Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Noose - Questions for Leticia Part I

Leticia takes time off from her busy maid schedule to answer questions from her fans.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Martin Jetpack 5000ft flight - highlights

To demonstrate flight high above the ground and the concept of the ballistic parachute as an emergency safety system, the Martin Jetpack was flown to around 1500m (5000ft), brought down from this height and an off-the-shelf ballistic parachute was deployed.The aircraft was flown by James via radio control in a chasing helicopter - also demonstrating the ability of the technology to apply to UAV applications. Jetson, Martin Aircraft Company's weighted dummy was on board, and the parachute was placed out front for visibility and weight balancing.The video features inventor Glenn Martin and RC pilot James Bowker. The jetpack ascended initially at 4m/s (800ft/min) and the climb took about 6 minutes. The parachute was deployed at around 3000ft above ground level. The aircraft sustained some damage on impact, but we would expect that it is likely a pilot would have walked away from this emergency landing. The total flight was just under 10 minutes.


...parachute or jellyfish??

idoitforthehonor 14 hours ago

tsss. . why not just fly with an helicopter?

badanski 1 day ago

Increasing flight time would require fuel cells or something else that's very power dense and efficient. In the future, if the US decides to restart its nuclear reactor R&D, you could envision things like mini fission-breeders, but these would be a bit on the excessive side even for something like this. You'd need to work out how to shield the pilot from neutron and gamma radiation, but the payoff would be a jetpack that could work non-stop for decades without refueling.

OfficeThug 4 days ago

most jet engines are fuel hogs with only minutes of airtime. this uses ducted fans and what looks like vectored thrust controls. Pretty good effort considering what it takes to control it. Now to increase flight time. Good show guys!!

edwardreid 5 days ago

That's not so expensive ! I want one ! :)

ch0oon 1 week ago


vaportrail1234 1 week ago

Jetpack my ass, its a ICE powered ducted fan VTOL. I want to see some real Jetpacks.

BrianConroy1 1 week ago

oh wait..There's something coming... OH MY GOD THE GREEN GOBLIN!!!!!!

speedofsoundism 1 week ago

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4crevis 2 weeks ago

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4crevis 2 weeks ago

Spying the neighbours with this thing xD

TheGJentertainment 2 weeks ago

this doesnt count as a jet pack, it WAY TOO BIG

beta0blaster 2 weeks ago


neongoldtooth 2 weeks ago 18

DURATION is the problem here.

transdrole 2 weeks ago

5000 agl or msl? Because that only looks like 2000 AGL.

CaptainMetalwing 2 weeks ago

Looks like graphix to me.

beaman444 3 weeks ago

hard darta

jimtim09 3 weeks ago

the company is currently accepting NZ$5,000 deposits to be put on the waiting list for this ~US$100,000 piece of equipment

hsvkidusa 3 weeks ago

If ur grandma cant fly it dump it and move along

doomizz 3 weeks ago

Jet pack or fan pack? and thats definitely not my kind of landing

stewiewantsbrianshog 4 weeks ago

When will it be available what for what price?

shebotnov 1 month ago

Thumbs up for a free jet pack /rocketman :D

Kerlan167 1 month ago

@Kerlan167 no.

yfzrider13 1 month ago

1:18 totally thought he got sniped

birthnight 1 month ago

this is not JET-pack (no JET engines at all)

suszig 1 month ago

GTA San Andreas pc game had a similar flying machine.

xatzidakis 1 month ago

this is what i am getting to blow off those ferrari's or lambo's below me. HA! suckers

martindanny 1 month ago

is that in switzerland?

ehuber5 1 month ago

what bothers me is engine failure, planes can glide at least a reasonable distance to a field or crash site, do these things have chutes?

walkertongdee 1 month ago

@walkertongdee well thet do have chutes!!

walkertongdee 1 month ago

@walkertongdee What do you think that thing at the end was?

MrSyrenol 1 month ago

@walkertongdee 'Chutes?' Did you watch the whole video?

rayt20 1 month ago

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kerimil 1 month ago

now that we have quadrocopter this doesn't seem very impressive... well the only difference is that quadrocopters use electric motors which are damn easy to control... unlike something which uses an IC engine...

ohh and I suspect the inertia of the engine is a serious problem too

kerimil 1 month ago

Do it with Coke and Mentos :D

Tbtemplex97 1 month ago

great! now you have a jetpack for highly secret missions. except you can't get in or out of it without any help LOL

Diifusal 1 month ago

Ok, flyers... your name is GOKUS and VEGETAS.

People complaining that it does not look like a JetPack, but I ask a question: what is the purpose of a JetPack? make coffee? a JetPack and a flying object like this do the same thing: FLY. Now, I'm sorry if you can fly through the power of the mind. Because, to complain about such an incredible machine, you need to make better!

psbmonguim 1 month ago 3

Jetpack? Sounded more like a lawn-mower locked in a shed.

I don't know - just doesn't convince me.

sparrow111260 1 month ago

Dear santa...

Fargester 1 month ago

everyone thinks there someone called Martin flying in a jetpack, when this is actually a man made out of plastic or am I wrong? Why the long face??

ieditvidsforfun 1 month ago

Wow the arrogance and ignorance in the comments is amazing!

rshebeb 1 month ago 4

and it sounds like a anoying vacuum cleaner...

DJjanJD 1 month ago

ok, where do you put the gun rack and groceries?

MrKyja72 1 month ago

Well done!

jbfrodsham 1 month ago

Meh, I want to see a real human piloting this thing.

WiriamuN 1 month ago

WHEN DO WE GET THESE ?!!!!!!!!11

TAYYKAYY01 1 month ago

@TAYYKAYY01 $5,000 deposit gets you on the waiting list for this $100,000 piece of equipment

hsvkidusa 3 weeks ago

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hsvkidusa 3 weeks ago

looks like a flying toilet

TwiZtidChriiS 1 month ago 118

@TwiZtidChriiS the modern way to take a sh**

animeharu 1 month ago

@TwiZtidChriiS that is true

98BigSteve 1 month ago

@TwiZtidChriiS What kind of bizarre toilet do you sit on mate?

jmackmcneill 1 week ago

This is a San Andreas?

adi3322 1 month ago


rajeshatmuri 1 month ago


fendertelecaster8225 1 month ago

I wouldn't want to be in that thing even with the backup. Landing looked really rough, with the machine on top of you.

AghamoraPPG 1 month ago

Wait, why build a ''jet-fail-parachute-idiotic-b­ig-thing-pack'' when you have a chopper..?

ieditvidsforfun 1 month ago

oh oh did you hear about that he took an arrow to the knee and so did i when i got my head chopped off by a ghost in skyrim :3

maplestorygirlNC 1 month ago

Can you fly like a Saiyan now?

thanh320 1 month ago


intel0199 1 month ago

But will it blend?

lacrossekid37 1 month ago

but will it blend'

frogboy41 1 month ago

yea i also had a jetpack, but then i took an arrow to the knee

williamcd1996 1 month ago

Did you hear the weak sound of that thing's motor? That thing sputters out, you die.

l008comm 1 month ago

@l008comm That's what the parachute is for.

FesterBable 1 month ago

I was gunna say what if it ran outa gas but nevermind. :)

VidPro95 1 month ago

that is tight as...fuck

savon2002 1 month ago

Just pooped a little at 1:18.

SpankWhitey777 1 month ago

what the hell is a turbo lift fan

it sounds like a gasoline engine to me

mcgrath9 1 month ago

I'm on the jetpack part of Youtube again.

hunterh153 1 month ago

It huge because it use 2 turbo lift fans.

dvh065 1 month ago


0latiin 1 month ago

@Thesportyspike you're so right man... i've seen smaller AND real jetpacks

josuecunitec 1 month ago

Crazy awesome!

liberty1stpls 1 month ago

Perfect landing!

psilocyberspaceman 1 month ago

fucking australians, always doing "mini" things -.-

nonstoppkFred 1 month ago

San Andreas has better jetpacks...

ieditvidsforfun 1 month ago 148

@ieditvidsforfun san andreas?????? what ever kiddie take ya kiddies games and piss off

jimmy34101 1 month ago


u mad? :3

RuttgartsVrede 1 month ago

@ieditvidsforfun better than nothing lol it is nice if your moving to new house

dumbtrooper 1 month ago

@ieditvidsforfun Then get one from San Andreas and fly that. Oh, right, you can't because San Andreas is just a game and this is real.

DevilMaster 1 month ago

@DevilMaster Mhm so, you think San Andreas is JUST A GAME?!?

ieditvidsforfun 1 month ago

@ieditvidsforfun Yup. I know it can be hard to understand, for those who cannot tell fantasy from reality.

DevilMaster 1 month ago

@DevilMaster Its also hard to understand, for you, that I practically made a joke.

ieditvidsforfun 4 weeks ago

useless and noisy

madboyfull 1 month ago

wow man that even scared me a little when the chute deployed

GodlessMartyr666 1 month ago

I was like OH F**K it broke! Then Parachute... -.-

cameronbajt4 1 month ago

did he die

Misikuta 1 month ago

@Misikuta "he" was a weighted dummy. It says it in the discription.

FoofyTheGreat 1 month ago

thank god it had a parachute

PatrioticMud 1 month ago

its like in san andresd but in real life!!

where is the cheatbook

NicknameGun 1 month ago

dear santa is it to late to change my list?

sk8delght134 1 month ago

The real jetpack that was in production in the '70's would work, but the flight is limited to 30 second bursts, which would probably limit the height and g-force limitations of a trip to that altitude. I think Jet turbines qualify as a jet pack. Beautiful footage from the air.

TheSingerbear 1 month ago

Man, I want one, bet this jetpack cost millions. I wanna fly to work in this thing. 

luigi386541971 1 month ago

Wish they could develop the jetpack which CJ uses

ThiagoAlvesFan 1 month ago

looks like he's sitting on a toilet

WhatRYlookingAt 2 months ago

small much?

rannochhuey 2 months ago

awesome.... and even more awesome 20 years from now.

odinmp5 2 months ago

didn't we go through this phase in the 50s and 60s with the Hiller thing and the "flying pulpit"?? a recip engine.....come on.....really??

metalheds 2 months ago

come on you know the man is dead

szamherris 2 months ago

yeyyyyyyyyy, Next would be Flying Car :)

jensan417 2 months ago

@jensan417 no, we would have the bloody weasleys flying into our trees everywhere.

allblue88 2 months ago

1:48 Nice landing :)

OfficialCastel 2 months ago

Comment removed

Nicro327 2 months ago

It would be funny if they put the parachute was upside down.

Evolutionofhell 2 months ago

one word...MAV...BF3


Danph77 2 months ago

idk that id call that a jetpack... its turbines..i want rocket engines. to hell with the fact that it'd fry your legs off

crash118787 2 months ago

Now where do i mount the machine gun?

jocstudl 2 months ago

Whoa... I thought something went wrong at 1:19

Xandranxanda 2 months ago

The sheer size of that thing completely takes away from the original idea

jaxxon911 2 months ago

the awkward moment when that thing runs out of fuel and your parachute won't open... xD

Antonis32d 2 months ago


jumpupdnbdj 2 months ago

ill crap my pants if i was that high up XD

swordmage123 2 months ago

Jet pack? It sound very much like as a piston engine on steroids but i hope im wrong..

dtiydr 2 months ago

1:44 he took an arrow on the knee

brent619ford 2 months ago

nice stuff but, landing is not good, need more improvment

alyz69 2 months ago

why risk when u can use a helicopter?

spacetourist2007 2 months ago

I can just imagine the future looking back at us like...."What the fuck?! They called that a jetpack xD" kinda like how we look back at the first flyers

WeThErOcKsTaRs 2 months ago

That was a test dummy. I guess they couldn't find anyone with enough balls to try it for real.

MrGopherhead 2 months ago

jet pack? more like a prop pack. And why didn't he land it? Next test Email me and I'll show you how a trained professional dose it..............

hanknrenonv 2 months ago


Aggelos1334 2 months ago

1:46 ...halp..

zebidinofus 2 months ago

quite annoying loud noise is generate

blabla62871 2 months ago

man! he was flying so well, but then he took an arrow to the knee. 1:18

Ki1lshot 2 months ago 23

@Ki1lshot Nerd alert!!

SilkEclipse 2 months ago

Please no one mention anything about Arrows to the knee-it is the most annoying thing ever...just saying...

JammyPoohBear 2 months ago



usatan41 2 months ago

Marti Helicopter 5000ft flight - highlights

TheCrankaintdead 2 months ago

Where's the Mark VII aquila armor to fight for the emporer??

TheRaven010 2 months ago

oopsies. not a jetpack. look up the definition jackass.

thecoolface123 2 months ago

I almost shat a brick once the fan blew. I was like "oh he's fucked..." Then a parachute came out, and I was pissed off that he didn't die.

EyeHateVevo 2 months ago

@EyeHateVevo You're an idiot. How hard is it to read the description before making stupid comments? it was a TEST DUMMY. it was being flown by a RC operator in a helicopter. Its people like you who are responsible for youtube being filled with ignorant comments

mossyFilms 1 month ago

@mossyFilms Haha, thanks buddy. You just made my day.

Under what influence of drug could you be on to come to a conclusion like that? Obviously you aren't completely understanding the word "ignorant", so why use it against me? In reality your just making yourself look ignorant by saying I'm something I'm not. It was a joke. But I guess that a person such as you wouldn't be able to see that.

Oh yeah, wanna know something? It's illiterate people such as you who make the rest of "us" look stupid.

EyeHateVevo 1 month ago

@EyeHateVevo real funny joke "buddy"

mossyFilms 1 month ago

@mossyFilms i also hate those fucking ignorant stupid people. This is a sensation! a creation of future! and sp much stupid idiot comments. Just think! 30 minutes man!!! this is Fucking AMAZING!! This gizmo is My dream! I wanna make my childish dream come true!!! FLYYY!!

Mazafaker1111111 2 weeks ago

Great result guys... been watching and waiting.. ready and waiting to make an order !

OzParkPilot 2 months ago

Chuck Norris doesn't need a jet pack to fly

SEMIBIH96 2 months ago

in a few years we will look back and say, look what we used to drive son, big things and you needed a full crew to get you to work and back.

oOoBethanoOo 2 months ago

What did you do at work today hunny?..... oh you know, the usual...

LucasDykes 2 months ago

i remember the first time i rode a jet pack and parachuted back to the ground... pshh

TryantOG 2 months ago

i would have pissed my pants doing that...

ReIIay 2 months ago

@ReIIay radiocontrolling a dummy jetpack from a helicopter?

HiopX 2 months ago

l'ingéniosité fait toujours des jaloux.

explorateurdesairs 2 months ago

LOL 1:45

MrTDSO 2 months ago

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susimueller1972 2 months ago

i wish people would stop bitcing about it. yeah its huge. but the thing is in development. think of any modern technology you take for granted now adays and look at them when they were new. cellphones are a good example of that

weewoozesty 2 months ago 28

@weewoozestyThis is the 2000's, seems that you don't know jack about Jetpack development. Williams International developed a real Jetpack back in the 70's and it was (still is) one of the best designs, perhaps the best, of any Jetpack ever conceived. It was smaller, leaner and more powerfull than this one. So in perpective this Martin concept is a regression in Jetpack development, big time. ¿How come, 30 years after the WI design, this thing looks bulkier and hasn´t advanced a bit?

pixelsilva 2 months ago

@pixelsilva it wouldnt be the first time good technology gets ruined but the thing still looks cool. but maybe its because something from that technology is missing and he had to start from scratch.

weewoozesty 2 months ago

@weewoozesty ..perhaps. It looks like the designer attached a pair of lawnmover motors to make the pair of fans, started to add equipment later added more accesories "from the shelve" and ended with this monstruosity. Something the inventor conceived in a garage, not in aerospace industry. Williams came straight up with the concep of attaching a turbine engine in the back with winged exhaust tubes coming from behind for a powerful and compact concept.

pixelsilva 2 months ago

@weewoozesty ...then they made another attemp in another direction and came out with yet another versatil and new design: the Williams WASP, not a Jetpack but basically a compact jet engine used to power cruise missiles, encased in a "garbage can" between the legs of the pilot, a copy of Dick Tracy's flying vehicle from the 1930's comic magazine. It was capable of flying for 28 minutes up to 3.000 feet. The army discarde for being too noisy because they were looking for quietness...

pixelsilva 2 months ago

@weewoozesty totally agree, people have also got to realize that, the martin Jetpack will take upto 120kg (264lb) and last's for 30 minutes up to 5,000 feet, the first original jetpacks were smaller but you had to weigh 80kg (176lb) or less to use which also lasted no longer than 30 seconds.

Jamac007 1 month ago

Good wee bit of kiwi ingenuity, nice work mate. Ka pai!

LPtheDESTROYER 2 months ago

jet PACK implies portable... as in a backpack type thing.

TheStig04 2 months ago

That dummy seemed really nervous.

fabaloo86 2 months ago

It was a dummy, you dummies, not a real person.

mtefft 2 months ago

1:04-1:12 looks like a Star Wars movie.

spencereng 2 months ago

Dear Santa...

HotPenguin11 2 months ago 72

That's not a Jetpack But a Dummy, riding a two stroke Moped - like my uncle told me: son never settle for less, if you want to fly in style You might as well go for the GoFast JetPack that runs on h2o2.

worldwildwest 2 months ago

That is impressive.

Coolarj10 2 months ago

This is interesting.We look forward to seeing more in action. More-so the commercials and price tags.

otsreadypay 2 months ago

That was very cool! And I thought the pilot was very brave.

themainproblem 2 months ago

why the fuck does he wear a helmet? if he falls hes dead anyways

MrBommelicous 2 months ago 2

@MrBommelicous Prob for the chance of something coming through the blades and hitting him in the head would be my guess

Bassmanwcm 2 months ago

@MrBommelicous Did you not actually watch the whole fucking video? He landed with a parachute and hit the ground sideways.

Ixandius 2 months ago

dear santa...

AlexanderUlrich2 2 months ago

Hmm, still a bit off being practical. Jetlev would still be my jetpack of choice if I had a spare 95 grand.

xSwitchB1ade 2 months ago

OMG.... finally you did it...!!! how great... this really excited me!!! :D


Motherfuckersito 2 months ago

This guy definitely has balls

Imsocool132 2 months ago

@Imsocool132 What guy? It's just a dummy.

lesliekwan80 2 months ago

I hope I will never encounter some idiot flying this shit when I fly...(I'm a glider pilot)

wallace84st 2 months ago

Comment removed

CFrostyTheSnowman 2 months ago

check please

nutacorn 2 months ago

I'll buy one

ryno2085 2 months ago

täuscht mich das, aber das ist kein jetpack --> respekt für die leistung, aber jetpack schaut für mich anderst aus und hört sich auch anderst an (sollte ein jetstream dabei sein)

oesi6666 2 months ago

I'm afraid of heights, but buying one of these is on my bucket list...

Awesome job you guys are doing!

leaf16nut 2 months ago

i so want to fly around like that, people of the future are so lucky!

carey579 2 months ago

lmao, what the hell kinda parachute held all that weight but with such small size?. I mean it seems like he woulda slammed into the ground at 40mph

rehsa2194 2 months ago

haha it stals... og shit

zman14111 2 months ago

great propeller pack

Finch101pr 2 months ago

I'm selling the house tomorow. The wife and kids will understand, right?

caneywaney 2 months ago

so there's enough fuel to fly for 1 minute?

keoism 2 months ago

its not a human there are flying that an its not a jetpack

enterkelsen 2 months ago

dear santa..

DinoKnorke 2 months ago

This isn't a jetpack.

MasticatedCake 2 months ago

that's not a jetpack that's a fucking helicopter attached to his body

adrian5b 2 months ago 95

@adrian5b ...exactly, it goes beyond jetpack, looking more like a man with a helicoper attached to his back. Too bulky for everyones taste. ¿Who would want to attach to someting like that when yo can ride confortably onboard a personal helicopter, almost the same size of the damm thing? A total waste of design and manpower with a technology tha most likely will corner itself in a dead end alley.

pixelsilva 2 months ago

@adrian5b i did this once with my elecrical lawn mover but then i went to hight and i pulled the plug out ....:-/

CapitanoGUC 2 months ago

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IndustryOfMagic 2 months ago

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IndustryOfMagic 2 months ago

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IndustryOfMagic 2 months ago

ذكرني بـحرآميي السسيارات

Hamody1Em 2 months ago


nipponhouseplayer 2 months ago

mythbusters take note

WatchmenDrManhattan 2 months ago

wow, closest thing to flying like a bird.

herbienbrian2 2 months ago

sooo they copied SAN ANDREAS

Thespraycan101 2 months ago

very nice a little bit more how to landing after fly to prvent drop damage

darkie21o 2 months ago

Iron man!

Sharper453 2 months ago

..i want it...i should avoid all the trafic in the Mexico´s periferico...hahahaha

Opivi 2 months ago


li5il 2 months ago

صراحة فل يعني لازحام بعد اليوم

bat3644 2 months ago

يمه .. كم كانت سرعة دقات قلبه وهو طاير فوق ؟!

hajeee15 2 months ago

I need that, commuting is killing me

SalamanderTalent 2 months ago

i see no jets! martin, i am disappoint.

thegiddyjoy 2 months ago

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LukeHeinemann 2 months ago

Think of the water Ballons you coud drop !

LukeHeinemann 2 months ago

now act like apple and shrink it to dime size

ChuicyProductions 2 months ago

عباس بن فرناس تراه سعودي على فكرة و قبيلة المطران سلاااام

alma3ali1 3 months ago

ليتكم تجيبونه عندنا نفتك من الزحمة

0555446687 3 months ago 42


بالعكس يتعب لانك بتكون واااقف واذا كان معاك عائله كيف تسوي

TieMAPpROaCHeD 3 months ago

@0555446687 Atkm Tgabonh Naftk of crowds?

jesse038 2 months ago

عباس بن فرناس ياطيري يالقرناس

لايك ياعرب

m5aoi 3 months ago 3

Comment removed

MultiTHEJOKER 3 months ago

Thats got fans its not a JET pack!!!!!!

asphaltmafiacustoms 3 months ago

@asphaltmafiacustoms Jet packs would burn off your legs...

EpicFishFingers 2 months ago

how much money and when will they be released to the public

wellrandomness12 3 months ago

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evilpanamajack 3 months ago

Thats not a jetpack! Its not that compact like totally spice dudes!

CrazyHobbyKing 3 months ago

Is that really JET powered? Sounds like a fan pack

TooLittleRC 3 months ago

if you can make that why cant you make me an ironman suit

hardcorekiller98 3 months ago

lol, he just lands and lays there looking like a retard

beer94 3 months ago

@beer94 It's a crash dummy you retard. is the dummy supposed to come to life and walk?

k4n31985 2 months ago


u mad bro?

beer94 2 months ago

@beer94 not really, just mildly annoyed with your stupidity.

k4n31985 2 months ago


k, just chillout next time something like this happens. no one likes reading long descriptions and i was high when i watched this... :)

beer94 2 months ago

Sounds like my leaf blower.

SuperBmxbadass 3 months ago

Those jet turbines look a lot like what a helicopter has.

regreg187 3 months ago

how did i get from purple and brown to this?

HeavyWeaponsGuy4 3 months ago

Weight limit?

zoidberg96913 3 months ago

Perfect landing!

Gust1864 3 months ago 5

I will test fly your machine for free. I'm a 51yo ultralight and paraglider pilot with severe depression, suicidal ideation, and a strong desire to avoid getting any older.

venturadave 3 months ago 40

Hi Obooth, the MAC goal is to have NO height where your life could not be saved. One of the systems for this is the Parachute. The next generation has a spec of 10 m (35 feet). This in combination with other systems will give full cover.

MartinJetPack 3 months ago 9

@MartinJetPack Has any-one actually flown it?

You know..

Like outside untethered and flown a circuit?

GeorgeC152 2 months ago

I'm looking at a miniature ballistic deployment for my UAV, timing is crucial, and this is a huge leap forward for your team Glenn, well done! At what minimum altitude do you think this system might work in order to save the life of it's pilot?

obooth 3 months ago

Dear santa....


i thought jetpacks use jets

awel69 3 months ago 5

@awel69 well yeah, if you wanna barbeque your back then yes, feel free to use a jet turbine

NIGHT2PWN 3 months ago

can i get one in ''kick ass'' version pls?:D

Kotorel 3 months ago

Regards to CJ

alkalinetrio751 3 months ago 3

imagine using these instead of cars omg 

MaxxeGaming 3 months ago

stop with the fucking dear santa shit its fucking annoying

BoRiCuAnPR 3 months ago 3

how long will it last before the fuel runs out?

Shift4chizzle 3 months ago


MrBigolnuts 3 months ago

"with frikkin' laser beams attached to the middle of their foreheads"

ZombieHunterOracle 3 months ago

jet-pack? looks more like ducted fans to me...

frackcha 3 months ago

lol, they do realize that thing is almost the size of a helicopter already, right?

EnvyMy75 3 months ago

Hey, guys. Remember how phones started out? Okay, well, um, these are gonna be like SPORTS BAGS in a few years.

pidman009 3 months ago

@pidman009 good point

Shift4chizzle 3 months ago


SWEA239 3 months ago

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wwwtotalitaerde 3 months ago

it's so compact and silent

giddione 3 months ago 85

@giddione give it a decade or two.

Furaxxxxx 3 months ago


mrcinquepalle 3 months ago


GnarlyMealTime 3 months ago in playlist Gnarly.

could need one of those on the doomsday

Grandma1337 3 months ago

i like the way even the inventor wont get in it

fuzzmeister13 3 months ago

help i've fallen and cant get up should of got life alert

greyknight907 3 months ago in playlist More videos from MartinJetPack

anyone else thot 1:19 was a malfunction at first? C:

raynor2353 3 months ago

dont think this is usefull...too big in action, to slow in action, too much easy to hit with missles...

AikidokaZen 3 months ago

there is no nigga in that shit?

bahrainTVchannel 3 months ago

thats one loud son of a bitch

kalenen 3 months ago

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knomip666 3 months ago

New generation of pizza delivery

OwnageBrosInc 3 months ago

Can you say, FUCK THAT?

avenged06x 3 months ago

more like a turbofan pack

kalahiki808 3 months ago

Chuck Norris's back pack

moviemakerchild 3 months ago

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wwwtotalitaerde 3 months ago

...flown by mr. bertie big bollocks, well done sir on the size of your gonads lol

wolf2jon 3 months ago

how can this jetpack fly for so long, dont they usually do like 30 secods of flight?

jerryk2198 3 months ago

@jerryk2198 this is more like a helicopter. It uses a internal combustion engine to run 2 fans for upwards thrust.

ProductofNZ 3 months ago

So where can I get one ?

BuyMeCrayons 3 months ago

a guy below suggested trapping dual mgl-140 to this.. fuck mgl.140 they should strap duel bubble guns on it if anything

dyybe1 3 months ago

A guy below/above suggested strapping dual ak's to this... Fuck ak's, they should strap dual mgl-140's on it if anything.

roock94 3 months ago

Strap dual ak47s to that awesome machine.

Fudgynezz 3 months ago

They only cost a couple million at least?

I can't see why this isn't more popular with the intercity kids.

SpiffsChannel 3 months ago

It's a flying drum set!

skipstalforce 3 months ago

great now make it into an actualy "pack"

changfu3 3 months ago

I wonder how many UFO calls they had that day? lol

1mACann0n 3 months ago

All the military has to do now is extend the range and strap some mini guns on it.....

wazuphomiez 3 months ago

Dear santa......

joeywood85 3 months ago 70

@joeywood85 bahahah

SuperDylanGraham 2 months ago

dear santa...

stekel1234 3 months ago

es un pinche muñeco vallanse a la verga

gotnogreencard 3 months ago

the weather conditions shown were fine & calm, but whats it like on a windy day??

Jamac007 3 months ago

@Jamac007 up there its windy anyway so even though it looks fine its not

TheMagicMan656 3 months ago

At what point does it stop being a jet pack and start being a small helicopter that you just sit on the outside of

IDontKnowCorp 3 months ago

with 2 billion people without running water what use is this stupid thing

deltamx 3 months ago

We need new regulations to "border patroll"

CognitiveNetwork 3 months ago

2:10 thatkoburlbibedateight.... can someone translate?

CognitiveNetwork 3 months ago

lol... not a very good landing.

CognitiveNetwork 3 months ago

... surreal

CognitiveNetwork 3 months ago


sindude300 3 months ago

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sanhuezab 3 months ago

someone email mythbusters crew and link to this video

jazamora2006 3 months ago

Dear Santa...

TheKackhour 4 months ago

 i love it :d

hamza2bac 4 months ago

why every one is wearing poker face???

andruha7200 4 months ago

Fucking kewl!!! I want one....

skwuballo 4 months ago

so how do u park this thing????????????

pharoa2 4 months ago

enemy troop, "Who the hell is running a leaf blower" looks up.... O.o "Some one hand me a rocket launcher...."

arod84 4 months ago

For all you haters it's still in testing and development. Said to be released in 18 months for military and search and rescue purposes etc.

Bosstastical 4 months ago 2

@Bosstastical Search and rescue???...Their planning that as a remote controlled application. I wouldn't want to climb onto that thing knowing there's some kid on the other end flying it with a joystick. No thanks. I'd rather get dragged to safety. As for military apps...completely useless because it's slow and noisy even for a surveillance ROV. Your better of strapping cameras to an RC helicopter. Just as noisy but much faster and more agile. Just my opinion of course.

Terratechman 3 months ago

ⓣⓗⓘⓢ ⓘⓢ ⓣⓗⓔ ⓕⓤⓣⓤⓡⓔ ⓢⓞⓛⓤⓣⓘⓞⓝ ⓔⓥⓔⓡ!

adhiestiar 4 months ago

ecologic ?

Pelagambas1 4 months ago

@gelopartypoison HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this aliens like Vodca

thetauanbr 4 months ago

Dear Santa...

SilverLinkx 4 months ago 2

no from russians:)

SAIL3NTAS 4 months ago


GargeezyTV 4 months ago

Thats not a jetpack, that thing have the size of a house, looks more like a downsized helicopter to me. Not cool!!

ciriusn 4 months ago

Duke Nukem has the best fucking jet pack in the world! Please make a replica of that one!

OldSchoolFPSPCGamer 4 months ago

@OldSchoolFPSPCGamer no

sls567 4 months ago

@sls567 Did I ask you something? NO! So you can go fuck your self!

OldSchoolFPSPCGamer 4 months ago

@OldSchoolFPSPCGamer woa, someone needs to take thier meds!

sls567 4 months ago

@sls567 Then what are you doing here? Go and take your meds!

OldSchoolFPSPCGamer 4 months ago

@OldSchoolFPSPCGamer er- nahh coz I don't have angermanagement problems, retard, unlike you

sls567 4 months ago

@sls567 Go take your medicine, you fucking retard...herp derp motherfucker!!!

OldSchoolFPSPCGamer 4 months ago

OMG !!the top comments are from aliens!!!

gelopartypoison 4 months ago 88

@gelopartypoison More like Russians. 

HeadSHOT604 3 months ago

thats to big it needs to be smaller fuck that im making one i bet you didnt even try

MrFreefonix 4 months ago

Its great!

vittoriodampezzo 4 months ago

That's not a Jetpack - it's a Fanpack.

Jagcycle 4 months ago

anyone else got sent here from watching halo videos?

dwinfortehwin 4 months ago 2

Now you can get yours, TODAY!

For the low, low price of 1.5 million dollars, you too can soar through the sky!

Agora2021 4 months ago

@Agora2021 I'll take 13. It will belike bumper cars... in the sky!!

7CellarDoors 4 months ago

lol 1:46 great landing position.

wcat121 4 months ago

dear santa...

angel11811 4 months ago

Not just any dummy can fly one of those things

ushouldntjudgeme 4 months ago

Honey! I'm going to the supermarket! *blasts off from the lawn*

ryanlim2002 4 months ago

its too stupid thing, so fucking expensive, so big, so little speed and length of move.

we can create pretty things

tsotnep 4 months ago

Nice work guys...Really! I guess this is where it all starts. Let us know when you have something under a $100K USD and can fly at least 300 Miles without refueling. Do that and you'll have something.

Event762 4 months ago

@Event762 they say its 100K USD and goes 63 mph for 30 min. Thats 30 miles. Your commute hopefully isnt longer then 15 miles. 300 miles is unrealistic.

TUNDRA2529 4 months ago

SO no human ON BOARD actually. What was the wt of the Dummy?

sbd45acp 4 months ago

Sign me up!

HBsongwriter 4 months ago

Jesus Christ, the future is already here :O

matt16001 4 months ago

that sounded like a go pro camera lol

420choky 4 months ago

How is a helmet going to help if he falls 5000 feet ? lol

TheExtrasTv 4 months ago

What happens if engine fails at...100ft?...answer is death but that is obvious...just saying!. Ballistic parachute is useless at low elev so what's the back up. None!!! That's why your pilots have never flown this thing above 3 feet and you're using dummies with RC for higher elev. You yourselves aren't convinced the engine will never fail. So many fundemental design flaws but the biggest is engine failure with no backup. Failure at anything above 25-30ft means certain death!...Nice.

Terratechman 4 months ago

It's a David Gilmour dummy?

gabriba 4 months ago

shame but you are wasting your time and all that efart please look for the

williams x jet

you will see it was made in 1980 and i dont think you are going to get mutch better than that even today

rabone1963 4 months ago

lol, at 1:19 i thought that a lightning struck him (and that he would die hehehehe :P)

madmikerex 4 months ago

It needs better landing gear, like retractable wheels.

OmegaWolf747 4 months ago

@OmegaWolf747 why? it's more expensive, heavier and does not add any efficiency to the jetpack, its not like your legs can touch the gear, and you land vertical so...

samm1551995 4 months ago

@samm1551995 But what if the parachute doesn't deploy?

OmegaWolf747 4 months ago


666DarDar 4 months ago

Будущее стало ближе!)

KOMRAD8 4 months ago

rocket man

hunterW1134 4 months ago


nextblain 4 months ago 2

That would suck so bad if the parachute didnt work.. I personally wouldnt sign up for this considering how much im afraid of being high off the ground.

P1MPIN100 4 months ago

the parachute looks like a jellyfish.

GlitterAndGlowBeauty 4 months ago


austinX117 4 months ago

Try that with a real pilot instead of a very low weight dummy!

jwilmanmd 5 months ago

1:06 @_@

ayrtonroc 5 months ago

Шет, мяка посадочка...

NavaleoVad 5 months ago

jez this isnthe future

cooasp12 5 months ago

running off fuel, wow, i thought you guys were smart, funkin morons

darwars420 5 months ago

really cool

lu4ca1 5 months ago

Лихая штуковина, но великовата... ждём компактности

zlodey911 5 months ago

it's..... starting

fep3 5 months ago

its a flying drum kit :D

smallballz001 5 months ago

Пусть не жмотятся и продают по 20 тыщ.

Mykola40 5 months ago

Ну покупать себе я бы вряд ли стал. А вот полетать иногда можно было бы. Так что, думаю появятся прокатные фирмы.

DDDMMM35 5 months ago

@DDDMMM35 И одна минута будет стоить рублей 500

disssenter 5 months ago

@disssenter 500RUR per minute, it's less than $17 dollars. About $500 for 30 minutes. Hell yeah! This shit is CHEAP as hell!

dfreeuns 5 months ago

and its made by ACME

firstjedi 5 months ago

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a523266 5 months ago

Прикольная штука. Многие платят такие деньги за автомобиль, а тут же все намного круче. И разрешений никаких не нужно, в отличии от самолёта. И самое главное - пока нет пробок :)

Позволяли бы мне финансы - взял бы по-любому.

detrin48 5 months ago

@detrin48 Жаль летает всего полчаса

disssenter 5 months ago

шумновато, не?

gramzay 5 months ago

Дорогой Дед Мороз!..

Zoooooooooooomer 5 months ago 49

Ага с Ленты. Откуда ещё. Щас ещё щёчик намотаем.

NikolaiAK 5 months ago

Свежие комменты сплошь на русском... небось с Ленты понабижали.

Gashak 5 months ago 2

это только начало

KairatFarther 5 months ago

Дорого суки .... 100 тыс.$ - проще доплатить и купить себе самолет.

speedre13 5 months ago 3

Новый девайс для самоубийц...

UBN1000 5 months ago

perfect landing

lrmdclr 5 months ago 3

Great landing mechanism.

1tontomato 5 months ago

US$ 100.000,00

Fuck yea

nelcimpilot 5 months ago

i noticed that they did not show the impact. why? because it hit really hard that's why.

teampullmyfinger 5 months ago

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topshelfmw33 5 months ago

how did i end up here...

MegaLemons1 5 months ago

Get a Paraglider and Flat Top Motor assembly.


MrSchpankme 5 months ago

ctrl-alt-delete  start task manager

mykylc 5 months ago

For many years I have been asking myself if 20 of these jetpacks could have been useful for rescuers on a day like 9/11. Could these machines be modified as to support the weight of two people? ...Just saying....

roberteskarobert 5 months ago

@roberteskarobert lol 9/11

longshlongchode 5 months ago

@roberteskarobert interesting point...

tobylax18 5 months ago

If the onboard computer is running Windows, terminal error will take on a literal meaning or you will suddenly freeze in mid-flight and be stuck until you reset and die.

bouldertri 5 months ago 3

@bouldertri or worse, mac os

longshlongchode 5 months ago

He's... not real...

NuevaBestia 5 months ago

great, what will be if engine stops at 30meters or 50 meters high... no time for parshute

ericxxxl 5 months ago

10 minutes to maxium altitude approx 10 to come down leaves less than 10 minutes to fly around at 8,000 feet.It needs a fuel gauge and a low fuel warning warning light.FAA should allow for a bigger fuel tank.

If someone has to land with the parachute they will most likely break an ankle injure their back or neck.I would install a nascar hans device for safety.

wwwuraRetard 5 months ago

@ericxxxl  Make mandatory altitude requirements, just like for airplanes. Can't operate below 100 meters. Wouldn't want to run into buildings or anything.

STSWB5SG1FAN 4 months ago

There is nothing else in this world i want any more than this...

WorldsBestGuitarists 5 months ago

@WorldsBestGuitarists Maybe you should try paramotor,way cheaper!!

kostasssism 5 months ago

What a magnificient way to break one's neck! It's a very practical way to travel, if the weather is perfect, and you have only a short distance to go. Who could tolerate that contraption for long?

If you have somewhere to go, get a horse and saddle.

IsMackinac 5 months ago

Comment removed

IsMackinac 5 months ago

Very, vert, very good joob mand and woman team ! good luck and long four you and big fly !!!!

arcadestories 5 months ago

i cannot wait until jetpacks are refined and consumer available. Imma have one in my lifetime for sure

Zadeass 5 months ago

i can see this being as common as a plane or heli in the future

eeeevaaannn 5 months ago

the rasta copter is awesome

TheEvilKatStudios 5 months ago

Cool. Ican only add - to this endevour the suggestion to consider the possibility of paraglide usage instead of a regular dome parashute. It allows mush smoother landing.

jfunf 5 months ago

I would wet myself...

IIFIREX 5 months ago

Strogg Icarus!!

TheAndyPKay 5 months ago

when can we buy one?

SuperKenny720 5 months ago

Thumbs up if you crapped your pants at 1:19 :S

mantanz 5 months ago

so u drop like a tato?

fluorescentcentipede 5 months ago

future coming

brokenmiind 6 months ago

damn where are you aleredy start selling this bitches??

brokenmiind 6 months ago

future coming

brokenmiind 6 months ago

Looks like a lot of fun, but super dangerous. The guy flying it must be a dummy or something...

ChrisKutthroat 6 months ago

Cool video, but it's actually a Ducted Fanpack. No jets or turbines anywhere on this contraption.

loveunderlaw 6 months ago

great job guys :) nice to see the progress

funksoulblues 6 months ago

good grief people the parachute was a test deployment. you wouldn't normally deploy it for a landing.

Privateerspace 6 months ago 38

@Privateerspace parachute was way too small and impact was not shown for obvious reasons.

teampullmyfinger 5 months ago

Dear Santa:

IfartdAndPoopCameOut 6 months ago

By Law you are to Fly at an Altitude no Lesser than 200 FT. and no Higher than 5,000 FT. By Law the Flying Car is not to exceed 100 miles per hour. Speed in air seems much slower than speed on land. From Aerial view, speed of cars traveling is like 1 second an hour. UFO's are flying at 250,000 Miles per Hour. We are minute. The Universe is Large. ** Light Speed is slow compared to speed of Satellite.

heartlessvietboy 6 months ago

By Law the Flying Car can only carry 150Lbs of Luggage. Any heavier than weight specified the electronic system will not allow the vehicle to Launch. By Law the Flying car is to be equipped with Two Parachutes. One is to deploy when emergency occurs the other in case that one fails. By Law Flying cars are to be inspected every 5 years for safety. Airbags are inspected at the same time. By Law Flying cars are not to exceed 100 Miles Per Hour.

heartlessvietboy 6 months ago

como e po vo comprar 150 mil doletas to afim

limajoaohenrique 6 months ago

whats the point of this if they dont even tried to land it safe on the ground without parachute ?

coldas 6 months ago

This shit fucking sucks, WINGSUIT RULES!

TheNEMKE 6 months ago

Sorry to burst your bubble but more then 3/4 of the general population (of age) dosent have the mental capacity to "drive" a jetpack responsively (unless they are ALL 100% automatic and u cant fly them manually). At best this will remain a 100.000$ machine... there are still idiots at that price range

ps: it's TO LOUD!!! how am i supposed to leave for work at 7 in the morning without waking the entire block?

gamercosti2 6 months ago 3

having trouble landing ay........fuckin puusys

neversumer821 6 months ago

give it to the Japanese and they'll make it into the size of a backpack . . .

LtakeOanotherVlookE 6 months ago 107

@LtakeOanotherVlookE Hahaha what with rocks & sticks ? Does japan even exist anymore lol

StelloLIVE 4 months ago

@LtakeOanotherVlookE hahaha yeah right . does Japan even exist anymore ? They almost destroyed their own country lol

StelloLIVE 4 months ago

@StelloLIVE no infact your right, after the earth quake they all kinda just died off...

doreilly15 4 months ago

@doreilly15 Thats what I thought because I seen that Japan is actually decreasing in population every year & I never knew that or why

StelloLIVE 4 months ago

@LtakeOanotherVlookE Actually, they'll add it to a phone with your credit card and passport included.

Braddock420 4 months ago


Mojitozable 6 months ago

That's a very small parachute. The landing, which was not shown, must be extremely hard. Sufficient for an emergency chute, though I'm guessing that you'd twist an ankle, at least.

Looking forward to seeing more videos.

Nilguiri 6 months ago

People dont seem to realize that this is for emergencies only

TylerTigershark 6 months ago

I'm hoping in about 5-10 years time these will be as common as cars

DrMcDave 6 months ago

@DrMcDave nah...

MrJeanSarkozy 6 months ago

Comment removed

pacmania09 7 months ago

these should b run by clean energy and i know easier said than done but would b a major leap in technology.

pouielarker 7 months ago

By 2015 these should most likely be sold like cars in america and they should at least be around $30,000 bucks. Trust me when I have enough I will get one of these 'ultra-lights'.

MrTechReviews101 7 months ago

Comment removed

pacmania09 7 months ago

Comment removed

pacmania09 7 months ago

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pacmania09 7 months ago

I wasn't even near close to "soft" landing ;)

omenworks 7 months ago


Will a lot softer than the alternative by a long shot. I know i'd be very grateful of a landing like that from 1500m of potential terminal velocity.

thenickman26 6 months ago

Too dangerous! Any significant disruption to the powerplant or airframe would plummet you to the ground with no ability to glide like a plane, or auto-rotate like a helicopter. The parachute system would not work at low altitudes, which is where this would likely be flown most, and crashing with a 250lb hot engine and fueltank strapped to your back is sure to ruin your day.

Great idea though, just not practical.

femanvate 7 months ago

@femanvate oh right didn't realise you were a scientist with all the know how and info that these people working on this for years don't know and havn't thought of..

IrnBooth 7 months ago

@IrnBooth I know enough to not want to strap this to my back. At least not yet.

femanvate 7 months ago

@femanvate safer than a motorcycle I say

chirozsxdcv 6 months ago

Great achievement, but kind of dumb.

reduce noise

reduce fuel consumption

Increase re-usability.

PPCLOCK 7 months ago

guys i have a question... when the time of flying is over and you come down with the parachute how i will be able to fly again/...???

wowshamanful 7 months ago


sodas16 7 months ago

Cool. As time goes by they'll get smaller and faster until they reach the point we see in the movies. But who knows how long that'll take.

ManicRaider 7 months ago

that landing looked HARD. no wonder they cut it out...

jaydenlawson 7 months ago

round of applause from here. That thing is AWSOME. Well done.

jaqjaques 7 months ago

Shut up and take my money.

SadisticFilms 7 months ago

they made better jet packs back in the 60's that accelerated much faster

fatsanta05 7 months ago

@fatsanta05 you could only fly those for like 20 seconds. You can see those kind in the go jetpack videos. The fuel for those kinds are a lot more dangerous than the jetpack here.

TheJ731 7 months ago

@TheJ731 Where's the fun in being safe. These jetpacks are a massive steaming load of boring.

fatsanta05 7 months ago

@fatsanta05 lol I have lots of fun while being safe. I dont want to do in my new jetpack.

TheJ731 7 months ago

@TheJ731 You might as well be in a helicopter if you're gonna buy one of these things

fatsanta05 7 months ago


Yes, but they only worked for around 30 seconds and then they went in the trash.

ShadeDekata 4 months ago

@ShadeDekata They actually flew for several minutes and had refillable canisters.

fatsanta05 4 months ago

Hey You! Come back with my mega leaf blower! (no seriously now, this latest demo was beyond awesome)

1200com 7 months ago

Great. now put armor on the pilot, put a machine gun and a rocket launcher mount on it,spray paint it a red and yellow, and boom! u got iron man

IAMZPWNZR 7 months ago

Sweet now where can I buy one

joesiv2000 7 months ago

For a minute there I though the right side of my headphones were broken again...

Drakinus1988 7 months ago

One day all of the Sci-Fi things will become reality.

yeskay7 7 months ago

Some people are going to see this from afar and think its an alien spaceship and take a distorted photo of it and argue that aliens exist

hossam86 7 months ago

0:35 Nothing to do here 

FewRxi 7 months ago

where are the machine guns?!

MegaDashh 7 months ago 2

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TheMrGiveAway 7 months ago

Comment removed

wilfogarty 7 months ago

I want one

wilfogarty 7 months ago


SecretUnknownUser 7 months ago

Карлосон 21 века=)

xcreotiff 7 months ago

i bouth one this yesterday!

guga2497 7 months ago


2Ursos1 7 months ago

@2Ursos1 lol soooooo true!!!! xD

111urnotme 7 months ago

so was it turned off purposely or was that the limit of its fuel?

mikldude 7 months ago

4 normal human is it dangerous....

kcarbon32 7 months ago

1:44 its a fuking dummy. show me emergency landing with a real person.

ActiveStorage 7 months ago

@ActiveStorage they're fuking testing it you nitwit. Of course they aren't going to test it on is first flight with a real person... unless you're volunteering!!

smartcooky99 7 months ago

@smartcooky99 im volunteering

ActiveStorage 7 months ago

от пробок средство

Tollserr99 7 months ago

@SolarisxLancer ur gay

songudah 7 months ago

a rocketeers

jun2gtr 7 months ago

so James bond has a jet pack to escape when he's in danger, but when he lands he has to land near a civilian to let him out

DontTrustMe100 7 months ago

@DontTrustMe100 the person in the jet pack is not a real person, its a dummy, and the jetpack was remote controlled

sronsr 7 months ago 23


don't you feel stupid...

FrostbitexP 7 months ago

can i haz?

TheBeaverSoldier 7 months ago

welp, i know what i'm saving up for now

DiesesedCow 7 months ago


korvensmor 7 months ago

I prefer the machine moe used in the simpsons

lafabricadelcielo 7 months ago

it aint impressive if you have two 747 turbines strapped to you back...the whole point its that its a jetpack not a jetwharehouse hanging from your back...lame.

karmahunden 7 months ago

@karmahunden Two of the main reasons they are so large is to be able to contain enough fuel for a much longer sustained flight, and for a higher ascent. The jet packs that are smaller only fly for a few seconds, but once this one is completed and for sale, it will allow sustained flight for up to 30 miles. This could be one of the most amazing inventions of all time, albeit not original, but definitely the most efficient and practical version of jet pack ever created.

daren420c 7 months ago 2


wladobaseball 7 months ago

hhhhhhhhhhhh good fore fucher after that no need the car ههههههههههه جيد للمستقبل بعد ذلك لانحتاج للسيارة .

belal505 7 months ago


FreeBuilDerProd 7 months ago

Next ufo big story

Hockeycrazy38 7 months ago

san andreas

kiajur 7 months ago

Imagine if everyone was flying to work with those!! :D

TheUnitedfreakk 7 months ago

1:49 - JetPlanking

stealthec 7 months ago 26

@stealthec haha XDD

Cruxx11111111 7 months ago

@stealthec lmao

SuperCoolDude2014 6 months ago

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vLickMaDoodle 7 months ago

Monday, September 10, 2012

2D Photography Rube Goldberg Machine


That was blady awesome!!!

KAMent 9 hours ago

love the reference to "this to shall pass" <3

DawnEsq 13 hours ago

ummm.... HOLY CRAP.

How long did that take to set up? And how many trials did you ahve to run?

Excellent job guys.

MatthewS8590 1 day ago

That was so FUCKING cool.

8bit737 1 day ago

Now build it up agian.

DefqonLover 2 days ago

so, you're a physics major that decided to become a photographer?

how'd your parents take that?

setoVSjou 2 days ago

@setoVSjou Actually, I went to university not by a forced hand from my parents. Nor in order to pursue any sort of career in physics. I simply enjoy learning and wanted to broaden my knowledge on the subject. When the decision to get into my current career was made everyone close to me was encouraging and supportive :). It's unfortunate but I feel that many people attend higher education for the wrong reasons. But again, I've never had an issue from anyone regarding my career choice - Dave.

2dphotography 2 days ago 6

@2dphotography so your saying you went to university for the bitches :P

toaofdestiny 6 hours ago

@setoVSjou a-hole

eric06 2 hours ago

Sorry missed it the first time can you do it again?

TheRedwolf11 3 days ago

I want this video on my CMD C1 phone.

olbywong717c 4 days ago

Totally saw this on StumbleUpon and I love it! : D

Kerridee100 4 days ago

Most expensive Rude Goldberg Machine ever!

Also, I liked the little homage to OK Go.

cerisskies 5 days ago

Shit, forgot to change to HD! Replay! Oh Darn....

AdrenalineJunky2014 5 days ago

my heart broke when i saw the hammer whack the lense.

xbonkerzatdx 5 days ago 17

@xbonkerzatdx maybe it was a coffee mug.

Tehn00bifierer 17 hours ago

Who else coaght the Ok Go reference? Anyone?

MrHunt456 6 days ago 3

So did Tom catch jerry?

MellowSquash 6 days ago

lol it only reminds me of tom and jerry xD

Zobby1023 1 week ago

the cost of the broken eqiupment that was used.....i hate to see the bill.

ilikethemoon1 1 week ago

I feel like this wasn't a true rube goldberg machine because it wasn't a device created to preform one simple task, it preforms multiple complicated tasks.

Nariab 1 week ago

amazing lol i lol if the bettry died

mrperrybmx165 1 week ago

When your camera lags one special feature.

iMlindberg 1 week ago

A little music from the peewee herman breakfast machine scene and this would be utterly perfect.

Havocsdivide 1 week ago

Some people have no life... Like all the people that watched this until the end!

I did :)

MrStormeNet 1 week ago


You have no idea what you are talking about,do you?

hdwddm 1 week ago

Way cool! Just when you think its over, there's more!

loserfisted 1 week ago

What are the cameras at 0:27?

drdos4 1 week ago

hahahaha OKGO reference @2:36

onethreetwo2 1 week ago

0:15 Please tell me that is one of those fake lens mugs and not actual Canon L glass.

wildman279 1 week ago

might try this in my next photoshoot :')

melwills0052 1 week ago

How many of you wish 1:50 xray tab was used at 2:50?

HANGER187 1 week ago

Thats one way of setting a timer on a camera

MojoSmelz 1 week ago




maannik123 1 week ago

OMG just amazing

Legendo30 1 week ago


Gforcetrackz 1 week ago

It's going to be a bitch putting all that stuff back in place once you are done.

guzman123123 1 week ago

This needs an OK GO background song(:

aliceDi24 1 week ago

reference to OK GO at 2:38

m16pwnage 1 week ago

That's the most creative way to give your business publicity AND break as much photography equipment ever.

antMANscochiey 1 week ago


TheInvention11 1 week ago


animavertigo 2 weeks ago

some people have too much time on there hands

TheChgz 2 weeks ago

@TheChgz yea and unlike some ppl, THEY used it for a good cause

0Yazz 1 week ago

Sorry guys forgot to take the lense off. :P

MrVsproductions 2 weeks ago 36

@MrVsproductions Why would want to take the lense off? O_o

w0ble 1 week ago

My high school implemented this for all student IDs.....

TheJacobah 2 weeks ago

Very good, now clean up your mess.

c0unterph0bia 2 weeks ago

lol, u srsly had to be bored

LoganHR 2 weeks ago

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nanaicv 2 weeks ago

I think its safe to say that when that narrowly missed those lenses every photographers sphincter clinched hard enough to break an acorn.

KillaFingers 2 weeks ago

did he hammered a lens?

darastig 2 weeks ago

0:17 Oh my lens !!!!!!!!!!!

GumGumlifestyles 2 weeks ago

in another tab, bring up youtube and search the song, what it is to burn by finch and start both at the same time, but watch this video, the song goes with this video.

xsevrinx 2 weeks ago

whoa! sooo cooool!

keitharoh07 2 weeks ago

kristen bell???? 

ctoe95 2 weeks ago

4:00 "aww shit, i forgot to hit record."

mustanggtxps3 3 weeks ago

ok go reference at 2:30

jwc7215 3 weeks ago

Totally wicked!!!!!!!!!

johnnyjemimah 3 weeks ago

Yeah, pretty cool, now restart this thing!! LoL

traceur4God 3 weeks ago

So that was absolutely amazing. But now I want to see one that includes the cameras which are filming it in its movement. So that there's a "photography themed Rube Goldberg machine which films itself"!

Squirlol 3 weeks ago


emkwan 3 weeks ago


NutChanidapa 3 weeks ago

500 bucks picture!!!!

snoopsnoop5 3 weeks ago

this is s cool

kmjys97 3 weeks ago

I can't remember what happened after 2:30

Shoesarequiteuseful 3 weeks ago

que carajos !

laykira 3 weeks ago

Mario part was cool

Alex750032 3 weeks ago

Unbelievable video but i am totally Amazed

bye the way the babe in video was HOT ! :P

TheUssamakhan 3 weeks ago

imagine if at the end the camera guy went "sorry, I forgot to press record"

crazymate2000 4 weeks ago


seeImagineCREATE 4 weeks ago

How did you get xray on ipad?

ARMaster1154 4 weeks ago

@ARMaster1154 it was pre-recorded. think.

dekankerman 3 weeks ago

that was absolutely ridiculous and even more effort was put into that then ok go's...too much time was put into that.

bryanmichaeldavis 4 weeks ago

2:37 OK GO reference from their rube goldberg machine video

Pductions 4 weeks ago

This video went viral on Poland

kirbysawyer25 1 month ago

um guys i forgot to take the lens off.

oh don't worry. we got it from over there and over there and over...

legocontrollerjr 1 month ago

"Sorry, that one had some motion blur, we are going to need to take another one... come back in 6 months."

MrSlatwob 1 month ago

thats alot of free time you have there

sonicflash11 1 month ago

@sonicflash11 haha, you're one to speak. lawl

IngloriousSob 1 month ago

UGGH! The friggin' ads on the side of the screen always freeze my video when they change!

CheapVideoProduction 1 month ago

That was ridiculously awesome.

cLaRisSelovesbRown 1 month ago

And that accomplished nothing . . .

PapagenoJuan2 1 month ago

honda cog and ok go!

GreenDayPunk1212 1 month ago

I caught the joke when they referred to OK GO's Rube Goldberg video for this.

swkjfhskdjfhsdkjfh12 1 month ago

I would've been funny if he said "I think I blinked" everyone else god dammit

novotale000 1 month ago 38

thumbs up if vsauce bring you here

rollercosterguy94517 1 month ago


ThePeacefulArtist 1 month ago

how in blue hell didi you do this????you are genius

VAZHA9991 1 month ago

Mind = blown

xXLITTLESTORMXx 1 month ago

Guy at the end: I don't like my pose...let's do it again!

Byakugan615 1 month ago

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PearlTeary 1 month ago

Wow!! tht is amazing, could u imagine the "behind the scenes" of tht, AND, how long would it to build all of that!! :)

TheSpackerjack 1 month ago

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ajzilla1 1 month ago

cool video

hain84 1 month ago

2:48 tits of GTFO

hain84 1 month ago


keeperofthecheese 1 month ago in playlist Favorite videos

That was amazing. I love the inclusion of the Transformers too.

TFareCool 1 month ago

So awesome i have to watch it again!!!

TouYube67 1 month ago

Me dolió el corazón cuando el martillo golpeó el lente, se veía costoso.

MrPetergunn 1 month ago


AHarmlessGoat 1 month ago

+0+ Wow Wow Wow !!

icekawaiilover 1 month ago

Mind fuck

XiiaoJunOfficalPage 1 month ago

3:37 - OKGO homage!

DarthHideous101 1 month ago

Lol i see they take instantly photoshopped pictures of girls xD

amestris6565 1 month ago

That was awesome! offically subscribed.

MzBella403 1 month ago

how much money that you use in these AMAZING video???

Alifbaek98 1 month ago in playlist More videos from 2dphotography

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Alifbaek98 1 month ago in playlist More videos from 2dphotography

really amazing!!!!

alanhghg1 1 month ago

holy. shit.

musicandlove516 1 month ago

And now lets make a giveaway of all the stuff used in this video ... (:

theimpossibleword 1 month ago

Rube Goldberg Machine = Super Destruction And How Rich People Spend Their Money

strawhatfamus 1 month ago


mehdigoudarzi 1 month ago

they really destroy their equipment, imagine how much of this photography stuff they broke b4 it waz perfect

dogcathorsefish13 1 month ago

i didn't exactly think this would b so fantastic bcause it was shown at school, but boy was i wrong....

dogcathorsefish13 1 month ago

thumbs up if vsauce brought you here

kdawg3485 1 month ago 28

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thisthatotherone21 1 month ago

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thisthatotherone21 1 month ago

Nice refrence to OK GO

trainsrg8 1 month ago

@trainsrg8 not a reference to OK GO. 

crazyindian8 1 month ago

@crazyindian8 Actually it is...

2dphotography 1 month ago

@2dphotography Really? I don't really see how, but OK. Awesome job nonetheless.

crazyindian8 1 month ago


daphkhoo 1 month ago

So frigging' cool!

goodeye03 2 months ago

This is soooo awesome!!!!!

mackedie1 2 months ago

Very good is simply the best, could you pass me the address where you buy that you are smoking marijuana.

Thank you!


Muito bom é simplesmente o melhor, será que voce poderia me passar o endereço onde voces compram essa maconha que voces estão fumando.


marcellerj22 2 months ago

Hope that wasn't a real tilt-shift lens at 0:15

cooneyphotography 2 months ago 9

@cooneyphotography It's not. It's a 24-105mm f/4 L.

petitluuna 2 weeks ago

so cool!

555grommy 2 months ago

Long weekend coming up - challenge accepted :)

40KMASTER 2 months ago


OkGo in popsicle stick figure form


mastercool59 2 months ago

that shit cray

beninatorskater 2 months ago

w połowie usnąłem

harrytupek 2 months ago

all that just for a photo ALL FUCKING THAT they could have just picked up the camera and press the button :L

EpIcZzReCoiLZz 2 months ago

ja pierdole...

przystojniakm 2 months ago

Przejmujemy Film Oficjalnie :)

MrBrodens1906 2 months ago 18


kogitto 2 months ago


daltonnobel 2 months ago

Całkiem fajne, szkoda, że nie ma muzyki. No i kamerzysta tak kręci, zbliża oddala, macha, że choroby morskiej idzie dostać.

Ellaia92 2 months ago

Kwejk !!! Amazing...

xtina102212 2 months ago

this video wouldbe soooo much better with music.

LibelluleDays 2 months ago

motyw z mario - rozjebka !!! <3

Nenek14 2 months ago 8

Napisałbym, że przejmujemy ten filmik, tylko po co?

danon0227 2 months ago 6

mózg rozjebany :D

PavloJpl 2 months ago 2

mega bujno- fantastyczno przeciekawie skonstruowany mechanizm.. Wielki podziw i szacunek !!

Za dziecka miałem manie układania różnorakich przedmiotów które w serii jeden od drugiego by się przewracały… jednak to co teraz zobaczyłem pokazało jak płytką i ograniczoną mam wyobraźnie ;( ;D

niewiadomo8 2 months ago 4

Need music !

Sebex53 2 months ago

why have they hit canon 24-105/2.8L lens in 0:14...? :<

I'd like to have one and i won't sleep this night because of this scene.

thx nikon fanatics ;/

mroch92 2 months ago


dude. that was only a coffe cup. check the google for Canon 24-105 Coffe cup :)

AdmosBMX 2 months ago

OMFG great + to you all . Simply astonishing . Good job!

TheSophisticatedPole 2 months ago

That's how Chuck Norris takes a picture :P

filipwiniarski 2 months ago

looks like a chain reaction from next final destination movie ;p 

mafny 2 months ago

jak siebie zjem to zniknę, czy będę 2 razy większy ? :(

pepies21 2 months ago

@pepies21 znikniesz :(

obywatel112 2 months ago


Maskarada007 2 months ago

kto z kwejka ? ;)

ElectricNightTV 2 months ago 100

@ElectricNightTV Kwejk ssie

Xizor0 2 months ago

wypierdalac szmaty z kwejka, wolno sie wczytuje

SEMasterPL 2 months ago


MrsCyferka 2 months ago

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MrsCyferka 2 months ago

Kto z KWEJK?

MarchewBrothers 2 months ago 2

@MarchewBrothers niestety ja xd

MrsCyferka 2 months ago

Zrobiłem lepsze w domu jak mi sie nudziło

SuperAdixo 2 months ago

2:34 , widziałem trollfaca w tym momencie

medoxSpeedrun 2 months ago

Somehow I felt like I was watching "Inception"....

mielonezziemniakami 2 months ago

2:36 dubstep :D

yokozukii 2 months ago

funny how the canon lens gets hit 0:14

stavyros 2 months ago


keepoosoo 2 months ago

I just shit my pants

Mach9824 2 months ago

this video made my day

JeffreyHellman 2 months ago

the girl is really hot

thetango288 2 months ago

I stopped watching at 0:16 when you destroyed a canon L lens.

InfinityEnterprises 2 months ago

Immense. But you must have far too much time on your hands :p

freestockimages 2 months ago 3

MINDBLOWING! thank you for the effort.

LordPBR 2 months ago

I love it.

TheNook735 2 months ago

loved it.

INKH3ArT3D 2 months ago

wife is proud.

TheShugumi 2 months ago

:D that was fucking incredible. good shit.

oObadphishOo 2 months ago

That was amazing! And all to take a picture of two people.

That is truly creative!

NotMrJamesBond 2 months ago

Это просто нереально! Круто!!!

rescuero1 2 months ago

3:53 he is beyond ugly

crowieem 2 months ago

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TheLordMedia 2 months ago

2:37 okgo reference? :D

GWAgaming 2 months ago 3

I would have just pressed the button to take the pic myself..

SKUl3AST3V3 2 months ago

which lens was that at 0:16? looks like a Canon, but not sure

woosterian 2 months ago

@woosterian it looks like a Canon 16-35mm L

profineger 2 months ago


dangkhoa0206 2 months ago 2

Cool video

CharlieVandersluys 2 months ago

The sound of the cogwheel on the wood was awesome

the rest too, but u know :)

vi54 2 months ago

They just hit a lens with a hammer. D:

cgsuperpanda1 2 months ago

i always wanted one of these when i was like 12. Soooo cool.

lhagek 2 months ago

Wow!! Brilliant!!

rakesharr 2 months ago

....."We're going to have to take another one, your eyes were closed" "....FUCK!"

LoZfanguy 2 months ago 56

unbelievable, outstanding !!!!!!!!! great job

jimpon 2 months ago

I think I'll stick to dominos...

ElectricSlid 2 months ago

This shows me how much of a loser I am

coltonshurtz 2 months ago

Wow I know this can only be real

maakjar 2 months ago

Is this how rich people play Mousetrap?

shaneomacmcgee 2 months ago

2D house:almost done

Me:hmm i wonder what he is doing *calls*


morcam3rules 2 months ago

Anyone get the OkGo part?! ;)

Ronsan1919 2 months ago 2

@Ronsan1919 the one at 2:30? :P

misfortunelife 2 months ago

I think the cameraman did the most work.

leemanjoo 2 months ago

Some people just have too much free time...and money...

lolbrunopt 2 months ago


MCBMUSICINCTV 2 months ago

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MCBMUSICINCTV 2 months ago

looots of gorilla pods

nar98 2 months ago

can't figure out how that double purposed bridge thing works at 1:09

Jsovey 2 months ago

quick side note, still no cure for cancer, hmmmm

MrGuitarZeppelin 2 months ago

...but why?

spyduderaj 2 months ago

SO EPIC!!!!!

juliet5roberts 2 months ago


RasierapparaT 2 months ago

References starting at 2:36 --

Honda Rube Goldberg Machine

Ok Go - This Too Shall Pass

Creme That Egg!

toothpaste35 2 months ago

They fucking copies Okgo's video for "This Too Shall Pass"! What the hell!?

MrFireMotif 2 months ago

i weź tu człowieku mrugnij

StrixAndNex 2 months ago

i'm not saying it was the only thing i liked but i loved the mario part

MrWeirdDork 2 months ago


MiDnYTe25 2 months ago

almost thereee........

*dun* error: battery low

747747mark 3 months ago

You have soooo much time on your hands

oGdynamiteVIDS 3 months ago

OkGo Win!

hannahbeth1044 3 months ago


1moe7 3 months ago

You are too great! Ha ha

jackycheng2011 3 months ago

Just amazing .....

GreekTraveler 3 months ago

Excellent. A really great advertising vehicle. Very inspiring.

cdronk 3 months ago

Men!!!! Some people have fun with equipment, and some of us WISH to have equipment like that.

kasrb77 3 months ago

Cheap and Cheese ... Especially those ads... The only ones who made this machine cool is Rube Goldberg and OkGo ;)

postal2600 3 months ago

This, Is the true way to take a photo!

Vivibluemage 3 months ago

Yo dawg im gonn let you finish but OK Go - This Too Shall Pass was the best rube Goldberg machine video...

insrtclevrnamehere 3 months ago


rafael17264 3 months ago

2840299 views is a complete insult. This should have 3 times the ammount of views that Justin Bieber's piece of shit "baby" video has.

SuperSZ 3 months ago 2

holly god, very nice:)

nyomika1 3 months ago

how many fucking Gorilla Pods does this person have?

blazinred13 3 months ago


maxx123ism 3 months ago

im doing that

MyCuhzAllen01 3 months ago

now you have to clean all of that up.

HGGxJAKE409 3 months ago

How many takes did that take?

ILolForLOL 3 months ago 26

@ILolForLOL 6 days of shooting, 99 takes..

2dphotography 3 months ago 108

Just hold that pose for like 20 minutes....

Sonsum 3 months ago

I have seen better . naaaah I am lying

griiziil 3 months ago


MegaPward190 3 months ago

Could anyone please tell me the point of doing this tiring thing? what for?! Anyway " This is definitely extraordinary and epic.

badtat2002 3 months ago


Moontess 3 months ago

This is the most awesome thing ever!

cruzinbox1 3 months ago


ThePeoplesGuru 3 months ago

How the heck did the did the Mario part?

kiki3510 3 months ago

This is what happens inside a camera with self-timer on.

KaMiCiIfIcAtIoN 3 months ago

I wonder how do people get the ideas for such a thing, really amazing

Khazar01 3 months ago

Oh my god! it's awesome. Thank you for that video.

imperfectosjosue 3 months ago

nagyon komoly :o

Winters1840 3 months ago

fuckin' gooood :DDD

d2onckla 3 months ago

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GreenDogHU 3 months ago

ummm, yeah sorry to tell you this, but i forgot to hit record

thegreentrousers 3 months ago

well done.

socom3hayden 3 months ago


artikun 3 months ago

How fuckin' awesome is this?!?!!

ThePublicEnemy2 3 months ago

K Now Reset It

VolkaT6 3 months ago

That was unreal, probably the best rube goldberg I have every seen :|

MrMontez11 3 months ago

time to reset lol

shwb9 3 months ago


alexandrestark 3 months ago

best rube goldberg ive ever seen!

25Celtics 3 months ago

Fucking Amazing

BeedroEqla3 3 months ago

What if you blink at the end?

Helmers9 3 months ago

i like the OkGo reference.

mnicolehanna 3 months ago

o.O OH MY GOD!! 

AngelayVic 3 months ago

Error - Please reset your machine and try again.

DevoBlade 3 months ago

What kind of an ignorant prick must you be, to dislike this ?

Hangoverlike 3 months ago

@Hangoverlike ignorant? someone doesnt like something that most people like and this is ignorant? Arent you ignorant because you dont like that someone else doesnt like this video?

getoutofmycountrycom 3 months ago

"What did you do at work today, honey?"

NokEtOffer 3 months ago 45

I do the same exact thing every time I want to take a picture..

dimitrisasp 3 months ago

i know an easier way to take a photo

TheSteini2610 3 months ago

Pure genious.

Afrosamuraiyo 3 months ago

That's a very practical way to take a photo.

randomstuff7942 3 months ago

now imagine this for school picture day for every kid

zak9823 3 months ago


McKoldunas 3 months ago


W te niecałe 4 minuty zdążyłbym się ogolić, ostrzyc i sieknąć browara.

hegemon23 3 months ago

FUCK!!! O_O Awesome!

AngelusFromHell 3 months ago

From Mexicooooooo eso esta increible  super wow wow woooooow

thats perfect shot

acuario776655 3 months ago

that made my day it was tight...

zapman1973 3 months ago

I took shrooms an hour before watching this.....

McShr00m 3 months ago

All that to take a picture. xD But this is awesome. The Ok Go homage made me smile (:

bluephoenix52 3 months ago

Only thing I hate about this video is it has no music. :( It'd be better with music.

thenerdal 3 months ago


sam2k737photo 3 months ago


JasonEastyEastman 3 months ago

its amazing what you can do when you are an unemployed photographer

thatninja33 3 months ago

Funnyjunk brought me here,

13loodLust 3 months ago 3

Oh you better reset it for the next picture xD

sagittarius92chan 3 months ago

HOLIMOUNT 3 months ago

2:24 that sounded expensive ....

CallOfTheVoid 3 months ago

@CallOfTheVoid it was a balloon popping...wasnt it?

toothpaste35 2 months ago

"I don't like the way i look in the picture, GUYS WHERE DOING IT AGAIN"

fenderbender4657 3 months ago

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awesomethunderpants 3 months ago

How many takes did you have to do? x3

That was very impressive by any means, cheers :D

Moog226 3 months ago

"Dammit, I blinked."

funkypenguin000 3 months ago 3

Now do this with cubes

theultimatevideogame 3 months ago

Funnyjunk sign in.

pinoypanda44 3 months ago

@pinoypanda44 no way me too.

RagingDragon10473 3 months ago

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ThatGuyAcrosss 3 months ago

"Mom, can you set it up again? I blinked."

ThatGuyAcrosss 3 months ago

This is the most badass thing i have ever seen in my life.... but you have WAYY too much time on your hands

TheLivingIn3D 3 months ago

"hey bob" , "yeah?" "i forgot to press record"

mricecold7 3 months ago 81

2:53 optimus prime

999KingPin999 3 months ago

who else caught the OKGO reference?

AxcelKaru 3 months ago

Business must be slow if u got time to build this...

ASFALT21 3 months ago

how shit balls of awesome batman!?!

apollo015 3 months ago

Ok Go - This Too Shall Pass cameo @2:38!

ajhekr 3 months ago

Esto es sublime!!!!!!!!!!!

JohanStroke 3 months ago


kennedyl10 3 months ago

All that... is real? That's simply incredible @_O

MirceaKitsune 3 months ago

wow how i wish i had half the equipment used in this video... time well waisted...

abarbu1 3 months ago

Did you notice that they hammered a Canon lens?

Azeckwazion 3 months ago

Did they just hammer an L lens?

vanhakaveri 4 months ago 3

@vanhakaveri : yea :/ hahaha i cud do that! i have 4!

Dennis060796 3 months ago

Wow, what à work! Great!

eelcovanhulsen 4 months ago

And I would have gotten away with it if it hadn't have been for you kids!

lemonsq 4 months ago

stupendo , grande complimenti, quante prove hai fatto ????

magnus5159 4 months ago

that is epic

brenboy6 4 months ago

MaRiO was awesome

EleCtrOniC0411 4 months ago

i didnt want it to end

pappy531 4 months ago


SuperLietuvisLT 4 months ago 2

@SuperLietuvisLT old

vanhakaveri 4 months ago

You guys must have a lot and i mean A LOT of time to kill.

photoskiasi 4 months ago

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DrDroidz07 4 months ago

I'm sorry but can we do that again? I think I closed my eyes.

DrDroidz07 4 months ago

What if it messed up at the end...

pearl112 4 months ago

loved the OkGO reference at 2:37

Xcalibur369 4 months ago

Can you imagine how much that would have sucked if something had gone wrong with it right at the end?

Awesome job :)

Gwydify 4 months ago


efrainduenas 4 months ago

Awesome guys :-)

portsmonkey 4 months ago

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Hillenbrandogg 4 months ago

what girlfriend?

xXDOP3BOIXx 4 months ago

these people have way too much time on their hands, hahaha.

iamzehwalrus 4 months ago

How come 282 dislike this. Get a f. life, this is Awesome!

gmcovesbc 4 months ago 56

@gmcovesbc Be sensitive! I disliked this. My childhood pet was killed by a camera

spetnik 4 months ago

@gmcovesbc i think is a canonist's ;)

ch0mb0r 3 months ago

@gmcovesbc did you just get defensive because someone does not like something you like??

getoutofmycountrycom 3 months ago

@getoutofmycountrycom did u just get defensive because I said something you don't like?? you truly need to get a life. go enjoy more be happy haha

gmcovesbc 3 months ago

@getoutofmycountrycom Actually, he felt so attacked he got offensive.

sdmitch16 3 months ago

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owaiss25 4 months ago 3

Guys watch this photography video: /watch?v=uFjg2cD2ulg

thumbs un if you agree :)

owaiss25 4 months ago

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OkellyAugustin5 4 months ago

amazing but i wonder... having a boring day hehehe.

MelekPt 4 months ago

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FuhrCapejmm 4 months ago

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HartleyHailozp 4 months ago

Absolutely amazing! So cool! Glad I found this!! Have tweeted and emailed everyone I know.

bigkbone73 4 months ago

Thank you for responding positively to my request.

Thank you again.


captainPJSchannel 4 months ago

how much did all that cost you guys?!

dahbombed 4 months ago 44

@dahbombed $8! :/

2dphotography 4 months ago 91

@2dphotography ? watz that? 8 dollars?! only?

dahbombed 4 months ago

@2dphotography And 1000 hours.

AbsurdBanana 3 months ago

@2dphotography how much to repair broken equipment?

Randomness461 3 months ago in playlist Liked

@dahbombed more like how long did it take them to set this up o_o

PinoyBataa 3 months ago

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Schmeltzerkep 4 months ago

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MondyThachdvx 4 months ago

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haansn08 4 months ago

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StaplesGwynnsss 4 months ago


MrChrisdavie 4 months ago

I did cringe a bit at the start when the happer hit the lens. Please tell me it was a lens cup? :D

MrChrisdavie 4 months ago

@MrChrisdavie thought exactly the same like NO, oh but maybe it's a lens-cup ! haha

hanaofangel 4 months ago

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ChmuraSchallvce 4 months ago

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wrxyluv 4 months ago

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KhangKnorrpfp 4 months ago

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ErbyRickeymei 4 months ago

Wow that was AMAZING

Norah1795 4 months ago

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OkellyAugustin5 4 months ago

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JamesonHugesvub 4 months ago

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MondyThachqyv 4 months ago

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GroggDuclosqtw 4 months ago


jayay35 4 months ago

The last guy was Jack Black?

leodoido 4 months ago

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Bremnerpks 4 months ago

DAMMIT! his eyes are closed. we gotta retake it guys...

EvilSmile80 4 months ago

Simply AWESOME!!!! I wish I had a big empty room and lots of stuff to do something like it.....

TheIndividualOne 4 months ago

Man how pissed off would you have been if 3:40 had missed....

Loudazzblubird 4 months ago

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KhangKnorrpfp 4 months ago

what was the trigger in min 3:35, how do ball started to move?

DARkLORd234567890 4 months ago

theres actually hot girls in canada....

djavlady 4 months ago

this too shall pass

TheHzhzhz 4 months ago

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StaplesGwynnsss 4 months ago

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Corcoranvcv 4 months ago

ive heard of a camera timer but come on

Jordanindahouse 4 months ago

And I thought I waste so much time....

DearMissMalice 4 months ago

Seems like an awful lot of effort just to take that guy's picture!

coffeeairplane 4 months ago

Ohh snap! I don't like the part @ 0:16... please dont tell me that was expensive.

Vad3liuZ 4 months ago

1/ I bet Joby LOVE you! (Amazing, Gorillapods)

2/ Not sure if I'd take the blonde & leave the equipment... or vice versa... hmmm

unlokia 4 months ago

Wonderful !!!

bt90t1 4 months ago

oh my  GOD that was so cool! :OOOO

oOweirdoOo 4 months ago

Isn't it nice when things just... work?

ohwhatnow51 4 months ago 2


residentevil9001 4 months ago

Someone had way too much free time on their hands :)

denniswhayes 4 months ago

when you turn around at the ipad after the xray scan it looks like the old version without camera but else amazing video

MrGraungaard 4 months ago

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Lindifyable 4 months ago

Un Fkkin Believable ..!

SayuSunrise 4 months ago

DAMNIT ITS TO DARK IN THE PHOTO. We need to move to the other room. Oh shit...

DrewQuinnFTW 4 months ago

That's one way to take a picture

Zackatoh 4 months ago 2

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FuhrCapejmm 4 months ago

Amazing movie video :D

mabu306 4 months ago

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Murrilltux 4 months ago

What if you don't like the picture? Do you restart it?

jockinwhatimrockin 4 months ago


danielderimo 4 months ago

That was the longest one ever! I think it took so much time til you finish it.

02:42 - Who is she? She is extremely HOT!

mgamool 4 months ago


what happened to the lens !

ConnerCarter 4 months ago

Poor canon lens haha, i shoot nikon but why take a hammer to the l glass?

sacredgeometry 4 months ago

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ErbyRickeymei 4 months ago


jt76801 4 months ago

"Dammit, I wasn't ready. Set it up again..."

dahreeus 4 months ago

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ZapataLustmmc 4 months ago

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Bremnerpfj 4 months ago


madblunted 4 months ago


spidermohmd1 4 months ago

What class...brilliant!

scorpiogirly23 4 months ago

still winning great job

Physco219 4 months ago

THAT WAS AWESOME! A nice big mess by the end too ;)

syncingtitanic 4 months ago

real nice...but a lot of shit to clean up lol

ComeupCashTv 4 months ago

that was amazing!! XD

glengirl1 4 months ago


cherierawrr 4 months ago

so awesome

gun1080 4 months ago

Wait! Do it again I wasn't looking!

Bp1033 4 months ago


Momoko4ever1 4 months ago

jajaja, fantastico!!

pasillocreativo 4 months ago

the 275 dislikes were obviously jealous of the pure awesomeness of that video. Nice work.

trytea 4 months ago




successucks 4 months ago

That was expensive to make.

Officialsearch21 4 months ago

OkGo reference!

okjenna 5 months ago

Woot for SanDisk!

Carrieshotdotcom 5 months ago


madblunted 5 months ago

So,... this is what the rich do with their free time.

citizenzombie 5 months ago

wow.. there is no way i could have the patience to do something even remotely like that

ultrakinglink 5 months ago

very good and funny... well done.

jonl0711 5 months ago

What was the trigger for the Mario animation on the apple monitor? That was unique!

ChrisBence 5 months ago 14

@ChrisBence There was a basketball on the large printer that rolled over a wireless keyboard just before that part. It hit the play button on the keyboard starting that little video on the monitor :)

2dphotography 5 months ago 9

i don't see the point of wasting so much time doing something so boring....

esabse 5 months ago

That was ridiculous but entertaining.

iboman2003 5 months ago

Wow. That is so crazy! Check out my website "Wajphotography" .com

sk8ters4life10 5 months ago

I liked the reference to other Rube Goldberg videos at 2:36. Its was a nice touch. This is one of the best ones I've seen.

MrBonzaiTree 5 months ago

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vjose32 5 months ago

this is pretty cool. how long did it take you to set up all these things?

kdizzykdizzle 5 months ago

The thing that swings over to push mario on the cart looks edited in.... that part looks fake.

MetalK1LLs 5 months ago

@MetalK1LLs LOL To be completely honest. It's a point and shoot camera on a string. It's not very complicated. I think if we were going to fake something it would have been something an 8 year old would at least have some trouble with ;)

2dphotography 5 months ago 12

@SactoSkate That's probably one of those plastic lens mugs. See how easy it flew and the sound it made. Hollow plastic cup.

jamesHDSLR 5 months ago

Зачем на 0:15 молотком по обьективу?

opanas88 5 months ago

00:02 fake iphone doesnt exists

adrianoET98 5 months ago

mm... estuvo fantastico el video con todo los materiales ... increible si que tienen bastante tiempo libre q suerte q no t paso lo mismo q al papa de malcom. con lo del domino que llego sin camara..... jajaja

muy bien !!!!!!

omaraxcho 5 months ago

I don't think I'd ever have the patience to set that, what a ride! Well done.

billthetailor 5 months ago

WoW...absolutely amazing!!! Love it. How many days did it take to set the Rube Machine up?

EatinHealthy 5 months ago

FOR THE DISLIKE PERSON : give me strong excuse why don't you like this such creative and big effort video.?? or you just a noob that don't understand the "ART" meaning.??

efwat63 5 months ago

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Pridedsi 5 months ago

Wow. I'm a photographer, and I found this fascinating. But I couldn't help but think. You'll damage your softboxes!!! Hopefully there weren't actual lights inside...

queeneve 5 months ago 10

@queeneve hehe no if you look close there were no lights in there! We're not CRAZY. Well we are, but yeah, no lights :P

2dphotography 5 months ago 12

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MrTyler22 5 months ago

I like it

fooloofilms 5 months ago

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Pauleydcr 5 months ago

That's awesome!

beeblebom 5 months ago

beST VIdEO eVEr!

YoshiLike 5 months ago

This is seriously absolutely incredible. How they got something so complicated to work so well, I don't know. I am amazed.

dovepaw0228 5 months ago


it can be Canon coffee cup buddy!

gunawantuna 5 months ago

@gunawantuna We already went over this....

SactoSkate 5 months ago

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LadnerOatesluu 5 months ago

simply amazing!

Law2708 5 months ago

My face the whole time-- O.o

lolbethanyxx 5 months ago


lisboaaline 5 months ago

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HopsonEwertefl 5 months ago

this would be the best rube goldberg video i know, except i think it needs some music or something...

ShawnPumar 5 months ago

@darkblade9957 or, he could just get the ball, make it slide back down the "slide", and ta-da, another shot!

Wapalize 5 months ago

@Wapalize no, no, i got something much more difficult and time consuming in mind, quick, set them back up! -whips you- NOW!

darkblade9957 5 months ago

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AlexsDominoes 5 months ago

for lehit domino vids like this, check out my channel:P

AlexsDominoes 5 months ago

Wow! This one was so imaginative and colorful; artistically awesome! The components in your Rube Goldberg are very unique and work wonderfully well.

Coasterbeing 5 months ago

You people are so

Freaking AWESOME I need some pointers on how to create work like this

Cheese8109 5 months ago

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biancarace94 5 months ago

You have waaaaaayyy too much free time

MrFulldawa 5 months ago


mariusMinD 5 months ago


FackDuck 5 months ago

this is super awesome!!!

htl2247 5 months ago

@SactoSkate it's probably a coffee mug...

bcbcscbc 5 months ago

@bcbcscbc The funny thing is, a few days ago my friend and i were talking about it, and came to that conclusion as well. haha

SactoSkate 5 months ago

I noticed the miniature models of OKGO with the paint cannons

cradily333 5 months ago in playlist 1

2:36: Honda Cog

2:38: This too shall pass

2:40: Creme that egg!


Luigidude124 5 months ago

271 Blinked when the camera took the photo... :D

Gamazonkaa 5 months ago

This is GREAT !

fastdiee 5 months ago

270 people is gay

Kennypr3 5 months ago

@Kennypr3 270 people ARE gay

mdcraig62 5 months ago

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KraftGalvezuou 5 months ago

Só faltava o cara piscar no final! rsr

andersonbatistabj 5 months ago

I totally love the little OK GO figures :D

EffingStudent 5 months ago

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OakleySweatcne 5 months ago

Awesome!!! Coolest waste of time of all time =) love it!

dewpicked 5 months ago

@dewpicked Being that they have 2 million views, and they probably make about 4-6 dollars per 1000 views, this is anything but a waste of time.

WhiteBeltAcademy 5 months ago

Well, that's definitely not how I take my photos.

ClayDudeMan 5 months ago

@SactoSkate It was the odd one out amongst its peers. :D

gr8BobJ 5 months ago


evanvideo 5 months ago

best rube goldberg ive ever seen

Cardfold11 5 months ago


imagronuragro 5 months ago

@alexhanson8547 that looks nothing like a marijuana plant

SugarJMuayThai 5 months ago of the longest goldbergs ive all the camera equipment...the developing print was the highlight - 3:22

great work

JoeBoyVlog 5 months ago

not bad

luvchiild 5 months ago


xTurnipTimex 5 months ago

looks like something from Little Big Planet but it isnt as awesome as this!

TheLegendaryQS 5 months ago

@alexhanson8547 bonus?

CharlieboiiGaming 5 months ago

@CharlieboiiGaming there seem to be some interesting plants in the background. bonus.

alexhanson8547 5 months ago

@alexhanson8547 aha cool now i see it lol

CharlieboiiGaming 5 months ago

Fuck yeh)))))))))))))))))

Rigtman 5 months ago


Avelino Vieira

avelinovideos 5 months ago