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Foreigner Talent Bus Driver Trapped Passengers for 2 hours in Singapore

In order to reduce cost and increase GDP for the country, the government of Singapore has opened floodgates to foreign talents to work in Singapore.

With the sudden explosion of population, more problems are created instead. Prices of public housing have risen to unbearable amount, though the sizes of the houses have shrunk. The rich people claim that they are still "affordable". This has directly caused the fall of birthrate in Singapore since the younger generation is clearly aware of the challenges to own their own houses.

Transportation has experienced one of the greatest hits. People have to wait for many fully packed trains and buses during peak hours in order to board them, having to squeeze inside like human sandwiches. With very bad services, the privatized public transport's fare prices, including the cab's, have been increased to meet the high demand of the wages/bonuses of the "top talents" running the companies.

Singapore's People Action Party's (PAP) secretary general, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, has made a public apology a few days before the Singapore general election 2011 in May. However, it seems like the huge problems created by his ministers are not irreversible - they cannot bring the public housing's prices down, otherwise, it will deal great damages to the existing owners.

The influx of foreigners with very different culture, especially those from China (PRC), are very hated by many citizens. New amazing stories are created often by this group of talents. Even though many people understand that it is not the talents' fault for going over to worsen the cost of living as it is the government's policy, citizens cannot help getting very irritated.

Other talents may have succeeded (who knows?) but this is the first time a bus driver has tried to make a detour to avoid traffic jam without sticking to the original route, loses his way and causes the passengers to be struck inside the bus for 2 hours.

This incident has caused a big stir mostly because the driver is from PRC and clearly, no Singapore born bus driver has created such a high record of losing his way in the tiny city of Singapore for 2 hours.


On a sightseeing trip?

kaikusaki 11 minutes ago

I wouldn't call my close friends from China "ah-tiongs". I take the train practically everyday, and the absurd behaviour of talking loudly on the hp / blasting techno 采红菱 on mp3 / cutting nails on the seats / squeezing each other with huge bags etc comes equally from Singaporeans and (possibly?) foreigners alike. Shame on Singaporeans who thought it is a well-deserved piece of news to be spread virally. So what it's 独家报道?I would think there are more important news to be reported in those 30mins.

tansyariel 1 hour ago 2


woshiben90 2 hours ago

This user can't even title his video properly -.-

garfieldandfriends1 3 hours ago

@garfieldandfriends1 Cause our government assured citizens that our transport system in Singapore would be World Class. I guess the person who uploaded the video didn't find it that way. Haha.

scoobiegalz 2 hours ago

What's with the title 'WorldGrass'?

garfieldandfriends1 3 hours ago

Actually, you really can't blame the bus driver. The passengers who were on the bus, I'm sure at least ONE is a frequent passenger of this bus service, but no one stepped forward to help? And besides, if SBS would increase the welfare and pay of bus drivers, I'm sure some Singaporeans would step up to this job. I'm not defending any China men (or Tiongs we call them) I'm just saying maybe SBS should learn from this!

fernetiksphonetics 3 hours ago

@fernetiksphonetics 0:25 .. read the caption... he refuses to be helped by the passengers and cause them to be trapped for 2hrs.. and at 1:00 the narrator says that a few passengers tried to offer help to guide the driver, but the driver said he need to listen to the control center and rejected their help..

lwcandy88 3 hours ago

Usual China trash!Hire this shit for what!Fired him and send him back to China!

chuahean95 3 hours ago

I don't understand why we have to freaking hire these PRCs to drive on roads they are unfamiliar with on a traffic system that is strange to them. Singapore is at its lowest unemployment rate in years. I'm sure if you can pay extra $500 more a month, you'd get a competent Singaporean who can communicate better with passengers and knows the roads better to drive your buses.

johnlzr 3 hours ago 2

Also, we should blame it on the SBS control station for not letting the passengers lead the way. Cowardly Singaporeans trying to cover their own asses and in turn wasting more than 10 other persons' time. Com'on have some faith in us! Sometimes, at dire situations, rules are meant to break! Stop acting like robots and just do blindly as you're told! You've got a brain of your own and you can make your own decision that deems best!

zattzatt 3 hours ago

@zattzatt Nothing against China people cause MY mum came from China since like 15 years ago, and I do have some really good China friends who talks and behaves exactly like a Singaporean too.

Why would we even display 'hate' out of nothing?

Please learn to comment more sensibly to avoid disharmony.

scoobiegalz 1 hour ago

We always speak of high-class and civilised. Shouldn't we be more forgiving to foreigners who cross borders to seek for a better living? Instead, people spout vulgarities and naming insensitive labels like "tiong". As reported, the driver who decides to change route to avoid a heavy traffic has done out of his kindness and thoughtful intentions. That, we should praise him. How many locals would boldly do that for their citizens, not being afraid of being fired? I would say shame on Singaporeans.

zattzatt 3 hours ago

@zattzatt I guess you're an Ah Tiong as well, judging from your atrocious grammar and unwieldy use of English. If you are, shut the fuck up and go home to China. Singapore doesn't need trash like you.

Skywalkermesonman 2 hours ago

@zattzatt I see, you're a PRC living in the USA. Even more reason for you to stay out of Singapore's affairs. Please kindly shut the fuck up and go to hell.

Skywalkermesonman 2 hours ago

@zattzatt Your English is atrocious, stop making your sound so profound. Get your tenses, grammar and spelling brushed up before even making a weak insult.

"We always speak of high-class and civilised?" My foot.

Take a train in the morning and see how these "AH-TIONGS" treats you.

Uncivilized and ill-mannered. Why do you even seek for a living here and come hurling back nonsense back at us like " SHAME ON SINGAPOREANS?"

No man, shame on YOU.

scoobiegalz 2 hours ago

@zattzatt Cowardly Singaporeans trying to cover own our asses? The passengers WERE kind enough to offer the right route, the driver was the one who INSISTED on waiting for instructions from the control station.

I don't blame him for that either, he's only doing the right thing. Neither do I blame the Singaporeans for offering help out of KINDNESS.

Thing is once you commit a mistake you should be learning, helping this driver rebut just because he's from the same nationality as you is rubbish.

scoobiegalz 2 hours ago

Please don't blame his nationality as the reason for his mistake. SBS needs to look at their policies!

earlofeastjurong 5 hours ago 3

@lazyilham12 evidently your not using your own brains. if he had accepted the passengers' help and proceed to allow them to alight, instead of stubbornly holding them for 2hours, there would not had been this whoo-ha. YOU are the shame of Singapore. *face palm*

iJuzWannaWatch 6 hours ago

even the news reporter is tiong...

MissZwitterion 6 hours ago

AT 1 vs SG 0

darkorochix 6 hours ago


ilapmiii 7 hours ago

Who would drive the bus and construct building for such low pay arnd1200 per month other than them? Use ur brain lah singaporean..even i am a singaporean. Shame on us...

lazyilham12 7 hours ago

for two hours you could travel from east to west in Singapore.Imagine you are in a taxi,how much will be the fare for such a long time.

ssob18 8 hours ago

Fucking foreigners should just fuck off from our country. If I wanted a long bus ride, I would take Bus 67 la fuck.

kahlen 14 hours ago

how the heck did SBStransit even let such idiot drive a bus?

chaotah 15 hours ago

@chaotah You will really be surprised , there are lots of 'foreigners' driving the bus, there are even some that could not communicate with tourist/other race with english and other passengers needs to help them translate...........

primmese 4 hours ago

You guys have been tionged!!! OMG!!! LOL!!!

Comicsiao 17 hours ago 16


pumpee369 19 hours ago 13

he's a pr isn't he?

noddigem 19 hours ago

Freaking dumb china ass......

papalolita 19 hours ago 21

@papalolita what's the name of this bus driver? he should report to the police and ask "paplolita" apology for his improper comments. really shame on you, papaloita.

MrZhenxing 5 hours ago

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wanghonghong 20 hours ago 2

0:45 was pretty classic :P

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