dariusz879 3 weeks ago

9:00 feel sorry for that man, messing

crash09ct 3 weeks ago

You can tell its kai being the person who is the ''hacker''

crash09ct 3 weeks ago

Lambo... Lok.... OMG I love it! Wooo yay for season 3 !!! (p.s. marry me lambo!)

cybercutealicious 3 weeks ago

WHY not go straight to the point, cut all those crabs !

waltz65 3 weeks ago

Wang Ke! :D

porschepanamera92 3 weeks ago

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A1989K 3 weeks ago

I miss this version of Kai & Lok when Lok was also a part of the videos and not just the camera man or "appears every now and then for a short time"

Also seeing them being so super fake on purpose is always funny and entertaining like "oh hi, what are you doing here?"

Clanki 4 weeks ago

Lok is naturally a funny guy because of his cheesy acting of cheesy acting.

deanxleong 4 weeks ago

evil magic! hahahahaha

MrRama1992 4 weeks ago

Notice the extreemly SHORT STROKES at 12:26 I knew he had a tiny chopstick

maryloucries 1 month ago

MONEY SHOT about to being at 3:03

maryloucries 1 month ago

14 mins of video, 2 mins of worth comparison, kai wastes a lot of time

jonesrulz 1 month ago

he spends too much time wanking his tiny chop stick

maryloucries in reply to jonesrulz (Show the comment) 1 month ago

She is gorgeous!

Luskification 1 month ago

her name is wank???

bbclanph 1 month ago

4:30 Nor first of all, in Germany SLR means Mercedes SLR. 11:35 LOK is good, isn't it! LOK is good is important! 12:25 This is for style wankers. Ouoah GQ! Ouoah Maxim! There you have it! So in conclusion I take the SLR and Kinky. You can keep your cameras and wank all day. Thanks! Cheers!

InventorSolidworks 1 month ago

ah ok now I know where the model slr comes from mercedes.....

de1hagar 1 month ago

See the different??

l33ttalker 1 month ago

ya gotta love these guys. It's about time someone made photography fun!!!

davidnhvtme 1 month ago

She's amazing. Wow!

TheInternetWanderer 1 month ago

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LimitlessFilm Pro 1 month ago

poor kinky, isn't that a bit outrageous for a model?

handsome2302 1 month ago 14

Yo sachin From Nepal???

VirZyN 1 month ago

Bring back Kinki!!!

Florrentius 1 month ago

Kinky is Ok cute!

nerrej 1 month ago

good'ter? hehe..

anakrantau2u 1 month ago

I sense a hint of sarcasm in this video...

undercoverswitchfoot 1 month ago

Kinky is awesomely cute

Geppypinoy 1 month ago

the most beautiful model in digital rev tv

yufei ma 1 month ago

Comment removed

Author withheld

Wow! That's so education!

- Lok 2012

SimulationGuy121 1 month ago 2

this is very very very stupid review video...

2easy2bee 1 month ago

Good they hired Wang Ke just for people like you then :p

TheAlpeXi in reply to 2easy2bee (Show the comment) 1 month ago

Wang ke

rubiks1997 1 month ago

I love the DigitalRev formula, fawlty towers humour, quality camera equipment and hot Chinese women. All that's missing is bukkake bokeh:)

shadester911 1 month ago

LOL !!!!!

Chris Breizh in reply to shadester911 (Show the comment) 1 month ago

Bokej is a great word, isn't it? :D

WillstDuNichtWissen 1 month ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Bokeh is an even better one :P

Gauntletbloggs in reply to WillstDuNichtWissen (Show the comment) 1 month ago 58

Funny. But we must remember that also Leica cameras are mirrorless. And M9 is a full frame.


as we can see both of them never try to make the camera fall to the ground...

am i the only one who is wondering what pinky do down there???

michael12345xxx 1 month ago

Please continu being very unserious. It is very entertaining

Pieter Batenburg 1 month ago

pinky my wife !

PhuNguyen88 1 month ago

and his name is wang! ... ke

SulataNetwork 1 month ago

wang ke LMAO

rya41209 1 month ago


vladaOSOD 1 month ago

@ 9:37, what is the title of your background music, anyone please

zapperzip 1 month ago

I like Lok!

HerrPluxXX 1 month ago

Dslrs are way better!

vidal10000000 1 month ago

Dslrs v

vidal10000000 1 month ago

7:16 I see what you did there

manutube8080 1 month ago

That accent makes me wanna throw up.

jodde73 1 month ago


Chris Breizh in reply to jodde73 (Show the comment) 1 month ago

Internet is NOT Singapore...

jodde73 in reply to Chris Breizh (Show the comment) 1 month ago

Kinky??? what a name...

doesitmatter1204 1 month ago 54

better than "Dick" atleast

bjxt in reply to doesitmatter1204 (Show the comment) 1 month ago


SpeedFreakNO in reply to doesitmatter1204 (Show the comment) 2 weeks ago


thegangsteraround in reply to SpeedFreakNO (Show the comment) 2 weeks ago

Jerk off to GQ? WTH????

5eaf00d 1 month ago

I am pretty sure the Nikon D3100 is NOT a full frame (FF) camera as they stated it was.

david cassoday 1 month ago

I think they were saying that some DSLR's are Full-Frame, while Mirror-less cannot.

NordenzurZukunft in reply to david cassoday (Show the comment) 1 month ago

DSLR all the way~ mirrorless is rubbish.

nicechineseguy 1 month ago

this was a shitty review and miss leading. I thought you were going to compare the sony translucent and canon. Can you do that.

roboptions 1 month ago

Actually you can't really compare the AF because the d3100 doesn't have a built in AF motor so the AF depends on the lens you're using.

Borgdatanode 1 month ago

You're joking ? EVIL cameras are just over priced point and shoot cameras with interchangable lens. I know two other pro level photographers, and they won't touch anything like the Nikon J1. I think EVIL cameras will be short lived.

Obeijin 1 month ago

gay position Lok @ 10:07

marsfenix 1 month ago

10:00 hrm..

marsfenix in reply to marsfenix (Show the comment) 1 month ago

it's season three not season free.

ajuk1 1 month ago

@12:27 jerking off in a Photography video ? why not! XD

T15A20 1 month ago

Turn on closed captions and transcribe audio and at will laugh your ass off...

aeNurMCMXC 1 month ago

hahhahaha MORE BOKEH!

GreasyBarbeque 1 month ago

this is porn

ddos411 1 month ago

Comment removed

Author withheld

hahaha did you guys cacht the joke at :59

queerishperson 1 month ago

I found waldo. :]

Jellofishful 1 month ago

DSLR's always win, but it would be nice if mirrorless cameras replaced fixed zoom compacts.

Gidenkidenk 1 month ago

the video was too comical to be honest

geekesta 1 month ago

What lens were you using towards the end of the video on the d3100?

wlkirby99 1 month ago

I just bought a dslr. Okay so why didn't you tell me I can't print an 11x14 or 16x20 without cropping off and throwing away 30% of my picture. Good for composition my ass.

brianminkc 1 month ago

sorry i mean who the flip said that i got mad

megaAWESOMEdude2012 1 month ago

no who the f*** said funny is crap

megaAWESOMEdude2012 1 month ago

give me a damn camera

JA2NJ 1 month ago

i guess we all know who created the subtitles... cough... Lok cough cough.....

TryGoingBig 1 month ago

interesting topic but couldn't watch because of all the annoying "jokes"...

guijumy 1 month ago


HungDEEZED 2 months ago

02:56 "kinky"!

I would be kinky with her!

tiyawn29 2 months ago

Comment removed

Author withheld

Sometimes I just don't understand those chinese humor!

deadkrusty6 2 months ago

badly done script

thebigsfarm 2 months ago

"this is for starwankers....ohhhh yaaaa" xD looool

zeroxesp 2 months ago

I LOVE this guy.. WANG KE! hahaha

KeshyPsycho 2 months ago

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Graczwalker 2 months ago 15

You guys are to cameras what Top Gear is to cars. Keep up the good work.

watarukannuzuki 2 months ago 165

Mfw an ad for topgear right next to this comment :o

andreww62608 in reply to watarukannuzuki (Show the comment) 1 month ago


Floppy2Blueray 2 months ago

7:49 - 8:07 Kinky already knows about the quality of the blow...

Lydomina 2 months ago

hahaha Lok's Face at 12:06!

jonceballos 2 months ago

savniyajigar 2 months ago


228rod 2 months ago

I don't like mirror better, because it shows what the sensor sees, from the same angle, not slightly above.

Johannesketch 2 months ago

thats the cutest asian girl I have ever seen. Actually, the only cute asian girl I have ever seen...

RadRider33 2 months ago

I like the grammar mistakes in the flashback lol!

z1owl 2 months ago

lol... you guys are really funny :D

indrajitroy5 2 months ago

Kinky is Princess 

LoveYouOhAmore 2 months ago

U guys reduce a kinky model to a street begger ! LOL

mackioes 2 months ago


turtlehater2 2 months ago

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MistahWagwan 2 months ago

go play tetris!

bernhardtsen74 in reply to MistahWagwan (Show the comment) 2 months ago

go play with your mama, you scandinavian wanker !LOL

MistahWagwan in reply to bernhardtsen74 (Show the comment) 2 months ago

I love me too!

bernhardtsen74 in reply to MistahWagwan (Show the comment) 2 months ago

Comment removed

Author withheld

You suck ass as a photographer, you digidull moron !

MistahWagwan in reply to Aiswarya Arun (Show the comment) 2 months ago

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Author withheld

Comment removed

Author withheld

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Aiswarya Arun in reply to MistahWagwan (Show the comment) 2 months ago

Comment removed

Author withheld

funny ^^  good job, keep going! greetings from germany

derToGu 2 months ago

whats that Green camera? is that a d7000?

arieshoelace 2 months ago

I Think That Was Pentax....

Kenster136 in reply to arieshoelace (Show the comment) 2 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

What is she doing down there all the time??:D Kai has too well:D:D

Elwood18 2 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

GOD, Lok is awkward. :l

AuroraxFilms 2 months ago


CX14799 2 months ago 7

this video is not approved by grammar nazis

TheKillerman97 2 months ago 69

Neither is this comment.

Lydomina in reply to TheKillerman97 (Show the comment) 2 months ago


MacTechReviews00 2 months ago

style wankers... lol..

drdj69 2 months ago 3

thats an fx lens on a dx camera...

IamTheJesusGuy 2 months ago

Kinky <3 nigelheartsyou 2 months ago bad grammer!!! better not gooder sariflesa 2 months ago You spelt "grammar" wrong. IamTheJesusGuy in reply to sariflesa (Show the comment) 2 months ago He didn't seem to care about that D7000 dropping in the beginning. RoRcrashslave 2 months ago Lok seems like a good guy. Stegmutt 2 months ago Same kinky that washed the car? She looks as beautiful as ever. =) RSSiam 2 months ago stop acting like a bunch of DICKS with no Balls! maryloucries 2 months ago I used to hate this I love him. ZSProductionStudio 2 months ago LOL "We've got Wangker, computer hacker." NANAsiujie 2 months ago Comment removed Author withheld This has been flagged as spam show ThePatriotMuckraker 2 months ago Comment removed Author withheld Anytime I have a bad mood, I just watch Digital Rev reviews and that's enough to make me smile again :) Thanks guys!! stevewantania 2 months ago 3 nice lady you got there ianchen9449 2 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos Lok is so funny. KLYang40 2 months ago cool jacket kai blankplanet 2 months ago kinky must be cold...u guys should come to America with that British accent, u can pick up plenty of girls ahkeen 2 months ago can't pick me up, not with those tiny dicks maryloucries in reply to ahkeen (Show the comment) 2 months ago i've watched all of the videos, then i forget what ones i've watched and watch them again. lol TheReconSquad 2 months ago dont change anything about your videos i love them Kai! goomba6 2 months ago Hmm. Comparing a low-end dSLR to a relatively high-end Mirrorless. Pretty objective bro mulletman245 2 months ago 2 You get more features with a mirrorless to a dslr eg. my 5N 10 fps 600D 3.6fps hARVoThe96 3 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos Is Barry or Alamby filming this episode? jasleil 3 months ago Jesus, get to the point. That's what I consistently thought throughout your videos. atican 3 months ago 3 asian austin powers azndan 3 months ago Gotta love the CAM CATCHER :) catgasoline 3 months ago good thing der is no autocorrect "cum catcher" tungggak in reply to catgasoline (Show the comment) 2 months ago is alamby at the camera ilikefastcars65 3 months ago she looks like a beggar ilikefastcars65 3 months ago You hire a beautiful girl to catch your cameras "just in case you drop it" when you can just wear a strap? I don't understand why you NEVER wear straps. o.0 realfun7188 3 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos Love the fact he's got a £1000+ 1.4f lense on his 3100. Fair comparison! squizzandthom 3 months ago the awkward moment when you spend £400 quid on a camera and someone says that it is not so good function DestroyBoys 3 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos haha I love you guys Beatmeup66 3 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos Puke in tagalog(Philippines) is pussy VanKrixsz101 3 months ago it's bokeh [blur technique] not puke prototype615h in reply to VanKrixsz101 (Show the comment) 3 months ago haha class MrRittzy 3 months ago 4:47 Education? What you're doing is already education. lol JNCProductionsXD 3 months ago She's a professional CAM catcher.... hahaha ektolwatah 3 months ago Interesting shane8109 3 months ago could you add subtitles its really hard to understand your accent for me kokoman789 3 months ago do u speak english? His accent is perfect! cks1001 in reply to kokoman789 (Show the comment) 3 months ago I think Kinky seems to have a better grip of English better than the other models of DRTV in terms of speaking. LimHwee 3 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos her name is kinky and shes on her knees all day DjBLaKSponge 3 months ago 49 sachin? tendulkar?! kingGgame 3 months ago Don't ever let anyone mess with your sense of humor, If they can't take a joke, fuck em'.... daniboy28 3 months ago Kinki, will you have my baby?? myrs4 3 months ago who films ? FaroesePictures 3 months ago 6:50 I see Sasa! I really want to go visit the store someday :) iMPERFECTBABiE 3 months ago Style-wanker ooahhh oahh... 0186179821 3 months ago Very good video. Oh and Kinki is BEAUTIFUL!!  pmsr1980 3 months ago Oh yeahhhh hahaaaa.. >_>

kbdalcour18 3 months ago

More kinky please...

mugendc5 3 months ago

What is the Green and White camera? It looks cool

lemmonsinmyeyes 3 months ago

wange ke haha lol :D wanker

blackness010 3 months ago

does the girl named kinky??

p82528041 3 months ago

they dont give a fuckk

ersa26 3 months ago

2:20 that's what she said

Bongo2k 3 months ago


yagueyy 3 months ago


TheDx917 3 months ago

Kinky loves it.....

navveed 3 months ago 12

" ... dslr's still have a place in photography"

If by *place* you mean everybody who actually wants to do serious photo work uses them then yes... they do have a place. There is nothing like a 1/1 exact live optical viewfinder to frame your composition and have virtually no lag in between the framing and shot.

martinaee 3 months ago 3

Very few DLSR's have 100% coverage or 1x zoom.

And mirrorless cameras give you white balance preview. Some will also give you a shutter speed preview as well.

hal02modder in reply to martinaee (Show the comment) 3 months ago

i would like to know that lady

lnvx60s 3 months ago

You guys are awesome. Thanks.

MikeInTheMachine 3 months ago

10:00 Holy shit. Lok is spider-man.

arnurson 3 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Would be funny if you could punk Kinki by dropping a fake (or already broken) DSLR while she was tasked to catch it.

theTechnoclast 3 months ago

Interesting review...however. I wish you would compare a larger sensor Mirrorless like the Sony5n to a equally valued DSLR and lets see how they stack up????

DeanFuller1960 3 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos 43

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TheSamuel119 in reply to DeanFuller1960 (Show the comment) 3 months ago

kai would just hate on the sony :P

xjoshurzx in reply to DeanFuller1960 (Show the comment) 3 months ago


IamTheJesusGuy in reply to DeanFuller1960 (Show the comment) 2 months ago

Come on Kinky move!

xsnownedx 3 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

from 11:00 you guys seem confused:)

sCiprianFilm 3 months ago

I love Lok's bag.

paramorerocksearth 3 months ago

03:17 thats mi right there... give me a camera please!!!! T.T

enriqueuret 3 months ago

Shorten that intro with 20 secs and you would have a leet video!

TheSimonTech 3 months ago 4

stop kony! watch the video sear kony 2012

enriqueuret 3 months ago

I like how they overdressed Lok to make him appear fatter.

jeebiskebowski 3 months ago

12:27 LMAO Kai's wanking off XD

KAPOLLO101 3 months ago

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Iseeisees 3 months ago

who else yelled "single lens reflex!" when they asked what slr meant?

MrJoeDurt 3 months ago

Quisiera tener a esa hermosa mujer abajo para recibir lo que se me caiga u otras cosas :)

warrudoz 3 months ago

Seriously love you guys! Good stuff.

hoodwink325 3 months ago

how did you get your cameras green and pink?

XXXxxxGAVESxxxXXX 3 months ago

This video was so education! On the real, I think I'll keep my dslr for now..

KungPowYeah 4 months ago

are you serious ?? ppl actually complaining about the non-seriousness about the videos ?

I LOVE IT !! i actually watch your videos that are of no interest to me at all just to get a laugh

grumpie0282 4 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos 4

3:53 Oyyy! That's funny

36mystz 4 months ago


ianlaurente 4 months ago

lol at wang ke

justjoemusic 4 months ago

once again a great video.greet from Germany

SuperHorbi 4 months ago

Idid not like ti!!!!!!!

rajnnva1 4 months ago

DSLR is the best! Because "Bigger is better" like Jeremy Clarkson says. ;)

ManasiVST 4 months ago

The End



treyn10 4 months ago

What Nationality is your assistant friend? Kinki? I'm pretty sure I just found a new someone to look for :)

MattFinch727 4 months ago

It only have one lens!!!

francisthechick13 4 months ago

@francisthechick13: wanted to write it too ^^

khmeraustrian in reply to francisthechick13 (Show the comment) 4 months ago

DSLR for life just saying

FoodThatKills 4 months ago

A Nepalese dude :)

hta 4 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Wait for example NEX have APS-C same size as Canon DSLRs so the sensor is not a problem really right? That also kind of goes against the ISO test - if he had Nex-5 instead of that EP-3 or what he had maybe it would perform better

Well I am still kind of thinking mirrorless cams are really great

nAcolz 4 months ago

dslr = am big men with big dick lool

TEMEZARE 4 months ago

What!? Have you been spying on me?

No but really, DSLR is the option for people who want more professional results, more flexibility in use and more expansion capability.

ImAliveYeah in reply to TEMEZARE (Show the comment) 4 months ago

12:27 can't believe!

superpochingo 4 months ago 50


1majorgrom 4 months ago

Lok's face every time he talks about sex.

SakoshiNEU 4 months ago

3:54 ooopppss! lol he is shooting in auto

1addictsad78 4 months ago 3

kai should review the olympus om-d em-5. thumbs up so people see this and so we can try to get it to happen!

Moorefb 4 months ago

kinky looks like she s asking for some cock action

trunganhvu 4 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

can anyone tell me what lens Kai was using for the D3100 ??

Irwi77 4 months ago

35mm f/1.8 i think

SHDharma in reply to Irwi77 (Show the comment) 4 months ago

I prefer the (D)SLR. I like heavy cameras.

Clapboardstudio 4 months ago

I suppose that's Laptop Battery he uses to block Wang ke Identity xD

KugatsuNoYuki 4 months ago

Problem with this guy is he talks too much, and content is low

cfhasib 4 months ago

how do you get the focus right if you arnt viewig the image through the main lense.

xremdog29x 4 months ago

7:42 "up there.. kai"

kzdz 4 months ago LOL

kzdz 4 months ago

"white house..not the white house in America, just a house in china which is white" - =)) i love your hurmor man :))

rongthienco 4 months ago

is there a replacement for the entry levle dslr for the t3i or nikon d5100 coming soon?

randomrazr 4 months ago


chrisjamesknapp in reply to randomrazr (Show the comment) 4 months ago

ok when then

randomrazr in reply to chrisjamesknapp (Show the comment) 4 months ago

should have used the nex 7

zmultrin 4 months ago


Phloxx1 4 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos 69

you should have compared Sony's NEX to the D3100.. I think its much better than the E-P3

xilefx 4 months ago

Comment removed

Author withheld

The lady is pretty

TheKkd123 4 months ago

i love Kai's addiction to BOKEH

FrozenXM898 4 months ago

i remember when i was a complete amateur photographer and i thought that just because a camera was bigger, it was better

FrozenXM898 4 months ago

Why is he miked for a silent film?

cjdog23 4 months ago

:/ ... I guess this is comedy!? ... :\

mrN3w7 4 months ago

I lol'd

AllForTeags 4 months ago

Thats soo education. hahahaha

buddodogg 4 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Did you notice in the archival footage that the people in front of the house were standing perfectly still! WTF that was amazing.

Another nice review again BTW.

quigon87yt 4 months ago

7.03 Another photographer!

SeanPee911 4 months ago

12:27 sex maniac.

andrehellm13 4 months ago

Yeah, Nice test. High quality lenses on the Nikon and Kit lens on the EP-3

oyapon 4 months ago

this is e-p3 vs d3100 not mirrorless vs dslr. the ISO has nothing to do with whether the camera has a mirror or not. the main disadvantage of mirrorless is the delay on evf or the offset if you have an optical viewfinder. which is why dslr is still the way to go if you want to take shots of quick action like sports. otherwise i think mirrorless is the future. if you use your camera for video like i do, these differences shouldnt matter to you.

ssuuppeerrbbooyy 4 months ago

Check this !!! Funny ---> HjUuDcn0DSQ

crazyjazz354 4 months ago in playlist DigitalRev Field Test & Hands-on Reviews 2012

Lok c's accent is rubbish.. It annoys me...

wojtas2524 4 months ago in playlist DigitalRev Field Test & Hands-on Reviews 2012

idk its a bit either way because mirrorless bodies and there lenses are a bit expensive but they will get better i like both the best camera is the 1 you have with you

AF1KingKid 4 months ago in playlist DigitalRev Field Test & Hands-on Reviews 2012

What is the best mirrorless? If you had to have just one?

sootandstars 4 months ago

It doesn't matter which camera is better. We all know the girl is cute and hilarious! :D

ZachMovies 4 months ago

4:23 Dust get in my belly!

cherifuji 4 months ago

You are totally hilarious and these videos really enjoyable and helpful.

Vartiainen93 4 months ago

Latest technology is HD-SLR..NIKON D800..

burubura 4 months ago in playlist DigitalRev Field Test & Hands-on Reviews 2012

"It only "have" one lens." Nice grammar

KatiushaVN4 4 months ago

Lok is really beast!

ZeroTwoTwo 4 months ago

i really love the short clip about TLR and SLR its educating and entertaining much more better if that series continue to DSLR era Lol

weldx 4 months ago

lok is so cute at the beginning!

rainniwkw 4 months ago in playlist More videos from DigitalRevCom

Its like Top Gear, for photografers... 

NsOSnipSU 4 months ago

copy and paste?

pgice in reply to NsOSnipSU (Show the comment) 4 months ago

Your videos are both educational and entertaining. Kudos!

JordanNism 4 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

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Clanki 4 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

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Christianparco93 4 months ago

Y U NO use Nex-7 (or any nex)? X(

zlyable 4 months ago

U are fun. ! !

stepwid 4 months ago

I actually find you guys refreshing thank you for your efforts and covering subjects that are interesting.

BlouseFashion 4 months ago

I want Lok to review the new OM-D E-M5!!!

ehlchoiehlchoi 4 months ago

WTF, my 7 year old 20D has a faster burst mode at 5fps.

svtcontour 4 months ago

Isn't she cold? Look at the guys in their jacket/coat!!!

sobiksaabik 4 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Need more info of that hawt babe

MirOwns 4 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

I'm so glad you guys have taken all the trolls [I mean viewers] complaints seriously.

This is the fist serious video I've seen from you guys in a long time & not like all those other non-serious video's.

Well Done. Well Done!

quigon87yt 4 months ago

Did anybody notice the photoshoot going on in the background at about 7 mins?

TheChrisED 4 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

youtube is so slowwwww

theSOUNDinterpreter 4 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

What kind of lenses did you use?

MrBitang 4 months ago

I love Digital rev! but it seems like they like to copy Top Gear sometimes

ascortjkk 4 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

your videos are AWESOME

i also like the videos being made in Asia. Filmed in Asia adds an extra element of being 'different' from typical videos made in England and Yankee land

Mr p decker

snowy London

peckerdecker 4 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Hi. I'm a wedding photographer and obviously got very distracted when in your background you had a crew photographing a wedding. What a crew! I counted 2 photographers, an assistant and a chubby guy who I did not quite understand what he was doing or carrying, but maybe another photographer. Also noticed the photographer just leaving his 2 cameras on the ground for quite some time - I could not be trustful to do this in public without thinking that they would just walk away...

photographe06 5 months ago 7

About leaving the camera on the ground... It's Japan, more honorable people around.

Network1One in reply to photographe06 (Show the comment) 4 months ago

No - it's Hong Kong. But my point was not about nationality - I would not do this in public anywhere in the world.

photographe06 in reply to Network1One (Show the comment) 4 months ago

His jokes are hit and miss. Usually miss. ;)

JRCrowley 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos 2

I want Lok to do review of his Olympus OM-1. :D

Nobasic53 5 months ago

It doesn't matter the gear, it's how u use it :)

rafaelericson 5 months ago


jackford369 in reply to rafaelericson (Show the comment) 4 months ago


chenyl0525 in reply to 28maxw (Show the comment) 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

The new pentax K-01 is out. Able to do a review on it soon? So far from what i have seen, it has a really ugly body.

chenyl0525 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

Not that this isn't a great video but the lenses he is using on the DSLR cost twice what the actual body does. The 17-55mm f/2.8 and 50mm f/1.4 are both around $1000 dollars and of course will produce great results. As someone who has invested into a DSLR system I will continue to shoot DSLR for the foreseeable future but I personally can't wait for mirrorless to catch up so I have an easy to use, more discrete, and always ready alternative.

Mandintory 5 months ago

The girl is hot

Iamgeniy96 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos 46

funny...99% of top comment is about girl's hotness and boobs

rongthienco in reply to Iamgeniy96 (Show the comment) 4 months ago

i want a kinky to catch my slinky

imdrzoidberg 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

2:16 - 2:19 that's what she said!

imdrzoidberg 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Comment removed

Author withheld

Can I be your intern please?

NOTLEY12345 5 months ago

right... now they compare it to the 3100 but it'll become really interesting when it'll be able to compete with the d3. but I don't think that'll come fast

Reallush 5 months ago

crap.. so I just spent 700 dollars so I could "learn photography" and look through a viewfinder in a bulky over-sized body. :|

Jun127 5 months ago in playlist More videos from DigitalRevCom

its in my POCKETTT

RedEmpireGuy 5 months ago 2

nikon d700 or d7000?

I'm not into video so wont be using it alot on the d7000

sefsefization 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

As a owner of both cameras I would get the D700. I ended up selling the D7000 b/c the quality was not as good as the 700 as well as the lowlight performance which is important for when I shot a wedding. Don't get me wrong, its a nice camera but it depends what you plan on doing with it. For professional work, go full frame. If the D800 is announced in a week then you can pic up some D700's on craigslist or ebay relatively cheap

xplicitlyrix187 in reply to sefsefization (Show the comment) 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

the chinese like small things. :D

once you've had a good dslr, you're addicted to it. the various buttons and wheels, it just feels like a real machine. and the lovely sound it makes when the mirror blasts up and down!

Here0s0Johnny 5 months ago

lolz... this video is 好撚好笑...

newhand1 5 months ago

I got your ass? WTF Lok.

upiluften 5 months ago

my phone has a 30fps burst and records in 1080p at 59.5fps.....

HDCRdrummer 5 months ago in playlist More videos from DigitalRevCom

3:55 Automatic Mode detected.

M92A1 5 months ago

Kinki/Kinky/Kin ke is the hottest "camera catcher"! haha. great "PRO-FESSIONAL" video :)

chinopino7 5 months ago

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TheSamuel119 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

I went to photography school with the dude in the adidas jacket @ 7:45. His names Karn Suwanrat haha

MrIvanlesko 5 months ago

i hope the d7000 survived?

Kennyyyyyyyyyyyy 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

kinkis full name?

pogiakomismo 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

kinky loves longer focal lenghts...

hm dirty kinky


pogodrummer 5 months ago


funkluv 5 months ago

Kai.. pls go to the hairdresser!!!

YouNgNHealthy 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos


beydima 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

12:26 I see what you did there!!

0Binku0 5 months ago

seriously. The only thing that differs you guys' interviews from all the others is the humor. Still, there's some things to learn and it's just fun watching! Keep on doing it your style!

Effanellstylez 5 months ago

This should have been compared against a Sony Nex (5 or 5n) or a nikon j1/v1.

nickvkn 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Funny comparison. Mirrorless can more easily accept other brand lenses, with an adaptor, and that's a very good point.

And if someone can identify the jacket of Kai, I would be glad to know the brand and model :-).

ariocarpus74 5 months ago

Review the Nikon D4

raduandreyi 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

Nikon D4 review: "It's a great camera and a step up from the d3s, it's also expensive.".. Review over?

SilentEcho8 in reply to raduandreyi (Show the comment) 5 months ago

Canon fanboy

raduandreyi in reply to SilentEcho8 (Show the comment) 5 months ago

Comment removed

Author withheld

I think that saying that D4 is a step up is an understatement...IS FUCKING AWSOME OMG,WHY AM I POOR AND CAN'T AFFORD IT????

raduandreyi in reply to raduandreyi (Show the comment) 5 months ago

Lok reminds C3PO... 

wookiewaw 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

what song was it for the silent movie?! please answer!!!!

thermosinthesis 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

LOL @ All those pathetic teenagers fapping to the mediocre asian birds in the vid. Seriously, GO OUT and actually TALK to women. Shitlords.

Aureas86 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

Wow who cares honestly...

Slightlyevil in reply to Aureas86 (Show the comment) 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

I think you guys should open a porn channel on youtube ;D

mihahim 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Infantile. Go back to the serious reviews you used to produce.

AndrewTGreen 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

I have both DSLR (Sony Alpha 300) and DSLT (Sony A65). I love the DSLT since what I see in my image is what I will snap in size. However what I see in the OLED viewfinder will be different of the real image since lighting and DOF since it operates at a different frame rate than the real image. The good thing about the DSLR is that I can see in very low light where the viewfinder DSLT is black. (shooting models with studio lights and regular tungsten light)

obaeyens 5 months ago


4rtic3 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

"Come on Kinky, move!"

Your reviews are hilarous, loving it!

photoallergic 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

Wich lens ist that on 8:10 ?

possessedspawn 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

17-55 f/2.8

deadkrusty6 in reply to possessedspawn (Show the comment) 5 months ago

Kai needs a haircut again =p

smooshiechan 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

I think this would have been better with Nikon's own J1.

shelfy 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

Hey! How about a review of review of the Leica M-10 ???

sonicthedog1 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

(D)SLRs great for learning, if you don't switch them to all automatic mode...

I learnt on a soviet made TLR, the Lubitel 2, rugged like a tank and all manual all the time ! Works fine in russian winter, I suppose.

taraz3d 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

10:43 gooder :DDDDD

102robertini 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

12:25 wtf? o.O

ch0c4 5 months ago 42

Comment removed

Author withheld

Can I get Kinki's number?

realguitarist07 5 months ago

its like watching top gear but for cameras

zruq 5 months ago 58

top geal

acedotcom in reply to zruq (Show the comment) 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

how about GoPro HD Hero 2?

ragson87 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

To keep in mind the zuiko 17mm pancake lens is a very slow to focus compared to the newer lenses or the Panasonic ones. Compared to the latest Panasonic kit lens 14-42mm the focus of the Olympus lens seems sluggish. Plus the damm thing is quite loud will ruin any video you take with it. With all the downside its still my favorite lens :))

lxstoian 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

Wang -Ke ... hahaha! 

worldspacechina 5 months ago

Careful with grammar guys!

soto3sa 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

12.26 O_O masturbate? haha

MedicalAssistanceWan 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

I guess Alamby is stuck behind the video camera?

carlgt1 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

Could you maybe do a review about the GoPro HD Hero 2?

mutschgi59 5 months ago

'So we've got lonely wanker over there..'

Bartistic 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

The video was shooted with a CANON!! XD

Carlodimaximus 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

DigitalRev has trolled the complainers. Nice.

Sraye 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

I still want a dslr

MrHetric 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos


WAHTTHEDIEW 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

Has Kinki ever done porn?

arcticmonkeysdream 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

Comment removed

Author withheld

Her name is Kinky?...oh my...

Octavian88mtl 5 months ago

The ultimate losers were not the cameras. ;-)

jtan163 5 months ago

"restricted seriousness" - nice one. That's a real pretty suit too Kai.

jtan163 5 months ago

"Woooah! That so education!"

AreaQNH870 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

HOLY HELL! Kai keep the vids coming man, this is great!

thegoodlife88 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

i have a feeling this was scripted...

colagero 5 months ago

nah, Kai, never scripts... it's not his thing... ever.. promise!

jinite2 in reply to colagero (Show the comment) 5 months ago

Comment removed

Author withheld

Still prefers SLR : )

Stop4MotionMakr 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

To be honest i don't give a shit about the cameras, your voice is just so interesting...

Quiggmo 5 months ago

You guys enjoy love what you do and I do enjoy watching your videos, is easily educative.

omnymisa 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

"It only has one LENS" Haha I love the intentional Engrish.

stfanciscainta 5 months ago

Then tell me, good sir. What is the singular of Lens?

Manna3i in reply to stfanciscainta (Show the comment) 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

Haha you're right. Mistake on my part.

stfanciscainta in reply to Manna3i (Show the comment) 5 months ago

Im in love D:

And im not talking about the cameras xD

y35n00b5 5 months ago

Is it allowed for me to have very sexual thoughts when Kinky is sitting on the ground with her mouth on exact the height of my..... camera?

DrBukcake 5 months ago

haha funny and educational

brambilabong 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

I think Lok likes the mirrorless because he's normally stuck with that huge SLR video outfit, and it just feels so good to carry two less kilograms around all the time.

jzorns 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos 14

at 7:33

i just wonder

how could she didn't feel cold

look at to all people they wearying havey clothes

TheAbc00700 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

mrrrrau china girl :):)

dobermanus666 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos 2

i have nikon D5100 <3 n its image quality is superb cant even think of anything else :)

ujgilani 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

i need to take a decission between lumix GX 1 or the lumix G3

bluesoda71 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

Wan Ker ... HAH :D

djball232 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

its in your pocket so small YEAAHHHHHHHHHH !!!! #perv

tyreez10 5 months ago

Lok C sounds like a rapper name.

kuunami 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

what's a mirrorless camera?

LAWLoROFL 5 months ago

a camera with no mirrorr.

TheZiggiization in reply to LAWLoROFL (Show the comment) 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

like a nikon1

TiiM93 in reply to LAWLoROFL (Show the comment) 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

Lok, where did u get your bag? I want it!

scarberianfashlover 5 months ago

Right now, for all kinds of photography (including sport, moving kids, low-light, etc), I'd give the thumbs up to the DSLR. Low light comes up more than you would think and you may not have with you, or want to change to, a bright prime.

Nice video, though I think a better comparison would have been something like the D5100/D7000, as the EP-3 is near the pinnacle of M4/3 options and the D3100 the entry level, though fair enough as that is the level of DLR most people will start off with.

Starfires 5 months ago


J4K7AT 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

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jeltayopan in reply to J4K7AT (Show the comment) 5 months ago

Can we please have more videos featuring Kinki

nickdoum 5 months ago 50

I agree. Holy crap she's a beautiful girl.

kuunami in reply to nickdoum (Show the comment) 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

Go outside and meet real girls instead of jerking off in front of your computer, asshole.

legeek08 in reply to nickdoum (Show the comment) 5 months ago in playlist DigitalRev 'What is' Videos

Be honest, you are still jealous of people who have DSLRs ;)

lhlee888 in reply to postalshack (Show the comment) 5 months ago

where can i get the viewfinder on the E-P3?

TheLochie7 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

grammar is seriously missing from this video.

Tazaiyar1 5 months ago

E-P3 is Gooder.

harvestech 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

12:26 oooh...ooooh*fap fap fap fap fap*

julianchai 5 months ago

lol @ 2:19


freehugsbeats 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Kinky should have a Fan Club!

horaciovel 5 months ago 56

What about mirrorless "dslr-style" cameras?

maksuree 5 months ago

how much does kinky charge to be on her knees?

I might drop by next time I'm en route to europe.

AdvocatusDiaboliAU 5 months ago

I have a D3100, and although I've been looking at reviews online for compacts lately (like the Canon Powershot S100 which seems good except for battery life), I still bring the D3100 mostly everywhere that I think will involve photo opportunities, anything from vacation travel to family things to macro photo to night-time photo trips. For "emergencies", the camera in my mobile phone can take pictures. So a compact (or a mirrorless ILC) doesn't feel _that_ important yet to me.

0debug 5 months ago

Nice purple socks Kai.. I mean... Wang Ke.

LeftOfToday 5 months ago in playlist More videos from DigitalRevCom

I agree. Its defo the more practical option. Its like the heart vrs head argument for me. I really want to buy a full blown DSLR just to have that sexy bulky body and nice shutter sound when I click the shutter button. However, my head screams at me to get a micro four thirds camera simply because they make so much more sense more often than not.

simon44 in reply to postalshack (Show the comment) 5 months ago

What is the name of that model? :O Please tell me.

Reminizcent 5 months ago

kinky :D

vanhakaveri in reply to Reminizcent (Show the comment) 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Holy shit the typos were on purpose. It's funny. Wow "photographers" as a whole bitch so much. If u don't like the video then don't watch it....

dlarm112 5 months ago

Is this the EP-1 or EP-3. Kai keeps saying EP-3 but Lok mentions it being an E-p1.

Slightlyevil 5 months ago

is he hittin' that?

666miTscha666 5 months ago

We asked for more Kinki and we got MORE KINKI ! Shes so haaaaaawt...

Snakebloke 5 months ago

he showed too much his political bias....

shawngao777 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

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Author withheld

KAI the greatest sweet presenter - realy cool absolut great. it pleases me a lot

I will thank you yet so much for the good work on all that great different camera stuff.

You know how to work it out. I just see your video on the web and make me too a present one canon 60d . just one small tip , you can better cut your videos... but all the rest is so great entertainig with a lot of good factiv information Thanks from Robert

cutterscut 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

this was akward. I WANT THE OLD DRTV HOST

MyAccount333221 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos


XXXMoodiboyXXX 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Keep up the good 'not so serious' work. Great TSLR film! DSLR still gets my vote for now...

o2bjedi 5 months ago

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YouLaToya 5 months ago

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Author withheld

Personally I prefer the look of a DSLR

Randomyellowgiraffe 5 months ago

Get a sony nex 5n or nex7 it's sensor is bigger than a canon eos 550 or 600 d

MrOmarr1991 5 months ago

Sony's cameras are toys

verbod in reply to MrOmarr1991 (Show the comment) 5 months ago

hey kai, whats the budget for this year. last year you did a funny video about 40k budget. good stuff guys.

jh3835 5 months ago

@6:15 "It only HAVE one lens"

pfeitosa 5 months ago 3

Comment removed

Author withheld

I thought you guys auctioned off that green DSLR?

unknownchronicles 5 months ago in playlist More videos from DigitalRevCom

@12:25 Kai wanking

xjulitox 5 months ago

best camera review channel on this planet!

bluesoda71 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

she is gorgeous

alteclansingco 5 months ago

digitalRev TV is boring now :(

WarPlanesTV 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

One factor not tested here was how each camera is normally held and used. Mirrorless cameras are designed as more intense P&S cameras with most people only using the Liveview display on the LCD instead of the viewfinder. This means that most people will hold the camera at arms length to compose their shots but this is a more unstable and poor photos will result. A DSLR forces the user to look through the lens and keeps the arms in close to the body, making for a more stable and clearer photo.

Livewireshock 5 months ago 20

I don't know much about cameras, but don't mirrorless are capable of having a viewfinder adapted onto them??

bredbrain in reply to Livewireshock (Show the comment) 5 months ago

But the viewfinder is an often an optional extra and not included. So they are commonly used with out the viewfinder attachment. For people not used to using a viewfinder, they will continue to follow their P&S habits. For DSLR users, they know the benefits of using the viewfinder and stability.

Livewireshock in reply to bredbrain (Show the comment) 5 months ago

What if I buy a mirrorless with an add-on or a built-in viewfinder like the Sony Nex-7, the Panas G3/GH-2 or the new Fujis, why wouldn't I use the viewfinder? What if I use Liveview on my DSLR?

Your statement is pretty ignorant.

BananaCake26 in reply to Livewireshock (Show the comment) 5 months ago

It is more about habits, if you are not used to using a viewfinder because most P&S camera do not. It does not matter what camera you have, holding it at arms length to stare at the LCD is less stable. Liveview on a DLSR is better suited when tripod mounted, not handheld. For an example watch the Jared Polin video to see what I mean demonstrated on How to Hold a Camera.

Livewireshock in reply to BananaCake26 (Show the comment) 5 months ago

I used a Canon 5D for many years, now I use a Fuji X100 & an Olympus E-P3, I can handhold both at MUCH lower shutter speeds than the DSLR, even though I use the Oly exclusively at arm's length.

Reason is that the vibration from the big mirror is missing, mirrors always cause vibration. 1/10s handheld is no problem with WA lenses on mirrorless, with the DSLR I struggled to get 1/40 sharp at the same FL without IS.

There's a lot more to sharp images than the way you hold the camera.

BananaCake26 in reply to Livewireshock (Show the comment) 5 months ago

Wang Ke for the WIN!!!!

axcvilla 5 months ago


startomat 5 months ago

They forgot a couple big points for mirrorless. Short focus flange length means you adapt almost any lens under the sun. And the Olympus in particular with its in-body image stabalization, means you get IS on every lens. Even old legacy lenses.

digitaldud 5 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos

And now for something completely different...

Mmm well 2011 was a good year yes

masticina 5 months ago

This is childish

ayomiposiigandan 5 months ago

Forget the camera I want the girl :P

dlobrown8888 5 months ago

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How to Dance in the Club

Another Tutorial on how to dance in the CLUB. This is an INTERPRETATION of how BOYS, GIRLS and GAYS, yes, even GAYS dance in the club.. Reminder, always spread the love and the laughter!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Workers' Party Block 322 Kopitiam HQ

Victory Walkabout


As long as I have been a Singaporean, I hv never ever seen such a respond. Hougang residents, thank you, thank you for setting such a brave example for entire Singapore!

cfko63 4 hours ago

The Singapore Pledge is what this video is totally all about. Congrats to the

bravery of Hougang, Only 2 words: HUAT AH!!!

cfko63 4 hours ago

Can't wait to see this scene in TP GRC...

blueperfedia11 8 hours ago

That's why Hougang's & Aljunied's votes are so important! You are not just voting for yourself, you are voting for someone like me - who was deprived of the chance to vote - and Singaporeans living in the West as well where PAP always steamroll the opposition. Without a vote like yours Singaporeans would have no voice.

2011Decision in reply to miraxxx (Show the comment) 14 hours ago

My sincere thanks buddy... My ward is Tanjong Pagar... xianz...

2011Decision in reply to miraxxx (Show the comment) 14 hours ago

like wining world cup.the pap must really have a look.why wp can do it but they cant???

elite system dont work!!!

mindawareness 20 hours ago

My vote has been contributing to the result since 1991, fyi. My honour and privilege.

miraxxx in reply to 2011Decision (Show the comment) 22 hours ago

Fantastic. Glad to know that your vote contributed to this result! Cheers.

2011Decision in reply to miraxxx (Show the comment) 23 hours ago

And Png is laughing all the way to the bank..

Callalv63 1 day ago

Fantastic. Glad to know that my vote contributed to this result!

miraxxx 1 day ago 2

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chinese Guy Speaks English In 9 Accents 东北英语哥模仿外国人说英语


LMFAOO in my bed!

NxLinda 1 day ago

Marrant juste marrant x)

Dixploz 1 day ago

28 japs disliked this and claimed Diaoyu Islands were belong to them. 

NiarLiu 1 day ago 8

whats that song from in the background during the French accent? I heard it before but i don't remember what the song is

Crcc66 1 day ago

@Crcc66 It's la valse d'Amélie; from "Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain"'s OST

daniagudelo89 1 day ago

Hahahahaha, I watched this for the first time while I was travelling on the train and boy, did I get some stares... LMAO.....


Not only did he do the accent well, he even imitated the vocal sound well... This guy is talented (and quite cute looking) .... he should be an entertainer. Let's hope someone discover him.

Thanks for the laugh !.

janetnmuimui 2 days ago

The Korean accent sounded more like Indian.But you are still good,I'm impressed.

xXzanessarawksxX 2 days ago

But i gotta admit, you've got the essence of most of these languages. Good job bro!

forever9ism 2 days ago

the moment i saw his face i thought he was SJ Donghae pre-debut version probably because of the hairstyle

jadearchuleta08 2 days ago

korean sounded like indian and indian sounded super indian

TheChet333 2 days ago 9

@TheChet333 I totally agree!!!! That was how i felt!

forever9ism 2 days ago


viennalx 3 days ago

that korean accent actually sounds like Indian lol

viennalx 3 days ago


vicychina 3 days ago

Japan and India...perfect,lol

vicychina 3 days ago


2011hibari 3 days ago

please tell me where did you learn your English ?

catcatmeimei 3 days ago

gj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!

aaa222u 3 days ago

So funny! Nice work.

embracerace 3 days ago

RUSSIA! lmao russia speak 1365932467 languages 

lancesehr 3 days ago

Oh my goodness. Your imitations/bgm/lines are perfect

great video

CodeAptx4869 3 days ago

aoi sora is a hero. yes, indeed.

Moneybag1010 3 days ago 5


dioxzide 4 days ago 13

Where is the spanish accent? LOL

Shinom4ever 4 days ago

Oba~ ya~~~ i really love you huu... lollll~~~

sandrateh2626 4 days ago

The korean sounded Indian! But nice touch with the 'Oba' :)

bellatheshewolfxD 5 days ago

This is awesome!!!!!Okay the only small flaw is the American version...but other than that it's near perfect! I feel like doing a similar one now hahaha

guoyandao 5 days ago


echochen08 5 days ago

Rofl Aoi Sora

0DemonKiller0 5 days ago


kelphain 5 days ago

lol..Korean part was so funny:D

roxy22ed 5 days ago



condemnation again

repeat condemnation ok lets just fight!

ACxpher 5 days ago


ACxpher 5 days ago

People mountain people sea....

60168123 5 days ago


YFZZ1995 5 days ago

I want to marry you!!!

wenyuwang03 5 days ago

we have people mountain people sea.... rofl....

evolutionz91 5 days ago

The American part is not American at all, but the rest of the video is great.

chnzwh01 5 days ago

印度人 学的太像了 我现在最讨厌的口语就是印度口音和越南口音

china024liaoning 5 days ago

hiahiahia!!! LMAO!

windgo26511 6 days ago


lioperopu 6 days ago


godorochi1990 6 days ago

This is hilarious, could you make a Singlish version?

snooowball 6 days ago

anyone knows what that song at 3:20?

JonasEarlTang 6 days ago

Comment removed

JonasEarlTang 6 days ago

Comment removed

JonasEarlTang 6 days ago

"hahahah this is not santa clause this is the Russian laugh" LMAO

Mreleezy 6 days ago

日本,印度和俄国的不错。American accent is horrible to be honest, korean is also not that good, but the content is really funny tho

ylu59 6 days ago

Awesome,good job. Japan, Korea, British,Russia and China all very good. The Korea part is the funnest.And the China part can react some china social reality.

wishyouarehappy 6 days ago


xinpleb 6 days ago

lol, the china one is the funniest

jossygu220 6 days ago



SilentCheetah 6 days ago

LOL I heard him mentioning Sora Aoi in the Japanese part xD.

Stratozonex 6 days ago

@Stratozonex becoz she's a famouse japanese porn star in China

Mreleezy 6 days ago

awesome awesome job love it

wenyuwang03 6 days ago

Kinda funny.... amongst all, i think the indian one is the weakest....

coralinehue 6 days ago

slightly racist video

TheOneAndOnlyConley 6 days ago


starboyzhou 1 week ago

哈 终于传到youtube上来了~

arinokimi 1 week ago

The more you listen to accents, the more you realize it's little more than how people form words with their mouths. By changing the shape of your mouth and a little work your vocal cords, you can speak with any accent. It just makes you wonder how people who speak the same language speak it differently according to geographical location.

England is a prime example of this. If you know what to look for, you can tell where in England somebody is from just by listening to them speak.

IdleBigots 1 week ago 22


nina1983215 1 week ago

Lol that Indian accent, I had no idea they get Indian fims over there

HitmanG0rilla13 1 week ago

呵呵 拿到YOUTUBE来了 

JkeKerry 1 week ago

MAn.. the korean and chinese ones cracked me up soooo bad! Bloody GENIUS!!!

eLinGchanPROD 1 week ago

wow!it's so funny!!我觉得美国好像表演的不太像,但韩国与英国实在是­太像了!支持一下!!greetings from china!

dwingu 1 week ago

i like the british accent!

zhubenn 1 week ago

bloody genius~LOL~

bakayoko1111 1 week ago

You just had to bring in the Senkaku Islands into this didn't you?! But I digress, great video. I enjoyed it.

kusanagiryu 1 week ago

I Like the England Accent also

skychai85 1 week ago

I like your England accent!!!

theyunism 1 week ago

lip-synch-fail :D

Phloks17 1 week ago

i will give you some colour see see !!!haha haha

chimmy0421 1 week ago

Holy Crap this is Pretty good HAHAHA !!!

TsaiTzuHsun 1 week ago

Michael Scofield wasn't a cowboy...?

Figgy5119 1 week ago

6:09 查水表!

foegao 1 week ago


foegao 1 week ago

@foegao 征服天堂

chimmy0421 1 week ago

@foegao 作 者:Vangelis 

曲 名:Conquest Of Paradise(征服天堂)

chenlei0120 1 week ago

you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!

camety 1 week ago

1:55 that was a indian song D:

hordekira 1 week ago

@hordekira yeah it was from Mohabbatein

DiuMeLoPor 4 days ago


ug211423 1 week ago

Ahaha loved it!! Very impressive. Although the "American-English" was not really American... I can clearly hear his Asian accent lol but I found it kinda cute ^_^

angelcake9100 1 week ago

Good one, dude, this is hilarious!

derekjoe 1 week ago

man i fucking love you!!! 哥哥 你真的太帅了!!

RenKayleigh1995 1 week ago


babyYOUNGJIN 1 week ago

I just died of laughing ! Good job !

Tokyo2442 1 week ago 25


DARKANGEL1ish 6 days ago

Love it ahaha Greetings from Italy ;)

MmM17000 1 week ago

o_O what's up with the background music of US...i thought he was going to do a Halo introduction or something. Anyway, good job!

mistyken 1 week ago

HAHAHA S-uuu! S-uuu!!!

kikaching888 1 week ago

That's so awesome!

DonSeibert 1 week ago

nice work

huangyuchen11m 1 week ago

so funny

I laugh out when i saw the british part!!!!!!!

2kyle7magic 1 week ago

love it! you should post more! :D

petitecherise 1 week ago

love the indian accent!!!!!!

l0verofmusic 1 week ago

"She is a great action actress", "BTW,we do not have toilet paper." hahahaha.......

jerryhhm 1 week ago

Hahaha, very nice!

jerryhhm 1 week ago

It is no Santa laugh, It's Russian laugh

Donvon 1 week ago

Respect! Respect! Respect!

Msferryl 1 week ago

To the Germans^^ 88 means in China good bye^^ not heil Hitler... ..

Zu den Deutschen: bitte wunder euch nicht, 88 steht in China für "Tschüss" nicht "heil hitler"... ....

PrincePrinzWangzi 1 week ago


tingtingxuxu 1 week ago

Coincidentally, my name starts with the letter S.

DrEpicFail 1 week ago


Ginniex3 1 week ago

Good, but I also want to listen the Singlish.

fanglv 1 week ago


zonnazoe 1 week ago


bobeguo 1 week ago

Comment removed

russellhym 1 week ago

I can hear some of his chinese sneak slightly into his english.

Blackcat95 1 week ago

Woooooo! Dongbei's got talent!

louuuuuu5 1 week ago


mqii102 1 week ago

hahaha ,so smart guy!

lironghaha 1 week ago

hahaha...korean....O pa~~~~i li li lawu u~~~

JaysonCPH 1 week ago

Russia one is cool...

JaysonCPH 1 week ago

He does have linguistic talent!

Wordperuser 1 week ago

Digou oil was on the top of the list

Wordperuser 1 week ago

he cant do Malanglish and Singlish.. HAHAHA

MrChia19 1 week ago

dont forget sora. 

mrevilgs 1 week ago


LoanSharkSama 1 week ago

korean part is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo­oo funny!

aaaaabbbbb19 1 week ago

his korean sounds indian XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

LoanSharkSama 1 week ago

very funny and talented~

Tyrosineful 1 week ago

korean lol

at2252 1 week ago

yee haa

Belgariad87 1 week ago

Vely vely good

RW19T 1 week ago

omfg! he is a freaking genius~~~ seriously, da England part is awesome, bud! nice try!!!

sopepsi 1 week ago


pyzy001 1 week ago

maybe he can try scottish. that funny as well, aslo, aussie and kiwi.

justin9303 1 week ago

Wow, you are really good at this! hahaha

TheDayIsNotLost 1 week ago

the korean one.


xXTiberiusXx 1 week ago 29

this guy is awesome . keep it up .greetings from england

MrRaiden1989 1 week ago


hanielg1 1 week ago

The korean part is soo fucking funny xDD

BO3911 1 week ago

Awesome!!!!!! i have class with all the international students and he just talked exactly like them!!!! amazing !!!

johnloveslala 1 week ago

I dare you do a filipino accent


almost pissed myself at the Korean part.

kobuksonhwacha 1 week ago 2

korean part so fuuuuuny

wcasianus 1 week ago


jupdown 1 week ago

Comment removed

LiLxMorti 1 week ago

这哥们真太有才了 逗死了

julie1223xmy 1 week ago


yatouxue 1 week ago


hseirai 1 week ago

great im in chinatown youtube now

penguin5855 1 week ago

Awesome Accents, Spot on!!!!

Thunder98980 1 week ago

His American accent is the worst!!!!!!!

Others are bravo!!!!!

fuckwangdan 1 week ago

@fuckwangdan haha, i dont think so. he really talks like some dude in my class. he has so much talent. if i dont c his face, i would probbaly think he is a white dude .

johnloveslala 1 week ago

sadly, there were no guys like this around when i was in china :< Zirsquishy 1 week ago french and britan english sounds gayest xD zakiNBG 1 week ago hahahahah AAAAAAAAAAWEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS­SOOOOOOOOOOOOM king5to5 1 week ago hahah the korean part is awesome XD ChannelMarije 1 week ago Korean speech is quite gay :D I needed it, thanks. LOL. MacrossAimo 1 week ago great!!! CNDTdaniel 1 week ago This young man is really good at imitating those 9 accents of English. I like the Korean English. wenwuliang 1 week ago well, i laughed at loud, even if some accents are not really like that for real... but whatever, his expressions and the music and what he says and all, how funny =D i think the best is the indian, but OMG, i shed tears with the Korean one, maybe not realistic, but realsitic with the "Korean TVDrama accent" !!! xD ViviChan99 1 week ago 2 Comment removed TodorokiShu 1 week ago ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ cody1231990 1 week ago How is it call the song that sounds when he's doing the Russian accent? eingex 1 week ago @eingex well i think it's Conquest of Paradise by Vangelis cr0ss0vermusic 1 week ago 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈 rufylife 1 week ago its quite similar but actually the korean, italian, russian accents are not really like that.. felinglcc 1 week ago I like the way he speaks in Korean. euke0630 1 week ago Awesome! MartynRH21 1 week ago I love the theme music for the US accent. Hahahaha! cdrooks11820 1 week ago @cdrooks11820 What's the song called? @ all :D CrazYVolumE 1 week ago @CrazYVolumE  difference Goberl007 1 week ago omg i love the japanese accent the most xD xuansarah96 1 week ago the korean part is the best ever cboyty 1 week ago this guy has a gift 99sonrunescape 1 week ago LOL HIS BRITISH ACCENT ironfull1 1 week ago lmao the italian and french were so alike, and why is the french so romantic??? MyAlienX 1 week ago Lmao this is great but his Korean/English accent was pretty bad xD watanumba4 1 week ago XD muggtonp 1 week ago Asians... *sigh* How I adore them! This vid is great. LotsOLuck777 1 week ago I KNOW THAT SONG HE WAS HUMMING DURING THE INDIAN PART!!! lol aznpimp999 1 week ago you're cool : ] indommize 1 week ago lol, i love his chinglish Harvidz 1 week ago 18 Comment removed Harvidz 1 week ago HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAH­AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH­AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA­HAA OOLOA DSFAKSDF xlollipopyum 1 week ago that was funny, but kinda sad for me since I feel like I must have been deaf not to understand 3/4 of what he said. Even the native tongue... *hangs head and goes to corner* bloodphoenixab 1 week ago LOL. I'M FROM TEXAS (BORN HERE), AND HIS ACCENT IS BETTER THAN MINE. VainHarmony 1 week ago dongbeiiiii!!!!! represent! DExAvalon 1 week ago I couldn't understand his Korean and Japanese but omg XDDDDDDDD MichiChama 1 week ago sakuras are pretty =D cranker9999 1 week ago damn he's good ilov3hotsaucexxx 1 week ago ROFL! the korean is SPOT ON! 1x93cm 1 week ago That japanese accent is actually true hahaha XD Melocadenza 1 week ago 2 his korean sounds like a monkey sound. c001gir1 1 week ago i like the Indian part the most!! violawong8811 1 week ago 25 LOL this is so funny XD pary16 1 week ago OMGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! 这个人太厉害啊!! ee1221 1 week ago 人才!! yilulumo 1 week ago Great accents! So funny. But the British accent is actually from Australia! XD Very good Australian accent though!! Souffle017 1 week ago 真不错! truejiaqi 1 week ago he looks like Japanese so much cql8878 1 week ago the british english 1 was just awesome...... assignmentweek 1 week ago Oh boy, you really cracked me up. I love your Korean, Indian English and Chinglish. I have to adimit I enjoy the Chinglish to the fullest lol. Hats off to U! ning8512 1 week ago very talented, the British accent is the best, French ok, US so so , others I don't know. He not only imitates the accents, but also the culture, although stereotyped, very good, still. Hijewelteng 1 week ago DI GOU oil xd love this !!! arwong0124 1 week ago 韩国那段有点像新加坡人说的英语 tf269369 1 week ago @tf269369 新加坡人才不是這樣說英語。 韓國那段比較像印度 bluelalafish 1 week ago @bluelalafish 噗!那印度那段像哪里? q7873211qxz 1 week ago @q7873211qxz To be honest, the India one wasn't really accurate, but he is awesome tho :DD agnesw719 1 week ago French doesn't speak foreign language , right ? Haa ... abhksar 1 week ago 2 so good!! liuyujack 1 week ago where is aussie, where kiwi and where is singlish/manglish?? Mrlanlanpapa1 1 week ago Talent lvl: Asian mosson2 1 week ago Haha this was entertaining! Love it! Good work! lovemewatchy 1 week ago s!!!!S!!!!OBA!!!s!!!! DIY64475 1 week ago I like this video. He's really talented! kobepolonaise 1 week ago cant stop laughing.. srsly this guy got talent :D ivyr100 1 week ago I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cql8878 1 week ago Wonderful CiryW 1 week ago chinese part is the most interesting part... btw...sooo appreciate!!! indian part is awesome lol mitchell4415 1 week ago 有小虎牙......\\*^o^*// 可愛ㄋㄟ~ Vivian89927 1 week ago Opppppaaa! LOL I LOVE THE KOREAN ONE. XD aNiRbAs999 1 week ago by the way, we don't have toliet paper xDD Stolemyusename 1 week ago 還不錯 就是有些臺詞。。。。 hfppkr 1 week ago his korean reali sounds like indian..maybe his indian would sound like korean Jumboplaya 1 week ago @Jumboplaya i was gonna say that timothy0105 1 week ago damn dude ur awesome !!!! :D XinYuHung 1 week ago just need wild little bit, then hes east coast boy for certain. erankus 1 week ago oh man, he is awesome! :D YilanBo 1 week ago give you some color to see see siewyao 1 week ago Outstanding observation and act of accent & stereotypes. naughtykini 1 week ago Give you some color see see. LOL But this person should do Singapore slang... DaddyBats 1 week ago 韩国那个乐死了 fanqiangshixiguan 1 week ago hes British accent was awesome....I bet he was mimicking David Beckham... Chinamikewei 1 week ago 19 wowowowoowowow !!!! cityhunterhf 1 week ago 中国口音再有特色一些更好,中国人最喜欢说的几句话:I am asian, are you american? Do you like china? how do you think about china? welcome to china! XD arnoldkong 1 week ago 3 @arnoldkong 哈哈哈哈 的确是中国人喜欢说的几句话呢 还有have a good day Mreleezy 6 days ago @arnoldkong Chinese do not like to say I am asian. shegiang 10 hours ago Good Job! LG1231002 1 week ago 除了美音差点,真心不错~ 1981debris 1 week ago I like the Korean one!! MsLizYu 1 week ago Fantastik...! TheSatyam182 1 week ago 亚洲那几个我直接笑晕了 camilatingchen 1 week ago bene! nickjwgu 1 week ago 离远看长得好像周星驰 YulunHe 1 week ago funny, he's got talent kensoncui 1 week ago I like it when he sang Japanese, lol.... yanyyj 1 week ago wowo, good job! CRANNTCD 1 week ago nice onlyxzhutube 1 week ago Japanese is very very good ジャパンニーズ イス ヴェリベェリ グード  KONAMI0402 1 week ago 美式英语还有有点不像,其他的都很好。 yxl015 1 week ago korea...... XUTIANSHENG 1 week ago 笑死我了!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!印度!!!­! moyanling666 1 week ago So nice :]], keep going :]] minqiu 1 week ago so good!!~~~I like it TheSundayFlower 1 week ago 蠻屌的  LAWLIUDODO 1 week ago so cool >_< indeed

AkibaHinagiku 1 week ago

We have people mountain people see !! How lovely it is

Bobeenliu 1 week ago

@Bobeenliu lol it's actually 'people mountain people sea'.

Terrsky 1 week ago

@Bobeenliu We have people mountain people sea

hayashikazuki1412 1 week ago

HE is awesome!! All the 9 accents are[japanese][korean][indian][­london][france][italy][america­n][russian][chinese] 日韩印度英法意美俄中

jasonroyal100 1 week ago

Do you guys really understand the Chinese one?? hahahahaha

pyzy001 1 week ago

the korean one sounds like indian "S! S~!" ~haha

kucheekuchi 1 week ago 2

Except American one, all others are awesome! So tablented.

RoyVideo09 1 week ago

@RoyVideo09 Yes, his American one is actually Chinese accent.

HenryShen2009 1 week ago

his korean sounds like indian

complicatedjason 1 week ago 64

Nice Nice Nice Nice, Love it Love it

Hayaliu 1 week ago


llib2000 1 week ago

the american one is not cool...but others all awesome!!!

shekmao 1 week ago


EdenZq 1 week ago

I honestly don't think it was American English...everything else sounds not bad though

stillwater436 1 week ago

@stillwater436 I think this guy is talented. I bet he has never been to most of the countries he covered in this video, including the States. If he comes here for a few months, he certainly can capture most of the American English pronounciation. I bet a lot of Americans cannot do British accents as well as he does. Keep in mind, English is not his native language. He didn't grow up in an English environment. I like this video. He is seriously good.

aizawamegamill 1 week ago 118

@aizawamegamill 你..是華人吧?

jackyyggyy 1 week ago

@aizawamegamill Well, I didn't say he wasn't good. He is. I just wanted to say His "American accent" doesn't sound American and that's it. Which by no means imply he is not good at all.

stillwater436 1 week ago

@stillwater436 I have the same feeling about the American accent he did.

Wordperuser 1 week ago

@stillwater436 haha! you too serious!i think this video just wanna make people have a laghing.not really to mock other country's accent! like that japanese part and korean party, if you familiar with them you will know how funny is these.

q7873211qxz 1 week ago

so cool!

zhaobei80 1 week ago


loading1024 1 week ago


tudounigexihongshi 1 week ago


nongnamazabi 1 week ago

quiet funny

sxtyswclyxgs 1 week ago


MrChm24 1 week ago

omg so amazing!

YCWSAD 1 week ago

all very cool except the Italian accent~ like the french version

better to get some subs for the chinese part lol

tonyjoe2010 1 week ago

You'd better make some english subs.

pyzy001 1 week ago

amazing man

xabooth 1 week ago


pyzy001 1 week ago