Friday, June 24, 2011

Stripper Steven Lim #1

I would pay $300 to disgrace him in a party, no problem. But I won't pay $300 for him to strip and 1) Hurt my eyes 2) Mindfuck my friends and lastly 3) Take a fucking disgusting dirty picture and spoil that girl's reputation that she was actually anywhere near Steven Lim.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Steven Lim VS Xiaxue

"Wan Bao,Please Kindly Sue Xia Xue Aka Wendy Cheng for strongly defaming your paper for defamation...晚报, 请控告 Xia Xue 下雪毁傍 ....!!! Thank you....Xia Xue is really too much..Just becos she is a top blogger in Singapore does not mean can anyhow say bad things at the expense of someone whatever she likes n she is an obvious racist..Poor Steven Lim harmlessly sits there do nothing kena maliciously attacked by her..We must teach her a lesson. Power is nothing without control...Steven Lim was forced to strike back...."

The war between Singapore bloggers... sit back and enjoy!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nightingale Abuse Incident In Singapore

A hidden camera shows that one of the residents was put under the fan in her naked body. Later, she was tossed into the bed with the "nurses". When she was crying in pain, she received a slap.

The home had so far announced that they had disciplined the foreign staffs but they did not say what were the actions taken.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Debate in Singapore's Parliament with LKY

Let's take a look at Singapore's politics... interesting.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tsunami attacking in Minami-Sanriku

She was on a roll on the roof that had flowed. After that, it went up to the land. It is safe.

The man of black clothes that say the elderly person to help has been thrown into the muddy stream.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

iPad Magic

Theme: communication of coming generation

Hello, my name is Shinya, and I'm a magician.
Throughout history, we have been constantly inventing ways to communicate.
History of humanity is also a history of communication.

One of the oldest ways to communicate known from history...
is a smoke signal.
After inventing a smoke signal...
we came up with characters.
Ways of recording characters and communicating to others...
is a book.
After books, we thought of how to record space...
which leads to a photograph.
Today, we can communicate through movies and cellphones.

Well, what will be the communication of coming generation?
Imagine, warping from one place to another.
Warping a human being might be a little difficult...
but an animal might work.

Interested in time traveling?
Perhaps you can send your milk in the fridge one month before,
so that you don't have to wait for your cheese.
Or even you can send your own x-ray to your doctor.
It might become possible to communicate,
by peeping through other's mind.
Rather than shopping online,
you might be able to try it on on the go.
Moreover, maybe you can withdraw cash without an ATM machine.

Excuse me, I've got mail.
He is my friend Daigo, a great performer.
He has appeared a lot on TV recently,
so maybe you guys know him.
He can bend a fork like this in no time.
See? Isn't that great?
Thanks, Daigo.

Nowadays, you can find many ways to communicate.
However, we never stop to strive for inventing new ways to do so.
Because new communication brings new excitement.
I'm going to explore more about what I can do with this.
See you guys later!