Saturday, July 16, 2011

Malaysia Bersih 709 - Truth or Lie from the PM?

After the Kuala Lumpur 709 Bersih 2.0 event, the PM of Malaysia declared to the press that the police did not have any body contact with the peaceful protestors. He also complimented the police force of Malaysia for controlling the situation well.

However, there are many evidences of policemen abusing human rights captured and uploaded to Youtube. Policemen were seen beating up civilians and using weapons.

Meanwhile, some people claimed that the opposition leader Anwar was taking advantage of the situation and worsening the situation.


he didn't lie~ tear gas, riot shield, water canon & baton is really his standard of minimum force~ usually he'll order the police to use C4~

najib jib ur jibai ! talk alot of bullshit o0o

what kind of "Dick Language" he is talking ???

police lied...minister lied ..Pm lied....enuff said ...dear all malaysians open your eyes, your mind ....the video says it all...these kind of police brutality has to stopped....its really sad to see that this kind of thing happening in malaysia ..we r not living in a third world country ...

police disrespecting the malaysian flag?? LOL. So, what are you gonna do with your police force?

seriously?! how can he get away wit tat...wats the diff wit "my dog ate my assignments?"

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