Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Suicide Documentary in Thailand

Please note that watching the above video may cause discomfort.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chinese Army Hand Grenade Fail


I have t admit they looked ninja maneuvering

lightbulbs95 2 hours ago

@flectz I don't have to be a fucking rocket scientist to know i should jump away from grenades fucktard

lakostal 2 hours ago

Why were they throwing against a wall?

Averagebum2 2 hours ago

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MrAbadi0 3 hours ago

0:29 He's pulling him down to have sex LOL

OhRyan12345 3 hours ago

@OhRyan12345 I hope this is the last comment you ever post in your life ! Fuck off !

MrAbadi0 3 hours ago

what losers!!

jusm49ify 3 hours ago

nice save

knexfan100 3 hours ago

How did i get here from watching a cricket camera man crash a segway?

020luke1 3 hours ago 4

oooohhh SHIIIT this made me shit on my pants from laughing ,

MrAbadi0 3 hours ago

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jane5551 4 hours ago

good job of the instructor to pull him down

wtfboom4 4 hours ago 9

Just skip to 0:25

create812 4 hours ago

hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah­a he must be gay lmao dont hate me lol


@MISTERDYLOUIS Because that makes so much sense.

UncleFizzmo 4 hours ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

hero captain

Dylmoo 5 hours ago

Chinese Army Fucking Dog... =))

RichDadRiver 5 hours ago

@RichDadRiver Yeah, and the dog is Veitnam

frogger832 4 hours ago

Haha its not fake.

itti1977 5 hours ago


YOKES1996 5 hours ago

my guess is this isnt the first time that camo guy has had this happen to him. but guess what, it happens here too.

dantheman167 5 hours ago

if you dont know how to throw a grenade, i suggest not letting them have one...

paintballingfb 5 hours ago

+10 for the soldier in camo pulling the guy down so quickly.

kaiser10951 6 hours ago 3

What a stupid Fucking gook

weisle67 6 hours ago

@weisle67 I always thought a gook were Vietnamese?

GoodwillWright 4 hours ago

my video wil make you laugh gureented

kelzzycoster 6 hours ago

A future baseball star!! :-P

cicciogrecia 6 hours ago

stupid chinese 90s...

windasylum 6 hours ago


TheUndefeatedLegend 6 hours ago

BTW, I'm a white American and I'm not racist against others. Our economy has dropped dramatically as the American citizens forgot we are the ones who control our government, that needs to change as our government is to stupid to work without supervision. Now to the video, the quick thinking of the guy pulling him into the ditch possibly saved his life.

zlee415 7 hours ago

Made in China.

saturnwing 7 hours ago

Soldier uses Grenade.

Attack Missed.

Soldier grew to lvl 0!

paraskevas1908 7 hours ago


ubaksh11 8 hours ago

Made in China.

Stick1034 8 hours ago 4

0:46 Officer: "well, just another day at work"

tlalotoani 9 hours ago


i Dont afraid of my enemies are as good as god.

but i afraid of my teammate are as so stupid as pig.

fsis65 9 hours ago

más de la mitad de los milicos chinos muere antes de una guerra

Pafracci 9 hours ago

What The Fuck

TalkShow2011 9 hours ago


rogier17 9 hours ago

Even though the grenade did not go as planned, that still shows the fast reaction times that they have in case of an emergency. Props Chinese Army!

techguy3000 10 hours ago

@techguy3000 until they invade :O

andreirocks1992 9 hours ago

looks like the explosive on the end of the stick grenade came loose mid throw. must have been made in china.

wburton16 10 hours ago

The other guy saved his stupid ass and acted like it happens all the time- fuck that would be loud!

Scottypowpow 10 hours ago

this is why im not scared of china's military forces...

wassman10 11 hours ago 27

@wassman10 hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah­ WHAT A JOKE.

billybob1212 6 hours ago

@wassman10 hahahahahahahahaha lol


@wassman10 Are you sure? The inductee will become the instructor in the future.

You see? The military trainer is sensible and responsible for his student's life. Those are the properties of a good soldier which he will train to their students.

TheAnnstien 3 hours ago

@wassman10 I would be. He's a recruit, and he messed up. How they reacted to it... that shows they got balls. The instructor, at least.

TheAufschluss 1 hour ago

is it me or did it seem like the grenade bounced off of an invisible barrier? god needs to patch this shit!

TheHtjohn 11 hours ago 4

استغفر الله و اتوب اليه

ssss48ssss 11 hours ago

Give that guy a medal, that shit was straight out of an action movie!

botchalism 11 hours ago

what just happened ?

FARSOKELLOS 12 hours ago


KingCobaltKnight 12 hours ago

hahaha he pulled that nigga down

mymicrowave17000gs 12 hours ago


NicholasBrett00 12 hours ago

That is the range master that I would want near me if I ever got in trouble!

ryman1075 12 hours ago


SyuqBieberBoy 12 hours ago


brentosneedmentos 12 hours ago

dumb ass

dagreat028 12 hours ago

Fucking 10th prestige noob!!

cyborg10barca 13 hours ago

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chriswhite97 13 hours ago

@cyborg10barca Somebody is playing too many games

chriswhite97 13 hours ago

The trainee's brain was Made in China. The CO's definitely made elsewhere..

eyeofthestorm77 13 hours ago

Oooops! my bad !

TheFLOPY3032 13 hours ago


robertor12345 14 hours ago

Fuckin don't train with live grenades if you're gonna fail like that

AwesomeSauce64 14 hours ago

Like chinese quality 

Khalidroid 14 hours ago

Shit that was like war right there the other Chinese guy saved that other one!! That deserved a medal of honor

funtimez1212 14 hours ago


Falcon843 15 hours ago

I like how our careless of potential deadly situations in the world of the internet went from "accident" or "incident" to "FAIL". They could have died, but it's still a "Fail" to many people, I wonder how they will do in situations like this ! Surely they will fail !

BlackleoJB 15 hours ago


You are very correct. But then again I wouldn't have dropped the grenade in the first place... Thus to me it seems like a pretty large failure.

pmcanally09 15 hours ago

@pmcanally09 dude how the fuck do you know that you would never drop a grenade? Youve never dropped a ball? an apple? a drink? Thats why they practice with fakes then move up to live ones and train in small numbers like this, because people fuck up its a fact. ITs the ones who think they cant fuck up that end up hurting themselves or others.

tronclay 13 hours ago

that guy is a hero!

ingersollturok 15 hours ago

what did the grenade hit to bounce back

Elementi515 15 hours ago


I was wondering that too. I can see something there but I'm not sure what. It looks like a little wooden post, either alone or holding up a wire fence maybe. Either way, that officer sure is a fast thinker! Not only did he get himself in the best possible place instantly, but he dragged the kid down too. Otherwise that could have really harmed the kid, defened him maybe or worse.

MrThisplaceisweird 15 hours ago

but will it blend?

Cr3aMThEsNiPeR 16 hours ago

China is better than 'others'

msaleemksa1 16 hours ago

Made in China...

ifoundyou37 16 hours ago

OBZ for the win!!!

thegunni143 16 hours ago


Vankata99 16 hours ago

thats what u get beoch

dragonslajj 16 hours ago

但是那个手雷不是made in china的 要不然不会爆炸

zhengguoguangxi 16 hours ago

someone's a BIT special.

The1andOnlyCG 17 hours ago

Average Call of Duty player?

atos94 17 hours ago


mrpownxigor 17 hours ago

@MrEmad111111 I agree 110%.

atos94 17 hours ago

What do you expect from people that cant see lol

Ascenscion123 18 hours ago

Made in China. . .

kaboomers3000 18 hours ago 3

OBZ is my reason...

SharpShooter1086 18 hours ago

@vinsong what I'm saying is: quantity not always means quality. they pick anyone to serve the country. so no use of a big army if they are like that. prick. look at WWII, Finnish x Soviets. Soviets x Nazis.

Rafinhaa3 18 hours ago

@Rafinhaa3 -.- Chinese 2011 mass modernization of military. Military budget still lags behind USA 43% of global military expenditure but catching up pretty fast. Now 2nd largest expenditure towards defense is china.

vinsong 17 hours ago

@vinsong and still he can't throw a granade.

Rafinhaa3 13 hours ago

@Rafinhaa3 I was watching a documentary on Sandhurst training of future British Officers. There was this snobby middle class kid who has poor cardio, can't carry a rucksack for over 10 miles. Finished a hike up a hill with a full rucksack barely. Does that mean all British officers are like that failure. I think not sir. Now plz.

vinsong 12 hours ago

Fucking props to the Officer. Fast reaction time didnt even hesitate to drop down and drag him to the otherside

tehBLAX 18 hours ago 78


The thing you don't realise, is that the officer was just pulling the soldier on top of him to cover himself from shrapnel.

newt182 9 hours ago

I imagine that soldier was executed afterwards

GREKILOS 19 hours ago

nice saving by the Trainer - Excellent

thundderkidd 19 hours ago

and thats why america is number one

jpcod5 19 hours ago

@jpcod5 America is dramatically dropping cause of their economy. In a few years America is going to drop and China is going to be the strongest country.

YoAznBoi 7 hours ago

outbackzach sent me

almostgood4you 19 hours ago

Great reaction by the Officer....needs a medal.

TheZebo50 19 hours ago 3

Wie geil

Moritz96ful 19 hours ago

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EbonieImoto 19 hours ago


miraikarano2043 20 hours ago

@miraikarano2043 yeah, the Japanese are very capable! Why doesn't Japan stop answering every beck and call of the US and become independent! If China can be an independent and sovereign nation, then why can't Japan? Develop its own military instead of allowing US military bases on Japan soil!

shwwnn 9 hours ago

That officer is like an action hero

ryangamv8 20 hours ago

Lesson number one... "boom"

Dranod 20 hours ago

LOLZ ;):)

Janniex26 20 hours ago

thats why cameras aren't allowed at boot camp. so you dont embarres your military. you leave that to 14yr old arm chair generalson the internet

PistolgripSmith1 20 hours ago

So close..

Wumano 20 hours ago


HighOnLRussia 20 hours ago

Se não puxa o cara era um a menos no mundo rsrs

ericos9 21 hours ago

reaction of the officer - fantastic :)

adolfze 22 hours ago 97

@adolfze His reaction is like an action movie.

ryangamv8 20 hours ago

heheh. Please do this during real war

kashsoldier 22 hours ago

I just know that these soldiers into the army, I am a Chinese

koleng2011 22 hours ago

only in china

globalonlinegaming 22 hours ago

made in china

delimoland 22 hours ago

vãi :))

MrKubibmt 22 hours ago


DobbsFamilyFarm 23 hours ago

Supervising officer should get medal for saving this idots life

TabInvader 1 day ago 2

thts a weak grenade

jayvmehta12 1 day ago


How on earth is that a "weak grenade"... ¬.¬

BOT101st 22 hours ago

to all of you saying "Chinese people FAIL," look at all the FAIL videos on youtube, and tell me how many Americans are in them compared to Chinese

FoodBottle 1 day ago

@FoodBottle Look at the videos on youtube and realize how little chinese people you will see ... at all... and how there are like NO chinese people on the internet because they are fucking BLOCKED inside their country since they live in fucking communism now shut up!

2RayneR7 21 hours ago

@2RayneR7 You can't see Chinese video because they are written in Chinese you idiot!! There are tons and tons of Chinese video on youtube. just search one name, 羅志祥. You would know how bad you looked.

mrmabb123 21 hours ago

@2RayneR7 communism = blocked youtube lolwut?

ExstaticHigh 21 hours ago

@2RayneR7 LOL

Flightlevel23 7 hours ago

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KamCarullo 1 day ago

what a fuckin noob

0o0o0oSyndicateo0o0o 1 day ago

@0o0o0oSyndicateo0o0o Oh ya says the "Syndicate" fan boy. Alright, first he was a trainee. Second this ain't no fucking FPS shit like Cod, or Counter strike.

YoAznBoi 22 hours ago


MisterKreuz 1 day ago

sooooo....we throw grenades at wooden walls..... >.>

alamiator 1 day ago

dumb ass asians

turdpedo89 1 day ago


yeah.. that's real smart of you to say that. the supervisor's actions and that safety trench is testimony to Asians being "dumb"...

oh well... there still are "dumber" people.

MegaK2z 23 hours ago

@MegaK2z the supervisor def. was smart to pull his man down with him.

turdpedo89 9 hours ago

@turdpedo89 AHA this actually made me laugh. Compared to the dumbness compared to America and China, America is filled with fucking retards. See idiots like you just make a fool out your self not realize out of China's fails Compared to America's fails. Oh just letting your dumb ass mind know 1. America cannot stand without Asia, if your that stupid. 2 You spelled TORPEDO wrong DUMB FUCK.

YoAznBoi 22 hours ago

@YoAznBoi I agree, America is way dumber than any other country (except africa maybe) And America could stand without Asia if we wouldn't have started sending all of american jobs over seas to start wit. and your the dumb fuck because I wasent trying to spell Tordpedo, It's Turdpedo you fucking nigger lover. Turdpedo (A Turd that leaves your ass at a high velocity it becomes a Torpedo Turd *TURDPEDO*)

turdpedo89 9 hours ago

@turdpedo89 Africa isn't a country. I guess you must be American.

tehabc 9 hours ago

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turdpedo89 9 hours ago

@turdpedo89 yeah u would kill yourself cuz u wouldnt last a day in our shoes 

mrJunior4308 8 hours ago

@turdpedo89 why r u proud of being ignorant? Is being white the most significant/best/valuable quality/characteristic u see in yourself, so there would be no point to live if you weren't white?

shwwnn 7 hours ago

@turdpedo89 Actually they can't stand alone cause their DUMB remember? They ruined their economy cause of useless wars that they didn't need to be apart of. Also when did i ever say anything about niggers? Also if you want to make this a comment fight go on with it. I'm going to win anyways ,due to the people hating you already around here. "and your the dumb fuck" Sounds like some one is crying.

YoAznBoi 7 hours ago

thats jenga.

toxicXchode 1 day ago

Oh and I was worried China had an army... Pfft

"Spartans! What is your profession? Spartans: WAR! WAR! WAR!"

jpyoshi 1 day ago

recruit: how do i work this thing?

supervisor: you pull the ring off and throw it over the wall

recruit throws at the wall

after exploison

Supervisor:I told you to throw it OVER the wall

Recruit:I was going to until i took a grenade to the knee

nerfer12345 1 day ago

I used to make "arrow to the knee" jokes myself.

But then I actually took an arrow to the knee.

haitianxu 1 day ago

@haitianxu i used to make arrow to the knee jokes as well then i toke a sctotum to the chin

MrCrispybaconstrips 23 hours ago

Oh you!

haitianxu 23 hours ago

thinks this is funny?


kelzzycoster 1 day ago

poor guy

hotandsin 1 day ago


BBT2531 1 day ago

He's Chinese. I don't think he could see the wall.

Pepperdine9 1 day ago

@Pepperdine9 shut the fuck up they own our country at this moment asshole. so be nice otherwise they'll evict our asses.

RedStarr2121 1 day ago


Ho0di 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

from the looks of the throw he needed some more training before throwing a live one..

jackjolli 1 day ago

It kind of looks like the grenade bounced off some sort of invisible force field

subby7866 1 day ago

@subby7866 I know! seiously!!

CMLaneLV 1 day ago

sadly, the recruit's neck was broken and he died. R.I.P.

sandysuicide 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

bet when the trainer jump in the trench and pulled the recruit in, he said "U'RE SO DEAD WHEN WE REACH THE CANTEEN"

gabrieljonathan5067 1 day ago

Nothing was wrong with the grenade. The trainee just didn't get it over the wall. His supervisor did the right thing.

001Asoer 1 day ago

outbackzack sent me

TheMaxchart 1 day ago 9

Note to self: Open my eyes 

stickdudeshooter 1 day ago

thatz a warning the chinese v USA!!!! war coming soon 2023

higawho 1 day ago

That guy was shot after for wasting a perfectly good grenade

24Doorbell 1 day ago

What did it bounce off of? A metal pole or something?

But I'm more concerned why no one else reacted that a man almost kill himself.

benblue3 1 day ago

commando badass!

Yepperz68 1 day ago

Comment removed

TubeSurfingTroll 1 day ago

I know exactly what the instructor said after.. Get the Fuck off Of my Range!! lol

toastslut 1 day ago 2

love the description

Zackkzzz 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here) 2

would that guy have did if not pulled down O_O i think soo

KeXxGTL 1 day ago

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JeraldMcdaris 1 day ago


ian1231100 1 day ago


KENDOG219 1 day ago 3

thumbs up to the supervisor for saving that guy's life.

bilashhossain 1 day ago

المدرب تصرف تصرف بطل وإلا راح فيها المسكين طاح واتمسك بوجهه في الارض من الرعب

azooz1405 1 day ago

Not his fault. Someone put a wall in his way.

trifoldzzy 1 day ago 3

Putting chinese people in cars causes you want to give them grenades??? 

dkaina 1 day ago


narballs187 1 day ago

For me it is hard to see why the grenade bounced back??????

Photonbandit 1 day ago

@Photonbandit Me too.

Mr1FineDay 1 day ago


tylerrip11 1 day ago


Janniex26 1 day ago


freakofutube 1 day ago

It was actually a boomerang grenade

tresetatiniephil 1 day ago

they basically gave that grenade to a blind man(asian joke hahahah)

smokeball187 1 day ago 2

jajaja pinches chinos para que quieren ejercito si ellos se matan solos en la guerra.

revengeofMCR 1 day ago

@revengeofMCR y me imagino que tu pais tiene un ejercito tan poderoso

Epic8787 1 day ago

@Epic8787 No estas en lo correcto pero por lo menos hablamos bien el español y no vivimos en una isla que parece ser colonia de los yankees.

revengeofMCR 23 hours ago

@revengeofMCR Tu dices que hablan bien en español. Pero siempre estan diciendo pinches y esas monadas me imagino que eres uno de esos argentinos de la mierda de ala que se creen la gran cosa ahi algunos paises que respeto de America Latina pero algunos que son unas porquerias porque no tiene ni costumbres. Y si somos colonia y que?

Epic8787 17 hours ago


mtgood 1 day ago


foxmcloud23 1 day ago


smartsnake2 1 day ago

0:45 I can retry it??

theovalle1 1 day ago

Oh yeah, THe US Army makes us wear Flak Jackets and Kevlars though!

dannyboysix 1 day ago

@dannyboysix doesnt do much, they get ripped to shreds.

hhhat09 1 day ago

@hhhat09 even more props to china for saving money on them then. They just got economics on lock!

dannyboysix 1 day ago

And thats why that guy was the supervisor! Whoever appointed him that job was wise. He possibly saved that guys life. I was in the US army for 5 years, never saw that happen, but our grenade ranges are not designed as good as theirs. THey have an island styled fox hole and this supervisor here used it properly. The US Army grenade ranges just have a cement wall to stand behind. THey work fine, as long as the grenade gets over the wall. THe island works for all situations. Props to China Brass!

dannyboysix 1 day ago 71

@dannyboysix :D i love you army man.

T3hTroll 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

@dannyboysix i was thinking the same thing. the design of that worked great and the supervisor did an awsome job of pulling him over to insure his safety. With that design he probably would have lived with minimal injuries which is also good. Maybe the U.S. military should take a look at this b,c like you said if the gernade dosent make it over this looks alot safer.

bobwatters 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

@dannyboysix same way in way in the Marine Corps, big concrete walls!

dirtycl1 23 hours ago

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dberry999666 1 day ago

extremely quick reaction by the supervising officer saved that recruit's life. kudos to him.

mburg777 1 day ago 32

Comment removed

dberry999666 1 day ago

Americans are just angry since China is stealing all their technology lol. And the guy who yanked the other guy down with him is a hero, good reflexes.

krest4312 1 day ago 5

NIce! If that was in USA there would have been a smack in the back of the head after they got up!

Earlcus 1 day ago

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MrAmnesiaProductionz 1 day ago

that other guy was saved right in the nick of time lol

greenberetsalltheway 1 day ago


Mortal Kombat makes sense now....

toonman81 1 day ago

Christmas noobs

Heyitsoli 1 day ago

Wow no need to worry about the chinese invading america

peruvianjapkenji95 1 day ago


IHateAnnoyingPeople9 1 day ago

OBZ sent me here.

RubberToadstools 1 day ago


ultradragontamer 1 day ago


mooveez4U 1 day ago

Oh heaven help us if these uber soldiers decide one day to invade the US.

WakingMajority 1 day ago

@WakingMajority 4x your population your fucked if they do and im not chinese or american

CokeAndPizzaplz 1 day ago

@CokeAndPizzaplz im both >.< xenwenwu 1 day ago @CokeAndPizzaplz numbers dont mean shit. sorry but call of duty warfare does not happen. its all about the latest tech there is no invasion of 1st world countries. we all have so many nukes pointed at each other nobody would dare risk the end of the world. literally the world Jarekx2007 1 day ago @CokeAndPizzaplz How so? How do you move that many troops to the US? Do they have 500,000 hidden landing crafts that can cross the Pacific? What about aircraft carriers? Only 1? China can't even project military power on its neighbors.... attacking the US is a logistical impossibility. They can't even handle Taiwan ffs.... get real. WakingMajority 1 day ago Out back Zack sent me razzelmydazzle 1 day ago That guy was lucky his instructer was quick. Next time he will throw better. johnporte2007 1 day ago 4 And americans are so scared about the debt they owe to china...why? unitaper 1 day ago @unitaper so they can have more intelligent people xxPithius10n1xx 1 day ago @unitaper Because they will just stop loaning us money. Nothing to do with soldiers. NateBiggity 1 day ago @NateBiggity lol, you must be one of the misinformed americans. China doesn't loan us money, they buy are bonds which are totally different. unitaper 15 hours ago OBZ for the WIN TheMJ001 1 day ago in soviet Russia, Grenades throw... me: I KNOW CEREAL GUY! IN SOVIET FREAKING RUSSIA GRENADES THROW YOU! WE ALL GET IT! xxPithius10n1xx 1 day ago Outback zack brought me here! MrJiffyPOPPOP 1 day ago 2 OBZ!!!!!! FOR THE WINN!!! The666COB 1 day ago 2 That's one hell of an instructor, looks like he's seen it all before though. :) Like a boss. TammoKorsai 1 day ago OBZ FTW xXxTHENERDCAVExXx 1 day ago 2 you can tell that happens often by how the trench is made and by how the guys reacted smeagle9999 1 day ago This has been flagged as spam show itsRandomizer 1 day ago OBZ FOR THE WIN!!!!!! Khan34T 1 day ago 3 Unfortunately, the next war will not involve foot soldiers and will last a day. Ho0di 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here) That was the worst throw ever. of all time. Hartford1992 1 day ago Outback Zack FTW williamli77936 1 day ago 17 This has been flagged as spam show HonorisCausa1 1 day ago The Officer is a true soldier. The recruit still has a lot to learn. Nearly messed up his K/D there... HonorisCausa1 1 day ago at least china is spending their tax money training their soldiers... unlike the canadian and american army which uses the money towards shooting an rpg at an animal lSPlKylelSRSl 1 day ago Shit starts at 0:25 HarvardCurlingTeam 1 day ago *throws* "OH SHIT!!" *hits floor* "DUDE GET THE FUCK OVER HERE!!!!" *BOOM!* lizzurd 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here) badass and quick thinking under pressure all my respect to him, Chinese jokes aside DrunkenDismemberment 1 day ago There making 800 Mcdonalds in china, you know what that means? It means the kids are getting there happy meals with the toys they made themselfs. xD canaydemedian 1 day ago 3 WHAT AN IDIOT... wrxboi 1 day ago im pretty sure that guys dead now johniebananasc6 1 day ago I've never knew China also makes fake soldiers.. bassplayer923 1 day ago Ha ha, that's happend to us all at least once when we try to throw something. Usualy it lands behind us tho lol. naraicks 1 day ago What more would you expect from people that can hardly see socalm87MX 1 day ago the reaction of the trainer is really fast where he saves the stupid soldier....respect to him man bodyshampooLotion 1 day ago 7 lmao  SKATERmatt100 1 day ago Amazing skills from the trainer tbh. Who would make such a "omg fail, need to act in 1ms" -decision after 50 000 succesfull attempts. OMWFjam 1 day ago 2 This has been flagged as spam show LasonyaWeisenstein 1 day ago i hate seeing arguing on Youtube comments. here: the anti-chinese comments are ridiculous There: not all americans are like that. besides, why does guns and big macs have to be bad? afterall, i dont agree with smoking, but international soccerteams do it on the bench waiting to go in. Jordan, from AVP AtcoVideoProds 1 day ago @AtcoVideoProds There are 4 types of youtube commentators. 1.The faggots that argue back and forth about stupid shit 2. The faggots that copy what other people say 3. The faggots that complain about how they hate other people arguing and think they know everything in the world. 4. The people that make points.or funny ass comments. TheBelligerance 1 day ago @TheBelligerance I must add # 5 . Faggots seeking thumbs up jugdaddy69 12 hours ago I think the explosive part of the grenade fell off normaldeath 1 day ago @normaldeath Lol the "explosive" part is on the inside of the grenade. There is no way it is gonna get out of there. TheBelligerance 1 day ago they just dont give a shit skagerak1 1 day ago good quick thinking  sworddarkpk 1 day ago Made in china is that why it fail or is it just becaues its made of plastic? wajes11 1 day ago 25 @wajes11 of course all that is made in china is bad..cuz they sell it to idiots like us ..... salvadoraugustus 1 day ago in asia they are in war with theirselves TheTuomaz 1 day ago 38 @TheTuomaz theirselves is not a word... just saying hockeychoppa007 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here) hahaaha....made in china... eftichis32 1 day ago hahahahahahahah get in the trench idiot! hahaha chinese = FAIL! H2R4Antrax 1 day ago AMerica already win the war against china! TheIkawatay 1 day ago @TheIkawatay America never fought china.... CoolKid030 1 day ago @CoolKid030 almost during the korean war TheIkawatay 1 day ago @TheIkawatay america didnt have a war with china you dumbfucked redneck lSPlKylelSRSl 1 day ago This has been flagged as spam show lSPlKylelSRSl 1 day ago this is what the atomic bomb did to their brains mrJunior4308 1 day ago @mrJunior4308're thinking of japan. sorry, the irony of this comment i just had to point out. booyasu 1 day ago @mrJunior4308 LMAO ignorant rednecks zhangmaster1 1 day ago @mrJunior4308 Your comment is so unintended funny, it made my day! :D steini283 17 hours ago Good looking out on the officers part mulaka115 1 day ago I don't think any war should make a country proud. Both sides of a war think that their the good side and the other is the bad. Really were both fighting over ridiculous things and killing our own species. TheSpiralHill 1 day ago the trench dude was a boss.... Starix64 1 day ago will it blend? Joonasbr0 1 day ago i thought chineese people were suppose to be smart making all the tecnology kingmaxor 1 day ago destription says it all iWantMyMamaRS 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here) these idiots were killing themselves KnifenCorporated 1 day ago No wonder we won the world war. KnifenCorporated 1 day ago @KnifenCorporated really? the Allied won against the CHINESE? Really? How dumb can one get. DeviIMayMeow 1 day ago @KnifenCorporated My dear friend your comment draws me to the conclusion that you are from the Great and Mighty USA. Therefore, I must inform you that China was not fighting against you. rexomir 1 day ago @KnifenCorporated China was part of the allied powers you nitwit. kotoroshinoto 1 day ago Idiot. TheLegend313 1 day ago @TheLegend313 No wonder we won the world war these idiots were killing themselves KnifenCorporated 1 day ago @KnifenCorporated I don't want to live on this planet anymore krisisbob 1 day ago Wait, isnt that how you play Call Of Duty? ankan555 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here) @ankan555 Only if you come from battlefield. theonlylolking 1 day ago I'm sure that guy will never hear the end of this from his buds. DaveDinnerDude 1 day ago demoted killshot2247 1 day ago and thats why the dry clean lhthunder96 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here) The private was later executed for being too incompetent. 253emiliano 1 day ago 0:28 Get down here you Fuckin noob!!!! 253emiliano 1 day ago Still don't get what the hell happened: 1) It is not possible they didn't know there was a net and/or 2) It is not possible they were gambling on the grenade going through the net... were they??? so I'm confused kareninysimba 1 day ago @kareninysimba im pretty sure it slipped out of the guy's hand and landed near them. TheHeroicHalibut 1 day ago Comment removed MrTpmonster 1 day ago Comment removed MrTpmonster 1 day ago the bang was the officers face hitting the floor, and when he walks off it looks like he shit himself MrTpmonster 1 day ago @MrTpmonster You are an idiot. dilegentelectron 1 day ago the officer save was EPIC! PlayfulRobinho 1 day ago 5 letters : =3 RWJ fracture333 1 day ago @fracture333 Sir I believe that's 3. If you consider numbers and symbols as letters, then you really need to check yourself. J03LZ1821 1 day ago HERO ArunVevo 1 day ago uh? invisible wall? HaRtBrEaKiiiD 1 day ago fail?  topflop4 1 day ago he's asian, what did you expect? refink33 1 day ago @refink33 A fine asian , that instructor . IBelongToKPOP 1 day ago i used to be an soldier like you, then i took an grenade to the knee Alderaan61 1 day ago Recruit: Grenade Fail. Officer: Epic Save. √ OctoberFest86 1 day ago 0:21 < INSTANT SKIP! TehSykoZ 1 day ago @NixSoul Merry Christmas everyone! Wal-Mart is giving out $50 gift cards starting today, (Wednesday December 28)! =>\udZMcQ

OletaFayler 1 day ago

I wish my gf pulls me into bed like that..

nf0rc3r 1 day ago

tk, !voteban

tieuj 1 day ago

The officer probably an NCO, kept the whole situ under control even when it went for a f**K, so another young, dumb, f.u.c. recruit lives to see another day. great vid!

Evilvonscary 1 day ago

Even in the Chinese Army you have fools and then smart/skills individuals. The small amount of time that officer had to think of even pulling that grunt into the trench was little at that. It shows that in all armies there are fools, and then their are those who make their country proud.

Luminahawke 1 day ago 23

he forgot to switch aimbot on

COGKevin333 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

New recruit screwing up grenade throw is common in any army. Fresh boys joining the army and doing grenade training are especially clumsy. But that officer is experienced.

Ravensteinzh 1 day ago

Not my fault, someone put a wall in my way.

AdamNiSpain 1 day ago

Well that could have went very bad, good thing Officer Lightning britches was on top of the situation XD

MrROTD 1 day ago

i'm sorry but, this should be named China army officer Win

palsouy 1 day ago 4

should use him as shield next time

CPS123456 1 day ago

You´d be surprised at how many people throw grenades wrongly the first time. It´s a nervous wracking thing actually. The dangerous bit is the primer, you have to screw it in the grenade, then pull the pin, throw it watch where it lands then take cover. The instructor reacted well, thumbs up for that man.

bicnarok 1 day ago 2

Pulled him down like a boss!

ROARINGTYGER 1 day ago 2

That officer deserves a medal of honor. That recruit deserves to be doused in tar and covered with feathers.

ginopunsalan 1 day ago 5

i love it how the description says: Madi in china xD

galaxycrafter 1 day ago 2

People talk shit about Chinese Millitary when their U.S forces killed way more civiliens in Iraq than terrorist.

CCareTTaker 1 day ago 7

@CCareTTaker there are no terrorists in Iraq you fool motherfuckers, oh wait...actually there are terrorists there, Americans!

ruzicine 1 day ago

@CCareTTaker stop trying to start something

planb1532190 1 day ago

@CCareTTaker what is a "civilien"?

pipotherium 1 day ago

@CCareTTaker Scumbag.

SomaHiru64 1 day ago

@CCareTTaker not all "people" that talk shit about Chinese military are American

lundwed 1 day ago in playlist Liked videos

@CCareTTaker very very true(vote up)

Apdolie07 1 day ago

@Apdolie07 very very ignorant, downvote/reported as spam

MrRiggyRiggs 1 day ago

@MrRiggyRiggs truth hurts yes?. bet your one of them people from the colony of america lol ridiculous people. go eat a Big mac and buy a gun

Apdolie07 1 day ago

Helluva good instructor. Right back to work, like a BOSS.

samurai1833 1 day ago 3

0:43 Ok NEXT!

gta4ishardcore 1 day ago


sunray2b 1 day ago

too much fail

TooMuchRadiation 1 day ago

One thousand push ups for you maggot.

poetsguide 1 day ago 4

u dwo delwery

robjla1 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

2589687426 or 2589687425. Is there any difference?

VIZIRUL 1 day ago


johnstn23 1 day ago


rololoo 1 day ago

You're fired!

springbank1973mk2 1 day ago

Great Officer!

drgzor 1 day ago

haha and people say they will be #1 in 5 years or something

balaalalaslk 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

@balaalalaslk Yes, the competence of a new recruit on the training grounds says a lot about their entire armed forces...

Eschewered 1 day ago

@Eschewered China is not a leader like us. How many Chinese companies can you name off the top of your head? I can name none.

And on top of everything they are oppressing their people, and not giving them even basic right of free speech. China will never surpass America. Because China is dependent on America. China's military is decades behind our own, and that was shown when they tried to steal the Bin Laden helicopter in pakistan.

balaalalaslk 1 day ago

@balaalalaslk China is not a leader? why the US has a $4.3 trillion debt to China?

CaptCamping 1 day ago 2

@balaalalaslk Actually America is dependent on China. Get your facts straight. You'll be speaking Chinese in about 20 years :)

emilm 1 day ago

@emilm Fuck that! The closest i'll ever come to speaking chinese is when i'm ordering at a P.F Changs. AMERICA!!!!

253emiliano 1 day ago

@253emiliano thats KOREA that plays starcraft. But nice try. Only about 1200 miles off.

TacticalCouch 1 day ago


"How many Chinese companies can you name off the top of your head? I can name none" - that's because you are an ignorant.

"Because China is dependent on America. " - where you get that from? Sources please. Did you take into account the trillions of dollar loan America had secured from China?


DooDooRocket 1 day ago

@balaalalaslk Ok, good stuff you have here. Your first comment however was beyond stupid.

Eschewered 1 day ago

@Eschewered yeah it was

I don't have anything against the chinese, but if the government would just oppressing its people, Then they might be number 1.

balaalalaslk 1 day ago

That "noob" didn't have enough "gray matter" to jump his ass in the ditch... Well, that's what a "conscript army" will get ya!

BigBlue0002 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

@BigBlue0002 Conscription in the Chinese army has never been enforced, it is currently all volunteer based.

Eschewered 1 day ago 2

@Eschewered Not quite... China HOPES to have an "all volunteer" force by 2015. But, as it stands now, conscripts make up the bulk of their "light infantry" and "mid-shipmen" of their young blue-water navy. As of this video the "conscript forces" were in full-effect. It's been proven throught history; conscript armies don't match-up well against volunteer armies.

BigBlue0002 1 day ago

@BigBlue0002 China does have an official conscription-based military like most other armies around the world but due to China's abundance of men, especially young men reaching military age and fits military service, the PLA has never issued a draft for soldiers. I don't understand why people like to equate the PLA with Soviet soldiers WW2, but the modern PLA has decreased its numerical size and beefed up the technology it possess.

Ravensteinzh 1 day ago

@Ravensteinzh So... You're saying that, as of right now, the Chinese army doesn't have conscripts in its' military?

BigBlue0002 1 day ago

@BigBlue0002 There is a huge difference between drafting conscripts into service in the times of war and having people drafted in peace time for service as reserve or national guard. The latter is quite common for many armies. China does not have conscripts in its army even though in theory it holds a conscription system deemed legal by its constitution. PR China has never fought a war using conscripts, they were all volunteers. So no, China does not have conscripts but can draft.

Ravensteinzh 1 day ago

Made in China, has a new meaning in this video.

BooobsTube 1 day ago

In Chinese Army chinese grenade kill Chinese soldiers!

Swen2959 1 day ago

@Swen2959 Soviet Russia*

Asiridem 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

how can u get this video ?

23492727 1 day ago

@23492727 I am a Chinese, you can see the video site in China

koleng2011 1 day ago

Szerintem biztos megdicsérték ez után :D

Gyurka1995 1 day ago

That soldier needs to go back to work at Apple's assembly lines.

SudiArabia 1 day ago

@SudiArabia lol what's your job?

dilegentelectron 1 day ago

@dilegentelectron Still looking. Got an opening?

SudiArabia 1 day ago

theres always 1

krlinkyi 1 day ago

والله بطل ماترك خويه

kiki478521 1 day ago 3

Only in China lol

wtd17 1 day ago

did he throw the pin?

TheKennyKiller 1 day ago

I like how the instructor casually kicks off the debris, just need the smoke to clear up....right who's next? :D

MrGunnermaniac 1 day ago 12

Yeah, that's fine. I didn't want to throw my 'nade IN THE DIRECTION I WAS AIMING ANYWAY! D:< TwilightMasterCK1 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here) Stupid!! 2ahboon4 1 day ago U R FAILED SOLDIER..!!! TheRockstarownz 1 day ago where do I sign up for a job training idiots what to do with lethal hand held explosives - yeah!! baby!! SmileyGarrish 1 day ago apaka gago naman nian FlipModEakaLJeezy 1 day ago This has been flagged as spam show WinstonGubler 1 day ago Everyone can screw up sometimes, and the officer was there to save the day. I'd say he handled himself nicely. nicholasrhigh 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here) 2 The way the officer pulled the recruit in was just awesome thedarkne 1 day ago 117 @nader85N I didn't understood a shit you write but i laugh like anyone! androlioful 1 day ago weren't Chinese ppl supposed to b smart?!?!?!?! InsaneBagTackles 1 day ago @InsaneBagTackles no, we are all stupid. happy? :D hmiaosys 1 day ago @hmiaosys yes i am InsaneBagTackles 1 day ago You lob it, you don't throw it. mikejb69 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here) wendipop Warmeni 1 day ago almost teamkill O_o duckiebui 1 day ago it hit chuck norris's beard and went back gulfmen86 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here) @gulfmen86 Got damn i am laughing my ass off... patrik1one 1 day ago @gulfmen86 lol chuck's jokes never get old .... dontjudgeme8484 1 day ago I love how he pulls him down :D hertoiaska 1 day ago 17 time to google the top comments. *sigh* dafticaldandy 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here) i dont think that the trainee cud have died or injured, but i really appreciate the spontaneity of his senior who goes down n pulls his junior in less than 4 seconds! i mean, obviously, he wouldnt know if the accident would actually harm or not...wot presence of mind! flyingpersiankitten 1 day ago 6 @flyingpersiankitten or been injured* flyingpersiankitten 1 day ago FINDANCE skcahS 1 day ago Fucking lag! Tiwaking 1 day ago 77 omg  theflyingdutchman167 1 day ago For what it's worth, the Chinese have that dirt bunker well designed to deal with an incompetent thrower like this. Good job by the trainers, near Darwin award for the recruit.. DukeOfWupass 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here) 2 This has been flagged as spam show degrijzejager123 1 day ago FAIL!! >:|

murtsiz99 1 day ago

People make mistakes you know, you dont have to criticise their country ...

HadiAgujeroWane 1 day ago

@HadiAgujeroWane i bet u r chinese? is this a lucky guess?

imsaneful 1 day ago

@HadiAgujeroWane Thats true, but he could have killed them both.....

MissJen27 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

I like the "Made In China"

zombiezone2010 1 day ago

Why "Made in China" related to this video? This sort of things happened in every country.

cntriones 1 day ago 2

@cntriones man that is chinese military, do u think they bought their hand granades from another counties while they has the lowest paid workers in the world?

spokz45 1 day ago

@spokz45 lowest paid workers in the world? are you really that retarded?

hmiaosys 1 day ago

@hmiaosys tell me more.. and give me a reason..

spokz45 1 day ago


laurukainen 2 days ago

there it goes, hand granade "MADE IN CHINA"..

its a stick granade i guess, saw the way he holds it and before he threw it,

the head of the granade was came off, it should stay with the stick....

spokz45 2 days ago

@spokz45 U try to NOT buy anything made in china.. Try. Its because of MADE IN CHINA that westerners can afford so much luxury because things become cheaper for you.

lerlo 2 days ago 3

@lerlo well im not hatin on any products that made in china, in fact im chinese. sure its affordable for all of of either western/eastern ppl, but when it comes to safety somethin like that, i would think twice to used it again...

spokz45 1 day ago

The instructor was suppose to make sure his man goes into the trench first.

cranedeck 2 days ago 2

@cranedeck Yes the instructor should be court marshalled right? If you were the boys father, you rather your son die to teach the instructor a lesson right?

lerlo 2 days ago

@cranedeck you're having a go at the instructor for the way in which he saved his life? clearly had it been up to you, you'd both be dead lmao

The1stPoster 1 day ago

Luckily the instructor was there if not he would took a grenade to his knee

starxyz 2 days ago

ah you throw like girl

LVs13DRIFT 2 days ago

look at 30s the shrapnel hit on the left side of wall.

without the instructor, the fresh man 's head will be punctured

bannyking1 2 days ago

This is impossible. Why? Because they are asian.

TheArzonite 2 days ago

Super good instructor, super bad student.

PR0GRAMMING 2 days ago 3

How is America in debt to these people?

LibertarianChristian 2 days ago

This has been flagged as spam show

SALEHinCANADA 2 days ago

Instructer=badass, nuff said. 

Lightningthenthunder 2 days ago 2


Chukwillard 2 days ago

That was a win for the instructor.

When I went through my grenade training I saw a butter bar do something similar. The grenade rolled out of the instructors hand kind of like you would do if you were faking out a dog with a tennis ball. The instructor grabbed the grenade threw it over the bunker wall and then pulled the Lieutenant to the ground. That Lieutenant looked like he felt about 1 inch tall afterwards and I remember being glad I wasn't him.

tmcdon4ld 2 days ago

big hand for the officer \o/

gerge5ger 2 days ago

Nice job...and that you know, there are 1,000,000,000 more idiots standing in line.

lautaset 2 days ago

throw like a gay and that's what happen

ralph2007 2 days ago 4

This has been flagged as spam show

shapikbaqar 2 days ago


Phiona2510 2 days ago

instructor: BAMF

Hurricanealy 2 days ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)



itounaruki14 2 days ago

Maybe his hand slipped. :D

DareDevilJuly 2 days ago

@DareDevilJuly thats what you call oh my goodness throw is a gay thing lol

willie17mac 2 days ago

@nader85N google translation.

'Either lie down on its shape even Hahahahahaha MASHAV Wayne began to bomb

Form as he retired Touhvh Hahahahahahahahahahahahah'

mikegkeating 1 day ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

0:30 hahaha >.< guitohever 2 days ago i thought Asians were supposed to be smart... who's gonna do my homework now? LithiumPrim3 2 days ago Invade the U.S.A. , Ha Ha Yeah right. packerh8er78 2 days ago Comment removed GodGrower 2 days ago This has been flagged as spam show GodGrower 2 days ago 2 instructor great soldier horrible. I think America still has a chance to win unless our guns are made in China bigoxtailbone2 2 days ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here) Nice job instructor! ScaryMonstahh 2 days ago Straight up saved that trainee's life... chortles9 2 days ago This has been flagged as spam show CaryHoush 2 days ago JEEZES (first driving now this?) >mumbled<

TheRamseybros 2 days ago

that was close

zeezpp8 2 days ago

@ness1107 you sir are awesome i award you 1 internets

jlmknight 2 days ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

Chuck Norris Approved !

videomanCR 2 days ago

maybe they should start with a rock first, then work their way up to the real thing

jb415 2 days ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here) 3

@jb415 haha

Takiado 2 days ago

@ness1107 Haha, I think I love you for that Monty Python reference.

Bobster930 2 days ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

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ZombieAssasian123 2 days ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

Comment removed

ZombieAssasian123 2 days ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

Straight up saved that other guys life.

WiNdBuRn1000 2 days ago

Let that dude fight for the other-side ! ;-)

p71280 2 days ago

that is just one stupid chinese man. not there entire military. 

JustBeClever 2 days ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

wish the instructor push him at other side of trench, just kidding. =), what a great save by instructor.

ryuganz 2 days ago


AliasUndercover 2 days ago

I used to be in The Army Of The People's Republic of China, and then I took a grenade to the knee.

flamingdogg 2 days ago

@flamingdogg no

K00L9 2 days ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

@K00L9 yes

flamingdogg 2 days ago

Win to the officer who pulled him into the trench.

iTitanium 2 days ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

Comment removed

Al7rby55 2 days ago

That instructor is awesome for popping up and dragging that guy down into the trench with him.

toblertwo 2 days ago 148

Sulayman77 2 days ago

and the USA is afraid of the chinks, WHY?

GOP4USA 2 days ago

@GOP4USA because they have 5000 nuclear weapons

GenericUsernameism 2 days ago in playlist Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Dec 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

@GOP4USA And out number the U.S.A by like 900 million people

kerchey91 2 days ago

@GOP4USA because the average chink is roughly 24.7 times smarter than the average American.

flamingdogg 2 days ago

@GOP4USA Cuz chinks will rape ur rectum

frogger832 2 days ago

Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to Deal With Slow Walkers

If I had known it was that easy


They moved the boxes tho...

TriggerMisaGamerGirl 36 minutes ago

Lmfao escalators

brian112796 49 minutes ago

fus ro dah

mistajef 52 minutes ago

Neat trick!!

furryface47 54 minutes ago

burt bacharach music!

brennanyoung 56 minutes ago


vickylovesjaseey 1 hour ago

It doesn't make sense when your in a building like when that lady was packing stuff and move the box when he ring the ringing thing...

helotmotto 1 hour ago

@helotmotto .....the bell?

mahoney53 1 hour ago

Aint no way this is gonna work in INDIA!!! :-D

ENERGIZER999 1 hour ago

I would use an airhorn

CalcityAirsoft 1 hour ago

Only in Japan...

juntie9 1 hour ago

I can't stop laughing..... xD

MeisonEpimeison 2 hours ago

lololol It's like he's got a bike in a store, the stairs, a mall, who in Japan does that?

BuffaloTheSoldier 2 hours ago 4

LOL Why would there be a bike in the shop?!

iheartpie14 3 hours ago


I just wish bikes were so common place in the US that it would elicit that sort of reaction

Gnoekeos 3 hours ago 2


YGstand 3 hours ago


NelTheWicked 3 hours ago 2

How fast does someone need to walk exactly

PS3GRIMREAPER91 4 hours ago

this is genius

EnvironmentFan 4 hours ago 5

going to buy a bell right now

chargeboy 4 hours ago 2

the escalator...THE ESCALATOR people. i want this bell. now.

panzapaloo 4 hours ago

you could also just stomp your feet loud behind people and that works...

Tyh24 4 hours ago

even in stores?? haha

stunnerrocker 4 hours ago

even in the shop.. so Japanese do cycle in the shop eh?

hoshikunv2 4 hours ago

this video is extremely funny

savagesao 5 hours ago


hikari0hoshi 5 hours ago

@hikari0hoshi OMG! We have similar user names! xD

IlHikariIl 2 hours ago


LybioVideo 5 hours ago

but surely you can ask...... xcuse me can i pass?

keistadgroep1 6 hours ago

Guy at 0:50 is a straight up blood!

RUGunzD3l3R66 6 hours ago

When I came to Japan in the early eighties, I was frustrated by slow walkers and I marveled at how everyone magically moved aside for bicyclists when they rang their bells. So I bought a bicycle bell, put it in my shoulder bag, and determined to use it exactly as this video shows, but never got up the nerve! After awhile, I gave up on it and put the bell in a box somewhere. It's great to see this! - LHS

lylehsaxon 6 hours ago


goodbye2468 6 hours ago

Fuck he is a genius. No wonder he is japanease

yueiyrti 6 hours ago

fucking awesome

zhupp1000 7 hours ago


4BlackBeast 7 hours ago


Dr34am3r 7 hours ago

japoneses são bizarros

fabiofariasf 7 hours ago

Esto en Venezuela no funciona.

PlanetANDRES 7 hours ago

The fact that it even worked on the escalator is amazing. I am so doing this!

ProbablyYoghurt 8 hours ago 54

This is better for cities that have a lot of bikers. It would make no sense in my town.

LilMissWaffles 8 hours ago


heatflash360 8 hours ago

I am DEFINITELY mounting one of these on my roll aboard suitcase for walking through airports!

bgold50 8 hours ago

esto en Espania no funciona jajaja

Hyugadani 8 hours ago

Dale a Me gusta si vienes desde Menéame xD

powerbyjorgecom 8 hours ago


rue2themax 9 hours ago

*rings Bell*

*walks by with a Trollface*

GamerCrab 9 hours ago 2

In my country nobody would hear the bell because they're all shouting all the time. Besides I doubt they would know what's a bike bell since no bike carries one (even though it's mandatory). Or even worse: they would yell at you or hit you or both. Unfortunately, civility is not a value everywhere. But hey! Good idea anyway!

011111000000 9 hours ago


azzazel 9 hours ago


aljkasak 9 hours ago


turdy18 10 hours ago 2

omg but he's not even on a bike

t33ngoth 10 hours ago 3

woah amazing! they move away like there's ambulance or something....this wont work in Bulgaria Im pretty sure people here think that they are untouchable =D that's why many accidents happen here

YummyUniqueYu 10 hours ago


Trackstar064life 11 hours ago


FutotteruNinja 11 hours ago

is "turkey lurkey time" playing in the background? how appropriate.

Ebony451 11 hours ago

So... Damn... Simple

THEBIGZBEAR 11 hours ago

thats nuts lol

pussyenergydrink 12 hours ago

soooo yea i am DEFINATELY getting one of those! I wonder if it well work in the hallways of my school? -.-

mjasmine95 12 hours ago

@mjasmine95 i was just thinking that

67bola 9 hours ago

damn, i need to get me one of those..

tonamiejaja 12 hours ago


Asian661 12 hours ago

I wonder if Moses tryed this trick on water o.O' xD

zavadlav 12 hours ago 4

I think people are so use to hearing that sound and moving, especially on the street, so its all 2nd nature.

sin9hyaku90 12 hours ago

This would never work in NYC. I just use a big spiky stick.

magicklantern 12 hours ago 3

yea this would never work in America...people would just be like "hey what the fuck are u doing holding that bike bell"

MonaRocks09 13 hours ago 4

ROFL.. even the escalator and convenience store

gangstakago 13 hours ago 2

North Americans aren't that generous.. Unless they see your big enough to step on them.

hakeem2lari 13 hours ago 2

Lol That wouldn't work here in the U.S

Tay0307 13 hours ago

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butiamawaketoday 13 hours ago 2

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butiamawaketoday 13 hours ago

lmfao XD

People in Japan are so polite though, compared to what people would've done in the US + . +

nyappyburrito 13 hours ago 3

LMFAOOOOO @1:22 when he was behind the guys with coloured hair he was like "Even the homosexuals!" xDDDDDDDD

dunmakemekillu 13 hours ago 60

@dunmakemekillu what do you mean even the homosexuals? how fen ignorant can you get? repent please! thx loveugodbless tj kabbalah matthewshepard madonnalicious ps...15 morons thumbed this up? wtf

KabbalahWestCoast 9 hours ago

@KabbalahWestCoast don't get mad at @dunmakemekillu, they were just translating! damn homie!!

deedeerocs 8 hours ago

@dunmakemekillu It's true!!! Hilarious!

radicalricki 5 hours ago


AfrihairNation 13 hours ago


OolongCha89 14 hours ago 2

C'est bon à savoir si je vais un jour là bas! xD

ryu157 14 hours ago


davideburford 14 hours ago

I always try walking pass slow walkers but they tend to swear or push. Annoying...

MrNumbcake 14 hours ago

if this were the would not go down like this. lol.

nette170 14 hours ago 4

I'm reminded of pavlov's dogs

Ravalin 14 hours ago

LOL that's so cool. Showing how psychologically human brain response to a bell. I wonder what their mind were going through when they saw a guy with a bell, not on a bike.

xlindalieu 14 hours ago

I was thought could do try at New York City see if it work lol

ashy8301 14 hours ago

Too bad this shyt wont fly in NYC. LOL... such highly skilled programming in japan

CrashCougarBandicoot 15 hours ago

So people are expecting bikes in a store...?

xMiniii 15 hours ago

@xMiniii and on an escalator too :-)

EDMjunkie 14 hours ago

That would work in a culture that's obedient and polite ... but never in the USA -- where we're neither!

brumbar59 16 hours ago

@brumbar59 AMEN! haha

HelloCincinnati 14 hours ago

would it work too if i use F1 revving sounds?

NoizeRPMD 16 hours ago

they part like the red sea!

msstephensful 16 hours ago 2

im so gonna do this in the halls of my school

nomnomnomrawr95 16 hours ago

@nomnomnomrawr95 lol! it may work but im sure self consciously they will know your not a bike!

msstephensful 16 hours ago

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MorveIvan 16 hours ago

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MorveIvan 16 hours ago

I dont even think that would work in Canada... where we're reputed to be one of the most polite countries in the world... we would look around wondering who still has a bell in this day and age

Bouquez 16 hours ago 3

@Bouquez lol we're actually not thaaaaaat polite. everyone just says excuse me a lot.

BlindLightbulb 11 hours ago

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MorveIvan 16 hours ago

This only works ib places where alot of people ride bikes all around, so in the U.S it would not work.

ibemiah 16 hours ago 2

i've done this in new york --- it doesn't work there!!!

JLineToRiches 16 hours ago 3

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LilyCullen10 16 hours ago

awwww soo cool! love you JAPAN <3  HikariSx 16 hours ago @HikariSx OMG WE HAVE SIMILAR NAMES! xD IlHikariIl 7 hours ago I have to get me this bell so I can clear a path while getting off the train. theiepguy 17 hours ago Genius. ill use that technique next time terraball 17 hours ago Comment removed TheFortSevern 17 hours ago lmfao @ the escalator trippyay 17 hours ago jahahahahahahaha Sandra58699 17 hours ago crafty! shadowtriber666 17 hours ago Hahahahahahahahaha cool that simbabigbutt 18 hours ago I think my favorite part is 1:34. Rings the bell guy looks back and see its just a person walking. Rings the bell again and he STILL gets out of the way ramenmaster99 18 hours ago 3 Do that in Durham and you will have to get it surgically removed from your butt. jgrayemerson 18 hours ago 5 @jgrayemerson nobody gives a fuck about you pussies in "durrrrham" sonikkuffffff 8 hours ago 7 If you can just get this sound to play from your smartphone, that would be perfect, they'll move out of the way and won't know where the sound is coming from. mechanesthesia 18 hours ago 3 scripted? hmmmm.... Pinoymak 18 hours ago HAHAHAHA SO FNNY moncmon 19 hours ago Hahahaha. I love the guy on the escalator that moves when he hears a bike bell... ahahaha DrScandalous 19 hours ago 46 1.21 he said homosexual too XD sraosha9x 19 hours ago 3 This has been flagged as spam show BoxxyFan 19 hours ago the best one was escalator and ortega911 20 hours ago Pretty good idea I like it :D ohmmie19 20 hours ago It's because they ride their bike on the sidewalk in Japan. They are use to get out of the way when they hear a bicycle bell. Japan is funny. You should go there. RoninOrO 20 hours ago why didnt i think of this and make a youtube video first 0_o beans301 20 hours ago EPIC :D TheCommanderTom 21 hours ago ha so clever.. justasmileplease 21 hours ago If I try that in my country, children will flock me for they will mistake me as an ice cream vendor. alupihan 21 hours ago 1:40 why does that guy have a black head and white arms? :O MyDunks17 21 hours ago @MyDunks17 he's wearing a brown cap lol MrMrBast 21 hours ago 2 @MyDunks17 Black head? It his hair Oo Draftgon 20 hours ago in playlist The Lulz hahaha "homosekshuaru mo" edorki 21 hours ago 4 their brain is not stupid cause they think someone is with a bike in an elevator and supermarket , they know that they can do anything . Ay3xa 22 hours ago that make me wish i was japanese ! they re much more civilised than us ! xgamer 22 hours ago HOMOSEXUAL LOLLLLLL michiko1025 23 hours ago LOL FUNNY wixx95 23 hours ago lol'ed crazy Japanese :D mamolian 23 hours ago The one thing that impresses me the most about the Japanese is their politeness and their general regard for others' gabrielleung 23 hours ago 40 @gabrielleung I think its can root it all back to good mothers/parenting etc. I cant begin to explain exactly what i mean but.yeah there ya go. solisvictor1991 22 hours ago @solisvictor1991 I would have to agree with you on that one. Japan may be facing huge problems as a nation right now, but at the very least, lack of social etiquette is not one of them. gabrielleung 4 hours ago @gabrielleung Agreed. I'm from the Gold Coast, Australia where ever 2nd person you come across are rude and sleazy. It was really unusual to adjust to how polite everyone was over in Japan AppleFoxHana 22 hours ago @AppleFoxHana Is that so? That comes as a shock to me. I've been to Brisbane at least a dozen times and the only rude behaviour I've ever come across are usually from 18 year old high school students, which to me is acceptable because of their age. Maybe because my trips are usually 3 days at the most, so I never really got a true taste of "Australian" life. gabrielleung 4 hours ago @gabrielleung Well Brisbane is pretty fine. The gold coast in particular have a lot of.. well... lower standard neighbourhoods and such around the place (Please no one flame me for that comment, I've lived in 2 of them). Not all the people are bad, I know. but there are a lot of lazy or ignorant plebs around AppleFoxHana 4 hours ago Man that looked like a PISTOL shermanmaple 23 hours ago @shermanmaple Looks like a deadly weapon to me! DV7Dave 23 hours ago great! mziwewonga 23 hours ago Hahahhaaahahahahahaha simbabigbutt 23 hours ago One would have to use a baseball bat in Russia... Haktarrr 1 day ago 2 Look, in Japan people would be polite enought to move out of the way when they hear the bell, but where I'm from people would turn around and say "Fuck off man! Or I'll break that gay bell" ==" IlHikariIl 1 day ago 128 @IlHikariIl they should try in in Ireland, see what they do here. :P SeptimaKitten 18 hours ago @IlHikariIl, Tell me where you're from so I can leave my gay bell home, or just not visit your city. DelanoProfundo 17 hours ago @DelanoProfundo New York of course IlHikariIl 7 hours ago @IlHikariIl May I ask where you come from!? gabrielleung 4 hours ago @gabrielleung Manhattan :) IlHikariIl 2 hours ago One word: Okubo street (大久保通り). I want one now. habiosanwa 1 day ago For anyone who's ever tried to walk down Oxford Street in London... I wonder how this would work in the UK, I feel like people are too rude/oblivious in the UK to move, most would probably turn round with a defensive look and give you some grief. I'd like to try it though! Slow walkers piss me the hell off, a slow-walker myself, you should ALWAYS walk fast if it's somewhere people are using to get places. I think this experiment worked because it was Japanese people. They are admirably polite. alpuretim 1 day ago 5 Does this work during the passing period during school time? creamgravy1 1 day ago Unfortunately bicycle bells have not caught on in the USA, but great video. Love the grocery store scene. natemnorman 1 day ago Hahaha that's awesome ChrisTimmsGuitar 1 day ago 36 people were slow walkers fatdrood 1 day ago it also wont work in the states cause we wear headphones and blast music but its a brilliant idea TheFrappyfreak 1 day ago This won't work in the states, not because we're lazy, but because bikes belong in the streets! IN THE STREETS!!! stainer46 1 day ago @stainer46 haha with the CARS. Oh you got ran over? Your own fault. You know there are cars: DRIVE ONE! TdotFunk 1 day ago hahahaha i love this video HELLLA 1 day ago asians ftw aCloudOfHaze 1 day ago This is so brilliant hahaha! cheryllogic 1 day ago At 1:41 there's a black guy with white arms...strange. brittaneyrea 1 day ago @brittaneyrea He's wearing a black hat. zeale23 1 day ago @brittaneyrea thats a hat, lol... SanJose408Alex 1 day ago That's so funny. Do they think a bicycle is coming up the escalator behind them? I love it. Flerndip22 1 day ago Ugh those Asians are just so crafty. I can't wait to be over taken by them! usamexfra 1 day ago 86 直頭可以享受摩西穿越紅海的快感~ gamma9527 1 day ago ололо JacquesDeM0lay 1 day ago why did that work on the escalator xD xichigopunk 1 day ago 天才!笑 moggmatou 1 day ago So like! xD ukissrcool 1 day ago Bike... Respect, fuck yeah! xervaso 1 day ago はははははは!!!すぶらしい^^ kawaiikimuchi 1 day ago Wonder if this would work for the whales to keep them away. TrueBlueAustralian 1 day ago hahaha, Japanese are trained to move with a bicycle bell. I'll have to buy one! untmdsprt 1 day ago So where can I place my order for one of those?? baconbits411 1 day ago lmao InevitableAzn 1 day ago How will this work in an American school halllway?... VietAznBoii16 1 day ago This has been flagged as spam show MegaSixmillion 1 day ago This is only applicable in Japan because bikes are everywhere. It can't be done in the US since Americans are lazy and do not use bikes MeanguyElghxygh 1 day ago 5 you can't do that'll be ignored!hahahahaha..... fengmih 1 day ago I'd love to see this done in America. Guarantee we'd see different results... lbradleys 1 day ago HAHHAAH AWsome! Love those Japanese! Very clever indeed! I'm getting one for work! Taskforce1x1 1 day ago Brilliant!! dvcrewteam 1 day ago LOL I use a sqeaky part from an old dog toy! Gets them everytime!! danieltink67 1 day ago EPIC WIN AHAHAH lovelytoys 1 day ago they allow bike in the grocery? ! johatzi1 1 day ago I love that people don't even think twice about hearing a bicycle bell in a store or on an escalator. Gomenasai! Coming through! abracadaverous 1 day ago my brother was showing me this. i did. not. laugh. at. all. ApplesAreSweet 1 day ago the odd part of youtube again i see .... mackenzy123 1 day ago @mackenzy123 You say that like there is an alternative. audas 1 day ago HAHAHAHAHA! I'm so amused! juanahax 1 day ago I'm gonna get me one of those!!!! bleedingmascara667 1 day ago Lmao on the escalator & in a convenience store xrosepetals 1 day ago 3 Intelligent? Perhaps. But eating Dolphins and Whales? drwsdavis 1 day ago This fucking genious Chippey5 1 day ago Hahahhahaha exactly simbabigbutt 1 day ago in America they would say : What the fuck is wrong with you, asshole?! if you don´t go away I going to stick that bell in your ass spikeman316 1 day ago haha. what if people themselves deaf... cant hear you... what do you do? queenmanga7 1 day ago Hahahahaaahahahah "Bus horn hahaaahaha simbabigbutt 1 day ago wouldnt work in america runningwild09 1 day ago In the US you would need a portable car horn and they MIGHT move cjblasian07 1 day ago 3 This only work in Japan because they are polite people. In my area, they just give me that wtf stare ncode03 1 day ago The supermarket and escalator LOLOL ncode03 1 day ago 66 I prefer a shotgun. DevinDevinBarnett 1 day ago good idea ShaunEboi523RatedR 1 day ago So simple and still I can't stop laughing cb50dc 1 day ago 2 i should use a bus horn.. *honk honk!* rjville 1 day ago IT'S WORKIN' IN SWEDEN!!  ZZZDeep 1 day ago Pavlovian response.... Arsnof 1 day ago 3 that'll probably only work in japan! :)  MissTheMiu 1 day ago 1:20 ホモセクシャルも(笑) Pencilkillah 1 day ago People would just yell at you here, for being on the sidewalk witha bike! BruiseViolette 1 day ago homosexual mo. Lol xdwolfyx 1 day ago I'm mad it worked on the escalator.. PunkPlaidKitty 1 day ago 3 That's cool:) but in Philippines? I think I need shotgun to make them move.. Hahahaahha just kidding:) simbabigbutt 1 day ago It doesn't work in china....because of their disobedience and rudeness... aaroncarter99hk 1 day ago that would totally work in Seattle.. good idea! RageDeRuin 1 day ago ROTFL!! Truly genius! chicago618 1 day ago Hahhaaha- I put my hands together in a clap like stance then extend them outwards and back in and outwards...repeatedly driving people out of my way. That's how you do it in SF. shedano 1 day ago 3 hahaha soo awesome! oosillymooo 1 day ago thats hilarious! amstephenson90 1 day ago Try to do this in the Philippines people will ask if you're selling ice cream Vikzor30 1 day ago 13 @Vikzor30 awwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeah, ice cream! klumzypinoy 1 day ago 3 @Vikzor30 LOL oosillymooo 1 day ago Japanese are so kind, never try this in other countries you may never know if it will work xD Vikzor30 1 day ago They're so well trained.  NozomiSky 1 day ago 3 @NozomiSky ....only in japan... LOL aznanimegrl12 1 day ago The escalator. Brilliant! davidamoon4 1 day ago 41 Now I want a bell!! I'm totally ganna buy one n use it at School! twilightsaga1121 1 day ago wouldn't work in NY, people are just too stupid and rude... kmn5 1 day ago How can you dislike this?!?! Oh you must be a prick... reminder187 1 day ago I have the same bell on my bike and people don't get out of my way when I ring it. I can say 'excuse me', ring the bell, etc. They just continue to walk slowly. zebulatron 1 day ago I especially like the part where he clears the way going up the escalator. Well trained everyone! moltar121 1 day ago 2 the grocery store clerk moved…since when do people bike around a grocery store!? lol evolutionkakumei 1 day ago 7 @evolutionkakumei That's the power of it ahahaha artpitt 1 day ago I'm English, so I persevere for a short while, them angrily storm round them at an unnatural pace, while never saying anything, just to make a point. Different countries behave in different ways. Szaam 1 day ago 24 @Szaam hahahaha thats EXACTLY what the english do :p JwaydanMoyine 1 day ago @Szaam Awesome! I'm Indonesian and without any intention to brag, I tend to walk faster than average Indonesians. They can walk sooooooo slowly and lazily. Some friends think I'm always in a hurry whilst I'm not! :P bluishskin 1 day ago This is BRILLIANT. KWiP1123 1 day ago lol, yea try that in the US. solorguy 1 day ago Comment removed squallgoh1 1 day ago but will it blend? EhShunPhoo 1 day ago That mostly works in Japan since riding bikes are very common there. What's the US equivalent, a motorbike? Meteorgun7 1 day ago 2 the store clerk cleared the isle! now that's funny! wbedlion 1 day ago brilliant! Phishouttawatta 1 day ago try that in Detroit and people will actually SLOW DOWN even more... sknygrydg07 1 day ago 3 @sknygrydg07 Unfortunately, that is probably true. :| iwouldbechelsea 1 day ago @sknygrydg07 looooool Chris4Pris 1 day ago 1:20 - "Homosexuals Too!" LOLWTFBBQ xD Seriously what, does that thing come equuipped with a gaydar or something? neferiusnexus 1 day ago subarashii! I'll try it!! trulybitchy 1 day ago The guy in Escalator moved!! That was hilarious bungeegums 1 day ago 5 Not applicable in malaysia. Because no one rides a bicycle on a pedestrian walk here :( flyi6 1 day ago So desu-ne! (^_^) 13BeatKing 1 day ago Hahahaha!!!!  SaiyanG2 1 day ago I need ta take this ringing bell with me whenever i go to the mall lol OctobersLeaf 1 day ago LOLOLOL Hrko1992 1 day ago Yeah, that wouldn't work in the States! rootberry 1 day ago The majority of slow walkers in my area are big, black and sassy women who instead of moving when i do this, would hit me with their purse ): chickenbuttlolhaha 1 day ago 94 @chickenbuttlolhaha ghetto, huh LOLO Hrko1992 1 day ago @chickenbuttlolhaha You need a bell that says 'OH MY GOD. IS THAT OPRAH ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET?'. llxwarbirdxll 1 day ago 5 @chickenbuttlolhaha grab it and run like hell dextermeth 1 day ago @chickenbuttlolhaha You poor unfortunate soul... so sad...hit on the head with a purse. shedano 1 day ago @chickenbuttlolhaha Double like! DevinDevinBarnett 1 day ago this invention not going to work in my country, sob.. youmetube1991 1 day ago This video may be useful if I ever visit over there, but around here it's more often caucasians who crowd the sidewalks. brianmcgroarty 1 day ago *Asians* TheDivout 1 day ago That was hilarious! :-D lisa97897 1 day ago The Japanese are truly the most intelligent people on earth. f6subaccount 1 day ago 113 @f6subaccount Or just the most polite RuzzNasra 1 day ago best, troll, ever miharbi0109 1 day ago trolling lvl : ASIAN lkastigo18 1 day ago I have no idea what they're saying, but that's hilarious Catluvr1019 1 day ago 2 If only this worked as well in Korea!! koreanmeow 1 day ago im from G+ licheng668899 1 day ago 2 I always try to get on my bike inside shopping malls but Prof. Oak's words always echo... "Ash! There's a time and place for everything." sxmxxl 1 day ago A much needed laugh. Social hack win. garyploski 1 day ago can someone give the subtitles? namaless90 1 day ago 4 I'd see what would happen if i used a fog horn... Would buildings move out the way? MADCONTROL 1 day ago 1:47 wow Euniceiscool 1 day ago Sitting on my chair but feeling an extremely strong urge to give way to something right now. moodswyng 1 day ago he's riding a motorcycle on 0:42 starbux05 1 day ago 22 people turned and expected to see a bike KasBeatsProductions 1 day ago This has been flagged as spam show laurad0raa 1 day ago Comment removed laurad0raa 1 day ago I want one terryperkins1 1 day ago WHAT SORT OF SORCERY IS THIS? RichiSkaro 1 day ago 10 omg I'm going to DOMINATE the malls on boxing day next year MitchellRobWong 1 day ago 2 Hmmm, Well played. ChinLiHao 1 day ago I must say that the Japanese are classically conditioned to move whenever they hear a bell like that. Kythos 1 day ago 3 @Kythos The world is. Try it in any country. emilm 1 day ago this is epic!!! XD I wish it would work ANYWHERE!! ^^ mitsuki0251 1 day ago lolol pete4lyfe 2 days ago LOL fucking genius! asdfADRiAN 2 days ago 2 Can this work inside as well?? :D lol SMDNGZ0 2 days ago That's fucking great actually ryanranger 2 days ago 3 all i can say..BRING A BELL BIKE TO JAPAN!! LESSGGOO!! :D xXLilFlipjgx 2 days ago 2 Watched this with my cousin and we laughed our asses off!!! Could use a horn!!! Works better!!!!!!!! MsILOVEDaniela 2 days ago 1:38 that guy is obviously a douchebag -.- MrHappytaffy 2 days ago @MrHappytaffy only foreigners stand on the wrong side of the elevator :P jonnysee21 2 days ago @MrHappytaffy oops, escalator* jonnysee21 2 days ago This has been flagged as spam show kennyisyang 2 days ago Comment removed kennyisyang 2 days ago people are so nice in japan SithShayton 2 days ago 2 LOL TheJvilla53 2 days ago TROLOLOLOLOL arkonomus 2 days ago This is great. Could not stop laughing, they part like the red sea. zues310 2 days ago 3 :)  Ditto niyarth! But if I am ever in a hurry in some town and late, I will have to invest and "ching ching!!!" TheSatellitesister 2 days ago Haha, brilliant. This would be HUGE in new york omg. Slow walkers are the number one complaint most native new yorkers have. immehgen 2 days ago sweet! jaysavy 2 days ago This is awesome!!! Wish I'd thought of that before.. TheFeyRa 2 days ago Allison Hanner, here's an idea for you in dealing with slow walkers. Don't you have a bell like this on your bike? LorenEClive 2 days ago you need a gun in KL.. henrytey217 2 days ago 9 TAKE MY MONEY ALL OF IT! TechnikalSupport 2 days ago well that's a good idea HelloImKeila 2 days ago pople rarely use bicycle in my country.... MrJerichoCross 2 days ago I'VE BEEN NEEDING THIS FOR THE LONGEST TIME!!! Slow walkers are so irritating when you're in a rush to get somewhere! Tezukidono 2 days ago 4 I looove it!! I dk about you guys, but im laughing soo hard! Note: if ppl are walking towards you... do not move for them! Let THEM move!! GO AROUND!!(; renkcf1986 2 days ago Pavlov would be proud. mtownsprts 2 days ago 84 @mtownsprts who is pavlov ,,just curious starbux05 1 day ago @starbux05 ... just Google Ivan Pavlov! ... «Pavlov contributed to many areas of physiology and neurological sciences. Most of his work involved research in temperament, conditioning and involuntary reflex actions.» see: wikipedia Katleenfarine 1 day ago ホモセクシュアル も !!!! DrHeckill 2 days ago 6 Was anyone else disappointed that this did not involve zombies and a gun? Damn, I must be having withdrawals from The Walking Dead not being on air. synicaisoui 2 days ago @MudaFarka i think hes just pretending to be on a bike so that people will move . JunXi123 2 days ago @JunXi123 Your powers of deduction are simply mind boggling zdc590 2 days ago 2 @JunXi123 What?! This gives a totally new meaning to this video! narutokage777 2 days ago This has been flagged as spam show narutokage777 2 days ago i don't know if tihs guy is a genius, creative, or a plain dumb but nice aderoni1 2 days ago I would carry a sign saying 'Haters gonna hate' SomeGuyWhoAnimates 2 days ago This is why I like japan. I've been behind people on a bike before and there's like 5 people walking in a line and they can clearly hear me but noone moves fucking pisses me off. Elliot67876 2 days ago This is so fucking fake. Obviously this guy who filmed this was on a bicycle or a motorcycle. You can hear him riding on a motorcycle at 0:42. People with common sense would give way if they saw you on a moving vehicle that could cause them to go to the hospital if they were to get hit by it. MudaFarka 2 days ago @MudaFarka ...He's riding a motorcycle at a slow walking pace on sidewalks? Saurdeloth 2 days ago @Saurdeloth Yes, as i said, at 0:42, you can hear the motors of his motorcycle. And at 0:22, you hear him say "人間" which is in japanese for human "bicycle". MudaFarka 2 days ago @MudaFarka 人間. the word is for mortal world, which is our world =.=" dude, "Jitensha" 自転車 is bicycle. just use google to avoid saying some plain dumb. blackblack8888 2 days ago The escalator! haha NozzRhad 2 days ago PEOPLE RIDE BICYCLES ON ESCALATORS AND IN SHOPS IN JAPAN? niyarth 2 days ago 175 @niyarth That wouldn't be the weirdest thing I've seen. fordfreak2007 1 day ago @niyarth no, and that's why this is even funnier. right? veryhighyo 1 day ago When he did it at the grocery store~ LOL TheAlyatay 2 days ago lol linzee4584 2 days ago lol loudpreditor 2 days ago lmao, homosexuals too DESOUL3003 2 days ago 2 I liked the part where he rang his bell at the people who were walking slow and then they moved because they thought he was on a bike. I also liked the part where he was speaking Japanese. All in all, I liked the video because of its content. GregorianChantful 2 days ago The 11 people who dislike this are the slow walkers  daviwii550 2 days ago 5 whoa, is like Moses and the Res Sea :O SeitxiS 2 days ago this man is a genius JuggernautJoey 2 days ago It's funny how everyone moves to the left instead of the right. In the USA everyone would move to the right. oatmealdog 2 days ago 4 simple but brilliant. though probably only works at places where bikes are a common transport and people are disciplined? qrullgx13 2 days ago I've got to get one of those for my car. probrojeffro 2 days ago 2 i thought by "slow walkers" it meant zombies. kristinajonas 2 days ago 4 0:52 Look out we got us a badass overhere. Riskas132 2 days ago Hahaha~ Good one! BeingMarieT 2 days ago I like that most of the people don't even double check to see if it's a bike. They just move! This is brilliant. ThatOldMixtape 2 days ago First though: There's a bike behind me, better move Second thought: There's a crazy guy behind me, better move Rige02 2 days ago 204 @Rige02 on an escalator lol XxDreamBotxX 2 days ago 11 SLOW-WALKERS disliked this video. Guntahkela 2 days ago LOL! What the hell? On an escalator and in grocery store.. MADHater01 2 days ago hahahah amazing! heheheheeheh JoshReflek 2 days ago Hahahaha, awesome. SupremeDarkLordVader 2 days ago What Kind Of sorcery is this !?! The kind from JAPAN minds ! HanZehKaJin 2 days ago 5 "students will move… office men, couples, sportsmen, madames, homosexuals, company workers." LMAO WijaxJun 2 days ago 3 Lol, this happened to me (walking with a friend) looked behind and the cyclist was a good 20metres away... Didn't really register (this path was atleast 3-4metres wide) plenty of room either side of us) then 5 seconds later a guy rode straight into the back of me, flying over his handle bars knocking himself out :| copperkipper1 2 days ago brilliant  dcacnc 2 days ago wouldn't work in Texas... notSoFormal 2 days ago MADE IN CHINA! Do i need to say more? 0verHax 2 days ago @0verHax Japan, not China. TokyoNerd 2 days ago @TokyoNerd Same shit! 0verHax 2 days ago @0verHax different munirbasheer 2 days ago @0verHax You are either idiot or retarded, doesn't matter, same shit! SDV4M 2 days ago 2 Lmao funny shit from china right? StelthNight 2 days ago @StelthNight Japan. Why do you assume everyone who has yellow skin has to be from china? Naive. AbosolutelyParaside 2 days ago 4 It's so powerful. I love it! hahahahaha! miriamtodiefor 2 days ago Bitch I am a bicycle c3pigpig 2 days ago 5 This is genius! lifecrysis1307 2 days ago I like how at 1:37 he does it a second time to the guy like DIDNT YOU FUCKING HEAR THE BELL? MOVE YOUR ASS! sonic4sale 2 days ago Actually, I remember seeing the act of the comedian, Gallagher, many many years ago. He showed us how to solve this problem by using a bicycle horn. saturdaysun10 2 days ago 1:23 koroshiya mo-->杀手也是,大家都让路了~~~ what the!!??

sonarkoto 2 days ago

@sonarkoto ya it means murderer in japanese

Kenyokokawa 2 days ago

I think people only walk away because they're trying to avoid a psycho lol

909reject 2 days ago 4

hahahahah xDD

soccerkicker7811 2 days ago

o man im doing this on campus from now on

Solaris989 2 days ago

LOLOL! I wanna try it. ..xD

ProjectLilyRain 2 days ago

I hope this works in the Philippines, where respect is as rare as finding a 500-peso bill on the street...even my car horn doesn't work.

minamototsuki 2 days ago 2

@minamototsuki haha agree :D

phreyprincess 2 days ago

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minamototsuki 2 days ago

homosexual...||| =.=

raidenVT 2 days ago


luizsiqueiraneto 2 days ago

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louisbrassyy 2 days ago

Pavlov's Dogs... Somewhat ashamed to say I'd do the same thing, if I were a slow walker.

NoxKreiker23 2 days ago

LOL i love how the guy in the shop moves the boxes out the way xD

MikuHatsune10728 2 days ago 5


xtiachanx 2 days ago 6

Thumbs up if you're here because of Danny Choo.... ;D

CarEAcT 2 days ago 10

@CarEAcT thumbs down that comment if you're not here because of Danny Choo.

nemesisurvivorleon 2 days ago

Must only work in Japan. I tried it in New York and got beat up.

Then Robbed.

ShadenGheist 2 days ago 97

@ShadenGheist Clearly, you've never really been to New York.

royalslack 2 days ago

@ShadenGheist You're clearly doing it wrong.

don818 2 days ago

I can't use that while climbing the stairs, can I?

jeddfrancis 2 days ago

Came here from Danny's tweet! I love how it works for escalators,& shelve stockers!

GlimmerousFop 2 days ago 5

even the dude on the escalator lol!

0jive 2 days ago

it's not as if he is walking really fast...

liudukaiying 2 days ago

I have done this too 0_0 It's very effective ^_^

DigitalDragon1987 2 days ago

Fake,I tried this just now,people just gave me hard look

genjutsugaara 2 days ago


KirstieXoXo 2 days ago

1:40 epic fail.

KenDiriwan 2 days ago


Screws260 2 days ago

makes me want to live in japan HAHA

fruityloopz00 2 days ago

this is useless in singapore.

babymialim 2 days ago

I think in Japan it will be effective. But here in Philippines the people might get angry and punch you (^^,)

MsMysticworld 2 days ago 3

@MsMysticworld IKR XD

Waphyxism 2 days ago

"works even on homosexuals and murderers" LOLOLOLOL

kayashima3290 2 days ago 5

"homosexual mo" LOL

geassed45 2 days ago 3

And this kids is how Jesus parted the red sea.

TwistedCompassion1 2 days ago 14

@TwistedCompassion1 Theological inaccuracy. It was Moses.

bassplayinboy7 2 days ago 2

u could say that, IT'S THEIR HABIT!

awesome!~ XD

analogmaniactruez 2 days ago


p4rtT1me0tAku 2 days ago 2

homosexual as well hahaha

riotchan 2 days ago

The people around here would stab you for that...

TVlolz 2 days ago 2

meh.. i'll use da ship horn.. blows everyone away. lol xD

SilentReverie90 2 days ago

in japan its effective, but in my country they will go to you and ask if your selling ice cream :))

unregisteredprod 2 days ago 2

Because Japanese used to give way to bicycle.

Thats why it works...

cloudteo94 2 days ago

fuck like a boss.

HeartsDales 3 days ago

Tried this in public. It works! Now i'm no longer late going to school! :D

Mizella1976 3 days ago 79

@Mizella1976 arent you afraid like some gangsta is gona beat you up? :P

bluezgoldz 2 days ago

now that's what I call Discipline

javitrevi79 6 days ago 5

lmfao !!! every single one moved. lolz. I need one o them

ebeneezagood 2 weeks ago

On the escalator and in the convenience store! Holy cow hahahaha.

Kakarotsan 1 month ago 114

@Kakarotsan it is because in Japan's escalator, if you are in the right lane is for people who are in rush

reyreyreygoaway 2 days ago

OMG I'm getting one!! lol

MissBiguk 1 month ago

Haha! Nice.

I also do the same, but instead of a bike ringer, I use a S&W .357MAG revolver loaded with blanks.

JavierBarajas 1 month ago in playlist More videos from SupremeNomNom 6

lol.. does that also work on freeways? *changes car horn*

Haddicus 1 month ago

hahahaha awesome! =)

MrNayetrus 1 month ago

HAHA this is awesome!! <3

Maturbanisdirty 1 month ago


DePietersz 1 month ago