Monday, July 30, 2012

Girl Drives Car Around Showroom, Forces Boyfriend to Buy It For Her

A girl in Shanghai falls in love with a new Buick Regal and argues with her boyfriend about buying it. He refuses so she gets into the car in the showroom, starts it, and begins driving it around with the boyfriend and salesman trying to stop her. Finally, she only stops when the boyfriend finally agrees to buy the car.


too bad i don't have a rich bf~ nevertheless, i feel like shooting that girl on the head

Lyss278 1 day ago

Aftermath of the one-child policy, you spoil the child fucking badly

FlankerX 2 days ago

It's just a Opel, you chink! GET BACK TO THE KITCHEN!

ClubbySuperCharged 2 days ago

Poor diggers like this woman cannot be pleased.. She'll force you to buy a house for her the next day..

ChuanKuiMusic 3 days ago

it seems that it's not only blondes who will survive the zombie apocalypse..

cLaRiOz 3 days ago


what a bitch!!!

what an idiot...

michaelhyourinmaru 3 days ago

just dump her.

gracelovesdurian 3 days ago

It's ok if this is fake, if not, then this guy seriously needs to grow a pair..

lhc89 4 days ago

no offence, most of the china girl find a man just bcox they are rich..and she can get wadever she want..tats why i dun like china girl...

From a HK man who comment it

Callmefai0820 4 days ago

Thats why I freaking hate my own race

xXQuIkSiLvErXx 5 days ago

pity of her boyfriend! how can he face with this kind of girl!!

nicolecassiopeia 5 days ago

the saleman said YES thx bitch...

chowyj123 5 days ago 2

like a boss

chowyj123 5 days ago

poor guy

thispolkadot 6 days ago


burchison 6 days ago

stupid spoilt bitch.

kcazzzzz 6 days ago

this kind of girlfriend should be given a few slaps and walk away like a boss

PrinceXable 6 days ago

LOL, all that for a fucking Buick!

mattvoltex 6 days ago

If I were the bf, I will buy the car and then hit her by "accident" the next day.. Sell the car and use the cash for a really good lawyer.. Problem solved~

Thumbs up if u feel like doing the same thing! =)

kenji2609 6 days ago


Why didn't he smack her around? men are acting more gay everyday... guy needs to grow a pair of balls and tell her to STFU or she'll get that beating her mother and grandmothers got from their husbands. This is China you bitch... YOU HAVE NO POWER OR AUTHORITY... maybe in the USA you can get away with this shit... but a real chinese business man would have drag your ass out the dealership, apologize to the people there, and give you the belt at home. Haha I miss the east.

AjViShus 6 days ago 2

extremely childish!

MsCindySweet 6 days ago

I've worked in a car showroom before and we never leave keys in the ignition. This is fake shit or plain stupid. Sorry to say almost all woman nowadays are like that. All gold-diggers. But this is taking it to a whole new level

MrTuberler 6 days ago

@MrTuberler probably a demo

iamtheasianjamesbond 6 days ago


steelix18 6 days ago

No wonder china people knock down people still can just drive off .

omegaloy 1 week ago 2

seems fake because showroom cars usually cant be started.

loohz 1 week ago

@loohz We talking about china, anything can happen, and all safety measures usually overlooked lol

Bloodarch 6 days ago

@loohz i think the cars can be started, if not how are they suppose to move all the vehicles away when the new models arrive? or how are they suppose to move the vehicles into the showroom in the 1st place?

kcazzzzz 6 days ago

is this real? it seems fake

lysah09 1 week ago

Can't the dealership call the cops on her, even if they did end up buying the car?

And what a bitch.

Ryoko48 1 week ago

Not all Asian women are like that. I'm asian and I'm not like that. She's just a spoiled brat--anybody can be like that, it's not because of nationality. Sheesh, don't pass judgment so generally on all of us. Racist bastards.

xypeh 1 week ago 6

Wow, what a b!tch. literally! haha

thaiboy007 1 week ago

Bitch went crazy crazy

learnalitheway 1 week ago

1- never heard a girl like Buick

2- this must be a joke

liweih21 1 week ago

Fucking, dump her please.

FunnehVideo 1 week ago

i'd agree to buy it if the dealership cuts the brake line. happy plunging into the river, brat!

beecsh47 1 week ago

That's one manipulative bitch. And one shit car. I feel sorry for the dude. lol

InevitableAzn 1 week ago 2

i see what she did there :B

812AMIL 1 week ago

Hes gonna kill that bitch

Nic7472 1 week ago

Good thing we keep our women in the kichen here in puerto rico

jdmwill 1 week ago

i wud dump her wen the dealership gave the car bak after gasing it up nd locked the doors nd said its over

1t4ch1uch14 1 week ago

I am assuming that the guy took her there so he could buy her a car. What's the point if she doesn't get the one that she wants? Is that because it's too expensive? Then he shouldn't have took her there in the first place. So it's fundamentally and partially his fault. I like what she did to get what she wants. I mean... it's the car that you will drive for a while. Better get one that you want.

vloggingmay 1 week ago

@vloggingmay You would do the same? Your probably the crazy girl in the video who likes to act like a 9 year old girl. Its more like the guy should of kicked her ass out in the streets. If you want the car pay with your own money. I hate gold diggers.

Chan107 1 week ago

@Chan107 I am just saying that he deserves that because 1. He got her to the point that she is all spoiled bratty gf. Who made her that way? That's right. It's him. 2. He was still not willing to dump her even after all that craziness 3. There is not a clue or evidence that he will change. So she won't either. You hate gold diggers? I hate gold digger raisers...

vloggingmay 1 week ago

what a bitch, dump her ass

Link64 1 week ago

Forget asains can't drive a car properly, they can't even buy a car properly

ZEDEX007 1 week ago

Comment removed

Chan107 1 week ago

that looks more like an opel vectra

odert1884 1 week ago

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lahoku 1 week ago

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lahoku 1 week ago

How did she even get the keys? 

PewpewFighter 1 week ago

Gold digging level: Chinese

foxeh 1 week ago 60

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Chan107 1 week ago

@Chan107 "Women who seemingly sell themselves for money can be found everywhere in the world. Americans know them as gold-diggers, with the only difference being that women like that are looked down upon in other countries, and only in China are they respected and envied. Surely this “laughs at the poor but not the prostitutes” society wasn’t made by these women?"

Chan107 1 week ago


accgmailpulak 1 week ago

Comment removed

Kerasface 1 week ago

Many people in post-Cultural Revolution Communist China are just too materialistic because they have no God

elijahhee 1 week ago

Bitches be crazy

Oliversvideoss 1 week ago

if i were him, i'd just leave her in the showroom. she can crash all the cars there for all she wants. none of my business. if im that rich, i can just get any girl like her (maybe less crazier) -.- madness!!

daimondaemon 1 week ago 4

depicts how chinese girls in china are.

Xezatt 1 week ago

which idiot salesman leaves the key in the car? that's retarded. it's a freaking showroom for goodness sake.

arcanemonopoly 1 week ago

That's what you gotta do to greedy men! Hahahahah EPIC!

zmoonn 1 week ago

I am surprised she didnt crash the car

navidkas 1 week ago

oh goddd what a brat

mspolkadots21 1 week ago

Buy a chicken more better..

GyeBettaFighter 1 week ago

I will not do that to force my boyfriend to buy things I want...

should just break up la... Man.... Always can't stop tempted by pretty woman.

mayukiko 1 week ago

see what happens when u let them out of the kitchen!

lostKiaos 1 week ago 46

i wanna be friends with this crazy chick lol

RoryYale16 1 week ago

Let her fucking crash. I'm not paying for that shit.

Girl is brainless but the guy is bigtime PUSSY WHIPPED

heymanhaha 1 week ago

At least she got a parting gift!

ThePointBlank87 1 week ago

That girl shouldn't expect too high of expectitions. She will learn her lessons one day. Also that guy will suffer too. money can't buy happiness. importantly, the couple relationship give n take. to care each other love than money... if they want to do something for charity, they will be blessed. right? :)

sgmodelguy 1 week ago

lol, he should just let the girl drive, and let her pay for whatever damages she may incur. then again, she may be in cahoots with the salesman, thats why the key is in the ignition.

vertigogardenhtl 1 week ago


a9fc 1 week ago

Someone should have GTA'ed the car by now.

ikepiggy 1 week ago

this would make a good advertisment!

CSIGummy 1 week ago

The girl is so stupid !! She should have thrown tantrum over a lamorghini or ferrari

The boyfriend's gonna buy ANYWAY

roady987 1 week ago


sweetzee2 1 week ago

What a bitch! If I were the boyfriend, I'll just let her drive the hell out and crush herself to death. This slut doesn't deserve to live!

ewanyip 1 week ago


ginnygcx 1 week ago

this guy is so whipped and stupid! he should just dump her ass!

giseledcruz 1 week ago

wht the fuck

Gairhym 1 week ago

surely the whole thing was staged.

mystictree1 1 week ago

Leave that bitch... Gezzz

gusbong85 1 week ago

Hmm.. power of Buick Regal? Lol.. they should make a commercial based on this. one sale done. haha!

stryfle 1 week ago

fucking bitch should die after i fuck her pussy hard hahaha ^^

szewei85 1 week ago

1 word: BITCH

narbeiKNNcjb 1 week ago

Comment removed

kahlen 1 week ago

This makes me embarrassed to be Chinese.

kahlen 1 week ago 2

@kahlen nth to be embarrassed abt...

elainelai89 1 week ago

'我买了' 哈哈。。

hsoen 1 week ago

wow the guy is so good to his girl

Kkyouzanoha 1 week ago

she owes him a lifetime supply of blowjobs

heatedkill 1 week ago 2


matttan2716 1 week ago

fucking spoilt little bitch.

flarion2345 1 week ago 3

爱目虚容和thre a t e n

annlim0312 1 week ago

Buick? Chick got no taste.

doubleshot82 1 week ago 4

I'll make 2 calls if I'm e guy - 1 to the police 1 to another girl to take over her place.

MrSkypp 1 week ago

Made in China chick SUCKS ASS.

lacrimosae 1 week ago 3

i will slap her on the spot. damn

pinkych3rry 1 week ago 2

I'll dump her, and ask her to fuck off,

uncleroxk 1 week ago

i would stab her if she pulled that stunt

yonchrr 1 week ago

two tight slap if my gf

boucyfirebal 1 week ago

I suppose there are perks being a woman in a country with 60 million extra men.

ttan1 1 week ago

ah tiong.

rubikq8kbs 1 week ago

Next week, we visit Ferrari.

BuenoSuertes 1 week ago 6

sei so hai,bitch! call the police.

eddie66336 1 week ago

stupid girl! The guy is stupid as well. He SHOULD just walk away. --"

Mystcx 1 week ago 2

if i were him i will probably dump her the minute she comes out of the car...fucking materialistic bitch...

mosemanavan 1 week ago 91

@mosemanavan well, bitches dont deserve a good husband. I would say this guy is stupid to give in.

NplusO88 1 week ago 3

What's the Chinese term for pussy whipped?

towv 1 week ago

@towv 妻子,女朋友

Aheyne 1 week ago

Can't really hear the girl though...

M: This car is not suitable for you.

F: It's suitable!

M: Arguing again is it? This happens everytime we shop.

F: *Unable to determine what she said*

M: Stop arguing, I'm not going to buy a car for you right now.

F: *something about buying and not buying*

M: I won't buy it for you even if you sit in it

Then the rest is "stop stop stop" "I'm buying it I'm buying it!"

Silverelfz 1 week ago 19

I would have skull fucked her and pissed on her dying corpse.

BrandySlash 1 week ago 3

the girl's crazy... her boyfriend should leave her...

CJYOONAs 1 week ago

sounds like a good commercial...or i mean bad cheesy commercial. haha. :D buick so awesome it makes the girls go crazy.. literally.

asiannextdoor 1 week ago

but on the other side, it's good for the economy.

the riches is keeping too much money...... need to spend...

watanabe757 1 week ago

actually the BF can just walk away, and let the gong-an step in...

Dear Chinaman, please don't pick shanghai and beijing women, go somewhere else....

watanabe757 1 week ago

i would have told the salesman..."shes own her own"

mazeeism 1 week ago

I dunno... Could all this just be a brilliantly conceived viral marketing campaign for Buick China???

httong 1 week ago 2

that guy is stupid..supposed he just left the girl alone.. let her crushed the car then the car company will chase after her... not him...

hannan081 1 week ago 3

lol....her boyfriend should say "buy yourself since you so want it that much,why expect me to buy" he is not being an arsehole but that girl is really too much

choronoz92 1 week ago 2

Sohai girl o0o

iiTears97 1 week ago

Who leaves car keys inside the showroom

Rcerberus14 1 week ago

Girlfriend level: Asian!

Itzmir 1 week ago 2

What are they saying? Can anyone translate?

SuperTunaSandwich 1 week ago

@SuperTunaSandwich it's not clear at the beginning but she stops the car when he says "Wo mai le wo mai le" which means "I'll buy, I'll buy!" then he produces his credit card and the caption appears on-screen "you qian ren" which means "rich guy", that's the best translation i could do!

dangerousdom 1 week ago


Thanks! I understood the part where he said, "Wo mai le", but I am more curious to find out what they shouted at each other in the beginning. Perhaps more interested in what they spoilt lady was screaming. :P

SuperTunaSandwich 1 week ago

She'll only love your wallet long time buddy.

nickolaslai 1 week ago

Isn't it stupid for them to leave the car keys in the car that is used as show car??

Nastasshea 1 week ago 51

@Nastasshea they r just damn brainless...

mrsgreen0087 1 week ago

@Nastasshea it probably doesn't need a key to start up the engine..the sales person could be holding the key, and all she needs to do is just turn the knobbbb...

winkieteo 1 week ago

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LimMingTai 1 week ago

He should just leave the place and let her do whatever the childish gold digging girlfriend likes. As least if she crashes the car, the salesmen would go after her. Not him. If i'm the guy, I'd just walk out and let the people there settle her. Pointless to have these sorta people as life partner ...

Nastasshea 1 week ago 6

pls do not make sweeping statements like all asian girls are like that . This girl is from china...

eileenlim 2 weeks ago

@eileenlim uh... what has a girl from China have to do anything with your defensive statement? Anyone who is raised this way - Man or Woman, need to get their act together before they hurt somebody. If anyone were to treat me like this, I'd leave them.

LAvenus79 2 weeks ago

what a bitch! what a useless boyfriend!

bck1990 2 weeks ago

that girl better give some mean head....

Shroomzz 3 weeks ago

@Shroomzz ROFL!!!!

LAvenus79 2 weeks ago

She's a toothpick. Why don't he open that door and take her out of there - or tell the salesman to CALL THE POLICE!??


They get what they deserve.

clarkcolt45 3 weeks ago

@clarkcolt45 Chinese men are wussies? wait till jackie chan hears that and kicks your ass

hothotheatlive 1 week ago 6

The physical manner in how she responded to the situation was inaccurate and wrong, But if it were me I would have bought the car in the first place. To me I put her before me, but not to a state where it harms me financially.

Katunitsu 4 weeks ago

@Katunitsu lol, if you put her first you gonna make her even more crazy later - then she'll expect anything from you. Don't be retarded and have a child as your gf, how sexy is that?

Let her know that you have high standards, then she'll respect you even more!

clarkcolt45 3 weeks ago 3

i would of jackie chan her ass all the way home 

SmyDMF1 1 month ago 2

@SmyDMF1 if you were the father, yeah... if you were the boyfriend, just leave. not worth the stress.

LAvenus79 2 weeks ago


newkillergenius 1 month ago

all that for a buick? what a waste

canuck1980 1 month ago 2

@canuck1980 i KNOW, this wouldve made more sense if she was an 8 year old boy in a porsche show room or somethin lol..

shobin05 1 month ago 2

fcking bitch

darkgun101 1 month ago 2

Unbelieveable... lol.. Poor guy.

StacieWacie92 1 month ago

What makes this video worse is... fucking asian women can't drive.

ONEBlackJellyFish 1 month ago

Nice car, Opel Insignia^^

Schoppenschorsche 1 month ago

MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN IF A BITCH EVVVEERR did that to me, id rip her clothes off right there, snatch her purse anything that isnt her's, take it back and leave that gold digging whore standing naked in that dealership. bitches.

MrTerrific197 1 month ago

That a weird kitchen does anyone know what kitchen she is in

bandosnoob15 1 month ago

is that a crysler badged vauxhall insignia?

genesisgfx 1 month ago


Phantomised818 1 month ago

that is terrible,that lady needs one serious slap,and the guy should get rid...pronto.

soledweller 1 month ago

what a loser

I bet she crashed the thing the next day

rolandgarroz 2 months ago

How sad...I cant stand golddiggers!

dohc1974 2 months ago 2

i wouldve ditch her lol

xxscorpioxx2 2 months ago

Women, you should be in the kitchen not the showroom

MMU88881 2 months ago

shes not old enough to own a buick you have to be at least 65 years old

yavin99 2 months ago

I hope in China car insurance rates are much higher for women.

JustChrisLTD 2 months ago

That was a short test drive!

982102010 3 months ago

i'd dump that bitch right there in that car and leave her to crash it cuz it's only inevitable

hkpopfan4lif3 3 months ago

@derfusskonig Ching-Chong? Aren't you Alexandra Wallace from UCLA???

BabyBlueEclipse 3 months ago

@derfusskonig Who you calling "Ching Chong?" Cut that mullet, you inbred!

spooncvc 3 months ago

@spooncvc LMao

dohc1974 2 months ago

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flossing888 3 months ago

"Wo mai le!" = "I bought it!"

Man, lemme tell ya, that kinda woman isn't easy to scrape off yer boots.

Jianju69 3 months ago

@Jianju69 this is where your trusty gun comes in. (im kidding btw)

lamoboy 3 months ago

She say, me so horny you buy me car me love you long time..

BlownbigblockSS 3 months ago 4

damn that would never work with my wife i would just leave here thier lol

jorgesau100 3 months ago

...and true whoredom wins out. What a cunt; and if the guy did buy the car for her, he nothing but a loser pussy.

policechaser 4 months ago

when chinese gals get horny, they will do anything.

damtachoa 4 months ago

Who loves Buick that bad??

cedia 4 months ago 13

i bet he paid full price for that. haha

heresteven 4 months ago

Wow! NOT good.... My wife better not pull anything like this at the dealer LOL...

Philburpalooza 5 months ago

that was an opel insignia...nice car.

ShanesAutos 5 months ago

She's terrifying!

menzelcassini 5 months ago

Okay, guys. I'm a Chinese girl, and these are not how we are.

I'd totally get an Audi instead.

monkbunk 5 months ago 2

Isn't that a Insignia?

FalconsFlame 5 months ago

@FalconsFlame yes butin america is arketed as a buick regal.

ShanesAutos 5 months ago

@ShanesAutos Ah cool hehe

FalconsFlame 5 months ago

Why put up with this bitch? Because the Chinese killed so many of their baby girls, and these are the only ones left. The guy is lucky to have her and she knows it.

77C15 5 months ago 2

this is how all shanghainese girls are

ashihtaka 5 months ago 4

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BlueEyedWhiteRebel 5 months ago

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winson2311 5 months ago

thats why he loves her because she is a crazy horny chick... ?

philip2go 5 months ago

Once she didn't have the keys the BF probably said i'm not buying this car you crazy bitch

mustangmikeca 5 months ago

These women are pretty common here in asia. Low standards, low education, lack of class results in these women behaving like this. Best thing to do here would be to slap this bitch upside the head and leave her ass. She's only with you for your money anyways.

op3l 6 months ago 50

@op3l lol. so you're suggesting men hit women who golddig? it's not like the men don't know what they're getting into. it's a symbiotic relationship.

shazooi 1 week ago

@shazooi No I'm saying women who act like this deserved to be slapped. She is a full grown woman playing with a very dangerous thing. This is no way to act. It will do her some good in the future anyways.

op3l 1 week ago

Don't they take the keys/lock the ignition in showroom cars? How was she even allowed to start it?

jdrivas5 6 months ago

@jdrivas5 They often have the keys inside on the showroom. At least at the dealerships ive been to

vampyregirl100 6 months ago

@vampyregirl100 I've never seen keys in any vehicles

mustangmikeca 5 months ago

wouldn't happen to me...

dllstcowboys 6 months ago

Greedy chinese sick !

That's why people hate c all over the world.

sannyasou1 6 months ago

@sannyasou1 Greed isn't something exclusive to Chinese if you are smart enough to know that.

TheBrolit 5 months ago

@sannyasou1 fuck off jap bitch

spdsboiboi86 1 week ago

Comment removed

skillfuldabest 1 week ago


umm, isnt she chinese?

skillfuldabest 1 week ago

fuckin chinks

superalex123100 6 months ago

haha the other chinese people were so terrified. lol

cardude1992 6 months ago

Chinx love Buicks. Not sure why.

aegisforex 6 months ago

shoot her, you'll be out of jail sooner then that crap marridge your heading for

dustysailor1 6 months ago

Did that dude just lightning his bitch at 0:05?

senz20 6 months ago





=\ I feel sorry for that guy.

kalsard 6 months ago 4

that is why never give the test drive keys to a girl that is crazy about buying a car.also do not leave the keys in the car

rockyoustone 6 months ago

The guy damn useless

cokacola91 6 months ago

A Buick Regal?

tripperday 6 months ago

who the fuck puts fuel in a car for show?

haifad 6 months ago 6

@haifad all dealerships who offer test drives.

megaspeed2 6 months ago

If im the guy i'll fuck her silly till she's dry and dumb her, use the car grab another babe.

zogbric 6 months ago

Why should she expect her boyfriend to buy her this car? They are not married.

jvolstad 6 months ago

HA! if this happened to me, I would look at the salesman and tell him "shes your problem now" and walk out. Crazy ass girl.

avx7 6 months ago 66

Damn! Slap a bitch!

mkai4492 6 months ago

just dump that shit and get a better gf..

444blackfire 6 months ago 2

what a whore.

jakthesmack 6 months ago 2

Bitches be crazy

toddlamp 6 months ago

hahah 好

WilliamTang 6 months ago

no one is stupid enough to leave the keys in a car in a lot let alone the showroom..... i call fake

ManWith2Hats 6 months ago

@ManWith2Hats have you ever been in a car show room? the do it all the time

Lukeisonutube 6 months ago

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ManWith2Hats 6 months ago

@ManWith2Hats Actually, the auto mall in my city has about 10 dealerships. Each one of them with their own showroom. Each with about 3-4 cars on average per showroom. Every last one of those 30-40 cars always have the doors unlocked and the keys inside somewhere. The only difference is, the dealership out here has remote immobilizers for the cars. Not fake, especially if they took it for a test drive recently (which it seems they did).

lightssmith 6 months ago


The test drive part sounds legit. I still find it hard to believe keys are somewhere inside the cars. Maybe I need to hang out in my local Auto Mall more often. Thanks for the information.

ManWith2Hats 6 months ago

@ManWith2Hats perhaps its those cars which just requires a push of a button to start up. =) I find it really convincing though.. and yes, bitches be crazy!

itstinkshere87 6 months ago


all push start cars require key fobs as well, so no it still shouldn't work and my statement still stands.

exceptions are pure race cars which are not street legal

ManWith2Hats 6 months ago

Comment removed

ManWith2Hats 6 months ago


Also "bitches be crazy" is that a sxephil reference? If it is he's pretty awesome! Cool either way even if you aren't referencing. I feel we've made a bridge on the internet :D

ManWith2Hats 6 months ago

All that for a piece of shit buick and her pussy must be something else if she demands a car fuck that!

kioussis 6 months ago

hahahahah chinks love their buicks...

powersurge001 6 months ago

stupid chinks

MykesterMachinima 6 months ago

was too easy in my opinion

djxplizt 6 months ago

If my gf did that I would agree to buy her the car. When she got out of the car I would literally slap her as hard as I could across the face hopefully knocking her bitch ass straight to the ground. I'd then immediately tell her we're separating.

Tonyhorton55 6 months ago

Dear Salesman,

don't ever leave the car key inside the car EVER!

blahna 6 months ago

I've never seen Buicks like that in the U.S o.o But damn...that girl is a brat and that man is WHIPPED!! DUMP HER ASS!

Kanako123 6 months ago

would have ended it right there

MrSupify 7 months ago

Why did he let her out of the kitchen? She dosent need a car she needs a black eye

resqjason2 7 months ago

@resqjason2 shang girls now days dont even know the basics of cooking so his screwed either way

onderon 6 months ago

what a spoiled brat

logsandswirls 7 months ago

buy her a one way flight 2 the nike factory!

milldabeast519 7 months ago 2

Just leave her. i wouldn't buy her ish after that!

DesignerzOnly 7 months ago

dump her...

michael99887766 7 months ago

If you don't smack some sense into that bitch, I will.

dalotel 7 months ago

dump that bitch stupid rich man.....zzzzz

302yt 7 months ago

thats when you leave and tell them to call the cops.. no pussy is worth that bullshit

jetset808 7 months ago

She's hot so she gets everything she wants and don't denie it women you know it's true.....!

METALMAN4Wii 7 months ago

...never'll see this shit in CENTRAL Asia, fer SURE!! Ali Akbar'll have 'er hung...IN  the car!!!

SittingMooseShaman 7 months ago

Man: This car does not suit you.

Woman: This car DOES suit me.

Man: Every time we go shopping it is like this, I am not going to buy this car for you.

(woman gets in card)

Man: Stop stop stop, stop driving, get out of the car…

Man: Stop stop stop, I will buy, I will buy, I will buy…swipe my card, swipe my card…

miagabayan10 7 months ago

ARREST THE BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BeeFittyTwooz 7 months ago 3

someone shoot the spoiled little bitch please

gowdridge 7 months ago 2

His lucky its only a buick. Im gonna try this on my wife and see if i can score myself that gallardo that i always wanted.

parker808 7 months ago

she had bettr be good at blowjobs

australianmade74 8 months ago 5

@tommymonsternz if by all women you actually mean just ur mama. I agree, bitch IS a worthless cunt...

Ravoidia 8 months ago

fuck that. smash the window and drag the bitch out and pay the cost of the glass.

tommymonsternz 8 months ago

she needs a pimp-slap. What she doing out of the kitchen?wheres my sandwitch!!!

joshkilla67 8 months ago

The two guys were being retarded @ handling this problem. NO Offence becus of race. They shoulda handled it better: one man on the front, which the guy u c already doin it, and another man in the back of the moving car.

Gutava73 8 months ago

so her plan worked?

xp3rth4x0r 8 months ago

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luoyi728 8 months ago

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luoyi728 8 months ago

Someone needs to tell her its a Buick, she would no longer care to have it

7leprechaun7 8 months ago

Spoiled bitch, I hope her new car gets fcuked by other people

driftsilvia16 8 months ago

nyhahahahah what a huge pussy the dude was

Mrpopoy83 8 months ago

This is where someone inserts a woman driver joke.

alvin105 8 months ago

no offense, but fuck china :D

omguanyin 8 months ago

@Ravoidia...... Douchelord......... quite possibly the coolest insult iv ever heard, thank you sir /maddam, fine work

statusmh 9 months ago 2

@Ravoidia...... Douchelord......... quite possibly the coolest insult iv ever heard, thank you sir /maddam, fine work

statusmh 9 months ago 2

That stupid bitch needs to be raped!

BillDecker1 9 months ago

@BillDecker1 What the fuck is wrong with you? I agree the bitch is crazy but come the fuck on! What a douchelord thing to think let alone TYPE it out for normal people to be able to see.

Ravoidia 9 months ago 6

@Ravoidia ok that was a bit over the top. I can admit to that. So let me rephrase my statement. That stupid bitch needs to get bitch, no, she needs to get shaken very aggressively for her behavior. How is that?

BillDecker1 9 months ago

Talk about giving Chinese people a bad name..

The bf should have dumped her for being too materialistic

Celtwood 9 months ago 2

OMG it's not even a NICE car. damn. that bitch needs to be more educated.

N300CUY 9 months ago

take the girl out, kick her right in the nose!

i7rs 9 months ago

bitches running wild

GUNDAMPILOT82 9 months ago

look at them, so fking rich.. why are they in the showroom if the boyfriend doesnt want to fucking buy the car for her gf? srsly

PixelatedHabbos 9 months ago 2

i thought they just beat the women in those countries?

ChillaxedJosh 9 months ago 2

@ChillaxedJosh no, no. they drown them in buckets.

tommymonsternz 8 months ago

i would've said to her go grow a dick and fuck yourself.

johntmac3 10 months ago

i would wave bye bye first,, then fucking peace out. hahaha

fobgalore 10 months ago

For some reason, this is a great ad for Buick!! Better than all the other ones I've seen done by their American marketing team so far.

call911ok 10 months ago 50

@call911ok Bad idea... This adv would make Buick owners feel like pussies...

boumbh 6 months ago

i would have dumped her sorry ass. what a bitch

polkaboxers 10 months ago 6

She must have been on her period. Bitches get all out of control when they see a little bit of blood.

ZX2ManDave 10 months ago

And that guy has no balls..

luigibattista10 10 months ago

Shiit, If she were my girlfriend, I would of just left her ass right there, like okay baby -and walk the fawk off man. _>

JDubs878 1 year ago 2

@JDubs878 BUICK in china is like BENTLEY here in America ! it is # 1 luxury brand over there thats why GM decided to keep BUICK !

shavimusha 1 year ago


eddieiscoming 1 year ago

@shavimusha Not really, 10 years ago it was, but now somewhat like the class of Toyota camry

cismok 1 year ago

Comment removed

marcus75309 1 year ago

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marcus75309 1 year ago

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marcus75309 1 year ago

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marcus75309 1 year ago

lol stupid chinese hahah

Harthorn 1 year ago

@Harthorn Well, she got what she wanted, and that's what really counts. 

nxxi 1 year ago

@nxxi of course, as is the mentality of most chinese

Harthorn 1 year ago


nxxi 1 year ago

@Harthorn She must have a sweetass pussy and got what she wanted.

nxxi 1 year ago

damn..i seriously feel bad for the guy...

why did he take her to the car showroom to begin with...?

im1knight 1 year ago

ok bitch ill buy it

Genrik1 1 year ago

well there people are speaking Chinese, i can understand some of them.

the girl is kind of relationship to the man.

She wants the car, but the man said, even you sit in it i won't buy it.

But as you see ...

they said SToP, and i buy it...

cooolben 1 year ago


therealiluvbmx 1 year ago


shun008 1 year ago

lol thats a Buick regal when was this vid? dam they sold thoses in china that long ago?

rickyay26 1 year ago

@rickyay26 Yeah it is a buick, built in Shanghai GM since 1997, it's 3rd gen buick regal

cismok 1 year ago

The funniest part is that the guy is almost certainly married to someone else. The age difference is a tell-tell sign that this bitch (who acts like a peasant despite whatever money she has, like nearly all mainlanders with cash) is just his "second wife". Many, perhaps most, "rich" nouveau Chinese have mistresses. It's a sport here in the so-called Harmonious Society. Shitty people...

lamanogaucha 1 year ago

That girl better give some good head

newbielives 1 year ago

fuck that noise. If I were the guy. I would have said anything to get her to stop the car. Once I have the keys in hand I'd give them back to the dealer then break up with the bitch. She's not worth it.

Though... Maybe he only puts up with her shit because there's not enough women in China.

hardleecure 1 year ago

wow, talk about a bratty bitch

CornFedArmen 1 year ago

That laser eye thing was funny 0:05~~~

TheHallelujhababe 1 year ago

lol, that guy sure has money, and damn shes pretty crazy.

MeInTheNewWorld 1 year ago

good job.

kokoro111 1 year ago

goodness. extremely spoilt and childish girl!! 

pollenairy 1 year ago

...'em...she needs her ass kicked good

yedon68 1 year ago

materialistic girl,,,,,,hahahah poor/pitty guy.

simpleguymarlon 1 year ago

come on people maybe the man cheated on the girl thats why the girl is being like that to him

esponert105 1 year ago

@esponert105 I doubt it. Chinese people are VERY status oriented (materialistic). I feel bad for the guy. 

hardleecure 1 year ago

if i was her boyfriend i would have just left her ass right then.

slapoutz 1 year ago 73


Would you have inserted your penis into her butt?

itsokayright 1 year ago

@slapoutz depends on how good the ass is... really.

potassiumnitrate 1 year ago

@potassiumnitrate na i could get another.

slapoutz 1 year ago

@slapoutz hell yea!

AcaAllertor127 1 year ago

she later drowned in that car


bbbbbbbbbill 1 year ago


Now wait a minute. Let's be specific. She's from Shanghai. I've met many girls who are from other provinces and they're all very sweet and kind.

Gannimade69 1 year ago

This dude needs some Tom Leykis

I968Velle 1 year ago

Crazy Bitch! LOL

lecagot2 1 year ago

is this real?

mohillipsgoogle 1 year ago

women drivers....

dem0nthesis 1 year ago

I'm 100% sure.. that lady has a mental problem.

mirandagmail 1 year ago

guy is such a loser....dump her!

Ronneh011 1 year ago

Buick China's publicity stunt.

MrAndrewAu 1 year ago

Somebody needs to choke a bitch.

Lje123 1 year ago 34

@Lje123 Where's Wayne Brady?

Room0468 1 year ago

@Lje123 LOL! Yeah right!

34stzoo 11 months ago

This kind of so called girl friend,I will kick her off!!!!! F**k off!!!

david880604 1 year ago

That a freaking TV show lol

Ironmannation 1 year ago

This is one of the reasons why you don't leave the keys in the ignition in a showroom.

TheKrazySlick 1 year ago

Stop saying its fake. Everything on the intrawebs is real

wilfredcheah 1 year ago

she was like a child!!

tz9fly 1 year ago 2


DaoJournik 1 year ago

Haha I like her style looool

stephniz 1 year ago

Staged! Can't you see it?

briagadaress 1 year ago

It's quite obvious that the guy was probably married and that the girl was her mistress. No wife would pull a stunt like this on her husband, nor any bf would stand for such a stun and public humilitation from a crazy gf.

achoiusa 1 year ago

I would yell for someone to grab a hammer or something equivalent , bash the driver side door glass , then yank that broad out of the car BY HER HAIR before she potentially hurt someone in that showroom.

V8Deuce 1 year ago

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dapao220 1 year ago

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dapao220 1 year ago

@kLEEn35 behave yourself and think before reply.

dapao220 1 year ago

who the hell wants a Buick that bad???

SchuyTV 1 year ago 2

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Konformation07 1 year ago

Uncultured people have the most uncivilized ways of expressing displeasure and unsophisticated methods of resolving it

ivanmwpoon 1 year ago 2

@ivanmwpoon You are absolutely right

V8Deuce 1 year ago

What a bitch...i would leave her ass right there in the showroom. Then watch her smash shit up from outside

chris2009430 1 year ago

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Konformation07 1 year ago

serves him right for marrying a a shallow women, moral of the story here, don't just marry for looks.

tastyscavenger 1 year ago


mufty1qwer33 1 year ago


AKJY 1 year ago


flamexxic 1 year ago

I dont care what that creature is! unless she has got something she can use to blackmail him. She will be spilitted into pieces if she were to force to me to buy that car. That guy with a monster, not a lady.

unijet747 1 year ago

@stephensamperi yes! because China have high tax on imported cars.

unijet747 1 year ago

@unijet747 That Buick actually built at Shanghai GM. Previously the tariff was as high as 100% for wholly imported and 50% for CKD till 1999, then when China joined WTO, the import tax fall all the ways to 15%. But today only 5% of cars sold in China are imported, rest of them are almost Limos like BMW 750. Can't image 15 years ago a Honda Civic sold at 50 Grands, but today it 's priced at $23,000. 90% cars in China are built at Joint ventures. So every year SAIC-GM transfers $3bn back to GM

cismok 1 year ago


jorgecbooc 1 year ago


either you're really funny or really "SUTPID"

Gannimade69 1 year ago

@Gannimade69: correction, I'm funny and you're STUPID!!!....... if you allow such lady to act that way even if you love her that much, they you are STUPID. learn some proper conduct before you react. read most of the comments. Unless you're crazy enough to let that happen to you then no need for further arguments DULL BRAIN.

jorgecbooc 1 year ago


I'm still "FUNIER". Why did you reply by writing a novel? Boring...zzzzzz....

Hey, on the brightside, we do agree on one thing - she's a total Cunt.

You sound young, it's alright.

Gannimade69 1 year ago

@Gannimade69: If you agree then why comment? you in prep school???

jorgecbooc 1 year ago


you really want to talk to me about "school" when you can't even spell correctly. You can't win this argument. Just give up my dear.

Gannimade69 1 year ago

@Gannimade69: Oh my GOD. no sense of humor!!! Can't win? competition you think this is???..... Hmmmmm yah... I guess you are right!!!, I agree. I really can't win. Arguing with a brainless creature like you is really hard....... I give up my dear.....

jorgecbooc 1 year ago


fucking eh, stop writing bullshit and wasting my time.

Gannimade69 1 year ago

@Gannimade69: Hahahaha..... waste of time??? you started this and now you are giving up??? Oh yah sorry. I'm the one giving up since I can't win with brainless likes of you. Sorry.......

jorgecbooc 1 year ago

This has been flagged as spam show

Gannimade69 1 year ago


brknpromise 1 year ago 2


elliotcheely 1 year ago

in the end her bf buys the car for her...

YingXingDeChiBang 1 year ago

Stupid fucks, just let her crash someone leave her alone, breaks up, or just walk away, she pays for what she did, this kind of bitch? NO USE FOR KEEPING

MegaReaper999 1 year ago


cekolcekol 1 year ago

maybe be me...I'm a car dealer but this has got to be a car dealer I know would leave the ignition keys in the car!

iconic558 1 year ago

@iconic558 imo, maybe they just came from a test drive. and usually they leave the keys on the visors..maybe..cos i did the same thing at a hyundai dealer..haha!

janmaomuriano 1 year ago

dump her asap

piqueret 1 year ago

What Dealership leaves Keys in a Showroom Car?!?!

Trvrbncc 1 year ago 2

She doesnt deserve even a buick.

MrAllanduck 1 year ago

spoiled lil bitch!

vidzR4kidz 1 year ago

I would bitch slap her !

Philmen 1 year ago

if i was her boyfreind i would walk out and break up with her. then i would put her in a mental hospital

Twoyoudude 1 year ago

a rich motha fuka a fuckin gold car lmfao

ericown 1 year ago

she is lazy and has a fat arse. She should get a job and earn her own money.

phillyvinilli 1 year ago

All that for a Buick?....

easyautomotive 1 year ago 2

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easyautomotive 1 year ago

All that for a Buick?....

easyautomotive 1 year ago


markieinger1 1 year ago

What a whore...if onl she was so desperate for sex the men would be

vishwabhole 1 year ago

no puusssy is worth all that shit!

rorybreaker888 1 year ago

wtf, leave tht digging period pain

HaterzBettaKnow 1 year ago

kill dat biaaatttcccchhhh !!!!!!!

MrPanxe 1 year ago

LOL the boyfriend is gonna get some!

popoTb 1 year ago

i may be a girl but i were her boyfriend i would have backhanded that bitch.

hopnibble 1 year ago 5

more and more people like this is why we're all gonna die in 2012

beanie8989 1 year ago 3

fuckin bitch

lobation 1 year ago


Ginny12girl 1 year ago

I am glad China has death penalty.

wildwheelie 1 year ago 4

lol his boyfriend bought it at the end

ilovemomomimi 1 year ago

I would have just walked out of the's their problem now! Lol... when she got home, she'd have found her shit in a giant bag...

Tekvicious 1 year ago 3

wow ur so nice.... i wuda threw her shit on the streets with no bag...i can use that bag for trash.....wudnt waste it on her shit.

LoserBo1 1 year ago

HAHA nono dont date shanghainese girls hahaha

bobixp 1 year ago

This comment has received too many negative votes show

joeycard17 1 year ago

spoiled bitch

M1sT3rM4n 1 year ago 42

Opel Insignia :D

MatheHasser86 1 year ago

let me analysethe situation:

That man already has a wife at home

The girl is his 2nd or probably 3rd mistress.

Conclusion: if he doesn't buy the car for her, she would tell his wife.

Everything is clear now :)))

wearejusthumanbeing 1 year ago 7

@videochemist haha, the chinese girls that go for foreigner in china are just gold digger that even chinese guys don't want.

the good and rich one likes chinese men only.

wearejusthumanbeing 1 year ago


yuanator 2 years ago

NOT STAGED, Tust me if you dated a Shanghai girls you will understand everything. They make Jewish girls frugal.

ACHEUNG379 1 year ago 14

so true, my mum is shanghainese

MrCr74life 1 year ago

That guy is whippppppped.

rwian 2 years ago

guess one shldnt look for china women to marry..

kienanyeo 2 years ago

wow wtf spoiled gf much

rickyay26 2 years ago 2

at the end. did it say woman is always right?


CorrectionPen 2 years ago

yes it did

JustCharlie 1 year ago

@CorrectionPen no lol, it said rich person

lineriderSTi 1 year ago

lol, the guy is sooo fucking dumb. as well as the girl. so they are perfect for ea other.

rahxephon52 2 years ago

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahaha

Goff86 2 years ago

what a bitch, the demand a car by force, bitch you think money grow from tree, I swear if that was money, as soon as she get out of the car, I'll tell the people to lock the car and me and her are history, if on the other hand we're married than divorce will settle this. what a bitch and if I buy it for her, I better hit that ass and pussy every single day every time when i feel like doing something with her.

francisemartin 2 years ago

chinese woman are mean as hell

willie17mac 2 years ago


just the ones from Shanghai

Gannimade69 1 year ago

This is a girlfriend???

He should have walked out at that moment and change his cell phone number.

This is NOT an isolated incident

CandelarioGaIvan 2 years ago

womans..he should gave the divorce to that biatch.

vitto 2 years ago 4

Wow that is nuts.  She needs her own padded room, he should buy that next.

BeeRich33 2 years ago 2

better own that ass the next day

vintimv001 2 years ago

If I were that guy I'd buy her the car, then when we got home, I'd FUCK THE EVER LIVING SHIT OUTTA HER!

She DEMANDS a car, I DEMAND pussy payments! Fair is fair.

JDubs878 2 years ago 4
what i think the convo is: "It's not like i'm going to buy it" *girl bitches* "just because you sit in the car doesn't mean I will buy it" *car starts, stuff happens* "Don't drive it! hey hey hey!" *after some time* "I'll buy it!  I'll buy it!" "Don't drive it!" "I'm buying it! I'm buying it!" (my chinese isn't so great, but that's the jist of it)

chinesekid05 2 years ago 2

i only wonder, why a buick? XD

what a spoiled bitch.

chinesekid05 2 years ago

cant stand people especially females who expects money


ZhangMingXuanIsABabe 2 years ago 25

Everyone here is bashing the girl and guy. No one gives a thought though. Just in case this whole thing could be an act planned by the boy and girl together to make the dealer lower the price. An act of Bargain!

I am not saying this is the only case but it could be a possibility. Also it is quite known that chinese are hard on bargains. Might need a well thought out plan for some. Where this guy is just acting on not to buy the car for an excuse saying its too expensive and girl stays stubborn.

utopianguy 2 years ago

wtf??? they keep keys in the cars??? when i went to buy a car, they kept the keys in a lock box. boyfriend obviously has no nads. i would have left her ass there and let her deal with the reprocussions

STINKYbongWATER4207 2 years ago 3

how many bongs you had today bruv?? i got stinky bong water spilt on my shorts once fuck me it was onking :( mum was like wtf is that funky smell i was like err nothing some goon splashed me with minging puddle water wash these for me mum cheers xD

bazilisginger 2 years ago

i wish i could indulge in a rip or two. just thought it would be a catchy name. a warning to all smokers-kids put a halt to that, they cost too much and watch your every move. havent smoked in a while. wish i could though. i've spilled bong water on me before, its a stench that fabreeze just wont cover. my grandmother said i smelled like my uncles room when he lived at home. lol, damn hippies

STINKYbongWATER4207 2 years ago

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SunsetHonda 2 years ago

You raise someone like a tw-t, they're gonna act like one.

1bentley4ever 2 years ago 3

can someone plz translate this video and upload it so we can understand what they are saying to this stupid bitch. i would not have bought that car for her i would have just walked away and let her get arrested

generalspence 2 years ago

My brothers girlfriend is SIMILAR to this girl! Seems like its ALL GIRLIES that have that stupid "gimmi gimmi gimmi, Get get get" attitude! Just like my brothers girlfriend.

fueledbymusic3 2 years ago

she's a fuckin' whore. forces her boyfriend to buy it for her. what a behaviour?!!??!*

okysixers 2 years ago 3

i can't stand the idiotic woman, what the heck is she, she is just out for his money. -.-'

can't stand it.

Wheniamold 2 years ago

if i were him, i would've dumped her

StreetBall89 2 years ago

shoot that bitch at sight............lolz

india200 2 years ago

what has happen to today's society in China is truly and utterly atrocious. can't blame the fact that the country is growing so rapidly without considering the morality of the society... what a shame.

juststartedusing 2 years ago

this is why Chinese women are so spoiled!

tungbgs 2 years ago

i wish i could find stupid gye like this . lol . but realty i feel sorry for him . be a man . for god sake

besmartok 2 years ago

oh really, show me your picture first. i can read your personal character from your face.

jocoven 2 years ago


intestineisyum 2 years ago

if i were him, i would just leave the car showroom when she jumped into the car, and say, "write me a review about that car by tomorrow".

jocoven 2 years ago

...bieng a man is difficult this day...

and if i was that guy ...i tow her out and give her a few slap....and let her die like that....hei....still more why the girl want an UNcle car...that aint cool juz like ur buying an volvo why dont u buy sport car BITCH!!!!

hiao5ren 2 years ago 2

Speechless when girls something wrong, but man do something wrong, there is a punishment...So unfair! Just because is a WOMAN!

jon101100 2 years ago

just a clever commercial ad designed to get you racist morons riled up, lol. it worked.

jeff29992001 2 years ago

fail troll is fail

Mailyfesux 2 years ago


jeff29992001 2 years ago

another reason why I loathe asian women

DeaderNBetter 2 years ago

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ask Arden: #1 Ideal Man

This wasn't rehearsed and I just recorded on the whim so it's not really "everything" but I think I got the most important ones :P Just keep in mind that no one is perfect, you just want to be with someone who is a good match for you, someone who makes you a better person & vice versa!


me pick me arden! [:

starburyhead 2 hours ago


tiramisudays 3 hours ago

Beautiful ! 

dbkush 3 hours ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Can I buy you a tripod? Please? #nausea

lowbob18 3 hours ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Love is not about finding the perfect person, but learning to see an imperfect person perfectly

sammyc38 12 hours ago

hahahah everoynes like oh this sounds like me...

RYANMOW 18 hours ago

are you a Gemini?

sakahari 23 hours ago

so you mean me??

road5ter86 1 day ago

this sounds like me :)

RebelsToSociety 1 day ago

sounds like david.

bes0m31 1 day ago

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monkeymater 1 day ago

Lemme see?

Your ideal type?

Ryan Higa? :3

xY0uPwnx 1 day ago

I have to admit, you've get ALL of the important ideals, now all that's left is to meet each other.

Good to hear you're a Great person!

long2vu 1 day ago

Comment removed

dfonzerrelli17 1 day ago

안녕하세요 Arden. I have a question. Would you rather have the love of your life/ companion be someone you have known for a while. For example, a friend or someone you've known. OR, would you rather have the guy who you met for the first time at your favorite coffee spot or restaurant just by chance?!

dfonzerrelli17 1 day ago

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dfonzerrelli17 1 day ago

sounds like youre ready to get married arden ill make you fall in love with me

heavyarms39 1 day ago in playlist More videos from ardenBcho

who's david? he seems dreamy

prawngen 2 days ago


DavidSoComedy gogo. LOOL

Mizzxvii 1 day ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Thumbs up if you are EXACTLY what she's describing, but still yet in the FRIEND ZONE!!! ughh...

1yaoming6 2 days ago 4

my man has to know how to cook :) i love food

Blossomtree 2 days ago

I feel like everyone that is spamming this woman about David So is actually blocking him. Personally I feel like when people keep telling me to do something, the less I actually want to do it. So guys stop for a sec and BACK UP....

Ctran301 2 days ago 3

where can i fill out an application???

method526 2 days ago 3

Chuck Noris is the ideal man

JashQ 2 days ago 4

@JashQ wtf

ryanshek96 2 days ago

u just described jesus.

moejobe 2 days ago 7

would you date a guy that does meth? because I do meth......

myaclick 2 days ago

Ask Arden

How do you deal being in a difficult relationship? Like if you know they are the one but your just not happy with them.

fre12 2 days ago


skrapz16 2 days ago 2

arden you like the white guy?

visvimcubism 2 days ago

"Someone whos very intelligent" FUCK THAT VOTES me out! well this sucks. Thumbs up if you lost your chance as well

DesoloGaming 2 days ago 3


azncharlesjai 2 days ago

Ask Arden

How do you do your makeup?

How do you do your hair?

And oh my god, your figure is literally PERFECT! What are your daily workouts? :)

Hehe.. I'm sorta curious ^__^

absolutelyirenex 2 days ago

Ask Arden

Have you ever had to deal with racism?

seoulman076 2 days ago

Dear Arden, Would you ever be in one of BlackNerdComedy's "Awkward Talks with Girls" videos?

Agent1586 2 days ago

snsd sooyoung!!

jruto101 2 days ago

Ask @ardenBcho

How do you manage being a christian in the entertainment industry ? :)

JojOwHAnNa 2 days ago

~Ask Arden~

Besides Totoro, what are some of your other favorite animations or cartoons growing up? :D

NinjaDavy440 2 days ago

Agents of Secret Stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

Myrtriss 2 days ago in playlist More videos from ardenBcho

Ask @ardenBcho: What is your all-time favorite quote or motto?

AmyShoua 2 days ago

^___^ I would absolutely love to have a wonderful conversation with Arden. She is very

altruistic and insightful.

TJdance4life 2 days ago

Ask Arden : Did you like life in high school?

Mandyliu100 2 days ago

So like not to sound off topic but you should have a concert in the bay area haha

froyoz 2 days ago

Ask Arden: favorite k-pop group? :)

ktvan93 2 days ago

Ask @ardenBcho : What would you do if you got into a major concert?

hananlasonia 2 days ago

Ask Arden:when did you find out that singing and music is your passion? and how?

JessicaCNChen 2 days ago

Ask @ardenBcho : where do u see yourself or hope to see yourself in 10 yrs? and do u have any pets and if not what kind would u like?

coolflame0 2 days ago

can i follow you to Bali ? :P

MrHeyho7 2 days ago

Ask Arden: What are you pet peeves?

thatgirlina21 2 days ago

ahaha, my sentiments exactly.

ASiiANMUSiiCLOVER 2 days ago

~~~~Question: how would you, like to be asked out on a date and such?? like... your dream 'being asked out' scenario. Thanks! :D

bwen29 2 days ago

Question: Older guy whose almost a lawyer meets a young girl who just started post-secondary education, would you bother dating if you their shoes?

XxSSjUltimatexX 2 days ago

Ask Arden: What's your favorite food? I'm sure you can go on forever about this one :D

xdivinebladex 2 days ago

Ask Arden: Who inspires you?

Trinikidshow 2 days ago

Ryan Higa..


ASK ARDEN: David So?

Heycollege2010 2 days ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Cool clip! I always adore you! You are Precious!

Would you ever date or marry an older guy if he loved you and had a lot going for him?

MrFrantz11 2 days ago



ImOnlyHalfAsian 2 days ago

You have met him, David So. This is soo true.

Once again, Sorry Arden. I still love you! and your work!


rebeler 2 days ago

let me summarize the whole video in two words: David So.

MrLouieDamaso 2 days ago in playlist Uploaded videos

@MrLouieDamaso yes yes in deed!

rebeler 2 days ago

Almost me, haha, almost... there is just the problem with "good person" "to like other people", maybe i will change... someday, but not yet... too bad

OLISARS 2 days ago

Ryan Higa should be your ideal man!

seanpehjj 3 days ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Arden, where did you get that necklace with that T on it?

zyg0te 3 days ago in playlist Uploaded videos

It's me! I promise, just trust me. haha

drazahbackwards 3 days ago

#If you set low expectations of your significant other (ideal man) then once you meet the guy/girl/whatever you prefer, you'd be surprised and content in that friendship/relationship.

digdeep3r7 3 days ago

I asked that too!

Scopps94 3 days ago

im passionate i have a big heart im loyal and honest and assertive resilient and strong i can make you laugh and i love you. date me im perfect for you

SvRS2010 3 days ago in playlist Uploaded videos

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ziyanyan 3 days ago

David so lets get it LGI !!!

fuzzb0y 3 days ago

ideal man for arden : Jeremy Lin

Daft8Punk 4 days ago in playlist ASK ARDEN 2

Ask Arden: What do you think of David So?

AncientLegion 4 days ago 46

David is being friendzoned.

MrFluctuate 4 days ago 118

Everything I am not. ;)

Krenisphia 4 days ago


Avink100 4 days ago 3

Ask Arden: Do you have any New Year's Resolutions? If so, what are they?

stsam25 4 days ago in playlist ASK ARDEN

Ask Arden:Since ur korean whats ur favourite k-pop group???

chochipcookie21 4 days ago 5


crazybasketballfan23 4 days ago 10

Ask Arden: Are you going to date Tim Tebow or what?? =)

JeremyYu510 4 days ago

Girl, you've already met this man.

First Name: David

Last Name : So

Go get him, girlfriend! \(>‿<)/ ~ 넌 할 수있어! Linsy322 4 days ago in playlist ASK ARDEN 6 you're friggin gorgeous. aji621 4 days ago Would you date David So? Sorry for asking publicly. :o simonbillywong 4 days ago in playlist Uploaded videos 5 DAVID HAS A HUGE HEART. That's not fat you're looking at, its 100% heart seanleephoto 4 days ago 9 I'm your Man ;) I Love U swiss86watches 4 days ago hehehe yayy im on Arden Cho's video. well at least my channel name haha @0:16 ShawnKimPiano 4 days ago in playlist More videos from ardenBcho David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So, David So davidgor 5 days ago 171 @davidgor David Gor pinoyboy579 2 days ago please marry me! zane0809 5 days ago I'm really passionate about filling the orders in at Mcdonalds. ChrisJ235 5 days ago Would you ever date outside your race? mrrandy1 5 days ago 7 lol I was thinking if David when you were saying ur ideals xD soTerrific07 5 days ago 3 I know it is a chick flick (sort of) but take a look at a movie called "Singles" (1992) with Bridget Fonda. It is a pretty cool movie that can relate to all generations. Sappy I know but everyone can relate one way or another. BTW. Nice first video of the year! MiTierraAlta 5 days ago sounds like a puppy XD sweetbabigirl59 5 days ago all im hearing is David So David So David So....... DavidDANGG 5 days ago in playlist ASK ARDEN 2 This has been flagged as spam show dfonzerrelli17 5 days ago Comment removed dfonzerrelli17 5 days ago Comment removed dfonzerrelli17 5 days ago Comment removed dfonzerrelli17 5 days ago There is no perfect person, but there is a person who's perfect for you. I'm sure you'll find each other soon enough, no need to rush though. I try to not have any kind of list or set criteria for my ideal woman, but all the points you mentioned are definitely important for her to have. justicecho 5 days ago I like how I find out about ardens videos from DAVID SO lol he likes these videos so fast I can't even see when arden uploads it HAHAHA lolvideowatch 5 days ago Like for David so :) iLight95 5 days ago 4 Comment removed iLight95 5 days ago It's funny because whenever my friends talk about what they want in a guy and I always say how I'm attracted to a guy that knows how to be devoted and passionate about something or someone and they are all like "O.O.... I was just gonna say funny and charming...." XD Glad to know someone shares my opinion! youdontevenknow2112 5 days ago Many girls out there who need to be more like you. You wouldn't make this video if it wasn't from the heart. Finding the one who could be your potential future, I can tell, is important to you. I am happy I came across this! Keep up what you're time you will meet that special someone! :) Mike0120 5 days ago your ideal guy = david so. itskennyyyjai 5 days ago golden retriever  DanielJoung 5 days ago Idk why but you totally remind me of Emily from PLL haha furlilicious 5 days ago Ryan Higa JacobXOne 5 days ago in playlist ASK ARDEN One word description: PRICELESS!! TheGoldenStateNative 5 days ago adorable! the right guy must be so lucky! :) crueltyvictim 5 days ago You know, Arden, you just described me with almost 100% accuracy. I think we'd get along just fine. 1125899906842624 5 days ago sounds like David So is your man jme0113 6 days ago Ryan Higa icanwes 6 days ago "Someone who's really intelligent" Dang, that means I'm automatically out :( xdivinebladex 6 days ago as arden: what would your ideal man physically look like? shushielee 6 days ago yes, you met him. You kinda described David So :x chrislawho 6 days ago 10 YOU PEOPLE NEED TO GET A LIFE ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT DAVID SO HOPE SHE SURPRISES ALL Y'ALL AND DATE A BLACK MAN! missygurl12345 6 days ago 3 Ask Arden: How and when, did you start going by Arden Cho? JonaVicis 6 days ago You and David So. Now ;D antiisaacbarbie17 6 days ago The main thing on an Ideal Man checklist: the thought of him makes you smile the whole time you describe him in your Ideal Man? video. I hope you meet him soon, Arden. =) aggiebluengold 6 days ago Amen. Passion is my number-one item. aggiebluengold 6 days ago the guy that you end up with Arden, will be a lucky one indeed davidxdrag90 6 days ago This has been flagged as spam show TheReaderWriter 6 days ago in playlist ASK ARDEN Ask Arden: Your Testimony on God JDorChoi 6 days ago 100 @JDorChoi I would be interested in this question. Ask Arden: What would you tell a guy who has been bullied and has low self-esteem about asking a girl out? gameratplay 2 days ago OMG! it's me! algumnick 6 days ago This has been flagged as spam show NinjaDavy440 6 days ago Would you date any of the Wong Fu guys? If so, which one? kieno47 6 days ago 5 "Loyal" came out a lot in the video. kieno47 6 days ago It's me HAHA xDivineForYou 6 days ago This has been flagged as spam show RobertDaH3ro 6 days ago so the guy being a Christian doesn't matter to you? steenek7 6 days ago david so like this and thats why im here hahaha tenzindougie 6 days ago its funny i think you just described your perfect man as David So??? meme123aj 6 days ago Ask Arden: Who inspires you and why? npcc41 6 days ago Hey Guys, To Love a Woman is more then just liking her. It involves understanding Her Heart, Her feeling's, Her Needs, Comforting Her, To Honor Her, to Respect Her & Cherrish her & Above all this is to Let Gods love in your own life so you can do all the above with Gods love & Strengths in you & for her & Thus She will CHERISH you BEYOND MEASURE. Many Blessing's Precious one Arden Cho :) Humble & Fervent, Michael & Yi Hwa 1BlueStarRising 6 days ago in playlist Uploaded videos Your such an Awesome young Lady :)If I wasn't Married to the Princess of Yi Chang U (Grand Daughter of The hidden Prince of the House of Yi )That was hidden In The Ming Dung Mountain area back just before 1908; Well I would Marry You! :)I have seen from A Grandfather figure into your Heart as well As An Christian man what Beauty lays in your Heart, Mind, & Soul.To Like A Woman is one thing &To Love her is Another! However I will Love you & Like you as a Christian& A Grandpa too :) Many Blessings 1BlueStarRising 6 days ago in playlist Uploaded videos Would you date David so?? lol TheRisqaRazzle 6 days ago jeez, i wish i could have someone like you as my friend. henrikoez 6 days ago in playlist ASK ARDEN so did you have a guy in mind when you made this video? jamescolbert1 6 days ago DAVID SO. PureAznHeart 6 days ago ask arden: "what do you think respect is in a relationship?" idreamparis 6 days ago her ideal man is starting to sound more and more like chuck norris sushizn 1 week ago 3 david so question. idontknowkarate 1 week ago would you date david soguddeals? phoMuncher 1 week ago David so? Hahahaha if this isnt on the next ask arden... This thing is rigged... Kwaviddong 1 week ago yeah, haha would you date david so?!? DatLAOkidd 1 week ago David watches this everyday ilovejamieyoo 1 week ago 4 sounds like you like the same type of guys as sooyong from snsd. :P Kenweng04 1 week ago its bad all those things aren't me XD FatAssAzn 1 week ago Arden. :) You are so sweet. In God's time, yes! I hope you guys find each other one day. Maybe sooner rather than later if we're being picky ;) Aghionoiu 1 week ago So when we getting married? yendor1200 1 week ago LOl I am waiting for David So to make a video response about this video stating how he fits all her ideals XD Raffxelo 1 week ago 94 Lol why are 90% of the comments still about relationships XD. And half of them are completely random :3 brandenasha 1 week ago I'm REALLY passionate about watching your video?? Does this count?? heheh 사랑해여~ TheJerryRowe 1 week ago This has been flagged as spam show prodi12gee 1 week ago THANKS FOR SHARING! artdiep 1 week ago I'm passionate about my MUSIC! akosiCoco 1 week ago OMG you are just perfect! TheLjms 1 week ago Ask Arden : Will you date me? lol worth a shot trubal 1 week ago Arden So timsilog 1 week ago 8 Arden... you are every man's fantasy!!!!! chong12 1 week ago I wanna be your ideal man, arden. dddkiller300 1 week ago in playlist Uploaded videos Ask Arden: what do you think is the best way to get out of the friendzone? Having a really hard time. :\ xHoose24x 1 week ago 5 @xHoose24x "How to get out of the friendzone" Once you are in it, there are three possibilities 1. Stay friends. Eventually fades after you get married. 2. Risk it Success. You date. 3. Risk it Fail. Awkward zone. You need to think about if you like them, if you are ready for it, etc. Don't half ass it on emotion alone. Finally.. no regrets :) P.S. if you are a girl, fuck no. Don't ask. YOU deserve to be beautiful and to be asked by HIM. HE should be after you. (I'm a guy btw lol) truekoreanlover 1 week ago @truekoreanlover what if she knows u like her and um well i gave her a gift and like she loved it (surprising she wore it too) , but she aint over her ex. what do i do if she still attached to her ex after 6 months of breaking up xHoose24x 1 week ago @xHoose24x It's your call, but she is being selfish. Yes, she does deserve some time because of her rough break up, but by accepting your gift, she is, in a sense, creating hope in you while simultaneously thinking of him. Does she still talk to him? That's a definite sign to back away. truekoreanlover 1 day ago Do you watch korean dramas :)? If so, which is your favorite actor/actress ? :3 iflyouup 1 week ago *takes notes* CB4toJO 1 week ago Her ideal man is ME! Our relationship can work...I will overlook the fact that you're a Fighting Illini. Go Badgers! sthao1 1 week ago i SO agree with you :) danceandmelodee 1 week ago OK Arden! Sowoneul malhaebwa? jsal777 1 week ago i think that you and ryan higa should go out. in a.s.s., you guys looked so cute together! not just that though... :D wushucrazy28 1 week ago david so is nice, but she needs to be physically attracted too. just being realistic lol. SkyBluu22 1 week ago Q: who should arden date?? A: david so? no. jeremy lin? yes =) MzDollyAwesome 1 week ago she's out of David's league AdrianlovesAerosmith 1 week ago A lot of people probably said this but David So??? :D kellybelly1004 1 week ago true to that :D ruukugirl 1 week ago This has been flagged as spam show natlvrlndrs 1 week ago Arden, as a christian. Do you not think your "Ideal man" has also to be christian? I'm a christian, and when I was younger I thought it would be ok to date non christians but as I grew older and know myself better, I 100% would say as a christian, my other half will also have to be christian. Anyways this is my thoughts. Hope your well, and I know God bless you will with the "ideal man", He wants you to have =)) RaYFonG 1 week ago 10 david so  Spoonkiller15 1 week ago go for taeyang. he is all of that and then some! krap247 1 week ago I agree DATE MY MAN DAVID SO!!!!!!!!! NoisyBoysProductions 1 week ago 6 Favorite kpop group? :D evilxcookie2 1 week ago 80 I swear, Arden was thinking about somewhile while describing her ideal man ^^ 7Jamiie7 1 week ago ask arden what's your biggest fear? poptartsaredying 1 week ago 4 Ask Arden: "Would you date David So????" Uniwolfer 1 week ago 139 @Uniwolfer Friendzoned. FreelanceComic 6 days ago ASK ARDEN: What's it like being a Christian in the entertainment business? -- Any testimonies to share? mastersquinto 1 week ago 10 Ask Arden : How many BF you had so far MrDotEarth 1 week ago Would you date david so? I mean come on.. He sings and he is funny. Nudge nudge * people lets make this the most asked question!! :) phoMuncher 1 week ago 3 @phoMuncher It WAS the most liked comment. Had 7 reasons why she should date David. Was liked 250+ times. Mysteriously, it's not on the top comment section. Now, why would THAT happen? tw1hart 1 week ago What genre of movies and drama would you be most interested in doing, as well as genre's you wouldn't do...ASK ARDEN Fhenry 1 week ago Why are verybody talking about Daivd LOLOL KaylaDuane 1 week ago guys get a pen and a paper and write this down... Fhenry 1 week ago Hahahah David liked this video :D MyPeins 1 week ago 4 yes David is sooo the guy :D dickbuckass 1 week ago David so. Would you date him? Sondrems94 1 week ago Ask Arden: Do you love California? (and what about Cali or why) :) wtfitschienyu 1 week ago so I know what my New Year's Resolutions are going to be now :D samusaranX 1 week ago I don't think it's gonna be easy to find someone who fits the description but you're hot and a nice person so you will succeed probably. MorliHolect 1 week ago everytime she looked up, she thought of david so. timothydon88 1 week ago this video spells out DAVID SO bimmerci 1 week ago D A V I D . S O . is the answer. ticktockticktock 1 week ago 6 you already met me... in hawaii. LOL. Happy New Year Arden! :) bmoney869 1 week ago Ask Arden So: Would you date David So?? Keshimaru 1 week ago 5 What a beautiful!! l3k7s08 1 week ago I'm kind of surprised that "God loving" or Christian wasn't part of the list! =) I for sure thought at 0:52 you were going to say " ...really passionate about...GOD." Overall, the video was very helpful and expressed good qualities for a gentleman. JeremyYu510 1 week ago how about ronnie coleman yehhhhhh moihell0 1 week ago You and Victor Kim would be perfect! He's definitely smart, and he is passionate about dancing! dismify 1 week ago David so? NO! NO NO. lol. I mean hes funny and cool but NO. i dont think they match. but then again its not my decision. just my opinion. Nsx25 1 week ago in playlist ASK ARDEN Your ideal man is me. Deal with it. SirRichieSan 1 week ago I'm everything you just said. Email me your number! lol. Nsx25 1 week ago in playlist ASK ARDEN Well she's right, everyboy does have a checklist for the ideal partner. The most important thing is to feel comfortable with your partner.... sammyc38 1 week ago DATE DAVID SO!!!! YOU ALREADY MET HIM AND HES RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!! I'm korean, speak a little bit, learning korean and with korean schools, learning to write to. and i type konglish with my other korean friends lol. seongtae93 1 week ago aww, that was so cute she was blushing a bit. (: RacheeseV 1 week ago A.C i'm passionate about you... does that count? raneanubis 1 week ago VICTOR KIM. GET ON THAT BboyJoon26 1 week ago Go out with David So eneko143 1 week ago David So has all these qualities, weird! xc34 1 week ago 3 You are MY ideal lady! And I am the man you described so perfectly. Message me. We should meet. JonaVicis 1 week ago What a compliment, that so many asked you that question. Thousands of us want to know if we fit your wants/likes. JonaVicis 1 week ago you just described david so HwangGeumChan 1 week ago OOh i got a chance... !! But I'd have to respectfully bow out for my man David ;( facelessred 1 week ago David So is passionate about his VIDEOS ;) . NBSP223 1 week ago 134 Would you go out with Ryan Higa? LOL #AskArden NinjaTurtleUnicorn 1 week ago Will you marry me Arden? a55doggy 1 week ago I fight with my darling the one day, I said maybe we should just broke up because maybe we are just not right for each other. But he said, no one is perfect for the other, but I am willing to accept it and I want to hold your hands and stay with you for life, is that enough? christyfengli 1 week ago passionate about their interest/hobby/work/whatever a good and big heart loving caring loyal and honesty strong personality, have their own thoughts someone who make me laugh and smile someone who love me, love me as me intelligent, someone I am challenged by christyfengli 1 week ago Ask Arden : How to keep fit? foukua 1 week ago 301 views..... 463 Likes.... HUH?! WhatJustHappendd 1 week ago @WhatJustHappendd they only liek the video but they dont finish the whole video ^,^ thats why only 301 views that watch the video fully and 463 likes w.o finishing the videos EGamerXIIs 1 week ago @EGamerXIIs Takes a day for youtube to calculate total views. 301 is the standard for the first 1 a video is posted Tom7734206 1 week ago 1= Day Tom7734206 1 week ago Stop writing stuff like David So David So David So, David so what? let her have her privacy, You guys are just writing this stuff just by what you see on youtube, if you want to look for a partner get off the internet! davcho27 1 week ago 2 @davcho27 relax, let us spout nonsense if we want. stirring up all this stuff is positive for them cos it generates more views and makes them more recognised which is good for botht their careers. at the end of the day they'll laugh about it. and if she wanted privacy THAT much she wouldnt post up a video about ideal man because im sure she knows comments like this will arise. calm down infytube1 1 week ago LMAO who knows how much of an awkward situation wer making for david and arden looooool but still..... ASK ARDEN: Arden So? infytube1 1 week ago already met david so! hmmm MAYBE!!!???? ChubbyBunny562 1 week ago I new year the one for me Arden. But I'll make way for David So. hahah apalahubog 1 week ago what the fuck you asians got with the "ideal" girl or guy.its the same for everybody.jeeeesus. 79Everlast79 1 week ago Dear Arden: What makes you happy? Cheers you up? Cos watching your videos cheer me up sometimes. =) larry10101010101010 1 week ago while i was watching this video i feel like arden is my girlfriend.. i wish she was but unfortunately not T.T...:( ASK ARDEN : How about if your boyfriend is Buddhist? MrCristaino7 1 week ago xD omg what must arden think of these comments Spadical 1 week ago Sorry im takin, but i will say David So all the way! perfect match but i dont think you realize that cause of your date with him at the koreoke bar..... go for it anyways! Reppin507 1 week ago This has been flagged as spam show hanson666999 1 week ago Comment removed hanson666999 1 week ago THEY ARE ALL WRONG I AM YOUR IDEAL GUY! IT IS ME!! LOL Love ya~ leovic001 1 week ago David So all the way!!!!!!! PLayMAKer888kz 1 week ago ask arden: will you marry me? just kidding ahah raloha808 1 week ago 3 DAVID is your perfect match!  hish2am 1 week ago "someone who lives for more than just themself" - I like that :) yep that's what I should be looking to in a guy chocopico 1 week ago LOL.. How can you POSSIBLY still be single!? People that just said "described ME!" are so arrogant. I'm sure your not everything she's talking about. Theres no perfect person in this world and i think it's more about accepting eachother for who they are! Anyways, Good luck! :) eDwInKy 1 week ago 2 Would you date David So???? THATS MY QUESTION!!! vietbo14lyfe 1 week ago 120 @vietbo14lyfe Arden Cho: "No Comment, hes just a friend." =O B34ST1NG 1 week ago the real ideal man for all women: 1.Good looking 3.good(loyal especially) eddyavailable 1 week ago Go lesbian and get with Boa. *Giggity giggity* lukamotiv 1 week ago Arden you just described me. I'm smarter as Mason chumps. Just not grammar smart. They angry with me. What a looooser. marvelous211 1 week ago I fit your ideal man!! Except I live in Korea and I'm a university student (young). lol, but I think it'd be nice to date you. no joke. now on a (more) serious note ^^ You'll find some guy like that someday, its not hard. It just takes time and if you search and try you will find *him*. Plus you're attractive on the inside and outside, and trust matter how much ppl say appearance doesn't make a difference.. yes it does -.- just as much as personality. Don't worry! Arden! 꼭 꿈을 이루길 바래요. BladeAssault 1 week ago I love how you're so joyful in these videos, definitely great to watch. Good luck with all your future endeavors. rtruong 1 week ago DAVID SO !~ SUPPORTER! <3 Tiboursin 1 week ago Does religion play into this? julianthegiraffe 1 week ago Yeah you met me already. kaizan1027 1 week ago women like money best of all .... mikesomething 1 week ago TEAM NIGAHIGA! You guys make such a cute couple!! :3 evonnneee 1 week ago Did you just describe me? =D iamllewmor 1 week ago ASK ARDEN: do you prefer older or younger guys?..:D justinsbotebakalinc 1 week ago You are my ideal type! h4xxx0Rz 1 week ago This has been flagged as spam show lth8979 1 week ago let's go David So! flight240 1 week ago do you take applications? InspectMyGadget69 1 week ago love you! colinshin 1 week ago So first the video about her beign single on christmas, now this.. She's definitely doing this to provoke DAVID SO!!!!!!! jaetot328 1 week ago This has been flagged as spam show Kerstlied 1 week ago Comment removed Kerstlied 1 week ago David... LET'S GET IT!! FloweyG 1 week ago David So . Arden Cho . Rhymes ... hmmmmmmm TeddyBearHairDion 1 week ago I don't know why, but I've alwayds thought that you'd be a perfect match for actor Choi Si Won haha! Maaaaybe??? :D utterlymistaken 1 week ago 19 I can see how you ould be attracted to a guy that is passionate about something in life. If your ideal guy is passionate about something, it will INSPIRE you to be passionate about your thing too. At least that's the vibe I'm gettin. ^_^ ; tjkuno25 1 week ago aw Arden you're so pretty :) anyone will be lucky to have you. xxjen829 1 week ago i like how it's about that 'ideal guy's' heart, and not his looks :D kureangal10693 1 week ago ASK ARDEN : how did you get/find an agent? noigirl 1 week ago Don't marry stay single. Armageddonin2012 1 week ago Stop talking about me. Thanks. :) imufekat 1 week ago Who is the greatest inspiration in your life? watericed777 1 week ago i really liked this vid. you didnt really hold back on the answer. good job FailedSquare 1 week ago ASK ARDEN: if you had three wishes what would they be, and why? (i know it's two questions but I figure they count as one) milowibs 1 week ago You women don't know what you want >.>

rice911 1 week ago

Bitch, please..

aznface94 1 week ago

Youtube matchmakers GOGOGOGO :)

returnoftherisotto 1 week ago

Honest, caring, funny, passionate, strong, smart, easy to conversate with, so when do we meet?

9WonderfulAngels 1 week ago

funny how i fit in all of your categories but I'm too young for you XD

its hard to find girls who think like u. :(

누나, 캐나다에 오면, 나랑 놀자. :D

^korean isn't my first language so idk if i typed that right lol

JWJshout 1 week ago in playlist ASK ARDEN

Honest: check

9WonderfulAngels 1 week ago

I'm willing to bet anything that within this year, David So and Arden will get together.

But.. Ask Arden: What inspired you to sing?

ltnbooyah 1 week ago

will u go on a date with me, my love?

thrill5eekertube 1 week ago

lol I swear David must expect this every time he does something with Arden's videos

That1awesomeguy 1 week ago

I thought you have a boyfriend already? 

djmetal75 1 week ago

What are your hobbies?

timmysuzara 1 week ago

Ask Arden: What's your biggest fear?

callmeemily 1 week ago

u needa lower ur standards....forreals....chiva­lry has died maam...either that or im sure the complete opposite type of guy that u just mentioned will win u over.....most girls love ass holes...have a nice day...

thao81champ 1 week ago

who the fuck is david so.

KuostA 1 week ago

@KuostA gosh you're missing out alot! search him!

adreanmarie 1 week ago

@KuostA you must be new to youtube...

Hongers1 1 week ago

lmfao every fucking comment is about the chubby korean boy

iBubbleButt 1 week ago

Team David So!

xAgent0 1 week ago 62

David So:

1. Very passionate with what he does. Comedy is his life. His YouTube videos put food on his table.

2. Grew up in the Ghettos so he's VERY assertive and resilient. Knows what he wants and how to get it. Also VERY opinionated. Just watch his videos.

3. His occupation is comedian. And just look at him-- made to make you laugh. He also pulls no punches when it comes to openness and honesty-- Waterfall armpits and 7+ chins.

4. Korean = Smart.

5. Preeeety sure he's already in love with you.

ImSoJJang 1 week ago 211

@ImSoJJang he has manboobs

Szekler11 1 week ago

@Szekler11 you jelly ?

and2dude 1 week ago

@and2dude of david?? no way

Szekler11 1 week ago

@ImSoJJang hahahahaaaa

striko520334 1 week ago


David So has a third channel >>>> ImSoJJang

porkbuns 1 week ago

the ultimate lover boy david so

dianawapooh 1 week ago 3

if u only want "KINDA hard", i will have a talk wit my penis and work something out, anything for u arden!

niajef 1 week ago

@ardenBcho What about him being Christian? 

Jenniangel17 1 week ago

Forget David So! I am here. Chivalry is still alive!

immakrnbo1 1 week ago

ASK ARDEN: With God being your number one priority, can you share your testimony? :)

confucious468 1 week ago 3

i thought she was describing me ;)

DudeUnCool 1 week ago

ask Arden : what is ur favorite Korean artists???

JerryLaCoCo 1 week ago

Ask Arden: Is David an ideal man?

ChrisBix599 1 week ago 10

말 참 이쁘게 잘하시네요. Arden 씨 같은분 만난다면 얼마나 좋을까요! 누가될지 복받은 사람이에요. 화이팅! btw any plan for Boston? I am sure there are a lot of fans here in Boston! We would love to see you!

Janhuh 1 week ago

enough with David So

s0obinxp 1 week ago 10

i whole heartedly love you!

xvi3tboiix 1 week ago

I love that you were so smiley in this vid! Seriously that you are positive its soo cute you deserve what your heart desires the best of the best!!... and na yes its personal but i loved how you were genuinely honest.. You seem like a very sweet person ;)

YAYANDMUSIC 1 week ago

My ideal person? Well, I haven't met her in person but you seem like someone I would take home to my parents. Anyways, I know that won't happen but um I do wish the best for you Arden. You seem like a person that deserves someone that cherishes being with you day in and day out.

AskArden: Can we get a little historic background of you Arden?


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natlvrlndrs 1 week ago

Comment removed

natlvrlndrs 1 week ago

LGI Lets get it, lets go!

ZanderTHV 1 week ago

I am here babe :)

gkurniawan0 1 week ago

David's passion? Arden.

His hobby? You guessed it. Arden.

hojoonie 1 week ago 8

arden you and i are perfect for each other!

xvi3tboiix 1 week ago

*Kim? :)

mzbj32 1 week ago

Ask Arden: would you ever date Victor Kim!

mzbj32 1 week ago

"somebody who makes me laugh"-David So goes :)

"doesn't necessarily has to be funny"-DavidSo "((( HUH ! )))" with seven chins LOL

namdoklangkhen 1 week ago

Askarden Serious question..

how good is your Korean?

Answer this in Korean if can.

pon00050 1 week ago

Nice, caring, dorky, laughs at my jokes, defers to me on important things, loves me wholeheartedly. Appearance wise (yes unfortunately it means a bit to us guys), preferably tall, nice skin. Probably a lot of guys' ideal girl haha

SilentArchangel 1 week ago

Ask Arden: How tall are you?

kmejorada19 1 week ago

I'm so sad. =/ I don't fit on your ideal man. Hey maybe you can ask your friend peachies xD

znyx10 1 week ago

Here is your check list:  Korean, eat Kimchee, eat Spicy, big Heart, Smart, Strong, Dorky Yes, carry you when you're sick, .. I know someone like that me.

jktkok 1 week ago

Ask Arden: How tall are you? What makes you grow taller in your childhood? (sports etc...)

smileteehee 1 week ago

David and Arden sitting in a tree...

superkooliodude20 1 week ago 3

Thumbs up if you are the #301 viewer :)

artbeck 1 week ago 2

Im perfect for you. :']

xJAMiliciousx 1 week ago

I think we need to meet. :p

jchimusic 1 week ago

oh gurl! call me...

magnuspater 1 week ago

Lol there's a lot of David so comments

snowwonderland 1 week ago

@Ask Arden r u christian

Ohsnaplynk 1 week ago

my god youre gorgeous

cacmingmay 1 week ago

David So, You would like this wouldn't you? ;)

Purplekngz 1 week ago

Arden! Do you know Abraham?

TheGumboJay 1 week ago

are you talking about .....MEEEE?

vn01208503 1 week ago

what about age difference

korearepublicreddev 1 week ago

I vote for david so and jeremy lin :)

willlee25 1 week ago

David SO ...... GET IT INNNN

ChoVicTa 1 week ago 86

Ask Arden: What is the best advice you can give someone on life in general?

iLoVeMyOpPaS 1 week ago

I think you just described DAVID SO in a million ways.

kaangrich 1 week ago 3

whole hearted and assertive dont really mix well

SuperTigerBalm 1 week ago

David so!

preciousdumplin 1 week ago 3

what is your favorite childhood memory?

aznhero002 1 week ago

iam very passionate about porn

denshaotoko89 1 week ago

my grandma always said they got to have God in there heart first or else its not good.

mrrayje24 1 week ago

david so.

aznhero002 1 week ago 20

Ask Arden: if you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why?

1nvisiblesoul 1 week ago

passionate? have you heard David so sing? or crack jokes? dudes got passion... and for his size? oh yeah you bet hes got a big heart!

samcho24 1 week ago

how do you style your hair? it's gorgeous!

jennyx0x 1 week ago

i nominate ryan higa

Jonny4Lyfe 1 week ago

omg you are GORGEOUS!! *suscribed*

Tranman69 1 week ago

@Tranman69 same here

ds37 1 week ago

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Tranman69 1 week ago

I like how you said in God's timing. Keep enjoying the Lord Arden! :)

JJunginHim 1 week ago

I'm SOOO SUURREE David So would like this...

elstepeeno23 1 week ago

david so!! hehe

pigheather 1 week ago

8 people dont fit under any of her discriptions

crazypage123 1 week ago

please just prop up your camera! watching you shakily hold it up makes me really anxious watching you.

gumpgirl1 1 week ago

ask arden: do you think you could be with a man who does not have the same religious believes as you, but who is otherwise respectful of them and holds high moral standards?

zxul767 1 week ago

Ask Arden: Do you think DAVID SO is your ideal man ?

chingkongho 1 week ago 3

i for example find women of various ethnicities, who have very different looks, very attractive, so it's hard for me to point out a description of what kind of looks i am naturally attracted to in general. anyway, i think she's been thru enough relationships to value character and personality traits more than looks, which is good if you're looking for some significant relationship.

zxul767 1 week ago

I wonder how arden feels knowing that half of her comments are about David.

DxENxNguyen 1 week ago 6

Do u sing korean songs?

DxENxNguyen 1 week ago

while it's true that sexual attraction plays an important role in how we pick our partners, i don't think her not mentioning anything specific about looks can construed as lying about the rest. she probably feels naturally attracted to men of certain looks, but that doesn't mean she has a specific description of that.

zxul767 1 week ago


kpoplovful 1 week ago

Suck my sweet dick

UTY69631 1 week ago

I think you gave pretty truthful answers, I like that.  It also helps to guide a lot of guys out there who wants to catch a date. One thing I want to ask, how about money? Does he have to be rich?

walkingon2001 1 week ago

dam! david so must be going "check" while watching this video

allpinoyballer37 1 week ago

The two reason im watchin this ...

1) Arden Cho of course <3

2) I saw David So like this lol

MrSpad3v21 1 week ago

Go out with David!

RyanOrteez 1 week ago

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mrrayje24 1 week ago

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mrrayje24 1 week ago

we all can't wait to see david's new video!!! XP

Zypnick 1 week ago

LGI Arden! LET'S GO!

llldatlll 1 week ago

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Trace7173 1 week ago

shes probaly not interested in guys... lesbian...

darrens888 1 week ago

David So likes Arden's ideal man video?!! Hhhmmmmmmmmmm????????

AzianCrazi 1 week ago

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Zypnick 1 week ago 2

she's constantly looking to the left, she already has some one in mind.. hahahah~

karakuri002 1 week ago 2

@karakuri002 Forreal yo

shrinkshrink 1 week ago

David SO, Arden CHO, LGI, letsss GO!

XxF3LODYxX 1 week ago 49

@XxF3LODYxX LGI son, lets get it, lets go!

ynkeh8r69 1 week ago

@ynkeh8r69 Exactly! Haha

XxF3LODYxX 1 week ago

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RushHourTraffic 1 week ago

u just demand a perfect man ._.

Zeid28 1 week ago

Arden you're wonderful! :)

MegaVoltrix 1 week ago

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mrrayje24 1 week ago

My ideal type? Is you, Arden. :)

winkonce 1 week ago

Not once did she mention someone who's attractive, so most of this can be disregarded because she's a liar. Sexual attraction is a BIG deal. What's with the "In god's timing..." thing? That's super cheezy.

AquaellaAaron 1 week ago

@AquaellaAaron kinda have to agree with this. anyone that doesn't mention looks is basically lying

lifeDotGov 1 week ago

@AquaellaAaron To be looking for someone attractive is just shallow. When you get to know someone for who they are, then you can become sexually attracted to them, its not some love at first sight kind of thing. She's mature enough to know that you can't fall in love with someone based on what they look like on the outside. And she's made it clear that she's Christian so saying "In Gods timing.." isnt cheesy, its what she believes.Not trying to hate, just want to set u straight.

lindasings123 1 week ago

Ask Arden: How do you feel about all these David So comments and what do you think about him?

timsilog 1 week ago

so if i'm passionate about playing starcraft 2,  you're attracted? lol

lifeDotGov 1 week ago

so someone witha big dick?

226100 1 week ago

@226100 big dick= big organs= big heart, i guess your right my friend

2229826x 1 week ago

your cute i'm sure you'll find a guy.. sure... yep...

vangbro920 1 week ago

Girl you just listed all the characteristics of my man! But for real girl YOU GOTTA HAVE A GUY WHO IS NOT AFRAID to tell it like it is...cant stand guys who dont take control...I dont want to make all the decisions! lol

missygurl12345 1 week ago

Ask Arden: Arden, I've asked this before ... but I hope you answer ... what books do you like to read?

mogando25 1 week ago

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TheBlazinfury 1 week ago

you forgot the part where he had to have a certain amount of $. No Romance Without Finance.

ckranez 1 week ago

lol u guys are crazy and nice ppl to David So. Koreans Rock!!!

j5655555 1 week ago

i kinda want to see her reaction to all these david so comments... or even better i want to see DAVID SO's reaction to this lol

pr0ud2bap1n0y 1 week ago 7 so...

HKasian 1 week ago

@HKasian davidsocomedy....that dude is obsessed with arden so people always push the envelope lol

MrJtotheohnnn 1 week ago

DAVID SO! Get that notebook and take some notes!

eGOTrex 1 week ago 91

@eGOTrex he needs more than a notebook, he needs to download this video and watch it over and over again

Megaman624705 1 week ago


liljoe23la 1 week ago

(insert David So comment)

enzo2123 1 week ago

My ideal "type", similar to what you said. However the "type" doesn't hold a candle to this question: does she love Christ with a passion as well? If she doesn't, we won't be able to completely share ourselves because she won't completely understand a part of who I am.

wanderingazn 1 week ago

Caring,Loyal,Honest,Assertive,­Funny,Smart,Someone who loves you for who you are,helps in life. WHO ELSE BUT DAVID SO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!

ElmoePlusTwo 1 week ago

wow ideal person... we all no there's no ideal person.. no one is perfect. mind as well marry your self lol.

TicklesMeSillyYou 1 week ago

Once Apon a Time, Arden Cho and David So we're together. The End. They lived happily after.

OhMyGochu 1 week ago

David So take notes!

JawKneeThin 1 week ago

If you were offered a chance to break out as an actress in Korea, would you take it?

Mrrksturr 1 week ago


Gameateur 1 week ago

nuna! you are soo awesome! happy new year!

changdae11 1 week ago

David So HUH.

kamakazi2o6 1 week ago

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ItsPaiin 1 week ago

You are so beautiful, and so sweet! I love your personality!!!!!!

InstzNoodlez 1 week ago

Jeremy Lin.

Danzo775 1 week ago 3

Ask Arden: How is your friendship with Girls' Generation or other Kpop groups/artists?

swinkgarb 1 week ago 8

Agreed, David So is SO that.

Matsuya338 1 week ago

Mind aswell marry yourself -.-

vietpho713645 1 week ago

Oh my, it appears you have just described me

writofmandamus 1 week ago

I'm right here! :D

hurayitsraymond 1 week ago

ask arden: could u come down to NYC for like performing or something? :D

andydude236 1 week ago

You just had to say intelligent.... fml

aliiaimoku 1 week ago

Sounds like david so

:D Hope he likes this and you respond to it...

x0DaStAr0x 1 week ago

ask arden: what is your ideal perfect date?

iamderekting 1 week ago

I am friends with a married couple and the wife says that her husband is the not the ideal man that she envisioned and also a comic geek and gamer and little bit weird looking but she feels loved and cared for, her weaknesses are his strengths and vice-versa they compliment each other and make a good team, they now have four kids "on purpose" I admire and respect them not only because they befriended me when i was a stoner punk but because they looked past the ideals that's real marriage.

LosBats 1 week ago

David So is all over this one.

markymarkrabe 1 week ago

@bobberman09 what do u mean

maxell237 1 week ago

im the man for you.

rokksohn 1 week ago

I nominate David So for the boyfriend position. 

ridebanana 1 week ago 156

did you just described ryan? please tell

johnhimura1000 1 week ago 3

youre amazing!

vickytoreeuhxd 1 week ago

ask arden: what kpop groups/solos have you mean or know?

orangejackie13 1 week ago

ryan is passionate about dancing and youtube.. so i ugh.

johnhimura1000 1 week ago

what about a person who's passionate about their faith?

shine777 1 week ago

will you be my baby ?

Laythmc 1 week ago

Arden, you're my ideal girl!! Do you have a email that I can keep in touch with you?

Jye1991 1 week ago

Look no further, Arden. LOLOLOL jk.

ragingsun1 1 week ago in playlist ASK ARDEN

Tell us about your faith~ :D

michaelhongng 1 week ago

Im 15 im your ideal guy. Im Korean and my last name is also cho so u dont have to change ur name. Im smart im funnny.... Lets go get married :-)

2wentee4seven 1 week ago 3

@2wentee4seven What if you were related somehow ._.

TheIshoda 1 week ago

i think (or rather hope) i'm the one :P

merovaine 1 week ago


VDroid711 1 week ago

누나 I'm younger than you but I feel I'm right for you! Lol.

skullcandy1996 1 week ago

you are totally describing me when you were listing those attributes in a guy. I think you are what I'm looking for too, except maybe one thing, can you make a mean steak? I hope so..

onenametim 1 week ago

@onenametim You sir, ARE WINNING.

TheIshoda 1 week ago

Ask Arden: Who in the entertainment industry do you aspire to be like?

tiffanys8D 1 week ago

are you a Christian? How are you supporting God? Next question I hope

mrrandy1 1 week ago 3

@mrrandy1 she is a Christian.

OnyxStar17 1 week ago

Would you date someone like KevJumba? aka Kevin Wu

shiaxiong 1 week ago

so would u date someone younger than you?

explicit90 1 week ago 2

Hi Arden, I hope you see this :) I am going through this too and I randomly came across this YouTube video titled When God Made You; I Wanna Grow Old With You (uploaded by taninf) and I just wanted to say that don't lose hope and faith. God knows who you'll end up with <3

STR4WB3RRYS0UFFLE 1 week ago

Oh shit, I'm all those! what's up? HOLLA

ProjectBulbasaur 1 week ago

my ideal girl broke my heart :(

MyPaulbond 1 week ago

tbh this is my first video im watching of you; and i can honestly say you're an awesome woman of God and excited to see where life takes you. You and i have very similar ideologies and i can empathize where you're coming from. Good luck and have a great new year!

HusangThat 1 week ago

david so taking notes on this?

mondoleonard 1 week ago 4

Dear Arden: What is your most embarrassing moment?

sugarladyhoney 1 week ago

God, you are so GORGEOUS. You don't need to like this or thumbs this up.... because you already know.

mrblueberry97 1 week ago

Somebody send this video to David So (。◕‿◕。)

vietbabyxo 1 week ago

Can you do a hair tutorial or something, because your hair looks bomb...

musicchildstacey 1 week ago

jeremy LIN!!! :)

g23l 1 week ago

ask arden: Now, that I know what your ideal man is would you ever date a cop?


How come david so was not tagged in this?

AyoVo 1 week ago


ehh007 1 week ago 2

Ask Arden: how did u get into the entertainment industry? Thru auditions?

jessifyit 1 week ago

You could've also said "Two words: David So", hahah

f1117530171 1 week ago

when are u peaches and collabing

lesterTran 1 week ago

ASK ARDEN::::: Who is your favorite member of YTF?

YourxEyes 1 week ago in playlist ASK ARDEN

let the DAVID SO comments begin!

jcjohn114 1 week ago 38

Ask arden: favorite kpop solo and group artists!!!

karonmark 1 week ago 6

ask arden: who is your favorite youtuber???

kimboy500 1 week ago

are you a virgin?

MrRombert 1 week ago

Victor king;) he reminds me of you ! Ask nigga higa to hook you up lol

Camii411 1 week ago

This may be rather awkward but here goes nothing:

Ask Arden: What's your ideal automobile brand? :)

BMW9871 1 week ago

I hope you don't find your ideal guy but that he finds you when you're not looking.

ImChallin 1 week ago

Ask Arden: What's your daily struggle?

kingdomabcdefg1 1 week ago

Uhm, look no further lol

svn24 1 week ago

Arden is EXTREMELY beautiful and from wat i can tell from her vids down to earth, hard working, talented and all around amazing. the guy that wins her heart will be a VERY luck individual.

tommyshinta 1 week ago

You are probably the ideal girl/woman for alot of guys Arden!!!

Just so you know, your amazing! ^.^

WJNEWTON1 1 week ago

Ask Arden: I think you've mentioned that you don't want to pursue a singing career, but what are your reasons? And do you audition for acting roles that involve singing?

AbsoluteXero 1 week ago

부모님께 감사드리셔야겠습니다. 너무 아름다우십니다. (I am not 데쉬 on you)

boodoochild 1 week ago

Ask arden: how to deal with heartbreaks

ytsirc8 1 week ago