Tuesday, March 30, 2010


News, Weather & Sports - a year long time-lapse documents the seasonal changes and the recreational activities of visitors to a public park. This is a preview clip of a looping video art project by Dan Hudson (www.danhudson.ca). Location: Canmore, Alberta, Canada. Music: Chris Jennings. Support: Canada Council for the Arts.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boobs for free bus ride

A young hot girl was using a mobile phone that has a bus pass feature. Since her hands were full and that her phone was hanging near her breasts, she simply moved her breasts near the detector. The auntie who queued up behind the hot girl thought by putting her breasts on the detector, she would get a free bus ride.

(網易)「我已經貼了兩下了,你還不讓我進去,搞甚麼啦?真是的!」湖南長沙、株洲等 地的民眾,現正流行「嘟」手機付款坐巴士。近日一段短片在網上廣泛流傳,只見一名衣着 性感的年輕女子,將手機掛在胸口前,然後將胸部靠近巴士的嘟卡機付款。一名婦人見狀有 樣學樣,但將胸口怎麼貼近嘟卡機都沒有反應,車上隨即爆出一陣哄笑。這段長 47秒的短片,點擊率已超過 170萬。短片在一輛巴士上拍攝,一名穿低胸緊身衣的性感女子,上巴士時,因兩手均拿 着東西、而手機又掛在頸上,無手刷卡,於是將胸部靠近刷卡機,嘟一聲後便進入車廂。她 身後的一名婦人見狀,於是有樣學樣,也直接將胸前手機貼近嘟卡機,但連「撞」兩次都沒 有反應。巴士司機要求婦人嘟卡,但她不耐煩地回應:「我都貼了兩下了,你還不讓我進去 ,搞甚麼啦?真是的!」司機解釋年輕女子用的是可「嘟」卡付款的手機,但是該名婦人不 依,還滿臉鄙夷地回答:「那是甚麼牌子的手機啦?聽都沒聽過,我用的還是『蘋果』手機 呢!」網民大讚該片段搞笑,但是也有網民質疑它的真實性,認為可能是廣告片。

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chat Roulette: Eye Vagina

Ever noticed how some parts of your body can look like others parts of other peoples bodies?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Did You Know?

Fantastic video on the progression of information technology, researched by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Brenman, remixed

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Scandal: Jack Neo's press conference on 11 March 2010

Besides Wendy Chong and Foyce Le Xuan, there are now reports of at least nine other women who were involved with Jack Neo at some point in time. According to sources in the entertainment industry, there was even a popular singer and a hotel staff among them, and their age ranges from 20 to 40. Here are the list of women according to Shin Min Daily News.

Woman #1: Wendy Chong, 22, model
She exposed their two-year affair and Jack Neo has admitted to this relationship. His wife has also admitted to knowing about their affair.

Woman #2: Foyce Le Xuan, 25, artiste
She has been invited by Jack to meet him at a hotel, only to reject him. She also received mushy text messages from him, but chose to terminate her contract with J Team to avoid any contact with him.

Woman #3: Former popular singer, in her 30s
It is alleged that this woman and Jack are very close, and use terms of endearment such as "dear" and "darling" in their text messages to each other. This singer has even acted in one of his movies. She has since left Singapore's entertainment circle.

Woman #4: Hotel staff, in her 30s
Jack allegedly met this woman while filming in Kuala Lumpur. In order to get closer to him, this woman is said to have given up her job in KL in order to move to Singapore to be closer to him. He is also said to have recommended her to work in a hotel in Singapore.

The woman is understood to be married with one daughter, but keeps in touch with Jack and exchanges affectionate text messages with him.

She is the only woman that Jack is said to be involved with who does not have any dealings with the entertainment industry.

Woman #5: Past participant in artiste classes held by J Team, in her 20s
This woman is said to be pretty with long flowing hair. In order to get into the entertainment circle to fulfil her dreams of stardom, she joined Jack's artiste training classes and subsequently appeared in many variety shows, where she got to know Jack.

They are said to chat frequently online, and their topics invariably verge on sleaze.

She is also said to have an agreement to date him exclusively.

Woman #6: Screenwriter, in her 40s
She is said to have worked on one of Jack's previous movies, and enjoys a warm, affectionate relationship with the director.

Industry insiders reveal that they often discuss about sex topics online, and converse with each other often over the Internet. This was also confirmed by freelance model Wendy Chong.

The woman is said to be married with a child.

Because of the expose, she is unable to focus at work and has been performing badly.

Woman #7: Past participant in artiste classes held by J Team, in her 20s
She has appeared in Money No Enough 2 and Being Human, both movies by Jack Neo.

It is alleged that she went on a trip to Thailand with Jack after filming wrapped up on Money No Enough 2.

Woman #8: Past participant in artiste classes held by J Team, 26
When artistes were being let go by J Team, she was the only one who was allowed to stay. Although there were no new jobs or acting roles, she continued to stay on with the J Team.

In her interview with Shin Min Daily News, the woman said that since she had a full-time job with them, she did not think of leaving, and would take on jobs as and when there were any.

She had previously appeared in Just Follow Law and Being Human, and had also appeared in many of Jack's variety shows.

Woman #9: Former bit actress on the silver screen, 25
Considered Jack's lackey by members of Jack's production team, as she would follow him where ever he went. She was originally signed on by Jack to be a singer, but as her relationship with Jack was very good, she would most certainly get a part in almost all of his variety shows. She does not refuse his advances and would hitch a ride from him home after every show ended.

Woman #10: Past participant in artiste classes held by J Team, 20

She is viewed by industry insiders to be scheming and was very eager to rise to popularity, so she threw herself into his arms willingly.

It is understood that she did not refuse his advances towards her, and would not try to hide from him.

Woman #11: Jack's former staff, in her 40s

Their relationship was discovered by Jack's wife.

The affair ended upon this discovery.

His wife also instructed all members of the J Team not to mention her English name, but to refer to her as "Miss X".

Jack's wife also found someone else to replace this woman at work and fired her.

Source: Asiaone.com

Friday, March 5, 2010

Prank Fail

In this competition, this girl has to pick up these cooking pots to see what's inside, but what happens when she gets close to the end?