Monday, February 27, 2012



they are so cute

MrVampireclick 14 minutes ago


sof1998 29 minutes ago

so kute girls!!! ^^^

thongdtk3 37 minutes ago

where is her bra =))

undefend 1 hour ago

Crazy dislike

MsToNi199 1 hour ago

0:12 that boy in the background was so high that he touched his penis while dancing to Super Ass

VietnamModelBlog 1 hour ago

what's the name of the song in this video :S???

phungthien07 1 hour ago

@phungthien07 OMG...U dont know?This song is super famous all over the world...It's Super bass by Nicki Minaj @@!

Ry4nLee 8 minutes ago

LOL :))

buto311 1 hour ago

so who's Tiff and who's Liz ?!?! ^^

nhokboy1212 1 hour ago

HAte the Girl who threw that piece of paper at them.

bibilimgaogao 2 hours ago

i watched it more then 10times....that's funny...LOL

coffeebo1 3 hours ago

they are both wearing bra's omg you freaking perverts.

Ohsnapitsalia 3 hours ago

They try being iJustine lol

Ohsnapitsalia 3 hours ago

Imma migrate to Australia in the future X)

tankee113 4 hours ago

I thought I saw Natalie Portman

cloestine 11 hours ago

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LadyGagaChannelVideo 15 hours ago

@philenetan123 IDK, let's try at Low Yatt..haha..

MrJoepng 17 hours ago 4


hellopeap94 18 hours ago

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hellopeap94 18 hours ago


LadyGagaChannelVideo 19 hours ago

@LadyGagaChannelVideo pedophile.

blakerobertss 18 hours ago

@blakerobertss no your mom is!!!

LadyGagaChannelVideo 15 hours ago

@LadyGagaChannelVideo great come back, get off youtube and go and color a coloring book little boy.

blakerobertss 58 minutes ago

I do it better just sayan /watch?v=ip5XIV8C33s

weegieboy2 20 hours ago

love this!!!

valeriedabomb 21 hours ago

My GF also dance same likt that :-)

seelan1506 22 hours ago

is that asian girl from singapore? she is awesome :)

lolipopsglitter92 22 hours ago

@lolipopsglitter92 No, she's from Australia.. :)

Wellenia 21 hours ago

they got balls..lololol:)

pwn2k7 22 hours ago

0:07 , that guy behind look like a retard.

WorldCarLovers 23 hours ago

@bumperboy2000 no.

QaDri93 1 day ago

Does anyone know if i'll get kicked out if i try this in malaysia? Hahaha

philenetan123 1 day ago

@philenetan123 dont worry im pretty sure they wont i can see it is becoming a trend to dance around in an apple store.

GermanElbow 22 hours ago

the white girls tits were about to pop out

Bandtx 1 day ago

its like karaoke without a room

cookiemornster 1 day ago

stupid ==''

Rynnqiang 1 day ago

crazy and cool <3 blushkiss999 1 day ago Comment removed MezyMusic 1 day ago attention whores!? tktuffi 1 day ago 0:43 when they move the camera and one chick hauls ass out of view. tutmirnichtleid29 1 day ago is it ok to masturbate on this? Banane3 1 day ago 3 You got guts, and ur sexyy :P iian539 1 day ago can't do this in singapore..either you get chase out or people will stomp you and thats freaking lame.. Yoo0ooNa 1 day ago thumbs up if you agree the asian girl's one of the hottest you've ever seen at her age. bumperboy2000 1 day ago 2 Like ** :) blackheart5015 1 day ago i like this very much, me and my friends do this when were out and have a crazy mood, but not in the apple store ;) i love the song ! Btw i'm from Holland :) xmartinehoi 1 day ago @LaughLikeLizzie Umm , guess if I do this , I'm in the police station now ahahah :) I just do this in front of the mirror with my friends lol *crazyyy* WongAshley9080 1 day ago careful girls steve jobs might be watching..... ;) have a nice day holy123ize 1 day ago I used to be an adventurer, until I took an arrow to the >>---KNEE----> but when I saw that Asian, I kinda took an arrow to the >>---HEART---->

iMITZx 1 day ago


LadyGagaChannelVideo 1 day ago


LadyGagaChannelVideo 1 day ago

0:50 LOL. Bitch alert!

MyTeddySweety 1 day ago

OH yah it does look like one of the stores in Singapore though Hhahaha o.o

and yeah we need more Open ppl like that in Singapore, It's kind of dull here..

ILKTY123 1 day ago


JwSiNZ 1 day ago

i like to join hahah

ongchongteck 1 day ago

such carefree girls~ warms the heart

KyuushoKen 1 day ago

You girls can do this in Singapore ANYTIME.

Nationpursuit 1 day ago 16

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Nationpursuit 1 day ago


NoobRawker 1 day ago

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23ipodtouchhelp 1 day ago

Lololol saah funny

23ipodtouchhelp 1 day ago

2 retards

AbiApple99 1 day ago

@AbiApple99 shut up, you jealous bitch.

Ranger629 1 day ago


Arinexz 1 day ago

lololol no wonder i thought why they included SG at the start of video haha.

RiniCandy 1 day ago

hey liz what they throw at like 53 secs?

SnazzyNoodles 1 day ago

hey liz what they throw at like 45 secs?

SnazzyNoodles 1 day ago

0:42 - black bra spotted .__.

KiraLovesHer 1 day ago

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issaclyh1314 2 days ago

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issaclyh1314 2 days ago

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ernestsiow 2 days ago

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RaIcOeT 2 days ago


sof1998 2 days ago

Some ppl are just so retarded omg obv that girl is wearing a bra /:

sunshineisloved 2 days ago 31

@sunshineisloved stfu, let us imagine.

holepunchers1 1 day ago

@sunshineisloved more like: Some ppl are just so retarded obv its not february??!!

moorshinator 1 day ago 2

pause at 0:00 abit later and see...haha

funny face

Amman9 2 days ago

No Singaporean in dumb enough to do this. We're all too afraid of losing face or getting kicked the hell out of the store.

flame1dragon 2 days ago

@flame1dragon hello meng kit :) 

FlashMetallicDrive 2 days ago

The reason why singaporeans thought that this video was taken from Singapore is because the interior of the apple store in the video look the same as the store in Singapore! Hahah. Which is located at Somerset 313. I

aishahthegeek 2 days ago


michou75013 2 days ago

I think now we ppl from SG are also going to do this shit.

RandomTeeHee3 2 days ago

@RandomTeeHee3 uhhh nahh..some if not most of us ( Singaporeans ) are still not THAT open minded yet. If done in Singapore, it'll be all over STOMP :/

b0naFidE 1 day ago


ryanralf 2 days ago


firajoy 2 days ago

no bra february: you are doing it right! 

joostul 2 days ago 22

@joostul a chiver i assume?

weemix 2 days ago

@weemix sorry 9gag :P

joostul 1 day ago

@joostul i thought its no bra january and no smoking february?

Duraxy 1 day ago

0:43 the girl was standing there watching and then the camera turned to them and she ran away HAHA

jOEytingBB 2 days ago

bimbo and bitch

spastic and retard

dumb and dumber

randi1850 2 days ago


zickhardy 2 days ago

one word: cute!

ViNC3SE 2 days ago

So many haters... I think you both did a good job

p.s. Malaysian fb users like to share this video too.

MarkTheCode 2 days ago

if it was 2 guys danceing we would get beat up bad.. of course both the girls are gonna be big porn stars

tiochaota 2 days ago

Looks like took at Oakridge Mall...

Herman152 2 days ago

Lacking of attention, girls?

suatlin 2 days ago

i find it funny that guy behind them was ignoring them completely, lol

nikz200 2 days ago

@nikz200 still its brave for them to do that i guess

nikz200 2 days ago

3:04 :p

imdoufu 2 days ago

im singaporean and i am sad to say, singaporeans are haters.

tangbangg 2 days ago


lebam24434 2 days ago

inappropriate place to dance -.-

naabylaah 2 days ago

@naabylaah This is what u call people with love & full of life.

Unlike u ;)

Good jobs girls... lolx

sGReborn 2 days ago

free show dance? HAHAHA!

naabylaah 2 days ago

Thumbs up if you stared at Tiff's chest waiting for "miracle" to happen ^^

adwer 2 days ago

cool stuff ^^

MiLSeLrAhC 2 days ago

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XxflixxX 2 days ago

HAHAHAH! You girls are crazzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

swimmingunicorn92 2 days ago

2:12 - Guy on background completely ignoring girls... "Hm... that keyboard looks interesting"

Hipangeo 2 days ago

And they aren't making sandwiches why??

surayyn2hotmail 2 days ago

Harry Shum Jr / Mike Chang's sister

TimTakeAway 2 days ago

they smoked pot? LOL

fireslime 2 days ago


MeandYouAsh 2 days ago

crazy people.. lol

clariebearyful 2 days ago

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lcll94 2 days ago

wow , vwry crazy o.o

AdrianaJesus546 2 days ago

man, u guys got steel balls :D hahaha

TheMusicloverrrrRR 2 days ago

they got big issues. 

johannlo1716 2 days ago

@johannlo1716 agree.

priscieunperfect 2 days ago

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priscieunperfect 2 days ago

0:06 a guy wearing blue pants already start dancing

bro1995 2 days ago

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bro1995 2 days ago

What's so cool about this?-.- Embarrassing yourself in public. LOL. and you are both girls yea. the way both of u behave is like.... -.-

CatherineRAWRxD 2 days ago

@CatherineRAWRxD dudeee. -.- open your tight little mind up just a tiny bit? i think it's great that they know how to have fun, and to embarrass themselves once in a while. carpe diem bro

MeandYouAsh 2 days ago

this seriously makes me think that australian people are weird -.- no offence.

lov3schocolat3z 2 days ago

why dont the store people chase them away? o o

lov3schocolat3z 2 days ago

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TheMikmaw 2 days ago

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TheMikmaw 2 days ago



gtahalo137 2 days ago 4


MrPhysco9 2 days ago 2

someone threw something at them at 0:54 :@

eugene1357 2 days ago

@eugene1357 jealous bxtch D:< lols jOEytingBB 2 days ago LOL, seriously WTF! icekiat 2 days ago Hahahahah It's Tom but wooow Didn't know you had thus much views! Noooice BBSTOMTube 2 days ago you got a thumps up only for the sheer craziness of this video Oooh yeaaaaaaaaah Mada2009 2 days ago lol, why do SG fb users like to share these videos StrikerzSG 2 days ago 18 @StrikerzSG cause we love to share <3 :)  Spearmint1410 2 days ago this girls got balls. johan951ftwm 2 days ago i watched this video more than 20 times in two days... :p johnnytoh96 2 days ago @IanNgLJ their clothes were not a give a way .... singaporeans wear that all year round ROFL at you... kssins 2 days ago Like if u saw a guy dancing then grabbing his dick on 0:07 vernken3 2 days ago 28 Who the hell threw that paper MrDylindia 2 days ago you guys are just awesome :) btw who is who? ClementSoh 2 days ago Like if you saw [55,171] coffeebo1 2 days ago 6 thumbs if you noticed the guy in the background was grabbing his dick in the beginning of the video chickenpieberries88 2 days ago Epic face at the start of the video. xD jkiosudoghr 2 days ago is you look close enough, you can see a pair of fucking idiots blakerobertss 2 days ago 7 @blakerobertss I laughed so hard. holepunchers1 2 days ago LOL wustenfuchs0000 2 days ago is funny how the apple staffs ignore them imaydayy 2 days ago I wish i was there : lamnhatanh1102 3 days ago in playlist Liked videos This has been flagged as spam show Treewithouth 3 days ago why the fuck do you people think they're attention seekers. they're just innocently having fun. we're only young once. do whatever we can now. ugh you guys have no childhood. i seriously hope to join liz and tiff there. limsuetenggg 3 days ago 2 @limsuetenggg I hope the world can think like you (Y) Enjoy the short fun we can have every single day in peace. xJuZtiNz 2 days ago Comment removed Treewithouth 3 days ago Dafuq?! 0.0 MrEquinox127 3 days ago that person threw something at them. nicolimayeee 3 days ago @LaughLikeLizzie Tits or GTFO, attention seeker Netwern 3 days ago 2 OMGGG! I love you guyss! :D Hihihihihi. I adoree you ;D AnnaKamil97 3 days ago Nice video. Like this status if you support to Apple products. iFunkyThePro 3 days ago The Asian Girl is probably Lolicon Certified. I'm Asian too btw TheMiscripedia 3 days ago BOTH OF THEM ARE SO CUTE XD  ngqinzhe 3 days ago you guys sound jumbled up! hihiyourmum 3 days ago they no make sandwich? limdaren 3 days ago what a modern kitchen keeyonglove 3 days ago HAHAHA 0:45 yuqiielf 3 days ago I wish i was there :) AmirFini1996 3 days ago 27 people go there to buy things see things....... not tell them to dance there between they are not rihanna and nicki minaj. spoiling their buiness only.... chewsoonyi 3 days ago Comment removed 9090lonely 3 days ago @chewsoonyi they are perfect. they entertain all of us 9090lonely 3 days ago why super bass?? there are tons of other better songs merrygaming4 3 days ago this is too mad... i would love to try it.... ownageben 3 days ago I'm Singaporean and I find this really weird.... Where was this taken? TheMiscripedia 3 days ago Shut the fuck up Singaporeans, no one needs to know anything about our country, it's not even fucking related to the video! LemonBombProductions 3 days ago @LemonBombProductions so you're saying that Australians should not disclose anything from the country and be like N korea? xTransparentSkyx 3 days ago @LemonBombProductions stfu cunt. go fuck your burger or something. btw im not asian, i just hate racists LonelyCarrott 3 days ago @LonelyCarrott Um, there's nothing racist about it, I'm Singaporean and I find it highly annoying that Singaporeans go around squawking so much especially when this video has nothing to do about Singapore. You may not be racist but you're making this personal, calling me a cunt. What did I call you? Um, manners, young sir, never attack a person personally. LemonBombProductions 2 days ago With love from Singapore! Ignore the haters who are jealous! BigBoatStudio 3 days ago STOP TALKING BOUT SINGAPORE AND ENJOY THE VIDEO !! siensien91 3 days ago 3 this kitchen looks modern cs4life111 3 days ago 98 @cs4life111 9gag? Ranger629 2 days ago @Ranger629 yea man. we are everywhere cs4life111 2 days ago @cs4life111 We're gonna dominate everywhere someday. Haha Ranger629 1 day ago Comment removed cs4life111 3 days ago those bitches are L.O.A (Lack Of Attention),please give em your attention..:) zariquecivil 3 days ago TOO CUTE! iwanttooo 3 days ago They Sell Weed In Aussie??!! :O ThisIsJustSaddening 3 days ago fap fap fap chaosangel122 3 days ago crazy bitchez,.xD MrChing088 3 days ago This has been flagged as spam show vidica 3 days ago in playlist More videos from LaughLikeLizzie you two are so so funny! reali made my day =DD vidica 3 days ago in playlist More videos from LaughLikeLizzie ==! stfu3355 3 days ago a boy actually did this before and posted it on youtube too isaidhellnaww 3 days ago @isaidhellnaww Yeah you mean Trevor Moran? He's the first to post apple store videos :) THE BEST! flirtatiousdisses 2 days ago 2.00 make her bra. HAHA. JOKE. Pokiiha97 3 days ago 0.52 bad kid whateveriwan 3 days ago looks so enjoy ..Happy holiday!! XiaoBism 3 days ago honestly this is idiotic thing to do. but hey, you guys made me smile on this stressfull morning, thanks for that. it just feels good watching you guys having fun... PuAn01 3 days ago I find this very funny where people are saying this is from Sg when clearly if you click their link in the description.. it takes you to their fb page and it says Sydney, Australia.. -_-" And their clothes were a give a way.. cause every girl in Australia dresses like that now for the summer.. ROFL... IanNgLJ 3 days ago if some one has the white girls number plz plz send it to me phaathed26 3 days ago in playlist More videos from LaughLikeLizzie what is with that guy looking at that computer phaathed26 3 days ago in playlist More videos from LaughLikeLizzie cool  liangliang4341 3 days ago Awesomely hilarious~~~~ Hahaha You guys should do this often~~~~~ P.S. Come to Singapore and do this, would be even better! XD Sabakuayie 3 days ago I really laughed out at the part when she shifted the webcam and the girl behind ran away. That was fucking funny. miuSS501 3 days ago ok wow, why am I watching this? lol from someone's fb video link DeepBlacklce 3 days ago I wonder if the authorities came. fireysquadron 3 days ago Siao!? jarekblackshot 3 days ago nip slip* typo :D zickhardy 3 days ago nip slit. lol zickhardy 3 days ago Ill rather watch Charice rensi25 3 days ago thumbs up for dancing guy at the back in 0:06-0:011 and for cool kids checking out two stranger dancing 0:44-0:58 Glorialuvskoreans 3 days ago 2 R u guys high on drugs or soemthing???? KUAT55 3 days ago 0:54 that girl is such a cunt. iChrisx93 3 days ago Cute and awesome (: (Y) ChickenJY 3 days ago Comment removed nomoneytan 3 days ago Comment removed nomoneytan 3 days ago LOL @ the girl who ran away after they turned the cam at 0.43 RachelTheGeek 3 days ago in playlist More videos from LaughLikeLizzie Good job girls, now I've a next song for u... "Next episode" i've ma dollar bills ready... JaySiow007 3 days ago no offense but why is her face so white. its like 2 completely different tone... judyjoey123 3 days ago hate this song, can't believe people memorize lyrics to nikki minaj's godawful raps. MissusFingerBottom 3 days ago @MissusFingerBottom well that's just your opinion man. Joshuaemx 3 days ago @Joshuaemx no kidding, tell me more MissusFingerBottom 2 days ago your funny xxxx tt101400 3 days ago if we try this out in malaysia,i guess they will call the guards and off you go! i wanna try something crazy like this,they seems to have so much fun! this is how life should be! aresw0lf 3 days ago thumbs up for that dude who appeared at 2:12 >.< shermynaz 3 days ago you have good spirit in yourself !! :D keep motivating others without being embarrassed in public !! DkRadiuz 3 days ago There's no Apple Store in Singapore. gosh people, be a little more observant please. jaimekian 3 days ago @jaimekian There is!! Be more observant please. You just missed the bunch of Apple stores in Singapore... Anyways as they stated,its not in Singapore... Gosh I think this country has too many Nationalists.. angelfishlover 2 days ago @angelfishlover " There is!! Be more observant please. You just missed the bunch of Apple stores in Singapore..." They are reseller stores, not officially Apple owned and run Apple stores. Big difference. MrSmallWalrus 1 day ago DAMN JUST WATCH THEM DANCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!­! pixiekricksy 3 days ago Woah, good god, someone put a leash on them before they make their parents bankrupt. trawble 3 days ago @trawble You're just jealous you cant have fun :) newbzter 3 days ago God, this looked so much fun! *exam fever* shermynaz 3 days ago seems they r having so much fun . yongyu25 3 days ago Are we gonna have a fight between countries now? Seriously people, these are 2 teenagers, one Asian looking and one white, dancing in a MAC STORE! Why do we need to bring up about countries?? Just enjoy the video, for God's sake! hasya0694 3 days ago the girl at the right at starting i like it :D she;s cute >_< progamersea 3 days ago If only there were more fun loving people everywhere in the world, music would really bring peace. Hellvin 3 days ago Comment removed Ieonardough 3 days ago 1:51 boobs jasonmak007 3 days ago it's like.. no one in the background cares.. PudgyBulge 3 days ago Look, I don't care if Singapore supposedly has draconian laws or judgmental people that prevent us from krumping to Super Bass at the Apple store. In fact, it's shameful how Singaporeans tend to limit freedom of expression for fear of being labeled as a freak. The only freak is yourself for succumbing to how society expects you to behave like. Seriously, this is just a video of 2 girls having a fun afternoon out and not caring about the world. Let loose a little, people. HAVE FUN! :D shahmalinda 3 days ago 17 @shahmalinda P.S. I'm Singaporean and I'm ashamed of our STOMP culture of ratting out society's so-called "weirdos" in the name of citizen journalism. Shame on them for casting stereotypes on Singaporeans. OK RANT OVER, BLASTING SUPER BASS RN. shahmalinda 3 days ago 30 @shahmalinda the thing is, if i was in the store i would probably be annoyed. That's why the laws are there. so that people who can't put up with things like this don't have to. sewbernard 3 days ago @sewbernard sucks to be those people then. they dont have the balls to express themselves like these 2 people did. famousfamos 3 days ago @sewbernard True enough, but I think it's probably more amusing than it is annoying. To each his own, but that's how I would react. :) shahmalinda 3 days ago @shahmalinda I bet you're having more fun with your penis...or clit if youre a les.. cs4life111 3 days ago == MelodyPigErn520 3 days ago u girls rockS!  Yung930 3 days ago Haha the cock up in the beginning was so funny. Their singing wasn't on sync. dercorps 3 days ago i can imagine my mum disowning me if i did this. now guess which country im from......... benny1boy8 3 days ago Why they need to put a disclaimer below? They seems to be having fun to me. Cute fredgoh 3 days ago They were just releasing stress learnalitheway 3 days ago Comment removed angieenqi 3 days ago @angieenqi They're Aussies :) this was in sydney.. jyip94 3 days ago But seriously like your video w0e9r8 3 days ago Yeah singaporeans only drink shit water from malaysia and they call it new water..deep shit w0e9r8 3 days ago @w0e9r8 plz get the fact right we are drinking our own shit not MALAysia-,- IntelcoreiFire 3 days ago @w0e9r8 and malaysians are more concerned with trying their ex dpm for sodomy for the past 10 years. wow. #sarcasm. frontrightpacer 3 days ago @w0e9r8 yep u are deep shit indeed lol. at least get your facts right before u post your worthless trolls, loser! de4dman 3 days ago hahahah girls, this is really funny. i dont usually get amused by such videos but this is just different. ive rewatched this a couple of times and i always laugh hahahaha goner2006 3 days ago Asian girl for the win :) TheIandian 3 days ago BOOBS NinjaPancakes4ever 3 days ago 2 hot girls walk in (AWWWWWW YEAH, They can do whatever shit they want) 2 guys walk in (BOY YOU FUCK BETTER NOT GO ALL SUPERBASS ON ME) 5tupidfilms 3 days ago am i the only one who prefers watching the cute asian chick ? MrScrewsoya 3 days ago in playlist More videos from LaughLikeLizzie 20 @MrScrewsoya yea phaathed26 3 days ago in playlist More videos from LaughLikeLizzie Comment removed iMITZx 3 days ago 2 get swet ? scamy4life 3 days ago Apple should fly you girls around the world to each Apple store and create a video montage for the next WWDC :D rr425x 3 days ago You guys rocks! I dare not dance in the Apple Store like you guys did! Thumbs up! HMGaga 3 days ago Future Sluts champtanch 3 days ago why are we talking about Singaporeans? HAHA nashnasri 3 days ago 4 stop looking at her boobs guys fndwfh 3 days ago 2 LOL~ SINGAPOREAN .. yinjie1314 3 days ago give me something to head bang,SLIPKNOT FTW!!!!!! DanteTrishVergil 3 days ago marry me.? haziqashraf77 3 days ago why did they say singapore? is the girl from singapore? lol, i dont understand but both of you are AWESOMEEE! hahah! ForeverOneThree 3 days ago I WOULD DANCE WITH YOU GUYS TOO IF I WERE THERE HAHHHA pixiekricksy 3 days ago Who care where it was! The most important thing, these 2 girl rocks~!!! ^o^ peterproperty 3 days ago HAH that's hilarious :) im laughing like in the middle of the night kyling1231 3 days ago I can't stop watching. LOL. Awesome to the max. GDiddySA 3 days ago Respect! ><

ganninabuchaojibai 3 days ago 3

This is not in Singapore, too many Ang Mohs

mace197 3 days ago


saviola8888 3 days ago

May someone tell me why there is so many things related to Singapore in the comments?

mace197 3 days ago 27

@mace197 a lot of singaporeans happen to notice this on facebook i suppose.

the power of social media

Inf3cti0nZ 3 days ago

@mace197 Mistabrown liked it that's why! he is a youtuber from singapore

brownpk82 3 days ago

@brownpk82 Im singaporean, i know who is mr brown

mace197 1 day ago

Comment removed

nomoneytan 3 days ago

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nomoneytan 3 days ago

0:45 i love that kind of smile liz :D

siensien91 3 days ago

is this the new iDance i heard about?

HZcyber 3 days ago

omg you girls are crazyyyxD And superr daring, I enjoyed watching the store assistants' reactions xD

PsychoOnMars 3 days ago

Reminds me of @ijustine and @itsmejennae

ly1712 3 days ago

i was guessing that you guyz were in aussie. come to perth!! :) <3 nice dancing!! ;)

suzareen 3 days ago

cleavageeeee :p

JayExxoxoxo 3 days ago

I wish i was there to dance with them :P

fatchicharito 3 days ago

haha, no1 is giving a damn about it.

expery 3 days ago

u need more big boob too impress me (y)

mistgunso 3 days ago

Note: The girls in the video are not included for each iMac sold.

Zzzz8012 3 days ago 13

yes, why so serious

YiJianStar 3 days ago

Comment removed

fraternities 3 days ago

What's with people saying this is in singapore ? Even if it's in singapore who cares ? You're only young once and You only live once so just go fucking nuts !!

LongBoardCruisers 3 days ago in playlist More videos from LaughLikeLizzie

Haha....Getting STOMPED is not literally getting run over by a mob....Its a website where such things gets posted. We call it getting stomped. And how did this video even bring up any comment about Singapore. Not the place and not the people.

sooriyah007 3 days ago

nope u wont be jailed or have a carrot up ur ass, maybe stomped but that doesnt matter at all

MasterMasterChronos 3 days ago

Gotta lov the kids in the background, lol

quickaswink 3 days ago

The Asian girl like chio only!

Torchboy96 3 days ago

I remember taking photos in one of the epic stores and making a hell of a rackin'.. The store staff didn't chase us out and people were watching... Guess whatever attracts the crowd, they will let you continue what you are doing ;)

kityin17 3 days ago

Fuck you. This is not singapore. If this was in Singapore........well maybe you're right. The polic ewill come a doggy fuck the ass out of these two chicks.

UnboxingFreak11 3 days ago

this isss soooo much funnn!!! i wanna danceee too haha

boredling 3 days ago 2


Why is everyone commenting whether they will get jailed if they're in Singapore. /:

Seriously, just enjoy the content of the videos!

Mangekyou1100 3 days ago 5

tits or gtfo

NickyLeeNoob 3 days ago

doesnt mean theres a chninese means its singapore, its like if theres a bangla its india

Mrkent194 3 days ago

Australia lah not sg. wtf

dinoxx3 3 days ago



farinasykes 3 days ago



stupid ....

farinasykes 3 days ago

this is seriously not in singapore . -.-

jasymckessie 3 days ago

lol . the dude at the start .

jasymckessie 3 days ago 2

Singapore no apple store. :P If have these people sure kena stomp hahahaha.

zoomtzt 3 days ago


BeatboxerShawnie 3 days ago

Oh tell me about it. Being a Singaporean youth, honestly I feel like a bird stuck in a cage. The only childhood I do remember of was playing catching with my friends. Badass huh?

sufi093 3 days ago 35

Singapore isnt that bad... we just dont have a very open minded society. Tsk. If kids here do this kind of thing, we'd be "stomped", and kicked out of the apple store. However this doesn't mean that we have a deprived childhood. Our culture may be different, but we rebel in different ways that dont get us into tons of shit. It really just depends on what kind of culture you're born into and the society you're in. Heck if I was born somewhere like Sydney I'd be doing this shit too.

Inyourpantsification 3 days ago 79

@Inyourpantsification You obviously have not checked our channel then. We Singaporeans can have fun too, just do it. Nobody cares....  Lah! ;)

MunahHirziOfficial 3 days ago

@Inyourpantsification Thanks for standing up for Singaporean kids. (:

zhiyue 3 days ago

you look like Linda Chung =)

YJSui 3 days ago in playlist More videos from LaughLikeLizzie 2

obviously this is not in in singapore when do u see so many whites in sg

TwisterUpThere 3 days ago


Onli1star 3 days ago

wow they are so happy LOL!

2pmTomorrow 3 days ago

hehe. thats what best friend do. they do the stupidest things with you :p

juliexzc 3 days ago

@yueyingxoxo , Lol . Stompers have no life , they stomp at everything they see (:

GeneRabbid 3 days ago

i dont think it's that serious to be stomped/jailed just becuz they're high? haha. i think it's cool!

yueyingxoxo 3 days ago


ireneglutzmenn 3 days ago

The Asia girl is suuupppaaaa cccuuuttteeee!!!! =D

TheIzwan91 3 days ago

@myipodtouchsam , This is in Sydney, Australia -.-

GeneRabbid 3 days ago

Seriously Singaporean do not get jailed doing stuff like this. The worst that can happen to you when you do this kind of stuff in an apple store in singapore is just getting asked to leave the store by the Staff and how hard is it to understand where the staff is coming from? Awesome video btw. :)

dancetae 3 days ago


saberx1r91 3 days ago

made me laugh :3

ClementSoh 3 days ago

Where's the Apple staff ??!!

Jeremyevo90 3 days ago

everyone from singapore is commenting cause Mistabrown like this :D

and its true the workers in the apple store will stop u cause they find u a nuisance

sengguoyuan1993 3 days ago


PyroIndie 3 days ago

"He cold, he dope, he might sell coke"

She thinks it means coke, the drink. Awww, that's cute.

theshinyredballoon 3 days ago

haha they look cute XD

iamman100 3 days ago

I'm sorry but I couldn't help myself.. I believe both of you girls had excellent moves dancing to Super Bass but god damn the girl in grey was a huge distract to everything. Hahahaha... you all know what I mean. ROFL... fuck me for just staring at one area the whole bloody time. Stupid male hormones WHY U DISTRACT ME FROM GIRLS WITH GOOD DANCING TALENT. RAWRRRRRRRRRRRR... D:

IanNgLJ 3 days ago 2

@IanNgLJ hahah! I like your comment!

terence469 3 days ago

Hoping for a nip slip .

RUSOLVER 3 days ago

@allmeatnobrain Once I hit 20 , I leaving this fuckibg Singapore for good too -.- auss here I come

BlizzardGamification 3 days ago

@BlizzardGamification lol, pls. singapore maybe crap shit by the book mother fuckers. but going to aus is probably alot worst from what ive heard. but if u really want to, go ahead. good luck.

nightmarereaperz 3 days ago

Chinky-eyed kid looks cute.

niko111993 3 days ago

lol 0:43 that girl at the back HAHAHHAHA

aienbeni97 3 days ago

Nicki Minaj and Ellen DeGeneres need to see this.

polkadotstripez 3 days ago

Comment removed

polkadotstripez 3 days ago


miketbosa 3 days ago


hariharan144 3 days ago


XiiangZaii 3 days ago


SkitHertz 3 days ago

The girl on the right looks like Steve Aoki

JackoffTheMaster 3 days ago

Tiff is so pretty!

IronStone456 3 days ago

Comment removed

IronStone456 3 days ago in playlist Liked videos

white girl looks like natalie portman too...

Stefenzhang 3 days ago

theseee girl can parttyyyyy!!!!! hahahaha bet 100sgd do this in sg!!! hahaha

Stefenzhang 3 days ago

.... What the fuk did i just watched???? -.-

devilboii96 3 days ago

"if you do this in singapore you'll be in jail before the song ends"

"if you do this in singapore you'll be stomped hard"

"if you do this in singpoare someone will shove a carrot up your ass"

if that's the case then singapore doesn't sound like the kind of place i wanna be in, since having a little innocent fun would mean trouble. i wonder what sorta deprived childhood singaporeans they had last time.

allmeatnobrain 3 days ago 83

@allmeatnobrain im singaporean and i cant wait to get out of this country for good.

pyrafreya 3 days ago

@pyrafreya Same. Lifestyle, Rat Race, Competitiveness is fucked up.

Mrxcal1b3rx 3 days ago

@pyrafreya in that case , you haven't been to Malaysia

killerxyphon 3 days ago

@allmeatnobrain no way.. this is in singapore, nobody gets jailed but u will have a sore asshole

myipodtouchSam 3 days ago

@myipodtouchSam no one would be jailed for a little innocent fun of course. i took that off someone's comment bro.

allmeatnobrain 3 days ago

@allmeatnobrain what fucking bullshit!

museguitar4243 3 days ago

@allmeatnobrain Jailed? I don't think so, but stomped. Likely. Why suppress your joy to social pressure? BRING ALL THE JOY TO THE WORLD!!!

Padsnlocks 3 days ago

@Padsnlocks word. anyway yeah no one would be jailed for that of course, i took that off someone's comment. :)

allmeatnobrain 3 days ago

@allmeatnobrain fuck u

gzlgali 3 days ago

@allmeatnobrain deprived childhood? lol 'wise' words coming from an all-meat-no-brain lifeless fag. stop wasting your life liking your own comments you idiot.

de4dman 3 days ago

@de4dman yeah i created 83 accounts to thumbs up my comment.

allmeatnobrain 3 days ago

Chio Bu

AuditionGuy258 3 days ago

Please... we only young once in a lifetime, we need to do something crazy. They're just having fun, why so serious? LOL

fibieelyh 3 days ago 32 eyes are looking else where.

kokpigcan 3 days ago

I love it when they just dance and don't give a fuck about everyone. Hahaha They party real hard tho.

jessienglizhen 3 days ago

try doing this in Singapore. ull be in jail before the song ends ;)

justchewme 3 days ago

one thing for sure..these girl can parttyyyyy!!

wilkinlow 3 days ago

2 monkeys

ezque128 3 days ago

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GuiLongg1840 3 days ago

Hornsby ,NSW Store ain't it? hahaha

lemonadetycoon123 3 days ago

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GuiLongg1840 3 days ago

this video had 4000 views last night. thanks to SINGAPORE its 55 thousand now.

justchewme 3 days ago

@justchewme Got a problem with Singaporeans ?

BeanCurdify 3 days ago

Where the fk do u sickos see nip slips or wad so ever? == she wore a freaking bra n its yellow in color blind fks

iEatNoobsss 3 days ago

Haters @ 0:52

TeenForces 3 days ago

Comment removed

lemonadetycoon123 3 days ago

Why is this video flooded with comments from Singapore lol. I want to do this so badly but my friends are such pussies. Plus not much people were staring. if you do it in sg, people will stare and stomp you!!

Leenzxify 3 days ago

Nip Slip NIp Slip???

munak992 3 days ago 2

It fun and kind of retard :D

kianmun1995 3 days ago

Omg awesome. HAHA.

gansherrhie 3 days ago

Do sexy and i know it XD

Litepak10 3 days ago


infamouscommenter14 3 days ago

I wanna be in this film tooooooo....looks damn fun

jeanrhey 3 days ago

It must be so fun. Damn i wish i could do that in singapore. But ppl will mistaken that you hve mental probs. -.-

ayeeeeen 3 days ago

hahaha you girls are amazing! xDD

lawhuixin 3 days ago

lol damn! you girls made my day! :)) awesome vid~!

ima94 3 days ago

why everyone talking about singapore? (though i in singapore also -.-)

butlove12345 3 days ago

fucking hell this is hilarious, are those guys behind there your friends?

siraboutblank 3 days ago

the kid behid like wtfffFf?FFf????

fikxy 3 days ago

They have guts xD

Witchcraft997 3 days ago

This is better than watching Singaporeas play Angry bird in apple store.

soggeh 3 days ago

the white girl look like natalie portman

ochibi131 3 days ago

I like this kinda of girls , hyper enough :)

BlizzardGamification 3 days ago

singaporean is being so judgemental.

IronStone456 3 days ago in playlist Liked videos

Cant do this in singapore lol

benedict331 3 days ago

I love what things the people who work in apple store find on their computers. haha.

batgurrrr 3 days ago

Liz you're prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!

TheRSquarePie 3 days ago

these are my best friends. you guys jelly?

DoctorOzn 3 days ago

Are you guys from Aussie ? XD

TheInsanityJC 3 days ago

Heh people will probably call the mental hospital if ur in an asian country .-.

MeGustaFPS 3 days ago

the girl no wear bra OMG!!

mashiman77 3 days ago

Comment removed

deathofasweater 3 days ago

Not a single fuck was given that day.. Attention seeking whores

4fuck 3 days ago


danielshang11 4 days ago

Was just hoping for the girl on the left to flash.

JustiNNNTaNNN 4 days ago 3

Kid has boner at 0:13 LOLX

aloy120 4 days ago 50

HAHAHA some singaporeans need to do this come oooon

kylerna 4 days ago

@kylerna Confirm if we do it in Singapore, we'll get stomped. Hais, I hate how some Singaporeans take advantage of non-conforming people to get money. :@

haziqzaq 3 days ago

@haziqzaq I know right?! -_- lol, i'm Singaporean but i think those who actually posts on Stomp needs to get a life!! Things like this... really, super cool!!! But we're so afraid to do it because we don't wanna be on 'stomp' fml

kylerna 3 days ago

I used to do this at apple store, then I took an arrow in the knee...

RobinTheGamer109 4 days ago 17

It's amazing how the customers could totally ignore them and shop normally. In Singapore, there'll be a crowd alr watching you two. Haha.

MasculineClam 4 days ago 5

@MasculineClam omg HAHAH so true!

kylerna 4 days ago


banonan 4 days ago

i love this style =D!

RealxQW 4 days ago

trust me you'll be famous in Singapore.

111507Z 4 days ago

lol what a workout

MsJasmineHu 4 days ago


AstatineMime 4 days ago

Comment removed

lizarrbait 4 days ago

i wished they had bigger tits :P

DEATHBOYZ96 4 days ago 3

Uhh..When white n Asian came together~

dtwldaniel 4 days ago

@dtwldaniel That's 1 hella misleading statement, lol

tAiLspo0n 4 days ago

Would gladly *uck them both

BandMetamorphosis 4 days ago

i wanna see tits jumpin n pumpin but canttt....sighh (^^,)

xzam7 4 days ago

seems like nobody gave a single fuck that day

mojojojojojo100 4 days ago

frozen? LOL No one commented on this in the store?

leonacmilan 4 days ago

nice man hope more video coming soon ^.^

9090lonely 4 days ago

That's right, if they drank a little bit more redbull I believe, they'd be flying in the video.

ShizzlinJizzlin 4 days ago

Wow seriously their too ingrossed and stupid to tell whats happening in their surrounding, if you can throw a paper plane and not notice it you sure as hell can throw cans on their heads. I dont care if your pretty / gorgeous or whatever high class girl you wanna be. Be alert of your surroundings, dont be an idiot. Let your brains take control, not your stupidity. Please.

Xiia0Sn00pY 4 days ago

@Xiia0Sn00pY dont be a fag. you represent everything that is wrong with singaporeans

foosh91 3 days ago

@foosh91 shut up. dont bring up my country unless your willing to get into seriously shitty situations. And sorry i have a different mindset from you. Peace out .

Xiia0Sn00pY 3 days ago

@foosh91 and by the way, most singaporeans go for this kind of " girls" so dont just randomly say things which you dont know. Unless you live among us. thank you. I look forward to not having a reply because an internet arguement is just pathetic, thanks

Xiia0Sn00pY 3 days ago

@Xiia0Sn00pY Please people are just having fun. People like you who have no life should just go and sit in a corner and dwell on how boring your life is (:

bandanapuckers 3 days ago

@bandanapuckers comon, ive got a life yeah? and fun? well theres always a limit. At least be aware of your surroundings. And please. Ive already said dont reply back to me. I hate internet arguements

Xiia0Sn00pY 3 days ago

This is what happen when asian and white became friends. They do crazy stuff

omegaloy 4 days ago 7

Do it in Singapore , Later kena STOMP _|_

Noreale13 4 days ago 79

@Noreale13 ya lar ...singapore why did u even invent stomp!!!!!

jeanrhey 3 days ago

I just wanna suck tiff tits all day long

vodoo88 4 days ago

They're gonna think back to this time in 5 years time and think "oh God why?" xD

pronaruto 4 days ago

Tiff totally looks like Olivia Wilde.

y2ksamantha 4 days ago

i could cum instantly looking at both of them ol0oool

aznpanda15 4 days ago

左邊那個好會抖 雖然有點小...

qwesadzxc1 4 days ago

The Asian girl is hot....

chromiunzx 4 days ago

Thumbs up for the mother fucking courage !!!

KikoYc 4 days ago 5

2:58 funny

kenman9413 4 days ago

is this in Singapore? !!!!

VapourGigs 4 days ago

LOL fun =))

Mrkhiyoyo 4 days ago

Liz can give your facebook?

czj1996 4 days ago

Sigh people can only do this in non-asian countries and not get fucked or laughed at.. i wna do this in singapore dammit

MarxMae 4 days ago 111

@MarxMae Mmm, that's just you being narrow-minded.

saveltoros 4 days ago

@MarxMae thats the beauty of staying in non-asia countries.. I am an asian living in uk and sometimes, I see this. Believe me, these kind of people are brave and they really do make your day

NplusO88 4 days ago 2

@MarxMae Just do it! Who cares if someone laughs are you?

alvinwcy 4 days ago

@MarxMae agree!

syazwanee96 3 days ago

@MarxMae So true. !!!!

RachelSingJie 3 days ago

i think that white girl looks a little bit like megan fox. lol

StellaBieber95 4 days ago 2

@StellaBieber95 Argee!

christinataq 4 days ago

i was wanking the whole video:)

good job.

sueomer1 4 days ago

I just love the dude in the background.

BarryZeUnicorn 4 days ago

casually adjust bra :)

yisapi 4 days ago

ya'll wearin too little clothes. singin not tat gd. dancin sux. . "pls don get offended, jus ohnestly speakin here'. But Bravo for doin all tat in a public area. but ya'll don get my support. :/

MultiCatzz 4 days ago

Comment removed

MultiCatzz 4 days ago

if in malaysia we do like tat .. in 1 minute u will b get catch and trow out from store ..

that why i love other country then my own self .. :(

djtmh 4 days ago

thats so cute. and just pure good fun..

stickyikki 4 days ago

@stephen2293 IKR ! That asian girl's so pretty xD Look like 钟嘉欣 :DD

DancePrincess98 4 days ago

Wher do you guys live i see alot of asians ;) haha you guys are epic.

You Have now inspired me to dance around my apple store haha :)

xnaturallysmileyx 4 days ago

cute asian

benwong1990 4 days ago

Braces off?

THEcollectoristdion 4 days ago

orchard central!

lucianllc 4 days ago

@lucianllc sure or not??

noraheartsyou 4 days ago

@noraheartsyou I'm not sure but looks like it.. =)

lucianllc 4 days ago


amidamaru666 4 days ago

Everyone is talking about this video here.. Reason why Apple Staff isn't angry because these girls are helping them promoting Apple Products! Nobody really notice huh?!?!?

Great job!! signing off !  -SINGAPORE- (:

firedeaths3 4 days ago

Awesome :D

surinkumar1 4 days ago

Epic photobomb 0:06

OoLaggeroO 4 days ago

hahaha...they're just having fun..that's cute =D

ron2345 4 days ago

what the....NO BOOBS lol

JasonDo7 4 days ago


because they are still young, you want BOOBS? watch porn. lol.

fusiondubdesign 4 days ago

Haha. This crazy! Where would u guys do your next video? At the concourse of a shopping centre?

Elvidoify 4 days ago

@Elvidoify Nonono, they always does this at apple store. =D

TechDecky40 4 days ago


KeyboardWarriorxYz 4 days ago

which apple store didd u go to?

TheGreekalexander 4 days ago

Lizzie is so cute!

NotchCru3 4 days ago

thumbs up if you saw someone throw a paper aeroplane when 0:53

fasttest123 4 days ago 28

fap fap fap fap fap?

yippiyayay 4 days ago

Is it me or is this apple store a troll magnet? 1st the i;m sexy and i know it dude now 2 crazy chicks?

lord2529 4 days ago

@lord2529 Apple store... Nutty fans... sounds right to me. x)

darkwoof 4 days ago

Thumbs up for the bra-less bouncing boobs

maxjay 4 days ago

aawww, this 2 are so cute hahaha.....

so carefree and just have fun, it's so good to be young and crazy lol

yeesan33 4 days ago

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Girlfriend from Hell

A video of a woman seen aggressively berating her male companion and assaulting him repeatedly in the groin, is fast becoming a viral hit after it was posted on citizen website STOMP.
Surprisingly, much negative feedback has come from females, rather than males. RazorTV hits the street to weigh public opinion on the matter.


I've got a lot worse fetishes then that
myasshurtsrealbad 7 hours ago

what car is that ???
asweyhy 12 hours ago

hit her, as long as you have an open hand its alright

atari26003 1 day ago

If i was that man, I would start punting her in the snatch. What goes around comes around
MrSeanthepimp 1 day ago

Some guys are into this kind of shit.
botchalism 1 day ago

@botchalism Yeah, like you and your dad.
bukm2001 1 day ago

@bukm2001 Ouch, burn!
botchalism 12 hours ago

i like how she's lecturing him "down there" 0:22
alahatim 1 day ago

a hit in the balls triggers an automatic fist in the face regardless of whoever hits me
redzer06 1 day ago

I give a header in the same position in which she is
GuachiMan2punto0 1 day ago

is this English they are talking?

ivanjacobs100 1 day ago

@ivanjacobs100 engrish lol
MachiavelliSS 1 day ago

@ivanjacobs100 Yes, moron.
bukm2001 23 hours ago

I would knee any guy who cheated on me too!
Rachaelluvable 1 day ago

@Rachaelluvable So, it would be okay to smack a pipe between your legs if you did? Over and over? And you would take it, because it's a horrible thing to hit a man? Think about it.
photoallergic 1 day ago

Genezra01 2 days ago

would the interviewer be giggling if the man was punching her in the cunt
gpsgrader 2 days ago
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HeavyMischa 2 days ago

if this guy can take it, then he deserves it. what a wuss
azimangoez 2 days ago

I would of smacked this bitch.
Crackzter 2 days ago

What a frickin bitch.
xAgeOfAquarius 2 days ago

jennybabe8 2 days ago
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djantrax 2 days ago

2:53 This old man got balls of steel...
xXxXsouless 2 days ago

wat a baby and what a devil both are dumb

rachrachid1 3 days ago

if that were me her name would be gumby from all her tetth missing after i anderson silva her into oblivion!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?­!?!?!?!
clearbreed 3 days ago

why his bolls

rachrachid1 3 days ago
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rachrachid1 3 days ago

Who the fuck let her out of the kitchen?
SocialAnxiety911 3 days ago

Hahaha , violent sial .
ilikeapples98 3 days ago

he didnt do anything cause he doesnt have any balls so it doesnt hurt

PagliacciCanio 3 days ago

I think she was a prostitute, and he has paid her to abuse him.....he gets off on it...
Ansett76 4 days ago

I expected to be angry with the woman in this video... BUT NO... why is the guy just STANDING THERE, letting her hit him in the face and balls???!!! Man up dude!!!!
MrRockermocker 4 days ago
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Jules7892 4 days ago

Stick that SAVAGE Women 6 Months in JAIL!! Grabbing a Gentle Mans Private Parts!!!!
Jules7892 4 days ago

@Jules7892 so ?
jennybabe8 4 days ago

If I start a business on metal underwear, will I be rich? Lmao......
polarspirit 4 days ago

or her girlfriend disappointed bcoz the guys has a small Penis.. Peace!
Imbalance15 4 days ago

Under by GF's..
Imbalance15 4 days ago

If that guy was white, he proabably would have beaten up the chick already. We respect our women white people sorry to disappoint you
L3g3ndkill4 5 days ago

this girl sick
cabel187 5 days ago

Maybe he likes it? I know I do.
ieatporkpies 5 days ago

kontekijke 5 days ago

thats not violence thats really hott for me that girl looks like she can do me a blow job
josemsify 6 days ago

Sup with the rag time band music set to ball pinching?
SolShinobi 6 days ago

Hit me in the balls,...get punched in the titty. I would not even deal with that in the first place.
SolShinobi 6 days ago

maybe that's how he gets
Midnite8939 6 days ago

is he doing affair?
nayaajuzza 1 week ago

Id boot her in the fud bone
TheTEAMBUTLER 1 week ago

I blame this guy for being a push over!
Wildfox01 1 week ago

@Wildfox01 Yep the guy gets the blame for being abused. Lol you moron.
jayc342009 5 days ago

@jayc342009 If a man allows himself to be physically or verbally abused by a small women, then that man has volunteered to become the victim! Now if a child or women are abused by a man that is physically stronger, then they become the victim through circumstances beyond their control! There is obviously a big difference idiot!
Wildfox01 4 days ago

Your pride and dignity is at stake..
fsxb757 1 week ago

Let us pray the pimps prayer... lord please pray for the soul of this bitch.. And guide my pimp hand and MAKE IT SRONG LORD!! so she might learn a hoes place... Amen.
achilleskid820 1 week ago 5

she wanted a ferrari not a lexus!!!!
PoopDickRick1 1 week ago

He's Inlove!

khaizerklet 1 week ago

That Poor guy
lilvicious305 1 week ago

what made shame of S'pore man...Cibai S'pore man shameful enough ...this is not a girl problem. this is about useless man , useless Spore man , DO NOT KNOW what is call pride..chicken man..Fucker..
proxuan27047 1 week ago

would have killed her

I'd knock her out

Then take the keys then tie her to the car and drive 100,000,000 m then leave her ti die
MrGangster4lyf 1 week ago

Plenty of men would pay good money to have that happen to them...

aligreeneyes 1 week ago

I dont see the problem....dude obviously has no balls so it didnt hurt that much. He also obviously has no ego to bruise.
bakkerrich1979 1 week ago

id slap the bitch
dannman4209 1 week ago

I pity the man ...
megaaran1 1 week ago

So if he takes the beating quietly he's the victim and a pussy, if he fights back he's gonna be called an asshole for hitting a girl..........this decision calls for a six-pack beer.
KishinLove 2 weeks ago

wow singapore english is sooo weird. it's getting only weirder with all those indians immigrating to singapore
guitarhamster102 2 weeks ago

Balls Of Steel: The Revenge Of The Singaporean Girlfriend
Poweryouup 2 weeks ago

Kick her in the cunt.
jjmm112 2 weeks ago

i can't stand these stupid feminist propagating equality and over step their boundaries. fuck that, i would back hand this bitch. the report has a comical song in the back ground. i didnt find this funny at all.
killtheoneeye 2 weeks ago 2

"Surprisingly, much negative feedback has come from females, rather than males." coz we fvckin love em like that! >:)
dexOn22 2 weeks ago

the guy have no balls thats why he's not feeling any pain...!
bebo150592 2 weeks ago

my wife beat me indoors =( 
MrBoomSonic 2 weeks ago

WOW! This guy is the new definition of a pussy...
quasarthecat1 2 weeks ago

@quasarthecat1 You might say he is a pussy, but if he hit the girl, he would be called an abuser. He did the right thing, and didn't react to the beating, sometimes it is better to just take it then to give it. If you passed by and you saw him hit the girl, but didn't see anything before he hit her, what would you think?
nightfox 2 weeks ago

@nightfox Who said anything about hittng her... walk away...sorry, he's a pussy, no matter's not an opinion, it's a fact...BIG FAT PUSSY...she's standing there hitting him in the balls and the pussy takes it...low self-esteem...
quasarthecat1 1 week ago
Comment removed
quasarthecat1 2 weeks ago

Utter bullshit. She should be arrested.
AssCritic 2 weeks ago
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wwwtotalitaerde 2 weeks ago

I just want to watch a video that is the reverse of this, some man punching a woman repeatedly with funny background music. And then see anyone defend the man.
UnrelentingUnreality 2 weeks ago

That's quite a big kitchen
sabil1998 2 weeks ago

how is this funny

thats fucking sexist this world is fucked
MatzoRocks 2 weeks ago

What is HE doing... outside the kitchen anyway?
MarcoTUV 2 weeks ago

Jealousy, prejudice, anger, hate is the cause of the violance!
janice268268 2 weeks ago

this guy should be in the kitchen buttfucked with a strap on
mocinho04 2 weeks ago

What a piss-weak guy. I'd have given her one good whack in the mouth and left her - forever.
fotoshoppe 2 weeks ago

Do they laugh when men slap women? I hope not. I don't think that spousal abuse is entertainment- just because he isn't keeled over covered with bruises.
ubiquitousfacts 3 weeks ago

I guess the boyfriend is caught having an affair! or maybe she is the other woman?? you'll never know! but please whatever, do it in private!!
excuseUjustanopinion 3 weeks ago

@excuseUjustanopinion LOL even if he cheated it doesn't make it anymore right, She is making contact with his genitals, basically sexual assault.
jayc342009 3 weeks ago

@jayc342009 LAWS LAWS LAWS...
excuseUjustanopinion 2 weeks ago

@excuseUjustanopinion You're 35 and you are acting like that? I'm guessing you're a woman?
jayc342009 2 weeks ago

@excuseUjustanopinion Whoa! stop being an asshole!! you're no fun to talk with!
excuseUjustanopinion 2 weeks ago
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anilkumarshinu 3 weeks ago

Meanwhile in Singapore.....
314kleb 3 weeks ago

that son of a gun!!!!

MegaLightningbug 3 weeks ago

I would punch that bitch in the eye
TheWobblysun 3 weeks ago 4

why the happy music?
asdfghjklkjhgfdsa555 3 weeks ago 30

@asdfghjklkjhgfdsa555 cuz its kinda like a joke to them "oh look at that stressed-out girl taking it out on her boyfriend...big deal" if it was a man hitting a woman?....u already know the reactions
patriciacarrasco 3 weeks ago

@asdfghjklkjhgfdsa555 Because it's Singapore.
IsraelAjax 1 week ago

@asdfghjklkjhgfdsa555 nice name

@asdfghjklkjhgfdsa555 I know, it's a big fucking comedy routine, isn't it? Reverse the situation and the police show up.
patientzero532 3 days ago

How did she get so far away from her kitchen?
fhpr68 3 weeks ago 67
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Quintopex 1 week ago

@fhpr68 Remember, there are no kitchens in the basement ;)
xlifewillcomex 3 days ago

@fhpr68 I know right? Who the hell let her out? LMFAO
SocialAnxiety911 3 days ago

I would punch her in the face. Even if she says sorry
jethrotay 3 weeks ago

violent sia
ozilkroosmarin 3 weeks ago

its a shemale/ ladyboy probably from thailand :D
AMVSkillZ 3 weeks ago
Comment removed
AMVSkillZ 3 weeks ago

What a goddamn pussy
CuteFunnyVideo 3 weeks ago

fuck singapore. fuck your gay schools. fuck your fat people. gay cunt asshole
kietdjvn168 1 month ago

@kietdjvn168 lol. you have no idea what you're talking about fucktwat. we have one of the best education systems in the world. we don't have much fat people or an obesity problem here because of compulsory military service. i hope you don't come here cos faggots like you end up like the guy in the video, getting your ass (or balls in this matter) handed to you by our beautiful singaporean women. gtfo motherfucker.
invincible360 4 weeks ago

@invincible360 fucking dickwad. singapore is fucking gay asshole. i dont give a shit what you talking. because of singapore i fucking got to go back my country asshole. fucking dickfuck.
kietdjvn168 3 weeks ago

@kietdjvn168 lol, what did you do?
invincible360 3 weeks ago

@invincible360 i dont mean to disrespect. i cut the wrong hair style. they ask me to go back.
kietdjvn168 3 weeks ago

@kietdjvn168 Shut your fuckin mouth and if you wanna complain, go complain to ur mom!
Anonymous81111 3 weeks ago
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kietdjvn168 3 weeks ago

@kietdjvn168 hey, go fuck your mum on your nation flag how about that? douche bag

ninjafapper 3 weeks ago

@ninjafapper fuck you mother. go back fuck your all your people you fucking prostitute. fucking cunt
kietdjvn168 3 weeks ago

We dont know why they were arguing. Who knows. He could have cheated on her. Without all the information and context you can't judge the situation properly. If he cheated on her - he got off easy. And noticed my wording... IF... IF means conditional.

PerryCS2 1 month ago

@PerryCS2 he got off easy ? are you kidding me ? a girl tries to grab/hit my balls like that and its fucking game over, seriously, i wont hit her since hitting the weaker sex is fucked up but let her do that ? even if it doesnt hurt at all that is just ridiculous, the man needs to get some balls. Psycho bitch.
Tobolococo 1 month ago

@Tobolococo ,if she wants to fight like a man so be it !
sn9696 4 weeks ago

@PerryCS2 So if a person cheats on you, then you can attack them? That's non sense, he didn't get off easy and the behavior of the woman was just ridiculous. I doubt he cheated cause if he had the guts to cheat he wouldn't take the licks from that woman, but if you reverse the role and make it so the women was getting hit cheating or not it would be unacceptable.
swisha55 3 weeks ago

SlimShadyNig 1 month ago

your dick is mine! and not someone else! MINE MINE ALL MINE ESPECIALLY THOSE BALLS!
12081985 1 month ago

wtf is the girl thinking? grabbing his penis? wow -.- i will send tht fuck up women to jail if i could -.- the world is dam fuck up
fthtfantasyland 1 month ago

thats a weird looking kitchen
gsmaster42 1 month ago

Grow penis grrroooowwww ahhhhh typical Asian
TheGrizzlyebear 1 month ago

im a girl an he should of knocked her into next week!! fooool
upandownstill 1 month ago

@upandownstill Yeah but us guys can't hit girls lol
TheKinglonnie 1 month ago



pungmalik1 1 month ago

deafguycutie 1 month ago

i'd knock her the fuck out
swiftystapenhillswan 1 month ago

if it was the opposite way around, people would rage like fuck and get that man executed.

but since women beating men is absolutely fine it's just a laughing matter :)
ApostleOfDub 1 month ago

@ApostleOfDub THIS , nowadays society is not fair
mubpfc 1 month ago

why are they speaking English?
OrganicKing 1 month ago

@OrganicKing it not english.. Its a trying hard english style called Singlish laaaaa!!
iLoveNaughtyGirls01 1 month ago

why didn't he beat this cunt down?
thenfm 1 month ago

Why are people so upset that she hit him in the crotch? He obviously has no balls. No woman would ever dare hit me like that. She'd at the very least get spit on her face, and put into a submission hold. At the very least. Then I'd drive off and tell her not to call me again.
YoungBrave2006 1 month ago


Sure you will brother..but to me bravery is not what you can inflict on someone weaker than you, but how one stands up to someone stronger than him...
aswingopakumar 1 month ago

@aswingopakumar It's not about courage. I've taken on a lot of people, sometimes several of them at a time, this is a different matter altogether. It's about respect. Ain't nobody above an asswhupping. Anybody that hits my crotch is in for an asswhooping.
YoungBrave2006 1 month ago

she'a got big boobs..
nibac80 1 month ago

"Life is very stressful, maybe that's their way of letting out..."

Right, lady. You can just imagine all that stress just go away as his balls are getting trashed.
GooseHinson 1 month ago

Maybe that dudes into getin his sack fucked up xD
dethkatt 1 month ago

Ph Kwan would look hot naked.. just sayin
SitOnYouProductions 1 month ago

that guy is a fucking fag! period!
TheCuboOne 1 month ago

I think she is PRC.......i could be wrong

ultimento 1 month ago

She gets 6 years in prison, don't forget the parole time in a few weeks. I would have fucking drove my foot up her groin and knocked her out and see how she likes it.
ActionReplayPerson 1 month ago

I would have knocked her lights out, put her in trunk, drive to a secluded area, fucked her, then duct taped her mouth and tied her to a tree in the middle of nowhere and leave her. But then again I'm lying.
gkraz 1 month ago 3

It would be too easy and low to strike her honestly and hey they're in public thats probably what that bitch wanted! she probably would have cried to the police.
smcphee101 1 month ago

both r fukn dam boy is coward and girl wants somthing dmn biggg to fuck her damn video

dilllllse 1 month ago

tristancyf 1 month ago

If my gf did it to me, I won't be responsible for her disfigured face.
Advinie 1 month ago

This is common, women getting confident enough to hit on a man. But that guy stood there took it all. I've had a chick kick me in the junk, because she knew I wouldn't hit back. It's bull shit, if she wants to act like a man. Treat her like one. Problem is, men get sent away for a long time. Women get nothing.
reddudeonline 1 month ago

@reddudeonline id beat the living day light out of any BITCH ( woman ) that hit me.
kunzy3000 1 month ago

So one nutcase women is violent and everyone chucks a spastic. This is uncommon compared to the abuse women suffer daily at the hands of men and no one gives a fck like it's some how normal.
caramellokoala84 1 month ago

@caramellokoala84 what abuse are you talking about? more lies?
PratosKS 1 month ago

@PratosKS Oh yeah I totally made that up. What am I talking about, right?
caramellokoala84 1 month ago

What a brat
SuperOriginalGuy 2 months ago

wrong, you will not make to get it up like that girl! :))
enderovaigra 2 months ago

What do you expect him to do? If a man defends himself against a female guess who gets charged for domestic violence? I will give you a hint... I have never seen a law suite for sexual harassment, nor for aggrivated assault, against a women filed by a man.
Bill1405 2 months ago

All these misguided Laws have made women feel and empowered them to commit violence against men, WITHOUT ANY CONSEQUENCE! where are those Feminists now, they said we should be equal???
ACPERZ 2 months ago

How come theres no videos of men beating up womens privates on youtube?
cliftoncasida 2 months ago

what a fucking puff
MrOnlinemafia 2 months ago

Worse things happen to men when women take men to divorce courts thanks to Feminist laws.
danieljh 2 months ago

i would pound that bitch reporting this
wutangsuuuu 2 months ago

I would make that girl look like a raccoon.
OneHand80 2 months ago
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rebecca1294 2 months ago
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rebecca1294 2 months ago
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JCiswhatimcalled 2 months ago
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JCiswhatimcalled 2 months ago

This guy got no balls. I will never accept this kind of humiliation, in private or public. I would have dumped this bitch long ago. into the dumpster, of course, because she is nothing but trash.
2Goodwang2 2 months ago

wtf man. the girl soo freaking mean. and like the guy just stand there -,- Okay, i'm a girl... and like.. i would never do that. no one i know would. CRAZY WOMAN.
rolldecode 2 months ago

the man is a pussy
tororokun 2 months ago

Student: So of Course wack her back la

Lady: Wack her back!?!?

Student: Of Course la.. Its like your pride and dignity at state leh." LOL xD
74ls93 2 months ago

Maybe he gave her VD, or worse, AIDS. Despite his NS training, he is maybe held back by guilt. Just guessing, of course. But doctors and social workers know of many sad cases of real family anguish because of a lapse in personal Total Defence - unprotected sex.

In such a case, he deserves more than a ballocking!

JohnChenGoogling 3 months ago

thought the male is useless, cant full fill her sex life..
TheSamlo 3 months ago

kilumen08 3 months ago

i just realized these mofos were actually speaking english..
fawkmee 3 months ago

he should have broken her jaw
lemonpop4u 3 months ago

I bet she is dynamite in the sack
MrMadreputa 3 months ago

only ah boy in the polo shirt give chup. everyone else was just... well being a singaporean. BO CHUP, NOT MY PROBLEM. AHAHA
hubbabubbaskateboard 3 months ago

LMFAO...That's not abusing man. That is a public sex....He is actually getting kinky....Kewl
lasakkulos 3 months ago

They are all like this!!! EXOTIC ASIAN WOMEN. After giving everything they wanted. This is how they treat us!!! I bet she is from Vietnam. Remember Catherine Kieu Becker from Danang Vietnam??? Don't be stupid AGAIN!!! Be very careful in choosing your GF/Wife.
joeyhcmc 3 months ago


Slap her this, bitch slap her and all that...

You guys are hypocrites and all that...

You guys are arguing mundane things. What I'm curious is how was this guy able to achieve balls of steel. I mean. the women hit him in the effin groin! Jesus Christ! The man should be writhing in pain right now, but he's actually standing there to take more! I want to know how this man achieved balls of steel, and that's what people should be talking about. enough of this societal etiquette!
Anadorn 3 months ago

Lmao. I would have bitch-slaped her in the face with my right leg.
amar54 3 months ago

DAMN those Indian guys got bad teeth
FinalTrap 3 months ago

Alright all you hypocrite assholes. Let me go find a nice video of a man beating his wife, put some happy music in the backround, and see how many people comment happily on it. Stupid fucks.
CathaterW 3 months ago
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elijomoro 3 months ago

Wow, he may be the type of guy that gets turned on by women who dominate him. That could be a possiblility
Chealseamilan20 4 months ago

So what ever happened to the woman? Was she arrested? Does anyone know?
Doamino41 4 months ago

@Doamino41 They got divorced and not she gets $1600 a month from 2 childern on child support, has no job, yet has the car/house, and HE pays the bills. That's what happened to her. The man was taken into custudy.
RuneFinity44 3 months ago

SOooo I got a question: If this was the other way around man vs woman and played this music in the background, would it be just as funny? I'm sure you'll get the principle.
PuzzleSolver 4 months ago 2

@PuzzleSolver That's the first thing I thought too. What's so annoying is is the guy DID hit back these same morons calling him cowardly for taking it would call him cowardly for hitting back. Basically I think a lot of people are just so damn sad and desperate for pussy that they'll defend the woman regardless, even when it's blatantly obvious she's starting it and in the wrong. Historically, women on pedestals indicates a society in decline.
Capnwabbit 4 months ago

*Dusty Miller gets out his list of "Exotic Women I'm Going To Date In Life" and puts a line through " #7.) Asian Women " *
dustymiller65 4 months ago

hahaha....who knw's tis guy stuck his dick over here N there....

its must a reason ...look at the video carefully...

don back up the guys...u all knw wat they will do wit the dick....

lucky for em coz she didnt cut off his dick.....
36makaveli 4 months ago

now he has a good reason to go forward banging other women
pulaat 4 months ago

good for those who cheat someone
sartajsingh1 4 months ago

Im a man and i can say he was probably banging someone else. Ladies are violent only when they have a reason. Thats what i've seen with others. He might like getting hit in the face and balls. SOME people like that sort of stuff. I dont know.
21cglock 4 months ago
Comment removed
Mrwilwak 4 months ago

@Mrwilwak why to hairy monkey in Afghanistan? I am sure that thirs a lot of hairy monkey where she live.
IndiaCobra 4 months ago
Comment removed
Mrwilwak 4 months ago
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Mrwilwak 4 months ago
Comment removed
Mrwilwak 4 months ago

@IndiaCobra Hairy, Oriental men? I don't think so. That's why I always distinguish between Asian and Oriental. There is a big difference to me between Asians (like Pakistanis who are dark and hairy...even the women have facial hair sometimes) and Oriental people who are very white and don't have much hair.

Anyway, I was only making a joke. You took the whole thing far too seriously. Now I've had to explain it to you, it's spoiled.
Mrwilwak 4 months ago


what are you talking about? Very white? No, these people were "oriental" and they were no where close to "very white". Dont delude yourself. Being pale isnt that cool anyways
KillahB89 4 months ago
Comment removed
Mrwilwak 4 months ago

You talking to me? OK, first off: the girl with the microphone is as light skinned as me. No one can truly be described as black or white. Of course it's just ridiculous. Coal is black and snow is white. I never saw anybody those colours. But let me tell say, being ''pale'' is just fine. I got no delusions at all... pale is cool enough for me. Most of you guys never looked cool, you looked like clowns most of the time but people have always just been too polite to tell you. You wanna be rude? FU
Mrwilwak 4 months ago
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Mrwilwak 4 months ago
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Mrwilwak 4 months ago
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Mrwilwak 4 months ago

Poor guy.

lRydenl 4 months ago

if a girl acts me like that, i give my balls to her mouth and slap to her face with my natural belt.
hakopera2 4 months ago

hey .... maybe he slept with her sister and now he gotta take it q{-.-}p
oelon 4 months ago

Lol. prove that singaporean man got no ball at all. Thats why they eager to show off their military power to their neighbouring country. Bcoz Singaporean want to cover their true weakness.
ibras80 4 months ago

@ibras80 jealous ...........................
Kellymonica789 4 months ago

@Kellymonica789 LOL. i got replied which mean that u are angry or uncomfortable with my comment. So obviously my comment have justified and true. Hahahaah. Accept the fact kellymonica. Singaporean guy is really a loser and coward. Thats why singapore need to import up to 5 player to play football in national squad. almost all sport especially ping pong, u can see import player. Why? bcoz singaporean got no ball. so, why should i jealous. LOL
ibras80 4 months ago

ok but he were the dumb ass to stand there and take it.. so,, oh welllllllllllllllll..
sushiawho 4 months ago

That's why I never want to get married. Dying alone is my mission in life.
kamagong78 5 months ago 48

@kamagong78 amen

007007crazy 4 months ago

he should have just slapped her and walk away, or even better, carry her away from the car and drive away
elbombo89 5 months ago

what a bitch, she deserves a good beating
Freodeo 5 months ago

this is like the jearsey ppl of india

XsiknickX 5 months ago 17

@XsiknickX im from jersey and we dont act like that. thats the jersey people from up north

noobie1890 4 months ago

@noobie1890 im talkn bout the ppl they interviewed

XsiknickX 4 months ago

@XsiknickX oh....but still

noobie1890 4 months ago

@noobie1890 im talkn bout the ppl they interviewed

but i meant thialand

XsiknickX 4 months ago

@XsiknickX But this is Singapore ...
pubuman 1 month ago

@pubuman i know, at first i thot they wer hindu, then i saw the singapore headline but it was to late...

XsiknickX 1 month ago

of course men are still the bad guys because if that guy so much as defended himself he would have gone to jail and been hated on by everyone for woman abuse
Wolfboy183 5 months ago

a male must gently wrestle her to the floor and put her into submissive move this method stimulates her delicate bodily anatomy and she the adrenaline in her muscles makes her calm and understanding to him, then she apologise and informs him why she has apologised for example she was beating him into the ground because he upset her in how he spoken to her and/or the words and body language also, think of like black people won't love germania superior because the vikings was not blonde, etc .
ukgreaterlondon 5 months ago

@ukgreaterlondon So you into that kinky S&M shit then?
TheKarmasbitch 5 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch not in public !
ukgreaterlondon 5 months ago

Could you imagine the ass kicking a man would get by passers by if he did the exact same thing to her.
hoghash78 5 months ago

@hoghash78 this page you sent me to ? : )

ladies won't do lots of severe damage to us males for it is the non feminine ladies who bully us males .

islamic males in saudi arabia, afghanistan etc they as islamic males do what she is doing to the islamic ladies because of the father figure religion the islamic ladies follow .

in the west us males understand for the reason feminine ladies must be happy and pleased 24/7 and ladies bully western males who the western males know the ladies get oral
ukgreaterlondon 5 months ago

shes a,singaporean men are pussies...
easyrider827 5 months ago

@BensoftMedia hell yea she opened floodgates, now he can jizz all over her
p14y2w1n 5 months ago

Maybe he likes it.
marcelthemaoist 5 months ago

If she's hit him, she's opened the floodgates. Backhand to the face.
BensoftMedia 5 months ago

Thats so sweet !
followuobliss2008 5 months ago

Walk away from her – no dialogue after that behaviour. Disgraceful.
artemis7114 5 months ago

*Full on backhand. " dont like to be hit....guess you shouldnt hit then eh?"
1982patriot 5 months ago

What the hells is up with the comedymusic?
aleksi696969 5 months ago 2

I think he's into it....freak
gwlovering 5 months ago

I would've just called her a twat, flipped her off, and walked off.
Aquarius01271992 6 months ago

3:34 It between them wanted to report the case to the police
CloudBabyxD2011 6 months ago

2:33 only he is telling the truth, if I were the guy I will whack her back.
PiplupTheTorrent 6 months ago 2

solehinzs 6 months ago

@solehinzs singaporean english ahahah
svx225 5 months ago
Comment removed
427sir 6 months ago

All I got to say is "What did the 5 fingers say to the face?' SMACK!
THEMRLURCH1 6 months ago

This guy seems to be enjoying every second of this so don't feel bad about him.  This is just their way of doing forplay. I've read about guys like this here in the U.S. i'm surprised they just discovered this type of pleasure in Singapore lol!
MrMikeMarquez 6 months ago

2:02 WTF!!
SNUQ333 6 months ago

i am holding my balls when watching this.... Not me not meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
DnGthe1gentlemen 6 months ago

the things guys do to get pussy
midgetman8888 6 months ago

right... yet shes not in jail? if he would have EVEN touched her face the wrong way he would be in jail....  fuck feministic double standards and their bullshit...
themaniusedtob 6 months ago

Whaaat? And you can't hit her now? Double standards... Imagine a guy punching a girl in the tits. Comments would be very different.
Divljina89 6 months ago

Men , we must band together against man abuse . Too long have women treated us without equality , abusing us to no end , forcing us to endure helpless tasks for their leisure , like bringing out the garbage , or running to the store to get them orange juice without the pulp . It's time our rights were enforced , and time to stop this nonsense in which females seem to so forcefully place upon us !
12345ryan54321 6 months ago

This is what Women charpter cause. Inequality.
PirateKing1256 6 months ago

As someone who has a Hong Kong girlfriend, I can say that this is typical of Chinese women once they are settled into a relationship. Real mean bitches.
thefifthpython 6 months ago

@thefifthpython That's not the womans fault. The men must be passive little fags. Hold your ground and females will know their place.
idontfkinknow1234 6 months ago

ah dont just stand there man. DUCK or something!
gr82bn8 7 months ago

AHAHAHHA that girl friend is crazy

ariamusic1000 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgin And this is the first time i am hearing from a man that his role DOES NOT consist of protecting the woman he loves
wasabiloh 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgin and for you to place all the judgement names on me tonight,once again, it reemphasizes you .
wasabiloh 7 months ago
Comment removed
LincolnMuadib 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgin well, looks like the typical man has nothing else to fire back.
wasabiloh 7 months ago
Comment removed
LincolnMuadib 7 months ago
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wasabiloh 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgin IT IS of relevence, and the fact that you do not know of this proves that you are simply conforming to the typical man beliefs. because here i am trying to point out the fact that men cannot love WITHOUT sex. Men cannot live WITHOUT sex , cannot stop thinking about sex. And some in order to attain that some resort to rape and molest.The "better ones" watch pornography, visit prostitutes.
wasabiloh 7 months ago

@wasabiloh "Men cannot live WITHOUT sex , cannot stop thinking about sex. And some in order to attain that some resort to rape and molest.The "better ones" watch pornography, visit prostitutes. " Since you've stated that you've had plenty of relationships with men before, and since you've stated that you don't have sex outside marriage, you are, in effect, saying that ALL of t the men you've been with have been habitual porn watchers. Or did they visit prostitutes? Or were they rapists?
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins . . . basically, wasabiloh, you have 2 options. 1. Admit that your logic is wrong in that not ALL men are the way YOU think they are. 2. Admit that you've been in relationships with rapists, molestors, prostitute-visitors and pornographers.

See, when you say "100% of men do this". that includes ALL the men you've known. Including YOUR BOYFRIEND, your FATHER, and all your BROTHERS (if you have any).
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago
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wasabiloh 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgin would you?(:
wasabiloh 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgin BETTER, if your girlfriend/sister was drunk, let her be in the room with a few random guys. You are a good man
wasabiloh 7 months ago

@wasabiloh So you're saying that I mustn't "allow" my girlfriend to be drunk? That I must not "let her" be in a room with guys? My role is to love her, not protect her as if she were a piece of inanimate property. She's more than capable of taking care of herself. Are you a throwback from the 1950s or what? Did you never meet a real feminist in your life?
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins . . . anyway, am going to bed. Will reply when you start making actual cogent points. I will no longer reply to religious hysteria, bad science, abuse of gender or cracked thinking. You're only making youself look stupid, anonymous cowardly Singaporean, and I just don't have time for you.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgin It is the fact lying all around us that you refuse to admit simply because you do not want to lose out in this arguement, I would love to see you letting your girlfriend or sister alone with afew random guys in a room for a week(:
wasabiloh 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgin Most women do not enjoy sex as much as you troll the typical men thinks,please do your research and stop conforming to social beliefs of your gender.
wasabiloh 7 months ago
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trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgin And may i ask which part of my sentence did i mention ENTIRETY of the male gender is scum?
wasabiloh 7 months ago
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trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgin Yes there are women who are Phaedophiles,Rapist,Molestors. NO DOUBT. You want me to admit the key factor in molestors is Sickness/Evil, i admit, and i admit that MAJORITY of these sickness/evil comes from MEN. AGREE?
wasabiloh 7 months ago

@wasabiloh DISAGREE. It is not because they are male that they are sick. They are sick, and they are male. By your logic, since the fastest runners in the world are black men, you must be a black man to be a fast runner. False logic
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgin i do not believe in pre-marital sex. Most girls naturally do not think of sex in such a high frequency like most men do. What now?
wasabiloh 7 months ago

@wasabiloh You don't believe in pre-marital sex? You think women don't think of sex as often as men do? So fucking what? Are YOU ascribing MORALITY to sex? Enjoying sex as a woman does not equate to being a slut (here you agree with me) nor does enjoying sex as a man equate to being a pervert (in a stunning display of hypocricy, you seem to disagree with me here). Just what point are you trying to make?
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgin because simply, you are a typical man
wasabiloh 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgin it is THE brutal fact that you are unwilling to accept
wasabiloh 7 months ago

@wasabiloh What brutal fact? That 95% of men are scum? AGREED. 95% of women are scum too. But to say the ENTIRETY of an entire gender is scum betrays the lack of any critical thinking whatsoever. THAT's the brutal fact you cannot accept.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgin I am stating nothing but the fact troll
wasabiloh 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgin oh really, that again proves the kind of man you are to let your girlfriend alone with other man. Well i doubt you love her as much as you claim to (: Oh so having numerous relationship with men is a slut, wellwell you are just like all other men aren't you ,you can fuck around all you want with numerous women, but when the woman you are dating has several ex boyfriends, she is a slut. TYPICAL MAN you are.
wasabiloh 7 months ago

@wasabiloh CAN-YOU-READ? "you seem to believe that seeking sex=pervert. At least if you're a man. You have sought sex. Therefore, you are a pervert.

So is it your logic that's faulty, or do you agree you're a slut?"

YOU said men thought with their dicks, because they think of sex. So by the SAME logic, YOU are a slut.

So obviously you believe, as I do, that Wanting Sex does NOT mean you're ruled by your sex organs. Therefore, you are NOT a slut, and men are NOT perverts. EXACTLY what I believe
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@wasabiloh "that again proves the kind of man you are to let your girlfriend alone with other man"- In what way? Am I not to trust her alone with men? Do you think she'll attack them all sexually in the night? Or that They'll all be unable to control themselves? She doesn't belong to me, I trust her not to sleep with random men, and I trust other men's decency. She's NOT my property. Love is not about "Owning" people you know.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

trollsarevirgins oh really, that again proves the kind of man you are to let your girlfriend alone with other man. Well i doubt you love her as much as you claim to (: Oh so having numerous relationship with men is a slut, wellwell you are just like all other men aren't you ,you can fuck around all you want with numerous women, but when the woman you are dating has several ex boyfriends, she is a slut. TYPICAL MAN you are.
wasabiloh 7 months ago

@LincolnMuadib And you should do some CRITICAL THINKING about the questions that i had posted to trolls..Stop thinking with your dick alright(:
wasabiloh 7 months ago

@wasabiloh I'd be happy if you started thinking. So far you're not thinking with any organ.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@LincolnMuadib Oh really, you are living in self denial. THE FACT is rapist,phaedophiles and molesters MAJORITY of them are men, so stop living in self denial. And you are wavering off from the topic, which part of my sentences did mention a desire to abuse, just because they think of sex every 7 seconds.. I merely extracted the fact that most men are born with perverted minds.
wasabiloh 7 months ago

@wasabiloh Sure, the majority are men. I never denied it. But YOU say :"This is why Rape, Molest, Incest, Phaedophile acts happens, because men as always,just like to push their luck and see how far they can get away with it.". When I ask YOU to explain why there are FEMALE rapists, molesters, and incestuous pedophiles, you CANNOT- because that would require you admit that the key factor to molestors is SICKNESS or EVIL, not GENDER.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@wasabiloh "which part of my sentences did mention a desire to abuse, just because they think of sex every 7 seconds.. I merely extracted the fact that most men are born with perverted minds" You "EXTRACTED" this "Fact"? From what? You claim that "most men are born with perverted minds". And your proof for this is? None.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

THIS ladies... this is why we dont like you fucking feminists...
Polaf3456 7 months ago

@Polaf3456 The woman in this was NOT a Feminist. Feminism stands that men and women are equal, with equal rights and responsibilities. That which is touted as "Feminist Thought" in the modern day deviates from this simple creed, so please don't think that real (as opposed to state-sponsored) feminists would have any more time than you or I for this spousal abuse.
LincolnMuadib 7 months ago

@LincolnMuadib Agreed.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins scientist have proven every 7 seconds men think of sex. Back to the basics again.
wasabiloh 7 months ago

@wasabiloh Yeah . . . you're a moron. I'm with you, @trollsarevirgins. wasabiloh seems to think that if men do indeed "think of sex" every 7 seconds (actually VERY shaky "Science" if you research their methodology) this does NOT equate to a desire to abuse. Back to basics? How about you go back to school (you're still in High School, right?) and relearn critical thinking.
LincolnMuadib 7 months ago


"@TheKarmasbitch If someone creeps you out, leave the area. If they follow you and try to get physical (ie, lay hands on you) then absolutely, defend youself from unwanted advances"

And again we are the ones that are subjected to "attacks"? MEN just cannot have self control, their dicks rule their brains. This is why Rape, Molest, Incest, Phaedophile acts happens, because men as always,just like to push their luck and see how far they can get away with it.

wasabiloh 7 months ago

@wasabiloh Really? How do you explain female rapists, pedophiles and incestuous adults then? Google "female rapists" or "Female pedophiles" and you'll find PLENTY of links (which YouTube disallows me from posting here, but I'm happy to message you with).

Women are NOT THE ONLY ONES subjected to attacks. Rape, Molest, Incest, Phaedophile acts happen because the perpetrator is a SICK individual. It has nothing to do with their gender.
LincolnMuadib 7 months ago

@wasabiloh So I tell @TheKarmasbitch that it's a-ok for her to defend herself from ACTUAL threats, rather than perceived threats, and you think this shows it's men that attack women? Idiot. If I were to say "WOMEN just cannot have self control, their pussies rule their brains. This is why Cuckolding, false rape claims, seduction of schoolboys happens, because women as always,just like to push their luck and see how far they can get away with it."- that would be AS stupid as what you just said.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins You know you can't, WHY? why do you place judgement on these men you do not even know. ASK YOURSELF. Do not live in self denial

This line” Good men are hard to find” do not just pop out of nowhere.

And to make baseless judgements and assumptions on me just because my channel has NO videos,NO friends,NO comments, NO picture and was created 3 days ago, it tells way more about you than it does about me

wasabiloh 7 months ago

@wasabiloh "You know you can't, WHY? why do you place judgement on these men you do not even know. " What? You're not making sense.

Hang on, did YOU just accuse ME of placing judgement on men I do not even know? Are you as stupid as you appear?

My judgement is NOT baseless. You made yourself as anonymous as possible before you came here spouting venom. THAT is COWARDICE. Your attempts to justify your abhorrent behaviour are pathetic.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@wasabiloh "This line” Good men are hard to find” do not just pop out of nowhere." No, indeed not. This phrase was coined by Eddie Green, as the title of his song A Good Man Is Hard To Find. This was composed in 1918 and first offered for sale as a piano roll in the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, on 12th December that year (just in time for Christmas - a bargain at 90 cents). The phrase was made to sell music. RESEARCH your facts, idiot.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins And yes, I have been in numerous relationships with men. I have not gone blind and deaf to my surroundings and beyond. I have been out there just long enough to understand that MAJORITY of the men are selfish bastards. Lets put it this way, would you allow your younger sister or girlfriend(if u have one) alone overnight with several grown up men sharing a room? Are you going to let her walk that dark alley all by herself? Are you able to put your heart at peace?
wasabiloh 7 months ago

@wasabiloh "And yes, I have been in numerous relationships with men." In other words- you're a slut. You just cannot have self control, your pussy rules your brains. Oh, is that offensive? I'm sorry, but you seem to believe that seeking sex=pervert. At least if you're a man. You have sought sex. Therefore, you are a pervert.

So is it your logic that's faulty, or do you agree you're a slut? . . .
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins . . . to answer your question, @wasabiloh, I would "allow" ("allow"? she's not my property, dumbass) my girlfriend (of 17 years' together) alone overnight with several grown up men sharing a room. Neither she nor I have trouble walking dark alleyways at night, though we both avoid doing so. We both train in self-defence (I recommend Taking The Power Back for both genders).
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago
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trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins scientist have proven every 7 seconds, this is the fact,MOST of the time it is ogling. I have not said going to church cleanses ALL, what I was trying to direct to are the minority group of truly good natured men who goes to church and are taught the right way to treat women and NEVER wavers from it

(we are not looking at majority of the hypocrites).

wasabiloh 7 months ago

@wasabiloh I have never, ever, EVER abused any man, woman or child. I Honour the Good inside me. I am made of Virtue. I have never stepped into a church. If you think that the only "Good" people must be Church-goers, you really are deluded.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

That would have been the one time I would have hit a woman. She would have gotten a backhand straight to her face
Jetflare 7 months ago


Men in their 40s 50s 60s 70s OGLING at secondary school girls, YOUNG enough to be their daughters and grand daughters. It happens all the time.

Is it too much of a coincidence that everytime this happens, i happen to be observing a "Bad" guy ?or is it just Men in general, to fantasize on girls young enough to be their grand daughters

wasabiloh 7 months ago

@wasabiloh It's not coincidence- however when you consider that the difference between "looking at" and "ogling at" exists solely in the viewer's point of view (unless such looking/ogling is then succeeded by action, either positive or negative) then perhaps you are seeing ogling when only looking is present? Besides, women ogle men and boys as well, it's not a gender-specific issue.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@wasabiloh I notice that your channel has NO videos, NO friends, NO comments, NO picture and was created 3 days ago.

So obviously you're a little Singaporean troll too scared to put themselves up for appraisal whilst atacking others from the safety of internet anonymity.

Such cowardice I have not seen in many years.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

And for your information, i have never been sexually abused/physically abused or cheated on by men.
wasabiloh 7 months ago

@wasabiloh And yet you condemn them roundly. You, madam, are acting like an entitled little brat. You were never cheated on by men? So you have been in relationships with them? Yet you disrespect those men so utterly by declaring the world would be better without them. And just who would men cheat on you with- men? No, other women. I guess women aren't the Paragons you would like to think.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago




Like it or not, the world would do better without men.

Maybe except for 3% of the good ones who are either dead, goes to church religiously to "clense" their otherwise naturally corrupted/perverted souls.

Majority of Rapist, Phaedophiles,Molestors are men.

Like it or not it is proven.

wasabiloh 7 months ago

@wasabiloh Like it or not, without men there would be no children. Like it or not, without men there could only be lesbianism (not that I have anything against Champion Homosexuals- only that we should all be free to choose our sexuality).

You think going to church proves cleanliness?

""clense" their otherwise naturally corrupted/perverted souls."

Are you saying that men have perverted souls?

You're using Church theology to support this?

I quote Saint Paul. . .
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins (1 Timothy, Chapter 2, verses 11- 15 "Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.

But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

For Adam was first formed, then Eve.

And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing . .."

I do NOT support the idea that one gender is intrinsically superior to another. Those who do are mistaken.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

spouce....the reporter said spouser.....FAIL
rykal100 7 months ago

That woman, like any spouse abuser, deserves to be alone forever. If a person beats their pets, hey're not allowed pets any more. Perhaps a similar scheme should be put in place for wife-beaters and husband-beaters.
LincolnMuadib 7 months ago

Omg! This woman is sick! How can she do that disgusting ------ Why is the man so dumb! just say i wanna BREAK UP wit eu .. and just go. Why is he still standing thr letting the girl hit him? I think the man has done something disgraceful to the girl thats why she's gone MAD! :S
Jessecalim 7 months ago

@Jessecalim Nice. Jumping to conclusions without knowing ANYTHING. Whatever he did, it probably was not worth the physical abuse he received. Why do you vilify men right off the bat without even knowing anything?
crackerkiller89 7 months ago
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trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

police wont take u seriuosly
huskersend 7 months ago

That's right girl, you show him who's boss. Men need to be kept in line. They are like dogs, show a bit of weakness and they will start getting ideas above their stations and we all know what happens then, chaos!. So ladies, get that frying pan, baseball bat or even stiletto heel and give them a good thrashing with it. After all, if you ain't doing it to them they sure as hell will be doing it to you somewhere down the line.
TheKarmasbitch 8 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch Shutp lesbo he wasnt even touchin her
thestupidone2011 8 months ago

@thestupidone2011 He doesn't have to, I would slap him for just being a man.
TheKarmasbitch 8 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch I would slap you just for being a hateful moron.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins Make ur mind up!, one minute u r saying no one should be hit, male or female now u backtracking and saying u would slap me. *lol* another internet tough guy.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago
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trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch Still no one should put there hands on anybody if your a girl and you slap me ill let it slide the first time but if you keep hittin me hard ill hit back.
thestupidone2011 8 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch wow you give women all over a bad name. kindly shut your mouth and stop spewing stupidity all over the place.
evilpixie08 7 months ago

@evilpixie08 Why don't u respectfully shut ya mouth and mind ur own business.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch Why don't you THINK, you moron. evilpixie is a female. Therefore IT IS TOTALLY HER BUSINESS THAT YOU ARE GIVING WOMEN A BAD NAME. Respectfully, crawl back into your cave, Troll.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins Yeh duh no shit she is a woman but so, most of the male comments on here are giving u men a bad name but I don't see u respectfully telling them to fuck off. Why would that be then? To scared to confront a man or secretly agree with them?
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch Then if you agree she is a woman in what way is it not her business? Just like Trolls everywhere, you ignore the salient point I'm making, then go on a different point, hoping I'd not notice. I do. To answer your second query, read my reply to your other post.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@evilpixie08 Oh by the way u want to see evidence of stupidity just take a look at all the misogynistic hate filled shit, not just here but all over youtube. What I say might offend your delicate sensibilities but you ain't seen nothing till you've read some of that. They reap what they sow.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch I agree that there's a whole lot of Misogynistic hate-filled shit all over YouTube and in society. No question. You'll also find a lot of Misandry too. If you think coming here spouting hatred of men does anything to counteract the flood of Misogyny, you must be smoking crack. All it does is alienate decent people, make you as hateful as any misogynist, and go against everything the Feminist Movement fought for in the early 1980s. Get a clue.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins I'm not interested in counteracting the plethora of misogynistic crap on youtube, I've long since given up on that. And since you've decided to single me out and read me the riot act, why don't you pop along to the many misogynistic vids and express your concern there. Prove to me u are as unbiased as you seemingly claim to be. Maybe, just maybe it might restore my faith that not all men are bastards.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch I suggest you go to the video entitled "Misandry- it's a sin". I posted on there about 36 times, each time going right up against misogynist bastards. On that video, I have been called a mangina, a feminazi, a feminist bitch, a man-hating Andrea-Dworkin worshipping bitch, a feminism apologist and a dickless pussy-whipped fool. Or you could go to "Sexist old coffee ad - Harveys birthday coffee", or "Domestic Violence Against Women", on which I also posted.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago
Comment removed
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins (cont'd) . . . you will see there that I walk the walk. Of course, I could care less about proving myself to you, nor do I give 2 cents about restoring your faith that not all men are bastards. Maybe you think all men are bastards because you act like a bitch around all men, judging by your comments on YouTube. Go on. Go visit those posts. Then come back and tell me I don't attack misogynists as much as I do Misandrists. Are you prepared to put your money where your mouth is?
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins Then if you don't care less about proving yourself to me then why go to the lengths u did in your previous post to convince me? Either way I couldn't give a damn neither do i care whether you restore my faith in men. Even as a child every man i've known in my life has been a complete bastard and not to be trusted so don't u go accusing me of acting like a bitch when I was a fucking child. Children are innocent muthafucka, they don't act like bitches......
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago your saying a female child must be acting like a bitch if they are abused by an adult male? U know nothing asswipe unless you've experienced it first hand. As far as I'm concerned if a man thinks it's ok to hit women then he had better not ever get with me cuz I'll break his legs.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago
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trollsarevirgins 7 months ago
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trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins (cont'd) 3. I stated, Maybe you think all men are bastards because you act like a bitch around all men, JUDGING BY YOUR COMMENTS ON YOUTUBE. I said NOTHING about how men treated you as a child. In what universe is my saying you're acting like a bitch to men HERE, on YouTube, equate to my saying anything about your background? I oppose ALL child abuse. It is horrific that as a child every man you knew in your life was a complete bastard and not to be trusted. . . .
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins (cont'd) Again, however, I must ask, WHEN did I accuse you of acting like a bitch when you were a child? NEVER. And who the fuck are you to think I haven't experienced abuse in my own life? You think because you were abused it gives you the RIGHT to abuse others?
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins (cont'd) 4.You said "As far as I'm concerned if a man thinks it's ok to hit women then he had better not ever get with me cuz I'll break his legs". Yet you earlier said "I would slap him for just being a man. " So you think it's ok to hit a man (just for being a man) but a man who hits a woman needs his legs broken? You're a hypocrite. I think it's unacceptable to hit either gender just for their gender. Both sexes have the right to defend themselves from violence, however.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins Yeh cuz if you ain't doing it to them they sure as hell will be doing it to you. Even the nicest guys in the world resort to swinging their fists when they lose it.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch So you meet the nicest guys in the world all the time, do you? They consistently lose it around you, do they? Do you wonder why that is? Maybe it's your habit of consistently antagonising men. After all, you DID say, "He doesn't have to, I would slap him for just being a man." Seems like you resort to violence pre-emptively- "Oh, since Men all hate me (I have NO idea why) I will continue to attack every man I meet, even the nicest guys in the world". Is this not your position?
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins "I have NO idea why" - Oh I have an idea alright. In my opinion men like you when they want something from you, be it sex or money or somewhere to stay etc. When you ain't got that or not willing to give it then the real side to them comes out then they hate you. I saw it throughout my childhood and I still see it.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch No question, your childhood abuse was unacceptable. But if you think saying such things as "Men need to be kept in line. They are like dogs, show a bit of weakness and they will start getting ideas above their stations and we all know what happens then, chaos!. So ladies, get that frying pan, baseball bat or even stiletto heel and give them a good thrashing with it. " will mean people WON'T hate you, then you need to reflect on the image you show to the world. . . . 
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins . . . and by the way, I want nothing from you. I don't want sex or money from you, nor do I need somewhere to stay. Nor do I hate you. What I hate is your opinion, as you set out earlier, that men are less worthy than women. When evilpixie08 told you to shut up, I don't think it was because she wanted money or sex from you, either. If you act like a hateful individual, others will hate you.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins "I think it's unacceptable to hit either gender just for their gender"  no but u think it's ok to threaten violence on someone you've never met before, or ever likely to meet just cuz you think they are a hateful moron. Now that is hypocricy!
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago
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trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins No I think it's ok to hit someone based on previous knowledge and experiences - just so happens to be men on the receiving end. That's self defence in my eyes, it's called hitting them before they hit you. Oh and u should go easy on the name calling, u don't know me - u may disagree with me and I may be a crazy bitch to you but I'm not stupid.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch You also should go easy on the name calling, you don't know me either. Let's stop the namecalling, ok? No more "asswipes" or "peabrains", ok? Good. Now, self-defence means attacking those who are about to attack you. It does not mean attacking all members of the gender of your previous attackers. If I got hit by an English white woman in my childhood, does that give me the right to hit ALL women? Or ALL white people? Or ALL English-speaking humans? No, of course not. . . .
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins . . . moreover, if indeed self defence was about "Getting them before they get you", based on previous knowledge and experience, then your comment that all men should be hit by women means you are likely to want to hit me if ever we met, just because I am male. So, then, by YOUR definition, if I then hit you ( "Getting them before they get you") would this not be self-defence? Of course it wouldn't be.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins No it gives me the right to abuse others who, given half the chance, would be doing the same to me.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins You said I must act like a bitch around all men, implying that something must have happened to me in my childhood for me to have developed this mindset.. Well ur damn right mister! something did and we ain't just talking a few smacks on the butt when I was naughty either. U think I give a flying fuck about seeing the odd woman slapping her man when all I've ever seen from men is violence and perverted behaviour.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch Incorrect, little insignificant one. I stated "Maybe you think all men are bastards because you act like a bitch around all men, JUDGING BY YOUR COMMENTS ON YOUTUBE." Are you illiterate or just incapable of admitting you were wrong? Anyway, it's all hypothetical. If I saw you assaulting a man I would have you arrested, after first performing a citizen's arrest on you. And yes, you wouyld go to jail. Internet toughness aside, get a clue.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins If I'm so insignificant then why are you bothering to reply, huh?
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins No asswipe, u r the one who said you don't care whether my faith in men is restored. I said Well I didn't care if YOU did restore my faith in men. I don't need ur help or assistance because as you said you don't give a fuck anyway.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins Damn! you have been busy. I'm flattered that you are spending so much time and energy on me, i must have really pissed you off. I ain't backing off baby, I'm just getting started. I've been having a look at ur channel and I've come to the conclusion you aren't quite the liberal minded guy u r trying to make out. Quite the contrary. You surf the net, looking for the most controversial topics and then deliberately play the devils advocate......
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago
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trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch Your conclusion is incorrect. I go to topics where one side (whether it be anti-female or anti-male, pro-Israel or pro-Arab, Pro-Right Wing or Pro-Left Wing) is massively overrepresentative, and I point out that either view is flawed. Anti-male bias is as bad as anti-female, though it has different results; Misogyny does not cancel out Misandry, neither side in the West Bank has the high moral ground, etc. . .
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins . . . what oftenimes happens is BOTH sides accuse me of being on the other. For example, on one post I am called Zionist by one side and Muslim Scum by the other- both reacting to the same comment. On another post I am called Feminazi by one side and Misogynist Pig by the other- both reacting to the same comment. Know what this tells me? That I'm on the right track. Truth is, I don't do it to placate Trolls or Zealots- they can't be convinced . . .
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins . . . they're too far up their own asses to step back and reassess. However, for those that view the videos and read the comments, if just one reassesses their thinking positive, then I've made a posiive impact. As for you, if you really are, as you say, a survivor of childhood abuse, I recommend taking a self-defence course. Having been in the martial arts for 20 years now (and, in fact, being a self-defence instructor myself) I recommend Krav Maga, Senshido or even BJJ . .
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins . . . getting the skills to defend yourself physically helps no end in overcoming childhood trauma- I can attest to this from first-hand experience. Therapy is also good.

Posting on YouTube attacking all those of the gender of your attackers, however, serves little purpose beyond making random strangers dislike you. If you want a real relationship with someone, you must treat them with respect. . . .
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins . . . If you really think men need to be hit, not only are you unfit to be in a relationship, but you are bringing yourself down to the level of the males who abused you as a child. Learn to protect yourself from the bad people, respect good people, and move ahead. Because if you hit an innocent male stranger, either he will hit back, causing injury, or you will be charged with assault and will go to prison. Hit your boyfriend? Again, assault. . .
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins . . . why even bother responding to you? Because I've had female friends who were abused- one was made pregnant by her older brother. She became violent around all men, and in a bar one night, while drunk, she hit a random man with a bottle. He got stitches, she got charged with assault, served 6 months inside and now has trouble getting work. I don't want that to be your story. You may be trolling, but abuse survivors need to be protected . . . sometimes from themselves.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins Now ur getting me mad! I ain't trolling, that's fucking sick and child abuse is no joke.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins I have hit men, I have been charged with assault and I have spent time behind bars. If a man looked at me the wrong way or treated me like dirt then, yeh I've gone for them.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch Treat you like dirt? Worthy of leaving, using defensive moves to remove the threat. Looking at you the wrong way? NOT justified. That's what skinheads say- "He looked at me the wrong way.". The point is to AVOID jail, you know.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins If men treated females better and learned to keep their cocks in their pants then there wouldn't be women like me. It's a vicious circle.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch Then break that cycle. Not all men are bastards- not all women are bitches. Not all men want to whop it out of their pants and wave it at women- not all women want to slap men just for being men. Lead by example- if you want respect, give respect. If you want hatred, give hatred.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins You sound like a therapist I once had. It's easy for others to say that but in theory it's a different matter entirely. When something is deep rooted it's often pretty much unbreakable. It can be chipped away at but something will happen somewhere down the line, which will set it off again and all that good work will be for nothing. I don't want hatred, I want to turn back the time and live another persons childhood but I can't and I can't forgive.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch Hell, DON'T forgive your childhood abusers. Hunt them down and kill them if you think it'll help. But attacking innocent men who look at you wrong is only going to put YOU in prison, plus you're making victims of others. What if the men you asaulted now don't trust ANY woman, because of what you did? How do you like them apples? And hey, think on this- your abusers *may* have gone to jail. Why make them responsible for YOUR going to jail too?
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins I think I know where one is but he did his time, so even if I hunted them down and killed them (don't know where others are) then that would be pre meditated murder, right? I would still be held responsible, even with justification. What u are saying is going against what u were saying originally, which is to only act in self defence. Believe me, if they were stood in front of me now I would kill them without a second thought.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch Hmm, well if someone has abused before AND is DEFINITELY going to re-offend- ie, do the EXACT same thing again and hurt someone else- then by removing them from the mortal realm you are, in a sense, protecting others . . . this is however VERY different from hitting someone because, as a male, you think they MAY hurt others. That situation is not self-defence, or any form of defence really.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins Yeh that would be the best thing to do. I would gladly do it to all scum child molesters out there and I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. The law would see it differently though. They would say no matter what has happened to you, you can't take the law into your own hands (i know, i've heard it enough times). The judges are the ones who dish out justice and most of them haven't got a clue, which makes me even more angry.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago 2

@TheKarmasbitch Hitting men who you think looked at you funny, abusing them because you were abused by men in your chikldhood, is also far from justice. Consider that. You're just creating more survivors of assault.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins I get what u are trying to say, I think..but when men look at me, sometimes I feel an overwhelming rage to lash out. I don't know. All I know is what happens to you as a kid, especially the bad shit, stays with you forever.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch So no man can safely look at you? Hmmm. If that's true, I'd recommend you remove yourself from male company. In any case, the choice is yours- do you want to be a Survivor or a Victim? Your childhood need not define you.

Not that I'm excusing your assault on innocent men who look at you the wrong way.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins I'm no victim - i haven't been a victim for years but haven't you ever been in a room and felt eyes on you and noticed someone looking at you, not in a nice appraising way but in one of those creepy hateful ways? What I'm saying is any man can look at me anytime he damn well pleases and be safe, as long as he doesn't creep me out.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch If someone creeps you out, leave the area. If they follow you and try to get physical (ie, lay hands on you) then absolutely, defend youself from unwanted advances. But what is seen as creepy looks is subjective- see the response I gave to wasabilo above.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins I have had therapy and it didn't work for me, just made me more angry, so I gave it up.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch Then either different therapy? Definitely a self-defence course sounds like it would be good. Helped me a lot.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins Well if what you are saying is true (sorry but I have a hard time trusting anyone) then you are on a hiding to nothing - trolls and zealots don't change. Trolls are doing it to get some perverted kick out of it and zealots are just plain fucked in the head.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch Only if you think I'm trying to convert zealots and trolls- that cannot be done. However, for those that view the videos and read the comments, if just one reassesses their thinking positive, then I've made a posiive impact.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins Deliberately stating an opposing view just to get a reaction, in other words an argument. Sounds like trolling to me.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago
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TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@evilpixie08 I'm with you on this one.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch You're a disgusting piece of shit. There is no way you're even human. Get the fuck out of here scum.
crackerkiller89 7 months ago

@crackerkiller89 Yeh and with a user name like that u must be a real upstanding decent member of society. Take a leaf outta ur own book and STFU asswipe.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@crackerkiller89 I've just looked at ur picture. looks like someone has already taken a frying pan to ur ugly mug.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch I've just looked at your profile, and you're too gutless to put up a picture of yourself. Ready to dish it out, but afraid to take it, aren't you?
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins And I've just looked at urs and damn but are u plug ugly. Oh and ur name is a dead giveaway as to what u use youtube for, so don't take the moral highground with me asswipe.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch Seriously? A person with "The Karma's A Bitch" is whining about "Trolls are Vrgins"? Pot, kettle, black. Once again, you're ready to dish it out, but afraid to take it. It's easy to call others ugly when you're afraid to show your own face- in fact the more you attack others' looks, the worse-looking others think you must be. Pull your head in, Trollop.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

If that was me i would of knocked her the fuck out

@WPEUROPEANPOWER yeh of course you would.
TheKarmasbitch 8 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch OMG is that you KARL damn hahahahhahha

@WPEUROPEANPOWER Who's karl? Your bum chum? 
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch Yeah ok play dumb

@WPEUROPEANPOWER Well you've got a head start on me in that department. Now get the fuck off youtube and go make your woman some money, slave.
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago

@TheKarmasbitch So you're not only full of hatred towards men, but you're a homophobe too? The more you speak the more hateful you look. If you're looking to advance feminism you're doing it all wrong.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins Your making assumptions, I'm not interested in advancing feminism. I couldn't give a shit, I'm just insulting u stupid men *lol*
TheKarmasbitch 7 months ago
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trollsarevirgins 7 months ago
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trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

deathmetalawakes 8 months ago

old ugly woman.
xxrantaxx 8 months ago

the girl at the end shud be her la
EraceTruce 8 months ago
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shuffler1239 8 months ago

men should not be afraid to defend themsleves and this is coming from a woman.
horseylassx1 9 months ago

@horseylassx1 Agreed. No-one deserves to be hit, male or female.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

Not all men take that shit and not all men are afraid of being labelled pussies for defending themselves from a disgusting assault upon vulnerable areas of ones person.

Women like that trying that on the wrong man will get a nasty surprise and I'll be cheering them on.
BeardedBill86 9 months ago

@BeardedBill86 I support self-defence- if the "wrong man" proceeded to beat seven bells out of the woman I'd intervene and not be cheering him on. If he blocks her assault and nullifies the threat (as legally we are entitled to do), however, I support that.

Of course, when I see violence, male-female or female-male I do have a tendency to intervene, either way.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

@trollsarevirgins The law and what's right don't always go together you know, I'm fairly sure a man would be arrested for reacting as I see appropriate (IE returning a similar amount of pain as received) but that doesn't mean I don't support him for doing so, also doesn't mean I'd break the law either.
BeardedBill86 7 months ago

@BeardedBill86 Hey, I'm not saying that YOU were saying you'd cheer on a man beating seven bells out of a woman who slapped him- just that I would not. I do not mean to suggest you would beat.

But yeah, the law and what's right don't always go together. True that.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

pussy whipped much
evilmickey100 9 months ago

The best part is when she Orders him to Stop Covering His Privates and then Hits it...Seems like he got dominated...And the Reactions to the video was funny as well..
firepower4848 9 months ago
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firepower4848 9 months ago

i wuld have shook the shit out of but i wouldnt hit her
willbeflyall24h 9 months ago

by the way, this video seems like like a comedy than an education/news to me... the way the people respond, and the music given..
noobpwnagez 10 months ago

hahah i would socked her lmao jk
CarlosKoolKid102109 10 months ago

she's having her period. Period.
maxmaxuyao1 10 months ago

andydrummond1 10 months ago

digi23azlan 11 months ago

I have never raised a hand to a woman , but if that serpent did that to me then she would be taking a trip to the hospital. I wouldn't take it from a man so if she wants to act tough like a man then I would treat her like one. It's time that women start taking full responsibility for their actions.
loganachilles1982 11 months ago

@loganachilles1982 the typical white guy comment, sadly singaporeans are just not as how you call it.. in national service some people had practically lost all their pride from all the humiliation.. we need a hero..

one as influential lee kuan yew
noobpwnagez 10 months ago

@loganachilles1982 Funnily enough, in the late '70's to early '80's, the Feminist Movement defined Feminism as "Men and Women have Equal Rights and Equal Responsibilities". I'm of that thinking. Nowadays, that which calls itself Feminism (TM) has seemingly forgotten this second part.
trollsarevirgins 7 months ago

WHY Is it ok or funny if a little bitch does this to a man? But if he touched her, he goes to jail?

Girls that do it to their man are pathetic and deserve to have their asses kicked.
Rastis35 11 months ago

Those two teens are the lol-est.
Blizersoul 11 months ago

this does illustrate societys mentality,, if it was a guy doing that there would be no laughing and the cops would be after him but but people laugh whenever the guy is on the ende
kevwayne007 11 months ago

He is an ass hole, I kicked her ass right away!!!!!!!!
willyr21 1 year ago

that guy tat gets hit on the cock is a true and well respected man
woshicomedian 1 year ago

How that guy keeps standing after all that?!?!?!
skinneeNY 1 year ago

i had a girlfriend that was fucked up and crazy, i was sleeping and she stomps on my nuts with her heels while i was sleeping. i slapped her and never saw her again
hoompie18 1 year ago

I had a crazy girlfriend like that once. She grabbed my member and yanked on it as hard as she could. She's married now to some other guy. I feel sorry for him.
waspy89 1 year ago

@waspy89 LOL
aznboi797 1 year ago

Some people enjoy physical pain as a source of arrousment,
toastycigar 1 year ago

what a pussy get the hell out of there.
b9036830 1 year ago

he probably cheated on her. thats why hes just taking the beating
grabass136 1 year ago

@grabass136, so, if a woman cheats on her bf, he is totally justified in beating per your 'logic'?
levelate 1 year ago

@levelate b/c she would beat him if he cheatd on her for sure. Why the double standards ?
loganachilles1982 11 months ago

Why cant you guys just leave others alone?

woshiprozzz 1 year ago

What The Hell ?
AnnaTheFoot 1 year ago