Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Foreign talent disappointed with new cooling measures for Singapore property market

The Singapore property market is bracing for a slowdown, with experts predicting a steep drop in transaction volume and prices over the next few months.

This comes after tougher residential property measures kicked in on Thursday, hours after they were announced on Wednesday night.

Under the new measures, foreigners and companies must pay an additional stamp duty of 10 percent of the value of residential property purchases in Singapore.

Permanent residents who buy a second property and citizens who buy three or more properties will pay an extra 3 percent.

The new stamp duty is on top of the prevailing fees of between one and three per cent.

Property buyers hit hardest by the new measure would be foreigners like Norman Lu.

The 34-year-old healthcare consultant arrived in Singapore a year ago to work in a multinational company.

Mr Lu is renting a place, but in the last three months he has been looking to buy a condominium in Paya Lebar or Braddell. However the new rules have put a stop to such plans.

He said: "We are very disappointed. Even though we are foreigners, we have been working in Singapore for a year, we also contribute to this country. So as a foreigner, we feel that the government does not welcome us."

Mr Lu said he was on the verge of closing a deal, but will need to evaluate his options now.

He said: "(There is) 80 per cent (chance that) I will not buy now. I will wait for one year, then I can get PR (permanent resident status) then I will buy a private condo or buy an HDB flat."

His other options include leaving Singapore, "because I can easily find another job opportunity in another country" and "if property owners drop the price by 10 to 15 per cent, then I will buy a condo immediately because I want to stay in my own property."


Quality of lives have not improved since PAP has won and Tony Tan has been elected as President. In fact, everything has gone skyhigh.

jetyan 1 hour ago

Not happy? Sod off then. Singapore is for SINGAPOREANS, not foreigners.

Aventador88 3 hours ago

Dear Mr Lu.,

You has not realise that poor Singaporaens like me has no S$ to buy my dream HDB leh. You invest in many many many private property --> more singaporeans go buy HDB --> HDB expensive --->My 300k S$ which can get a mansion somewhere in southeast asia cannot even get a 3-rm flat --> I go live in long kang or under the bridge like a troll.

pls pls in singapore singaporeans first mah. I think in China they also give proirity to locals, in britain to british etc

lalaalala1 3 hours ago

Singaporeans, this is the solution - have more sex.

With more babies, we have a bigger population, with a bigger population we have a bigger workforce. HENCE, WE DON'T NEED FOREIGN TALENTS.

intothatyeah 3 hours ago

The property market in Singapore lost it's credibility as rules keep on changing every year. Once an investor buys, he will never be sure what rules may kick in the following year. It's like casino property... not worth to take this type of risks.. Once the economy slums (see 1997) everyone will be happy to welcome foreigners again.

spaghetti3331 3 hours ago

Read from a news article that SG is the second in the world for expats income and given our lower tax rate than most countries, I don't see much of a disadvantage they are in. Stop behaving like a 2 yo and whine about how life is unfair.

meisapet 5 hours ago

"10% i will leave this country cos it is easy i can find another job opportunity in another country" so easy than why you still here?

stoneiscold 5 hours ago

@surfdudu You small, weak little twat! You're just showing your coward Chinese roots that run at the first sign of trouble. We've won 2 Word Wars - what have you done? I'm flattered you think we should defend the whole world simultaneously, but wear only NEARLY super-human. That's why we had to leave you little weaklings to try & fight your own battle 13,000km away while we sorted out the biggest war machine the World had ever seen. But you still cry & bitch like the whiney little baby you are!

nigeldenning 5 hours ago

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meisapet 5 hours ago

@nigeldenning 1) Guns at siloso were pointing the wrong way

2) Your ancestors colonized much of south east asia for your own benifit, so don't make it seem like you're Christ.

3) You didn't do anything. The soldiers who did are already dead. They have my respect. But I spit on you.

ichywichy 4 hours ago

Pack your bags, Go HOME

suntilon 5 hours ago

i believe this foreigner is just upset at the moment and not thinking straight. im sure he has contributed to the country, but mainly economical. not a big deal in my opinion. he should understand that the govt is doing this for the people of the country and not just think about paying more money and not being welcomed ( wtf?!?! srsly dude? ). this would hopefully make him want to work hard to become a true PR or citizen of a country with a good govt.

wmwmwm 10 hours ago

Nobody is indispensible. Without FTs, many Singaporeans are now well-travelled and educated enough to bring their experiences of the world to the corporate table. And at least Singapore don't produce FAKE degrees.

branchedamino 16 hours ago

Next thing we know, management level FTs will be changing our corporate culture. Everyone will be taking 2 hour lunch breaks and knocking off at 4pm like they do in Europe. And look where it got them the "Western Powers"? A shit load of debt that drags the rest of the world with them.

branchedamino 16 hours ago

Going by facts, Singaporeans still contribute the majority to our country's GDP and we have always survived with only a small number of FTs. Let us not let the irrational FTs stir the cesspool. We need many foreign workers like Bangla for construction and cleaning jobs BUT we DON'T need many EP holders who are doing jobs that Singaporeans are equally or even more capable of accomplishing.

branchedamino 16 hours ago

who liberated our asses - not the Brits and definitely it wasn't Brits who sorted things out in Europe

My short memory tells me it was American lives that sorted out Europe; the Brits got sorted out by the Nazis unless the history books were all wrong

I remember seeing one picture of Brits walking to the Japs with a white flag

Don't cook up stories to satisfy your white ego and give some respect to the americans who liberated your British asses too in Europe

munchong101 16 hours ago

Which f*cking dipshit would believe the Americans were going nuclear on Japan to save the world? Puh-lease.

branchedamino 16 hours ago

from my memory, the japs rode into singapore by bicycles after the brits abandoned our island. so the cannons were useless. and we weren't liberated by the Americans. the Americans liberated themselves by committing the heinous crimes of going nuclear on Hiroshima and Nagasaki - there was a ripple effect across other parts of the world including Singapore. but the Americans were clearly feeling the threat of the Empire themselves and were saving themselves.

branchedamino 16 hours ago

My my my. How short the Singaporean memory can be. When you were getting your asses kicked during WWII by the Japanese, remind me whose gun emplacements at Siloso were protecting you? But you couldn't defend yourselves. And after the Brits had settled things in Europe, and the Americans had sorted out the Japs, and we liberated your ungrateful asses, you tell us we're not welcome?

nigeldenning 17 hours ago

@nigeldenning Hey wanker!!! Get a grip of yourself aye??..Liberated our asses??...You cunts ran like dogs when the Japs came riding on their guys didnt even put up a fight with those 'slit eyed' asians...and now this??Buzz off you dipshit to which ever part of england/ britain you came from...dont need your fucking arrogance and blatant racism here in my country....

surfdudu 7 hours ago

Government don't welcome foreigner? Please la I feel government don't welcome citizen la...

randomsouls 17 hours ago

fuck you gvt dun welcome you? I think gvt dun welcome singaporean la

randomsouls 18 hours ago

u want a hse here? be a PR.... Looks like SG aren't the ones COMPLAINING

angminghong 19 hours ago

Chinaman Liu, Singapore dosen't owe you a living & you're free to carry out your threat of leaving Singapore! Once you leave your position in Singapore, true blue Singaporean can replace you anytime!

longliveme82 21 hours ago

To the people who bitch all day, you're no better than them. Let me ask you singaporeans, what can you contribute for this country? Complain every day? You contribute NS? Big fucking deal. You stinking anti-government haters should have use your brain before puking your guts on the internet. Simply put without FT, singapore will never survive. Mark my words.

Solitude075 21 hours ago

@Solitude075 you know what we hate more than FTs? people like you who are so full of themselves. For all we know you're an FT as well, so fuck off

ZxcoeanxZ 20 hours ago

@ZxcoeanxZ Do you know who I hate the most? Its bloody singaporeans like you who are full of shit! You don't even have proof to back up your claim. How stupid can you be? There are downsides to everything. Are we supposed to label globalisation as bad simply because it has certain downsides and choose to ignore the many benefits and growth that it has brought us? What a bloody joke!

Solitude075 18 hours ago

@Solitude075 SIngapore was already successful in the 80s and 90s....and that's without foreign trash like buzz off and go back to where ever you come from if you cant handle the hard truth aye?!!!...

surfdudu 7 hours ago

@surfdudu Fuck you! You don't even have proof to say that I'm a foreign trash. What an absolute disgrace. Hard truth? No only retards like you who cannot comprehend the accomplishments FT had made and all that they had done in transforming Singapore from a sleepy fishing village to the modern metropolis that it is today. And the reasons you're hating FT for? I bet 99% of it is from hearsay and is entirely wrong. Pathetic haters like you should verify whether what you're hating is true.

Solitude075 4 hours ago

Blunt comments aside, PAP govt should now know what these FTs are treating singapore - when shit hits the fan, they won't stay and may even bite the hand that feeds them. Why bend so low for these people?

zm83 22 hours ago 2

ONE YEAR?? GUD FOR U!! WE THE TRUE BLUE S'POREANS HAV BEEN LIVIN HERE FOR ALL OUR LIVES!! We men sacrificed TWO YEARS of our lives to defend this nation we love, WHILE U ARE JUST HERE TO ENJOY THE FREE SECURITY!! U CONTRIBUTED TO SINGAPORE?? MY FOOT!! The amount you contribute is minuscule compared to the amount you LEECHED FROM SINGAPOREANS!! GO AHEAD AND JUST LEAVE!! You are not even welcome here in the first place. WE DO NOT WANT U FOREIGN TRASH IN OUR BELOVED HOMELAND!!

ivan78174 23 hours ago

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JinGwee 23 hours ago

And why the fuck did CNA even bother interviewing people like this??!!

jamesjan 1 day ago

KidChaos878 *thumbs up*

jamesjan 1 day ago

wah serious, do they loan from our bank, if they cannot pay later,

then some one need to print money for us to withdraw ?

cowtorto 1 day ago

Get Lost la...come here take our jobs, occupy our land, work 1 year and claim contribution to our economy?? pull your head out of your pompous ass and listen to what you are saying. Fellow Singaporeans, if you are going to this guy for health care consultancy, STOP NOW

restinpcs 1 day ago

中国来的乡巴佬, 讲话小心点

jakeweiq 1 day ago

ccb loser

weskerghostbutterfly 1 day ago

lets hunt this fucker down and send this video to his employees and all his future employment avenues. btw with his fucked up english, only desperate singapore will welcome him with open arms.

s10012667 1 day ago


SexCyberGuideCom 1 day ago

fuck off cunt ...

cubicon 1 day ago

Anyone with this guy's home address or email, please post. Thanks. Let the flaming begin.

Skywalkermesonman 1 day ago

serve your 2.5 yr first lah, work 1 yr got simi lj contribution? contribute to the high property price and jam in pie ar? don't feel welcome then fuc off la..

iltomoko 1 day ago

Singapore got talent!

iltomoko 1 day ago

Seriously... Make that 100% and get out of my country.

rz8035 1 day ago 2

Mr government. As u can see, once the FT felt that there is no benefits for them, they will consider to leave the country. I am sure not all FT arel like that. Do consider our local talent.

verticalsky 1 day ago

Chinaman doesn't feel welcome... NOT A SINGLE FUCK WAS GIVEN!!!!

KidChaos878 1 day ago

Norman: 操你妈的逼,滚回大陆去!

papalolita 1 day ago

@papalolita Ha ha ha...i like that. For non-Chinese.

Fuck your mother cunt, and fuck back to China!

boharihamen 1 day ago

Leave if you must, after all Singapore is not home to you considering how easily you'd choose to leave. Many Singaporeans can't choose so easily as they leave friends & family behind.

superfinefeline 1 day ago


derrontan 1 day ago

1 year? gtfo

noddigem 1 day ago


So you wanna leave, look at my face, do I give a flying fuck? ;)

jeremyspk 1 day ago 3

wow, a PRC healthcare consultant, i'd rather ask my cat for advice on health ... this guy might give me

firdaus125 1 day ago

Leave leave leave, yes you are right, ur not welcome here

phasehonda 1 day ago

fuck off back to your prostitute mother's womb

absolutelyoverthetop 1 day ago 28

I seriously doubt this Chinaman is banking on staying in Singapore for the long term. He's got it all planned, get a PR, get his entitlement, leave for another country and repeat..

Jamooja 1 day ago 2

Seriously is Lu a retard? Go fuck yourself lu! please fuck off from our country!

mivec81 2 days ago

go back to your country la!!!

rahimlfc10 2 days ago 26

Go fcuk spider lah foreign pussy. ccb !

oOoLyRrAdoOo 2 days ago 2

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ybbolb 2 days ago

This fucker actually believes he is a talent. Then why the fuck he came to Singapore? 'Cos he knows his fuck-up English can be accepted even for an interview with CNA. That's how fuck up how policy is. Ain't it? Standards are so low for talent these days. Explains so much about the so-called "talent" in PAP itself.

kelveto 2 days ago 2

Foreign talent. I'm having trouble understanding your English. What the fuck did you just say?

kelveto 2 days ago

we dont need you, rubbish. Get lost.

Igten0s 2 days ago

you call this talent?

timehippo 2 days ago

dun be stupid... price drop is good for you also... y worry the 10%? or they prefer to keep buying at the bubble level price juz like in China!

sgwarrenb 2 days ago

give and take la... of course you get more thats y you are staying!.. anyway... its this stupid Chinese thinking thats creating property bubble worldwide... they willing to use 70% of their income to pay mortgage leaving no money for living a life... and they expect all to do the same?!

sgwarrenb 2 days ago

He should go back to his slum. One less trash is no difference, in any part of the world.

evoked87 2 days ago

really daft cocky guy from 3M healthcare based in singapore......... my words to u: appreciate and please dont threaten us Singaporeans

kkkuuuaaannn 2 days ago

He shows no appreciation of what foreign buyers are doing to the property market here, and obviously oblivious to the impact on the locals. Land resource is a scarcity in SGP, and we MUST protect it for SGPeans well into future generatios. If he doesn't like the new policy, then please pack up and go.

ocyeo00 2 days ago


alanfoo07 2 days ago

You can easily find a job in other countries? Empty threat. The impending recession ought to shut you right up. If that doesn't do it, the fact that your salary will decrease by more than half should put you right in your place. If you're serious about staying here, the increase is literally peanuts. The policy only really affects those who use the property market solely for investing purposes. So quit whining.

ziqziqrose 2 days ago

Don't just talk. Do!

Please leave Mr "Health Consultant". Such a shady job description...

ICA should blacklist his PR application. Its so obvious that he wants to make a quick buck.

Just 1 year and apply for PR... You see what crap you bring in?

ziqziqrose 2 days ago 5

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dance Dance Dragon Movie Trailer Hokkien 龙众舞

2012 Chinese New Year Movie! Dance Dance Dragon 龙众舞. Stars Kym Ng, Adrian Pang, Dennis Chew, Auntie Lucy, Melvin Sia, Lai Ming, Bryan Wong, Marcus Chin, Ah Nan, Chen Hui Hui

Friday, January 20, 2012

Southwest Airlines The Making of Florida One

Go inside Boeing as the newest Specialty Plane is unveiled!


    look? at the head front aircraft looked like comodo ugly
    07729913 1 day ago

    it took a train to build? a plane..
    YoungProphet56 5 days ago
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    RoboNickBot 6 days ago
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    RoboNickBot 6 days ago
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    RoboNickBot 6 days ago

    Looks like Akzo Nobel Aerospace paint....good? stuff.
    backroadjunkie 6 days ago
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    motivationalvideo0 1 week ago
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    misterfids 2 weeks ago

    what? a beauty
    sandgar1001 2 weeks ago

    I like the fact that the opening shows BNSF Railway and it? is regarding a Southwest plane. Both have headquarters right here in the DFW metroplex.
    bricub72 2 weeks ago

    Bloody hell. Where did Britian go? wrong? This took off around 1970 just as we stopped. We were left for dead. The rest won't be far behind.
    dtr748 3 weeks ago

    Wow, thats amazing We humans certainly have the knowledge and technology? to make super machines to get this world on the move, from powerfull locomotives to the super jets and the super king jets A380, 777 ect. Excellent video!!!!!!!!!!
    brumuda66 3 weeks ago

    if it's not Boeing im not flying !!!!!!!

    stevecalrocks 4 weeks ago

    @stevecalrocks Aint it, ''If it ain't Boeing,? I ain't Going''! ??
    izzih1234 2 weeks ago

    @izzih1234 It's "If it's not? Boeing, I'm not Going!"
    Moonj64 2 weeks ago

    @Moonj64? THATS IT! Misused 'ain't' XD I prefer Airbus......
    izzih1234 2 weeks ago

    just like? that

    EDVINUXXX 1 month ago

    who plays? this amazing song...???
    sguaino 1 month ago

    isnt that the one they nicknamed 'loose? rivets' ?
    collectionforsale 1 month ago

    nice plane? should cover inside the wheel well though
    teslaandlyne 1 month ago


    cmanjtjb 1 month ago

    Ah!? Se Ford visse isto.. Mto bommm!!!
    alinecilene 1 month ago

    Very? nice...
    cosovyn 1 month ago

    Cool. Now build me one? like this one, but with blackjack and whores.
    ta666ak666 1 month ago

    beautiful - the aircraft and the integrity of the? company:)
    ufoicu 1 month ago

    To build? and paint a plane. It takes 2:30. Simply amazing!
    w00dy0694 2 months ago 20
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    brothuhmuc 2 months ago

    Funny...they filmed the building of? a 737-800 yet the painting of a -700.
    Canadian737 2 months ago 2

    Funny coincidence. The day I watched this video, I saw this? very aircraft landing a few hours later.
    DethTones 2 months ago

    Somethings built that? fast cant be safe.
    Xittin 2 months ago

    @Xittin well it sure has one hell of a saftey record?
    arcticblake1 2 months ago

    @Xittin well, it was a time-lapsed video...Also, don't underestimate? the amount of careful thought by engineers that went on to building a plane.
    KSCElite 2 months ago


    I suppose I have to tell you that? I have a terrible humor.

    I sure didnt mean what I wrote.
    Xittin 2 months ago

    It's a Boeing B-737NG (dash 700 or 800) I love Boeing Co., recently Boeing Customer Sup. Engineering Team where? in Porto Alegre - Brazil at my job (Tap MRO) and i attended of 6th Landing Gear Symposium and Workshop along other companies in commercial aviation, so the "post sale" is very effective!

    Thanx Warren C.M. (sorry the english...) Cool song!
    NeryJr65 2 months ago

    ... and? yes, I'm a LUV shareholder too :)
    wesleyyuen 2 months ago

    god speed? FL1!
    wesleyyuen 2 months ago

    awesome video. amazing how quickly an airliner? goes from the assembly line to the sky.
    specwrite 2 months ago

    flaps? are out, ready for takeoff!!
    mjdronrijp 3 months ago

    what song?? i like it!?
    Alectfenrir002 3 months ago

    what is the title of? music ?

    weggerRU 3 months ago

    Kudos to SWA and? Boeing for recognizing the small but important role that the railroaders play in building these amazing machines.
    ReFlectiveMan 3 months ago

    that was fast? O_O
    narucaty 4 months ago

    that is a really cool looking? plane
    capecoralrealestate1 4 months ago

    @capecoralrealestate1 ya it? is

    XxBlackModdedxX 4 months ago

    this is a fantastic video of? an aircraft under construction
    barrybocho 4 months ago

    insane paint job?
    Ajscosmos 4 months ago

    Can't wait to see the story of Herb Kelleher and SWA on CNBC Titans Thursday July 14th at 9p eastern - dude's the rock star of air? flight.
    204union 4 months ago

    I want one? for me,
    gattan999 4 months ago

    Somebody contact the FAA? , they took off that taxiway! 2:09
    SBernardoni1991 5 months ago

    ZachhxAttackk 5 months ago

    Wow! It sure takes a lot of work to make? a plane look stupid!
    Kornspel 5 months ago

    @Kornspel you look? stupid
    boeing787thebest 5 months ago

    @boeing787thebest I do! But I don't need much maintenance and i'm not the size of a plane. So I got that? goin' for me, which is nice...
    Kornspel 5 months ago

    @Kornspel? what are you talking about??
    boeing787thebest 5 months ago

    @boeing787thebest? The system, man. The system.
    Kornspel 5 months ago

    The first part of the? video was not this airplane. It showed an 800 not a 700. 700 only have one overwing exit.
    salrabn 5 months ago

    Great video. Finally saw Florida One? at LaGuardia a few months ago.
    shulman2 5 months ago

    I have seen? Florida One at Nashville BNA!
    RickMakesGoodVideos 5 months ago

    Was? that Boeing Field or Renton at the end??? Looked like BFI, but I couldn't tell for sure.
    pdxaviationfan 5 months ago

    Awesome!!! My favorite paint scheme. First time I saw? this one, four F-16's performed an overhead break at PDX before it was even at the end of the runway... Good memories. Seen it twice, but it needs to come back to PDX more often!!!
    pdxaviationfan 5 months ago

    I? want a red one!
    threewing 6 months ago

    They make? it look so easy.
    kinsley2108 6 months ago

    rick scott sold 2 of those wout legislative? permission

    TheMango230 6 months ago

    matmicmj 6 months ago

    too fast. would have been a lot nicer to watch and more interesting if it was? a bit slower.
    omnipotentbeing 6 months ago

    ?? ???? ???? ??????
    eisaify 6 months ago

    The negative reviews? are certainly employees of Airbus.
    MFGKirchdorf 7 months ago 34

    @MFGKirchdorf I don´t need to love Boeing because I´m not an Airbus employee?
    Mr4r5t6y 3 weeks ago


    So you? were also one which hit the "dislike button" ? :-)
    MFGKirchdorf 3 weeks ago

    @MFGKirchdorf No, I´m? not ;) but I prefer Airbus over Boeing!
    Mr4r5t6y 2 weeks ago

    @Mr4r5t6y good to hear bro :)

    I do not have any preference on both companies ... I just like this video? on how it was made.
    MFGKirchdorf 2 weeks ago

    @MFGKirchdorf i really have to disagree on that.... above all those employees are not only enthusiasts of their company, they are aviation enthusiasts... every? achievement is matter joy, no matter the "team" you play... don´t you remember the day the dreamliner roll out??? airbus send a letter to congratulate boing on their success
    nicolojazzypolo 1 week ago


    I'm just kidding about the dislikes of? this video.

    How some one can't like this fantastic video?

    cheers :)
    MFGKirchdorf 1 week ago

    @MFGKirchdorf youre right, those dislikes must be ground travel fanboys, and but the way, nice channel you? have...
    nicolojazzypolo 1 week ago

    MAN I love 737's!!! I wish Southwest would make a "Colorado One," seeing how Denver? is one of Southwest's main hubs. Anyway, great looking plane!
    veganacademy 7 months ago
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    RadioIlluminaticom 7 months ago

    MyWildlifeVideos 7 months ago

    what do you expect doing a woman? near a plane?? guess! cleaning -.- 1:24
    Smoothylanding 7 months ago

    I'll find that music and post here.

    The video is nice, but the music...? the music is great!
    luizfepe 7 months ago

    are? there like more wires attached to the controls in case one wire fails or has a problem
    presstrigga 7 months ago


    woodlandsLAXbro 8 months ago

    @woodlandsLAXbro Why did you? watch then?
    AirlinePilotZJ 7 months ago

    @woodlandsLAXbro Well...Im sure Southwest? hates you
    Emoegyptian027 7 months ago

    cok guzel?
    hakanyeral 8 months ago

    hakanyeral 8 months ago

    hakanyeral 8 months ago
    Comment removed
    hananokuni2580 8 months ago

    I? was on the plane today very cool plane
    aircanadasouthwest 8 months ago

    very well put together video. ? thumbs up and thanks.
    malpen04 8 months ago

    rockstarprincess45 8 months ago

    Wow thats cool. I wanna become a pilot 1 day ..? Im only 13 lol
    hamzakillerboy 8 months ago

    @hamzakillerboy same? here!
    MrVeeeg 8 months ago
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    hananokuni2580 8 months ago

    kenhol44 8 months ago

    They aren't even showing the actual Florida One aircraft until the very end during the paint job. Notice there are 2 doors over the? wing on the assembly line... that is a 737-800. Florida One is a 737-700. Nice vid otherwise.
    vikesfanIV 9 months ago

    They aren't even showing the actual Florida One aircraft until the very end during the paint job. Notice there are 2 doors over the wing? on the assembly line... that is a 734-800. Florida One is a 737-700. Nice vid otherwise.
    vikesfanIV 9 months ago

    That's right! Americans can still build something? after all!
    daytenmillion 9 months ago

    I think I just found something to do? for over the summer holidays...
    TTB1992 9 months ago

    America? and Americans at our best.
    RussMusiq1 9 months ago
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    AirwaysProductionsTV 9 months ago

    chuck norris used to do this alone? every morning
    brunobliss 9 months ago

    that? is cool
    DeadMemory22 9 months ago
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    angelbabi39 9 months ago 52

    @angelbabi39? Aaaaahm NO !
    TheChefKev 9 months ago

    I flew this plain from manchester? to baltimoree
    falloutguy81 9 months ago

    1:23-2:00? *cough, cough, FUMES!
    Modacolorist 9 months ago

    BRAVO? !! *****
    aloisius1950 9 months ago

    very? very beautiful
    Gian2812 9 months ago

    Simply? amazing!
    hugojimenez 9 months ago

    they? used a 737-800 of Virgin Blue Airlines (VH-VUG) in the whole video and when the plane goes in for paint its the Florida One bird!
    pilotanthony 10 months ago

    Wow impressive!?
    SpectreMk2 10 months ago

    What is the song? I can't believe no one asked it yet?
    Nadcu92 10 months ago


    The violin playing is in the style of stephan Grapelli. The only differance is an electric guitar instead

    of the folk guitar django rhinehardt used. The ending sounds the same as the ending in the devil

    went down to georgia so this could easily? be a charlie daniels tune.
    peeano57 9 months ago

    Awesome!! that's? where I work. Yes 737s are build like cars here on moving lines
    fgvmochica50 10 months ago

    email a person people? missing people
    itspeaks037 10 months ago

    airlines -? people up north made someone Harry Potter
    itspeaks037 10 months ago

    Yes, it's a mountain? range. The Spanish considered all of North America to be Florida.
    a1anorth 10 months ago

    your right?
    itspeaks037 10 months ago

    Is? that a mountain range in the background? In Florida?
    desmythe 10 months ago

    airlines - Save 16 million fuel? cost
    itspeaks037 10 months ago

    boeing4961 10 months ago

    airlines - refer to Rodney? up north would be etc
    itspeaks037 10 months ago

    airlines - John? is to someone as Bernard is to someone
    itspeaks037 10 months ago

    Airlines? - San Francisco International Airport
    itspeaks037 10 months ago

    internet tv? - hire me now
    itspeaks037 10 months ago

    thank? you
    itspeaks037 10 months ago

    Very cool assy line. Didn't know? it was a moving line like an auto manufacturer
    MVMike62 10 months ago

    Great video...but what is the music...I? love it !!
    gilmore48 10 months ago

    Really great? advertising idea.
    honorabili 10 months ago

    awesome video!!! Boeing and the 737 rocks!!!?
    Jan07191 10 months ago

    I prefer the old Spirit Airlines colors.......with the replica of the Spirit Soap bar? on the tail that was kind of ripped off from Proctor and Gamble I think.
    JeffLAS 10 months ago

    What is the music??? Great video, AWSOME TUNE. I Wanna pitch it to my band!!!?
    sagacix 10 months ago

    EXCELLENT Video? .. thanks for sharing !
    APrintezis 10 months ago

    1;03? hey he stole my flying technique
    GMSamuelRhine 10 months ago 66

    @GMSamuelRhine? lol
    TheIcecooldk 8 months ago

    @TheIcecooldk? :D
    GMSamuelRhine 8 months ago

    @GMSamuelRhine Good one? lol :)
    dreampilot2 8 months ago

    @dreampilot2? thx :D
    GMSamuelRhine 8 months ago

    wow that makes it look easy. im gonna build a 777 in? my garage now
    GMSamuelRhine 10 months ago 2

    Great Airline and Great Video!?
    LostAviators 10 months ago

    That sure goes together easy. ?
    peckerwood57 10 months ago

    wow.. its great how fast they can build an aircraft.. but putting engines? on while its moving? HA!
    hello1233280 11 months ago

    Dear All,

    I have some questions about psycholgy:

    (1) Why do we love flying?

    (2) Why do we like to ride on an aeroplane with funy, beatuiful, colourful and cartoon drawing on it?

    THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your creative ideas and brainstorm!!!? :)
    applesweeter 11 months ago

    piece of art ?
    hihihoho1234 11 months ago

    That´s one? ugly paintjob.
    Necropiet 11 months ago

    My name is Mike from LA Although there?

    amlisaduni 11 months ago

    Its amazing how that stays in the? sky
    allenamericans 11 months ago

    Hey! You should make this plane fly for flight 1123? on the 26th out of Orlando Airport!!! :D
    TarrVlogs 11 months ago

    Wow! They make it? look so easy!
    firefish45 11 months ago

    usafisasome 11 months ago

    so does southwest go all? around the us now?
    thehahacac 11 months ago

    Does? southwest even go to florida?
    thehahacac 11 months ago

    @thehahacac I've flown? WN out of MCO countless times..........
    jpbgolfpa2 11 months ago

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    ????? ????? ????? ?????? ?????? ??? ?????

    targetsoso 11 months ago

    I was just flying in this plane a couple of weeeks? ago
    Rasbutin7000 11 months ago

    WOW. Building the plane went faster? than going through the security line.
    FeelinTangerine 11 months ago

    Southwest is a good airline but its kind of annoying how all there planes are 737 the should? get some a320's or something
    tehnoobzpwnerrofl 11 months ago

    @tehnoobzpwnerrofl airbus sucks?
    checkerace50 11 months ago

    @checkerace50 where are you getting your facts from airbus is? just as good as Boeing if you compare them side too side what iam saying is the should get some other planes then 737 it can be another Boeing plane like 717 or 757 or even CRJ's iam just saying i dont like how they only have one type of plane
    tehnoobzpwnerrofl 11 months ago

    @tehnoobzpwnerrofl first of all, both the 717 and 757 are no longer in production. Also, the CRJ's are considerably smaller than the 737. And no, airbust is not as good as Boeing... If you want to fly an airline with all kinds of airplanes, go to South America or Africa and fly on one of their third-world airlines... They buy up old aircraft that Southwest would recycle because they are too old and? have exceeded their maximum life cycles.
    y2kpony1968 10 months ago

    @tehnoobzpwnerrofl I understand. I get my facts from Southwest because I work for them. Long story short, Boing decided to sell Herb Keleher 4 planes for cheap cuz they had 4 of them that no one needed back in 1971 when southwest just won? the right to fly.
    checkerace50 11 months ago

    @checkerace50 so they just continued with the? 737 after that?
    tehnoobzpwnerrofl 11 months ago

    @tehnoobzpwnerrofl yup. Not only is it affordable, it carries enough jet fuel to go to the places we fly to and it carries a good ammount of passangers. We also don't fly a hub and spoke system like most airlines, we fly point to point which is also why we have so many planes. We are the largest non international airline. We fly 737-300,? 737-500, and 737-700. Now we are purchasing the 737-800 to fly to hawaii. We also purchased airTran so now we will fly out of the states and also have airbus's
    checkerace50 11 months ago

    @checkerace50 i knew most of that lol yeah i cant wait for the southwest airtran take over in 2012 yeah u? guys will have a better plane variety then
    tehnoobzpwnerrofl 11 months ago

    @tehnoobzpwnerrofl "plane variety" is rather expensive and counters SouthWests approach. One airframe streamlines a whole bunch of things: pilot training, flight attendant training, maintenance training/tasks, parts, engines... the list goes on. The 737 is the most sold airliner ever for a good reason and that's why SouthWest? has utilized them.
    anoblenate 10 months ago

    Southwest? is one of the worst airlines out there.
    zev007 11 months ago

    @zev007 if? so, then why are they the only airline making money?
    checkerace50 11 months ago

    BoeingBeatsAirbus 11 months ago

    BoeingBeatsAirbus 11 months ago

    LOL? 1:05
    LIRRFAN 11 months ago

    That? was amazing!
    zeroturbulence 11 months ago

    Awesome airplane! Ive seen it once or twice in Chicago..really great? job! Can't wait for the 737-800 though....
    Airlineguy29 1 year ago

    awesome video? man!!
    ClubRebelProduction 1 year ago

    nice! ?
    Phughy 1 year ago

    I like? BNSF better....
    IncredibotsSteam3 1 year ago

    Holy shit...? THAT WAS AWESOME!!
    TodayShowFanatic 1 year ago

    Bellissimo complimenti bel? video !!!
    ErMejodeRoma66 1 year ago

    I once got my penis sucked on a? Southwest flight! Thank you Southwest!!
    TheseOpenRoads 1 year ago

    Wooo thats? a good looking plane.....
    pianomanmaestro 1 year ago


    i? would not wanna pilot the first flight.

    that'd be rly scary lol.
    awptions 1 year ago

    This sOUTHWEST colors are only used in fort laurdale or miami? today i have seen 20 of this paintings landing here in miami
    Ilovegogosable 1 year ago

    Southwest doesn't fly to Miami...? FLL yes.
    pilotnd 8 months ago

    @pilotnd it was a special they for southwest to come to miami

    Ilovegogosable 8 months ago

    @pilotnd they? do now
    TheFunanimation 7 months ago

    grenadier86 1 year ago

    This plane is as beautiful as from the? virgin islands.
    Wthijsse 1 year ago

    the paint job alone might have cost a million dollars.. ?
    NeoQuello 1 year ago

    @NeoQuello? the aricrafts cost $33,000,000
    checkerace50 11 months ago

    Southwest is the best? airline in North America today. Airlines like American Airlines who treat their passengers like dirt has tons to learn from Southwest. But they really don`t care as long as people are stupid enough to by tickets on their crappy planes.

    Flying in North America is hell today, thank god for an Airline like Southwest that actually cares about their customers not only about making fast money.
    Sooksawaspakdee961 1 year ago

    FrancoisBlazquez 1 year ago

    I cant believe how sexy these planes? are!!
    bradman5505 1 year ago
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    brothuhmuc 1 year ago

    1:10 LOL?
    AirbusA330Pilot 1 year ago

    can anyone tell me where i can get the SWA Supply chain? Flow chart?
    hamid403 1 year ago

    Im going to make one at? home thumbs up if anyone will fly in my airline
    MrStoopidMonkiy 1 year ago

    I love westjet!?
    ojyhofoy 1 year ago

    Awsome video, simply awsome. Great work!?
    Q53bus 1 year ago

    I? can do it faster,
    safes2win 1 year ago 28

    Love southwest. I like the NBA? one better thou
    austo1211 1 year ago

    love the? tune

    wynn1993 1 year ago

    beautiful plane!?
    PanAmclipper100 1 year ago

    Saw this? plane at the airport. Great looking plane.
    tubaplayer2539 1 year ago

    i heard that to get a state livery on to their SWA's plane they have to have the most traffic going in and out? of the state
    SweatyFunSeeker 1 year ago

    What an awesome? video!!!
    gambart2002 1 year ago

    are those pratt? whitney engines??
    andrescaraudio 1 year ago

    @andrescaraudio those are cfm-56 engines, the usual for the 737. Not pratt-whitneys?
    felixfelicis888 1 year ago

    they forgot the? peanuts! :))
    97669 1 year ago

    Awesome video! Florida must be something special to warrent its own mural on a? plane!
    susiehomemaker63 1 year ago

    frickin? awesome love sw airlines
    Robert8225butt 1 year ago

    20 people? missed the Like button
    packstack15 1 year ago


    From 0:00 to 1:21 that's a 737-800. How does that work? SW only use? 737-300/-500 an -700's.

    What is this songs name?!
    SouthAfricanAirways1 1 year ago

    Shame it's a different aircraft on the production line to the? one that gets painted. The one on the production line is a -800, the one that gets painted is a -700.

    Kind of misleading. The aircraft on the production line was airframe no 1948. It was delivered new to and is still operated by Pacific Blue (formerly Virgin Blue).
    paulm143 1 year ago

    Shame it's a different aircraft on the production line to the one that gets painted. The one on the production line? is a -800, the one that gets painted is a -700.

    Kind of misleading. The aircraft on the production line was airframe no 1948. It was delivered new to and is still operated by Pacific Blus (formerly Virgin Blue).
    paulm143 1 year ago

    how long does? it take to build this plane?thanks.
    kaptugan 1 year ago

    supreised all? that paint didnt weigh it down haha. (sarcasim)

    JohnyPenguin 1 year ago

    I wanna make planes? like that.
    CradLeRcker 1 year ago

    Earlier today, I shared with our Employees? that Southwest has been evaluating the opportunity to introduce the Boeing 737-800 into our fleet as part of our domestic network, but we have not yet finalized our decision. While the aircraft introduces additional complexities to our operation, we believe our existing network could be enhanced by converting some of our future 737-700 deliveries to 737-800s. Visit facebook/Southwest airlines for more details.
    UltimateAviator 1 year ago

    Do you know how much weights the entire plane and how much weights one of its? turbines?
    brennant74 1 year ago


    The max takeoff weight of the? 737-700 is 154,500 lbs (70,080 kg).

    The dry weight of one CFM engine is 5,216 lbs (2,370 kg).
    wfo76 1 year ago

    This is a cool plane? it flew over my house once it's rare to see it fly into new england
    AirDisney5 1 year ago

    please answer this? someone were will this plane be flying like what destinations cause i live in florida and fly southwest a whole lot thanks
    johnny19961221 1 year ago

    1:21 that guy look? exactly like George.W.Bush
    0561661241 1 year ago

    wow that? was just too cute !!
    BoyDotComNY 1 year ago

    Uh futerflash2 it is my states seal so dont mock it unless u live in uk which sucks. I? have never seen that plane and i flew southwest today actually and i have never seen that plane ever
    ELLISl4d2895 1 year ago

    Muito bom !!

    Sempre a despachar? que se faz tarde ... LOL
    almiranteICE 1 year ago

    such an ugly painting.?
    futerflash2 1 year ago

    they need a? Massachusetts one
    softballstar583 1 year ago

    FLORIDA! is? the best stateeeee. :)
    catex3 1 year ago


    in your wildest dreams!

    fuck off and die ...

    ... by the way, I do not? smoke.
    garfieldsowhat 1 year ago

    gr8? video

    zaqzaq1211 1 year ago

    Question... Why does a plane have to be painted? I mean basically the only people that are going to see it are the people? in the terminal. It's just a BIG WASTE. At most it needs a coat of white paint, IF THAT. (And maybe a company name to identify what airline it belongs to.)
    websurfer203 1 year ago


    American Airlines doesn't paint theirs. It saves? weight, which saves fuel.
    KanzlerM 1 year ago


    Seems like they're the only smart ones.
    websurfer203 1 year ago


    It's a trade off... If you don't paint the plane you have to pay for labor to polish the bare aluminum. They also use special aluminum skins (Alclad)

    "Described in NACA-TN-259, of August 1927, as "corrosion resistant markedly superior existing alloys... increased life of a structural part. Alclad is a heat-treated aluminum, copper, manganese, magnesium alloy that has the corrosion resistance of pure metal at the surface and the strength of the strong alloy? underneath."
    KanzlerM 1 year ago

    Haha,? the plane they are first assembling is a 737-800 not a -700 like SWA flies. It doesn't actually show the real -700 until it goes in for painting but yes, this video is AMAZING! Love it!
    flyguy0507 1 year ago

    lookin good?
    N700UW 1 year ago

    nice Burlington Northern Santa Fe train at the start im a railfan(train lover)and a airplane person so this? is a great video 5*****!
    up199519981982198319 1 year ago

    they? really need a tennessee one
    TheJamicanDude 1 year ago 2


    They could call it Rockytop, or something with? Chatanooga, Nashville, Memphis, Tuppelo or Franklin in the name!
    KanzlerM 1 year ago

    weird? plane, weird
    EatsYouUp 1 year ago

    Gheez, thats? alot a paint.
    theevilmeister 1 year ago

    how long does it approximately take to build a plane from start to? finish?
    LovesToSpooge77 1 year ago

    Love Southwest, best airline out there and I wouldn't think of another ginev comparable destinations. Good? people doing a great job From Crossville TN
    eggman077 1 year ago

    Absolutament impresionant? !!!
    rverdesb 1 year ago

    Southwest? sucks Delta Airlines is way better
    MegaContain1 1 year ago

    @MegaContain1 southwest? is the best coolest airlines out there
    TheJamicanDude 1 year ago 12

    @TheJamicanDude? speak english
    dechm4af 1 year ago


    amritveer97 1 year ago

    esdmeleazar 1 year ago

    I'm NEVER going to fly? again, thinking about how fast that goes.
    Thesantirox 1 year ago
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    xrobed 1 year ago


    I can't even think of the amount of? gas that airplane uses, with all that weight in paint


    Robert Bahna
    xrobed 1 year ago

    Oye q bien,? me encanta la gente emprendedora ::)))
    mayi367 1 year ago

    i? love the shine of new airplanes
    buiboyy 1 year ago

    Great!!! *\? o_O /*
    bauhauso 1 year ago

    what Airport did you guys takeoff in! also I? Live in florida! i saw one of those in fort lauderdale airport!
    davidcisneros8 1 year ago

    Where can I? buy the kit?
    JFSFLICKS 1 year ago

    On your special planes do you buy new? planes or take out an Caynon blue livery and put it in the special colors?
    RickMakesGoodVideos 1 year ago

    My friend? told me you can smoke on southwest?
    xomileyfan1xo 1 year ago

    @xomileyfan1xo Federal law prohibits any? smoking on our flights. Thank you so much.
    NutsAboutSouthwest 1 year ago 11

    @NutsAboutSouthwest ok? ok dont blame me blame my friend!
    xomileyfan1xo 1 year ago

    @NutsAboutSouthwest and? by the way it was when we were in 2nd grade? haha OWNED
    xomileyfan1xo 1 year ago

    @NutsAboutSouthwest oh crap. is this the real southwest? and i thought? you were meaning that in a mean w ay. ok? so if we could bring peace.
    xomileyfan1xo 1 year ago

    @NutsAboutSouthwest on all US? carriers
    southwestairlines28 1 year ago

    @NutsAboutSouthwest How about the new e-cigarettes? there's no? smoke, just a vapor. Is that legal?
    sundowner701 1 year ago

    ifee364 1 year ago

    @xomileyfan1xo? Your friend's full of it.
    shadddey5 1 year ago

    @shadddey5 I actually agree? with you
    xomileyfan1xo 1 year ago

    @xomileyfan1xo are you stupid? You can't smoke on? any flight today with any airline
    TheLiLD95 1 year ago

    @TheLiLD95 dont blame me. if you actually READ THAT COMMENT I SAID MY FRIEND TOLD ME? IT. SO I WOULD SHUT UP
    xomileyfan1xo 1 year ago

    @TheLiLD95 btw she said that when we were is second? grade..
    xomileyfan1xo 1 year ago

    @xomileyfan1xo ? lmao
    andrescaraudio 1 year ago

    @xomileyfan1xo Well your friend is quite wrong.?
    biggestMetallicAfan 1 year ago

    @xomileyfan1xo you cant somke on any airline? now
    ryan0157 1 year ago

    @ryan0157 I? AM AWARE
    xomileyfan1xo 1 year ago

    @xomileyfan1xo my? friend told me you can smoke weed only if your flying of Cali
    1onsite 1 year ago

    @1onsite false?
    checkerace50 11 months ago

    @xomileyfan1xo actualy you can... just dont expect to ever fly? again
    AmericanIndustries 1 year ago

    @xomileyfan1xo You have to? follow the planes lead, if the plane smokes you can smoke, if the plane burns then you can burn too
    greetex6 1 year ago

    gianpic 1 year ago

    I wonder how long? it really takes?
    MarkmBha 1 year ago

    @MarkmBha Well according to boeing a 737 is ready? to go every 24 hours so the paintjob shouldnt take too long
    Aerolineas747 1 year ago

    @Aerolineas747 Regular paint job on 737 take 3 days. Special like this? one take 1-2 weeks.
    ae446c 1 year ago

    this? is a cool video
    thefilmmaker331 1 year ago

    The video is cool, but I? like the music too! Sounds like Charlie Daniels Band.
    bdabbs2 1 year ago


    Yes, I think? Charlie Daniels Band
    Alninya44 3 months ago

    no wonder they fall out of the sky? so easily they are built in 2 and a half minute
    frenkp 1 year ago 2

    Remember the D.C.3, the best ever !! I flew ex Dorval Mtl, 1961 to Winisk in the

    Hudson Bay, mid canada line, 1st Eskimo female flight attendant, only heat was a

    rubber tube attached to engine warmth, 200 guys on site no women, lots? beer.

    Later moved to Resolute Bay, best arctic char in the world. Old memories.
    schlusnus 1 year ago

    I live in Tampa, and as? a result, I see SWA planes all the time. I hope that I can see "Florida One" sometime! :-)
    veronicafan2000 1 year ago

    Best video ive seen? on youtube right here.
    USMarineKasel 1 year ago 17

    @USMarineKasel que??
    dechm4af 1 year ago

    wooooot? woooooottt ! :D
    starburstmeganx3 1 year ago

    ohhh everytime i see it.. how normal it is in these times..? it still amazes me what kind of pieces of engineering this planes are!! i dont care if its a airbus boeing canadair or embaer cessna or piper etc.... just no tupolev.. =)
    flyerholland 1 year ago

    And the best thing? of all…it isn’t an Airbus!!
    soylentteal 1 year ago
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    azizzzz1 1 year ago
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    soylentteal 1 year ago
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    soylentteal 1 year ago

    what? a beauty!!
    Johnsleesa 1 year ago

    What? a great video.

    I'm going to watch it again.
    karelfromholland 1 year ago

    #Awesome I do like? planes
    JonnyBgr 1 year ago

    This video lies - the first plane is a -800 note the two exit doors, something never scene on Southwest -300 -500 or -700 series and the length of the cabin is questionable. But the plane painted? is a -700
    kj762aa 1 year ago

    @kj762aa This video is showing the general construction of a 737, it is not meant to be a detailed instructional video on how to build a specific model. The first scenes were stock video of a 737 being built, Boeing most likely? used those scencs that they already had because any time there is a film crew things slow to a crawl..
    planeguy141 1 year ago

    Apparently they are? union workers...see how its done?
    19baitmaster51 1 year ago

    But how long did it? actually take?
    artvandelay13 1 year ago

    @artvandelay13 About 0.8 days per plane.?
    willbo1 1 year ago

    @willbo1 It takes much longer than .8 days to build a 737. That's? the approximate frequency of completion, not the duration of the build. It takes a couple of months to build one.
    daschlag 1 year ago

    Seems like it took? longer to paint it than to build it. Perhaps that should be unsettling to frequent flyers :-S
    jesperc20 1 year ago

    @jesperc20: Or it says something about the? high degree of efficiency involved in organizing the total flow of parts ;)
    moddy82 1 year ago

    @moddy82 It is a time-lapse video. Not all assembly processes are shown, and they did not show the time? periods in proportion to the amount of work done...
    planeguy141 1 year ago

    @jesperc20 Well you also have to take into account all the parts are just put together.

    The building of each seperate piece of? the plane (wings, fusalage, landing gear) is not shown.
    cheetoman23 1 year ago


    ???? ???? ???????? ?32?????

    ??? ???? ???????? ????? ??? ?????? ??? ???? ????? ????????? ??????? ???????? ?? ????????!!
    smasm96 1 year ago

    Another beautiful 737? enters service
    ThunderHaus 1 year ago

    ???????? ??? ????? ???? ???? ?????? ??????? ?? ????

    ?? ??

    llovedead 1 year ago

    alright? FLORIDA! in yo face texas! HA! :D GIT THAT DONE UH!
    nastypop 1 year ago
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    gulfnet88 1 year ago

    no one around here speaks Hodgie .... speak english on? Al Gores Internet. haha
    flynncowboy 1 year ago

    @flynncowboy I Can Speak English? If u Want
    gulfnet88 1 year ago

    ??? ???? ????? ?????? ????? ????? .
    mishommn 1 year ago

    ?????? ?????? ???? ???????? ??????
    AmirAlmahbin 1 year ago

    ?? ????? ?? ?????
    05506755 1 year ago

    ????? ?????????? . ???????? ????? ????? ..

    << (^_^)
    Mrashraf1000 1 year ago

    @Mrashraf1000? ??? ???? ?? ???????? ????? ??????? ?? ??????? ?32 ????? ????? ?????? ?? ??????
    gulfnet88 1 year ago

    @gulfnet88 ???????????? ????? ????? ???? ???? ????? .. ????? ????????? ?????? ???
    Mrashraf1000 1 year ago

    markkanany 1 year ago

    Wonder if? they'll spray my car
    Drsnafubar 1 year ago

    As a AirTran Airways employee this video? was very cool and I've seen it in Boston already thank you for posting it
    luvgirlsfeet 1 year ago

    N21X 1 year ago

    hardtrucker18 1 year ago

    ????? ????? ?? ????? ??????? ??? ????
    aboharon21 1 year ago

    you are? joking!!!!!!!
    bosharwa 1 year ago

    nice =]?
    keinnas 1 year ago

    It looks? so simple.. !
    pfkgm 1 year ago

    Really amazing video..I have added this one as my favorite video on? orkut
    energeticlear 1 year ago

    hamad501501 1 year ago

    A work? of art!
    florianvandillen 1 year ago

    WOW? !!! ...
    A6la3MnRasi 1 year ago

    cool! id like ta? have one of those
    slickpeek 1 year ago
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    ABOSARAH999 1 year ago

    MrBabyboy212 1 year ago

    The plane in the assembly part of the vid is an -800. 2 over wing exits. SWA only buys little? -700s.
    BrownSasquatch 1 year ago

    Built in Renton, Washington.... along with about 42% of the jetiliners in? use in the world right now.
    stiltedattitude 1 year ago

    I may not have been born in Florida...I may not live there now...but it is the best State in the Union and I? love her dearly! Southwest ain't so bad either
    hdrakegibson 1 year ago 10

    It's? that easy huh? Wow. Nicely done. I wonder how long the turn-around is?
    ejicon 1 year ago

    How it's built!? Cool!
    florianvandillen 1 year ago

    its amazing how they move so fast,? haha
    Bonhead21 1 year ago

    @Bonhead21 loooool?
    GreatKATOOR 1 year ago

    Beautiful!!! Really nice to see? so many women helping to make this!!!
    merryfreakinpippins 1 year ago

    monkyhead733 1 year ago

    what a great clip, I love Southwest to begin and tempted to apply to work for them since they are a People's Airline in my mind and this adds another pride to their fleet

    thank you for? the clip !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!
    falafel1860 1 year ago


    EBISUphoto 1 year ago

    I want to fly in her!?
    twin90s 1 year ago

    Love? it.
    imrananwar 1 year ago

    dis how planes get made babe?
    rubbermuck 1 year ago

    ready? to crash.
    JacksInn 1 year ago


    You're? thinking of Airbus.
    KanzlerM 1 year ago

    Sådan samler man lige en Boeing 737? på 3 min..
    Burnblock 1 year ago

    painting? ftw
    ColonelWilhelmKlink 1 year ago

    in hope it comes? to Tampa Inti one day
    FSXFlyer95 1 year ago

    i live in florida?
    cd949604 1 year ago

    dalepe86 1 year ago

    didn't relize? they make this many planes what happens to the old out dated planes
    mikesquintana 1 year ago

    @mikesquintana They're sitting out in Arizona? in the desert somewhere.
    MrTommy001 1 year ago

    @mikesquintana they end up flying for YOUR country's? airline lol
    jbestell 1 year ago

    I'd hate to be paying the tab on the? paint job!
    Elodea 1 year ago

    Ready for? pushback, Caff ;)
    kevinexile 1 year ago

    I live in Florida, was former? TWA and enjoyed the Boeing show of the SW aircraft construction and take-off. Beautiful upload and I'm saving it for future viewing and forwarding. Keep 'em flying!
    OperaPilot 1 year ago

    that was amazing, i like how southwest can do that? to their planes.
    guitarruler1432 1 year ago

    @BobbyDemarkus Robots will eventually be self healing, meaning they should be able to fix themselves adequately for most things. If you plan a? machine out well enough you can know exactly how long it will last and what the break points of it are. If we have to make robots, to repair the main robots as their primary purpose then that works too.
    addiktion13 1 year ago

    memorizing time-lapse video and incredible technological achievement - but a shame that we continue to celebrate the production of fossil fuel-consuming? vehicles with scant regard to solving global warming
    MyKarmaRanOvrYrDogma 1 year ago

    Super? art!!
    ae446c 1 year ago

    lennox11z 1 year ago

    they made the work of months into 2 and a half minute?

    picecs 1 year ago 2

    Yeah, cool, but also b/s because the video does not show the same airplane from? start to finish. The airplane assembled on the factory floor has two overwing exits, which means that it is a 737-800 or 900, the aircraft being painted has one overwing exit, which means that it is a 737-700.

    Typical sloppiness or arrogance in thinking that people won't notice.
    alienbogey 1 year ago


    Well pat yourself on the back for noticing. The? whole idea of the video is now lost because of what you mentioned.
    mechanized331 1 year ago


    You're right, it is.

    If the video were titled "The Assembly of? Somebody Else's 737 and the Painting of Florida One" it would be accurate.

    But it's not, so the video is, at least to a certain degree, a sham.
    alienbogey 1 year ago 2


    Agreed! Pretty easy to tell the construction isn't of the Southwest bird as the one being shown has 2 emergency exits over the wing (i.e., like the 800s and 900s). Southwest only has the smaller 737s (with only 1 emer exit over the wing). Still a? nice video to watch, though!
    flyboycpa 1 year ago

    josephairis 1 year ago

    This? video has been entered into the 'Top 10 Travel Videos of the Week' battle at BattlingTube website.
    BattlingTube 1 year ago

    Does this plane fly a regular route Btwn 2? cities or is it random?
    TR224 1 year ago

    @TR224 Random; a plane that flies from Ft. Lauderdale to Tampa (both in Florida),? will continue on to other cities like Chicago, Reno, and Los Angeles during the rest of the day.
    BonzoESC 1 year ago

    seijikatudou0013 1 year ago

    Sickest? Design ever!!!!
    MrFondestAlex 1 year ago

    Henry Ford would be? proud.
    TheCanadianPublic 1 year ago

    That is? so awesome!
    scottehammer 1 year ago
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    90lights 1 year ago

    holy hell? that's epic! :O
    wingsofhope2 1 year ago

    I? bet you wanna CLICK on my username
    gilvers1 1 year ago

    now i see what this vids for

    the assembly of a boeing jet

    henry ford and? the incvention of an assembly line brought easy prices for all imagination this process without the assembly line
    zeratul575 1 year ago

    y si it called florida one?
    psh2724 1 year ago

    @psh2724 It is the first airplane of its kind made by Southwest? so it gets the name Florida One, if it had been Nevada it would be called Nevado One and if for some reason they want to build another one for Florida it would be called Florida Two.
    AdvancedGentleman 1 year ago

    so thats what they do with the extra money from? charging fat people 2 seats
    MrFoonamiTTT 1 year ago

    yeah thats my state plane right there, were kool? like that :D GO FLORIDA
    notpreppy09 1 year ago

    thats so bad ass, i love southwest for painting their aircraft? the way they do and hope to be piloting them in the future
    moose6692 1 year ago

    do they? have a "state ___" one for every state?
    xodgpc 1 year ago

    @xodgpc i think there going for that

    they have a california? one so im happy :)
    zeratul575 1 year ago

    That plane is? awesome
    awesomemax100 1 year ago
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    creepa200 1 year ago

    alguien sabe si ensamblan aviones? en Mexico?
    ACUARIOH2O 1 year ago

    wow I never knew they used wood in? airplanes that side.Learned something new
    D1983r 1 year ago
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    cgxff1985 1 year ago

    @applesweeter 1) it beats falling, 2) The need for speed. also want to see how many shaped gizmos can actually fly. 3) Also like pinup models too, and cute slogans like, " I am Lisa, Fly me? ". 4) hey it worked with Scion, of course it would.
    gilgamesh1962 1 year ago

    @AV8Harrier I like the? Airbuses, nothing seems to have the breaking power of them. they stop in like half the distance of 737s, or at least it seems so.
    gilgamesh1962 1 year ago

    thats? so cool!
    purepinoii 1 year ago

    Cool colors!!?
    sugardaddylifestyle 1 year ago

    at least my bags fly? free
    24jeffgordan88JRfan 1 year ago

    @24jeffgordan88JRfan LOL, what airline? I just recently did a trip where I used 4? dif. airlines, ( Delta, AA, United, and Jet Blue ) Jet Blue was the best experience. ( no bag charge, on time, and roomier seating ). the problem created with this charging extra for luggage, is that everyone is trying to fit everything into carry-ons, so you end up with no space in overhead compartments, and flights are delayed taking off and landing.
    gilgamesh1962 1 year ago

    I love the painting step, like playing a? minature model ^^
    boazyim 1 year ago

    Zynga farmville hacks /watch?v=-cwsVNOXhpA?
    klp681 1 year ago

    Its? like a toy in fast forward. lol!
    marctoro96 1 year ago

    Sooooooooooooooo MUCH? WORK!!!
    theDECENTswe 1 year ago

    that plane Is? SHINY
    airadoz 1 year ago

    i still bug out by the fact that you're in a chair.... IN THE? SKY.....
    drnotes630 1 year ago

    MiKeRoToR 1 year ago

    can someone? tell me how long these take to build?
    minichaders 1 year ago

    I can't believe we actually fly in these awesome things that someone has to think of ALL that minutiae in design, then build it to spec, then service? it to
    zaneologyTV 1 year ago

    Amazing!!! Luv? Southwest.... "Luv" Sweet!
    airRail76 1 year ago

    Southwest? sucks, great model for success, but no frills sucks.
    Icetitan777 1 year ago

    oki, wow?
    xXHojinXx 1 year ago

    pabloven64 1 year ago

    was here?
    MultiViolation 1 year ago

    I Worked with them? those days :p
    yousefhm 1 year ago

    That was beyond cool. Boeing's assembly line is unlike anything else I've ever seen. And their paint shop truly is state of the art.? Great viseo. ;-)
    SFLRailFan 1 year ago 13


    you spelled video wrong, wow your? retarded
    redskinnedvince 1 year ago

    @redskinnedvince .......Don't criticize a typographical error prior to educating yourself as to the use homonymsIgnorance is no excuse for being? a knucklehead.
    harveymushman7171 1 year ago 2

    @harveymushman7171 See that! Even I made an error......I neglected a space between the words homonym and? ignorance!...That was a typo.
    harveymushman7171 1 year ago
    This comment has received too many negative votes   show
    redskinnedvince 1 year ago

    @redskinnedvince? OMG, UZ RLY KEWL!!! >.>
    Th3BritishGuy 1 year ago


    A? little birdie told me your british, go fuck yourself!
    redskinnedvince 1 year ago

    @redskinnedvince I KNOW, AMIRITE??
    Th3BritishGuy 1 year ago

    Excelente video del armado? del avion, Fantastico !

    sonidos5 1 year ago

    sweet!? :)
    MellMenzo 1 year ago

    this was just kinda fun? to watch ^_^
    Bentfrombeyond 1 year ago

    Wow! Looks like they have it "down to a? science".
    tonycdrive 1 year ago

    Pretty? cool paint job. A little loud but cool anyway. :-j
    CAPTSCRU33Y 1 year ago

    CORN BEEF 'ASH (lightly fried) HAM STEAK (seared and topped wiv 'ollandaise) SIRLOIN STEAK (Butterflied, stuffed wiv crab)? SAUSAGES (fried and maple flavored) BACON (double smoked, oresome)
    loonmaniac 1 year ago

    Sure it's an advertisement for Southwest Airlines, but it's a pretty entertaining one.

    See how an aircraft is built in 2 1/2? minutes. Pretty cool.
    DukeLacroix 1 year ago

    Wish i were? D son of the Owner.. lol
    pepcycool 1 year ago
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    sguaino 1 year ago
    Comment removed
    sguaino 1 year ago
    Comment removed
    sguaino 1 year ago

    Barbie? plane :)
    AngelicAcid453 1 year ago

    So does SouthWest actually produce their own? jets, or is this actually Boeing or something?
    doohuh 1 year ago

    @doohuh It's all done by boeing. Southwest places and order with boeing and supplies the money while boeing puts the plane together and southwest gives? them a pain job or design they want and boeing paints the plane as well as puts it though several test flights before allowing it to be released to Southwest or any airlines in that matter.
    winningfreak1 1 year ago
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    love2010spark 1 year ago

    @fourniertennis and what? does that have anything to do with freedom you fag?
    P3RSIANpinoy 1 year ago

    When I visited my old hometown in washington I got to check out? the inside of that place, its AMAZING!

    I love boeing haha.
    BluJayperson 1 year ago

    Lockerz? invite, just send me a message with your email in it.
    umojo94 1 year ago

    that was actually? pretty interesting
    NaraNobu 1 year ago

    great video for a great airlines. Luv? SWA and i'm happy they fly to where I call home. Nice plane too!
    mrsaltwatertank 1 year ago

    Southwest Airlines are All for Low Life Mandy? Moore Fans and People LOL!!!!!!!!!!
    armoredtruck1984 1 year ago

    Amtrak and VIA Riders are All and? Alot Better than Southwest Airlines Flyers.
    armoredtruck1984 1 year ago

    that is freaking? awesome!
    jasethevase 1 year ago

    People who Fly Southwest Airlines are All DumbAsses But People? who Ride Amtrak are All Smart.
    armoredtruck1984 1 year ago

    @armoredtruck1984 tht is stupidest thing i ever heard southwest cheap seats nice sit where u wnt name? 1 bad thing bout it
    holyinator 1 year ago

    yay southwest. great? prices and reliable flights!
    anthonycarl2020 1 year ago

    I love it!

    been waiting for this? livery for so long! (:

    caught the bird landing before my school trip to Boston! (:
    iflydelta1101 1 year ago

    sick? with the paints and the designs. :D cool :[]
    karl0108 1 year ago 14
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    sexyshoeppw 1 year ago
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    zarbock59 1 year ago
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    gammaman96 1 year ago

    Cool video. ? Does it have DirecTV? :)
    unixsuperuser 1 year ago

    Brychase121 1 year ago

    how? cool
    viralvideomy 1 year ago

    does SWA have? California One yet?
    JASPREET42 1 year ago

    @JASPREET42 yep?
    DamnHippies1 1 year ago


    Yes, video fMKQtpV_VWk
    wfo76 1 year ago

    one of? those are bound to crash one day
    LindenNolet 1 year ago

    "what does your dad do for a living?"

    "oh, he? makes planes."
    tecdude2 1 year ago

    Wow that was fast! Imagin how much airplanes they can? make! I loled at the end though when it was flying cause I was thinking, FREE DELIVERY?
    robertkyle12 1 year ago

    Boeing has assembly lines?? Sweet.
    shoppinggirl125 1 year ago

    That was one cool video. Thanks.?
    menonthemovemovie 1 year ago

    Great project ! really cool,. do you know how long they built? this plane up? like everything?
    besdongrboskhmer 1 year ago

    Great project ! really nice !?
    besdongrboskhmer 1 year ago

    I think Braniff alway's had the sweetest? looking plane's
    icerorer714 1 year ago

    If you like this video? check out brokencondoms1 the fuckups
    BrokenCondoms1 1 year ago
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    DirtyMill08 1 year ago

    looks like a lot of? work, cool
    ssbbfan710 1 year ago
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    DirtyMill08 1 year ago

    The video makes it seem like a plane takes as long to paint as it does? to build lol
    kiwanukaz 1 year ago

    Florida isn't in the Southwest...? It's in the Southeast...
    AT1989 1 year ago

    forever? new frontiers
    caganb 1 year ago

    Really? Cool!
    eochocinco85 1 year ago

    Summer86 1 year ago

    gemimijets13 1 year ago

    Nice vid, looks like the painting took longer? than building the plane :P
    djheckler92 1 year ago 5

    haha! Stenciling a plane! Cool!?
    SterKostas 1 year ago 2

    i will? be graduated in this things
    lucastf21 1 year ago

    Need to? make one that has Hawaii on it!
    ichase888 1 year ago 15

    They? make it look so easy -_-
    WalkAroundDude 1 year ago

    awesome! although my brother flies an Airbus 320, Boeing is an awesome company who makes just as good as a plane as? Airbus.
    Shipmate1936 1 year ago

    looks like the entire part of making the plane was from Boeing's site and not southwest plane. cuz look when the planes being made its a -800 but the final painted product is a -700 LOL?
    AMT4245 1 year ago 3

    Prettty cool? :)
    daboredteenagers 1 year ago

    They will use it to transport cocaine.?
    Interpol10020 1 year ago 31

    @Interpol10020 they obviously will NOT use it to transport cocaine. the plane sticks out in the sky like an eye sore?
    playinenglish 1 year ago

    BrutalMind1984 1 year ago

    @Interpol10020 lol?
    Tardhatch101 1 year ago

    @Interpol10020 stupid? fucking comment
    MaralizeLegawana 1 year ago


    Fucking? troll
    fatalkill504 1 year ago

    @Interpol10020 we can only hope...?
    theycallmekermit 1 year ago

    WHOA dude that's awesome but is it like a commercial plane? or? specialty southwest private customers or something
    sheerspeed 1 year ago

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Noose - 27/12/2011


Damn farny lah... =)

sukarno 2 hours ago

LOL my fav noose character..... he also imitated kee chiu's level of intelligence.

laythe21smackdown 1 day ago 2

hello brother, how many times must i tell u, i'm a COL!!!! how can i join a company run by privates! my god this is damn funny

liuxianshen 1 day ago

LOL Colonel rank is like KFC's Col. Sanders blue tag lol

AveMaria87 1 day ago

Agree with me anot? You agree, Ki Chiew! Ki Chiew!

gengen19851 1 day ago 7

@krankschaft haha!

96961587 2 days ago

Muhahahahahahaha totally love it!!! Who love it? "ki qiu!" "all ki qiu!!"

junk082 2 days ago 11

HAHAHAHAHAA!!! this make my day! Mayor = Major sibo?

jayish 2 days ago

this survived the national tv?

krankschaft 2 days ago

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chen Show Mao - Ministerial Salary Debate, Parliament, Jan 16 2012

ask Chen Show Mao, he doesn't need a benchmark. He just do it.

Singapore politic star who has sacrificed his huge income by quitting his lawyer job and joining the Singapore opposition party - Workers' Party. He is the true politician who does not work for money, unlike many others.

Monday, January 16, 2012

the mrbrown show: a minister shares his thoughts on the pay cut

MP and Minister Midas Jin shares his thoughts on the ministerial pay cut, with his constituents.


It sounded like boners at the end.....

9yyyye 13 hours ago

A true reflection.

lainhuangsj 2 days ago


kohwaiteck 2 days ago

kopi-o grande. LOL

coloriques 3 days ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Thankfulness is really under-rated among Singapore netizens.

Complaining and whining on the other hand...

lookitfan 4 days ago

It's even funnier if you turn on the automatic captions :)

ianchai 4 days ago 2

Mr Brown, once again, you spoofed the out-of-touch and self-absorbed ministers perfectly. I can't stop laughing!

dielikeadogtoo 4 days ago in playlist More videos from mistabrown 3

Very good. Thank You very much.

Reflects the thoughts of majority of singaporeans.

Time will tell - that you and other like-minded citizens are the real heros and patriots

of Singapore. Goh Keng Swee , Rajaratman,etc. would not be able to recognize the PAP of today.

Hopefully another pay cut will drive away money-faced people from serving.

neneneg 4 days ago

Click [CC], enable Transcribe Audio, sit back and watch.

starfallinvoker 5 days ago

Do Billionaires in America earn less than Millionaires in Singapore?

xquizts 5 days ago

The gov just opened a can or worms...

xquizts 5 days ago

actually, i am more concern to find out what the government is going to do with the money. Are they gonna use it to reduce taxes for people or just going to put the remaining money into the reserves?

cystal 5 days ago

@cystal That means the respective Ministry will reduce the expenditure and the government will has more surplus for the reserve.

koopyman 5 days ago

If the government have pay raise to reduce corruption student should have more marks given to reduce cheating

gxteosin1 5 days ago

@gxteosin1 If students have more marks to reduce cheating, women should be able to use men's urinal in order to pee. After all it's all about urine. The form of discharge should be equally available. Then it's fair.

lilykong 5 days ago

I like this guy :)

musiclover08663 5 days ago

13 PAP Hard core fans dislike this viD.


94353279 5 days ago

@94353279 i am not a pap fan..but i dislike this video

KelX91 5 days ago

sorry for the crude language but it sounds like i still got boners at the end. LOL

xiaopang1993 5 days ago

13 pap MPs disliked this video.

hound297 5 days ago


ImperialArmour 5 days ago

Kudo's to u Mr Brown. you got balls

terence77ho 6 days ago 3

Mr Brown u should make more youtube videos!!

samdeen95 6 days ago 3

Mr Brown, you're a national hero

superduperherman 6 days ago 4

this guy is a genius for not getting into too much trouble with the isd

limzs2001 6 days ago

Agree. If ministers earn more than what they earn in the private sector, they would not be ministers in the first place

JozuaOshea 6 days ago

Wow such a smug and elite face. They should recruit Mr Brown to act in the upcoming LKY movie

doryfishie2 6 days ago 4

Amazing how he put up the happenings in Singapore in so few words using sarcastic remarks. Cable ties, drain, rice bowl... XD

kayserenade 6 days ago 4

Some ministers earned a lot more working in the private sector than the pay they get as a minister. 

s10096209 6 days ago

@s10096209 Earning a lot more in the private sector doing what? If they are that good why need foreign talent? Do some research please!

Mp3SuperSound 6 days ago 2

@Mp3SuperSound You do some research.

People working as lawyers, CFO, CEO, etc in the private sectors earn a lot more than ministers. Some ministers that came from the private sectors earn a lot less than they previously did. One example is this Grace Fu.

If u want the rich to be humble and earn as much as the average people, then you're a communist. Communist country that way --> to china.

s10096209 6 days ago

@s10096209 Earning high salaries and being competent is one thing. Earning high wages and being incompetent is another. What has communism got to do with it in our discussion? Ministers are here to serve the countryand it's people, and not to further their ambition. Please educate me, tell me how many ministers are directors of companies ? How many times does a minister meet it's people in a month and for how long? Sorry to say this, but your coffee- shop reasoning carries no weight.

Mp3SuperSound 6 days ago 3

@Mp3SuperSound Please la, don't be a naive fool. Ministers don't do it for honour, glory, of for the love of their country. But they don't do it to get rich either.

Like I said earlier, if they really wanted to get rich, I'm sure they could've stayed in their respective sectors, possibly earning more than what they earn now. Mr K. Miss Grace. Mr S Jayakumar, some examples.

Communism - establishment of a classless, moneyless, stateless and revolutionary socialist society

s10096209 5 days ago

@s10096209 You speak like an idiot without memory. I see you don't have the sense of evaluation. Whatever knowledge you posessed is based on what you are told and not by research or critical thinking. How do you know how much they earn before joining the goverment? Have you seen their pay slip? What makes you think they earn much less now than before. If you got some credible evidence, please show it. By the way, do you know how many billionaires there are in China? Get some knowledge kid!

Mp3SuperSound 5 days ago

@Mp3SuperSound Like I said, do your own research. Go find out how much a top litigator owns, how much a director owns, etc. I see you can't even write out a simple reply without resorting to ad hominem. Of course there are billionaires in China. Please look up the definition of Communism and tell me I'm wrong.

Critical thinking ? Critical thinking used to solve problem. Better ur english first before asking ministers to drop their pay to the average Singaporean's salary. Communist.

s10096209 5 days ago

@s10096209 Are you schizophrenic or having somekind of mental delusion? Tell me, prior to my reply, did you not call me a naive fool? Now whos resorting to ad hominem?

You are losing direction in your arguement my friend. Why would I want to look up the definition of Communism? Where in my comment did I mention anything about Communism or ministers need to have their pay peg to that of an average Singaporean?It's all from you .Don't tie me into it. Looks like you're lost and confused.

Mp3SuperSound 5 days ago

@s10096209 Please do not debate with me base on assumption.

Mp3SuperSound 5 days ago

@Mp3SuperSound Asking you to not be naive is ad hominem? I'm sorry but you sound like a butthurt Singaporean who's not content with his average salary. My parents brought me up with less than $2000 a month, never heard them complain about how life sucks, how the govt is ripping off the country.

Isn't that what this whole discussion about? Ministers earning too much? I'll just say this again, if they worked in the pvt sector, they would be earning a lot more.

s10096209 5 days ago

@s10096209 Whenever theres some financial crisis, it will always be the common men in the streets that will be kick in ass first. If he is lucky he will not meet retrenchment but he will surely have his small pay freeze or cut. Worse of all, with reduced CPF contribution, some will find difficulties servicing their HDB housing loan. So this is what Singaporeans have been enduring all this while. Since the fire have started, let it burnout. See what comes next. Have a nice Sunday.

Mp3SuperSound 5 days ago

@Mp3SuperSound Closing the income gap, wanting ministers to earn as much as the people they serve, etc. All communist ideals. That's what this whole drama is about. Singaporean citizens never content with what they have and ministers talking too much.


s10096209 5 days ago

@s10096209 I would have agree with you if you had put it down as some ministers rather than ministers.It gives the impression that all are capable, competent and will be able to command high salaries in the private sector. Don't forget, for every CEO that asked to join a company, almost the same number will be getting the boot. This discussion currently going on in Singapore is not solely about discontention, It's complex and has been building up for many years. It finally came to light.

Mp3SuperSound 5 days ago

@Mp3SuperSound You have a pleasant weekend too.

s10096209 5 days ago

@s10096209 Totally agree but competition is strong in private sector. How many can stay maintaining a business & fight other challenges esp. in a small country?

Joining high govt post ensures long term stay in power. No retirement or retrenchment. Damn solid rice bowl. Treated like celebrity everywhere. Countless unseen benefits. Mistakes? No problem. Bonus guaranteed. No repercussions for bad decisions.

I want to join too but I am neither elite nor foreign talent.

Would so love the money. :(

dereth13 5 days ago

He is incredible. Somehow he is able to crystallise the thinking of many average salary earners. He is very funny too.

guyneo 6 days ago

AHAHAH HAND OF MIDAS FROM DOTA! (Item that changes enemy to gold every minute)

DOLwm 6 days ago

@DOLwm hahaha I am familiar with that item but whats the reference mean? what is MB trying to say with the midas thing??

TheSpiritOfTheWest 6 days ago

10 MPs misunderstood the dislike button.

Ouijablush 6 days ago 2

538 likes with only 305 views? Wow - even the unseen spirits like this stellar parody and must have given this video a thumbs-up too. :)

JimmyinChrist 6 days ago 3


84215249 6 days ago

Bonus ur boners?

84215249 6 days ago 4

Nice one. Don't Cry for me Argentina

Sunnylim007 6 days ago

8 MPs disliked this video.

FusionStream 1 week ago 22

@FusionStream dislike thi video does not mean they are MPs..

this guy is just plain retard

KelX91 2 days ago

@KelX91 He's just kidding la lametard..

TheGr8DudeO 19 hours ago

Yes, the red light is blinking.

cyp1000 1 week ago

Way to go, Minister Brown!!!

fioyap 1 week ago

"pondings in the PM's office"?? You mean... Ponding people? (like, throwing them in ponds? lol!)

74kyB 1 week ago

real CB face...muahahha

nikhilnd 1 week ago

mr brown for public service!

melvinloh7 1 week ago

Dear Minister Brown,

As a loyal supporter who empathize your recent pay cut, we are still generous to share our $2000 monthly salary with you by paying taxes. We can show you how to live in HDB, cut coupons for shopping trips, how to use Kopitiam or Popular discount cards. More importantly, we will teach you how to squeeze into Mrt and rush to your destinated meeting place. In short, you will not suffer a drop in your standard of living. You will have an exciting year ahead.

Mayong9193 1 week ago 16

8 ministers dislike this video.

sabby123456789 1 week ago 4

there is more likes than views O.O

Butterforyou 1 week ago

Great job MP Midas! We'll continue voting for you with our thumbs up so you can continue with your "reduced" standard of living! :P

lancefury 1 week ago 2

even with the pay cut, it was not enough to balance out. They dont deserve so much with so much shit happening to the country.

Rienei 1 week ago

Minister Midas Jin made 6 accounts and dislike this LOL

Lilsaintaz 1 week ago

Paycut = imbalance? Might as well say More ministers = more "higher rank" ppl getting more pay...

Gunbardo 1 week ago

And five dislikes are MIWs' ball lickers

Wanloqz 1 week ago 3

mrbrown, never fails every time .PAPies astronautical pays are so fucking unbelievably outrageous !!!!

Wanloqz 1 week ago

You sound like one of the actors on the Noose lol

quiksilver0000 1 week ago 5

Mr. Brown nice!!! 

KenntheAwesome 1 week ago

@mistabrown, can show the original footage which u got inspired from or not?

urfriend88 1 week ago 6

@urfriend88 i think it's a parody of grace fu? check his website!

woah0junker 1 week ago

Buy one less mercedes a year? how can....

laythe21smackdown 1 week ago

1000000 like! U deserve the million dollar!

QMXJS 1 week ago

"MINUS"  Jin Jue Lui hahah

unholydanger 1 week ago

I still got 'Boners'.

k0takun 1 week ago 10

3 words for them. buey pai seh.

fir3atwi11 1 week ago

If Jack Neo doesn''t invite you to act in his next movie, damn wasted man! Such comedic talent where to find??

manstom 1 week ago 35

@manstom mr.brown would be undervalued putting him in jack neon's movie. jack neo should be in mr.brown's movie.

rubbadubbaducky 6 days ago

@manstom Jack Neo's next movie? no la he busy screwing another underaged girl right now la, WHERE GOT TIME FOR MOVIE.

ryanyth 5 days ago

@manstom exactly. what a crowd!

koopyman 5 days ago

@manstom damn spot on singlish brotha!

gohtingqi1997 5 days ago in playlist More videos from mistabrown

MB's satire unveils the ridiculous elitism of the government. "Preventing corruption" and "attracting talent" as justifications for such astronomical salaries is like paying a thief not to steal from you.

javachan 1 week ago 64

@javachan Correction. More like paying gangsters with protection money for no protection at all. Waitaminit! That's called extortion, right?

genie47 1 week ago

i didnt understand the video until the song

jungtou 1 week ago

LOL! Don't Cry for Me Argentina~!

CrsytralLim 1 week ago

the U.S. President Boracko Bombma earns only US$400,000 per year and that huge country has a big population of 315 million people.

over here this little Prison Island has only 6 million people and that greedy guy, before pay cut has earned a stratospheric $3 million plus a year, and now earns nearly $2 million (US$1.5 million) a year, still a super sky-high salary!

vincentyeo88 1 week ago 13

@vincentyeo88 Of course he takes in a few billion dollars in donations every year...............

DoomDG 1 week ago


right on, man! don't forget Ho Jinx is a cash cow!

vincentyeo88 1 week ago

buy i less merc scate in korea instead of swiss LOL

leegengamadeus 1 week ago

Ohoh~~ someone is jealous..... Tsk tsk. I always feel a higher pay that is totally disclosed to the public is way better that corruptions taking place. Btw, these people usually possess at least a medicine or law degree or some stuff like that, which means they will still be the top earners without being a MP.

2dayBlue 1 week ago

THAT face and grin really wanna be slapped. tak boleh tahan. cant wait for 2016

WoodlandSpore 1 week ago

Ministers take pay hike, Singaporeans complain; ministers take pay cut, Singaporeans complain. What is with this country?!

CactusAvenue 1 week ago

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Akiyagami 1 week ago

@CactusAvenue Well, I don't know if you are from Singapore or not but basically Ministers getting pay hikes despite their already extremely high salary is ridiculous, not to mention when they do take the proclaimed "pay cuts", they still earn significantly higher salaries compared to others who have to do the same or even more in other countries... In short, most Singaporeans nowadays feel that the Ministers' actions promised are not met and hence do not deserve the salary they are drawing now.

teddybearclarence 1 week ago 10

@teddybearclarence Please do not speak for most singaporeans. You are not most singaporeans.

lookitfan 1 week ago

@lookitfan i guess your the 60.1%?

PhinaDel 1 week ago

@PhinaDel Probably the 140%.

lookitfan 4 days ago

@lookitfan I may not be most Singaporeans but I know what is going on... It may not be smart to comment any further but I dare say this... There will be always people that'll agree with me that the ministers have not delivered on their promises... If you can prove otherwise, be my guest....

teddybearclarence 1 week ago


Sure, there will always be people who disagree with you too. Doesn't make anyone right.

lookitfan 5 days ago

so true bro.

14xlucas 1 week ago

Mr Brown is a national treasure!

8zz8 1 week ago 9

Although i paycut, its not so jialai. i still top earners, i still got boners~

dessimondo 1 week ago 3

Hehe you sound like Steven Lim in this ep!

emoworlds 1 week ago

This one best. Mr. Brown WIN

thedoctorawks 1 week ago

retard joker this guy is.

KelX91 1 week ago

You forgot to off your PC like Mr Sing Harn Tong..haha :D

ultraseven2012 1 week ago

i still got boners ?

manyrabbitx 1 week ago

u rock, brudder!

Su3ad83 1 week ago

the part when he talked about cable ties and the naked men holding up the sedan chair really MADE MY WEEK!! LOL

My Brown you are the BEST!!! :)

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ExorcistWalkerAllen 1 week ago

they need to peg their salary with the average sgeans.. not the richest.

singapore income gap number 1 country in the world.

laythe21smackdown 1 week ago 3

@laythe21smackdown Apparently, us income gap is way worse than singapore... And apparently, they are also way more corrupted than singapore... so stop complaining, when they already reducing their pay...

ExorcistWalkerAllen 1 week ago

3:27 ----------> Sprayed saliva all over my keyboard.

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ultraseven2012 1 week ago

"Don't ask what the country can do for you. Ask how much the country is willing to pay you."

~Singapore's Hard Truth in fine prints

TheRasidBin 1 week ago 2

hahaha!! you should join the script writing team for The Noose...

Mianzz 1 week ago 3

lol which MP has a Class III malocclusion?

jayelleenelial 1 week ago

HAHAHAHA ... I really laugh until no breath !!!

chrisyeo19 1 week ago

mrbrown for president ! XD

sni996 1 week ago

He keeps looking down....?

violetnhz 1 week ago

mrbrown for mp in 2016 lol

singaporetroll 1 week ago

wtf u almost make me choke at the "cable tie" joke.

singaporetroll 1 week ago


iResurreccion 1 week ago

He talks just like a MP. LOL *achievement unlocked*

dyumic 1 week ago 3

awesome la!!!!!!!!!!!

frinchy 1 week ago

resembles tan kin lian

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woshiSANTA 1 week ago

Kopi-O Grande! HAHAHHA 

Enduran91 1 week ago 2

Mr. Brown, I have to say that your face in this video is really super kiam pa. LOL

eugenegoh1987 1 week ago 256


indeed, he is now number one on the "kiam pa face" chart

1st. Minister Midas Jin Jue Lui

2nd. Lui Tuck You

MrStevenlim 1 week ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Brown Bear you sure have BIG Balls man ! ! !

KUDOS ! ! !

394nick 1 week ago

Well said Mr. Brown.

grilla883 1 week ago

very irritating sia.... lol~

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