Saturday, December 29, 2012

Singapore - New year fireworks 2012


The first few minutes of the fireworks were nice, but the later part were quite messy imo.

myfyp2 3 days ago

Happy New year from Marsiling Rise, Woodlands.:D

19792403 3 days ago

woooooooowwwww so nice

janda445 6 days ago

wow...i still dun believe that the whole fireworks event was 9:26 long...

HaqimTV 6 days ago

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artulos19999 1 week ago

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artulos19999 1 week ago

Damn, should have been there

orgminyak 1 week ago

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limtzeseng 1 week ago

i did hear someone shouting our tax is up there ....:)

reyeshung 1 week ago

/watch?feature=player_embedded­&v=D8xKs4lyxpo better view!

UnknownLZY 1 week ago

nice video

SexCyberGuideCom 1 week ago

beautifull fireworks, happy newyears all :D

dennisalbihad 1 week ago

taxpayer's money going boom boom boom. lol

iamabove18youknow 1 week ago

wwwooowwwww singapore firework amazing 

shal2180 1 week ago

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MTM1920 1 week ago

*fireworks* wooooooooww!!!

milmao897 1 week ago

haha london was much better? now what fire work competition? dude get a life. i'm from Brazil i love Singapore one of the best place in the world.

LyteFunkieOnez 1 week ago 14

2012 start loving stop hating, start living stop worrying. Happy new year everyone :-)

NewKidOnTheBlog555 1 week ago 5

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AATerbika 1 week ago

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ininin86 1 week ago

im from malaysia anyway nice vids but  want you to put a bit higher

wongcalvin73 1 week ago

Medzilaborce lepšie bolo ... :D

minhtiensk 1 week ago

LOL. Don't compare which country has the BEST fireworks. All are still beautiful fireworks display! And I saw this i live in Singapore. :)

casrinacookies 1 week ago

I am in Singapore and I saw it it was beatifull

emaanfaiz 1 week ago

So much more clearer and better than mediacorp live broadcast.

kohkeng 1 week ago

my income tax....T^T

h8me123 1 week ago

@h8me123 come on, just enjoy it. Not your first time seeing your income tax on air right? =D

bobeichow 1 week ago 10

Happy New Year! Watching from Seattle, missing Singapore!

soysaucegirl 1 week ago

thanks for posting! i'm living in canada and i miss singapore. the "happy new year" at the end is a very nice touch. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too!

onepeachsoda 1 week ago

k lol. kana exorcism ar?

T3chNoBoii 1 week ago

London was much much much better

jonathandcpham 1 week ago

@jonathandcpham Great Britain is also a bigger country ;)

randomgal 1 week ago

@randomgal GBR isnt a country, group of countries :P

roryt8 1 week ago

@jonathandcpham london certainly had a bigger budget compared to singapore. you can't be comparing london to singapore.

atiqahhhhh 1 week ago

@atiqahhhhh You sort of can, Singapore is very advanced with technology, and maybe not the citizens, but their government is quite rich from what i know.

roryt8 1 week ago

@jonathandcpham You're right, how else would they justify the tons of income tax they take. "Yay, we had better fireworks than Singapore!!!"

ishanbhanu 1 week ago

One of my cousin saw this from her house lol

Fletcherismine 1 week ago

Watch mine. And LOL at my reactions.

allstarsnorks2 1 week ago

nice ganda!!!!!

kell052978 1 week ago

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SuperUmer25 1 week ago

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SuperUmer25 1 week ago

good job man :)...

josephsujith 1 week ago

Saw this from my house :)

janeongjj 1 week ago


3msccorleone 1 week ago

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

Behind the scenes at a McDonald's photo shoot

An exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of a McDonald's Canada photo shoot!!

Isabel M from Toronto asked "Why does your food look different in the advertising than what is in the store?"