Monday, January 16, 2012

the mrbrown show: a minister shares his thoughts on the pay cut

MP and Minister Midas Jin shares his thoughts on the ministerial pay cut, with his constituents.


It sounded like boners at the end.....

9yyyye 13 hours ago

A true reflection.

lainhuangsj 2 days ago


kohwaiteck 2 days ago

kopi-o grande. LOL

coloriques 3 days ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Thankfulness is really under-rated among Singapore netizens.

Complaining and whining on the other hand...

lookitfan 4 days ago

It's even funnier if you turn on the automatic captions :)

ianchai 4 days ago 2

Mr Brown, once again, you spoofed the out-of-touch and self-absorbed ministers perfectly. I can't stop laughing!

dielikeadogtoo 4 days ago in playlist More videos from mistabrown 3

Very good. Thank You very much.

Reflects the thoughts of majority of singaporeans.

Time will tell - that you and other like-minded citizens are the real heros and patriots

of Singapore. Goh Keng Swee , Rajaratman,etc. would not be able to recognize the PAP of today.

Hopefully another pay cut will drive away money-faced people from serving.

neneneg 4 days ago

Click [CC], enable Transcribe Audio, sit back and watch.

starfallinvoker 5 days ago

Do Billionaires in America earn less than Millionaires in Singapore?

xquizts 5 days ago

The gov just opened a can or worms...

xquizts 5 days ago

actually, i am more concern to find out what the government is going to do with the money. Are they gonna use it to reduce taxes for people or just going to put the remaining money into the reserves?

cystal 5 days ago

@cystal That means the respective Ministry will reduce the expenditure and the government will has more surplus for the reserve.

koopyman 5 days ago

If the government have pay raise to reduce corruption student should have more marks given to reduce cheating

gxteosin1 5 days ago

@gxteosin1 If students have more marks to reduce cheating, women should be able to use men's urinal in order to pee. After all it's all about urine. The form of discharge should be equally available. Then it's fair.

lilykong 5 days ago

I like this guy :)

musiclover08663 5 days ago

13 PAP Hard core fans dislike this viD.


94353279 5 days ago

@94353279 i am not a pap fan..but i dislike this video

KelX91 5 days ago

sorry for the crude language but it sounds like i still got boners at the end. LOL

xiaopang1993 5 days ago

13 pap MPs disliked this video.

hound297 5 days ago


ImperialArmour 5 days ago

Kudo's to u Mr Brown. you got balls

terence77ho 6 days ago 3

Mr Brown u should make more youtube videos!!

samdeen95 6 days ago 3

Mr Brown, you're a national hero

superduperherman 6 days ago 4

this guy is a genius for not getting into too much trouble with the isd

limzs2001 6 days ago

Agree. If ministers earn more than what they earn in the private sector, they would not be ministers in the first place

JozuaOshea 6 days ago

Wow such a smug and elite face. They should recruit Mr Brown to act in the upcoming LKY movie

doryfishie2 6 days ago 4

Amazing how he put up the happenings in Singapore in so few words using sarcastic remarks. Cable ties, drain, rice bowl... XD

kayserenade 6 days ago 4

Some ministers earned a lot more working in the private sector than the pay they get as a minister. 

s10096209 6 days ago

@s10096209 Earning a lot more in the private sector doing what? If they are that good why need foreign talent? Do some research please!

Mp3SuperSound 6 days ago 2

@Mp3SuperSound You do some research.

People working as lawyers, CFO, CEO, etc in the private sectors earn a lot more than ministers. Some ministers that came from the private sectors earn a lot less than they previously did. One example is this Grace Fu.

If u want the rich to be humble and earn as much as the average people, then you're a communist. Communist country that way --> to china.

s10096209 6 days ago

@s10096209 Earning high salaries and being competent is one thing. Earning high wages and being incompetent is another. What has communism got to do with it in our discussion? Ministers are here to serve the countryand it's people, and not to further their ambition. Please educate me, tell me how many ministers are directors of companies ? How many times does a minister meet it's people in a month and for how long? Sorry to say this, but your coffee- shop reasoning carries no weight.

Mp3SuperSound 6 days ago 3

@Mp3SuperSound Please la, don't be a naive fool. Ministers don't do it for honour, glory, of for the love of their country. But they don't do it to get rich either.

Like I said earlier, if they really wanted to get rich, I'm sure they could've stayed in their respective sectors, possibly earning more than what they earn now. Mr K. Miss Grace. Mr S Jayakumar, some examples.

Communism - establishment of a classless, moneyless, stateless and revolutionary socialist society

s10096209 5 days ago

@s10096209 You speak like an idiot without memory. I see you don't have the sense of evaluation. Whatever knowledge you posessed is based on what you are told and not by research or critical thinking. How do you know how much they earn before joining the goverment? Have you seen their pay slip? What makes you think they earn much less now than before. If you got some credible evidence, please show it. By the way, do you know how many billionaires there are in China? Get some knowledge kid!

Mp3SuperSound 5 days ago

@Mp3SuperSound Like I said, do your own research. Go find out how much a top litigator owns, how much a director owns, etc. I see you can't even write out a simple reply without resorting to ad hominem. Of course there are billionaires in China. Please look up the definition of Communism and tell me I'm wrong.

Critical thinking ? Critical thinking used to solve problem. Better ur english first before asking ministers to drop their pay to the average Singaporean's salary. Communist.

s10096209 5 days ago

@s10096209 Are you schizophrenic or having somekind of mental delusion? Tell me, prior to my reply, did you not call me a naive fool? Now whos resorting to ad hominem?

You are losing direction in your arguement my friend. Why would I want to look up the definition of Communism? Where in my comment did I mention anything about Communism or ministers need to have their pay peg to that of an average Singaporean?It's all from you .Don't tie me into it. Looks like you're lost and confused.

Mp3SuperSound 5 days ago

@s10096209 Please do not debate with me base on assumption.

Mp3SuperSound 5 days ago

@Mp3SuperSound Asking you to not be naive is ad hominem? I'm sorry but you sound like a butthurt Singaporean who's not content with his average salary. My parents brought me up with less than $2000 a month, never heard them complain about how life sucks, how the govt is ripping off the country.

Isn't that what this whole discussion about? Ministers earning too much? I'll just say this again, if they worked in the pvt sector, they would be earning a lot more.

s10096209 5 days ago

@s10096209 Whenever theres some financial crisis, it will always be the common men in the streets that will be kick in ass first. If he is lucky he will not meet retrenchment but he will surely have his small pay freeze or cut. Worse of all, with reduced CPF contribution, some will find difficulties servicing their HDB housing loan. So this is what Singaporeans have been enduring all this while. Since the fire have started, let it burnout. See what comes next. Have a nice Sunday.

Mp3SuperSound 5 days ago

@Mp3SuperSound Closing the income gap, wanting ministers to earn as much as the people they serve, etc. All communist ideals. That's what this whole drama is about. Singaporean citizens never content with what they have and ministers talking too much.


s10096209 5 days ago

@s10096209 I would have agree with you if you had put it down as some ministers rather than ministers.It gives the impression that all are capable, competent and will be able to command high salaries in the private sector. Don't forget, for every CEO that asked to join a company, almost the same number will be getting the boot. This discussion currently going on in Singapore is not solely about discontention, It's complex and has been building up for many years. It finally came to light.

Mp3SuperSound 5 days ago

@Mp3SuperSound You have a pleasant weekend too.

s10096209 5 days ago

@s10096209 Totally agree but competition is strong in private sector. How many can stay maintaining a business & fight other challenges esp. in a small country?

Joining high govt post ensures long term stay in power. No retirement or retrenchment. Damn solid rice bowl. Treated like celebrity everywhere. Countless unseen benefits. Mistakes? No problem. Bonus guaranteed. No repercussions for bad decisions.

I want to join too but I am neither elite nor foreign talent.

Would so love the money. :(

dereth13 5 days ago

He is incredible. Somehow he is able to crystallise the thinking of many average salary earners. He is very funny too.

guyneo 6 days ago

AHAHAH HAND OF MIDAS FROM DOTA! (Item that changes enemy to gold every minute)

DOLwm 6 days ago

@DOLwm hahaha I am familiar with that item but whats the reference mean? what is MB trying to say with the midas thing??

TheSpiritOfTheWest 6 days ago

10 MPs misunderstood the dislike button.

Ouijablush 6 days ago 2

538 likes with only 305 views? Wow - even the unseen spirits like this stellar parody and must have given this video a thumbs-up too. :)

JimmyinChrist 6 days ago 3


84215249 6 days ago

Bonus ur boners?

84215249 6 days ago 4

Nice one. Don't Cry for me Argentina

Sunnylim007 6 days ago

8 MPs disliked this video.

FusionStream 1 week ago 22

@FusionStream dislike thi video does not mean they are MPs..

this guy is just plain retard

KelX91 2 days ago

@KelX91 He's just kidding la lametard..

TheGr8DudeO 19 hours ago

Yes, the red light is blinking.

cyp1000 1 week ago

Way to go, Minister Brown!!!

fioyap 1 week ago

"pondings in the PM's office"?? You mean... Ponding people? (like, throwing them in ponds? lol!)

74kyB 1 week ago

real CB face...muahahha

nikhilnd 1 week ago

mr brown for public service!

melvinloh7 1 week ago

Dear Minister Brown,

As a loyal supporter who empathize your recent pay cut, we are still generous to share our $2000 monthly salary with you by paying taxes. We can show you how to live in HDB, cut coupons for shopping trips, how to use Kopitiam or Popular discount cards. More importantly, we will teach you how to squeeze into Mrt and rush to your destinated meeting place. In short, you will not suffer a drop in your standard of living. You will have an exciting year ahead.

Mayong9193 1 week ago 16

8 ministers dislike this video.

sabby123456789 1 week ago 4

there is more likes than views O.O

Butterforyou 1 week ago

Great job MP Midas! We'll continue voting for you with our thumbs up so you can continue with your "reduced" standard of living! :P

lancefury 1 week ago 2

even with the pay cut, it was not enough to balance out. They dont deserve so much with so much shit happening to the country.

Rienei 1 week ago

Minister Midas Jin made 6 accounts and dislike this LOL

Lilsaintaz 1 week ago

Paycut = imbalance? Might as well say More ministers = more "higher rank" ppl getting more pay...

Gunbardo 1 week ago

And five dislikes are MIWs' ball lickers

Wanloqz 1 week ago 3

mrbrown, never fails every time .PAPies astronautical pays are so fucking unbelievably outrageous !!!!

Wanloqz 1 week ago

You sound like one of the actors on the Noose lol

quiksilver0000 1 week ago 5

Mr. Brown nice!!! 

KenntheAwesome 1 week ago

@mistabrown, can show the original footage which u got inspired from or not?

urfriend88 1 week ago 6

@urfriend88 i think it's a parody of grace fu? check his website!

woah0junker 1 week ago

Buy one less mercedes a year? how can....

laythe21smackdown 1 week ago

1000000 like! U deserve the million dollar!

QMXJS 1 week ago

"MINUS"  Jin Jue Lui hahah

unholydanger 1 week ago

I still got 'Boners'.

k0takun 1 week ago 10

3 words for them. buey pai seh.

fir3atwi11 1 week ago

If Jack Neo doesn''t invite you to act in his next movie, damn wasted man! Such comedic talent where to find??

manstom 1 week ago 35

@manstom mr.brown would be undervalued putting him in jack neon's movie. jack neo should be in mr.brown's movie.

rubbadubbaducky 6 days ago

@manstom Jack Neo's next movie? no la he busy screwing another underaged girl right now la, WHERE GOT TIME FOR MOVIE.

ryanyth 5 days ago

@manstom exactly. what a crowd!

koopyman 5 days ago

@manstom damn spot on singlish brotha!

gohtingqi1997 5 days ago in playlist More videos from mistabrown

MB's satire unveils the ridiculous elitism of the government. "Preventing corruption" and "attracting talent" as justifications for such astronomical salaries is like paying a thief not to steal from you.

javachan 1 week ago 64

@javachan Correction. More like paying gangsters with protection money for no protection at all. Waitaminit! That's called extortion, right?

genie47 1 week ago

i didnt understand the video until the song

jungtou 1 week ago

LOL! Don't Cry for Me Argentina~!

CrsytralLim 1 week ago

the U.S. President Boracko Bombma earns only US$400,000 per year and that huge country has a big population of 315 million people.

over here this little Prison Island has only 6 million people and that greedy guy, before pay cut has earned a stratospheric $3 million plus a year, and now earns nearly $2 million (US$1.5 million) a year, still a super sky-high salary!

vincentyeo88 1 week ago 13

@vincentyeo88 Of course he takes in a few billion dollars in donations every year...............

DoomDG 1 week ago


right on, man! don't forget Ho Jinx is a cash cow!

vincentyeo88 1 week ago

buy i less merc scate in korea instead of swiss LOL

leegengamadeus 1 week ago

Ohoh~~ someone is jealous..... Tsk tsk. I always feel a higher pay that is totally disclosed to the public is way better that corruptions taking place. Btw, these people usually possess at least a medicine or law degree or some stuff like that, which means they will still be the top earners without being a MP.

2dayBlue 1 week ago

THAT face and grin really wanna be slapped. tak boleh tahan. cant wait for 2016

WoodlandSpore 1 week ago

Ministers take pay hike, Singaporeans complain; ministers take pay cut, Singaporeans complain. What is with this country?!

CactusAvenue 1 week ago

Comment removed

Akiyagami 1 week ago

@CactusAvenue Well, I don't know if you are from Singapore or not but basically Ministers getting pay hikes despite their already extremely high salary is ridiculous, not to mention when they do take the proclaimed "pay cuts", they still earn significantly higher salaries compared to others who have to do the same or even more in other countries... In short, most Singaporeans nowadays feel that the Ministers' actions promised are not met and hence do not deserve the salary they are drawing now.

teddybearclarence 1 week ago 10

@teddybearclarence Please do not speak for most singaporeans. You are not most singaporeans.

lookitfan 1 week ago

@lookitfan i guess your the 60.1%?

PhinaDel 1 week ago

@PhinaDel Probably the 140%.

lookitfan 4 days ago

@lookitfan I may not be most Singaporeans but I know what is going on... It may not be smart to comment any further but I dare say this... There will be always people that'll agree with me that the ministers have not delivered on their promises... If you can prove otherwise, be my guest....

teddybearclarence 1 week ago


Sure, there will always be people who disagree with you too. Doesn't make anyone right.

lookitfan 5 days ago

so true bro.

14xlucas 1 week ago

Mr Brown is a national treasure!

8zz8 1 week ago 9

Although i paycut, its not so jialai. i still top earners, i still got boners~

dessimondo 1 week ago 3

Hehe you sound like Steven Lim in this ep!

emoworlds 1 week ago

This one best. Mr. Brown WIN

thedoctorawks 1 week ago

retard joker this guy is.

KelX91 1 week ago

You forgot to off your PC like Mr Sing Harn Tong..haha :D

ultraseven2012 1 week ago

i still got boners ?

manyrabbitx 1 week ago

u rock, brudder!

Su3ad83 1 week ago

the part when he talked about cable ties and the naked men holding up the sedan chair really MADE MY WEEK!! LOL

My Brown you are the BEST!!! :)

arsie2832 1 week ago


nyanzhechen 1 week ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Comment removed

ExorcistWalkerAllen 1 week ago

they need to peg their salary with the average sgeans.. not the richest.

singapore income gap number 1 country in the world.

laythe21smackdown 1 week ago 3

@laythe21smackdown Apparently, us income gap is way worse than singapore... And apparently, they are also way more corrupted than singapore... so stop complaining, when they already reducing their pay...

ExorcistWalkerAllen 1 week ago

3:27 ----------> Sprayed saliva all over my keyboard.

riffmeista69 1 week ago


ultraseven2012 1 week ago

"Don't ask what the country can do for you. Ask how much the country is willing to pay you."

~Singapore's Hard Truth in fine prints

TheRasidBin 1 week ago 2

hahaha!! you should join the script writing team for The Noose...

Mianzz 1 week ago 3

lol which MP has a Class III malocclusion?

jayelleenelial 1 week ago

HAHAHAHA ... I really laugh until no breath !!!

chrisyeo19 1 week ago

mrbrown for president ! XD

sni996 1 week ago

He keeps looking down....?

violetnhz 1 week ago

mrbrown for mp in 2016 lol

singaporetroll 1 week ago

wtf u almost make me choke at the "cable tie" joke.

singaporetroll 1 week ago


iResurreccion 1 week ago

He talks just like a MP. LOL *achievement unlocked*

dyumic 1 week ago 3

awesome la!!!!!!!!!!!

frinchy 1 week ago

resembles tan kin lian

blanketcorner 1 week ago


woshiSANTA 1 week ago

Kopi-O Grande! HAHAHHA 

Enduran91 1 week ago 2

Mr. Brown, I have to say that your face in this video is really super kiam pa. LOL

eugenegoh1987 1 week ago 256


indeed, he is now number one on the "kiam pa face" chart

1st. Minister Midas Jin Jue Lui

2nd. Lui Tuck You

MrStevenlim 1 week ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Brown Bear you sure have BIG Balls man ! ! !

KUDOS ! ! !

394nick 1 week ago

Well said Mr. Brown.

grilla883 1 week ago

very irritating sia.... lol~

leonlim007 1 week ago


basilyeo 1 week ago


SpitsBeaTz 1 week ago 60


ironfull1 1 week ago


TheGennRocknell2 1 week ago


CoolVideoULike 1 week ago


Mrxcal1b3rx 1 week ago

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