Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Voting is a pleasure or an orgasm in Spain

Spanish politicians have criticised a video by the Young Socialists in Catalonia in which a woman simulates an orgasm while casting her vote.

Both Socialist and opposition politicians have attacked the campaign video.

The equality minister called it "misleading" advertising.

In the video the young woman gets increasingly excited as she votes for the Socialist Party in this month's regional elections in Catalonia.

It concludes with the phrase, "Voting is a pleasure", after she puts her voting slip in the ballot box.


Someone had an vibe egg tucked away and went about her day.
MikeofWyoming 4 hours ago

Imagine how many women would crowd the voting booths if this actually happened
CircusOfKings 1 day ago

I moving to Spain !!!!!!!! SCORE
Bvzijverden 1 day ago

I guess that mean the 2008 obama??? Lol sss not bah!!!
dirthotch1982 1 day ago

shes absolutely gorgeous!
WakingLife55 2 days ago

Man, she really wants it
WTFisAuserFRCKINname 2 days ago

LOL poor envolope was abused

guynumber20 2 days ago 2

Timax789 2 days ago

Hahaha, love this vid! xD

I bet she voted for the communist party. ;)
Miittle 2 days ago

And next year the Socialists will complain no one is handling the issues, cute girl tho
garethmdawson 2 days ago

What is the name of song?
busta85 1 week ago

Isto em Portugal estava logo a merda da igreja a proibir isto LOL!
jascl1974 1 month ago

press 7 u will shit ur self
sullykillsully 2 months ago

1:01 Rape face.
Flashlight1996 3 months ago

@Flashlight1996 OMG hahahahauyh im lmao so fucking hard it hurts

sullykillsully 2 months ago

tanzanianbrotha 3 months ago 3
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Szymusss16 3 months ago

skilladder1 3 months ago

Peter Griffin said it best in the Peterotica episode- AWW HOT SHE'S VOTING!

Hot chick getting off by voting FTW.
fassman316 4 months ago

Squirt squirt squirt! +Add to > Favorites!
imiritu 4 months ago
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sonika763 4 months ago

Now this girl would be fun to date!! LOL!
landonthegr8est 4 months ago

i think it is sooo damn funny.
zeeYKA 4 months ago

O I'm so sorry Christianity tortured people in the crusades if you didnt know it so did the Muslims and many other Religions have done similar things at different times so go climb into a hole u insufferable jackass
Orange5280 4 months ago

fuck off this germany und armenia are the best countryys
armeniaRAP 5 months ago

That... was weird... lol
ZorraHokage 5 months ago
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azurescens420 5 months ago

id get a larger boner watching my goldfish have sex...
luxenzo 5 months ago

voting is a pleasure, for socialists :P
theswedishshemale 5 months ago

Came buckets.
Moue666 6 months ago 18

great idea!
tomassimo23 6 months ago

она проголосовала за Пупкина
dovgal74 6 months ago
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Samgirl117 6 months ago

Voting for socialists is a pleasure.
JayPhilosopher 6 months ago 26


Voting fo socialists is.. retarded.

( means you must have flunked history)
jabberwolf 5 months ago

@jabberwolf Actually, I got "A"s in all the post-graduate history courses that I took.

For those who are blind to historical reality, let me correct my statement, voting for a socialist candidate is a pleasure for a person of the working class and lovers of humanity. Those who are not of the working class and hate humanity obtain the same pleasure voting for their capitalist bloodsucking candidates.
JayPhilosopher 5 months ago

@JayPhilosopher It's never surprising how insitutions totally reliant on the tax loot will espouse the magical panacea that is The State. If you measure "love of humanity" by the number of corpses in the 20th century, then yes, Socialism is the clear winner. Nevermind champions of the prolitereate like Mao Zedong who planted 70,000,000 corpses and ground China into poverty. It wasn't until they pursued capitalistic policies did China amount to anything.
MrMagniloquentia 5 months ago

@MrMagniloquentia "In order to build a great socialist society it is of the utmost importance to arouse the broad masses of women to join in productive activity. Men and women must recceive equal pay for equal work in production. Genuine equality between the sexes can only be realized in the process of the socialist transformation of society as a whole" from Introductory note to "Women Have Gone to the Labour Front" (1955), The Socialist Upsurge in China's Countryside, Chinese ed., Vol. I.
JayPhilosopher 5 months ago

@JayPhilosopher Oh yes, I'm sure that vaunted speech soothed the anguish of the impoverished, illiterate, starving, and socially oppressed masses. Likewise, all of the political dissenters filling mass graves probably marveled at how egalitarian mass graves in to the Gobi desert concentration camps were.
MrMagniloquentia 5 months ago

@MrMagniloquentia The 70 million figure that you quoted was way too low. It is obvious that Mao and the millions of communist workers of the communist party saved the lives of way more than 70 million people. Given that there were around 550 million Chinese when they successfully defeated the capitalists and the population is now 1.3 billion, it is truer to say that they saved the lives of 700 million people who would have suffered exploitation and quick death under capitalist slavery.
JayPhilosopher 5 months ago

@JayPhilosopher Most scholars put the body count of Mao Zedong at about 77,000,000 or to say, his Communist initiatives were directly responsible for the murder and starvation of 14% of the Chinese people of that era. All for the common man of course.

It's astounding to me how Marxists will call communism/socialism the mass shootings of political dissenters, rounding up of millions of political opponents into concentration camps to slave and starve to death and call it "love of humanity".
MrMagniloquentia 5 months ago

@MrMagniloquentia The capiitalist propagandists who say these things ignore the millions of Chinese savagely rounded up in capitalist concentration camps and often beheaded from 1920 to 1950 and instead accuse the Chinese Communists of doing what they themselves did to the masses. These so-called scholars are well paid by their capitalist institutions and governments for the lies they tell and the statistics they make up. They reinforce each other's bullshit in an echo-chamber like effect.
JayPhilosopher 5 months ago

@JayPhilosopher You must be refering to the CIVIL WAR where different warlords, including the Soviet puppets Kuaomintang killed eachother for control of China? Then the FACIST Japanese storm in and dominate the Chinese until the end of WWII? FACIST, as in STATE domination of INDUSTRY. Much like COMMUNISM.


A college teacher, paid by taxes, who teaches at tax dependant institutions, espouses Marxist drivel, yet proclaims "capitalist institutions" are brainwashing people. Ha!
MrMagniloquentia 5 months ago

@MrMagniloquentia You seem to be astounded often because your insane capitalist ideology does not match reality. As far as your inability to understand hypocrisy of actions and words, consider Christians who claim to "love mankind" but have tortured and murdered countless millions of people because they refuse to believe in Christian fairy tales. Consider the U.S. government which murders millions in places like Korea, Vietnam, South America and Iraq to enforce its will on peoples.
JayPhilosopher 5 months ago

@JayPhilosopher So would you like to look at the fruits of TRUE Christian "love of mankind", or just try hard to find the few bad apples in the barrel to make your point? I see how Christians are tearing down the masses with Habitat for Humanity. Ah, and the Salvation Army, where they beat away the poor and destitute drunkards and addicts. And I assume that World Relief, Samaritan's Purse are the same. Oh, and they founded those evil schools of Harvard, Yale and Princeton...how dare they?
darkpoetcc 4 days ago

@JayPhilosopher Where does the gentleness of the masses lie. Tell me where the love of others is shown, outside of a few TV shows that make people feel good. Show me where humankind is getting better as time goes on and learning is progressed. Convince me with the knowledge, wisdom, and examples of the best this world has to offer. I await eagerly to hear how good this planet and it's people are; I wonder how many will die at the hands of these "loving" human people you have so much faith in
darkpoetcc 4 days ago

@MrMagniloquentia You do not understand that the iinternet is different from a college classroom. Teachers encourage students to view the problems from a multitude of points of view. That is the function of education. The internet is where personal points of view may be espoused for pleasure.

It is you who have been brainwashed by capitalist ideology, the working class all sees the reality and is rapidly breaking from it as they are crushed by the poverty, war and fear it produces
JayPhilosopher 5 months ago

@jabberwolf stating your opinion is for any old asshat on the internet. set yourself apart; justify/explain/support it. no offense to you or anything; i'm sure you can do it :D
dn3sMusic 3 months ago

@JayPhilosopher ...best comment on here....and you can SPELL!!!!
45nthrivn 1 month ago

eymaxos 6 months ago

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Singapore Presidential Election 2011 - Face 2 Face

A groundbreaking forum organized for an unprecedented Presidential election by The Online Citizen.

In the first such event to be held by a local website, TOC held a studio discussion with all 4 Presidential candidates and an audience of 18 Singaporeans with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences.

Participants included a Senior Counsel, bloggers and professors, a public servant, students, NGO activists and retired army personnel and the forum was expertly moderated by former Nominated Member of Parliament and veteran broadcast journalist Mr Viswa Sadasivan.


Part 1:

Part 2:


Tan Jee Say is PASSIONATE, as can be seen from the video. He is not afraid to say "NO, don't interrupt me", "NO, let me continue", when opposed. This is exactly the type of President we need against a very hostile aggressive govt. If he is timid, he cannot check and balance this HOSTILE govt, and CHECK AND BALANCE IS THE **MAIN** JOB OF THE ELECTED PRESIDENT, as evident in parliamentary proceedings when lky changed it from appointed to elected.


wendyneo 3 hours ago

i feel that TJS fits the presidential slot better than TT.
fiQue87 4 hours ago

Extremely rude of Tony Tan to interrupt, and blatant bias shown by the so-called moderator. Tony Tan did not even answer the original question.
mutant81 11 hours ago 3

TJS said " The people who have been detained have opposed the government. " Isn't this argument too simplistic?? I would expect a more thorough and thought out answer from a presidential candidate...
vestureholdings 12 hours ago

no matter who interrupted, JS will not show this re-action if he is a gentlemen. If he become a president, every time fight or shout or point people...even once will be enough, no matter what reason, right or wrong....i can nt imaging....i don't want singapore become like taiwan, once awhile they fight in parliament...
Sisizj 12 hours ago

We shall not easily believe some candidates promise they will do this or they can do that, it will drive us to confuse. They try to persuade people to trust a unqualified guy can be a president and bring us interests.....we shall make clear about the president's limited rights and duties, then vote the right person.
Sisizj 13 hours ago

obviously forgetting that tony tan is the one who interrupted.
devotionselude 13 hours ago 3

Last I heard, preparing bombs and keeping a gun at home in Singapore, in order to kill more than 90 people is already a crime. So, what need is there for the ISA?
conejito9128 14 hours ago

i think it was Tony Tan that raised his voice first by accusing TJS for charging the PAP govt for abusing the ISA against political opponents.
ahsl 15 hours ago 3

I like pies.
HubaTheHut 15 hours ago

tan jee say. cannot even controlled yr bloody temper. how to be president? sia suay la
97432561 15 hours ago

Vishwa is not saving anyone other then himself..and his ass

He is being unfair.

By interupting is very rude thing to do!!
limlaupeh100 16 hours ago

i want this kind of president, to speak out, and fight for it !! TJS u have my vote de other 3 pap dog go suck dick la!
bloca20 17 hours ago

@bloca20 Are you sure you have one?

1959MrDk 14 hours ago

Tony-Dog, FYI: Terrorist operate in cells, complex global networks. Anders Behring is NOT a terrorist, he is a right-wing extremist nut!
DemocracySingapore 20 hours ago

@DemocracySingapore It takes a dog to know another, even if you do not like him please refrain from calling people names. Do not give those not in favour of TT a bad name.
1959MrDk 18 hours ago

notice TT didnt even answer in point to the question. instead he tells us that terrorism is a "fact of life". and keeps insisting on that. thanks for stating the obvious. the only time he said anything about ISA is.. well, sorry cannot say, its covered under the official secrets act. this is what my view of a president should be; on the ball, have the instincts to stand up for his beliefs, have the courage to speak of issues that are hard to swallow and "taboo". I have just seen that in TJS.
wiccaida 22 hours ago

What do we really want the president to do? The primary purpose of electing the President is to ensure that the Government does not abuse its position for their own benefit, but to carry out what it has promised to Singaporeans.
Alan541260 23 hours ago

Tan Kin Lian is more detail, clear minded of what he wants to do, innovative & correct in the approach. There is a clear difference between vote buying, & clear disagreement statement about president salary by setting an example of donating amount in excess of fair amount to charity or giving a comment like no comment.
Alan541260 23 hours ago

agreed that TT should not have interrupted TJS since TT's talktime is over.agreed that TJS should've maintained and controlled his cool,calm & composure instead of raising his voice at TT.but let;s anaylze why he kinda blew his top for a while there. he was PASSIONATE abt the whole ISA thing.at the back of his mind he was thinking abt the unfair treatments dished out to the ex-detainees.how would we feel if we're jailed without justification and accussed of being something that we're not?
shahrenzo 23 hours ago

do you guys notice that the way PAP candidates speak, is all of the same composure? smile, laugh sarcastically, making a point with vicious eye contact, blunt persuasiveness? whilst any non-PAP candidate in either GE or PE will speak with confidence and assertiveness?
bumperboy2000 1 day ago


to me,confidence is frm inside, Just exactly no need to be Impassioned,but just tell the truth honestly.

confidence is---you no need to step down anybody but just let people know you capabilities and what you can really do for us beside fighting against something or someone...
Sisizj 1 day ago

TJS has lost his cool, how to represent the State of Singapore. If ISA is used against political opponents than Mat Salamat and other locked up terrorists are from which party?
ray0106 1 day ago
Comment removed
numberrox 1 day ago

@ray0106 He stated that ISA has been used for political purposes, not only for political purposes. It's used for people who are against the government no? You'd rather have a Yes-Man like TT to represent Singapore is that right?
numberrox 1 day ago

what a jerk this Tan Jee Say
sgbochap 1 day ago


My comment was a response to singaporevictor's comment. No, Uncouth are comments like those of singaporevictor's. TT interrupting is bad but tjs's making a serious allegation. He's just asking tjs to back that up before accusing (which tt thinks it is) further
pengheng 1 day ago

The ISA is a very sensitive issue for sg. Been used in a variety of ways. It has produced throngs of political dissedents throughout the years. People with opposing views considered as threats to the stability of the country. Have this tool been used in an ethically or morally right way has been a controversy. I guessed that's why TT jumped in to cut JS. Maybe he didnt want to discuss this matter in the first place in fear it might unearth more skeletons?
blacknoize 1 day ago

It's not "outburst" as claimed by the straits times. obvious that TJS was just trying to clarify a point. There were no cursing and swearing. TT, after having an uninterrupted time to address the question just jump in and interrupt TJS, insinuating that he is telling a lie, challenging him to back his claims. That is rude. Regardless, TJS has all rights to a rebuttal statement but Vishwa just cut him off after 1 sentence. Now, that's unfair.
MrMshc 1 day ago

He got upset for being interrupted, wouldn't anyone find it an annoyance when making a statement? remain calm with no emotions?

TT always has 'the' constant smile and one doesn't know what he's thinking...there're ppl who smile but stab you in the back.

I'm for neither one for president., tho I think TSJ has more credibility.
strykeryker 1 day ago

TJS totally took the bait and made himself look ungracious and almost out of control. He'd do great as an MP, but so not comfortable with him for President at all.
yardypoop 1 day ago

Tony Tan was blatantly just rude rude rude to interrupt! Obnoxious behaviour I say.
strykeryker 1 day ago

TT supporters !

when TT becomes president and screw up singapore, dont regret it (;

peace out!

PS: i'd rather support JS !
x3Pot93 1 day ago

besides, TT talked longer ..why wasn't he stopped by moderator?? can he justify such a move to prevent TSJ from continuing when he didn't stop the other?

I'm a TCB supporter and believe in fairplay.
zenipmann 1 day ago

moderator shouldn't interrupt when one is talking!
zenipmann 1 day ago

Do we want a blatant liar to be our president?
Ericeric00 1 day ago

vote for the ex-PAP members, you'll end up having to stick with the same old life you have known for the past decade. life hasn't been very good has it? We need a president with balls. TJS has em. Live life on the edge, take some risks for a better life. Even if TJS DOES screw up, it will not cost you a life, or reduce you to a beggar, speaking of which I would love to see Singaporeans beg on the street for a day just so they learn to stop being spoilt brats. TJS deserves those votes.
juxtrkov 1 day ago

Just to add on, if you want singapore to keep improving for 4 more years or so , just vote for either TCB&TT because they have the image to be the president and they know what a president can do and not do. TKL&TJS only have the thinking of scrutinizing/opposing the govt. If anyone has problems just forget about the PE now and wait for 5 more years to vote for the opposition. For now, visit your MP for problem solving.
Kessimistic 1 day ago

@Kessimistic well said. This is also what I'm trying to tell ppl too. :)
kensaxophone 1 day ago

@lungslikegallowss i just happen to born in Singapore.

is not abt what the government done to me, is abt what every government do to the society..whats with the bullshit abt PAP can use our money, but WP cant ? what with all that? more like DICTATORSHIP OF SINGAPORE! pui!
ReeAlcoholiday 1 day ago

In the first place, TT shouldn't interrupt.  So who is the rude one? Should we have a president who is rude and interrupts other people's speech?

And most of us should know that what JS said is true, just that nobody dare to speak up. So are we going to penalise someone who dare to speak the truth in order to ensure fairness in the society?
icer5 1 day ago 3

TT shaking head laughing
kingriteh 1 day ago

Why pay someone 4 mill, to go against the government everyday and create chaos?
hurriwind 1 day ago

@hurriwind why pay someone 4mill, to agree every thing regardless of good or bad? Saying Yes is easier, anyone can do it then.
sprinklefairydusts 1 day ago

really rude of tony tan to interrupt like that. his turn to speak was over.
crapbag89 1 day ago

tony tan might be awkward if he needs to check or disapprove reserves. Tjs opposes for the sake of opposing, so obvious. The govt sometimes take reserves to invest to generate more reserves for sg. If tjs keeps delaying & make it difficult for the govt, it is bad. Tkl seems average. After observing for a long time, I've changed my mind and going to vote for tan cheng bock
pengheng 1 day ago

Some citizens are demanding transparency. But they need to pause and think if they are in the Cabinet, would they honestly be singing the same tune.

The Presidency position should be filled by a senior Singaporean who has the making a Stateman, takes the long term view and the long term interests of Singapore into account. Not for someone who has still the party politician's mindset for short term point scoring at the expense of long term unity, stability and harmony for progress and prosperity
JohnChenGoogling 1 day ago

tellolism. (:
noeseonhee 1 day ago 14

I disagree with dennisshengkhoon. I believ he should have been allowed to speak his mind on this matter wholeheartedly.

teeBoonPeng 1 day ago 2

TJS is so damn uncool, cant control his temper. is this the kind of president we want? i cant bear to see if such ppl can make it to the president role. damn disgraceful.
kaarentan 1 day ago 3


u are damn disgraceful

markchuasg 4 hours ago

Its not about who's emotional or not.

ISA, just like a homeland security act in the USA, is a breach of basic human rights to have a right to be judged in a fair court.

Moreover, indefinite detention, the uses of whatever forms of coercing confession, is truly a serious serious issue.

Arrests based on pre crime knowledge is a very grey area, one that the government must define very very clearly.
dishwasherman83 1 day ago

@dishwasherman83 I agree. Still, there are times when the ISA is needed. However, our seemingly uncorrupted government has used this act against political rivals. The members of the Hainan Tan Clan were such victims and were locked up for many years. Look at what LKY had done to Devan Nair and S. B. Jeyaratnam. You can even see it on wikipedia. TT was agitated because he had some degree of involvement in such occurrences.
yshuwah 1 day ago

who is this mediator? he is such an asshole mother fucker

tantrick 1 day ago

The GIC Temasek Holdings uses the money of the ppl to make investments but why were they doing it in the first place? So that they can have higher GDP and openly declare a pay rise of the ministers salary. When the investments loses money, does Ho Ching declare a cut in her salary? Please be more wise Sgpreans, do not get brain f*cked by the Government!
junhaoho 1 day ago

the challenge from your opponent provide an opportunity for you to show a positive image of yourself. You no need to answer his question directly but "political" wisely. TCB & TT are better in this aspect. Bear in mind, is EP not MP selection in time.
leslie84880 1 day ago

I saw TJS fingers pointing and not being in control in a gentleman manner. Is that how a President carry himself in public? Definitely not my choice to elect him for PE. maybe for GE but not PE.
cheezhip 1 day ago 3

@cheezhip just wondering if interrupt when other people are talking & not finish listening before commenting are considered as 'a gentleman manner'? (:
sprinklefairydusts 1 day ago


That's exactly the kind of President we need to CHECK and BALANCE the super-aggressive and super-hostile PAP govt. Definitely my choice! Too timid, will be bullied by PAP.
wendyneo 3 hours ago

TSJ must know that WE are choosing President who will be the head of Singapore, not Kopitiam.
leslie84880 1 day ago 7

there many way to handle TT challenge. but TSJ choose the wrong one.

too spontaneous and impulsive.
leslie84880 1 day ago 2

huh but isnt tan jee say being very disrespectful here? :/
lungslikegallowss 1 day ago 2

@lungslikegallowss huh but isnt interrupting people before listening to what they got to say very disrespectful too? :/
sprinklefairydusts 1 day ago

TJS is "tricked" by TT and showing his weakness by losing control of himself.
leslie84880 1 day ago

everyone is given their time for their views, why must he interrupt others... i think it is very rude !! and clearly moderator is so unfair.
bemy11111 1 day ago

When Mr. Tan Jee Say sees a wrong, he will just say it. He is one person who has a view and does not sit on the fence so as to be politically correct. While TT is a PAP yes man! Like this!!!
97jingjie 1 day ago

Tony Tan displayed exactly the traits of the PAP government. Arrogant and lack of respect for others. The moderator is a sorry sight. I hope he can look at this video again and see how he wasn't being fair. He turned to TJS for his comment and when TT interrupted him, he should have refrain TT. Instead he sided with TT.

Do we want a President who is arrogant, disrespectful and who seems to be speaking only for the government? Or do we want a President who speaks for the people.
winstoncheng 1 day ago 2

cheebye when TT interrupt, the moderator diam diam, but when JeeSay tries to explain the moderator interrupt.
OralMaster 1 day ago

TJS interrupted the moderator at 0407.

I rest my case:)
game1980 1 day ago

Tony Tan interrupted TJS @03:50! What case are you resting?

TT was allowed to say all that he wanted and he was not interrupted by anyone, including TJS. TJS was invited by the moderator to speak. TT should have allowed TJS to say whatever he had to say before proceeding to say anything. He did not! He interrupted a person while that person was in the midst of making a statement.

TJS was not interrupting the moderator. TJS was challenged by TT and was merely trying to respond.
Roni63 1 day ago

@game1980 i think you might want to rewatch the video before resting your case. (: perhaps you would like to start from 3:50?
sprinklefairydusts 1 day ago

I think he question of rudeness aside. I am glad that there are such debates finally taking place. But I think we can all agree, the moderator was not expecting. He was caught off guard and from the clip we can clearly see that he is trying to brush it aside but failed miserably.

He is definitely qualify for failblog video.

As long as I dun see Taiwan type of brawling, I see such debates can be good. The wound is re-open again so that a real chance of complete healing can take place.
fredgoh 2 days ago

Why was Brandon Wey’s request to Mindef for an extension of NS deferment time to do a Master’s course at MIT refused, but Tony Tan’s son was allowed a deferment of 12 YEARS to pursue his medical PhD in US? And why wasn’t Patrick Tan required to serve his NS as a combat fit MO like every Singaporean medical grad, but was instead posted as a research scientist in Mindef? Speaks volumes about Tony Tan’s INTEGRITY as DEFENCE MINISTER. Is this what Singaporeans want as their President? VOTE TJS!!!
dragowoo 2 days ago

It's observed TT was rude, when TJS was given his chance to talk!
bernardaloysiuslee 2 days ago

government = terrorism. is an excuse of "daylight robbery"

ReeAlcoholiday 2 days ago

@ReeAlcoholiday omg excuse me, govt = terrorism??? are you srs. . . are you singaporean? what has th government done wrong t you? "daylight robbery"?? really??? cant you see how freaking much th govt has done for us? without the government, singapore definitely, definitely wouldnt be what it is tday.
lungslikegallowss 1 day ago

I am grateful for whatever we have in Singapore. But I really hope the goverment can do what they speak. Singapore's investments are geared towards GDP growth, but GDP doesn't measure social aspects of things. These advisors of the cabinet are economist hired and not social workers. think we deserve something that matches our extravagent economy. A president may not have any power to do things, but he can still influence! So people, don't give up on the role of our president! choose wisely.
zakiv4 2 days ago 4

TBH, the govt uses the reserves mainly for global investments under GIC,Temasek holdings. So if the president were to keep checking and balancing and preventing the govt from using the funds for investment i can tell you.SG will not be prosperous as today's SG. Also to add on,President in Singapore is different from USA.Our president don't make policies,dont have the power to be the voice for the people.Thus, Our PE has no link with politics.It's the job of the opposition.
Kessimistic 2 days ago 4

@Kessimistic the opposition, which doesn't exist. Thanks to PAP's unfair election rules.
invinciblemode 2 days ago

@invinciblemode lol? dosent exist? then why did the recent GE's seats were contested except for tanjong pagar? Okay, in the past while FMM LKY was still in power he had to use ISA to detain EXTREMIST (communist and etc) not those current worker's party and sorts. At that time SG isn't stable and unfairness was imminent.Now PM LSH dosen't follow his dad's way of aggressiveness as SG is prosperious thus democracy can be implemented properly.
Kessimistic 1 day ago

@Kessimistic You don't understand what I was talking about. 6 Seats in parliament can't do anything. Hence the opposition doesn't exist. YET.
invinciblemode 19 hours ago

@invinciblemode You didn't say properly? lols, dosen't exist = dun have :) . When PAP started out in 1955 it was also unfair to them too. Life is like that bro. 1 good advice in SG STOP WHINING , STUDY WELL,WORK HARD = 5 C's for you. NO DOUBT. I got some Cs currently i am working on more Cs . Also, SGers should be lucky on how we have progressed so far. In democratic life, someone has to be in the top and bottom. No one can be equal unless it's communism.
Kessimistic 9 hours ago
This has been flagged as spam show
Kessimistic 1 day ago

those who against PAP, just want to say we shall have a grateful heart,you never seen the real bad government....at least PAP created such a wonderful Singapore. Now you are just like those spoiled children wants to say NO to parents.They may not perfect, but doesn't means their opponents can brings you better life. One day you may find you get what you wanted but lost what you had. Do not look at the details of your own interests Only but have a wider vision. I do not believe in INSITGATER.
Sisizj 2 days ago

What are some people seeing here? They see as TJS is rude? How can that be? When Tony Tan was talking, TJS kept silent and allowed Tony Tan to say whatever he wanted. When TJS was invited to speak, he spoke. It was Tony Tan who interrupted TJS and challenged him!!! While TJS was trying to respond to Tony Tan's challenge, the moderator stopped TJS from continuing on. So who was the rude person here? Tony Tan of course! Such simple analysis and you still get it wrong. Geez!
Roni63 2 days ago

but dont you feel the way tjs carried himself was really rude? when i saw this video for the first time, i was really taken aback.... shouldnt a president be sensible & wise, not someone who arrogantly criticises the govt and speak in this... arrogant manner... @Roni63
lungslikegallowss 1 day ago


Do you even listen to the content of the debate? TJS was giving his opinion about ISA, as did TT, an issue that was brought up from the floor. How was he arrogant? The arrogance came from TT who interrupted a person who was in the middle of making a statement.

When TT gave his opinion about the ISA, no one interrupted him. He should have given the same respect to TJS as was accorded to him when he spoke. TT didn't. TT interrupted and challenged TJS.
Roni63 1 day ago 2

@Roni63 exactly my point
strykeryker 1 day ago

Compare most Asian people, we are lucky to have such a country as our home. No politic is pure clean no matter who is going to be president. Fault Finding always easier than Done Jobs Well.Taiwanese heard&trust the things made them happy but paid high cost to know who CHEN SHUI BIAN is!and we? I think Jee Say is using all the lace news to cover himself and divert attention.VOTE THE CAPABLE BUT NOT GREAT TALKER!Checks and balances government is not the main job of president.
Sisizj 2 days ago

@Sisizj what about the great interrupter? (:
sprinklefairydusts 1 day ago


That's what i am saying, people always look at the small part. I agree TT may not satisfied all people, but do no forget we are voting a President, his knowledge,experience,on behalf Singapore in front of The international communities r much more important than put our own government in difficult everywhere. we need opposition voice, but no need to use President to do that and even yes, JS is nt a suitable President.So far beside saying bad words nothing good.
Sisizj 1 day ago


Why u compare SG to "most asian people"? Might as well compare to Africa lah! That will sure put your pap master in very good light, you running dog! FYI, we pay the President a salary > salaries of leaders of USA + France + UK + Japan + Italy + Germany + Canada + Spain (G8) COMBINED! So, we deserve to compare SG to these 8 nations COMBINED.

CHECK AND BALANCE IS THE MAIN JOB OF THE ELECTED PRESIDENT - and that's stated in parliamentary proceeding when elected president act is enacted.
wendyneo 3 hours ago


sadly you are not white skin,and sadly you are nt American,Francheee, Japanese,italian....as all of them is facing bigger problem than Singaporean do. can't u seen even for western culture countries, Democracy doesn't means SAYING NO ONLY but more.Political conflict put the whole world in trouble, yr 08 it was, and now again! future w be the same.
Sisizj 2 hours ago


Americans, Japs etc all face much SMALLER problems than S'poreans - statistics show that we have much LESS domestic purchasing power than most developed countries! We pay HIGHER tax (disguised as HDB price, COE etc), but govt spend only 4% of GDP on healthcare whereas Americans etc enjoyed 10+%. So don't lie to us. Pls carry balls properly.

Democracy means SAYING NO WHEN GOVT MISBEHAVES. It leads to LESS conflict 'cos bad govt can be replaced peacefully instead of via bloody revolt!
wendyneo 1 hour ago


how come some singaporean always look at the things with naive vision...just like children always complain their own parents and admire other's parents. pap is nt good bt how terrible if i bought and sell my HDB bf and aft 5 or 10 yrs bt in e same price.....no one systerm is perfect fit for all nations,jst look at Philippine and thailan and other so called Democratic.anyway this topic is too big.
Sisizj 47 minutes ago

TT was asking for proofs to back up coffeeshop accusations.

Even if TT did go on TJS' so called understanding of english, his response should have been more mature and factual.

As a President, one is bound to receive endless tirades of criticism. If he can't even answer a simple call for factual evidence and takes starts taking things personally, I think he isn't suitable.
a9fc 2 days ago 3

TJS OUT LA. so exicted for what? dumb cock
97432561 2 days ago 2

3:13 terror -riisim = TJS, cannot even pronounce properly
97432561 2 days ago

‎@Mike Yeo: Clara: "Do you think the detention of the Marxist Conspirators were justified? If not, how would you improve transparency and legitimacy?"

Tony Tan: Can't discuss state secrets." Pertaining to the justification of the arrests.

Thinks the ISA has it's place in a world that involves terrorism.

But should be used as a last resort to maintain legitimacy.

Ask and answered, folks.
wallyoo77 2 days ago

TJS is so rude. Totally do not behave like a President. He is opposing for the sake of opposing. Definitely not my choice.
cheezhip 2 days ago

when tan jee say goes overseas to meet other presidents, diplomats. When asked about singapore, will he talk bad abt the govt and how 'bad' the living conditions are, how 'tough' people are finding it to live here?
pengheng 2 days ago

I think TT is just being evasive about the purported abuse of the ISA while TJS seems to have some personal issues against the legitimacy of enforcement of ISA. Both of them seem to have missed the point somehow =.= if this question was the basis upon which I will cast my vote, it goes to the lady who post the question.
unfrozen92 2 days ago 2

TJS has failed here in maintaining his composure. He is not presidential material. This is unprofessional and shows his incompetence. I would vote for Dr Tan Cheng Bock. Our nation would be a joke to have him as President.
yshuwah 2 days ago 3

@jo2wong I agree. President is always representing SG for overseas meetings. He can't control his emotions against PAP. If he want changes, he shld continue being in opposition party. President role is not simply opposing the government and provide CHECK AND BALANCES. If a president is always opposing the government, we can expect major chaos in politics soon. I feel that TJS wants to use the president's power to get back at PAP.

Of course, I'm nt saying TT is right. He was wrong to interrupt.
DolphinLoves 2 days ago 6

whoa i really agree w you!! :) ty for your comment & your voice. i really agree that as a president, he should provide check & balance not continuously oppose th govt!!! if he is elected, wouldnt singapore be in a state of political chaos with him incessantly rebuking in this arrogant manner? :// @DolphinLoves
lungslikegallowss 1 day ago

people talk, you shut up and listen. why interrupt? have you not even went through the most fundamental education - kindergarden? Thorny deserves a slap.

AFTERALL, Thorny is not even answering the question.
shann 2 days ago

why do you say tt wasnt answering the question? @shann
lungslikegallowss 1 day ago

It was TJS's turn to talk. YET, Vishwa S tried to stop TJS when TJS was trying to clarify. Perhaps VS should just stand up and say "ok you all, vote for TT, and dont bully MY candidate"!
Sharkim66 2 days ago

@Sharkim66 Vishwa was trying to save TJS from saying something that can get him into legal trouble
seahrh 2 days ago 16

shldn't have saved him then.. he obviously din use his brain before talking.
kaarentan 1 day ago 2

@seahrh So is Tony Tan setting this kind of trap for Tan Jee Say?
MrLittledicks 1 day ago

hello dont say things insensibly. : ) it is the moderator's job to ensure that it is a peaceful discussion, rather than let tjs continue making personal attacks that may get him into trouble. @Sharkim66
lungslikegallowss 1 day ago

How did tony tan not answer the question? his answer was ISA is a blunt weapon that is used as a last resort. Whats wrong with a government having the right to any ultimate forms of punishment, isn't that what makes a government sovereign? i'm open to correction, enlighten me if i'm wrong.
StitchBeatbox 2 days ago 3

hahahah... tellorism... Sorry but if you want someone like that to be the figurehead of our country, I don't know what to say.
Kian1 2 days ago

@Kian1 TT didn't fare too good either.. tttttt t...tt.. stuttering like he did something wrong?
tinaomina02 2 days ago 2

TT if you look deeper, you will find out that that fellow who attacked Norway is NOT christian far right, it is the ILLUMINATI who are behind it! Just cos he put that info on his facebook, you believe?! You believe everything that is put on someone's profile??

alexidrea 2 days ago

First the subliminal messages of 9/11 in movies before 9/11 happens - ALL by the ILLUMINATI. You can find them on youtube. And in Step Up 3D (2010), Norway's flags were all over the place in this last competition scene, when not a single dancer is from Norway.
alexidrea 2 days ago

And the dance scene are so similar to the killings plus the songs used - "blow up like the the world trade"-notorious b.I.g. They are works of ILLUMINATI. Facebook search Vigilant Citizen and you'll see ILLUMINATI all over the world controlling ppl's mind.
alexidrea 2 days ago

TT totally did not answer the lady's question. He just beating around the bush.
npcc41 2 days ago 4

TJS is so rude and interrupts the moderator.

Hope everybody see the true TJS!

game1980 2 days ago

@game1980 actually, if you are really attentive for details, the moderator interrupted TJS first. once after TT interupts TJS, TJS rebutts and the moderator interrupts him.

if TJS interrupts the moderator, it actually meant that TT was flaming the moderator and TJS would interrupt. your logic is not on the right path here.

please replay the video before posting. if you don't have the replay option, use FireFox or Chrome and download the plugins for the auto replay function. cheers.
TrAnScEnD3nT 1 day ago

@game1980 erm and who interrupted TJS FIRST??? OH its TT. You didnt see that? Its at 3:50. (: Go watch again before commenting if not that'll be really rude.
sprinklefairydusts 1 day ago

The threat is real...this is life....people who attack our television...TELE-RISM is real people....
barrybonds00000 2 days ago

WTF TT does not answer the lady's question at all and attempts to sidetrack the conversation about terrorism and Norway. Has the standards of the men in white fallen so low that they cannot string a coherent conversation without a script prepared?

Dude, all she is asking if it was justified? Y/N ...
theunraveler 2 days ago 2

Most of these terror acts are Zionist sponsored to defame christian and muslims and other party that does not conform to the New World Disorder.For basic understanding on the curerent financial disaster,search for "Money Masters".Educate yourself,you don't need university education to learn how they play with your money.
fordgt402 2 days ago

Why are opp supporters so uncouth? Pap supporters don't like tjs but we just say he is not of president calibre unlike opp supporters who make names like phony tony, do personal attacks and boo him
pengheng 2 days ago

agree! :) @pengheng
lungslikegallowss 1 day ago

@pengheng OH YA interrupting people when it's their turn to speak is certainly gentlemanly and not uncouth. RIGHT????
sprinklefairydusts 1 day ago

I notice only 1 common thread among the 4 presidential candidates--they all love rambuTANS.
mikefunnyman1126 2 days ago

Tony Tan..太没有君子风度,我们永远不会支持你的,去放狗屁吧。­。。 最好去死啦。。
singaporevictor 2 days ago

@singaporevictor Shut the fuck up you fucking ah tiong. Fark off from Singapore and go back to China.
quange86 1 day ago

TT n TJS out. Tan cheng bock IN!
suelectric 2 days ago

Looks like Dr TT is having a very hard time campaigning , first NS 12 year deferment , then the jeering incident , now is the ISA Head on with TJS , I wonder what will come next .....

does such stuff even affect voters? hmm...

201003616W 2 days ago

One is too pro pap and the other is too anti pap. Both aren't ideal.
DolphinLoves 2 days ago

Just imagine having TJS as the president, and representing SG for overseas meetings. A person who cant control his emotion and speech? I mean, you see, just imagine that was a meeting an our "president" spoke in that way? Well......
DolphinLoves 2 days ago

@DolphinLoves Same goes to TT, we don't want a president who interrupts someone when they are talking. That's downright rude.
stealth0128 2 days ago 4

@DolphinLoves His English sounds awful. I wouldn't want a president who says TELEVISION when he means terrorism. He should remain in the opposition if he is so eager to make changes. The president should be calm, impartial, articulate, diplomatic and dignified. TJS comes across as a hot-headed rebel who just wants to get his own way. He proposes to offer checks and balances but is being president about that?
jo2wong 2 days ago 2

i really agree with you! ty for your stand :) im very very susrprised tjs has so many supporters... when i first saw him being interviewed, i was very shocked at how arrogant and hot-headed he sounded! your words that "the president should be calm, impartial, articulate, diplomatic and dignified" so accurately summed up evth i was thinking! :) @jo2wong
lungslikegallowss 1 day ago

In all fairness, tjs English may not be as good, but his heart is in the right place. Tony Tan tried to trip him up in the machinations of words. But we all saw how the abuse of the legal process(ISA) was used to arrest dissidents and peaceful demonstrations which had no risk of being a riot. (this in itself is draconian) because it violate freedom of speech and demonstration which is a given in

Many free world countries. Singaporeans, we are smart, and our opinions count. Even if our english i
sgboy85 2 days ago

Wah lao, Tony Tan very rude leh. Anyhowly interrupt people.
laopokcar 2 days ago 4

tan jee say.. noob much?
ingendaryl 2 days ago

Including Tony Tan.
meyt123 2 days ago

Do you think is it viable for PAP to detain the opposition leaders by trying to justify that they have links with the Marxist in today's society? Do you think whether is it viable for our government to detain them, when there is an existence of Facebook, Youtube and Twitter? Ever wonder why PAP don't detain the opposition leaders today just like in the early years. Answer is obvious. LKY is not stupid and obviously there are other ways for him to deal with them. Everything was well-planned.
meyt123 2 days ago

i hate the way you speak about lky & pap. i hope you're not singaporean.... if you are, please realise that lky is our founding father and pap has done so much to bring singapore to where it is today... yes, opposition is healthy and necessary, but one should not lose sight of th main objective of th opposition & tht is t help improve th govt & provide a check and balance, and turn this into a senseless and rude personal attack. excuse me, stop defaming lky ty. @meyt123
lungslikegallowss 1 day ago

The ISA is meant to get those who are involved in acts against the state and definitely those detained during those periods of unstability did just that. Mr Tan Jee Say u are definitely not with the people but rather against the state
bhangra842 2 days ago

Mr tan jee say its TERRORISM and not TELLERISM...how to be PRESIDENT!
bhangra842 2 days ago

I only have 2 words for TT.You suck.

If i could,i won't want to vote for the 4 of them.I would vote for a poor broke instead
owenlovejoe 2 days ago

Perhaps we should be fair, both men (TT and TJS) have their merits. And the ISA itself HAS managed to combat many threats in Singapore, be it against the communist forces in the 1950s or terrorism now. Lets not point our fingers at PAP just because they have always been around. As much as they might have suppressed the opposition in certain occasions, I believe that the ballot box is still just. Besides, PAP did not really do us wrong, did they? A president HAS to be pro-government and prestige
Dotteddot 2 days ago

if anybody said that operation spectrum was used against political opponents 10 years ago,or lets just say a few years ago,what do u think would have happen to the fella?today the new media is more open and i really admire and congratulate TJS for standing firm in his stand.let us not forget that no matter how TT claims he is independent,he is still a PAP man through and through.Also,rmb,he was one of the ppl who destroyed JBJ.
Rainism59 2 days ago 4

You know what Tony Tan, you're a stupid bitch and I want you to shut the fuck up.
SimAlias 2 days ago

that is really rude and immature... please comment with civility. this is not a place for you to be vulgar and crass. i sincerely hope you're not singaporean. @SimAlias
lungslikegallowss 1 day ago

@lungslikegallowss Oh please, I'm S'porean but me I just go direct and straight to the point ala Henry Rollins.
SimAlias 1 day ago
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ditikolon 2 days ago 4
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ditikolon 2 days ago
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ditikolon 2 days ago
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ditikolon 2 days ago

TJS needs to go for English classes. If according to him, ISA can be used against political opponents, then he together with Nicole Seah, Chee SJ etc should have been detained indefinitely by the Govt by now. Has it happened ? Mr TJS, ISA is not used to lock up people who oppose the Govt. Pls get your facts right. And we don't have that many cells to accomodate all the opposition members. :)
MrRob2678 2 days ago

From the video, TJS made a sweeping accusation of the Govt and TT is just reminding him that if he does that, he needs to back up with facts. TT is preventing him from getting into trouble. Yet, he blew his top and accused TT of attacking his English. OMG ! How can we have a President who don't know how to react to situation. Btw, I have heard him talk. His English is below par anyway... so why complain ?
MrRob2678 2 days ago 2

I don't understand why everybody is assuming that ISA is only for terrorists? The government's role is to protect the nation from being destroyed by anyone, the ISA is a tool to carry out this function, whether it is against terrorists, religious extremists or political dissidents. People who are against the Act have too little understanding of the dangers that lurked beneath the surface of our presumably peaceful lives.
MrRob2678 2 days ago

did the tony tan even answered the question? he's indirectly saying that he agree with the govt to continue this stupid law
Evening001 2 days ago

Tony Tan interjected aggressively when Tan Jee Say talked about ISA having being used on political opponents. We know that as a fact. What does Tony Tan mean when he asked Tan Jee Say to back it up? Either he's been totally ignorant, which I doubt so, or he's on the side of the ones responsible for using ISA on political opponents. I don't believe in people with bad moral values.
pugdragon 2 days ago
Comment removed
pugdragon 2 days ago

"I challenge Dr Tony Tan to categorically state that we are terrorists, so that we can have the opportunity to bring him to court and sue him for slander."

- Dr Lim Hock Siew, speaking at the Memorial for Tan Jing Quee, 15 minutes ago, to sustained applause.
eklektro68 2 days ago

Part 3/3

further showing that you might be incapable (I am sorry for using such a harsh word, but you have to admit it when someone is capable/incapable) to be the president. If you are the president and people carry out anti-state activities to topple you, will you allow it to happen? According to what you just said, you are suggesting that we should just let them topple the government and i don't think we as Singaporeans what that to happen..

hurriwind 2 days ago

Part 2/3

Issue that should not be discussed publicly. And when you said that it is used on political purposes on political opponents, it is not an issue on pro-government or not. It is about anti-state activities and this is very very serious. If what you said is true, the ISA is used against political opponents, then the president/cabinet should have arrested all the WP/SDP party members. What you have just said up there just shows your lack of knowledge on the ISA...
hurriwind 2 days ago 2
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hurriwind 2 days ago 3
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windbreaker322 2 days ago
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windbreaker322 2 days ago
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windbreaker322 2 days ago

@windbreaker322 - What sentence? The so-called "Marxist Conspirators" were never charged in court at all, and so the government has never been able to prove beyond all doubt that they were guilty of what they accused them of. In my view, the ISA, a law which provides for indefinite detention without trial is unjust and contradicts our constitution which guarantees all accused persons a fair trial. Also, as has been pointed out by others, it can be easily abused by the govt of the day.
eklektro68 2 days ago

@eklektro68 Yes, i do agree that it might not be fair and it contradicts our constitution which guarantees all accused persons a fair trial. Yes. But, is it for the sake of the government or for the sake of the people? Who stands to benefit the MOST from it? It is like Osama getting caught. (we will take it as Osama is still alive) If he is caught, do you think he DESERVE a FAIR trial? or should he be detained indefinitely? I think most people would rather have him detained indefinitely, or
hurriwind 2 days ago 2

@windbreaker322 - The ISA can be easily abused by the govt of the day to harass and silence dissidents. And history has shown that this has been done. Please go and read up on Operation Spectrum and Operation Cold Store and Ms Teo Soh Lung's book, Beyond the Blue Gate, before you start defending the PAP regime.
eklektro68 2 days ago

@eklektro68 sorry, i used the wrong acc just now, thats my bro's account and he forgot to log out..so yeah.

Back to point, yes, the ISA can do that, but did the govt do that?
hurriwind 2 days ago

@hurriwind, Why don't you ask Dr Lim Hock Siew and Ms Teo Soh Lung and all the other ex-detainees that have been victimised by our the PAP regime?
eklektro68 2 days ago

@eklektro68 that is because they did/plan to do anti-state activities.

For example, you are policeman on duty. While patrolling, you seeing someone getting robbed. So, what do you do? Pity the man who robbed the victim just because he is poor and let him go scott-free or arrest him?
hurriwind 2 days ago

@eklektro68 wish that he gets the death sentence. Sometimes, not everyone deserves a fair chance, a fair trial. Look at what Osama has done. Do you think he should be given a fair trial and a fair chance? Based on human rights, yes, we should let him live on till he dies in prison etc. But is that being fair? It might be fair to him, but what about those who were killed/traumatized by the 911 incident?
hurriwind 2 days ago
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torob 2 days ago
Comment removed
torob 2 days ago

Smoke bombs!
cheesepie 2 days ago

TT is acting blur because he is smart to understand the sensitive content of ISA

TJS cannot wait to express his eagerness to denial ISA, however he must have supporting information, rather than empty talk.

Another CSJ... Tsk Tsk
KingMaldini03 2 days ago

Lols many rated bad at tony tan's videos.tjs supporters hardcore
joelng115 2 days ago

Both speak of the truth.however,i think tony wants to stop tjs from being anti-pap before tjs gets wat he was talking about.

P.s. Telolist=terorist by tjs.lols
joelng115 2 days ago

TJS is a real emo man....
ZeonEnigma 2 days ago
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supradramaboi 3 days ago

This Tony Tan seems to have read George Bush's book on "How I conned the world".

Terrorism. What a joke! Anyone here remember 9/11? About America going to war in Afghanistan and then later pulling in Iraq under the justification of destroying WMDs (Which have been admitted to not have existed?)

dennishengkhoon 3 days ago 25
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Kenddrick 3 days ago

@dorea 42. Yeah you ought to be sorry, as your analysis of the situation is obviously misguided. TJS was challenged on his intergrity and I think he rose quite magnificently to the occasion by putting up a firm rebuttal and planting his flag on what he believes in. Truly this is a person with the conviction to speak up for the people. The video proves it all.

TT on the other hand has obviously shown his hand, displaying the fact that he will continue being the obedient puppet of PAP.
dennishengkhoon 3 days ago 41

@dennishengkhoon I agree that TT will not be suitable, but neither is TJS. He has no control over his feelings and will allow his emotions to get the better of him. Even a secondary school debate team could handle the situation better. Our nation will be the laughing stock of other countries if he is President. I already knew that TJS was not suited to the role and this has reinforced my opinion as it displays his lack of patience and his incompetence.
yshuwah 2 days ago 4

@yshuwah well in your point of view, it seems like the best candidate is still SR Prata man. Just shut up and get his salary of 4.2mil a year? TT failed to show that he has the basic morals to even let others finish sharing their opinions. Ultimately, what a president can do is to help it's citizens and this in turn would show that he is competent to be our president. Vote wisely because our ppl have made the wrong choice for the GE and this would be our time to repent from our mistakes.
junhaoho 1 day ago

@junhaoho I agree with you on your opinion. My statement was simply that TJS has failed on this account and is not suited to be a President. A President can have his say and lobby passionately for policies that Singaporeans. Still, he has to do it in a dignified manner that is worthy of the position that he holds. I am also not in support of TT because of his deep connections with the PAP and his obvious involvement and support for the filing of lawsuits against political opponents.
yshuwah 1 day ago

@yshuwah yes but if you were to lay down the pros and cons of each of the two candidates, TJS would make a far better president as he shows more care for the citizens of singaporeans and would not hesitate to conduct checks on the ruling party. This would prevent our state to become monopolized by the government. Though I agree that TJS has to be more professional if he were to be our president as it carries the reputation of our country and our people.
junhaoho 1 day ago

Hence, I question, if Marxism is deemed as state crime, is Facism also state crime? 
niehiuh 3 days ago

Tony Tan sounds like he is still a cabinet minister...
dyeoman 3 days ago 2

In 1983, Lee sparked the 'Great Marriage Debate' when he encouraged Singapore men to choose highly-educated women as wives. He was concerned that a large number of graduate women were unmarried. In the Graduate Mothers Scheme, Lee also introduced incentives such as tax rebates, schooling, and housing priorities for graduate mothers who had three or four children, [...]

Does not the above smack of Eugenics? Luckily GCT stepped in diffuse it. I was proud of GCT. I told pple he is my fav PM.
niehiuh 3 days ago

Anyway, I totally respect Tan Jee Say for speaking out against the ISA. And I have no problem with him displaying his anger against Tony Tan as it was a righteous one. Here is a guy, who has so many governmental portfolios, financial acumen, steady hand etc., but cant even allow a person to finish his statement before rudely interrupting. To think that nobody interrupted him!

Secondly, the ISA WAS used against political opponents and political opponents does not equate to Terrorists. TT Shame!
dennishengkhoon 3 days ago 4

Sorry but I think TJS had lost his cool there. I certainly don't want a president who can't keep his cool. A question on him and he's blown up.

1 Down, 3 more to evaluate.
dorea42 3 days ago

From young, i read straits times, briefly, Today and i believed when the govt called oppositions charlatans, embezzlers etc. I agreed that they didn't have good policies and did not give them credits for whatever they say. I believed the local news media. I am proud and inspired by National Day rallies. I am greatful for the education i received, thank goodness for Mr Goh Keng Swee. Is this indoctrination of thoughts?

niehiuh 3 days ago

No tony tan pls.
mysteryunited 3 days ago

Socialism or communism is having enterprises that are state-run. Isn't GIC, Temasek, Comfort, Keppel (any more?) linked to the state or if not, even worse, linked to some powerful individuals/family?

Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a radical, authoritarian nationalist political ideology.[1][2] It advocates the creation of a totalitarian single-party state that seeks the mass mobilization of a nation through indoctrination, physical education, and family policy including eugenics.

niehiuh 3 days ago

Show us all the evidences against all those so called 'marxist collaborators' since they have already served their time rightly or wrongly so. They are OUR LOCAL TALENTS. Gov jailed them and then say we need more foreign talents. What were their crimes against the state? Being Marxist? If being Marxist, did they kill anyone? Did they vandalise any place? Did they steal? So what is their crime against the state if they had believed in Marxism? Is equality equivalent to Marxism?
niehiuh 3 days ago 2

Rude behaviours does not befit a president.
MrCanyouhearme123 3 days ago

GLwarmachine 3 days ago

Lol, when Tan Jee Say is voicing a legimate argument against the ISA, they have to cut him off while Dr Tony Tan voices the pro-government stance on the ISA and is allowed to discuss it
EdwardCletusKasidy 3 days ago 3

The Internal Security Act HAS outlived its usefulness. It is incredibly draconian and open to easy abuse by its users. This has been shown in the unjust detention of political detainees such as Dr Lim Hock Siew, Teo Soh Lung, Francis Cheng etc. For one thing, a person can be detained without trial indefinitely, with no form of redress or explanation allowed. There is absolutely no transparency in the process and God knows how many others have been detained without the public knowing about it.
dennishengkhoon 3 days ago
Comment removed
nickvinc 3 days ago

are 2 seperate issues to deal with different sets of situations. I am 52 years old, Singaporean and I love this country very much. My HDB home costs 10x as much as a private condo 45 minutes away by car across the causeway, yet I choose to stay here because I know that when my wife makes a trip to the supermarket, she will return home safely will very much higher odds. I am no PAP supporter. No government is 100% perfect. I'll settle for 60.1% perfect and I'll still make this my home.
mikefunnyman1126 3 days ago 4

@mikefunnyman1126 so whats your point, this isn't the general election. If you want to trade off your personal safety for political restrictions, that's your choice.
pianorokr 3 days ago

i love this country & our govt very much too :) yes, there may be flaws, but it is definitely my top choice too. @mikefunnyman1126
lungslikegallowss 1 day ago

Tony: "Ttt... ttt". Stuttering, can't pronouce words without your fake-wannabe accent? guilty conscience right of bad deeds?!?
DemocracySingapore 3 days ago 3

The ISA has NOT outlived its usefulness. Those detained are not only opposed to the PAP, but also to the very fabric of our multi-racial and multi-cultural society. Imagine an Imam inciting hatred towards Christians and Jews during Friday prayers. Imagine a Hindu priest going on a hunger strike to stop the sale of meat in our markets. Without the ISA mechanism, all kinds the general public would be bombarded with all kinds of divisive views. Suing political opponents and invoking the ISA to ....
mikefunnyman1126 3 days ago 2

Smoke and mirrors, Dr. Tony Tan. Smoke and mirrors. Never in your whole speech did you even disagree about the roles of the ISD. And one other thing, poltiical dissidents are not terrorists. Don't you dare use the tragedy that occured at Norway as a red herring to the issue at hand. Shameful and shameless behaviour coming from a presidential candidate.
traeni2 3 days ago 3

i think it cos it is a very sensitive issue and not a merely yes/no question. while isa is a necessary policy to safeguard singapore (whether from political dissidents who threaten social stability or from terrorists), TT needs t justify that is a blunt instrument and a last resort, rather than just agreeing or disagreeing directly. :) @traeni2
lungslikegallowss 1 day ago


TJS: "Terralism" is a threat everywhere.
coern 3 days ago

why i said the moderator is ONE SIDED.

he allowed TT to interrupt TJS view and he doesn't allow TJS to justify his attached and accusation made by TT.

we needs to be open in order to see the picture.
asiaguy2007 3 days ago 4

I think TT did not totally agree with the application of ISA in 1980s for the social workers but he is not able to say this in public. Bear in mind that no one is perfect, not even patriots. Bear in mind that TT is Tan Chin Tuan's nephew and inherits a tremendous amount of wealth from one of singapore's wealthiest families. He does not need to be in politics or be running for presidency.
Jambalaya2011 3 days ago

Why is the general public so focused on flaws the man made? What about his contributions?

Jambalaya2011 3 days ago

the moderator is ONE SIDED !!!!!
asiaguy2007 3 days ago

I feel that the question raised on the ISA is very valid , I think Dr Tan's answer was not convincing nor detailed enough to persuade voters of his stand,

201003616W 3 days ago 2

Tony's getting desperate.... LOL
venula 3 days ago

what is the moderator doing? why is he senselessly defending TT?
PinkPorygon 3 days ago 3

tony is a joke. 
PinkPorygon 3 days ago 3

That moderator is obviously unfair. What is he trying to do? We got the eye to witness.
yongngeetay123 3 days ago

TT tried to throw a smackdown but got owned by TJS in return. LOL

The moderator is a bloody kelong.
hbbh383 3 days ago 2

put Tony Tan under the ISA.
wg1989 3 days ago

tella-rism tella-rism tella-rism tella-rism tella-rism terra lism terra lism terra lism terra lism terra lism terra lism??
papillonfx 3 days ago

To say that the ISA Act is abused by the PAP to crush political opponents is simply unfair. Truth is the Workers Party has always represented the greatest threat to the PAP's political dominance while my understanding is that the Marxist group only managed to garnered a negligibly small, if not die-hard, following. Yet i've never heard of the ISA act enforced against any WP members, only against the Marxist as they've advocated using violence to achievement their political aims.
imyihao 3 days ago

..PAP stamp all over TT... Threaten Tan

He's not getting my vote
Wanloqz 3 days ago

From what I see TT won the battle because he managed to get TJS to loose his cool. TT just sits at the corner at laughs at himself while TJS makes a fool of himself. Nice one TT.
huangmonkey 3 days ago

@huangmonkey If thats what you see, you must be delusional.

TT got boomerang, so he tried to laugh away after being embarrassed and not knowing how to argue back against facts...
hbbh383 3 days ago 2

@huangmonkey haha good one but false. Tan Jee Say lost his cool because of Tony Tan ridiculous statement. Tan Jee Say wanted to defend the people that were inhumanly placed in ISA (Some even without trial). Just because the moderator allows one side to interrupt the other doesnt mean that Tan Jee Say has 'lost'. Any person can smile at himself plz
Eejhunator 3 days ago

Viswa, you are a bloody clown, a superb poor mediator and is bias against Mr Tan Jee Say ( our future president ) ! ! !

If i were TJS , i would have screw you upside down for being a poor mediator.

(and i wouldn't even be addressing you by your name like what Gracious TJS has done )

To Tony, you are not answering the question pose by that lady ? why are you talking about norway & terrorism ?

Tan Jee Say responded the RIGHT answer to that question ..100% correct.
weili0913 3 days ago

Tony Tan is threatening the soon to be President Tan Jee Say.

Oops!!! :|

TJS total OWNAGE over TT. =P
burtmurdoch 3 days ago 4
Comment removed
burtmurdoch 3 days ago

maybe i dint listen correctly.. dint she ask about transparency and TT says tat the gov discussion has to be a secret. so he mean this kind of thing can have no transparency?
bingYUANs 3 days ago 2

The PAP's reputation for suing political candidates for their words is well known. That is TT's bugbear, perceived as he is by many to be the PAP's surrogate. True or not, that's everyone's personal call. The PAP's spots will always haunt TT; I think he knows it, he's no fool. However, IMHO, I didn't view TT's words as a defamation threat. Regarding sportsmanship, politics is a subjective (NOT) game. BTW, my listening comp is good; excellent, in fact. Thanks for asking.
bombom164 3 days ago

@charlesean I think TT has 露出马脚和狐狸尾巴. His sudden and out of the blue interruption and challenge shows that he 做贼心虚.
sendme00 3 days ago 2

Owned, TT.
LiquidfusioNz 3 days ago

what a dick

matchbk 3 days ago

The fact that the answer given by TT on this ISA used on terrorism did not really answer to the question posed by the human rights representative in the first place. TT is trying to divert the question, its so obvious!
charlesean 3 days ago 31

@charlesean The Internal Security Act applies to anyone that the government feels is a threat to national security and stability. Tony Tan defended its existence on the fact that we'll still need it somehow to counter terrorists, while TJS attacked it on the fact that it has been used to counter dissidents as well. Both of them have a point, but personally I feel the Act should still stay because dissidents are only a small part of who the Act defends our nation against.
chaserj77 3 days ago

@chaserj77 Yes I agree with you that ISA should stay, but it should be altered such that it should only be used when national security is severely threatened, eg. terrorism. Political opponents are not terrorists, unless proven that they are disrupting security and stability. Even so, a proper and fair trial should be granted, along the lines of the war trials such as Nuremberg and Tokyo.
jarvisloh 2 days ago
Comment removed
torob 2 days ago

The fact whether our famous ISA is created for arresting terrorists or political opponents can be easily found on the case reports itself on how many terrorists has been effected and how many political opponents were being brought down. There is no need to argue and flip flop all these finger pointing, just open up the record files of ISA, do the papies dare?
charlesean 3 days ago 2

TT sucks
zhiqunchua 3 days ago

TT issued a defamation threat against TJS which I think it is uncalled for. A leopard never changes its spot. Besides, it was TT's interruption that caused TJS to flare up. Where is the sportsmanship in TT? Did TJS retort when TT was answering, "WTH are you saying? U failed listening comprehension huh?"

All characters in this comment are fictitious. Any resemblance to living persons is purely coincidental.
sendme00 3 days ago 4

A comment about courtesy and smirking. In any kind of debate and presentation, the words used and spoken are absolutely crucial; as TPL has learnt. With FB and YT, your words will haunt you 4ever. Courteous behaviour & the right facial expressions to hv in such situations is subjective. One man's smirk is another's wry smile. According to some here, we should also bash the moderator and disqualify all ugly candidates.
bombom164 3 days ago

Tony Tan was very rude to interrupt TJS while he is speaking Halfway. Plus why did the man between them rudely interrupt TJS too?

suntilon 3 days ago

@LuchesChan. In my humble opinion, I feel that your earlier comments speaks volume of your self-centeredness. We don't have to live in an era in order to feel the detainees and their families grieve. There is something called empathy lurking in our conscience. I thought we have survived the exposures of Singapore making a mockery of other nations to US diplomats via Wikileaks. Aren't we still friends with Malaysia? Has Pyongyong threatened us with force? There could be worst state secrets.
sendme00 3 days ago

@sendme00 Well we survived such exposure because it is really doesn't concern our national security, no country will start a war now because someone insulted one of their govt leader, and to most of them, Singapore is just another small island nation. And ya I believe there's worst state secrets around.

Yah we don't have to live in the era to understand the grieve, but we need to live in the era to fully understand why they were detained. :)
LuchesChan 3 days ago

In stark contrast to the "classlessness" of 1 candidate - not my word, many comments here hold that view - TJS was quite gracious in his handling of the situation.
2011Decision 3 days ago

why so few views. The world has to view it. History has been digged up once again. Are the actions of ISA justified? Is ISA necessary to uphold order? The world can tell the answer
blurfox 3 days ago

damn, tony tan is the ugliest of all the candidates
shredderbassist 3 days ago

I am neither for nor against any candidate. I can't say I agree with TT justifying the ISA on the grounds of global terrorism and 'the it can happen anywhere' argument. TJS, on the other hand, hardly gave an intelligent answer. You can't say something lightly or loosely and later try to explain what you meant or qualify it - particularly with regard to which Engrish dictionary he is referring to. He needs to engage his brain first before releasing mouth suddenly. Needs to be more impressive.
bombom164 3 days ago

Sadly, I think TT thinks he is superior to the rest. Thats a pap trait. I would love to see Viswa allowing TJS engage this TT further on this ISA thing. TT would find it hard to justify or defend his position, in view of the fact that TJS is not wrong in his line of argument.
peacockbass1966 3 days ago

tt owned!
noddigem 3 days ago

i wouldn't want jee say as president nor tony tan. TCB FTW!!!
sm3Li 3 days ago

nice teaser
piggnant 3 days ago

ISA is dumb... Any suspected criminal or perpetrators of the law deserve the right to trial in court before being subjected to detention or imprisonment...
TheKratosKang 3 days ago

@TheKratosKang Until he set up a bomb and blown up our family or friend? Then we trial him?
LuchesChan 3 days ago

@LuchesChan i think therez a serious misunderstanding here... i never said that detaining the suspect initially without trial is wrong... but the fact is most (if not all) the detainees/prisoners of ISA were detained without a trial in court at all... Is this justifiable? Even sick murderers like Adrian Lim and Anthony Ler had court trials... so why can't the likes of Dr Lim Hock Siew & Teo Soh Lung (who are in any saint minded person's eyes dead innocent) be subjected to the same rights?
TheKratosKang 3 days ago

@TheKratosKang And how long back is those cases? Many of us do not live in that generation, we have no idea how different things are back then, how people think and how people back then react. What if putting those certain people on trial will expose national secrets? or very sensitive information? We must understand that we are not some superpower like USA or china who can recover from major security leaks or poor management of security.
LuchesChan 3 days ago

The sight of the moderator cutting Tan Jee Say off and Tony Tan sniggering at the side disgusts me.
thefamouscookiedough 3 days ago 8

Terrorism can happen anywhere therefore we can jail anyone! Cabinet meetings are confidential therefore we can arrest anyone without being answerable? Yes the Norway case was a "Christian far right". Tony...arent you a Christian far right and therefore shouldnt you be arrest JUST IN CASE!

limyengchuan 3 days ago
Comment removed
gummyypeach 3 days ago

He didn't answer the question.
chronoporter 3 days ago

TJS is full of hot air and confrontational...what kind of image is that !??!!
Blaziken81 3 days ago

@Blaziken81 If Tony Tan didn't interupt and being so rude while TS is speaking do you think TJS will react this way? Its defending himself on what he is saying and you think he have any wrong in that? What kind of image is Tony Tan giving than?
wenjtwl 3 days ago


And Tony Tan is downright rude. What have you to say about that?
soulrage 3 days ago

Let's all be present at Corny Tan's rally....Let's all Booz at him on that night, see if old master lee will activate his ISD to capture all and then say we are the 'terrorists'
pidancongee 3 days ago


Will the prisons be big enough to accomdate all of us? Will they provide a pot of curry for us to enjoy? Haha....
bondings 3 days ago

can see his smirk face and rude interruption.

viswa is clearly blocking TJS from clarifying.
andyrmit 3 days ago

Why is Tony Tan interrupting Tan Jee Say ? Simple manners... This simply shows the respect failed to give to him by Tony Tan. Should Tony Tan become the president, respect will not be in his dictionary i suppose
watermelon728 3 days ago


If Tony Tan wins which I hope not, respect will not in my dictionary too.

If Tony Tan can't even respect an ordinary singaporean, TJS, how sure are we that he will respect us and our voices. He will be like Nathan and PAP, treating our voices as noises.
bondings 3 days ago

so Tony Tan cannot answer to the question? he went one big round and pretend that the question posted never existed at all.

chaotah 3 days ago

@chaotah Clara: "Do you think the detention of the Marxist Conspirators were justified? If not, how would you improve transparency and legitimacy?"

Tony Tan: Can't discuss state secrets." Pertaining to the justification of the arrests.

Thinks the ISA has it's place in a world that involves terrorism.

But should be used as a last resort to maintain legitimacy.

Ask and answered, folks.

wallyoo77 3 days ago

@wallyoo77 I think the folks here were really expecting a transparent security system to actually work. If so, it'll be a first in mankind's history. Unless it has already happened but I doubt it...

All the inner workings and agents we use would be up for people to see.....and get eliminated. 
Prometheus3052 3 days ago

@Prometheus3052 I agree that operational processes for security should be kept hidden. However, the question here was about ISA's use in the Marxist conspiracy of 1987.
sunswords 3 days ago

TJS is a complete morass. I own a unit at Katong Shopping Centre which is facing enbloc. TJS also owns a unit there, and was asking the agent repeatedly he wanted a BLACK AND WHITE valuation of his unit WHEN WE HAVEN'T EVEN GOTTEN A BUYER, EVALUATE FOR WAD? WASTE MY TIME and all the people there's time. This fella become president I really sia suey for sg only.
hennes000 3 days ago

The moderator must be a bootlicker!
Ericeric00 3 days ago

Im gonna vote for tony tan!

...IF he exempts me, my brothers and my friends from reservist lol
azharkamar 3 days ago 3

Political opponents = dissidents - those who disagree with the Govt.

They are not defined as terrorists in any dictionary.

TJS got it right in the English definition.
sean723 3 days ago 67

That baboon tony got so much smokebombs in his pocket
wahtsurprob123 3 days ago

why is TT so defensive??? after all he himself (and other candidates) agreed the EP should be above any political parties. sheesh....

neenowhia 3 days ago

Tellelism... hahhaahahahahah
shamsham1983 3 days ago
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TheMichaellum 3 days ago 2

The moderator should not allow Tony to interrupt Jee Say. After all, when Tony speaks, no one interrupted him. And Tony answer to the question is irrelevant. The question is ISA and the so-called Marxists. It is not about the ISA and terrorists unless he wants to equate te so-called Marxists with terrorist.
TheMichaellum 3 days ago 3

why are you only broadcasting this tomorrow?!

I'm quite eager to watch the full interview. 
justintjw 3 days ago

tan jee say should be our president!
TheBoxermonster 3 days ago 2

Tony Tan, you arse.
invinciblemode 3 days ago 5

1:36 part, he start to kan cheong, stammered in his speech...T....T...Terrorism is the part........
MrPino1969 3 days ago

Why is it that when Tan Jee Say wanted to make his point clear after Tony Tan so rudely interrupted him, the moderator immediately cut him off and said, "Okay, let's move on." Isn't that showing biasness towards TT on the moderator's part? Is TJS trying to justify himself more unaccepted as compared to TT's interruption?
gummyypeach 3 days ago 4

fucking chee bye rude bastard tony tan
dearyoonaify 3 days ago

Wow highly charged. I dun think it is rude in consideration of such TV debates that existed all over the whole. Mr Tan J S has really let go on his view abt ISA being used as a political tools. A BIG BIG TABOO. Tony Tan want him to qualify his statement. This is so rare in Singapore.

Both has a point. But seriously without ISA, I am really afraid of wad kind of power we have to deal with terrorism. Abu Basir of Indo is good example. Cunning pple like that keep slipping all forms of laws.
fredgoh 3 days ago

@fredgoh Remember with the ISA our lovely Mas Selamat has escaped. Justify that.
blackapple89er 3 days ago

ISA? someone let a limping man escape over the other side, recently mrt was breached!
TransAmBurst 3 days ago 19
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oochangjinoo 3 days ago

@oochangjinoo Shut up lah PAP dog. Go back and lick your master shoes lah.
TribalSkyPlanet 3 days ago

@TribalSkyPlanet : Boring. That dog narrative is so overused.

You been conditioned like Pavlov's dog to say the same line over and over haven't you?

: )

wallyoo77 3 days ago

@wallyoo77 I wonder how much the PAP paid you to defend them on the internet. Stop following the pappies, be the difference vote for TCB or TJS and not that old TT whom cannot do a single thing well.
TribalSkyPlanet 3 days ago

@oochangjinoo Haha. Agree with you. So easy to get TJS high. If he becomes president, I'll sweat for Singapore.
quange86 1 day ago

Talk about Marxist consipracy.... which was never proven and peaceful in 1980s.. replied and focused on about norway Olso attacks... Might as well talk about the new target for Singapore to win the world cup. Good job Tony.
desolate 3 days ago 4

It's just plain interesting how T.T has completely failed to answer the question posted in the first place!
lxiaomil 3 days ago 3

So, Tony Tan can finish what he's saying without interruption but TJS can't even 'back it up' without being interrupted. That's like asking for directions and walking away... Tony Tan, you just lost it.
MajorYT 3 days ago

Why din the moderator allow TJS to complete his rebuttal?
xwgrace 3 days ago

@xwgrace 'Cos it was going off topic. From the need for the ISA to the alleged use of it to jail political detractors.

The Mod said they'd come back to it later.

Jee Say in his consistent lack of understanding of rules, ignored the ref.

Don't like the rules, don't play the game Jee Say...

wallyoo77 3 days ago

@xwgrace :X sad... i wish my country had a better history so that we wont have to deal with such nonsense now..
JOkaiQ 3 days ago

It is gratifying to see that Tony Tan's lame attempt to intimidate Tan Jee Say (essentially he was saying 'shut up or a defamation suit will come your way') was met with the appropriate response: derision, and a robust reply.
assignats 3 days ago 4

Tony Tan, you are very rude! To interrupt someone when he's talking. No one interrupt your view, so shut up and listen!
bondings 3 days ago 2

In order for the government to protect SIngapore from terrorist attacks, some extreme decisions have to be taken at times. This is the reason why Singapore has been sheltered from terrorists attacks and the likes of it. Why can't some Singaporeans see that PAP is doing its best to protect us? What if the conspirators were really terrorists? Would it be far too late to agree with the ISA then?
lungslikegallowss 3 days ago

@lungslikegallowss Look at the history of the ISA over the last fifty years. How many terrorists has it protected you from? Do your own research.
singaporeano 3 days ago

@lungslikegallowss Were you and your parents born in Singapore?
luciferakathedevil 3 days ago

@lungslikegallowss Has the ISA been used for purposes other than what it was originally installed for? If so, then whether or not it was for the betterment of the nation, it still appears as an utter abuse of unquestioned power. Would you not agree?
lxiaomil 3 days ago 4

Do you all know who that moderator is?

Trust me. He is not what you'll call pro-govt/pro-PAP.
xblitzzx 3 days ago
Comment removed
MissZwitterion 3 days ago
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MissZwitterion 3 days ago
Comment removed
MissZwitterion 3 days ago

Tony Tan did Tan Jee Say a Huge Favour ... had Tan Jee Say continued he would have been looking a Lawsuit for making that statement. Can nobody see that??
llow7968 3 days ago
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Vercetti667 3 days ago
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Vercetti667 3 days ago
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Vercetti667 3 days ago


shadedvicar 3 days ago 5

@shadedvicar LMAO!!!!!!
singaporeano 3 days ago

Tony Tan dun understand the pledge of Singapore, a democracy and just society. ISA is absurb in our modern life, it is used to detain fellow citizen without sustainable evidences. If there's attempt in act of terrorism, with today science and technology, IS IT NOT POSSIBLE TO GATHER EVIDENCE to prosecute using the law.

Maybe Tony Tan is too comfort with life in Singapore for the past years to see any problem with the existing system.

SGFuhrer 3 days ago
Comment removed
SGFuhrer 3 days ago

Unfortunately TT will still win this election because if they can cover up that 1987 act, they can cover up his win.
azharkamar 3 days ago

The so-called "Marxist" conspirators took place in 1987. Tony Tan brought in the example of Anders Breivik which happened in 2011. Tony's justification for the ISA is terrorism, however we know that this is the lame PAP excuse. The truth is that the ISA has been abused to imprison non-PAP political persons.

Tony's interrupting Jee Say is just as rude, uncouth and uncivilized as the booing on nomination day. It's a case of pot calling the kettle black.

ahmadrahman12345 3 days ago 6

Yes TJS u got my vote n from my family
hirman88 3 days ago

its tkl or tjs for me

MrKhalmaster 3 days ago

do we want a president that can and willing to candidly lie about issues, while rephrasing the truth to his convenience?

clearly tony tan, need his spectacle even more. its not farsightedness, it is more because of his lack of sight
7thian 3 days ago

tony's shaky voice, intonation and body language shows how insecure and afraid is he. his artificial "confident" voice conceals nothing.

killerinthehounds 3 days ago 5

i like people with balls, TJS is one of those with balls, nuff said
KJoker 3 days ago 2

TJS is NOT AFRAID to speak the truth. no bullshit. No political lies and crap.

The moderator needs to let the man speak.
yuujin7788 3 days ago 5

Command performance from TJS. The man has true grit. Five stars.
achahei 3 days ago 6

TJS have guts. Real guts. Just by daring to say that, he is putting himself, his reputation, all his money and his freedom at risk. For what? To do the right thing. Pls vote him in, he is the only hope in this PE because the rest of us normal folks, cannot do it.
itohiro84 3 days ago 6
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hom3r 3 days ago
Comment removed
hom3r 3 days ago

TJS and TT in the limelight while TCB and TKL are on the sides. You know who will be in it come 27th August LOL.
chongsee1 3 days ago 2

Phony Tony said the ISA is blunt and would only be used in extremis. Please then demonstrate that the situation in 1987/8/9 was in extremis. Instead of doing that, he decides to invoke Breivik to scare us. I'm voting for Tan Jee Say - he's not perfect but at least, he has guts.
htolas 3 days ago 5

Has SG found another OTC? he said it like it is and i have all the more respect for him.

Its about time someone reminds us a spade is a spade, lets not beat around the bush anymore.

We finally have someone who has sense something is rotten in our country and who is willing to stand up and be counted in our time of need.

He has put his Life/Reputation on the line, least i can do is vote for him!

Vote TJS the Lion heart!
melvinskip 3 days ago 6

For God's sake, let the man speak.
greeneggsandparmaham 3 days ago 4

What's with the guy interrupting Tan Jee Say?!!?
yuujin7788 3 days ago 3

Why is Tony Tan so rude and uncivilized to interrupt Jee Say when he was speaking? No one interrupted Tony when he addressed the crowd? Do we want a rude, uncouth and uncivilized candidate for a president?

Also, why is Tony so defensive? I agree with the comment below that Tony was smirking about it when he spoke of the ISA and the detainees.

From this, I can see that Jee Say was more gracious and polite to say, let's move on else I cannot imagine what will happen next!
nokiawiz 3 days ago 82


I did not say Tony was smirking. I only said that he "appears like he's smirking and gloating".

It's not the same. Tony may or may not be smirking, (I wouldn't know) but to me he sure does *appear like* he is.

Supporters: Note the use of words. Adapt your choice of words when observing and posting comments.

1212surface 3 days ago 3

@nokiawiz i agree on para 2 and 3 of urs.. totally off to interrupt the moderator has assigned speaker to TJS already.

sleepyduck 3 days ago 2


Jee Say's understanding of the Marxist matter and the role of the President are evidently off base.

The concern was communist and foreign inception and yes, I'd think they's fall under the "anti-Singapore" category of behaviors and ideology, isn't that obvious?

Was TJS gonna say Mas Selamat was a pro-Singapore and pro-Govt individual?

Does that make the ISA a political tool in the JI case?

Tan Jee Say is a tool.
wallyoo77 3 days ago

TOC stop the intimidation. Let TJS speak his mind.
sgpolitics 3 days ago 5
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1212surface 3 days ago
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1212surface 3 days ago 3
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1212surface 3 days ago

TJS's remarks are like those of the opposition. He's just too anti PAP government to be above politics. How to work with the government when govt say 1 he say 2?
deew 3 days ago

TT hiding behind the veil of the Official Secrets Act. As Sir Humphrey (Yes, Minister) says, the Official Secrets Act protects officials, not secrets.
htolas 3 days ago 6

tony tan is too close to PAP, it is extremely difficult for him to be independent, tan jee say for the win
kingnek 3 days ago 41

wow I'd be shivering with tension just sitting in that room. 
lister740 3 days ago 3

Tony Tan, TCB is talking about u, that a president must be above politics and not be so affiliated with a political party, please dun become our president, thank you!
heuter303 7 hours ago

tony tan is talking craps

yoduzer 9 hours ago

I feel that TT is unsure and don't what he is talking about.
Ericeric00 14 hours ago

Dr Tan Cheng Bock is a gentlemen.
Ericeric00 15 hours ago 2

The camera work betrays a director who's happy to get reaction shots of very specific parties when either TT or TJS speaks.

wallyoo77 1 day ago

So TT seems like already busy with many union(related to govt) activities.....I rather have someone nuetral
1blursotong 1 day ago

Doesn't TJS's point on independence ring true for his affiliation to the SDP?

For a man with so much heart, does he have no love for the Party he supported in the GE?
wallyoo77 1 day ago

If a political detainee on the advice of director of ISD is to release this detainee, but PM do not agree. President should investigate whether it is justified. If not President has the veto power to help this detainee. Agree.
Alan541260 1 day ago

GCT said : “It is not unusual for the President to publicly acknowledge differences between him & the government. It shows the independent of the Presidency & this will help future President.”

If there are wrong doing by the government or decision not in the interest of the people, President can warn them. If they choose to continue that way, President can report this wrong doing by government or decision not in the interest of the people to the people. Agree.

Alan541260 1 day ago

Whatever and whoever, I am prety sure eventually we all Singaporean will have to sweat it out for the next 5 years to raise the 4.3 millions each year, in total approximately 21 millians for the full term to keep our EP running. So, fellow Singaporean, lets seat up and start working the SUM.

caretots 1 day ago

If it is an oral exam, Dr Tan Kin Lian seemed have better listening ears and addressed to the questions accordingly. He may get the highest mark.
AshleyFrancoisC 1 day ago

Great debate. Shows that Tony has absolutely NO opinion, and takes no dignified position on the tough issues that matters. He could have used this opportunity to show Singaporeans that he stands for something.

He's a flip-flopper and a whimp. Puppet of the PAP. No vote for TT.
groover987 1 day ago 2

Great! TT didn't answer the question. He deviated on the subject n that led Tan Cheng Bok to deliberately hint on the question to be repeated clearly for all to hear!!

another point over to Dr TCB!
strykeryker 1 day ago

Tan Cheng Bok's statement won me over.
zenipmann 1 day ago 6

watching part 2 now.
fredgoh 1 day ago

when is part 2 going to come out?
blackvt 1 day ago
Comment removed
bondings 1 day ago

and i think TJS is not able to control his emotions professionally (thats my opinion)
pristymo 1 day ago

@pristymo true that, but i'd find it hard to keep my cool if TT threatens my voiced opinion
players02 1 day ago

@players02 i suppose, there's something called settling out of the scene. you know there will defnitely be people who has smthing against us, but it doesnt mean we go up to them and create a scene. if our personal conviction is that we think we're not wrong, pple around us will see the truth.
pristymo 1 day ago

i still think TCB can be considered despite his relations with the ruling party. he's a doc and still has that heart for pple.
pristymo 1 day ago 4

tony tan might be awkward if he needs to check or disapprove reserves. Tjs opposes for the sake of opposing, so obvious. The govt sometimes take reserves to invest to generate more reserves for sg. If tjs keeps delaying & make it difficult for the govt, it is bad. Tkl seems average. After observing for a long time, I've changed my mind and going to vote for Dr tcb
pengheng 1 day ago 5

wow, Tony Tan!!! What a freaking PAP's puppet. He will only reiterate what the government ask him to say. He will not represent Singaporean, he is part of PAP's cronies. Who's son can ever defer their military service as long as his son does and didn't even get incriminated. If you are against singaporeans and only think for your own interest then Tony Tan is your guy,

I think for the ppl, care for the ppl. hence i'm voting for TJS
tantrick 1 day ago
Comment removed
tantrick 1 day ago

stupid moderator, what an ass!!! he should stop talking and going through the motion. I only hear blah blah blah from this ass
tantrick 1 day ago

@tantrick i agree.... He thinks hes above the 4 Tans.... LOL
gabrielzhu 1 day ago

stupid moderator, what an ass!!!
tantrick 1 day ago

why isn't Tony Tan answering the questions? And he needs the moderator to prompt him to answer the questions posed by the audience.
letshavefunvideos 1 day ago 3

T t t t t terrorism
azharkamar 1 day ago
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ZAPDIEYOU 1 day ago
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ZAPDIEYOU 1 day ago
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ZAPDIEYOU 1 day ago
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ZAPDIEYOU 1 day ago
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ZAPDIEYOU 1 day ago

Toc, when is the next part coming up? I thought it's at 6?
pengheng 1 day ago

TJS has a personal vendetta with the govt. i worry got our future if he is elected.
benniuz 1 day ago 4

TKL - Can't impress the citizens=CMI

TT & TCB - EX-PAP and they themselves said that a clear distinction has to be made and the elected president should be independent and not take any sides with the ruling party=CMI

That leaves the option to the only one - TJS.
junhaoho 1 day ago

look at the history on minority races in the NS role back when he was in charge.
trefoilatelier 1 day ago

why is kin lian supered as "DR"
piggnant 1 day ago

Kudos to TOC. This one of the best if not the best raw debate I have seen for a long time. 2011 is indeed the turning point for Singapore in many ways. Hope we will emerge as a stronger nation regardless the outcome.
fredgoh 1 day ago

Sorry just to check, is this programme airing on Singapore TV?? I am not sure whether I have missed the programme. Anyone can advice?

fredgoh 2 days ago

@fredgoh This wasn't (won't be?) on tv. This is just a forum TOC organised for the 4 candidates, and its a good one
Aimismyname 1 day ago

@bondings True, but his agenda obviously reflects close ties with opposition thinking and agenda.
greendoty 2 days ago

TKL did the best among all 4 candidates. Very clear position.. no flip-flops like the rest.

TT wants to contribute in the economic arena... isn't that being unconstitutional or taking the role of Cabinet and MPs?

TCB run for presidency cos he sensed the disunity due2 POLITICAL divide, if he thinks that he can "heal the divide" through multi-racism and sports, he is barking up the wrong tree!

TJS thinks one should not have emotional ties with PAP.. doesn't he also hv close ties with the oppo?
greendoty 2 days ago


TJS was with SDP for only 2 months but TT and TCB were with PAP for nearly 30 years!
bondings 2 days ago

after watching the ST roundtable i commented TT sounded like Humphrey Appleby. this time round i know TT is indeed Humprey Appleby
ymactube 2 days ago

just realized TKL looks like the late comedian Ye Fong (of Wang-Sa & Ye Fong). what a joke!
ymactube 2 days ago

Why TT read from the script? Is there someone who scripted for him?
bernardaloysiuslee 2 days ago

why did the moderator not stop Dr Tony Tan after 1min, as was given to the other candidates, and continued giving him more airtime by asking him questions? (@28:24)
yeesh88 2 days ago


The moderator is damn biased towards TT! He stopped TJS from talking when his one minute is up but he let TT continue his speech for more than 2 minutes. Even in the beginning, TT speaks for nearly 4 minutes!
bondings 2 days ago

Dr. Tan, your pocket money funds is not something to glamorise over decades of your power to POCKET IN MILLIONS and who know BILLIONS !!!

it's a disgrace
asiaguy2007 2 days ago

I am imagining, how will they represent Singapore to other countries head of states... Some of them make me think of Taiwan politicians
gugugagaking 2 days ago 2

TCB - ok so far,TJS - has political agenda,TT - pro PAP,TKL - try harder.
stomplunacy 2 days ago 5

TCB:My view: He plays safe but at least he seems sincere about being compassionate and transparent.

TJS:My view: I feel he is a fighter but in the wrong race. Still, if only to have a symbolic Pres that comes from opposing view of the current Government, worth considering.

TT:My view: Unfortunately is clearly very pro-PAP. Will be a literal figurehead.

TKLMy view: Aims to be AGONY Aunt to the citizens. He is most wiling to use reserves in more situations than other candidates
billtang79 2 days ago

@billtang79 The primary objective of this coming PRESIDENT ELECTION has to be clear : i.e to be truly independent of the current ruling party (PAP) and vice versa.

No brainer choice had already rule out Tony Tan and judging from his compaign trial we can rest our case with conscience.

asiaguy2007 2 days ago

@billtang79 The other criteria is based on the current state of conditions, be it the economic, social or political. As such, based on past policies that had transpired to the pathetic state which most true blue singaporean are facing and the tremendous presence of ruling party presence, it's no easy task and this person needs to be a WARRIOR in order to carried out his task with full of energy. Between TJS and TKL, my opinion who be TJS is a better choice.
asiaguy2007 2 days ago

dis. whoorever. farafrase. i think a few of them need a lesson in english.
iluffmyself 2 days ago
Comment removed
iluffmyself 2 days ago

I support Tan Jee Say! Tan Cheng Bock and Tan Kin Liang are just tools all it takes is one word from LKY and they'll be on the floor sucking his feet....What can you say? they've been in PAP for more than 30 years! and Tony Tan is the devil himself... at least Tan Jee Say will fight for us when PAP wants to roll out another unfair policy or ISA yet another opposition candidate... Stuff playing within the rules... does PAP play by the rules?
rockstag 2 days ago

I like TT's initial speech. His argument was succinct and subtle...not overly personal and critical. "My view is that the constitution has laid this out very clearly...what the president can do and cannot do...what are his limits and relationship with the government and this is the office which all of us are running for. If you have thought about a different type of president, then that is something for parliament to decide."
xwgrace 2 days ago

is TT writing those scripts himself or what? somehow or rather, i don't quite follow what d heck was he talking abt,and i

am a keen follower on this PE.
shahrenzo 2 days ago

@shahrenzo he always never answer to the question required because without script he cannot articulate except all those that he is mumbling are motherhood statement.
asiaguy2007 2 days ago

@shahrenzo whenever question is posed to him, he don't seems to reply the answer to the question as directed because there is no script for him to read out except mumbling on motherhood statement.
asiaguy2007 2 days ago

One Tan cant answer to the questions posted and pop smoke-grenades whenever possible.

Another Tan looks like he just wants to stir shit.
chaotah 2 days ago


Agree with you completely.

I will just have to decide which of the other 2 to vote for.

ahnyaahnya 1 day ago

Tan Jee Say isn't a very good speaker, he's not confident enough and keeps fudging his sentences and words. Could have something hidden in his agenda. Tan Cheng Bock tries his best to sound impartial and he does come across as intelligent. Tony Tan sounds like he's trying to suck up to TOC in his opening speech and avoids going into the same arguments as the other 3 PEs (for good reason). TKL seems most grounded and appeals to SGians the most, IMO.
cheesepie 2 days ago

did anyone notice that dr tony tan needed to read from a script for his opening speech and the other 3 candidates did not?
ashura39 2 days ago 29

@ashura39 T_T even read the script while explaining why he was late for the conference... ><
tinaomina02 2 days ago

@ashura39 so does that shows anything ? haha, probably that shows that he prepared his speech because he knows what he wants to speak and not just say whatever comes to mind during that period of time :) just POV (:

syuk1994 1 day ago

wtf is tan jee say saying when he says he's neutral?! he's obviously anti-PAP. how is that neutral in itself. like tan cheng bok says, there should not be any political agenda. jst shut up jee say
boxworth051093 2 days ago 6

wow, if tan jee say costs only sg$500k a year... bundled with his conviction...

err, i WANT tan jee say to win!

thanksforyouruploads 2 days ago

There is no need to talk so much on charity. Tan Jee Say has walked the talk by pledging to take only $500,000 per annum instead of $4 million. Beat that first, dun NATO.
LorenzoLimJingXiang 2 days ago

my heart goes to tan cheng bock... because he is impartial.

but... he seems too compliant.

tan jee say has an agenda for change, i read his papers, and... he is right.

singapore has to move away from manufacturing base to other knowledge based industry.

tan kin lian... hmm

tony tan, i wish any tan wins, except tony tan.

he simply replicates what PAP wants... where is the independence?

it is also clear that his youngest son has through him, abused the position to get a softer role in NS
thanksforyouruploads 2 days ago 40

@thanksforyouruploads Tony don't seems to reply the question as directed instead giving a lot of motherhood statement as the usual PAP style. He don't seems to be able to articulate his speech WITHOUT pre-written paper. He is also RUDE in interrupting other people speech without first raising his which the other candidates do.

YES, he look eminent but if that's the criteria, we can go to mediacorp to look for one and who know we might ended up a better COMPASSIONATE person than him.
asiaguy2007 2 days ago


looking at his everyday actions, where he was caught giving a lame "dead fish" handshake to a chinese singaporean fish-monger...

I can't believe anyone would actually give such a body gesture to another, no matter how unwilling.

if you look at one of the interviews, I think with the straits times, Kin Lian wanted to answer back to him but he just gestured with his palms out wide open.. without looking at Kin Lian.

plainly, TT's action is rude n is telling that he's used to it.
thanksforyouruploads 2 days ago

Tony is always not answering to the question and beat around the bush.

If i am a nuts, i will be really confuse by his answers and it really frustrating and sickening.
asiaguy2007 2 days ago

@asiaguy2007 Agreed but he only beats around the bush for questions regarding powers of the Presidency, for example he answered the question on charity for physically handicapped pretty well.
emoweixian 2 days ago

Waiting for more. Interesting
pengheng 2 days ago

did Tan Kin Lian get a doctorate?
imytbryan 2 days ago

Very "abstract" answer on failure from TT. I'm sure he knows all about it - all his investments have failed!
ctti 38 minutes ago

TT is foreigner talent ? he sound like one of them Zzz
bloca20 53 minutes ago

TT is not answering to the questions at all. he is dodgy in all his answers

litmusnewz 12 hours ago

Ooooh... Tony is angui.....so angui...

I have nothing to add.
2011Decision 12 hours ago

So much for loving babies. TT was also a believer in correcting the "lop-sided procreation pattern" through the graduate mothers' scheme. see:furrybrowndog dr-tony-tan-was-no-independent­-minded-person-on-the-graduate­-mothers-scheme/
datadoper 12 hours ago

It is true. You need a strong President to stand up to the government's machinery. And I see that only in TJS. TT is PAP hardcore and a dyinng old man. So is TCB. No point hiring a president who is often breathless like TT and tired like TCB.
kelveto 12 hours ago

Interesting to listen to this forum session. very enlightening. However, I hope we will not end up voting for a quarrelsome President as much as the current sentiments is like Singaporeans are not happy with the ruling government. My wish is to have a President who is courageous to speak up on our behalf (just like President Ong Teng Cheong) and one who is compassionate and in touch with the common people (just like President Wee Kim Wee).
cruisebreeze 13 hours ago

18:40 because there's no group-think, but there's group-vote.
datadoper 13 hours ago

Don't you love it when TKL smiles so smugly with that 'gotacha' look
datadoper 13 hours ago

wah..part 2 more of tony tan sey..

changeperson 13 hours ago

TJS did not say anything different. Is it necessary to STAND UP against the government? He sounds utterly partisan and extreme.
xwgrace 13 hours ago

@xwgrace Hey uncle Tony, didn't know that you're using this youtube username... How's Patrick doing these days?
2011Decision 12 hours ago

Roni63, death penalty is what makes sg safer. Look at eg:england where there's no death penalty! It's simple, do the crime, do time. Murderers deserve it
pengheng 13 hours ago


No one has the right to take another life. Not the murderer and not the state. When the state kills one criminal after another (the state does not only kill murderers), it commits "serial killing".

In addition, research all over has shown that the death penalty does not lower the percentage of crime  rate.

Further, in Singapore alone, we have had people on death role acquitted of crimes, can you imagine how many were put to death for crimes they did not commit?
Roni63 4 hours ago


if you commit a violent crime... and murder people through violent means, or for that matter, a drug trafficker, i would stick to the current system that people above be hanged.


i don't want to live amongst drug traffickers, murderers as my neighbours.

they lost their right to life when they commit such deed.
thanksforyouruploads 37 minutes ago

TT is gerrymandering with the questions.
Ericeric00 14 hours ago

Their sitting postures:

TCB seems heck-care as if he wants to go to sleep.

TT sits sloppily as if he doesn't care.

TKL looks enthusiastic and makes you feel comfortable with him.

TJS sits upright and is attentive to the surrounding. It makes you want to listen to him.
bondings 15 hours ago

Seriously, i hope:

TKL can get back his deposit.

TT out of the race

TJS wins

TheNoMoreLightning 15 hours ago

When you want to go for an interview, you read up tips and trick to improve your chances of getting the job.

One of it, is to be passionate and serious for the job. Not just the words out from the mouth, your body language plays a important part.

I don't see it from TCB.

I see from TJS.

TCB can be a good vice-president.
TheNoMoreLightning 15 hours ago
Comment removed
Dreadlifeful 16 hours ago
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Dreadlifeful 17 hours ago
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Dreadlifeful 17 hours ago
Comment removed
Dreadlifeful 17 hours ago

I want to see women doing NS like the male Singaporean.
icemaneu 19 hours ago

@icemaneu i like women to be caned for violent crimes like the male sillyporean.
thanksforyouruploads 19 hours ago

A doctor of medicine heals, saves lives. He does not advocate taking a life. Tan Cheng Bok, you disappoint!
Roni63 19 hours ago

@Roni63 those people in death row are usually violent crime convicts...

they can be skinned alive for all i care.
thanksforyouruploads 19 hours ago

@thanksforyouruploads @pengheng Ok, answer this honestly guys... Between the 2 of you, which one is the Pol Pot and which one is the Jong-il?

Ooooh and I will be so willing to pay good money to see the 2 of you mud wrestle in a cage MMA style...
2011Decision 11 hours ago

We just need to look at the last 5 minutes of this video to know who exactly to vote for. Dr Tan Cheng Bock's sincerity cannot be matched by any of the other candidates.
ivanyaw 19 hours ago

There are some people here who have remarked that TJS came across as being angry. However, I beg to strongly differ. My observations of TJS is that he was very passionate while partaking in this debate.

Tony Tan instead was cocky, dispassionate, and had utterly no views of his own. His views always reflected that of the government, the cabinet, the party, etc, etc, etc. Never his personal views. Not even when he was reminded that the question asked was for his personal views.
Roni63 20 hours ago 6

@Roni63 err... not new what...

PAP members have only one view, that of LKY.

the rest are the wrong views.
thanksforyouruploads 5 hours ago

People talk about the independence of the elected president and there goes former opposition candidate speaking things as though this is a general election rather than a PE. When response to questions have no particular direction, people start perceiving as pro-PAP rather than being neutral because not all questions can be given a direct and definite answer which i see it as committing in answers pre-maturely and try soothing ppl's ears. Not all questions have a definite YES or NO answer.
Meaterocious 20 hours ago

yeah i feel tan jee say will be a worthy opposition but may not serve well as a president... he comes across as too angry... and too emotional whenever it's something connected to PAP...
Suspended4th 20 hours ago 4

tony tan gives me the impression like, he cant be bothered about his new job, like hes just here because hes told to and is obligated because of his ties with the pap. thats why hes giving very general statements, general opinions, avoiding the questions, not commiting to any stand. hes just happy being a very expensive pap puppet.
vistory 21 hours ago

TT never offered his opinion. He talked on behalf of the government . He was incapable of speaking on any issues whilst taking an independent stand. This was so that the moderator had to at times remind him that the questions that came from the floor were asking him for his own opinions or as one gentleman asked for "his guiding philosophy". And still, TT used the government, the parliament, the cabinet, etc., etc., etc., as the backbone for his arguments.

How can he ever be independent?
Roni63 21 hours ago

The moderator is biased towards TT. Why is TT given more time to talk when a limited time is allocated to all of them?
bondings 23 hours ago

simply put,

TKL will costs us 2mil a year.

TJS will costs us 500k a year.

TCB will costs us 4 mil a year

TT will costs us 4 mil a year.

err... why are we voting in people that will costs us 4 mil a year just to do a role that we are being told, has less powers than perceived.

i say, let the president draw $500k a year and let he be the example and the start of a more realistic salary...

LKY has obviously brainwashed us to overpay him and his workers...

while we are made to accept nuts
thanksforyouruploads 23 hours ago

I wish candidates would stop defiling ong teng cheong’s good name.

The ones who are using ong teng cheong’s name are the ones who are least like ong teng cheong.

Opportunistic bastards.

ingendaryl 1 day ago

I got a feeling the people who posed the questions were frustrated with the answers ----so they posed Yes/No Questions,

In the end they get back the same type of answers that go one big round without yes and no ...
201003616W 1 day ago

i sense a very high lvl smoke.
m0t3ki 1 day ago

tan jee say welly goot in stiring shit between PAP .. successful troll
kerpal1234 1 day ago

For anyone who doesnt want to watch the full debate... Watch the last 3 mins of the clip and some really really sincere words from Dr TCB
201003616W 1 day ago

PAP supporters, please vote for Tan Cheng Bock.

he is compliant but firm.
thanksforyouruploads 1 day ago


Oh please!!! We do not need a firm, compliant Tan Cheng Bok. That just makes him a less firmer compliant Tony Tan! At the end of the day, their allegiance is to PAP. That means they are not independent as they both claim to be. And the fact that you are appealing to PAP supporters is evidence already that I am right.

We want an Independent President. And Tony Tan and Tan Cheng Bok do not fit the bill!!!
Roni63 22 hours ago

TT disliked the video
yamato90 1 day ago 8

imo, TT understands e constitution well. he knows where he stands as president. he does not over promise. he knows he can speak up, give advise, share ideas with e PM, n at e same time, aware that it is not within his power to change policies. its easier to get things done with amicable working style and attitude rather than a combative one. TJS, on the other hand sounds like he has a lot of emotional baggage to offload. I'll be happy if TT or TCB is president.
szz1070 1 day ago

After watching both Part 1 and 2, I came to the conclusion Tony Tan regurgiated too much PAP lines. Few times he avoided and did not answer the questions, despite clearly put across to him. My vote will go to TCJ, he is assertive, compassionate about Singaporeans issues and I believe he will make real changes to the ordinarily Singaporeans lifes when he takes office.
jchow2090 1 day ago
Comment removed
3notesabar 1 day ago

1:03:07 "where is my tie?"
gramkenneth 1 day ago

nobody asked how patrick tan got 12 years deferment?
vistory 1 day ago

43:07 LOL! This is better than the PM's parliamentary debate with Mr Low Thia Khiang over Mas Selamat..
gramkenneth 1 day ago

hello? tony tan will be another very expensive puppet if elected. whats the point?
vistory 1 day ago

37:24 "Candidates should run for the office that exists, not for the one they wish to have." It says everything.
gramkenneth 1 day ago 2


Once a PAP, always a PAP. Period.
bondings 1 day ago

@bondings The election of the Presidency is a nonpartisan one. It appears that it does not seem true.
gramkenneth 1 day ago

@gramkenneth TT is simply a status quo person. period.

i don't know how and why people think that he will bring about a more united singapore?

perhaps, everyone would be united in hating tony tan as the president, together?

afterall, we know the unions that endorsed him are... probably lip-service people who are seeking to be real life friends with him.
thanksforyouruploads 1 day ago 2

60% popular votes translated to 87 out of 91 seats still called a win?
vistory 1 day ago

@vistory I think you are referring to the last win of the three - the win for Singapore. The six seats creates a new benchmark and may be considered as a norm. As opposed to two, that is considered a win. As regards the percentage of votes in relation to the seats, we are using the plurality voting system, as opposed to countries like France where there are two rounds. This might seem unfair this also mean that it will be harder for the PAP if they are no longer in government.
gramkenneth 1 day ago

Why is Tony always 'sighing' when questions were posed?

Not sure if it is a mechanical condition, but it gives me the impression that he has little or no respect to listen to the enquiry/ voice..
hermit79 1 day ago

TT is typical pap. gives vague answers no accountability. so the need arise can flip flop like roti prata
vistory 1 day ago

32:54 did anyone else catch that?
gramkenneth 1 day ago

@gramkenneth Catch what?
3notesabar 1 day ago

@3notesabar Look at the Associate Professor.
gramkenneth 1 day ago

@gramkenneth Navel exposed? 
3notesabar 1 day ago

Failure is a stepping on to something greater..? As much I believe in learning from past mistakes, academic failure can easily be a major disaster here. It may not necessarily signify the end of the road but it sure takes a hell lot more than great effort and luck to get back on the otherwise already arduous academic track.
contraryy 1 day ago

@contraryy Agreed. Getting up is always hard. The academic track is indeed arduous, but I believe after the academic track are more onerous journeys.
gramkenneth 1 day ago

It seems to me like the mediator Vishwa keeps asking TT for HIS OPINION. That guy doesn't have ANY opinion. He doesn't even understand the question. Or even if he did, he thinks by talking about everything else he can avoid answering the question. Which is not a quality I want in a President representing my nation.
redsummerwings 1 day ago 2

@redsummerwings I think the moderator asked for the opinions of the other candidates as well; there was just a period where some questions are directed only to Dr Tony Tan. Yes, he might not express his personal opinion, but his expressions of opinions (or the lack of) leaves the electorate to cast their votes. I think that is professional of the moderator.
gramkenneth 1 day ago

Summary :

TCB - On the extreme, no more than serve a warning when difference arises.

TJS - Moral authority, checks and balance man. Tend to be more open to re-visit any past grievience as he was on the outside

TT - Go by constitution. Very evasive when asked for his personal view, even when its a straight yes-or-no on many of the issues discussed (eg Marxist, 377A). Too strong ties to PAP.

TKL - everything by getting people's view. A consensus man. Forthcoming
fuoxin 1 day ago 4

@fuoxin i think this summary will stand true till the 27th.
gramkenneth 1 day ago
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groover987 1 day ago

'...and i'll do the same WHEN i'm ....IF i'm elected president..." - tt
YudhishthraNathan 1 day ago

If the people want real check and balance, they should have voted that into the parliament during May.
ycchuah 1 day ago 2

"the parliament being elected by the people of singapore"....u mean the new citizens?
djkzee 1 day ago 3

epic closing statement from TCB
naithemilkman 1 day ago 19

@naithemilkman yeah he sounds really sincere.
gramkenneth 1 day ago

TT talk bullshit, does not answer to the main point, beat around the bush.

TT supporters please reconsider your decisions
x3Pot93 1 day ago 43

@x3Pot93 Yes, I thought so too!

With the benefit of hindsight, however, this would mean that he does not commit or express himself in a light which he would see differently later, lest saying the wrong thing.

This is as I understand that these are questions thrown from the floor and the candidates are expected to provide their points of view ad lib.
gramkenneth 1 day ago

@gramkenneth if anyone cancels out baby bonus scheme i think no one wants to give birth anymore... raising a baby in singapore = expensive as hell for low / middle class people ><
x3Pot93 22 hours ago

@x3Pot93 I think that is why Dr Tony Tan suggested to try all means to improve the situation..
gramkenneth 22 hours ago

@x3Pot93: Singaporeans jolly well know how to see and judge... what do you mean when u say TT supporters pls reconsider your decisions? Reconsider to vote for others because he is lousy? 
Meaterocious 20 hours ago

tony tan's one simple idea SUCKS.
matchbk 1 day ago 4

@matchbk I don't think that is a fair statement to make.

If we provide monetary capital for creative industries, where can we find these people in the first place when the phobia of failure is so predominant such that deliberate risks are not willing to be taken?

How can we have an active citizenry if people are afraid of failure? Take the case of the founder of Dignity Kitchen, would there be such a school if he was afraid to fail in the first place?
gramkenneth 1 day ago

Tony Tan, you beat about the fuking bush
hackticgmail 1 day ago 6
Comment removed
boxworth051093 1 day ago 2

Talk to the point Tony Tan!!!
jiapau 1 day ago 3

1 of the rare chances to see Tony Tan the taiji master show his power.
ybbolb 1 day ago 4

Haaaaaa... 'like the casino debate... u say Yes, and then later you cry...' 0:26:40... LOL!!!!
zuccamori 1 day ago 3

Viswa: What is your view?

Tony Tan: I dont have a view!
naithemilkman 1 day ago 3

10min 40sec

obviously, Tony Tan has no views unless he has a script prepared for him...

otherwise, he does not answer to the point as shown in previous videos.
thanksforyouruploads 1 day ago 4

could this series, TOC face to face 2, part 1 and 2 be on national tv?

it gives a very good insight ( at the present moment ) to the thoughts of the 4 hopefuls.

i wish we could have a live telecast, so that we can be ensured that it's all one-take.

no, i don't trust PAP and I am not anti-government, nor establishment.

To progress from here, we should have more accountability and transparency.

Tony Tan should give a detailed answer to why his 3rd son, Patrick, was given non-existent NS role
thanksforyouruploads 1 day ago 5

@thanksforyouruploads I agree with you. This gives us an excellent insight comparable to The Straits Times' round table. I believe nonpartisan voters would appreciate this video.
gramkenneth 1 day ago