Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daily Life Inside North Korea

This video show the good things from Communist North Korea and not only the bad things - like in american movies and imperialist propaganda.


Beautiful ...not big standard, but no crime, no gangs, no mortgages, no worries. The few free countries in the world.

doberman921 1 day ago

i want to visit north korea.

leophilippines 1 week ago 2

What is the song comrade?

RevolutionarySweden 1 week ago

Sometimes I wish the west was communist...

All of our problems are stem from capitalism.

teedot 1 week ago

I want a playlist of songs, there so amazing.

thekingofROFL 3 weeks ago

No wonder the DPRK has healthy citizens! America is flooded with bad food that tastes good and the DPRK produces food that is good for the body. I don't see unemployment offices in the DPRK, nor foreclosure notices. Korea is for Koreans and is not to be an immigration toilet, like the U.S.

America is a wolf's paradise but the DPRK is fit for decent humanity.

InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

@InfiniteMushroom That´s it; you are right!

jsnovais1000 1 month ago



=== KGB ===

1917NATURETV2017 2 months ago

no crime no drugs no gangs and violence sounds like paradise to me

HomoLibero 3 months ago

i'm beginning to envy the countries under USA sanctions because they are not spoiled by capitalism like western world, i would like to move to North Korea and respect their leader KIM JONG IL and juche ideology

HomoLibero 3 months ago

i miss communism , i love communism

blueyesalexya 10 months ago

i miss my Soviet Union(

Goblinaxx 11 months ago

Nice song!

GerbenMa 1 year ago

i want to live here

cocoo222 1 year ago

a fantastic video. Looking forward to Juche 100 celebrations.

JohnnyKwango1 1 year ago

Greetings to all comrades. Glory to DPRK!!! Death to capitalists, imperialists and nationalists!!! Long live communism!!!

overchaos002 1 year ago


kofixop 1 year ago

Excellente vidéo camarade ! 5/5

Psykotoxik54 1 year ago

Great video!

Long Live North Korea!

takirdan 1 year ago

well im american and im loving this video and i really would like to visit north korea someday. it looks beautiful.

etoilediva 2 years ago

Well imperialist media is so fucking boring. More than ever. Their lies are becoming funny. They even say lies about their own shits like 9/11. It's good to sea reality about North Korea.

Revolutionarist88 2 years ago

Wonderfull Video Comrade!

Long Live North Korea!

StaleCrumbs 2 years ago

to all dumb fat american imperialists: FUCK OFF!


모든 바보 같은 지방이 미국의 제국주의 : 꺼져있습니다!

pyongyang100 2 years ago

Great Video !

eskil9800 2 years ago

I really respect the entire North Korea, (citizens and government).

FiveSences 2 years ago

Fight against fascist-capitalist monsters AND SAVE OUR PLANET !!! LONG LIVE GREAT COMMUNISM = DEATH TO FASCISM !!!

workergirls 2 years ago

Great Video :)


Long live the socialism

alcakadam 2 years ago

North Korea Rocks , long live communism

haohmaru12 2 years ago

if you are against north korea, dont say "i am a communist", just fuck off and continue to be a lapdog of capitalist scum. fucking trotskists!

real communists do not believe imperialist lies like morons!

Long live DPRK!

semih249 2 years ago 8

And they will not until some good man as Ben Laden dont drop at least two nuclear bombs on imperialist-capitalist americanos Comrende Amigos

Long Live North Korea

konokoshida 2 years ago

First salute comrade for the great video as I see North Korea is a great country with traditions respect without criminal mafia homeless drugs corruption and dirty thing like that.Now let me explain one more time for the stupid people here why North Korea have problems BECAUSE OF THE FUCKING YANKEES YOU IDIOTS stop asking but why they dont have enough food they cant trade with other countrys expect comrades for China Russia Cuba Vietnam Laos

konokoshida 2 years ago 5

long live Communist North Korea

Sonnet1815 2 years ago 2

Thanks for posting this.

tj2tone 2 years ago

Great video , very nice to see the life in North korea

kashiuk 2 years ago 29

Most people say North Korea is suck but i don't think so.. on the video it look like everybody in the country are happy and they don't need any help from another country they can stand by themselves i think that is a good thing to see... :) so what you think about this country?

kidsadakonruaikrabue 2 years ago

Some do, most don't. There are many north korean singers working in China, there are also a lot of north koreans in Japan. They all support the DPRK too.

sovietmarxist 2 years ago 11


mazhouma 2 years ago 13

exellent video !!! we proyect this video in uruguay,,today at night

sinocreyera 2 years ago

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HyundaiSelvyn 2 years ago

No Motherland Without You by Pochonbo Electronic Ensemle

alienwatcher93 2 years ago 21

I think its funny how all these capitalists here in America say North Korea and Kim Jong Il is evil but they never say why. great video, 5/5

SlamminTacos 2 years ago


fyckthissht 2 years ago

Didn't even know the DPRK had a website.

bjr43 2 years ago 4

Greetings from Greece commrades ;)

Excellent video!!!

AlexeyM1895 2 years ago 12

beautiful country!! thank comrade!

radiateur93 2 years ago 10

Long live DPRK, the Socialist worker's paradise !

My dear motherland, long live my comrades from DPRK !!!

Long live DPRK !!!

kimilsungiste58 2 years ago 9

North Korea is so fantastic ! The greatest country of the world ! Death to american propaganda ! Long live Juche Idea and comrade Kim Jong Il !

Selden31 2 years ago 5

This video is an instant favourite for me, comrade. Manse Kim Jong Il! Long live DPRK!

bolshevikML 2 years ago 10

DPRK is real socialism, a worker state. All Marxist-Leninist must know that.

mixfo 2 years ago 14

Great video ! I think this is the real North Korean life but I am not sure... If this is real we have the DPRK in my heart !

Cossack1917 2 years ago 9

Very good video cheers comrade!

getzata96 2 years ago 11

Excellent video comrade.

The western press distorts and lies through its teeth to protect its own interests and investments. Vids like this help the real DPRK get shown to the world.

wagnerian1979 2 years ago 13

Don´t believe the imperialistic capitalistic lies in your TV!

Glamypunk 2 years ago 8

Long live DPRK, the best Socialist paradise !!!

Great Leader Kim Il Sung made of great job for DPRK and comrade Kim Jong Il continue !!!

Long live DPRK and its Socialism !!!

kimilsungiste58 2 years ago

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