Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dr Chee Soon Juan's speech to the IBA

Dr Chee Soon Juan recently recorded this video presentation that was played at the 2011 IBA conference in Dubai. He is barred from traveling overseas by the Singapore government.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Yam Ah Mee Presidential Club Mix (PE 2011)

For every view, Mr Yam Ah Mee gains one vote. Let's show the rest of the country how many votes he can really get if he actually runs for Presidency!

Another election, another resoundingly brilliant performance by our Returning Officer, Mr Yam Ah Mee! An original track again mixed with the announcing of results by Mr Yam. This time, featuring the dancing antics of Mr Yam himself!


Born to be a winner ... Yam Ah Mee !
AsteriaMysteria 2 hours ago

14 people are jealous they can't be the returning officer.
diablo4343 3 hours ago
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diablo4343 3 hours ago

hahahahahah! i totallylike this remix! :) :D
mimincuba 3 hours ago

Fucking epic lol
Sailboatsx 4 hours ago

zairiBoielectroo 7 hours ago

I know its weird but I think Yam Ah Mee should be the president of Singapore. Seriously.
xXxmidgexXx 10 hours ago

Total... Elected... Tan... wontan mee

blazereckas 11 hours ago

Tis would make a gd clubbing music=)

v33ngeance 11 hours ago

@fallensuperherosg haha thanks :) actually the videos I posted a on my channel are quite crappy. Gonna post actual videos on another channel after my exams XD. Nice knowing you :)
lalalaacer 12 hours ago

@lalalaacer Haha. This is my 2nd channel actually. :) First channel is all nonsense.
FallenSuperheroSG 10 hours ago

This is quite repetitious..repeating over and over again..hahah just sayin
opapa98 12 hours ago

new rave dance!

coolmage 14 hours ago

cheerfulrobin 15 hours ago

@fallensuperherosg Trust me, you come as a huge potential, not many videos can get over 30k views in less than a week in Singapore. This propably mean u have a large support from Singapore alone, just work on oversea's viewers and that viewer count will expand :)
lalalaacer 21 hours ago 4

@lalalaacer Haha thanks thanks. There are A LOT of talented YouTubers in Singapore. We just need exposure I guess. But cheers! Hope you'll do well with your vids as well! :)
FallenSuperheroSG 12 hours ago

@fallensuperherosg true, so this means that you can't just rely on Singapore audience but US audience too, cos most of the viewers probably come from there. Maybe you should try to make contents that is internationally relatable :) since the elections and yam ah mee probably wouldn't appear on tv for the next few years :) from what e other youtubers comment, it takes several months to actually b able to become a YouTube partner. So if you want, just try making awesome video consistently. Jiayou!
lalalaacer 21 hours ago

this needed to b played in Zouk!!
jakeweiq 1 day ago 5

where can i get yr remixes without the background voices? Its kinda annoying after listening to it more than 2-3x but the music is bloody awesome.
nutellacookies 1 day ago

FallenSuperHero is indeed the best, coolest and awesome-st remixer in Singapore. No one can deny. All the way man! =]

Syrontan97 1 day ago 4

@Syrontan97 Thanks! Not the best I feel, but I'll try! :D
FallenSuperheroSG 1 day ago

@FallenSuperheroSG You can be DeejayFallen.
RainierNgCJ 12 hours ago

Yam Ah Mee is not just only a famous speaker but a famous DANCER AS WELL!!!!
Hariz2988 1 day ago

People think u r frm SMU cos u r so damn pro!
Mrsjeekx 1 day ago

@Mrsjeekx Haha. So only people from SMU are "damn pro"? :P 
FallenSuperheroSG 1 day ago

walao its damn funny!!!! u actually incorporated his dance clips.....hahahahahahaha oomg!!!

ivonnetham 1 day ago

Tan Kin Lian, Tan Cheng Bock, Tan Jee Say, S. R. Na-Tan, Andrew Kuan, Yusof Ishak, Ong Teng Cheong, Wee Kim Wee and Benjamin Sheares disliked this.
FinnSolomon 1 day ago

@FinnSolomon I think Yusof Ishak would like this. Haha just have a feeling.
FallenSuperheroSG 1 day ago

I declare tony tan, tony tan, tony tan
iBlingoo 1 day ago

@Kotaroukun the last message was for you by the way. Cheers! :)
FallenSuperheroSG 1 day ago

Check out the description box or album details! Cheers! :)
FallenSuperheroSG 1 day ago

Yam Ah Mee, remember come back on 2016
maplesick 1 day ago

You should compile all your remixes into an album. I would buy it in a heartbeat. (:
Kotaroukun 1 day ago

MrGistics 1 day ago

First GE 2011 club mix, now PE 2011 club mix. I can't wait to watch your videos again in 5 years time ^^
tanhuishian 1 day ago

@fallensuperheroSG where do I send your personal donation?
Zippieification 1 day ago

@Zippieification Hi! Just purchase any track from the site and it will go into my account. All proceeds will go to the Singapore Children's Cancer Foundation. Thank you! Cheers! :)
FallenSuperheroSG 1 day ago

@FallenSuperheroSG Purchased! Thanks for the mix. Support local talent!
Zippieification 1 day ago

@Zippieification Thanks so much for your generous act! :D
FallenSuperheroSG 1 day ago

Buying now LOL.
Zippieification 1 day ago

I Swear your mix is damn good . Awesome (Y) .
GDragonB2st 2 days ago

Damn, 5 more years to hear his voice during the next GE again. :(
DarkNep 2 days ago

cyrilneo 2 days ago

the GE sounds better! but this is still nice! =)

cyrilneo 2 days ago

one day everyone will dance in zouk like that to this music lol. cant imagine
augustjude 2 days ago

this should be the intro music for all political news segments. damn nice.
padf0ot 2 days ago

Haha I wouldn't get bored of listening to it!
mypeaceofheavenvlog 2 days ago

This is so damn epic.
thepotpourri 2 days ago

He dances well too. He is very versatile and talented!
lingbeihang 2 days ago

words can't describe how brilliant this mix is. great talent pal.
heiimao 2 days ago 2

Song of the YEAR! Amazing mix. i'm addicted.
TheMrHilson 2 days ago

Pursuant to Disc 49, Track 7E, Sample A of the set, I declare you the DJ Ah Mee van Buuren of Singapore!
MissLoi 2 days ago

I love the beat. If only i could hear it in clubs in singapore. :)
MrJonslife 2 days ago

Why only 22k views? Everyone on facebook is sharing this video!
LoStOfMeMoR1 2 days ago

@LoStOfMeMoR1 Maybe it needs to be shared more? :P
FallenSuperheroSG 2 days ago

@FallenSuperheroSG hey man.. i bet you didnt get to read my PM message on YT.. I was just wondering what software/programme u use to produce the music and video to edit.. could you kindly share your knowledge with me? thanks alot! awaiting your reply!
mastera7x 2 days ago

@mastera7x Hey man. I did reply you. Probably something went wrong somewhere though! Sorry about that. I use FL Studio and Audacity to edit my tracks. Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing.

FallenSuperheroSG 2 days ago

Omg your melody is damn nice. Which software you use to create?
likeabossalright 2 days ago

@likeabossalright FL Studio :)
FallenSuperheroSG 2 days ago

xXxSn3akxXx 2 days ago

awesome! tony tan,pause,tony tan,pause,tony tan.
punkdevil1989 2 days ago

@FallenSuperheroSG u are freaggin awesome! Will you be my teacher in club mixing?!!!! PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
tcssant 2 days ago

@tcssant Haha. Sure. Maybe I should do a tutorial video eh?
FallenSuperheroSG 2 days ago 2

POWER siol :)
amirmoriable 2 days ago

2 thumbs up man. I keep listening it to it. SO BLOODY HYPNOTIC!!! Even my mum likes it!
gonezbananaz 2 days ago

Should try combine General Election and President Election. That would be awesome
marcuslee66 2 days ago

whats the music called? o.o
pigupiakpiak 2 days ago

Absolutely brilliant
jackson9143678 2 days ago

3: 24 to 3: 53. The best part of the video :D
TheRebelLight 2 days ago

Yam Ah Mee, the unifying figure of Singapore.
Flyselskaber 2 days ago 19

Sad lil guy! Each time he made is appearance, there would be a song remix after him!
lodafoob 2 days ago

Total... Rejected... Tan... 3...


anadus7 2 days ago 10

New meme for 4chan.
SouthernRiprey 2 days ago

avaliable on itunes? lol
sgboy00 2 days ago

Awesome thing u have here. And the background music is totally hardcore. GoodJob dude~
rghypocrisy 2 days ago 2

aerobic dance yo!
yukiiko92 2 days ago

lielc 2 days ago

Why aren't you YouTube-famous?!
tigerbear007 2 days ago

@tigerbear007 Haha. I'm not even Singapore famous.
FallenSuperheroSG 2 days ago 2

Hahahaha. Loved it!!! Yes Mr Yam should stand for President! Everybody loves him and he is sooooo sporting and has a very charming smile!
angelkaty99 2 days ago 2

RoxusTheDarkOne 2 days ago

I* really love how the music fits with the dancing! :D and the music is amazing! (:
limpin1993 2 days ago

= =... good.
1E5Rulez 2 days ago

like a boss

lkraie 2 days ago

look at the video - he actually connects with singaporeans :D president yam!
musicanon 2 days ago

will we hear this in club from this wk onward?
alphiphi 2 days ago

Tam Ah Mee ! :D President TAN ! :D
ZeroGaga 2 days ago

Fuck . This beat controls me. This beat is much better than the other songs i've listened to.
waterfox94 2 days ago

Tony. Tan. Tony. Tan. Tony. Tan. Tan Keng Yam. WOO!
madcowrocks 2 days ago

You're a Genius!!! HAHAHAHAH

Even the dance step is timed to the Song! HAHAHAH

Enduran91 2 days ago

OMG Yam Ah Mee's dance like following the tune of the music.
genshou5 2 days ago

had to believe he was a BG man
thehahax2 2 days ago

Lol, nice one. Friends posted it on Facebook and I saw it. Seriously awesome lol. Let's see if he would get one million view lol.
iy19nix 2 days ago

Where is The dance at uhh?
EatMushroom1999 2 days ago

HBRJMX 2 days ago

Nice Music

JPZX195 2 days ago

this video was at like 300 plus views yesterday!! anyway good job this is sooo good.
gerald094 2 days ago

1:59 完蛋 ? ( One Tan)
Drummer8nimation 2 days ago 2

When he announce the figures you should cut the 'ONE' out and match it with a tan like that 'One Tan'. then put it behind 'The president of Singapore' So it will be something like that 'Presidnt of Singapore ONE TAN' AHAHAHA
haituni 2 days ago 3

@haituni haha agreed lol
Mrsjeekx 2 days ago

did i juz see teo chee hean?
Mrsjeekx 2 days ago

tan cheng bock, tan jee say, tan kin lian
pigupiakpiak 2 days ago

haha next time he can dance to his own music mix.
andreastoh 2 days ago

WOW!Best Mix Ever
MrBram1920 2 days ago

how come yesterday I only saw 305  views... today 18,170?
groudon266 2 days ago 28

@groudon266 YouTube update views once every few hours. :)
FallenSuperheroSG 2 days ago

@groudon266 Now 31, 724 !
SotongzXcJunwei 1 day ago

It seemed like Mr Yam was dancing to your music!
jaguar067 2 days ago

Wow, Mr Yam can really shake! And in time too, Woweeeeeeee!

tantracy 2 days ago

I've been listening this song for donno how many times. HAHAHA the music is seriously awesome and the moves of Yam ah mee totally sync in! KUDOS TO YOU BRO~

kayarhzee 2 days ago

OMG WIN!!!!!!!! :D:D:D
ciaraxxxa 2 days ago

Can some1 put this song in mediafire or smth to let people download it ~~

MrAcnes 2 days ago

Vote Returning Officer Yam ah mee as President!!
serlolol 2 days ago

Background music's awesome.
Zippieification 2 days ago

the dance from 3:26-3:52 like really in sync with the music. lol
zellhart 2 days ago
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zellhart 2 days ago

FallenSuperheroSG should become a youtube partner and make all kinds of parodies on what is happening in Singapore :D
Skyathaniel 2 days ago

@Skyathaniel Sadly, YouTube doesn't offer its Partner Programme to Singaporeans. :(
FallenSuperheroSG 2 days ago 23

@FallenSuperheroSG change your location. it works.
1997zc 2 days ago

@FallenSuperheroSG ikr T_T... pray that SG becomes one soon.... i also want to be a youtube partner T_T....
lalalaacer 1 day ago

@lalalaacer I heard you need like a thousand subscribers? Or hundreds of thousands of views?
FallenSuperheroSG 1 day ago

eh bro you're e best
FartedBadly 2 days ago

Anyone know anywhere like an iTunes of sort where I can upload all my tracks in an album format? Or is anyone willing to sponsor their site? :D
FallenSuperheroSG 2 days ago

@FallenSuperheroSG Bandcamp?
adamghy 2 days ago

@adamghy Cheers mate! I'll check it out!
FallenSuperheroSG 2 days ago

Lu best ar!!!! Been listening to this non-stop. Even downloaded it to my phone.  Thank you so much!
dkelkatu 2 days ago

@dkelkatu I would be super shocked if I was taking the train and the person next to me is listening to my tracks! Haha. But thanks! Cheers!
FallenSuperheroSG 2 days ago

Tony tan . Tony tan . Tony tan tan tan keng yam . the president of singapore .
BestSoneEver 2 days ago

We should release a Yam Ah Mee Album! =D
alphiphi 2 days ago
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Darrelltzj 2 days ago

Wooo!!! DANCE DANCE!!!!

Matthadi 2 days ago

Can make one with lyrics? THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
tanym36 2 days ago

the reason i stayed up to 4:30am
yihanglee 2 days ago

where can i download this?

MrAcnes 2 days ago

finalnode 2 days ago

I hate people who always say "Thumb up" to get attention. Haiz......

THUMB UP if think the video is AWEEEEEEEEEEEEEsome =)

hejingpei 2 days ago

We have to wait for so long.
abeebiec 2 days ago

I created my first Youtube just to sub to you and like your videos...

LongLive FallenSuperheroSG ^^
x3Desmond 2 days ago

Carbonizer8 2 days ago

Hahaahah so addictive
RaphaelTheVlogLog 2 days ago


Cyatnip 2 days ago

Damn man you got some awesome skills. I like your mixes! Good job man!
BoFeddo 3 days ago

philotze 3 days ago

DAmn sick man, ableton live 8?
Djbassbitz 3 days ago

Awesome vid.

2 things.

Yam Ah Mee for PRESIDENT!

Healing the political Divide since GE 2011!

If not,

Can he come back in 5 years time? Be the RO for the 2016 GE?
shardakar 3 days ago

This is honestly.. SUPER NICE! BEST!
EnthuEmoKid 3 days ago

This mix ROCKS
vinarvin 3 days ago

renji2129 3 days ago

omg this is hilarious but i love the mix it is awesome! and Mr Yam Ah Mee sure has some awesome dance moves to show!! XD
khatijahbeevi 3 days ago

Mr Yam Ah Mee is going to be so happy if he see this! He is famous now! He should be the president instead!
MrXiaoFat 3 days ago

i find this adorable
ngdj999 3 days ago

Thumbs up if Yam Ah Mee remix music genre should be used for NDP!!
tAiLspo0n 3 days ago

Ask Yam Ah Me do a commentary for NDP and make a remix!! I'll definitely go NDP and support!!
tAiLspo0n 3 days ago

The background music is your own creation? It's awesome. (: Love it.
brendalogy 3 days ago 2

@brendalogy Yup it is. Thank you. :)
FallenSuperheroSG 3 days ago 9

I LOVE IT! And I love how you made his dance sync with the music! AWESOME! :)
TheJonajo 3 days ago

@FallenSuperHeroSG DAMM! i've fallen in love with this song man! this ROCKS!
mag3b0yxxx 3 days ago 3

@mag3b0yxxx Glad you love it! :)
FallenSuperheroSG 3 days ago

Yup, Mr Yam Ah Mee better run for president in 2017!! He really looks like a fun person to talk to n hang out with!! Singapore needs a president who knows how to relax, chill n have fun!!!^_^
saikopuff 3 days ago

I love how happy this video sounds.

zTheOneAndOnlyz 3 days ago

@zTheOneAndOnlyz I love how happy Mr Yam looks in the video! :D
FallenSuperheroSG 3 days ago

thumbs up if u think the 7 people who "Disliked" this are not true-blue proud singaporeans
multicoloredpeanuts 3 days ago 3

That's fast!  :O

darkangeljay 3 days ago

AHHAHAHA SO FUNNYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Managerox 3 days ago

I like the sync on that tony tan x3 times the president of singapore.

Good job overall!
Flightlevel000 3 days ago

wow the dancing is in sync great job
jacobcyh 3 days ago

didnt click thumbs up cos i saw the annotation: Thumbs up for the 3 rejected Tans.. didnt click thumbs down as well.
niteboz 3 days ago

Yam. Good dancing.
TheGoodgoodmood 3 days ago

@2:36-2:38 i like how even yam's clapping is on beat, awesome.
maomaohaohao 3 days ago

omg the tony tan part was so so funny hahaha
weiling93 3 days ago

Yam Ah Mee the best!!!
groudon266 3 days ago

returning officer wont be returning until 4 years later. Its like world cup !

fartenberg 3 days ago

Somehow i felt all of them dancing voted for TT..

trifendel 3 days ago

Thumbs up for blue shirt guy dancing so seriously.
jacqandthebeansprout 3 days ago

Tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tan
killersolid98 3 days ago

killersolid98 3 days ago

You The Man!!
BenProperty 3 days ago

Like if you want YAM AH MEE for President!!
goldenspoon87 3 days ago

Like if you are the 305th viewer!
kingfightin 3 days ago 6

Total rejected Tans...


Omg love that part! HAHAHHAHAHAH
junemay345 3 days ago

What this club mix its awesome!
ExplicitSimplicity 3 days ago

wyuhin5000 3 days ago

SO CATCHY. i love it! AHAHA.
proudsingaporean94 3 days ago

It looks like Yam Ah Mee dances the best out of all the ppl there!
jjtoh89 3 days ago

wad's the song name?

revon88 3 days ago

We should share this across all of the social networks xD
XiaoReg 3 days ago

if you play this with the GE one, it sounds like some crazy techno.
Trokolol 3 days ago
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UchihaDaryl 3 days ago

It never gets old. XD
xtellmewhyx 3 days ago

Trending topic in Singapore right now...
nulnoh219 3 days ago

mr yams dancing is *ah-hem*! LOL

no offense
RaymondisMine 3 days ago

Gotta love your mixes. OHGOD. ADDICTED. POST AN MP3 VERSION!
ryancxzlah 3 days ago

leondaz 3 days ago

5 are jealous of Yam's dance moves
mrkwan 3 days ago

MR YAM AH MEE IS SO CUTE! ahaha & the dimples! <3
Mizella1976 3 days ago
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lousbruise 3 days ago

if only this can be shown on TV. haha. Well Done!
GohWeiXian 3 days ago

d3sp4ir 3 days ago

Total rejected tan: 3 tan

Total elected tan: 1 tan

:') Awesome man. (Y)
GeniousCritic 3 days ago 2

The dude is chill man
Aimismyname 3 days ago

when he started dancing i laughed like mad LOL
synstaccato 3 days ago

@FallenSuperheroSG looks like u did what i suggested after all
yxkillz 3 days ago 3

@yxkillz Yup! I had to. Cheers! :)
FallenSuperheroSG 3 days ago

nice remix man! but whats the bg music?

DisneyYH 3 days ago

nice remix dude... thumbs up... the backgrd music is superb too... hope can hear the original without the PE elections music :)
zfirez 3 days ago

I swear you freakin genius sia
TheRebelLight 3 days ago 50

@TheRebelLight Thanks :)
FallenSuperheroSG 3 days ago

can anyone tell me what is the title of the song? without the Yam ah Mee Mix?

Sylverlicious 3 days ago

Thumbs up if you're the 305th viewer!
thelastrebirth 3 days ago 17

Omg this is too funny!!! Nice!!
aallerina 3 days ago

@FallenSuperheroSG OMG I actually guessed last night this would be named the Presidential Club Mix - and it came true!!/MissLoi/status/­107459438692139008
MissLoi 3 days ago

@MissLoi Haha! I guess a lot of people saw this one coming! :D
FallenSuperheroSG 3 days ago

saw Mr Lim Boon Heng dancing also @2:59!!!
boonkiatpek 3 days ago

this actually sounds quite good!
Samwaitforittay 3 days ago

oh god i do want the background music
date180174 3 days ago

how come they are dancing?

river811 3 days ago

whoa very nice video. Especially the clubbing scenes!
MrScottieify 3 days ago

"Total rejected tan" "Total elected tan" LOLOLOL
shadowofthedayz 3 days ago

dragonmaidenz 3 days ago

got any dl link? =D! i wanna put as my ring tone! =D
Silversoulx 3 days ago

@Silversoulx Convert youtube to mp3!
Thedevil07012 3 days ago

so fast make remake liao

kuaqimai 3 days ago

This is your best work so far! So incredibly catchy! And he looks so damn cute dancing hahahaha :P
Aevael 3 days ago

so many tan!! why no TAN JONG RHU!!!!?

SioYiHio 3 days ago

the dancing...what...i...what??
munkymandee 3 days ago

this is hilarious!

awesome job!
mavetopgear 3 days ago

How is it possible that the views of this video is 305 and the likes are 478?

- Sezxyouup
10Pes0s 3 days ago

@10Pes0s youtube doesn't update views every minute. it is usually every hour or slower, unless the views are like running into a few million then it will update faster.. so must wait for update
vigelic 3 days ago

the remix is freaking awesome. 
TheMrJaven 3 days ago

Yam Ah Mee for president!
MadManATA 3 days ago

seyan1991 3 days ago 2


calisvin 3 days ago

If you could upload the background music for this, the GE version one and the Leticia one, would be awesome, because we also would like to have the non-vocal versions.

p0011011 3 days ago

what is the name of the track????
Opps1991 3 days ago

damn! really goood remix. a very good job well done!
xxxhkh117xxx 3 days ago

woah I love your remix :D
wyl223366 3 days ago

Thumb up if you watching this in 2011
seyan1991 3 days ago

Best DJ & Rapper.. Remix is awesome..LOL..i can't stop replaying & laughing like crazy..I like the part he read out 3 Tans name..nice rapping..haha..

Sh0rtiZzZ 3 days ago

i like how there are 429 likes but only 305 views.
ongjkj 3 days ago

L0uiSsSz 3 days ago

yam ah mee for president! 
momolaxd 3 days ago

Lol! You did it again!
Exuism 3 days ago

Mrazmerize 3 days ago

How about mixing the GE and PE together? That will be cool. "Singapore parliamentary presidential elections act" "persuant to section 49 sub-section 8d, of the presidential elections act, I declare"
bladeberserk0 3 days ago

We should do the mass dance somewhere with this track!!!
MiziNoa 3 days ago

freaking brilliant
WarrantsSG 3 days ago

ikepiggy 3 days ago

I would totally buy this dance track single! Now abusing replay button
drdollars77 3 days ago

I think I will vote him as my president.
MrQuackism 3 days ago

Great job, especially the background music. It's great!

Eaststar 3 days ago

@FallenSuperheroSG Did you actually stay awake till 4AM + to watch?
retardedmau5 3 days ago 5

@retardedmau5 Yup I did! Didn't you? :D
FallenSuperheroSG 3 days ago 10

@FallenSuperheroSG I was waiting for the results, but a candidate asked them to do a recount, so I went to sleep. :)
retardedmau5 3 days ago

jl3487 3 days ago

FinnSolomon 3 days ago 3

Naise !
sni996 3 days ago

OMG, i'm actually tearing, coz i'm laughing my asssss offfffffffffff :')
BboySlashGNR 3 days ago

xjquintessence 3 days ago

Actually, you know what, I'm sure many would really appreciate it if you made the background music for all your mixes available on their own because it really sounds awesome. ;) Keep up the good work! Hahah
Jienation 3 days ago 7

@Jienation Good idea. I'll find a way to upload them somewhere. :D
FallenSuperheroSG 3 days ago 4

very nice bgm u got there!
noobrubbish 3 days ago

Hi, since the background music was your own composition, I was wondering if you could make it available as an mp3 file without Mr Yam's voice in it. It sounds really great! :D
Jienation 3 days ago

HAHAHAHA is fucking funny
towerguarder 3 days ago

i would rather have yam ah mee as the president now. haahahah!
ninawonderbyrd 3 days ago

za7v9ier 3 days ago

In case anyone's wondering, the background music is my own original. Also, I don't know why people keep asking me but I am not related to SMU.

Anyway thanks for the support everyone. I tried to get this done as quickly as I could. Not to mention our famous Mr Yam only came out at 4! Anyway, cheers! :D
FallenSuperheroSG 3 days ago 5

2 Tans up! Can I play this in my show? LOL!
hossanleong 3 days ago 74

@hossanleong Haha sure sure! Must mention my username k! [shameless free advertising :P]
FallenSuperheroSG 3 days ago 27

What's the raw BGM you used to make this, :O
Drigorin 3 days ago

who the hell disliked this?!?!
karagisellex 3 days ago

what song is this?
sergeantsic 3 days ago

If this was the song on Dance Dance Revolution, everyone would want to play.
xTeclu 3 days ago

what is the song for this ! HAHA
saiwai23 3 days ago

Tony sound so similar to Horny, LOL!~
k3lv1njkke 3 days ago

The focus on the TAN! is juz epic! XD

ESutashi 3 days ago

He makes me want to dance along with him!
scarletcutt 3 days ago

dreamcaroline 3 days ago

How bout doing a GE+PE together for PA? =D

GE+PE together will be awesome!
MarkCYX 3 days ago

wah so fast.
titanlyy 3 days ago

love the TAN part!!! :D
violamokona 3 days ago

he's so cute haha
themariannetai 3 days ago

He really can dance eh?

altoboy 3 days ago

i kinda enjoy looking at mr yam dancing..HAHAH :)
XxHa0xX 3 days ago

haha had a feeling something like this was going to happen
rangermanz 3 days ago

renkai321 3 days ago

ahyaogui 3 days ago

He will not be the Returning Officer for the next GE or PE already right? :(
altoboy 3 days ago

i hope you had enough rest. NICE ONE! haha
berlehn 3 days ago

Our new national song. =D

maxtreme225 3 days ago

I want to vote for Yam Ah Mee.
mochadinosaur 3 days ago

Yam ah Mee got mmmoooovvves! Groovy
MasculineClam 3 days ago

Tony Tan... 1 Tan...

Sounds like wan-tan (aka gone case in Chinese)

No, I'm staying neutral on this. Just a thought.
forsakenhate 3 days ago
Comment removed
forsakenhate 3 days ago

no one shld dislike this (:
maplesrorylover 3 days ago

Great video!! but the blackouts in the beginning kind of hurt my eyes
jacknme1 3 days ago
Comment removed
jacknme1 3 days ago

This is really good. What is the original song called?
holykiller130592 3 days ago

sir yam ah mee, dont get angry. if this video doesn't exist, i still dont know who is yam ah mee.
MegaManBn 3 days ago

you, sir, are a legend.
sads87 3 days ago

i was waiting for this. nice job bro!
MegaManBn 3 days ago

This remix wins the previous GE remix on ALL LEVELS! Well done.
asukashin 3 days ago 44

this is simply amazing
Preddie095 3 days ago

iAfflictionx3 3 days ago

(Y) Wonder if Yam Ah Mee will be able to see this! HAHA!
maine89757 3 days ago 6

Dam nice la! Tony Tan, the president of Singapore! HAHA! THUMBS UP!
XReFormation 3 days ago

For every view, Mr Yam Ah Mee gains one vote. Let's show the rest of the country how many votes he can really get if he actualllyruns for Presidency!

Skyathaniel 3 days ago

Yay GREAT JOB!!! and I heard "wan tan". Hahaha.
Jaslwt 3 days ago

was hoping to get the mp3 of both PE and GE
TheMrWeiyu 3 days ago

Yam Ah Mee For President !!!!!
haafiiz 3 days ago

was anticipating this one .. NICE WORK!

alanawkl 3 days ago

hi is there anyway we can download this track?
enzymesssssss 3 days ago

@enzymesssssss Youtube downloader, google it.
Preddie095 3 days ago

haha was wondering when u will make the PE remix.......nice one
stviru5 3 days ago 30

@stviru5 Haha. Thanks!
FallenSuperheroSG 3 days ago

Simply Amazing !!! Ure good !!
Hayate201094 3 days ago

Nice track. Nice job making both PE and GE club mixes.
EzExAzN 3 days ago

Omega1653 3 days ago

Nope. Presidential Elections.
FallenSuperheroSG 3 days ago

Based off the General Elections right? :)
Kindiakan 3 days ago

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Take Your Pants Off

When going to the doctor's office to get checked for hernia is a frightening experience...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cut the Dick

嘉義縣一名女子在小吃店陪酒賣笑,同居男友卻好吃懶做,還拿她賺的辛苦錢買毒、玩女人,女子警告對方無效,昨清晨趁男友吸毒又吃安眠藥昏睡,拿剪刀把男友命根子剪斷,並把­剪下的陰莖丟進八掌溪,隨後向警方自首,她氣憤地說:「我用不到也不要給別人用!」男友經送醫手術,陰莖只剩2公分。 The girlfriend cut away her boyfriend's penis...


i was just super amused at the 3D re-enactment :D 
MissOnyl 1 hour ago

@letgo1120 yea that's right you don't need your tits cut off. You need my cock in your mouth you cunt! Suck on my 2cm cock! More than enough for you!
1iquid5nake 4 hours ago

tom801142002 7 hours ago

hukusuku1 9 hours ago

蛋痛== 最后还说 还可以勃起.......我恐怖
ken34258 11 hours ago

PAPALI 19 hours ago

w0918565777 20 hours ago

hn7164 20 hours ago

剩一點 、、、
ksummer4190 20 hours ago

動腥聞的配音 真是有夠講究的啦

gaugwa 20 hours ago

zxc269072 21 hours ago

shumcheukkan 21 hours ago
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nie0330 22 hours ago

超痛的...好可怕= ="
BruceYang1988 23 hours ago

這男人太賤= =
yagood0310 1 day ago

ouch this sound so pain
ts00147924 1 day ago

holy shit you guys. How can you say that he actually deserve it? Go knock some sense into your pea brain of yours before commenting. He may have done drugs but its still something you can recover from. He can go to rehab or something. but doing something like this is definitely off-hand and not a joking matter. So stop shitting about and that woman is fucken mentally unstable.
Cryaboot 1 day ago

经典: 我用不到也不要给别人用

哈哈哈哈 !!
shenwoo77 1 day ago 2

a10303y 1 day ago

jolin1026 1 day ago

@letgo1120 你罵誰白痴啊?! You're a fuckin dumb bitch OK?! Just because a person does drugs and is a low life doesn't mean he deserve this. How about someone cut your tits out when you're sleeping?! How you like that?
1iquid5nake 1 day ago


罵你白癡阿 還會罵誰^^? i dont do nothing wrong why would ppl cut my tits off?haha stop talking nonsense. I really do think that your dick is 2cm long otherwise how would you be so sympathy to that man LOL
letgo1120 17 hours ago

ShuaiPrince 1 day ago 2

howdoyouturn21 1 day ago

這女的配音 讓我笑到肚子疼~
billkiss1978 1 day ago 7

sillyhoay 1 day ago 4

@letgo1120 你不必問有沒有看清楚,這個女人很明顯的是個有精神病的人。你為­何還要為了個神經病的人辯論。難道你也跟這女人一樣風嗎?
1iquid5nake 1 day ago


你白癡嗎, 我從頭到尾沒為那女人辯論, 是你一直為那男人辯論OK? 我只說那男的活該, 並沒有贊成那女人的做法.

你是也怕你自己變剩蛋老人?還是你常吸毒? 失業常要錢? 還是愛把小三?
letgo1120 1 day ago 3

@quinieleong it doesn't matter whether you're a low life or whatever. The point is, if you're a sane person, you would not behave this way. It's like saying if you're a prostitute, you deserve to have your breasts severed from your body.
1iquid5nake 1 day ago

TheUuuuaaaa 1 day ago 3

This girl is sick.She should go to a mental hospital seriously.No matter how bad is the guy she still shouldn't do this.
DawnMarsh 1 day ago 2

dai sei. 
Isabelllovemayday 1 day ago

skydrag 2 days ago

總覺得她笑得很得意= =

st471599 2 days ago

蛋蛋的哀傷= =
fo494 2 days ago

haha~tat boy huo gai~~XD cut he lanjiao~~XD cut cut!!~ who wan cut he lanjiao~ fast go taiwan CUT!!~XDDDD
LoveTaeyeon4ever 2 days ago
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zzza131azzz 2 days ago
Comment removed
zzza131azzz 2 days ago

配音好好笑 XDDD
imthegodhand 2 days ago

bluetears90 2 days ago

still so proud lol
XxTyranxXMingHao 2 days ago


ngage5415 2 days ago


ELF520HSO 2 days ago

This teach u guys a lesson. i think this girls do the right things.
kelvinkhoo98 2 days ago

fuckliao 2 days ago


Sam520J 2 days ago

3x秒的示意圖那邊 我大大的縮了一下 好恐怖啊!!
OBERSERK 2 days ago

你再这样...我剪掉你的小弟弟... xDDD
uhey0705 2 days ago

that's why 女人不可以得罪 ! @.@ This is so scary wei.. .
ChyeHengTay 2 days ago

The interviewer had guts to interviewed her ! I wouldn't do that..LOLL
ChyeHengTay 2 days ago

Mdogs3 2 days ago


TOMMY50617 2 days ago
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shashiro88sg 2 days ago

dam sick. that lady deserve to go into jail/mental hospital. seriously.
shashiro88sg 2 days ago


fangzuting 2 days ago 2






freudliu 2 days ago 70


無勃起狀態六公分還好吧? 勃起之後至少兩倍以上正常啊
letgo1120 2 days ago

@freudliu 難怪她要切了......
as148532 22 hours ago

社會檔案-剩蛋老人 (國語版) 
vicki110207 2 days ago in playlist 更多由NMANews提供的影片

GOROTIM16 2 days ago
Comment removed
ji39430 2 days ago

scary la
Sweetslurver 2 days ago

clotbeture 2 days ago

DoMoZaii 2 days ago





a085778 2 days ago 11

damn pain....
YiiKorr 2 days ago

Gmaila16790417 2 days ago 2

Serve him right!
Erza5087 2 days ago

crystalfendi 2 days ago

wtf is wrong with this woman?

subfenom 2 days ago


女的也好不到哪去= ="
aa3786108 2 days ago

should cal him 节哀顺变
dragonken97 2 days ago

@burpharvest i sure wont drink the water from the sea to my house if i live there XD
dragonken97 2 days ago

Pandodora 2 days ago 2

我以後每天早上起床第一件事就是確定自己的小雞雞是否還在= =

s2500519 2 days ago 2

elline0214 2 days ago

@elline0214 你说的好~赞同!







Convoy1985 2 days ago

@elline0214 没资格?那男的就有资格去爱别人?小白脸+吸毒=社会败类
Erza5087 2 days ago 2


每天只會要錢,吸毒,搞女人, 這種人需要什麼自尊我問你? 人家父母辛辛苦苦把他養大, 結果他在那邊浪費生命吸毒? 你確定你有仔細看這篇新聞?
letgo1120 2 days ago

burpharvest 2 days ago 3

he deserve it, anyway ...
beatnsin83 2 days ago

tis girl is steady
mDeViLm 2 days ago


NKS26 2 days ago

She still can fucking laugh about it... How would she feel if someone cut her boobs off?
JayChua 2 days ago

well done :D
Jut9381 2 days ago

wtf...she laughed... ==!!!!!
1v4nku3k 2 days ago

ken30202 2 days ago

SHAN8311 2 days ago 8

男: "鸡鸡呢...? 昨天明明还在......" T_T
lightsworder 2 days ago 6

holly shit, hope this done make any guys can't sleep well.
azetect 2 days ago 2

alphonse0321 2 days ago

devillovefavouritee 2 days ago 2

那女的说得好像在说别人的故事一样… 好狠啊!
limsuetenggg 2 days ago

MrRueychyi 2 days ago


sentiment99 2 days ago

zoechan2008 2 days ago

mrxavier11 2 days ago

wtf.... owh god...shyt.
mandymandytee 2 days ago

这世界是疯了吗? 我接受不到咯 ==
cnt102 2 days ago

s10356412066 2 days ago

剩2公分 只能拿夾子打手槍了....
zycq3388 2 days ago 7

剩蛋老人= =
st200540302 2 days ago 164
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secrettidus 2 days ago


CHINZANDO 2 days ago

omg==  真狠==

jesslyn60 2 days ago
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MegaBear1015 2 days ago

哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈阿 2 公分?!?!?! 啊哈哈哈哈

christine180298 2 days ago

evil inhumane behaviour. the lady lost all sense of humanity. this is not the way to solve her problem. she's only feeding on evil. she feels no remorse - that the worse part.
elisha5991 2 days ago



chun0929 2 days ago

jbmctoogron 2 days ago

>< 鸟疼
blash1314 3 days ago

theanghv 3 days ago

@theanghv 那男的也毁了她一生,为什么你不怪他吸毒要钱打女人乱搞不做工呢­?那女人连孩子也有了,证明她也忍了很久
niqcal 2 days ago 8

whats701 3 days ago 6

Only stupid immature kids thinks this is funny. All I see are 21 year olds who would condone such barbaric behavior and think she did anything right. If you're one of them, you better watch out. You might be the next one in jail or worst.
1iquid5nake 3 days ago 3

fuckliao 3 days ago

loveoBBo 3 days ago 3


還有一個是 zycq3388
andrew688k 3 days ago



kaokao9012 3 days ago

sakurakoo1992 3 days ago 7

聽到這新聞,小弟弟感到很痛 ... =="
dida67mrcool 3 days ago

動新聞,小弟弟回不去了報到 ==
terrencemy1563 3 days ago 3

太好笑了...只剩兩公分 有屁用!
cowfrogn 3 days ago

mingjoonler 3 days ago

那毒蟲對妳不好 妳也不能動私刑

妳應該離開他就好了 看妳笑的好得意


aerinya 3 days ago

Rengori 3 days ago

wtf its pain.....
qiongqiongf 3 days ago

shen3yun2 3 days ago

wtf she is crazy??
guansern9292 3 days ago

liangzhai00 3 days ago 3

這樣剪 就對了 吸毒只會危害社會
KING810825 3 days ago 3

我下面軟了= =
kissme6874 3 days ago 3

THISLOVE1225 3 days ago

atom09030903 3 days ago 6

random920101 3 days ago


490021183 3 days ago

orz19375 3 days ago 7


kevinyly 3 days ago


jakelong132 3 days ago

gneisenau1230 3 days ago

as148532 3 days ago

@as148532 =.=我還暴龍魔爪咧
sunnyboy8644 3 days ago

@sunnyboy8644 我沒說錯阿xD  一刀切斷禍源
as148532 2 days ago

ki0955 3 days ago

im scared...


j36981 3 days ago 32


kevin316333 3 days ago in playlist 更多由NMANews提供的影片 3

a3116793 3 days ago


NatureChun 3 days ago

00082519 3 days ago 3

@letgo1120 NO ONE deserves to have their dick cut off. Not even criminals. If you were him would you think you deserve to have yours cut off? The bitch is a lunatic and she will get her punishment.
1iquid5nake 3 days ago

@1iquid5nake That's stupid. If I'm a criminal, of course I wouldn't think that I deserve any heavy punishment no matter how serious my crime is.
quinieleong 2 days ago

l1n3l1n3 3 days ago 2

LOL that's why don't cheat. Girls can get crazy...
Missyllydi 3 days ago

iknowican951 3 days ago

大海撈針 找也找不到了...
openloveyou 3 days ago

剪掉三分之二 剩下2公分... 原來就只有6公分噢...? lol
MsGlitterG 3 days ago 6

@MsGlitterG 我笑了....
ares78222 3 days ago

@MsGlitterG 無勃起狀態6公分, 勃起來至少兩倍以上阿 所以正常拉
letgo1120 3 days ago

jose77715 3 days ago 2

有人說 : 哇~ 不敢交女朋友...

我說 : 事出必有因呀!?

他說 : 不管過程 我賺錢給我媽就好 現在女人好可怕...

jqhoho 3 days ago

chales200982 3 days ago 3

EFC5661 3 days ago

s9511190 3 days ago

0:32 我覺得自己的小雞雞也跟著斷了
cysobcysob 3 days ago

kea43291 3 days ago



tea1535 3 days ago 2

好噁喔= =
TKcanforme 3 days ago

alloleoleo 3 days ago 5

p4368787 3 days ago


jordantris 3 days ago

wf7k87ne 3 days ago

TheRedCapitalist 3 days ago

報應 活該 老婆這麼好還偷吃

MsTomYu 3 days ago in playlist 更多由NMANews提供的影片 3

lgg757 3 days ago

funny chick


hope she gets out soon
akba666 3 days ago

walawalacia 3 days ago


WaywayChan1993 3 days ago

dhung95322 3 days ago 81

iraynwang 3 days ago

說時還笑..."剪掉很長".. XD 還剩2公分 XD
chow2027 3 days ago

For all you mudduhbitches who thinks she did a good job you deserve nothing less than a swift decapitation! How you like it now?! This hoe deserves a bitchslaping and deportation!
1iquid5nake 3 days ago


did you even watch the whole news? you know wat type of a guy that man is? do drugs, ask for money, consistently hitting her, and fuck other bitches. or you feel sympathy for him cuz your dick was cut too? or it is only 2 cm long? im not saying this type of act is good, but that man deserved it.
letgo1120 3 days ago 5

If only this punishment could be impose on more severe crimes, such as rape or child molestation. Otherwise, good job.
GooseHinson 3 days ago

剪的好 哈哈 死毒蟲!
zycq3388 3 days ago 104

wakaka1942 3 days ago

well deserved
kylebless310 3 days ago


eeleesuperman 3 days ago

dengjiayi 3 days ago

well done, girl
letgo1120 3 days ago


hksass3321 3 days ago