Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pimples management!


I dont think its pimple tho......
it looks like "human bot fly"
they lay eggs under human skin and the lava will hatch and then come out under the skin = =........

fucking love it!!!! one of the best videos on here!!!

Ouch and EEE! Am I the only one who thinks this is worst than 2G1C?

For those who disagree with the method the dermatologist is using..pls note that these arent pimples..its more likely to be a very severe case of Milia and using an electric needle and extracting the contents is a valid form of treatment...but on another note..thats was fucking awesome....!

looks like it hurt, i can't believe all of the junk coming out of the skin

okay i cant watchany more that is fucking revolting

His face is totally useless already!

Everytime he squeezes the pimples, i got goose-bumps..
Why does it happen?

did u get scars? O.o

fucking god!!!!!!

That dude is gna have so much scars after this.

waaaa......i think i gonna puke after watching this shit.......

omg so this is what happened to my forehead ... O.o
i think same method was used for mine in that chinese clinic in sydney..
apparently i got no scares

i can feel my dinner coming out anytime



I feel so bad for that poor boy :(

Its a cheese grater!

actually if you look before it looked horrible already. He probably was pain and this lessens it. the guy keeps asking if he's alright so I'm sure the squeezing was actually a relief

i'm 16 years old and i'm so glad that I have never had a pimple

That guys skin would look horrible after that 0_0

simply a WTF. poor boy :(

Poor kid :((

this is more satisfying than porn.

omg!! now im grateful to be me

if only this was in hd

Can anyone translate? How can someone have so much pus in their pores?

The poo stash tells all..

OH!! My bad; I watched it with the volume muted, so didn't even notice. Thanks for pointing that out to me :)

i just feel so good when i see pimple popping...kekekeke i wish i was the one who popped that!!! T_T

- "relax everyone.. and he said that it's a very serious case... (of what, he didnt say)."
A very serious case of Easy Cheese-itis®.

- "Does anyone know if he was placed under general/local/any kind of anesthesia?"
The kid was talking.

wtf how does that even work?

Do you like popping zits or what? I don't see how someone could honestly hate on this comment. Give some evidence why it's not a terrible job. Sure being a dermatologist has more to it than this, but please, elaborate for me.

Hah, he mad bro.

all i can say is WTF

oh my god ...

shit... is that hurt? or itchy. o.o

It's the blood that grosses me out, not the puss. ew.

in my country using grinder machine to remove this and use sand paper to make this face smooth......wanna try?

OMFG I've been through most of the pimple/zits/cysts videos on youtube, and dunno why I put this at number one of most... horrific

you sir, are a dumb ass

- Dematologists make an average of $230,000 /year. I'd squeeze zits for half of that money with a smile on my face.

That job looks so amazingly satisfying to do, if you can manage to not get grossed out. I love medical procedures that have obvious, immediate results.  I'm sure his face is much healthier for having all that pus out of it.

Why does my mouth water every time I watch this?

I never said WoW was cool either. Have fun playing Cock on Demand faggot

3:30 - 3:32 omg eww

WHO CHOOSES THIS AS A PROFESSION?! "Hmm, I think I'll squeeze teenager's zits all day for a living." Retarded.

omgomgomg i didnt realize it was on his face!!!! r these all like minnie cysts??? i dont understand...good stuff starts at 0:30

this guy is filled with cheese

both are gay, play cod nubfags

how the fuck does this happen?!

Well they've gotta get it out somehow. Left uncared for, it's either going to leave huge scars, or lead to horrible infections.
Besides, his face probably felt much lighter after this :P
Does anyone know if he was placed under general/local/any kind of anesthesia?

it's funny because SC2 is for queers

Looks like lotus boob.


i eat my own pimple. yum.

wiggly worms...ya just can't catch em

Its funny because WoW is played by fat americans. We play SC2 motherfucker!

That looks so tasty.

Ewww!!! He has so much oil seeds/pus in there e.e!

Wtf damn disgusting ._.

the treatment look like it leaves permenant scars


the guy has local anesthesia everyone, the doc said at the end, "without local anesthesia, not possible".. relax everyone.. and he said that it's a very serious case... (of what, he didnt say).

Completely unnecessarily. Its called change your diet with lots of good water, no salt and fruits and vegetables. U do that, u won't have a problem. Sure its hormones but 90% is change your diet.

so im guessin proactive didnt work??lol

This doctor has the best job ever.

fuck this, the only thing worst is that guys still awake ...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shit on his face

The Taiwanese guy failed to borrow toilet from the staff and he put his waste on the staff's man after releasing inside his pant.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Best Taekwondo Fight EVER

Cute kids fighting!

Don't you ever try to bully a kid because he may have more than you think!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami hit Japan (8.9 magnitude earthquake)

Japan hit by 8.9 Magnitude Quake
8.9 magnitude earthquake strikes off coast of Japan
Quake hit 150 kilometers off the coast
Japan issues up to six-meter tsunami alert after powerful quake
Pacific center issues tsunami warning for Russia, Marlanas
Tsunami warning and watch in effect for wide area
Smoke seen rising from Tokyo port building after powerful quake
Aftershock felt minutes after initial quake
Kyodo: Reports of numerous injuries in Miyagi

by CNN

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Japan Nike Cosplay

It happens in Akiba, electronics city and mecca
of cosplay.
The man happens to meet them..

"NIKE, chasing people randomly while wearing ranger clothes since 1972"

"I finally know why they need helmets.... LOL"