Thursday, August 30, 2012

Insane Chinese Women Volleyball!



sam86samss 22 minutes ago

@verrsatis,genau 你个傻逼

situdaxian 28 minutes ago

Chinese have some eyes? Pfft I have to squint to see the ball

CanceIThis 1 hour ago

when i would get one dollar for every pixel on the vid , i would have one dollar

TheSchickschick 1 hour ago

crazily insane ~

dennisneyo 2 hours ago

They're Asian what did you expect?

pollordubai 2 hours ago

I bet American Football can't do that...

IceX92 2 hours ago


Search Marshawn Lynch.

TheNarutinator 1 hour ago

kitchen ball WTF ?

Jammydrury 3 hours ago

carmen imperial best buy stores -says fantastic video

carmenimperial 3 hours ago

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MegaMarz24 3 hours ago

i totally agre with the commentator

sossasolim1 3 hours ago

they look very good ahh

carmenimperial 4 hours ago


FruitShaped 4 hours ago

Wow look at all the racist comments on this video.. And people wonder why I dislike humans LOL. Such barbaric vile beasts.

Devilishlybenevolent 4 hours ago


CKMC91 4 hours ago

fuck china!

chimon1982 5 hours ago

They play this well because they will be shot if they don't.

staphinfection 5 hours ago

What this video doesn't show is that the net is 3 ft. tall

fairytailownz 5 hours ago

typical Asian gaming :D

JaromaBeats 5 hours ago

Volleyball Level : Asian

MrSodamon 5 hours ago 15

@MrSodamon +1 :D

KidoLV 22 minutes ago

Gooks suck this was fake

fingerme100 6 hours ago

Holy shit...

blacktopproductions 6 hours ago


echrometamarind 6 hours ago

WTF... good women..

absalom86 7 hours ago

Keep pressing 5. lulz will ensue.

BingBangBoomify 7 hours ago

How can they see????

Moisesrojas1 7 hours ago

All that... For 1 point. Hahaa.

iCorals 7 hours ago

lady in red at 1:45 looks like shes in fast mo

BroMandudeKnar 8 hours ago

If one of those girls was taller than 4' 8'' maybe one of those shots would of been blocked

illwillrocket 8 hours ago

Wow.....Kitchens nowadays, I just can't keep up.

ih8cr9posers 8 hours ago

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10musiclife10 8 hours ago


patrick2point2 8 hours ago

fake and gay

Khizziify 8 hours ago

Chinese would make better ninjas

NinjaAntx 8 hours ago

thats fucking crazy

boardmafia 8 hours ago

1-0 , next serve.

drksdofthmoon 9 hours ago


101BlackHat 9 hours ago

The one that messed up,instantly went back to the kitchen

Aznkid898 9 hours ago

they made tall black people look like shit

MrMcLongCoc 9 hours ago

omg that was insane is exactly what i said after watching

aishanada 9 hours ago

looks like the olympics are over before starting

TKnologic104 9 hours ago

if we ever go to war with these people we're f***ed

elcamo1990 10 hours ago

OMG so exciting !!!!!!!

LaughingSkuirrel 10 hours ago

wow man!!

21mrbunson 10 hours ago

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DrMasaaki 10 hours ago

1 point -_-

kokafly83 10 hours ago

:'[ I'm sorry team U.S.A

bluespongeish13 11 hours ago

My Ipad better have a discount with them out of the shop for that long.

NGRICKYNG 11 hours ago

crazy rally

Xmrkim1129X 11 hours ago

I don't think the US is going to win at the olympics this year

juke2523 12 hours ago

old guy in the stands at 1:46 is thinking to himself "my daughter has failed. Her life must end!"

RetardinHarvard 12 hours ago 27


ElTorroXL 12 hours ago

They all went to P.F. Chang's after.

iPlayboyBoyd 12 hours ago 2

this is so old...

rfuaonl 12 hours ago

since when is there women in china

Coolbeans4uz 12 hours ago 2

the pink girl towards the end did not have to dive for it, it was going out of bounds -_- that sport would annoy the shit out of me

UnrealSnipa 12 hours ago

am i speechless?:o

walterwelch 12 hours ago

If all sports games were as exciting as this one, i would definately watch more sports. Most games are all boring.

tentimetex 13 hours ago

They're saying, "2012 Olympics..


nosupa 13 hours ago

no guy is applauding hahahahaha x)

onstead 13 hours ago


originalgnar 13 hours ago


mousyrara113 13 hours ago

that must be hell to watch

AvideoIdiot 13 hours ago

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blackpeoplesmellyay 13 hours ago


EddieFivespeed 13 hours ago

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Quaellchen 13 hours ago

Level Asian

xcoxbox 13 hours ago

The next point was a winner with the serve LOL LOL LOL

fedemma91 14 hours ago

absolutly crazy...and amazing

Hampenberg4Ever 14 hours ago

This just proves the point that if you think your good at something, some Asian girl is better than you at it.

issoto 14 hours ago

thumbs up for the girls :) 

derimmerrechthat 14 hours ago

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dimensionsriss 14 hours ago

you must be pissed off if you lost the point :p

TheAntichevre 14 hours ago

1:46 Epic Poker Face from the old guy in the middle lollzz

ThaToRnADo13 14 hours ago 28

@ThaToRnADo13 looks like the guy from up

yourface723 10 hours ago

@ThaToRnADo13 I don't think he knew where he was.

MengoMango 9 hours ago

@ThaToRnADo13 Seriously epic Poker faced.

mahadevanaiyer 7 hours ago

Man you must have to be really dedicated to sit and watch one of those matches. They must go on for hours.

blueovaltrucks 14 hours ago

Amazing.... mso.... thumbs up!!

schmusiii 14 hours ago

Level: Asian

warcry136 14 hours ago 3

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nateg153music 14 hours ago

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mhoughton2321 14 hours ago

@mhoughton2321 Yes you are. You are also trying desperatley to be funny. So lame.

ladyslick121 14 hours ago

@ladyslick121 go fuck yourself bitch, and while your at it go make me a sandwich .

mhoughton2321 9 hours ago

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mhoughton2321 9 hours ago


jx14aby 15 hours ago

that is inssane

getoutofyourmind1992 15 hours ago

volley lvl: asian

NoisqueVoaProduction 15 hours ago 2

@Returnedlol they fucked your mothers?

jamiekuo86 15 hours ago

@returnedlol they fucked your mothers?

jamiekuo86 15 hours ago

Just Amazing !!!

MiNiRaLwAsSeR 15 hours ago


drgzor 15 hours ago

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MsSaranghaeLove 15 hours ago

holy sh!t... i was getting excited wondering who was going to get the point on you'd hate to get scored on after all that

biggierobs187 16 hours ago

Thumbs Up if you thought there where 12 Mila Superstar's C~:

Sechs0rBecks 16 hours ago

i hate Chinese and Asians

Returnedlol 16 hours ago

@Returnedlol U better get used to loose, if you stay so narrowminded. 

ShortyMeeksnthumbsup 13 hours ago

Comment removed

Sechs0rBecks 16 hours ago

the one who dropped the ball was executed after the match.

IMP003 16 hours ago 101


bebelovebobo 13 hours ago

@IMP003 -- looooooooool what a fuking comment

saudi4eva9 11 hours ago

@IMP003 its called dedication and hard work something you don't understand mr.youtuve wise guy.

azngen1233 9 hours ago

@IMP003 omg stfu... hate idiots acting like usa has freedom, this is china. a free country... it isnt north korea.

EnvelTheTrader 9 hours ago

@EnvelTheTrader Really China is a free country? Really? I suggest you google China and do some reading. That is unless you are in China and your internet is censored.

illwillrocket 7 hours ago

Haha those sick chinese

derbymixer 16 hours ago


gabb1942 16 hours ago

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TheMoonder 16 hours ago

i completely agree

JVhero23 16 hours ago

why is this video related to the no pant subway vid >.< TommyLuck22 16 hours ago chinese woman, balls, and hands = giggity... DOTRAT69 16 hours ago that is a pretty big kitchen chrisrules7 16 hours ago 3 I bet that ball must have been dizzy.. ilovechlorine 16 hours ago Comment removed ilovechlorine 16 hours ago I WAS CHEERIN FOR PINK THAT WHOLE TIME. it was like gambling. THE RUSH. jesusrox100 16 hours ago Are they playing good ? or bad bursali1692 17 hours ago @bursali1692 Are you kidding?? This is amazing skills. MsSaranghaeLove 15 hours ago That are all strange looking kitchens :O BlackSoccer09 17 hours ago Omg thats Mila Superstar in Real Life! Simulant111 17 hours ago shaolin volly ball rapmend 17 hours ago stupid fake video! look at the ball! TheKannnichtmehr 17 hours ago Asian women seem very tough. Look at their professional compare them to our women in WEW, WWE, etc lol charms71 18 hours ago Wow... these girls are awesome, but also kinda crazy. It looks like the outcome of their game would decide upon life or death! My girlfriend is Korean and I had to smile when I saw this. It seems that everything East Asian people do, they do with 200% eagerness and devotion. Where from do they even get the energy for this mentality?? RainbowYak 18 hours ago and the crowd goes WILD! (kinda) markoz50 18 hours ago Volleyball level: Asian NOVCAN 18 hours ago nobody from the fans stood up??!! Fuckin weird chinese people!! ahmad24lal 18 hours ago This has been flagged as spam show pedro125252 19 hours ago hahaha i love this comments like: level Asian. haha Amazing4YU 19 hours ago Ok girls now play...FOR YOUR FREEDOM!!!! LuisV215 19 hours ago 3 DAMN WOMEN, YOU SCARY FPSveteran 19 hours ago What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? You get Chinese Womens Volleyball! djtenda10 19 hours ago typischen chinese GamePadGamer98 19 hours ago They make Volley ball 1000000x more interesting TheDennisal519 19 hours ago Level: Asian tomken91 19 hours ago 40 I wonder if any of them would be so kind as to go make me a sandwich. brinkthegamer 19 hours ago overachieving az holes mdtwinz 20 hours ago HOLY SHIZZZZZ!!!!!!! TheWorldAtlus 20 hours ago This has been flagged as spam show SandyBo77 20 hours ago That was Nucking Futs...... wait Jdini417 20 hours ago Imagine getting slapped by one of them... On a side note, a great rally. Enjoyed that one. centreback13 20 hours ago This has been flagged as spam show eskatones 21 hours ago Comment removed eskatones 21 hours ago ***IM GETTING TIRED JUST WATCHING THEM*** jtm126 21 hours ago This has been flagged as spam show AngryPotato2010 21 hours ago Was Vickie Guerrero there screaming or was that just me? rooster5man 21 hours ago Damm if they have to fight like that for every point these matches must be harsh ;O pipfugl2300 21 hours ago 1 point in China = 1 set in Europe :DD KlaraIm 21 hours ago 61 they were playing half an hour to score the next point. TheLatteN 21 hours ago 361 degree *background* )))Only Asians ))) Nurikos95 21 hours ago you call it Insane Chinese Women Volleyball i call it cheat engine 7.2 rameslacoste 21 hours ago Für die Chinesen und Japaner normal :D McDoubble93 22 hours ago where is the f*** ball ? i see only jumping girls !! aspirinemaga 22 hours ago Somehow the bikini cladid Californian beauties are a bit more exciting for must be the sand they kick in the air.... 59Napoli 22 hours ago lol azn Improvizer 22 hours ago MADE in CHINA kiramosmalic 22 hours ago skill: asian nickmvm 22 hours ago This match started 1983 and still goin on MyAAEProjects 22 hours ago 75 usa kicked eveybody asses but we only send the second best and let other side win for politices tomanyasses 23 hours ago This has been flagged as spam show PrinceDrumstarr 23 hours ago wow alot of skill to do that tomanyasses 23 hours ago i have never seen guys playing like this wonder why Chinese are Doing so Great.. karan1234098765 23 hours ago The most amazing one point I've seen in volleyball. theMiXeriZe 23 hours ago Weird looking kitchen Ultimaicewolf 23 hours ago Western women would have complained about their nails breaking!!!! TheFreeForever 23 hours ago @TheFreeForever but they would of won and kicked both side asses tomanyasses 23 hours ago fat america will never be this good :D 4ndyBm 1 day ago 4 @4ndyBm no much better usa dont send there pros they send college usa pros would kicked all your skinny asses tomanyasses 23 hours ago @tomanyasses im not chinese. and your geographicly not even close to my country. 4ndyBm 21 hours ago @4ndyBm bla bla take your head out of ass before talking to me tomanyasses 10 hours ago @tomanyasses that's why us has to steal their coaches from other countries gabrielusa911 9 hours ago @gabrielusa911 no they dont need them its policial crap just like usa send non pros to olympics while other country send there pros . you saw what happened when usa sent pro baskeball team kicked the shit our of the shit hole country your in. and we can kick the shit hole country you in by military . tomanyasses 9 hours ago king ina.. lulupet. :>

TheHustle00 1 day ago

commentator :ayooooooo thomaaa drnemce mkncms !! i was like yeah i got it :D btw awesome stuff !

santoshmetal1 1 day ago

I can fap to this.

ThoughtfulThug 1 day ago

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860816allen 1 day ago

How long did that match too to get a winner? 5 days ?

NoDoubtsss 1 day ago


TheMrVolgaMan 1 day ago

volleyball level: CHINESE

farizwan1988 1 day ago

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vXKidFlashXv 1 day ago

Players have a good but supporters sucks, here in Poland is a hall that exploded after this is played ...

MegaMazury 1 day ago

@MegaMazury that's just different cultures. older generation chinese people are not used to rowdiness. they may feel the same level of emotions, just express it in a different way.

MajorLeeScrewed 1 day ago

I go made a cup of coffee and come back here, it still hasn't ended.

darrendelong 1 day ago

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plung3r 1 day ago 8

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mysingleworld1 1 day ago

They only thing you don't know is, which ever team lets it hit the floor first, DIES! MUAAHAHAHAAHAHA!

smead7 1 day ago


EliasKordoba 1 day ago

Skill level: ASIAN

Anoufant 1 day ago 2

How many shots were made? Did anybody count? 

jocone123 1 day ago

Which girl is Mila Superstar???

marshel87 1 day ago


supercool1412 1 day ago

This is a good example of why china will one day rule the world :P

Asskicka420 1 day ago

OMG .........

FatboyBalloon 1 day ago

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Mattz98 1 day ago 4


6811286t 1 day ago

that was intense , too bad for the one that missed , they most likely took her out and executed her , failure not an option in China.

nightkraawler 1 day ago

@nightkraawler at 1:46 it must be her dad in the crowd .. well not any more...

parkourulez 1 day ago

Comment removed

bluewhale18 1 day ago


XxCVDANGLES9xX 1 day ago

what a rally!

TheNeverdaless 1 day ago

I dont even see the ball. dude wtf....

Illendyourfamily 1 day ago


foegao 1 day ago

Why you no docta?

HandMeThatHammer 1 day ago


vickzter 1 day ago

freaky.. (O0)

piabenaleigh 1 day ago

i cant see the ball most of the time.

ohheyitsstar 1 day ago

simply: MADE IN CHINA.

dynatech13 1 day ago

Gosh Chinese people are crazy good at everything

fashionoverflow 1 day ago 41

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sandcrawler77 1 day ago

@fashionoverflow Except driving

dieromantc 1 day ago

@fashionoverflow but dont forget, some of them are heartless...u know what im talkin about dude?

MonGolPatriot 23 hours ago

@fashionoverflow ignoring other chinese getting stab in streets are one of those thing that they are the best... Ignoring people dying in a car accident too (they even dont call 911)... Chineses have no heart and no feelings, they are animals.

huevoduro888 23 hours ago

@huevoduro888 its so nice you just generalized over 1.3 billion people. makes lots of sense

25jai123 22 hours ago

@fashionoverflow  except for driving and speaking english

Azerrrrr 23 hours ago

@fashionoverflow also at at beer drinking competition?

McMorning96 22 hours ago

@fashionoverflow do you ever feel you are just watching a pro sports team? that what you see is selective? with your same logic i can conclude that westerners are all gullible gullible people.

werty302 21 hours ago

I'd still pick a ASU vs. USC volleyball game any day.

jt4330 1 day ago

thumbs up for the crowds gasps after every spike!

mp89502 1 day ago

@mp89502 Hey, wassup? You sound like the kinda dude my organization could use... so I'm gonna let you in on the ground floor... Crack cocaine is the latest thing, man. Whether it's performing in bed with way young girls, or executing a wicked volleyball spike, things go better with crack! I'm recruiting people to lobby for the legalization of crack. We provide you with plenty of incentive... just go to my channel for the details, bro. Even more points if you happen to be Asian like me.

SmokeCrackJack 1 day ago

I don't get it, but if my calculations are correct..when that ball hits 88 miles per're going to see some serious SHIT!!!!

WALSTGUY 1 day ago

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RosettenKalle 1 day ago

Difficulty level: Asian

TheBARinfiniti 1 day ago 60

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RosettenKalle 1 day ago

It's either this or the sweatshops.

NoJohnZz 1 day ago

hmm. never seen a kitchen like that before.

kingjohn219 1 day ago

First point, goes to pink team, alright first one to 21 is the winner...

Danhazard1 1 day ago


XxAfrojackxX 1 day ago

lazy ass spectators. No love.

jouxpane 1 day ago

Wow, Kitchens nowadays, I just can't keep up.

ih8cr9posers 1 day ago

U have to admit they are good. so stop BS. and take the hat off when someone proof the talents they have. dont b envious and jealous. u could be good in something nobody is and u will want a recognition. isnt it?

neth1968 1 day ago 3

Und alle so, yeah!

roddickx 1 day ago

are they really good? or only good at defense?

With2Rs 1 day ago

how can they even see?

MSRsnipinps3 1 day ago

do they have to lower the nets even further cuz they are asian?

hing6785 1 day ago

Comment removed

Sweetiegirl18 1 day ago

not as good as peru

mervin3x 1 day ago

holy fuck

howerusman6594 1 day ago

no one even stands up... and not a single fuck was given that day

rdoiron15 1 day ago

@rdoiron15 hahahha

totalnerd18 1 day ago

I didn't see any flips so they are therefore not talented.

KittenWillPhaseYou 1 day ago

@KittenWillPhaseYou More talent than you, fat bitch.

TheIvoryRaven 1 day ago

holy fuck

MinmatarThrasher 1 day ago

Jesus christ...

FrozoneNetworks 1 day ago


shocky377 1 day ago


jamesGD1507 1 day ago

wow no wonder china has alot of gold medals when it comes to athletics...

zhilvher03 1 day ago

Q:how to be this GOOD in Volleyball


ArcherPerezz 1 day ago

I love all the stereotypes comments hahaha :p

smash37 1 day ago

1:44 Y u no docta! >.< buhoman3 1 day ago thats a really big kitchen STedeR419 1 day ago 4 These are those Asians above 5 feet tall. monkbats 1 day ago Hey Look! its Jackie Chan! Alexanduhz 1 day ago as a result, this match latest twelve and a half hours chungawanga 1 day ago asian mode DjRickyist 1 day ago I wish my gf was so good with balls. woodyfly 1 day ago 40 @woodyfly LMAO Phoenicion 1 day ago Cocaine is one hell of a drug. redXmoney 1 day ago Awesome display. precccciousssss 1 day ago Difficulty level : Asian  MeegzIsDope 1 day ago meanwhile in the kitchen, my meatloaf is burning. u1b2 1 day ago That must have been a long match.... themsherif 1 day ago holy shit tigerweiser 1 day ago Thats some hardwork!!!! well earned point. suciaaguadecoco 1 day ago offense wins games, defense wins championships.  GlitterstoGold 1 day ago Melamine is more potent than steroids. AudioLokal 1 day ago Obviously you don't watch much volleyball. Just type in Olympic men's volleyball and you'll see what you're missing. MrBeeksma 1 day ago they may be the future winners of olympics candydeca8 1 day ago Volley ball level Asian. hitman133295 1 day ago longest point i've ever seen itubrrr 1 day ago the audience should have been on their feet. Clifton100 1 day ago Aahahahah,great...but female BRAZIL volleyball team would stop that fun within some seconds Man,those chicks are good GabrielDhalaman 1 day ago Do they have to wear BOOB protectors? MaxReberTV 1 day ago This has been flagged as spam show urbannewsnow 1 day ago Hey you damn mongorians!!! Stop breaking my scittyyy wall!!! KingTroll88 1 day ago @KingTroll88 Says the guy who sits infront of his computer 12 hours a day repeating overused lines and cries himself to sleep at night. mzrealm 1 day ago @mzrealm FISHHEAD! KingTroll88 1 day ago this had to be a long match lol megaapfel 1 day ago Impossibruuu  truelove929753 1 day ago 1:44 Old man. Is daughter lawyer yet? I am not impress.  patio87 1 day ago 43 @patio87 Funny! I didn't know what you were talking about until I got to that part of the video. I am cracking up right now. Soooo True! kupigana 1 day ago @patio87 I lolol'd. IntricationZ 1 day ago @patio87 AWW MAN I JUST LOL thanks to you. nice pickup MrAnderson234 1 day ago GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAL!!!!!! snoochlicker 1 day ago wagner sings a cappelle, take a look waggietoo 1 day ago I took the google translator armetedor 1 day ago women are weak does not have the strength to put the ball on the flor armetedor 1 day ago @armetedor but both defense have the strength to keep the ball from touching the floor on their side.. so youre statement totally contradicts candydeca8 1 day ago That's an odd looking kitchen. 651ViseVersa 1 day ago Jesus christ. Nice. 87Avantgarde 1 day ago You all racist. We chinee are not awl smawt or good at sumting. PLEASE STOP DIS. Juggaloserialeater 1 day ago @Juggaloserialeater HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA KingTroll88 1 day ago just amazing!!! I cant believe it! mrbroccholi 1 day ago Holy crap thats crazy. Where can u find a 361 degree angle? VincenzoIannucci 1 day ago @VincenzoIannucci between 360 and 362 degrees. JessMenu 1 day ago i wonder how mens are playing voleyball in china. A7KeLT 1 day ago Chinese make every sport cool. Ping pong, volleyball, badminton :D pedi007 1 day ago This has been flagged as spam show MerlyPG 1 day ago Comment removed MerlyPG 1 day ago Put them in sand and see how well they do sendahojust1 1 day ago Its funny how the commentators barely speak after these amazing plays thinking ive seen all of this before.. MrPenguinWaddle10 1 day ago Bull shit, they were trying to keep it up :) TheSkywardOakTree 1 day ago how long does one match take?3 days? AeroEraHero 1 day ago Wow 1 punkt nach 1:22... Boa geil :-D 2006Nibor 1 day ago Oha haha 16Elek 1 day ago r u kidding me ...hahahah mtomicki1 1 day ago Made in China DeineMama57 1 day ago That down right insane. Renkspoiss 1 day ago When I saw the title of this video i was like;" Ok lets see what makes this "Insane"".. That shut me up... hockeycub 1 day ago turn the speed to 1.5....sounds like an asian orgy tlaff17 1 day ago Super Saiyan Volleyball Z cacodyl 1 day ago I am so dizzy trying to follow the ball JayBlazingxX 1 day ago It's so awesome that it's boring again. DerMaskenfrosch 1 day ago 1:48 old man from up lmao imalyricalgeniuss 1 day ago Die nationale Mannschaft ist aber scheisse geworden...越来越完犊子了。。 situdaxian 1 day ago @situdaxian ja genau die "nationale Mannschaft" DU IDIOT verrsatis 1 day ago Wow tonizittau 1 day ago This has been flagged as spam show superAD02 1 day ago in china, even a circle has 361 degrees... fy4wbibv1 1 day ago Wtf.ahahahahah nice pinoytico 1 day ago . . . from another world . . . RobinsonFreak 1 day ago So they can do this but still cant drive a car?? ThaHata11 1 day ago volley ball level=asian :D  123xjin 1 day ago 1:47 father of the girl who loss the ball. i have no daughter anymore. popolorolokos 1 day ago 5 Comment removed popolorolokos 1 day ago Achievement locked. RobertsLatvia 1 day ago Shaolin Volleyball DaDomToretto 1 day ago I bet you these womens give the best hand jobs! *Eh Eh? xD* xDonnieex3 1 day ago @xDonnieex3 lol wut? Yorvroy 1 day ago @xDonnieex3 Do you prefer an underhand or overhand serve to your balls? Whispererinthenoise 1 day ago ¬¬ wow this is sooooooooooooooooo exciting yorkshiere 1 day ago i bet they make awesome sandwiches XD! mnthol 1 day ago such a large kitchen right there... x3LightNinG 1 day ago every time i think i am good at something, there is always an asian guy whos doing better s1ckfantasy 1 day ago 97 @s1ckfantasy Haha, I know right?! Nickname006 1 day ago @s1ckfantasy this time it was some asian girls , same here bro :p GameDoctor21 1 day ago @s1ckfantasy *Asian woman Big difference. mzrealm 1 day ago how long does a game in china take? 7 hours, 8 hours? :-D Florinho15 1 day ago *huff huff huff* Is it over, did we win? Nope, that's just the first point. WHAT? I think we need more Gatorade. TrulyEvilBob 1 day ago OMG IT'S THE MOST UNBELIEVE SHOT I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE Bandtx 1 day ago Damn. They just made indoor female volleyball watchable, insane skills. ManFromOverThere 1 day ago Excuse me, perfectioneers, excuse me for the rest of my men-society, for they do not know what they're doing/saying/ etc. EversoleKid 1 day ago This has been flagged as spam show VivaLaHenBen 1 day ago That match match is stil not finnished VivaLaHenBen 1 day ago F**king crazy!!! those are mad skills, I bet they will be Olympic team! shihuas15 1 day ago Skill Level: OVER 9000!!! ninjablader10 1 day ago there is one old man in the middle at 1:45 who couldn't care less. micahmaxwellmilne 1 day ago 40 @micahmaxwellmilne LMFAAOO nightxhawk95 1 day ago @micahmaxwellmilne lol returnedfavor 1 day ago That seems like a whole lot of work for one point, lol RuffwarWoW 1 day ago 1:24 Are u kidding me? That's so awesome! time4LPs 1 day ago They have too often looked MILA.... Bartilon 1 day ago all that for one point??? Really? XD MegaHarryto 1 day ago you have got to be 1hiphoppop 1 day ago asians. tucense 1 day ago im not a volleyball fan but this is fuckin mindblowing ^^ Pirlo1995 1 day ago Love all the hater comments. Keep them coming. Please post a video response to how good your volleyball team is... leongradoazz 1 day ago Guy in the Middle row at 1:47 "Not even impressed..." ADVERTlSEMENT 1 day ago Lol. I mean this is incredible but I've seen same skills from my old high school volleyball team. Although each point didn't last this long! evanjamesmallon 1 day ago Ayyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaa DcEatsItsYoung 1 day ago in the best volleyball coumtries ranking china is 14th...this is a long play not a good play. cricio93 1 day ago well you got like a billion ppl China, shouldn't be hard to find 12 good volleyball players StrangersInTheLight 1 day ago @StrangersInTheLight a billion or a million its equally easy to find 12 good players ancientphoenixians 1 day ago Asian/ chinese people have a cheat they can´t loose PumaMaster19 1 day ago Wow, that was amazing ! Unbelievable ! XedosRocks 1 day ago I need that in my life EurekaPictures 1 day ago They're sik abz7mne 1 day ago kapla hotak die dramatik siottttt..... sach3ng 1 day ago nice... Und3rt4k3r123 1 day ago 12 foorball keeper =))))))) MrJaut 1 day ago lol i feel sorry for the red team who lost the point 97rockwell 1 day ago OMFG!!!! AWESOME!!! luckyS7EVIN85 1 day ago bad quality is bad Julikator 1 day ago 天津的姑娘们略显霸气了~ yishengxuanming1 1 day ago if you think this is crazy you should check out kung foo volley ball.....them orientals be crazy MyRealDad 1 day ago 1:22 teach me how to fly master :p seifblanc 1 day ago Asians, huh? DeadSOLz 1 day ago Just watch South Park when they play dodgeball ... so then you know why the chinese ppl are so "talented" ^^ 111icke 1 day ago I'm amazed to think that it went and forth for so long. ymoua001 1 day ago volleyball lvl : Asian dead99spider 1 day ago what the hell did asian do hopperz88 1 day ago the old man at 1:47 no emotion at all lol Ztevie92 1 day ago @Ztevie92 xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD c100wn 1 day ago Great That is sport JonasTh33 1 day ago this NINJAS I SAY.. naztaz1010 1 day ago i think i saw the ball been rip. am i? tyryq9 1 day ago Chinese's law...drop the ball and you die kalibabausa 1 day ago @PainlessForPain i hate it, if a retarded is comparing Chinese to Japanese, i think its racist...and btw, this wasnt Funny. It would Be Funny, if you get burned from a Nuclear Explosion, pahaha (...) Vsbobs 1 day ago C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!!! rhailanrose22 1 day ago 22 I´m sure that´s cause of their eyes, they can slow the ball down... gelberboy100 1 day ago Volleyball-Level: Chinese rednosedrendeer 1 day ago you just need one word to describe this: China. MasterMindLuccus 1 day ago WTF? O.O seems like a match takes 10 hours xD SomebodyPerfectly 1 day ago Was für Ein Ballwechsel TheToaststulle 1 day ago talk about elites Trancidonia 1 day ago it's going f f fa fa fer fereva Tsha4life 1 day ago 1:04 Fire ball LOLS acipswich 1 day ago Volleyball level : Asian mrlove1896 1 day ago it's fonny because they can only play against another chinese team 81eletricaufu 1 day ago how long was this match Lol? XxJvDxX 1 day ago white people wish they were asian. GunzGot5 1 day ago Asian. Enough said. royalty98 1 day ago chinese... pah! Minedomcraft 1 day ago they need to do it backwards and onehanded! michaelemele 1 day ago They train from child. Toolmusik 1 day ago mila superstar <3 sers1312 1 day ago super power from fukushima :D  PainlessForPain 2 days ago Skill Level: -Justin Bieber -Normal -Pro -World Class -Asian -Asian World Class :D Loadet1996 2 days ago 28 16 hours of practice daily for every one of them and this would be a much different game with just one black person on either team vtwolf94 2 days ago Skill level: Chinese FunkyGhoZt24 2 days ago Fuckin' rally! These women are bionic! decromanger28 2 days ago they are trying so hard because if they fail they get beaten. Torrmac 2 days ago Long rallye just because their attacks are harmless 89mpham 2 days ago That's game! mamely14 2 days ago So who else felt like they were watching a game of soccer? theviewer321 2 days ago دة صيني .. صييييني يعني عمرك ما حتبقى زيه I'm sure they have entered a Cheat Password xD Msmtawansy 2 days ago And they will do that for 25++ more points. asanezz1111 2 days ago haha crazy game.. they must end mostly with like 3 scores? Anonymous2190 2 days ago i wonder why they didnt used the genkidama halfway :3 Shetyre 2 days ago waggie lipsync, and sings a cappelle, take a look waggietoo 2 days ago MILA SUPERSTAR 00DajeRoma00 2 days ago 2 shaolin volleyball proudstr8 2 days ago What you don't see is the firing squad off to the side waiting to take care of anyone who messes up. IAmKr1gg3r 2 days ago @IAmKr1gg3r I am on the ground laughing at this comment :) vincentca2004 2 days ago ツ sergiojovy 2 days ago ツ sergiojovy 2 days ago OH my GGGGGOOOOOODDDDD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>­>>>

shdxc 2 days ago


JVHighNoteChannel 2 days ago


takeMeWithYoou 2 days ago

wow they probably can beat men in volleyball :3

necrom21221 2 days ago

im proud to be asian

N0egrahaW 2 days ago

@N0egrahaW I know you are a Filipino..

UrzuSeven7 2 days ago

asians so smart and creative i love them they always outshine and make the normal look supernatural.....genius

OldestUTubeChannel 2 days ago

Nintendo Volleyball anyone?

JunipersLight 2 days ago

So.. Instead of playing to 25, I'm guessing they only play to 10?

808haynpunch 2 days ago 19

why are there sports (volleyball) that girls totally rock and others (football) where they couldn´t compete with 10 year old boys?

twoqueens 2 days ago


OfficialLaureen 2 days ago

@PiratOfTheCaribbean 我也是中国人,我不觉得这场比赛需要作假使其成为一个广告,完全­不是中国广告人的风格。如果是广告,你可以告诉我产品是什么么?­运动饮料在哪里??难道是361??

Madelineff 2 days ago

@Madelineff wow, 你的中文相当好。可能是361度,不是很决定哦,我上个星期看了­这个电视报告, 内容就是这个广告,但我忘记是什么牌子,我看一下可不可以能找到­,哈哈

PiratOfTheCaribbean 2 days ago

@PiratOfTheCaribbean 大小就说中文能不好么,本来就母语啊。那你赶紧想想是啥广告,我­真的觉得很不像广告啊,画外音就是普通比赛的感觉。

Madelineff 1 day ago

@marcusduck wait, wait, they are masks man! LOOK!

gtarules1 2 days ago

If they play like that for every point, than the matches must go on forever!

DamianGarcia92 2 days ago

What. The. Fuck. -_-

lazonia93 2 days ago

level: asian!

BusterSword524 2 days ago

so this is what happens when theyre not in the kitchen

sospechoso14 2 days ago

''They're just high school players''..

Imagine if that was true... What would a professional team be? lolololol

Kyoshii96 2 days ago 16

Robots playing Volleyball

RnBciO 2 days ago

A point more precious than a goal from soccer. =)

JuanMusika1990 2 days ago

Great volley!

jammingwithmarley 2 days ago


proudestmonkeyever 2 days ago

1 point down, 18 more to go lol

tlzhang1988 2 days ago

asian guy with glasses at 1:45... and not a single fuck was given that day

AndrewsRiddles 2 days ago


gotta be more specific dude

JurmeyT 2 days ago


SwaggasauresRex1 2 days ago

This had to be the longest fuckin game ever

MrColter51 2 days ago

i am tired by just watching this.

Kukxi 2 days ago

Chinese kitchens look pretty different than American kitchens

lufcosuna10 2 days ago

Send this to 2 bucks!!

Jonathansernel1 2 days ago

wow thats incredible one thing i noticed about alot of aisans is that they are really hardworking

meee2014 2 days ago

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downyourtube 2 days ago

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downyourtube 2 days ago

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downyourtube 2 days ago

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downyourtube 2 days ago

imagine if every rally was this long

s4mu3lX0 2 days ago

1:45 Asian Dad is not amused!

MObaid27 2 days ago 53

@MObaid27 haha asian dad made me lol

jayman21h 2 days ago

@MObaid27 that was his daughter, he was thinking "Why you not doctor!?!?!?!" xD Asians FTW!!! AZN PRIDE Baby!!!

IzDaChinoMhin 2 days ago

@MObaid27  He's dead :D

friezstyler 2 days ago

Damn savs... All for one point...

wtfranklyn 2 days ago

This is just the warmup

mascotage 2 days ago


kum7104 2 days ago

1:40 Looks like A Dance

motaman213 2 days ago


DejectedDonkey 2 days ago

And just like the Chinese real estate market, it collapses in due time.

tippingpts 2 days ago

Damm these bitches got mad skills :) 

Oscarcrazy2112 2 days ago

@oMikeHawk Something to make proffesional sports in America better, losers don't get paid

Soulrak87 2 days ago

The difference is they lack power.

viasevenvai 2 days ago

First ping pong, now volleyball. I just hope the females don't grow taller than 5'4" or else we're in trouble!

Carnerd101 2 days ago

chinesse women they are talented with balls

dilan4me 2 days ago

Well damn

Chasebot225 2 days ago


greezydebutoby 2 days ago

1:04 lol! fireball1

hieppeihftw 2 days ago

it was somewhat intense, i was anticipating on which side would miss the ball but judging that the vid is 2:03 i was like (hmm,this is going to go on for a while) at around :30

TheBBoyPhysicx 2 days ago

at 1:37, wasnt the ball going out of bounds? but she saved it... thats what it seems. video isnt clear enough.

T1ger8oi 2 days ago

@T1ger8oi I believe one of the blockers at the net touched it

npnoti 2 days ago

I dont get it whats so "intense".

UnaSolida 2 days ago

@UnaSolida you clearly are not an athletic or competitive person

herioczebra 2 days ago

@herioczebra lol I guess your right I play REAL SPORTS.

UnaSolida 1 day ago

Volleyball Level: Asian

karlmadera 2 days ago 76

@karlmadera what do you expect. Asians live a more stricter lifestyle, not like many Americans who are too lax with there kids. Many of these Asian girls only have volleyball in there life and have been honing it for quite a while.

meotoko77 2 days ago

@karlmadera Azn

jessesetsfire 2 days ago

this is what hapens when you put a bunch of chinese/asian players against eachother..they are oth unstoppable

guitarkid7734 2 days ago 3

this is intense

Tom64o 2 days ago

the old guy in the middle right is like "dang............boner alert?"

steve1300 2 days ago

WTF why is my hometown color pink?

jetli80 2 days ago

lol and i alwas thought that they have small eyes!

Mexecution19 2 days ago

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ThomasLang41468 2 days ago

Wow they're gunna kill this summer in London

ThatTyGuy95 2 days ago

and thats how theyre all out of breath and cant compete next

beiu520 2 days ago

I can't tell if they're great players, or horrible hitters who can't find the opening for the put away?

bigsexybear 2 days ago

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mom Feeds Family On $4 Dollars a Week

Kathy Spencer of Massachusetts, shares cost cutting tips on how to shop for free. She feeds her family of six on $4 dollars a month.


if you can do this in asia. there will be so many more rich people~

darkstranger369 1 day ago

In my country, the only coupons we get are discount prices for Domino's.

Dante666 1 day ago

my aunt who's living in the states does this as well.. just that not until THIS extreme!! O.O

priz2709 2 days ago

You don get that much coupons in my country D";

chungzheng 3 days ago

this is why us economy is so bad. dumb retailers. she'll never put that off in where i live.

ADouBTor 3 days ago

she didnt count the costs for buying those newspapers and magazines...

hing1038 3 days ago

@hing1038 lots of newspapers are free in the states

horra1000 3 days ago

@horra1000 oic.... here in asia everything needs money...T^T

hing1038 1 day ago

@hing1038 do you know what is the meaning of feed?you eat newspapers everyday?

DarkH0lic 2 days ago

@DarkH0lic where u get the coupons???? ==

hing1038 1 day ago

@hing1038 there are coupons for those too. some mags give free subcriptions for up to a year. there's always a way.


@WHOOHOOSIMS wow...i didn't know my country...there'r no free stuffs....if u saw any ad with a huge "FREE" on the small words below carefully.... we always have to pay/spend certain amount in order to redeem the so called "free stuffs" (which in other word we'd already pay for it =.=)

hing1038 17 hours ago

Why does the host sound like Glados in the beginning of the video?

billyandika3158 3 days ago

hey, is she an indian?

wayneujin 3 days ago

Damn you 1 penny! Casiher:Fuck this bitch. Shopping for 1 penny.

AcidPuzzy 3 days ago 2

Whatever it is..She's Brilliant!..Not many people can do that.

Hafiz2353 3 days ago

Er, won't her electricity bills plus printer ink cost a bomb?

fionahyy 3 days ago

lol the supermarket must be losing alot of business as people start watching this

animemachinex3 3 days ago


Actually they are not losing any money. They are getting paid by the manufactures via the coupons.

grandpappy31 3 days ago

use ALL coupons!!!

harisizram 3 days ago

The supermarket manager is being question by the shareholders at this point of time.

benixify 4 days ago 2

try buy a car parts by parts using coupon. lol.:)

hahaha7347 4 days ago

who wrote the description? $4 a WEEK! not a month... -.-

danielhenry 4 days ago

But she has to buy the paper. And where does she get all those coupons?

belley08 4 days ago 2

Wow @3:11 . I better get her house address so I know where to go in case of a zombie apocalypse.

JLKnight77 4 days ago 8

Where did she get those coupons?

ichikai1205 4 days ago

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FaceY0urFear 4 days ago


enastaciah 4 days ago

What sorcery is this...

FrozoneNetworks 4 days ago 3


lilbitinluvdeux 4 days ago

Only in the US...people watching from other countries = bored.

teH2SO4 4 days ago 9

Title and video says $4 dollars a WEEK while the description says $4 dollars a MONTH. Don't even get me started on the redundant $ and dollars. I'm OCD that way.

andii256 4 days ago


sywkiller4580z 4 days ago

What sorcery is this?!?!?

sywkiller4580z 4 days ago 2

OMG. she should start a class teaching this method of shopping!

Amandalx21 4 days ago

HOLY SHIT . how did she do that .

Yeesiaw 4 days ago

bet she got that car with coupons as well

ikepiggy 4 days ago

She must be on some supermarket blacklist

crazyguy126 5 days ago 85

all that for a penny??

SGkopite 5 days ago

The Jewish Chuck Norris.

QSirRagealotQ 5 days ago


blahleblah 5 days ago

I'm speechless..

KSaebinMusic 5 days ago

holey shit



iMaskey0 5 days ago

lol at first i tot this woman is v.poor. 

iMaskey0 5 days ago 11

That's wifey right there

psun510 5 days ago 2

This video might just do bad, she might be banned !

xSeven7x 5 days ago

Whut? those pizza cost only $1?!

xSeven7x 5 days ago

Why does the title say $4 per week and the description say $4 per month?

FlashXX97 5 days ago 2

but still........crazy!

TheAshchronicles 5 days ago

i'll marry her.

14xlucas 5 days ago

This comment has received too many negative votes show

aortablue 5 days ago

Damn, I want to marry a women like her when I grow up

StevieTruong 5 days ago

i like her she's hot lol this is totally unrelated

kucinganas88 5 days ago

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slovakOO 5 days ago

Comment removed

slovakOO 5 days ago

This is crazy ! 

unmaskedxuanren 5 days ago

is she mixed with asian

TheFAQ4You 5 days ago 4

her husband is a lucky man 

FishyFlashy 5 days ago 9

unbelievable..just spending!

MrKangarooman 5 days ago

After the screening of this video, american supermarkets decided to remove all discount coupon promotions.

thisfalsename 5 days ago 6

the smartest american ive ever seen

iqbaljamna 5 days ago

Supermarket stupidness : American.

crazy619 5 days ago

Asian supermarkets arent that dumb lol

crazy619 5 days ago

she is simply amazing

violetmagix 5 days ago

i believe every asian in US can do it, at least i would do,,im asian

pepsi89 5 days ago

u cant do this in asia

ConquistadorAlfred 5 days ago 105

@ConquistadorAlfred ahah dude i'm from asia and yeah we can't do this.

Antonymofhatred 5 days ago

Why did I read the title as "Mom feeds on family for $4 a week"?

TeHLoY 5 days ago 2

Katy- 1, Capitalism- 0

hencerh 5 days ago 2


seyan1991 5 days ago 8

@seyan1991 Genius level Asian

shred567 5 days ago

did she got her car with coupons too?

weesenz1992 5 days ago

@weesenz1992 Dude, they said grocery shopping, not other expenses.

NubBandit 5 days ago

Title says $4 a week, description says $4 a month

AhWei1996 5 days ago 3

hot mom!

fimbultre 5 days ago

Poor fellow who queues behind her on normal days! :S

divinemercy1989 6 days ago 6


UploaderA 6 days ago

Ok but i think that those big companies and super marts are gonna implement some policy to stop this from happening.

Robinqq11 6 days ago


nizamknight 6 days ago

doesn't work in my country zzz

chourongjie 6 days ago 11

She could prepare for a whole zombie apocalypse with just $50

rosgen18 6 days ago 13

she should share her expertise with charities and the less fortunate.

misslazyfox 6 days ago 11

wow, it's crazy how much people don't know about coupons, I feel blessed to have found my way with coupons!

LeeshCoupons 1 week ago

this girl is amazing

thejigglyorange 2 weeks ago

The bad thing is, as you saw in her pantry everything is totally unhealthy. She did buy a few ounces of this and that in the seafood, but what does she do... feed each member a different 4 ounces of seafood at a meal? I've tried the extreme couponing, and either end up with unhealthy processed foods, and/or a lot of non-food items not needed, or even used.

respstudent1 3 weeks ago

@respstudent1 that's not always true, you can get healthy food with coupons, in fact there is a video where I show you guys that!

LeeshCoupons 1 week ago

i wish we could get deals like this in Canada....

DollysVlog 1 month ago

Mmmh rachel - I had to read up on what couponing actually is lol - someone told me last night that as a casual worker at Woolworths they earn 23 dollars an hour - maybe higher wages? has something to do with it....

msirukandjisting 1 month ago

Wow that's incredible!!!

BeautyQueen314 1 month ago

That's insane

rickmarin11 1 month ago

Not going to happen in Land Down Under - in Australia we don't have coupons at all - our biggest ongoing special is one litre milk for a dollar and basic white bread for a dollar - everything is full prices/no coupons and of course we have weekly specials - but nothing like this coupon system - also, petrol unleaded is approx 1.40 a litre - el cheapo in the U S...

msirukandjisting 1 month ago

@msirukandjisting Yeah I wish we had coupons in Australia too :( I would be so into it! The only coupons I get are from my Priceline membership LOL and most of the time it's a new & expensive product that I don't want/need. If you're interested there are websites like and other similar sites :) But not as extreme as in the US

rachellhellhell 1 month ago

i'm going to start doing this!

AllStar123445 1 month ago


AllStar123445 1 month ago

my issue with couponing is it seems like you can get only unhealthy processed foods for cheap or free..I wish there was coupons on natural and organic foods!

speczwifey09 1 month ago 66

@speczwifey09 there are coupons for healthy items there's even an episode about a vegan couponer on TLC's show Extreme couponing

electronicsgirl1 1 month ago

@speczwifey09 There are coupons for organic and natural foods - they're just not available as often so you can supplement but not go exclusive with those. It does allow you to get natural/organic for the price you'd normally pay for highly processed. I got organic pasta sauce for $1.70 w/ coupon tonight, for example - no sale. That's where farmer's markets, container gardening, buying 1/2 cow or pig etc. comes into play. Couponing is just one way to reduce food costs.

rachiti 1 month ago

Comment removed

AnnaKindaLovesYou 1 week ago

I work at shaws :)

TheInvisibleProject 1 month ago

I love this woman!!

MadameSheep 1 month ago

I like her. She's not so greedy with her couponing. Most couponers on 'extreme couponing' just want more and more. She just buys what she needs and saves a lot of money. Smart woman.

coolguy852 2 months ago 118


rethom 2 months ago

@CaseyMcLaughalot You're nothing compared to a news company. &Who cares if your dad does? You don't. She's doing the smart thing & you're a minority opinion.

Hailya 2 months ago

@CaseyMcLaughalot You're stupid. You can legally film in places WITH permission. &This lady saved hundreds of dollars for a couple hours of work. Do you get paid 50-100$ an hour? Doubt it.

Hailya 2 months ago

I think saving money is great, but in the long run, most of the foods are full of preservatives and chemicals in the packaged goods. This is why I seldom use coupons, they are for junk. I only eat real food, which I process myself.

dvorakfan1 2 months ago 3

Lol I bet she could got it all free she just did 1 penny for effect

jjlllol 2 months ago

@CaseyMcLaughalot IF it's abusing the system idiot then why the hell would these company's put the coupons or deals out there in the first place, I think 1/4 of the population uses coupons, it might be less than that! It's not abuse! What company's and our goverment is doing to us on a daily basis is abuse...but I guess you like a good ass f*cking...loser!

tomcatnavywife 3 months ago

"Hey, look a penny on the ground i bet i can buy $300 of groceries with that"

she would be quite the house wife

daboss11111 3 months ago 2

This is annoying its coupons how do they think how this is so revolutionary?

plasterofparisify 3 months ago

i bet she tried to bum a penny off the cashier

dunk2011 3 months ago

THis is how it´s going to be the rich will be realy rich and the rest will shop like this.

academicroach 3 months ago


Actually a lot of the people that coupon heavily are the ones that don't need to, the ones with a bit higher salary.

But thankfully, those lower on the spectrum are catching on.

MyPaperBleedsInk 3 months ago

The whole time i was picturing the fallout 3 buy/sell glitch.

falco1118327 3 months ago

Just think... if she devoted this amount of energy to a business, should wouldn't have to worry about living at the discretion of coupons every week.

donwilson 3 months ago

propaganda to get people used to live in poverty

teokiatuan2 3 months ago

I'm jelause

Jeynnjenn 3 months ago

All of you (most of you) are INSANE! If you want to go to the store and spend hundreds of dollars on groceries, then go right ahead... be my guest. I use coupons and a lot of them. I'm not a shelf clearer because I think that is totally rude but when I walk out of the store and I have saved 95 percent on my grocery bill it is a wonderful feeling. I think people are crazy if they DON'T use coupons. Have fun wasting your money!

iloveme947 4 months ago

don't forget she has to PAY for those coupons!!

wendyliu0118 4 months ago

Just a thought...Maybe this is the reason why America is in debt??? Holy FUCK!

MissDiss68 4 months ago

@MissDiss68 That's not the reason for the debt, the debt is because here most people love to spend more than what they make, so they pay everything with the credit card, so your credit card bills is the national debt.

Suproctologo 3 months ago

@Suproctologo That's not true...Only 43% of people spend more than they earn. Credit card debt is personal debt, financed by banks (Including 1/4 overseas companies.) It's your government wasting the money on silly things instead of using it for the important things. People like this women who is sucking everything she can get out of big corporations...It's tragic.

MissDiss68 3 months ago


1) i am a cashier i calculated at my store i would have to press 14000 buttons to ring in 1000 coupons. Fuck you kathy.

2) anyone saying companies will go bankrupt...good, this is why us is in debt because all the big companies have huge profits and are storing the wealth from everyone else.

.....14000 buttons. Da f*ck

hitmeflapme 4 months ago

@hitmeflapme that's not why the U.S is in debt, if you wanna know why the U.S is in debt just look at your credit card bills or your relatives ones or your friends ones...

Suproctologo 3 months ago

@hitmeflapme Oh boo hoo your are a cashier, isn't that you job to press buttons? I am a nurse; and I have to listen to whiney patients all day...shut up and do your job, that's what I am told!!! IF you don't like your job go get another one!!! WHINER!

tomcatnavywife 3 months ago

Kudos to you!! Thanks for sharing^-^

tsunamieyes 4 months ago

i just find it kinda funny how instead of walking up to the register with a hand full of money ready she walks around walking with a hand full coupons and the clerk goes "wth"

megastupidkids 4 months ago

@megastupidkids How is it funny? Coupons help save money. I don't find it funny at all.

MirandaLovesSw 4 months ago

@megastupidkids not funny at all, just great, cuz she's very clever and saves tons of money, now my wife is doing that and we can save money for traveling : )

Suproctologo 3 months ago

she's basically stealing from these companies. She should just get a real job

MoldytoasterMedia 4 months ago

@MoldytoasterMedia nope, she's being clever... nothing illegal about it. she probably does have a job, and she's intelligent to use her salary on something larger (better house etc).

raspyshiit 4 months ago 7

@raspyshiit she's abusing the system. If everyone did this these companies would all go bankrupt.

MoldytoasterMedia 4 months ago

@MoldytoasterMedia i agree, however you can't exactly defend the system since they put offers such as these out there for people to abuse. and i think only a minority would do this, there are loads of others who share your opinion and there are societal consumers who are too vain to even think of being 'cheap'. also, it depends on the situation, say university/college students for example.. tricks like this help keep debt minimal.. so it's not all bad.

raspyshiit 4 months ago 3

@MoldytoasterMedia those companies aren't gonna go bankrupt, they decide to create coupons cuz the fiscal benefits.

Suproctologo 3 months ago

@MoldytoasterMedia She's not stealing at all, companies give coupons cuz they get benefits from IRS cuz of the "help" so they dont mind to get a bunch of products for free.

Suproctologo 3 months ago

@Suproctologo And where does the IRS get it's money from??? From tax payers like you and I, so she's stealing from all of us.

MoldytoasterMedia 3 months ago

@MoldytoasterMedia No my friend, she's not stealing anything, i suggest you to do tons of research and see how this can be possible, you'll see nobody gets hurt. Thanks for your reply : )

Suproctologo 3 months ago

@Suproctologo it's a make work job that doesn't help anyone

MoldytoasterMedia 3 months ago

@MoldytoasterMedia How is she stealing, I think I see a lot of jealous wanna be's in these posts! How about those lazy f*ckers that go in groups and mob a store and steal whatever they want, now that's stealing! Get a life and stop putting down people for saving $...I coupon and save a lot of money & have been able to pay off a student & car feels good not having to owe money to credit cards and all that other trash! How many of you can say that?

tomcatnavywife 3 months ago

Kathy is a very smart woman. If people did these things they could save lots of money and plan for the future and buy things that they really want to buy.

fa11234 4 months ago 4

@fa11234 I would buy my own farm to grow organic veggies!

Karoyep 4 months ago


Why buy it, when you can grow it. That's what people are doing now these day; they're growing their own veggies. I don't blame them considering the chemicals they're putting into food to make them grow and bigger. Plus vegetables are too expansive. It's not natural to put these things into food and livestock. And what so sad about it; is that the government don't regulate the chemicals they're putting into these food. They say that these chemicals maybe contributing to certain

fa11234 4 months ago


cancerous diseases and other types of diseases. I would buy organically grown food, but they're to expensive. But I heard that there are community farms where you can work in exchange for veggies or have your own patch of veggies. If I had a farm, I would grow organic food and distribute them in schools, community food pantries, and homeless shelters. But every year food prices are going up. It's nice to find a way to get food and supplies for cheap or free in some cases.

fa11234 4 months ago

all these negative comments seems like jealousy and envy to me...kudos to you Kathy im with you :D

Tailwhip222 4 months ago

pure talent!amazing really!

TooSoonOrTooLate 5 months ago

This mom is incredible! Thank you for sharing this clip! If you're wondering where to get coupons like the ones used, check out this site: MoreWithLessToday,com. I check this website every morning before I start my day to see what local and national deals are going on online, in-store, or at my local food places.The website always links to the printable coupons, and gives plenty of tips for saving more money!

nmarierey 6 months ago

She is not abusing the system. Better than being on welfare or food stamps

Riiyona 6 months ago

I hate coupons

polokfc 6 months ago

@polokfc well you are weird

thejigglyorange 5 months ago

Check out the NEW COUPONS at YouPrintCoupons,com

Check out the NEW COUPONS at YouPrintCoupons,com

Check out the NEW COUPONS at YouPrintCoupons,com

YouPrintCoupons 7 months ago

Do her children ever get any fresh fruit or vegetables!?!

JessicaMa91 7 months ago 3

@JessicaMa91 we have a garden dumbo crap head its cool everything is almost free and no u dont get free stuff do u no hahahaha

thejigglyorange 4 months ago

@thejigglyorange I had to read that several times and I still dont fully understand what you mean to say. Did you go to school, dumbo crap head?

JessicaMa91 4 months ago

@JessicaMa91 Haha don't be silly....of course not

MultiJello123 2 months ago

She doesn't pay with money anymore. She pays with friends xD

SamJamRic 9 months ago

come to canada, coupons aren't common for that specific reason.

boris377 9 months ago

Comment removed

jasonfuckingpereira 9 months ago

She's so cheap, I'd never be friends with her.

montrealNH 9 months ago

@montrealNH That is the silliest thing I have heard on here.

sacbbw916 7 months ago

holy shit 

connortimoti 9 months ago

Is it a CUEPON or a fucking COUPON?

2007TypeR 9 months ago


do you see a Q in the word?

since when does "Cou" make the Q sound

PKCarwash 9 months ago

is it wrong that from reading the title i expected her to be black?

stuntmaster16 9 months ago

A cashier's nightmare.

stevenlee7 9 months ago

She knows her place.

Zi3LK3 9 months ago

So how do YOU pronounce the word "Coupons"?? Q-pons or coopons??

misspinaberry 9 months ago 2

@misspinaberry Q-pons of course! :)

Krimmirion 9 months ago

For all the time it takes to cut out, collect, plan, and use those coupons you could easily make more money than $267 in a part time job...

RichGilly 9 months ago 8

@RichGilly Remember that a part-time job would take her away from her kids and she would have to pay for childcare. With couponing, she can 'work" from home with no extra expenses like childcare, gas, work clothes etc.

grammykathycc 3 months ago

What a bitch, exploiting the system like that. This is a perfect example of why capitalism doesn't work.

Dimak666 9 months ago

@Dimak666 Lol if the grocery store really gave a fuck they wouldn't allow it.

tman9262 9 months ago

@tman9262 Right, because the store doesn't mind losing $1,000 every week.

Dimak666 9 months ago

who cares about the store, do you think they would care about you if they were able to squeeze an extra 1000$ a week out of you?@Dimak666

smokin8inch 9 months ago

@smokin8inch What the fuck are you talking about?

Dimak666 9 months ago

the video.... that played at the top of this page.... wtf are you talking about?@Dimak666 

smokin8inch 9 months ago

@smokin8inch No, you idiot. You ask whether somebody would care about me if they were able to squeeze money out of me. Of course they would, because I am the source of their income. I also don't care whether she cares about the store's profits or not, she's abusing the system and should be stopped or punished.

Dimak666 9 months ago

@Dimak666 She's using their coupons that they print. How the hell is that abusing the system? If they don't want to let he do that they can stop printing the coupons or not allow double coupons, you're saying this family should be punished for using the resources they have to feed their family, wtf is wrong with you.

altoid2k4 9 months ago

@altoid2k4 The coupons were printed to promote the store and attract new costumers, not give away thousands of dollars. They obviously did not intend for so many coupons to be used. By any definition, she's abusing the system.

Dimak666 9 months ago

@Dimak666 Stores are encouraged to have their shoppers use coupons b/c 1 they are reimbursed by the manufacturer and they receive incentives for the amount of coupons used for certain products. It's a win win situation! She is not abusing the system in any way at all. She is a smart lady!

apr529 8 months ago 11

@apr529 yeah and some stupid people say that is the cause of the debt in the country, ignorant ones.

Suproctologo 3 months ago

@apr529 the system has a huge flaw. Why not write on the coupons: 1/customer, 1/product, not usable on product already on sale. Why do ppl think Americans are dumb again? How can a huge food chain or a huge manufacturer be involved in such a dumb mistake.. They would still get the same amount of ppl coming in if they did the changes i suggested. Its a fucking joke to me! DISGUSTING!!!

2lasiiJAkuppi 3 months ago

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smokin8inch 9 months ago

@Dimak666 "Losing 1,000 every week." Try 267.23 a week. Oh and what is your better economic proposition, Dimak 666?

tman9262 9 months ago

@Dimak666 - why do you call her "a bitch"? She takes hundreds in coupons. You live in a country that takes billions in welfare from America. What's the difference? :-)

nameofthepen 9 months ago

@Dimak666 Rightt why should you care when the stores don't even care. if they did don't you think they would have inserted a clause somewhere to prevent this "abuse"? Many other countries and stores have conditions with regards to their coupon use to prevent this sort of thing. I'm sure these corporates aren't dumb enough to not be aware of that, and neither would they not have considered this kind of "compound" coupons, so yeah... you're making a fuss when they don't even care.

yaosavetheworld 9 months ago

@d245470k: I think this is part of her job. And it looks like she can purchase a wide variety of food items with this system so more power to her. What do you got against using the system? Maybe this way, she can afford luxuries like fashionable clothing or college tuition or anything! How can anyone have something against free food?! LOL

beckyc892 9 months ago

@beckyc892 this is her job i would know

thejigglyorange 9 months ago

the way they say coupons (like queue-pons) makes me shudder

banjojackson2 9 months ago 3

what's a circular?

mgregggphone 9 months ago

@mgregggphone sales paper with coupons in it that comes in the Sunday paper...

tybeejeffro 9 months ago

She should be working at CERN.

Electroguy1 9 months ago

Bitch needs to get a fucking job, then she could afford what she wants, not what the bloody coupons offer. Who the fuck has time for all this arseing around? Housewives!!

d245470k 9 months ago

@d245470k You need to get a fucking life and stop being such a dick. Don't bag on her just because she's resourceful and efficient. And I've seen shows on people who do this and I've seen plenty of guys doing it as well. You're a misogynistic asswipe. This "bitch" is smarter than you because she realizes that saving money is better than spending it. I find your lack of intelligence.... Disturbing

gamalieljs 9 months ago

@d245470k hey what the hell is your prob dinky head dope head dinky do head f you

thejigglyorange 4 months ago

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BuddhaCharlie 9 months ago

aww I was hoping the reporter would make out with her.

Micklol 10 months ago 4

omg she must be part asian

uncostan 10 months ago

To put this into perspective, one has to consider how many hours of research/related work a week she puts into this. That plus $4 is what it costs her family every week. :)

WiNGLeSsanGeL31 10 months ago

omgshhhhh hopefully her food is healthy and she isnt just buying cuz it qualifies for the couponn. but daaang thats amazing

SELENiEE 10 months ago 2

I would hate that you can't really choose what you buy though.. you have to buy stuff thats on your coupons.. and I don't think I saw a lot of veggies or fruit. :( Personally, all the hard work it takes wouldnt be worth it for me.  Plus, I don't mind spending money on food, because I find it important.

mamemimoma 10 months ago 3

@mamemimoma agreeed

SELENiEE 10 months ago

that's crazy

Mijuta13 10 months ago

141 likes 0 dislikes ftw

86windforce 10 months ago

lol, and im studying my a lvls econs =.=

MrXamenyap 10 months ago

her husband must be chinese

imraphraph 10 months ago

@imraphraph im asian but i laughed

21piecesofBlue 10 months ago

this is just 20% of the story, not whats really happening..

knight2battle 10 months ago

the white host is hot.

coffeeandcigeratte 10 months ago

Comment removed

wilnavan 10 months ago

This is really hard work....well done for her, but where is the fun of shopping! I love fresh fruit...fresh veggies and that is the fun part. You don't need all those specials everytime...

wilnavan 10 months ago

Her family is eating a terrible diet, 90% of the things she purchased and had in her food pantry are very unhealthy.

dkf10425 10 months ago 15

@dkf10425 For active kids .. it doesnt matter what or how much they eat .. stop being a health freak for kids from day 1.

miqsh89 10 months ago

those boobies are gonna keep sagging without a bra

fd09david 10 months ago 3

And not a fresh fruit or vegetable in sight. I am happy to pay for my family to eat fresh healthy food, not packages full of preservatives.Good on her determination though.

MegaYummymummy11 10 months ago

damn... i buy a coffee from starbucks for 4 dollars ==

faisal2401 10 months ago

Am amazed o-o

elpheal 10 months ago

and she's not chinese??!!

ftzrvd91 10 months ago 19

@ftzrvd91 woww ur just....mean

fashionscoopkk 4 months ago

@ftzrvd91 Fuck you racist!!!

wendyliu0118 4 months ago

her coupons are gonna get nerfed soon lol

ShinShoki 10 months ago 4

w o w. that's all I can say. I laughed pretty hard at 3:48-3.52, as if time was reversed and the subtotal was going to return to zero! hahahahaha!

zeifel 10 months ago

you need to be really organised for this... and have insane memory... and look at that stacking in her pantry!!! unbelievable... ocd

1inabluebillion 10 months ago 3

LOL she can run a minimart with her own pantry...

1inabluebillion 10 months ago

Behind every rich man is a wife like this

jupitar93 10 months ago 10

titties :D

jamesfidi2benwa 10 months ago 2

Now that this "cheat code" is revealed, the store's prolly gonna ammend the rules.

SpraysBlasphemy 10 months ago 7

k, 2 years from now, i can get myself a real 458 italia.

lugiamcg 10 months ago

Ideal wife

jupitar93 10 months ago

She's ready for an apocalypse

sgdevilzz 10 months ago 2

OMG, i wish she wern't married so i could have a chance...

Why cant all women be like this?!

ScientologySucksAss 10 months ago

the reporter probably felt awkward after realizing she's the only one clapping

smileybomb123 10 months ago 6

hardcore RFD'er

keyboards604 10 months ago

so is it $4 a week or $4 a month?

bonedragon 10 months ago

lucky i'm not her son, if not no chocolates and snacks.

PplePeEpss 10 months ago

@PplePeEpss shut up i do get snacks that is just the free stuff dumbo

thejigglyorange 5 months ago

@thejigglyorange shut your mum bitch _l_

PplePeEpss 5 months ago

too bad Singapore has no such real great discounts...

fairytales1989 10 months ago 32

@fairytales1989 hear, hear!!!!

xXxKiraraxXx 10 months ago

@fairytales1989 too bad

ncs2000 10 months ago

@fairytales1989 yeah coupons in singapore are hardly worth using, especially with all the terms and conditions. :(

princessALT 10 months ago 5

@princessALT tell me about it man...:/ discounts as good as none. STINGY!!!

fairytales1989 10 months ago

@fairytales1989 yeah coupons in singapore are hardly worth using, especially with all the terms and conditions. :(

princessALT 10 months ago 3

OMG! Humbling lessons in frugality. Imagine HOW MUCH one can save!!!><

fairytales1989 10 months ago

4:10 LMAO

janetisnow 10 months ago

Kathy Spencer is MILF !

a Mother who Instills Lessons of Frugality !

poonhounds2 10 months ago 6

can i marry 4 of her?

ultralamer 10 months ago

Simply brilliant...

Kadaj8703 10 months ago


dougdotcom0 10 months ago

$16 per month... i almost used $16 per day!

Y0uWinY 10 months ago 5


bluframe2l 10 months ago

wow.AWESOME.but wouldnt it be embarrassing if a whole queue lined up behind you stares at you as the cashier counts the coupons haha

pureleila 10 months ago 2

I was looking for coupon to buy your book for free too.

di8torted 10 months ago


WhatTheAce 10 months ago

she's either a millionaire by now or she should start her own restaurant.

thafringe 10 months ago 2

3:06 win

thegoonist 10 months ago 8

Now i know where to raid during a zombie apocalypse.

Tribulationed 10 months ago 21

1 word.


xArchangelSGE 10 months ago

@xArchangelSGE 2 words. sour grapes

seventhjersey 10 months ago

so much for consumerism :P

XerosXIII 10 months ago


iiMarsify 10 months ago

Can i marry her now? :(

ithenewbie 10 months ago 7

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SuperGlobetrotter123 10 months ago

Her husband has gt 2 b so damn proud of her

MrBurberryMan 10 months ago 89

@MrBurberryMan mmmmmhmmmm :)

mistikalnawe 9 months ago

omg! 267 dollars? to a penny? she's brilliant. this takes work tho lol easier said than done

mistikalnawe 10 months ago 78

@mistikalnawe She should set up a website listing all the coupons she uses and charge a subscription fee imo.

altoid2k4 9 months ago

WOW.Can you come and help me do that1 lol Great job. I am so totally using coupons now. :)

srababygirl947 1 year ago 4

Friday, August 10, 2012

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cskgy1 2 days ago

沒有的 , 真可憐:0(

Xplenovo 3 days ago

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MultiAhka 3 weeks ago


ao861010 3 weeks ago

志村= =

523wolf 1 month ago


marker2103 1 month ago

Rachael I miss you so much

Taitai1976 1 month ago


tiohnping 1 month ago


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GINGTAMA 1 month ago

见到最后一个唔是因为刺青问题 是因为见鬼~

Psychial 1 month ago

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wanru7777 1 month ago


hk001433 1 month ago


ruki6652sose 1 month ago

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kt1983tk 1 month ago

1:49 大哥!!您之前的威風 哪去了!!

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o0o0o0ic 2 months ago

南無妙法蓮華経........幹 我笑了

poi145221 2 months ago


最後一個也太扯 刺成那樣 想嚇死誰啊 (汗

eva122894 2 months ago

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ChinaloongTattoo 2 months ago

靠...最後那一個是南蠻巫師吧= =

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okapacchin 3 months ago


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h3366991512 3 months ago

日本之前黑社會 還是有輩份的 不能亂刺 輩分不夠不能刺太大 且傳統圖有固定師傅再刺的

h3366991512 3 months ago

好好笑喔 xD"

最後一個最好笑 ><"

tin6891208 3 months ago



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justing8971 5 months ago 5

最後一個我笑死= =

tony001590 5 months ago


NeoHsu61516 5 months ago 2

更本不是 刺青 我看到  紋身貼址 的反光了


undertaker246847 5 months ago

最後一個 好像(美國瘋狂刺青客)!!

a4727695 6 months ago


:))  XD

LINDAS615 7 months ago

最後一個有點像納豆  哈哈

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a5244095 7 months ago


shanaEXET 7 months ago


x12404034 8 months ago 3

最後一個好噁喔= = 

621JAN 8 months ago


dealthking 8 months ago

-ˋ-  真是個無法身心靈放鬆的桑拿阿 ...

cometopure19 8 months ago


ifchen2 8 months ago

太有趣啦  尤其是最後一個全身刺青 太威了

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最後一個是 跨丟鬼吧 哈哈哈

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還是特種部隊最威 !! ~~~ 全身迷彩偽裝膏 !!!!!!

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kyle5920 10 months ago

最後一個超扯的= =~

paieunice 10 months ago 86

Good XD

moko2233 10 months ago


TWPSCTK 10 months ago