Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halal pork picture a hoax, says NTUC FairPrice - 25Oct2011

SINGAPORE: Supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice has said that a picture making its rounds on the Internet, showing what looks to be halal pork is a hoax, and that the picture is the same doctored image that surfaced in 2007. Back then, the supermarket chain had lodged a police report for what it called a "wilful act of mischief". The picture shows a packet of "Pasar Fresh Pork" with a halal certification sticker on it. FairPrice said the original packaging does not come with the sticker, adding that it understands the serious religious implications of the matter. Muslims are forbidden from eating pork, and such "halal" labels are reserved for food products that do not contain pork or other non-permissible products. FairPrice said it was alerted of the picture on Monday. It added it hopes to bring the issue to a close in order to avoid unnecessary confusion or offence that may result in the continued circulation of the image.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bust Checker

Men can also suffer from breast cancer. Although it is rare, around 340 men are diagnosed each year in UK, around 90 men a year die from breast cancer.

The video aims to raise male audiences' awareness on breast cancer. We want to urge men to aware of the threat and check their breasts.

We created a scenario that men would be interested in to draw their eyeballs and prompt them to start checking their own breasts.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Low Thia Khiang vs Lim Swee Say and Lee Yi Shyan

Low Thia Khiang takes on Lim Swee Say and Lee Yi Shyan in the 12th sitting of Parliament.

Monday, October 17, 2011

iPhone 4S: mrbrownshow SIMI



    jk1706 1 hour ago

    Lolololololol....nice one!!
    Kho2711 1 hour ago

    wah got Free CSI also.. no need edmw oredi...
    evoked87 1 hour ago
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    evoked87 1 hour ago

    retrobaby100 10 hours ago

    retrobaby100 10 hours ago

    retrobaby100 10 hours ago

    @picky9irl Yup! Tats d way some of us speak. Our local Slang(with a healthy dose of sarcasm for kicks... Ha!) Btw..Where u frm? Millionhair
    johnnemoSG 19 hours ago

    Wah lao man I already have my colleague for this. Why need a phone for it too?
    Selfistar 23 hours ago

    Best ever
    JSXX23 23 hours ago

    GiacomoDiNorscio 1 day ago

    Siri for the fobs lol
    v3noms 1 day ago

    SymbolicNickolaus 1 day ago

    Ku De Ta restaurant
    RedForceRising 1 day ago

    2:22 - the resale flat in Bishan has COV of 50k not COB
    RedForceRising 1 day ago


    Joshguu 1 day ago

    3:37 - "you have't had a dick in 6 months" lol....
    Iqbaldinho 1 day ago 6

    erm, now audio is disable? Is being censored?
    proyb2 1 day ago

    It sounds like the accent of Cantonese, but I'm not sure, because idk any singaporeans:(
    picky9irl 2 days ago

    deng deng deng deng deng..
    raifon 2 days ago 2

    is this Singrish?? Their English is so cool
    picky9irl 2 days ago

    @picky9irl Yes that's Singlish, unique to our Singapore's culture. We can converse in accurate Queen's english too.
    heated789456 6 hours ago

    WHAT IS LOVE!! rofl
    ocping 2 days ago

    wah lau eh you just bought a phone not a localised KITT~~!

    isftish 2 days ago

    not bad not bad!!! conversations with SIMI actually cover the bulk of Singaporean life :)
    renyongh 2 days ago

    I want SIMI !! where can i download it?!
    Erza5087 2 days ago

    I wish mr brown would sing less songs and make more awesome podcasts like these.

    xXxKiraraxXx 3 days ago 4

    I honestly want an iPhone 4SG NOW.
    dorinekur 3 days ago 2

    EPIC =))
    IceQueenSexica 3 days ago

    1:35 omg so true.
    mrteukshi 3 days ago

    1:52 to 2:15 is the best part.. i think its the most accurate thing SIMI has said
    babycakes222 3 days ago 42

    @babycakes222 lol yeah my fav part too xD
    ProjectElf 3 days ago 6

    SpraysBlasphemy 3 days ago

    omg im the most un-atas one here. No money to afford iphone so dunno what is this "simi" thing they're talking about x_X

    quiksilver0000 3 days ago

    @quiksilver0000 nobody else can. Just see the original video from the apple website and you'll understand the joke xD
    xXxKiraraxXx 3 days ago

    Awesome. :) if only it was like this in real life. And does anybody else see the 3d like effect when th red and blue words come up? Like at 3:40? Or is it just me? 0.0
    aitkensE04xXxRecon 3 days ago

    It's COV btw. But this is hilarious, Mr. Brown is too awesome for words.
    Arktos08 4 days ago 13

    @Arktos08 wonder ^^

    paiseh nv buy hdb before, xD too young.
    ProjectElf 4 days ago 3

    lmao! LOL

    deadmanINC75 4 days ago

    hahaha..very funny !
    terrycia 4 days ago

    The restaurant is Ku De Ta at MBS =)
    daffodilistic 5 days ago 5

    @daffodilistic hahaha wahlao sibei atas sia! can't
    ProjectElf 5 days ago 7

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ex-ISA detainee issues challenge to Dr Tony Tan

Dr Lim Hock Siew, Singapore's 2nd longest-held political prisoner under the ISA, pays tribute to a fellow detainee Tan Jing Quee, and issues a challenge to Presidential candidate Dr Tony Tan, who in an earlier video debate had defended the use of the ISA against terror threats, citing the Norway shootings.


can someone help pap president tony tan with his mandarin?

perhaps more tuition for him or something?.

and more up-dates and on real hard truths on singapore realities too?

tony lacks real knowledge of what is or has been going around in singapore's present and past events?

is tony aware this is the internet age where lying is not in vogue anymore?

hallwy3 5 days ago

guys u know who to vote now
shittzume 1 week ago

@shittzume Of course we do. Look who's won :) Congrats to the deserving winner and all who have put in effort one way or another towards the presidential run, even if you have lost when running for president, you can still succeed in achieving your dream of progressing Singapore - you can still help by extending aid to the needy and donate willingly ... :)
louisatanhuiying 1 week ago

Im so proud of him
shittzume 1 week ago

Lots of dark secrets people are not aware of..... good luck
RetardedAmericians 1 week ago

The best option for Singapore is to have adequate opposition MPs in parliament like Malaysia to check on the government. The ISA is useful but should not be used to serve selfish political purpose of the ruling party.

ptwlk 1 week ago

is the podium showing a logo of Chinese chamber fo commerce? i always thought CCC was a PAP lap dog since their ex chairman chuan tian poh was an ultimate dog.... or did CCC rented thier function room without knowing what the participants use it for.
TheSungod666 1 week ago

I think the opposition cannot gain power until the abuse of the usage of ISA is stopped....
zhizian 1 week ago

ISA like Dr Tony Tan mentioned, is a blunt instrument but may be useful when dealing with terrorism. However, more often than not, ISA has been used more for political oppression. Sadly, ISA can be used on anyone that the government thinks that may bring harm to the stability of the nation. As such, old guards government feels that political opposition are a 'threat' to the nation's security, thus the justification of ISA... crap isn't it? sadly that's the way life was back in the hey days...
Psylunce 1 week ago 3

@Roni63 If you are speaking of 1963 to 1987. all of us are unsure of the findings. However, note that in the 2000s, ISA have arrested people that were linked to JI terrorism.

One famous example is Mr Mas Selamat.

So to mention that ISA has outlived it's usefulness is premature.
jansen281281 1 week ago

@jansen281281 Yeah..... who has made an escape... because they are only experienced in detaining innocent citizens who are opposition!!!!
zhizian 1 week ago

People do a certain thing in the certain way. During that time, you need like-minded to build a nation and form it into the same way.

Now millions of people reap the fruit of their HARD work, whether good or bad in personal thinking, we need to thank the past generation for making Sgp bigger than a small little dot on the map.
ahyim2112 1 week ago

NoobDisciple 1 week ago


kumarbabu1919 1 week ago 6

I know him and how he goes about doing things, and his occupation. All I can say is he's a good man of upright and trustworthy character, but his philosophy and way of life we all don't know.

So don't assume, please don't. I admire him as a doctor, but just because I have a good character doesn't mean my philosophy on life and how my country should be run are accurate.

Citizens, don't, don't assume. What has he done for Singapore? He should be sued for slander and libel in court instead.
louisatanhuiying 1 week ago
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Psylunce 1 week ago
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louisatanhuiying 1 week ago

to 1900SG, pls watch your backside, you are likely to be the one to be sacrifice by the one you support. :-) don;t forget it is easy to do 2nd time, when the first time round get it done easy
clh1827 1 week ago

Loser will always be loser. u just chose to be with in the wrong camp at the wrong time.
bigbear3388 1 week ago

@bigbear3388 胜者为王败者为寇

Psylunce 1 week ago

when TT and the like were building the country, what were you doing? in jail.

haters will always hate.
htwllessur 1 week ago

History is written by the victors, not losers like you. What difference are you from Riz Low? Both of you speak "good english".Just let it go old man, you have pass your prime, the people here clap for you because they hate the goverment, not because they like you. You put any garbage up there to slam the goverment also they clap. And please, do not shame singapore by speaking such english, no wonder MM Lee is the winner and you are the loser in the eye of the rest of the world.
1900SG 1 week ago

@1900SG ...Most Singaporean speak like this.Singaporean always speak like this.Are you an Ang Moh,huh?
frankielee77 1 week ago

@1900SG Please don't insult him by drawing comparisons of him with Ris Low. He may not have the clearest pronunciation, but his command of the language is far beyond her.
tensaixp 1 week ago

@tensaixp At least Ris Low is a victor. And i do think that Ris speaks and think more logically than him. I think he is grumpy, simply because he was put to jail. Period.
1900SG 1 week ago

@1900SG She was a victor, her crown was removed shortly after she won. And it's debatable if she won by legitimate means. That aside, she really don't make any sense.
tensaixp 1 week ago

@1900SG He speaks like tat bcos of his age n poor health. U can't even recognise tat n still write such shallow crap. U think too highly of urself.
cheerycolours 1 week ago

@cheerycolours Old age and poor health can make you speak like these? Its more of Chinese education background i guess, nothing wrong if its in other part of the world. But in this country where so many fools are against the PRC, why do you still want to speak their language? You look down on Malays, so its fair that you dont command their language, so the only option left is English. If you cant command that language, then you are left with nothing.
1900SG 1 week ago

@1900SG Look, the grammatical structuring of your sentences is very poor, and you cannot get your punctuation right. Dr Lim on the other hand, speaks in almost perfect english. He may speak in a slow and accented way, but he speaks the language right. I am even prepared to say that he may have been much more proficient in his oratorical skills in his younger years. You on the other hand, have a long way to go before you reach his command of the english language.

Shall we get rid of you then??

c0nfus3ds0ul 1 day ago

@1900SG are you retarded?
noobric 1 week ago

Great Video. He mentioned about false flag incidents incited by the government to pin the blame on opposition. This is nothing new. USA and west has been doing this for a long time.

911 is one prime example. Google operation northwoods. USA govt planned to stage terror attack on their home soil and blame it on Cuba as a pretext to invade them.JFK didnt allow it.  Promote Democracy all we want. But dont use USA or the West as a role model because they sucks big time.
Redtide 2 weeks ago

Justice must be served. Tony Tan did not stop this injustice when he was behind this discussion he's guilty too. He's not fit to be president. God bless u Dr Lim.
feilihu 2 weeks ago 2

Can someone do a transcript of this? We should share this and share the transcript to help with SEO and so everyone can find it.
robinlow88 2 weeks ago

its sad that these ppl are treated as "Terrorist"!!!!!
itstimeforachange1 2 weeks ago 5

You can actually hear and feel his anger at Tony Tan, and the PAP even, while making his speech.

I wonder how much different Singapore will be today if the PAP aren't cowardly enough to use the ISA just to keep their position as "leaders" in this small island.
kayserenade 2 weeks ago 3

To make a such a potent and detailed speech without the aid of notes just shows what a remarkable mind Dr Lim has. PAP might have stolen his years but they just cannot put out his light. LKY has to face up to his conscience ultimately.
maltygoodness2 2 weeks ago

Lee should be shamed publicly and those people that had associated with him will pay for the crimes they chose to commit.
vinolin100 2 weeks ago

The foreigners like FTs and new citizens should know this and join us to fight the evil fascist regime.
vinolin100 2 weeks ago

9:10 - And The World Should Know How *** Has Hold On To His Power For The Last 50 years.....
Blackhonda666 2 weeks ago

2:15, most epic part of the speech.
bbqhaxman80 2 weeks ago

To all ISA VICTIMS, God bless you all. May He heal you for the pain you had to suffer, the years that were taken from you, and the painful memories that I am sure must remain with you. You are all indeed soldiers of the truth!
Roni63 2 weeks ago 2

TT was linking ISA to terrorism, in actual fact, ISA was used on political opponents. Hardly terrorist material don't you think?
MrSebastiananthony 2 weeks ago

This is very misleading. In the forum, Dr Tony Tan was talking about the ISA arrests during the time that he was in the Cabinet. Dr Lim Hock Siew was arrested in 1963 - at that time, Dr Tan was only 23 years old. Why on earth is Dr Lim shooting at Dr Tan?
clappingtree 2 weeks ago
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akksg 2 weeks ago

@clappingtree Because Dr Tan spoke in a forum two nights ago that the ISA was used to arrest terrorists. This alone is an insult to the detainees, who mostly were strong opposition politicians.
chunwee 2 weeks ago 4

@clappingtree Dr Tony Tan mentioned clearly that ISA was meant for terrorist n Dr Lim Hock Siew was arrest under ISA. therefore, Dr Lim is challenging Dr Tony Tan to come forward to clarify his definition of Terrorist.

To call a doctor like Dr Lim as Terrorist, this is Defamation.
limyeeming 2 weeks ago 2

@clappingtree He was refering to the forum for presidential candidates where Tony tan was avoiding the idea that ISA has been used against political opponents.
yuujin7788 2 weeks ago


Dr. Lim mentioned ISA arrests from 1963 to 1987, not just his own arrest. Also, TT discussed the need for ISA to prevent terrorism. Obviously, TT was insinuating that all those who had been arrested under ISA were linked to terrorism.

When TJS said that ISA was used on political opponents, TT objected and said that that was a serious charge and that TJS better have evidence to back it up. Do your research. Thousands of men arrested under ISA were political oppositions. 
Roni63 2 weeks ago
Comment removed
Psylunce 1 week ago

You are the man, salute you with my both hand
diversifyx2 2 weeks ago

Dr Lim is a very kind, compassionate and understanding doctor. He was my doctor for almost all my life until he retired last year. I truly wish him well and healthy.

God bless you, Dr LIm. I will always remember you.
bondings 2 weeks ago

Such fire in the old man. Salute!
shadedvicar 2 weeks ago

sad to see people like dr lim being locked up for so many years without trial just because someone is so paranoid to the core that he even afraid of his own shadow.

charlesean 2 weeks ago

wahtsurprob123 2 weeks ago

Amazing. Salute man! Your 19 years will not be in vain!
invinciblemode 2 weeks ago

说得好!How long has such fiery rhetoric been silenced from the masses with abuse of the ISA?
reveille507 2 weeks ago 26

Is this the speech described as 'fiery' by today's Sunday Times? Where did he say that 'socialism is more relevant than ever'? More damned lies from SPH.
htolas 2 weeks ago 57

brave old man.
greeneggsandparmaham 2 weeks ago 5

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A different type of snow

After their exams, this is what they do to destress...